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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  August 14, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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police, but there is no update yet on the status of their investigation. live in bloomfield, brian thompson, news 4 new york. >> scary video, brian. thanks. and now back to that breaking news in manhattan. traffic tiups on the west side at the worst time, too. chopper 4 over the scene in hell's kitchen where manhole explosions are causing delays up and down the west side and in midtown, as well. the blasts sparked a small fire underground at 45th street and 9th avenue. nobody was hurt. right now coned crews on the scene trying to fix this problem. traffic, though, on the west side, the bridges, tunnels, it's been a headache tonight. we'll keep you connected with updates here and on the news 4 new york app. a brooklyn man as pleaded guilty to supporting isis. 25-year-old abdul rasual is from uzbekistan but lived in this apartment building. he's one of four arrested back in february, suspected of having ties to the terrorist group. according to court documents, he
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talked about assassinating president obama and bombing coney island. he faces up to 15 years in prison. new here at 5:30, we're making calls to get details about a death investigation in shelton, connecticut. somebody called 911 from a home on howe avenue today. when police arrived, they found a man dead and the person who called for help. shelton police have called in the state police major crimes squad to investigate. we're going to bring more details as we get them. tonight police are examining this surveillance video obtained exclusively by news 4. it shows the moment a gunman opened fire in brownsville, brooklyn, killing one man and wounding two others. as news 4's tracy strayhan explains, investigators believe the shooting was gang-related. >> reporter: these three friends are seen on security video hanging out as they usually do in front of this building on saratoga avenue. suddenly, one of them stands up and all three are seen running inside this apartment building. watch as a man police say was
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wearing a mask chases right behind them before quickly fleeing. >> you just heard the shots, powe, powe, powe. >> reporter: crystal carl not only heard what police are calling a drive-by shooting but saw the victims right at her doorstep. >> when i opened the door, you had one guy standing up, he's holding his wrist. the next young man was down the stairs from me. he was a big guy. and the other one on his stomach. that was the saddest part. >> reporter: as crime scene detectives scoured the scene for evidence, all three were rushed to brookdale hospital. 21-year-old ice sayah as i say row died from multiple gunshot wounds to his torso. >> when they turned him over, they got him back, he was in shock. fighting for his life. he was fighting. >> reporter: 22-year-old tariq smith and 19-year-old miles sydney, known as froggy, were both shot in the arm. authorities say all three are no stranger to law enforcement, and are known gang members. riley mitchel is the super of this building. today he's repairing bullet holes and cleaning up blood from the attack. >> sorry to hear about what
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happened, you know. i knew the youths that got shot. we speak every day. >> reporter: n ypd shot spotter sensors on top of this building detected that gunfire and immediately dispatched police right to the scene. so far, authorities don't have any leads or description of the gunman. in brownsville, brooklyn, tracy strayhan, news 4 new york. traffic is moving again along route 80 in new jersey after a messy crash left a dump truck dangling over train tracks. chopper 4 over the scene in roxbury this morning. the impact sent the truck's trailer flying on to support beams over new jersey transit's morris and essex line. look at that. amazing. railroad service in the area suspended while crews removed debris from the tracks a long with the truck itself. normal service has since resumed. new jersey is letourneau leblond lending a helping hand for the wildfires out west. the state fire service sent out
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three fire trucks and tomorrow 32 firefighters with experience fighting volatile forest fires will head out to montana, idaho and oregon. they'll stay there for about two weeks and assist in all firefighting efforts. the u.s. forest service will reimburse new jersey for the costs. two young boys go to the store for candy and soda, but come backpacking heat. >> they're trying to get the guns off the street and selling them to 9-year-olds? it's ridiculous. >> coming up, who police say sold these rifles to a 9-year-old and his friend. and then help us clear the janice? >> and i've got some more kitties for you to meet. this is tofer and sari up for adoption here at new york's manhattan location here in east harlem, 110th street, part of our clear the shelters campaign initiative to get pets adopted this weekend, and that's tomorrow. this is just one of 40 shelters. we're going to tell you all the
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details about how you can adopt these little cute kittens or a dog or maybe even a rabbit. that's next.
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a couple 9-year-old boys who went to the store to buy candy ended up coming home with two guns. they say a homeless man sold the guns to them for just $8. the boys were in the parking lot of a 7-eleven store in bristol. this is just outside of philadelphia. when police say they were approached by 59-year-old reginald cisco, who had a rifle and an air gun. >> this guy offered me two guns for $8, because he asked me, do you like to go hunting? and i said yeah. >> i've lived here all my life! i've never, ever, ever had anything like this happen. >> this is the case. >> the boys took the guns home, hid them but one of their cousins eventually alerted the adults. police later arrested cisco and discovered one of the rifles was stolen from a nearby auto shop.
