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tv   Today  NBC  August 14, 2015 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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husband calling to complain. by the way, he did write a blog -- >> he wrote a nasty blog about how he has ms but i'm the klutz. >> he called the blog "bouncing off the walls." and this is what his blog is because we want you to go to it and read it, richard m. this is what it says. "here's the deal, i have not written about this but today is the day. i am the one in my house who has multiple sclerosis. i'm the one -- >> i'm the only one who is legally blind. you are apparently as well. i have limited depth perceptions but and glance off doorways if i am not careful. >> i am very cautious because of my lateral perceptions but yet i survive because i have learned self-preservation. i am married to a woman who is not. meredith is a klutz. like a drunken sailor on a blender who collides with objects and endangers herself.
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>> that's what my doctor said. he said i should watch out for myself. >> how do you feel? >> well, if it had been lower something bad could have happened. something really bad. so my head hurts nd this is -- >> you got it checked out all the way? you're okay? >> i had a c.a.t. scan and the doctor said "amazing, we found a brain." [ laughter ] because i had been there -- the last time i went to the bathroom in the dark i fell into the toilet right before sochi. and i hurt my back. >> i remember. >> so i have a habit of -- >> when you fell that other time in sochi, was the toilet seat up? what was that about? i don't remember? >> it was richard's fault that time. the seat was up and he keeps saying "i didn't do it, there's only two people in the house. who did it." so i fell in and wrenched my back. ow, ow, ow. >> this was in some ways scarier because what could have happened. >> no kidding. but you're okay. we want to make sure that we take good care of you so we brought a man servant in.
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his name is julian, he's from >> julian! >> hello there. >> they also have instagram. julian, what will you do for our friend meredith? >> well, she is hot enough but here's an ice pack. >> thank you. >> cool you down. >> and, by the way, julian will hang around the entire show, meredith. >> i love this. >> scantily clad. he also man scapes. did you notice? >> i did. i did. >> man scaping is in. julian, thank you so much. you'll stand by in case we need you. >> whatever you need i'm at your call. >> can i ask you one quick question? so you don't wax then -- i'm just saying, man scaping i thought you would wax so you have no hair. what do you do? >> the strategy is inconsistent. something different everyday. >> but do you shave? >> that's part of the man servant code, of course. >> thanks, julian, thanks. i think we should play a game.
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there's a fun game and it's called make out, marry, or move on. >> i love this game. so we'll show some people and decide whether we want to make out with them, marry them or move on. chris pratt, ryan reynolds and justin timberlake. who would you make out with, marry or move on? >> keep them up or we can't remember. >> i think i'd make out with justin. and i would marry chris and would -- >> move on from ryan? >> yeah. >> okay, i would marry chris and make out with ryan and i'd move on from justin. >> really? but justin is hot. he has moves. >> but did you ever see "the proposal" the movie with sandra bullock? he was adorable. >> tom hank, harrison ford or will smith. who would you make out, marry, or move on?
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>> oh, wow! you start. >> do i have to start? >> you start. >> i would marry tom hanks for sure and i think i would make out with will smith and move on from harrison ford. >> same thing. >> but harrison ford's sexy. >> he's very sexy. he sureived a plane craspr >> he did, you're right. >> that's pretty sexy. >> you're going to hit sexy on this the next one. the dwayne "the rock" johnson, daniel craig oree leanne nissan. >> i would marryiam nissan. >> and daniel craig is moving on. we have another one? >> that's it. the. so we have a question about -- when you're in your home and you're buy yourself are you one of those people who
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walks around your house snfr is there ever a moment when you do th sat? >> no, not really. do you? >> only on rare occasion. like if i'm in the bedroom a i forgot something in the living ro and my whole apartment is a wall of windows, it's a sprint, like a mad crazy sprint. sometimes i do it quickly. >> why wouldn't you put a robe on? >> it's exciting! like i a got it. >> can people see in? >> i think, i can see in theirs. but i do it quickly. i was married to someone who used to sometimes vacuum -- >> naked? e, that's not appealing. >> not. a naked man in the house walking around -- although people -- i think it's much hot we are a t-shirt. >> i agree. >> boxers. >> did you ever see seinfeld where he was naked because his girlfriend was getting naked and there's naked good and naked bad? >> what were they? >> and she was trying to ing to get a
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jar open, that was naked bad. and he was just always naked bad. naked good would be like lounging on -- like you lounging would be naked good. >> all right, before these melt away, we have these -- these are friday cocktails. so alls we've done -- >> alls? >> alls we've done. >> alls we've done? oh, my god. >> you know what's not a word, by the way? >> what? >> you know how we always say -- >> bangkok is a word. >> wait, what is it? "nother." >> oh, it's another. you didn't know that wasn't a word? you're just realizing that? oh, my god. >> because i went there's another thing -- wait. wait. >> there's some other way. there's another use of that way. is it nother? yes. >> oh, many i god. >> i'm losing it with me. >> with me? i didn't lose it. >> you put a popsicle in champagne and drink it.
