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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  August 14, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the blast sparked a small fire underground at 45th street and 9th avenue. thankfully, no one was hurt. right now con ed crews are on the scene there trying to fix the problem. and what a time for this to happen. friday night rush hour. a painful commute at the lincoln tunnel on this friday evening. delays getting worse now, 60 to 90 minutes to get out of the city at the lincoln. not much better at the holland tunnel or the gwb. a real mess. now to the city's homeless problem, and further evidence that it is a growing problem according to data from 311. the 311 system received over 20,000 calls about homeless people between january 1st and august 9th of this year. during this same period, 2013, in may your michael bloomberg's last year in office, just under 13,000 calls were made. melissa russo has more on the story. >> reporter: pick a corner in midtown. chances are, you can find someone who calls it home. >> actually, i sleep right here. >> reporter: hannon says she has
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claimed this stretch of lexington avenue near grand central because there is a lot of traffic and a security camera nearby. and she says she feels safer here than in a shelter. >> i have issues. >> i work in midtown so it's pretty bad. >> reporter: most new yorkers we interviewed today told us they see more homeless on the streets. >> i'm not used to seeing so many homeless people. >> i tend to give money. >> reporter: some give money or food. others call 311. but today city officials are pushing back after reports that the number of 311 calls about the homeless jumped from 12,700 last year to more than 20,000 calls for the same time period this year. mayor de blasio spokeswoman says since the city has been publicizing their new 311 app, 311 calls about all subjects are up. and that the percentage of calls about the homeless is still relatively small, and unchanged. city officials insist, street homelessness is actually down 5% since last year and they say
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that perception of homelessness does not equal reality. they warn new yorkers not to be panhandling. it doesn't mean they have no place to go home to at night. sleep on. >> reporter: the de blasio administration has added more than $1 billion to the homelessness budget over four years, and is launching a new outreach plan for the mentally ill homeless. the goal is to treat them on the street, if necessary. do you think if the mayor were to offer you mental health extremity in the streets on a regular basis that would help you to come inside? >> i don't know. i can't -- i don't know. >> reporter: in midtown, melissa russo, news 4 new york. now to the weather. and the return of uncomfortably hot weather. the temperatures are going to keep rising over the weekend, and also returning after such a nice week that brutal humidity to make everything feel even worse. it's all coming back. it looks like a possible heatwave is moving in.
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news 4's andrew siff is in queens tonight with more on that at the pool, andrew. >> reporter: yeah, rob. i'm standing in a pretty hot spot, but take a look at this. hundreds of people at this hour cooling off in the pool here. it's the perfect spot for them to be, especially for families as the heat and humidity rises across the weekend. but then when it comes to seniors, it's a different story. 78-year-old amanda campo stocked up on supplies today so she could follow good advice for seniors during the next few sweltering days. conditioning. air conditioning. >> yeah. >> reporter: staying cool will once again become a challenge as a possible heatwave descends on the big apple. you might say we're overdue. we usually get 15 days above 90. this year, only seven. do you have any tips to stay cool? what do you do? >> sit in the air conditioning. that's about it. only thing i worry about is con edison.
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>> reporter: the utility says its grid of underground power cables and overhead wires is in good shape. but new yorkers are still being asked to cut back on unnecessary appliances. as for those who have to work outside -- what do you do to stay cool while you're doing it? >> i drink lots of water. >> reporter: you drink a lot of water, you take some breaks? >> yeah, i take breaks, five minutes. >> reporter: the contractor at the church renovation project said it's hard for his team to complain, even if the heatwave hits. >> it's been a fantastic summer. and you know, with the long winter we had, you know, i definitely don't look forward to the next winter that's coming. >> reporter: back live at the pool now. we did hear a reference to con edison and some concerns there, just to put it in perspective for you, at 5:00 today, new yorkers were using about 10,000 megawatts of power. that is way, way off the all-time record of 13,000-plus set in july of 2013.