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powdered alcohol will not be making its way to store shelves in new york. governor cuomo signed a statewide ban into law today. federal regulators approved the product known as palcahol in march, but cuomo believes it could pose a serious threat to underage drinkers. new york joins 21 other states that have already banned sales. two months after that dramatic prison break upstate, we're learning just how much the big manhunt cost taxpayers. >> we'll have that staggering number coming up. plus this. it's aen unlikely target for thieves, but one man was busted stealing hundreds of pounds of used cooking oil. i'm sheldon dutes in suffolk county with more on why he may have done it. sounds interesting. and a quick programming note here. tonight on nbc 4, the giants take on the bengals in cincinnati. so "america's got talent" and
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""dateline"" air on cozi-tv instead.
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comtog up on news 4 at 6:00, his administration says that homeless ss is on the decline, but 311 complaints about the homeless have risen nearly 60% under mayor de blasio. so what gives? plus, back to work. one of the businesses blown out by the east village building explosion celebrates a second chance. those stories and much more all new tonight when rob and i see you at 6:00. shiba? >> sibilia, thank you. we are now getting a look at the cost of that huge manhunt for two escaped killers in upstate. payroll records suggest about $1 million a day in overtime was paid to state troopers and correction officers.
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more than 1100 officers led the 23-day manhunt f>> richard matt and david swea t the men escaped from clinton correctional facility in dannemora on june 6th. new tonight, the oldest active commissioned warship has a new commander, and he's a local. commander robert nginee owesa of new rochelle took the helms during a special ceremony today in boston. he's now the 74th commander of the ship. he's supported nato operations duging the kosovo campan nd provided radar coverage to washington, d.c., and new york city during the 9/11 attacks. the ship was commissioned way back in 1797, and now sits in a dry dock for restoration, but does remain open to the public. how cool is that? >> just saw it in the springtime. it is a beauty. tomorrow you can help us clear the shelters. nbc 4 is teaming up with local animal shelters to find loving homes for as many pets as possible. >> yeah, and our own janice huff
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is at animal care centers of nyc in east harlem, having fun with those cats, janice. >> they're everywhere. cats all over the place. and there are dogs here and and rabbits. i had no idea you could adopt a rabbit. we're here in east harlem, the animal care centers manhattan location. but this is reesa winestock, exec ive directo0 of all the locations throughout the boroughs. how many l fiocatiokid.o you have? >> we have five locations, three locations that are full-service animal care centers where you can adopt. and that will be participating in the clear the shelters day tomorrow. that's in manhattan, bro lyn and statelaisland. >> wonderful. thanks for being a part ofit. >> we are thrilled. we are thrilled. as you can see. we have lots of animals for adoption. >> i couldn't believe the static you told me how many animals you ke in alone. how many? >> wedrake in over 35,000 animals every year. >> ohi me goodness. >> animal care centers of new york city is the only animal shelter in new york city that takes any animal. we never close our doors.
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we're open 24/7. we're open for adoptions at specific hours, but we will always take in an injured, homeless, abandoned animal. the police come in, we help people all over new york city with their animal issues and try to keep them in homes and also try to find them great homes if the animal winds up at our shelters. >> and the whole idea is to find these animals great homes. the cats, dogs, and you mentioned rabbits. i doc't realize -- i guess people if they want to adopt a rabbit, can do that too. >> tomorrow, anyused of the week. we have available now over 400 animals for adoption, and we're looking for loving h mes for all of them. >> p.rt of the clear the shelters is tomorrow. that's the event tomorrog that 40 shelters throughout the tristate area are participating in. including yourself. what's going to happen when someone comes here and wants to adopt one of those 400? >> so when someone comes to adopt, they'll sign in. we expect a lot of people. and we encourage people to go on to our website, and look at the animals we have available for adoption online
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and do some homework. you can also download our app so you can see who is available, and you can t an idea of the kind of animals we have he and you can also download the application and fill it out ahead of time. so you come here, you take a number, you're going to meet with an adoption counselor, and you're going to go through the process. we're going to find out what your needs are, who would be the best fit. we want to make this a forever home for these pets so they have a lifet me of happiness with you. >>oand f s will be waived, is that gh >> all fees waived. and it's really a terrific, terrific deal. because every animal will be spayed or neutereded, have vaccinations, a microchip, a free visit to a local vet and wepp'll also give a free little i.d. tag so you c always identify your pet. >> that is fantastic. and if you don't get to come to this shelter, then you c goito our website, and 5-figuae out which helt is niar you. be juse there are 40ythroughout the tristate area participating, and we're happy you are. thank you so much. good uck tomorrow. >> thank you so much.
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we're thrilled to be participating with nbc. thank you. >> we're thrilled too. ven-da forecast real quickly. we want to show the heat building for the tristate area. it's going to get hot for the rest the wjukend into early next wee, dog days o if summer with highs in the 90s. we'll be back at 6:00, more from the animal care centers new york locati s with more weather and pets. back to you. >> feisty, feisty cats there. loves the glasses. janice, thank you. again, a reminder tomorrow is the one-day event upon us when many participating shelters ad ptions and you an get more formation at e. i likg that. $500 worth of freebies. among the offers up for grabs tonight on freebie friday. >> news 4 consumer reporter lynda baquero shows us surprise freebies from victoria's secret!