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>> that's the great tip? and another thing. [ laughter ] oh, my god. so you just buy a popsicle. >> just take a popsicle and throw it into champagne and it's instantly a fruit drink with -- what's it called? poptail. so try it. >> do you suck this or -- >> you just sip that. >> that's kind of good, just sweeten withes it up a little bit. okay, we have to do our favorite dance songs real quick. if you are in your apartment by yourself, not naked, what is -- this is meredith vie area what, what's your go to song? what does the fox say >> no, that is not! what does the fox say >> is that your dancing -- >> it is the dance i do. oh, this is you? this is how we do it
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>> oh, please. >> what do you mean "oh, please"? >> who's singing this? this is how we do it nother, nother, do it >> come on, julian, you've got some moves right? >> enough about me. talk to me, beautiful. what does the fox say >> you know who's here? what does the fox say >> camilla alvez is in the kitchen, plus we're taking 11, thousand fans for a spin and we'll give it away after this. what the fox say nexxus introduces a new movement in hair. a beautiful fluidity. restoring strength
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i love when we start with cooking. we brought you in for a restaurant redo. our "today" food team brought you salad and bread sticks. today we're making chili. >> but now we're creating the famous wendy's version and here to show us is the beautiful camilla alvez. hi! >> let me squeeze hug you. how are you? >> you guys are cracking me up today. you really are.
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>> first of all, she's grossing me out a little with the bangkok business. >> you just said it, bangkok. it's legal! you can say that. you can say that. >> let's get started. >> so we're going do wendy's chili. when i used to live in new york in my early modeling days that's what i used to eat going back home in the winter. >> you did? >> from the dollar menu. it's very simple. we're going to do ground chuck,tomatoes. so the first thing you do, brown the meat. bro unthe chuck and when you're coming the ground beef, note that they'll clunk up use a whisk. and you want to do it really good. that's part of -- the chili has that. now we need to remove the meet out of the pan. here do you mind holding that bowl for me.
10:14 am
>> i'm good at that. and. >> we to leave all the juices off the meat in the pan. do you mind throwing that in there? dumping that in. >> so you have onions? what's the other green stuff? >> and we got red and green peppers. and you're going to cook that and celery. yes, thank you. and you're going to cook that for just a few minutes until it gets translucent and then we're going add the salt and -- >> and what's that other -- pepper? >> no, that's the chili. >> oh, it's hot! >> but this one is not spicy. this is t beans, tomatoes, tomato sauce. dump it all in. and then the beef broth. and that's it. >> how long do you let that sit for? >> and throw the meat back in. there we go. mix it up and you're going to cook for about an hour. now, remember, chili is better if you cook -- even if you eat
10:15 am
the next day, you know? let it sit and if you're a crazy chili person, have this as a basic party where the kids are eating and have your toppings bar. >> by the way, we want to say congratulations to you, young lady. >> thank you. >> we heard a rumor that you became a u.s. citizen and in your honor -- >> i still have my brazilian passport, i want to get that clear. >> but we had to bring you a little apple pie for you. >> thank you! thank you so much. >> to get this recipe and more go to and click the today redo and we're going to play a game called call my bluff. >> that's my show. >> find out who's telling the truth right after this. so you think this chip is nothing to worry about? well at safelite we know sooner or later, every chip will crack. these friends were on a trip when their windshield got chipped. so they scheduled at
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we are about tonight turn the tables on meredith and play one of the games she plays on her show called "call my bluff." so what is this? >> one american either tell a truth or a bluff and the other person will ask them questions and then say whether they think it's true or a bluff and we reveal. you go first. >> okay. "i had my first kiss during a game of spin the bottle." >> how old were you? >> i was in sixth grade -- fifth grade, fifty grade. >> what was the boy's name? >> john zachman.