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con edison utility officials will be looking at monday and tuesday as the heat and humidity rises even further. live in astoria tonight, andrew siff, news 4 new york. >> i dare you to go in. all right. see you later, andrew. some new jersey residents are still shaken tonight of ack awoken by a mild earthquake. it's mild, but 2.7 magnitude quake struck in bernardsville which sits on the fault line. 80 people reported feeling it, but they immediately knew something was wrong. >> all of a sudden, it felt like a train hit my house. the bed shook, the house shook. and it lasted a couple seconds and then it stopped. >> i live seven miles away from bernardsville in glad stone, and it still shook our house. enough to wake you up. loud enough to wake you up. >> a few minutes later, a transformer explosion rocked this neighborhood, knocking out power to more than three dozen homes. jcp & l couldn't say if it was caused by the earthquake.
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no other damage was reported. >> 2.7 is not that big. it must have been shallow. >> something we don't really get out here so much. coming up as news 4 at 6:00 continues, cooks are slinging hash at a popular east village restaurant for the first time since the second avenue explosion rocked that neighborhood. and a whole lot of kissing going on in times square today to celebrate on the most joyous moments of the 20th century. plus, janice huff is forecasting from a very special place. >> that's right. we're at the animal care center of new york's manhattan location. and this is cheese. cheese is 3 years old and available for adoption. and tomorrow for our clear the shelters campaign, you can adopt a pet and help us clear the shelters. we're going to talk about how you can adopt cheese or any dog or cat or rabbit, and the weather, coming up next.
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well, it's the words your kids hate to hear. of summer break is almost over, but in connecticut, a week of begins. starting on sunday, you'll get a break at the cash register for certain school-related items. this includes clothing and footwear that costs $100 or less. this is a change from previous years when the cutoff was $300. 70 years ago today marked the end of world war ii. and this morning, hundreds of couples poured into times square to reenact that famous kiss in history that celebrated that milestone. some wore replica outfits, men in sailor suits and women in white. after news broke that japan surrendered, more than 2 million people gathered in times square to celebrate. >> something else. coming up when news 4 at 6:00 returns, as we attempt to
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clear the shelters and adopt as many animals as possible, we have some tips on exactly what owning a pet can cost. but first, here's a look at what's on nbc 4 tonight. it's the new york giants preseason opener. all of nbc's prime time shows can be seen on cozi-tv and you can find the channel on our website, and rob and i will see you again at 11:00.
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lester holt is joining us from havana, cuba, with a look at what's ahead on "nbc nightly news." >> hi, sibilia. quite a day here. a historic day as the flag was raised over the u.s. embassy for the first time in over 50 years. we're going to have a lot of that color, also kind of dig down as to what all this means for both countries. big political story we're watching, names like gore and biden being talked about more and more in the democratic race. what does that say about how some people may view a vulnerability in the clinton camp? we'll get to that and then a frightening turn in the war on
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terror in the middle east with isis now reportedly using chemical weapons. we're going to get a report on that and a lot more when we see you live from havana for tonight's "nbc nightly news." we'll send it back to you two now in new york. >> all right. lester, thanks so much. in the east village, there was cause for celebration today at one of the businesses forced to close by that building explosion back in march. >> they reopened today, and as news 4's lori bordonaro tells us, they couldn't have done it without their loyal customers. the year. >> reporter: and one of the busiest as b & h dairy. where the griddle was fired up for the first time in more than four months. >> first time i left, i really missed my work. >> reporter: for co-owner alexandra, those are tears of joy. in march, she and her husband were forced to close their 73-year-old east village kosher restaurant. damaged by the deadly second avenue explosion. >> i don't think i'm going to make it.