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the offer can't be combined with other discounts. e app is available on the app store and on google play. and from victoria's secret, a secret give-away. >> body bo victoria is their new ne and celebrati by giving 25,000 surprises. >> for your chance, go to topsavings.c a earch free stuff from victoria's secret. click the link for an e-mail or text with a secret link once the promitioimgoes live. >> once it's live, you've got to act quic . head to our website,, and you can search freebie friday. >> thanks so much. so greasy leftovers or liquid gold? >> up next, who police say stole hundreds of pounds of used cooking oil from two local restaurants, and why he may have done it.
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tonight a staten island man
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is charged with stealing 800 pounds of used cooking oil from o long island restaurants. to chefs, the grease is good for deep frying chinken or onion rings, but to crooks, it's as good as gold. sheldon dutes explains why. >> reporter: the same oil that's used to cook our favorite fried foods was the target of a thief in huntington. >> i can only imagine that it's somebody using it for personal ve hicles. >> it's an expensive commodity for each pound that they recycle, they get 24 cents per pound. so when you add that up in bulk, you're talking about some serious money. >> reporter: sergeant michael ore says t-o officers busted a man for stealing used cooking oil early this morning. 6:00 a.m., the officers spotted henry behind these two restaurants on new york avenue. >> the subject used a gas-powered sludge pump to
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remove the oil, and put it in tanks that were set up in the van he was driving. reporter: alex dumps the oil from new york pizza in this container, which he shares with the new china restaurant next door. >> it is a lot of ney. people pay a month, $300, $350. depending how many others are in the contai>>r. >>ereporter: henry is facing petty larceny charges, and right now police are trying to debytermine if he's possibly linked to other similar cases in suffolk county. darling international operates this container here in hunting ton. i reache out to their corporate office this afternoon about the theft but have not heard back from them. in huntington, sheldon dutes, news 4 new york. >> quite the operation for cooking oil. we wupt it to thank you so much for watching. stay right here. the news continues at 6:00. live from studio 3c in rockefeller center. this is news 4 new york. now at 6:00, a violent
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standoff with a gang member, a firefighter shot and a furious gun fight on staten island. tonight, new details about the suspect. plus, mayor de blasio has been defending his homeless policy lately, but now 311 hotline records show a dramatic increase in complaints about the homeless. and the east village building explosion destroyed it, but today one of those blownout businesses celebrates a second chance. good evening, everyone. i'm sibilia vargas. >> i'm rob schmidt. chuck is off tonight. a high-ranking member of the bloods street gang is dead after a sis-hour standoff, and a sh tout with police. >> very dramatic new york city fighter proved he is among the bravest as he rushed into harm's way to check out a smoke condition, only to get shot for his efforts. we have more on his condition, and on a gang member who caused it all from news 4's brynn gingras, live in staten island where it all went down. brynn? >> reporter: sibilia and rob, let me get out of the way for you. right behind me, you can see the scene is still very active
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around the home of 38-year-old garland tyree, who police say is a gang member and a career criminal. and today he held police and even firefighters, as you guys mentioned, in a tense standoff with the promise of a peaceful end that was anything but. gunshots and wales echoed late this morning when police say they were forced to shoot garland tyree as the 38-year-old alleged gang member ran out of hices home, firing at police, with this ak-47. >> it was on full automatic when he exited and began shooting. >> reporter: the six-hour standoff ended. tyree was dead. he allegedly shot and seriously injured an fdny lieutenant, who tried to save him from a smoke bomb he allegedly set. authorities say they had worked tirelessly for a different outcome, trying to get tyree to surrender. negotiating teams allowed him to talk to family members, even flew in his mother from delaware, with a promise that he would give up. >> very cooperative, up to the
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point when his mom came, and very sweet with the mom. anbed mom was very sweet with him. said, coming out now, mama. >> reporter: but social media shows it's possible tyree had no such intentions. one of his last posts read, "today i die." >> very dangerous. >> reporter: police say in addition to this ak-47, tyree had stashed in his home a smoke grenade, three handguns and two fully loaded magazine clips. the 38-year-old career criminal was convicted of murder when he was 18, and allegedly a member of the bloods. >> he has some writings describing his life in the blood gang. and that's where we are with that right now. i spoke to members of the gang division, they knew who he was. >> reporter: let's backtrack to this morning. federal authorities came to tyree's home to serve a probation warrant, and that's when all of this started. and we do know from authorities that tyree does have a history of mental illness. police are still investigating
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that as this investigation inues into the evening. and the good news here, guys, not a single police officer was injured. i'm live here on staten island, brynn gingras, news 4 new york. >> tonight the veteran firefighter shot in that standoff with garland tyree is recovering. lieutenant james hayes was shot in the hip and ankle while trying to help tyree. fire commissioner daniel nigro and the mayor visited hayes in the hospital. nigro says hayes even made contact with the gunman before the shooting began. >> lieutenant hayes was speaking with the occupant of the apartment, and speaking quite calmly, and then suddenly he stopped. this could have certainly been a tragic day for the new york city fire department. >> we're told hayes' wife and children are with him at the hospital tonight. he is expected to make a full recovery. and out to that breaking news in manhattan. traffic tie-ups on the west side, you can see right here chopper 4 over the scene in hell's kitchen where a manhole explosion is causing delays up


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