10:20 am
>> whose closet? oh, you weren't in the closet, you were spinning a bottle. what kind of bottle. >> i don't remember. >> okay, i think it's true. >> yes. hold on. truth. okay, go. >> did you ever see him again? >> yes. >> okay, okay. i once piloted a commercial flight from boston to cape cod. >> that is a total -- okay, how old were you? >> oh, i was a grown woman. in my late 20s. maybe early 30s. >> why were you piloting a plane? >> because i didn't always look like this. i was kind of hot looking when i was younger and i think he had a crush on me, the pilot. >> so that was back -- you don't remember -- so it was in your 20s when it was okay to do that stuff? >> early 30s. >> did you tell everyone on the plain that you were piloting the plane? >> it was me, the pilot, and richard. >> the three of you on a plane. >> yes, a commercial flight. >> truth.
10:21 am
>> truth. very good. >> all right, i worked on an ice cream truck in morgantown, west virginia; when i was a kid. >> how old were you? >> i was 14. >> and what do you mean? you gave out ice cream? that's so sad. so sad. did you ring the little bell? >> no. >> who drove the vehicle. >> harry. >> harry? >> yeah. >> i don't believe you. bluff. it's the truth? oh, it's a bluff. okay, good. >> i love this game. do we have more time? >> of course we do, all for you. >> gabe, my son gabe who turned 24 his middle name is anthony, he's named after my most famous relative jesuit priest antonio vieira who fought to protect brazilian civilians from portuguese explorers in the 17th century. >> what did gabe think of his middle name? >> he loved it. >> does he go by the initial or the real name. >> he goes by his real name but
10:22 am
his middle name is anthony. >> i think that's the truth! bluff! >> so who won? >> i don't know. coming up next, meredith vieira won, of course. makeup ready out the door in 60 seconds. >> that's after your local news. >> that was so fun. with the pain and swelling of my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis... ordinary objects often seemed... intimidating. doing something simple... meant enduring a lot of pain. if ra is changing your view of everyday things orencia may help. orencia works differently by targeting a source of ra early in the inflammation process. for many, orencia provides long-term relief of ra symptoms. it's helped new ra patients and those not helped enough by other treatments. do not take orencia with another biologic medicine for ra due to an increased risk of serious infection. serious side effects can occur including fatal infections. cases of lymphoma and lung cancer have been reported. tell your doctor if you're prone to
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it is 10:27. learning more details about the man involved in that standoff with police on staten island. chopper 4 was over mariners harbor about a half hour ago. we saw heavily armed police officers outside a home where 38-year-old garland tyree is believed to be hiding. police had gone to the house earlier to serve a warrant, found a smoke condition inside. when firefighters showed up, the suspect allegedly shot an fdny lieutenant. that lieutenant was hit twice, listed in stable condition at this hour. police have been speaking to tyree throughout the morning. believed to be alone in the house but armed with at least an assault rifle. according to police, he has 18 prior arrests and listed in
10:26 am
there data base as a known gang member. more on news 4 new york at noon.
10:27 am
this is an nbc news special report. good day from cuba. historic day in havana reopening its doors after 54 years.u.s. embassy in havana reopening its doors after 54 years.