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because it's hard. it's almost five months. >> it was just such a huge loss to the neighborhood. >> reporter: customers missed this place so much, they started an online fund-raising campaign, and raised $30,000 to help the owners reopen. >> we did everything we could. >> reporter: sierra has been coming here for 30 years, and couldn't wait for her usual spinach and cheese omelette. 7-year-old san marco hasn't been coming quite as long but missed his favorite too. what's best about the potato pancake? >> well, i just really like the taste. >> reporter: the popular lunch counter is the last neighborhood business to reopen after the tragedy. the owners say they couldn't have done it without their customers. >> this is our place. so this is -- everybody is together. >> reporter: lori bordonaro, news 4 new york. storm team 4 meteorologist janice huff is at an animal care center in nyc in east harlem for a very special forecast. i see you've got some friends. >> reporter: and the forecast is
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a good t loe. and i hope even better for all the shelters that are participating in our clear the shelter initiative this weekend. up to 40 or more than 40 shelters participating in our area alone. this is a nationwide effort to get animals adopted from the shelters into permanent, loving homes. this is tiramisu. hi. tiramisu is 2 years old, ready for adoption. and could be your pet this weekend. so let's hope so. there's also a lot of cats here, there are rabbits here. and plenty of dogs, large and small. that you can adopt. so we're going to talk more about the adoption coming up. first we're going to do a little bit of weather, because it is going to be hot this weekend. at least it's going to be clear across the area for you to come out and about. the temperatures starting to warm up today. we expected that. up to 88 degrees in central park, the high today. so we warmed up about 3 or 4 degrees from yesterday. and that warmup will continue into the weekend. 90 in newark today. there's also going to be an issue with air quality.
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there's an air quality alert in effect for much of the tristate area, starting tonight and that will continue into early sunday, because pollution levels will be high. now in terms of temperatures, we start to hit the 90s. a few spots did today. we'll be there starting tomorrow for the rest of the weekend into early or middle of next week. it's going to be very, very hot. so take it easy, cool down as much as you can. stay in the shade, the pools, the backyard pools or maybe the sprinklers or wherever you can go for some cool weather. it's going to stay hot for a few days around here. the dog days of summer with high humidity, too. it will break a little bit by the end of next week. all right. we've got reesa winestock here to talk about what's happening with the clear the shelters and here at the animal care center you're the executive director. we're standing right now in front of the adoption center. of what do people have to bring when they come tomorrow? >> well, first they have to come with a big heart, and a lot of expectations to find the best pet they can go home with, and have a terrific life forever after.
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that's what we're trying to do. really, the requirements are you need to be over 18. so just proof of age and also proof of residency. and then when you get here, you're going to meet with an adoption counselor and we're going to just talk you through the process and find out where you live, what your lifestyle is like and what kind of pet you're looking for. we have dogs, cats and rabbits so something for every lifestyle. >> you take in 35,000 animals a year, and this alone, your shelter alone. what does this mean for you to be part of this, clear the shelters? >> this is such a huge opportunity for us. on so many levels. first of all, we have over 400 animals available for adoption right now. as you can hear with all the noise in the background, there's a lot going on here. we have so many wonderful animals that just need a home. it also helps raise awareness about shelters, about shelter pets, about adoption. there's so much choice, there's variety, as you see, tiramisu is a small dog. we have all kinds of sizes and variety. so for us to be part of
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something like this on a national level, it raises awareness about adoption and on a local level, people find out who animal care centers of new york city are. >> we appreciate you, and thanks so much for participating. wish you all the luck tomorrow in getting all these pets all right. now. a hot weekend, everybody. try to stay cool. >> will do. >> tiramisu. now i'm starving. the shelters may be offering discounts tomorrow. but remember that a pet is also a financial responsibility. >> telemundo 47's liz gonzalez has tips on what to expect. >> reporter: meet aj, nick, midnight sky, and these curious kittens, many pets like these were abandoned or given up possibly by owners who hadn't considered the cost and responsibility involved before becoming a pet owner. >> adoption is the option. these animals in this shelter and others are refugees of some sort. >> reporter: at the very least,
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your pet will need an annual ch leckup with a vet. vaccinations and possibly medication to prevent heart worms, fleas and ticks. you might consider buying pet medical insurance. >> it's really important to look up vet cost and to be prepared to take your animal in for regular checkups. >> reporter: look for a dog or cat that fits your lifestyle. are you active or sedentary? how many hours do you spend at work? do you have small children? does your landlord allow pets? an adoption counselor at the shelter will ask these questions. >> it's a huge time commitment in general for a dog. out. for a cat, you city have to play with them, mentally stimulate them. it's really important too to have a plan when you're not home so if you're working, what's your animal going to do at home. >> reporter: when it comes to feeding your pet, vets recommend the balanced diet they'll get from dog or cat food. but choose the right one for their size and age. consider the more expensive brands without grains or corn. and remember, this is a life-long commitment.