10:28 am
secretary of state kerry is speaking to a gathering of dig digniitaries here. in a few moments the u.s. flag will be raised here. already the secretary noted we are here today because president obama and president castro in his words made a courageous decision to stop being prisoners of history and focus on the opportunities of today and tomorrow. it was a long and windy road to get here. >> it was indeed and already criticized by at least two republican candidates today and is going to be an issue in this campaign. jeb bush and marco rubio both from florida very critical. this was brokered in part by pope francis who secretary kerry is thanking today. this is secret negotiations that
10:29 am
went awry in the '90s. there were problems on both sides, the shooting down of american protesters against fidell castro, their plane and that led to the trade embargo and that has been in place as a matter of law since bill clinton signed it into law. >> there has been pushback and criticism that cuban dissidents have not been invited to the ceremony. >> a smaller event and one without press coverage. there is criticism of that today. he is acknowledging that this relationship will not heal. his point is that you have diplomatic relations with almost 200 countries including enemies of the united states and that people to people relationships will only improve as will government to government relationships. >> the secretary is nearing the end of his remarks. he will then raise the u.s.
10:30 am
flag. he will have with him three former u.s. marines. the marines who were here in 1961 who lowered the flag and made a vow to come back and will be taking part in the ceremony. >> it was lowered on january 3rd. >> what changes now for americans and cubans? what changes at this stage in cuban-american relations? >> there are promises from internet companies, banks are getting in. you can use credit for the first time and not just cash. there is still travel. if you have a member of church, health group you can easily get a treasury waiver under the embargo. the president has done just about everything he can administratively. the embargo for real trade relations will continue until congress lifts it. >> the streets are filled with
10:31 am
cubans and an awful lot of americans who are here, some waving their own american flags throughout the morning in preparation. it is a hot day as every day in august is here as people are standing out to be a part of this historic moment. officially the embassy has been open for several weeks. this is the ceremonial raising of the u.s. flag. we got here a little before dawn. overnight they put at the actual embassy signage. let's go to secretary kerry. >> with the friendships we have begun to forage. we are certain that the time is now to reach out to one another as two peoples who are no longer enemies or rivals but neighbors. time to unfurl our flags, raise them up and let the world know
10:32 am
that we wish each other well. [ speaking foreign language ] it is with that healing mission in mind that i turn now to larry morris, jim tracy. 54 years ago you gentlemen promised a return to havana and hoist the flag you lowered on that day long ago. today i invite you on behalf of president obama and the american people to fulfill that pledge by presenting the stars and stripes to be raised by members of our current military detachment. larry, jim and mike, this is
10:33 am
your cue to deliver on words that would make any diplomat proud just as they would any member of the united states marine corps, promise made, promise kept. thank you. [ applause ] >> ladies and gentlemen, please rise for the raising of the flag
10:34 am
and the national anthem of the united states.
10:35 am
[ cheers and applause ]
10:36 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> a huge ovation not only from the gathered guests on the grounds of the u.s. embassy but the hundreds, perhaps thousands gathered as the stars and stripes lifted over the american embassy, a new chapter, a new era in u.s./cuban relations. as we have noted some things won't change. the economic embargo is still in place. that will have to go through congress. still a long road ahead. >> just a personal note, my first trip here was in this very spot and thousands of anti-american protesters were here because of elian gonzalez. it was 1999 and has taken a long time. i think kerry and president obama's bet is that with diplomatic relations it will be
10:37 am
easier to open communications. there will be wifi hot spots. with information will come they think more democracy. >> this is the era in the shadow of the light of a political race back in the united states that will have a huge effect really on issues like the embargo cht. >> so far all of the democratic announced candidates are in favor of this new policy and all of the republicans are against it. you see a real dividing line in the general election campaign. >> a dramatic moment. the u.s. flag now waving over the united states embassy in havana last lowered in 1961, 45 years after the last secretary of state stepped on this soil, secretary kerry with a full day ahead of him. he will be meeting with his cuban counter part here in a short time and greeting cuban citizens at a reception including some cuban dissidents and i think will take time to meet folks on the streets of
10:38 am
cuba. we will have a lot more on this coming up tonight. andrea mitchell, thanks very much. for now i'm lester holt, nbc news, havana. felt like a world away, and i'm always about getting me unplugged and off my phone and we still have wi-fi there but they were having so much fun. we had this jumpy pillow at this campground, i couldn't get them off, i said "get your phone, i want to take a picture" and they both said they left in the the cabin. i was like yes, score. >> what are the vitals you need to take? camping bags are big. >> sleeping bags are great because you don't want to make beds. >> what's a good kind to get? >> well, there's lots of general ones. i think you want to get the kind the kid is going to like, radiosnigt so if you're young get the pink one for the girl. something fun. >> it's funny to see board games
10:39 am
isn't it? people don't play them anymore. >> i swear by them because if you just set up the board game at the picnic table and sit there, you don't have to force anyone to play with you, they come. you set it up, they will come. >> can you stop the bugs from getting to us? what do we use? >> very fashionable bug repellent bracelets, you can spray up the whole area with this and you want to make sure you have a candle so when you're sitting by a campfire or dinner table or picnic table you'll keep the bugs away. these come in organic forms and i brought you each your own organic mosquito repellent candle. >> do you have to pay something? if you go to a campground? >> yes. you need a permit at the national parks so go to that web site to find out which ones you need. >> what's the general fee? >> anything from $12 to $75 usually. i camped in malibu and it was $75 but i had a spectacular view. >> that's per day? >> that's per day.
10:40 am
>> you've got a couple more things? >> this is a wi-fi hot spot. this is good to bring. most campgrounds have wi-fi but in case you don't and you have to have it. i like this because it keeps your wi-fi secure. >> is that expensive? >> you can get used ones for 50 bucks and about $20 a month is what the data will cost you. light. bring light, lanterns. >> and lastly and most importantly, because we only have a couple seconds, s'mores. >> s'mores. but bring the bling, bring s'mores bling. bring giant marshmallows, pink, green, knew nutella, it's really fun. >> thank you so much. i love this, back stabbing, cat fight, table tossings. >> just another day in the office for me. >> you'll get it all with the hotwives of las vegas. >> they've come to have fun. don't miss it. >> they are crazy. >> good crazy. >> cray-cray. >> mostly. ng charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza. p for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar,
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we all know the drama that goes on between the real housewives, but if you haven't missing out. >> we first met the drama queens in orlando and in season two of the hilarious parody show, they're taking over las vegas. >> but when ivanka plans a charity party to impress the ladies, she has interesting decorating. >> okay, good, perfect, that goes in the other room, thank you. wait, you know what? i think i'll just have you hold it the>>hole time. ihehink that looks good. i'm going to need ou to keep it ere oecause but keep still, your arms are shaking. keep it still. really. i need you to keep it still! >> and the hotwives of las vegas are angela kinsey who plays first lady, andrea savage who plays ivanka and kimberly hill who plays pepe. >> the orlando show was such a
10:47 am
hit. the chemistry among the group is f the chain. you're all funny in your own right. >> and we enjoy each other and cracking each other up and being horrible people. >> and you do it so well. >> horrible people with a lot of lashes and a boob and spray tan within an inch of our lives. >> so much hair. >> there's so much drama. how bad does it get? >> well, everyone gets slapped. pretty sure, right? >> really slapped? >> really slapped, well, we slapped each other quite a bit. >> but you have careful. you're kind of gentle. >> that was harder. >> stop it! >> angela! >> there is a little bit of that. so that's how it goes. and then if you had champagne we could show you some other tricks. >> everyone gets drenched on the show. that's the other thing. >> we got so drenched. i threw champagne on andrea and
10:48 am
i missed her face and i kind of got her here and i had to keep doing takes and we were drenched. >> and that was not on purpose. >> and i love that it's senate vegas this year. there's so many opportunities for stuff there. >> how does it make it different? >> it makes it different because we're in a place that lives up the level of madness that we are. we're finally all on the same plane, the place is really on par with us. >> do you hear from the housewivesiof any of the shows? they have to laugh. >> everything we've heard has been positive. >> i think they love being parodied. >> who doesn't, right? >> it means you've arrived? >> and if you're on a show when you're in full hair and makeup when you go to the bathroom you have to have a full sense of humor. >> you do, that' crazy. >> can you give us a 101 on a good fake slap? how do you do it? show us, be careful because meredith has a black eye. >> i know! >> what should we do? >> andrea hits you.