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at least it should be for them. >> boots and all her other friends are looking for forever home. >> reporter: liz gonzalez, news 4 new york. >> aww. >> tomorrow is the day when we're teaming up with dozens of shelters to find homes for pets inneed. many have agreed to cut the cost of adoption for tomorrow only. >> and we'll be live streaming from the area shelters in the morning. jump online and catch lauren scala and jackie reid's report starting tomorrow morning at 10:30. you'll find it on or the news 4 app. we'll be right back.
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the jets are exploring the rather thin free agent quarterback market today. they met with patriots castoff matt flynn. gang green failed to score a touchdown last night.
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tonight it's the giants' turn. you will not see victor cruz on the field, just a precautionary move. this will be the first preseason game. he missed all of last year's preseason. bruce beck is with tom coughlin. >> john, preseason opener for the giants and the bengals tonight and coach tom coughlin, what about finally getting into some real action? >> it's good. we've had a couple good days of work here which set this whole thing up. it's time for us to start the preseason. i'm looking forward to seeing a lot of these young men tonight to see how they do. >> do you think these practices with the bengals equip this squad to play tonight? >> well, i certainly think there comes a point where you're better off banging on somebody else than you are yourself. and it does raise the level of intensity a little bit. so it has helped us prepare for the first game. >> how much will we see from eli manning and odell beckham tonight, your starters? >> you'll see them start the game. they'll play a few plays, 10, 12 plays and then we'll turn it
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over to ryan nas ebb at quarterback to show what they can do in the first game. >> a great opportunity for players to show what they have. >> that's what it's all about. that's the way it should be looked at too. go out there, have fun, have confidence in yourself. play hard. i want to see us finish hard. i want to work. i want us to work real hard, running to the ball and doing all the things you have to do to be a football player at this level. >> the atmosphere is ready and so are we. back to you, john, in the studio. >> all right. thank you very much. don't forget, you can catch all the action right here tonight on nbc 4 new york. coverage starts at 7:30. to baseball now. and in sborngs boston, the daily grumbling feels trivial. john farrell has limb peoplea and stunned reporters with the news this afternoon. he will miss the rest of this season. that guy is all class. as for the games, yankees head to toronto and there is no overstating how important these next three are. the yanks are a half game back after last night's win it was crucial going into this battle for first place.
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david price against melba in toronto tonight. and the mets will test their playoff mettle against the pirates tonight. the mets surging, of course, 4.5 games ahead of the nationals. they say they're not watching the scoreboard. we'll keep an eye on the nationals for you. that's a look at sports. >> on fire. >> john, thanks so much. come up next on "nbc nightly news," lester holt live from cuba. >> thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here at 11:00. good night. test. test. test test. test test.
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>> announcer: reporting tonight from havana. good evening. we're coming to you this evening from the charming and historic havana vieja plaza desan francisco deassis here in havana just across from the harbor. cuba is a country physically less than 100 miles from american soil but it feels a lot closer socially and politically tonight. and that provoked some tearful and joyous reaction from many cubans. for the first time in 54 years the american flag was hoisted above the united states
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embassy here. the ceremonial reopening of the embassy led by secretary of state john kerry marks the re-establishment of diplomatic relationships between the two countries while ending years of hostility. there was no question the day was historic. the debate continues at home, however, over whether it sets the right tone. leading our coverage is andrea mitchell. >> reporter: on a day when symbols matter the stars and stripes raised over the u.s. embassy in havana ending a feud that began more than a half century ago. >> this is truly a memorable occasion. a day for pushing aside old barriers and exploring new possibilities. >> reporter: the last time an american secretary of state came to cuba franklin roosevelt was president. john kerry rewrote that history. not present, fidel castro, seen yesterday on his 89th birthday with leftist allies from bolivia and venezuela. today kerry also tried to meet average cubans. even checking out the
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