10:49 am
>> no, i don't -- but you just -- >> hit this side. >> okay -- >> no! >> i have a lawyer. >> like how much more damage am i really going to do. >> you picked the wrong one. >> i would say like, you know, you cannot talk to me that vay! iand a lot of it is more on your reaction. ready? go. >> ahh! >> do it again! >> so a lot of it s on you to be like -- >> you have to make a line of it. the comedy comes from the smack, smack, smack. >> i said leave me alone. >> what? >> ah! >>ing? myke that. >> can we come on the show? >> we want you on! >> when? >> you can catch the premier of "the hotwives of vegas." you guys, watch it, it's so fun,
10:50 am
tuesday august 18 on hulu. >> and you'll be on, so it's fantastic. >> wait until you see wh y we're go sing away next. >> but first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
before we send you off, we'll give five luck veilleuxers something they'll love. >> it's time to give it away -- which you do on a regular basis -- over 11,000 of you entered for this week's prize which is -- >> a trek women's bike worth $490. >> it offers road bike speed with city bike comfort. >> and it allows you to track your progress on your smart phone or computer. >> let's find out who the winners are. >> you pick the first one r ne. ge at there, get involved. >> do i say who it is? >> yes, and where they're from. >> patti kehoe from jefferson city, missouri.
10:54 am
>> our next winner is david pratt from marlborough, connecticut. >> very nice. >> is that near you? >> no. no. joy lawrence from willenwith borough, new jersey. >> meredith vieira -- kidding. che eryl lawrence from cambridge city, indiana. >> who's our last winner? >> irene fox from virginia beach, virginia. >> congrats to all of our winners. make sure you from enter. for rules and regulations go to and hit the "connect" button. meredith? >> yes. >> that was so fun. and we've got your song. kathie lee will come back on monday. we have dana delaney, nick cannon, susan lucci. >> plus rachel platen sings her fox song. this is my fight song, my get it right song >> v a great weekend, everybody.
10:55 am
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today on "access hollywood live" live", will this be a trump-free friday, kit? >> my money says -- no. lorenzo laum o
10:58 am
lamas's wife just gave birth. >> and also here today, making her cry for us. no one does a better ugly cry on-camera than this girl. >> thank you very much. a special and adorable guest today. social media sensation. big time -- celebrity, he's here. "access hollywood live" starts right now. wow! >> so cute! stand by, billy kimkit. stand by camera two. we're live in five -- four -- three -- two -- one. welcome to "access hollywood live" on a friday. you made it! i'm billy bush. >> and i'm kit hoover. how cute is little jifpom. what you didn't see, you went to pick him up, the cutest dog on the planet. you don't touch jifpom. >> i was stunned at the walking, like a um whoen being. comes back on all fours as a dog should. i went to pick him up, he's -- >> grrrrr. >> he growled at me.
10:59 am
>> the lesson here, do not pick up jifpom. he's so cute, looks at you with big eyes. you want to pick him up. glad you did it, not me. >> part of me thinking, celebrity, diva, when you're that cute, everybody wants to pick you up. got to draw the line somewhere. i understand. >> look what we woke up to this morning, sharon stone on the cover of "the new york post." a great word for sharon stone. 57 years old. in the september issue of "harper's bizarre" and interesting stuff. says in here that she had no problemtosing nude and that she thin her buns are like flapjacks. i as you, billy bush, are those apjacks? >> what does that mean? >> none like i've ever seen. >> you stand at in a angle, everybody has that kind of curves.


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