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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  August 16, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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reporting live from warren, new jersey, ida siegal, news 4, new york. >> ida, thanks so much. we've been following this scene all day long. a deadly plane crash on long island. that plane just happened to smash right into train tracks for the liir in beth page. one person is dead, another has survived. this is a live look at crews working on those tracks tonight. we're going to get to how this is impacting liir service here in a moment, but first news 4 has the latest on this crash and the witnesses who saw it all. >> my co-worker realized the plane was already upside down, so he said call 911. >> reporter: moments later, that plane crashed, bursting into flames on the liir tracks in beth page. >> sounded like a heavy piece of machinery, a lot of noise. >> reporter: with no time to waste, this woman called 911. her co-worker running toward the fiery wreckage. >> he already grabbed somebody and was pulling them out. he wanted to go back to the
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second person, but the smoke and fire was too much. >> reporter: one person died. the survive a 55-year-old man awake and rushed to the hospital. >> the person was pretty banged up. however, the person was still conscious but was in and out. >> reporter: investigators say the single-engine plane was headed from west hampton to morristown, new jersey, when the pilot reported trouble. >> reported to farmingdale that they were experiencing difficulty maintaining altitude. >> reporter: today investigators surveyed the damage. pieces of the plane scattered across the tracks near south oyster bay road, suspending service between hicksville and farmingdale. but an mta spokesperson says the crash could have been catastrophic. >> there was no train going through at that point, but the crossing was open. so, you know, there was a possibility there could have been cars going through. >> reporter: and because the crash happened on the liir tracks, the mta is investigating along with the faa. lori bordonaro, news 4. >> and this crash is causing problems for liir commuters tonight.
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service is suspended in both directions between hicksville and farmingdale on the ronkonkoma branch. news 4's checkey beckford is on the scene with the latest tonight. >> reporter: and liir officials say they can't even forecast tomorrow's monday morning commute at this point much less later this evening. they just got access to the tracks around two hours ago. i'm going to step out of the way so you can see some of the work that's going on behind me. the reason for the delay is that they realized that there's damage to the tracks caused when that plane came crashing down. after crews were able to pick up the tons of debris from the plane off the railroad tracks, they found three sections of the railroad had been damaged by either the impact of the crash or subsequent fire that broke out. the crossing gate along south oyster bay road was also damaged. there are electrical issues that need to be fixed before this reopen. >> we can't say at the moment what it looks like for tomorrow
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morning's rush, but we will know, we will definitely know sometime later this afternoon or early in the evening and we'll get the word out about what we expect service to be in the morning. >> reporter: so as you mentioned earlier, service still suspended both ways between hicksville and farmingdale. though bus service is being offered. commuters are being asked to use other branches as alternates. of course, we'll bring you updates as they become available tonight at 11:00 on this crash and how it will affect the liir service possibly tomorrow. we're live in hicksville along the beth page border. checkey beckford, news 4, new york. >> thanks. that tragedy on long island was the second deadly plane crash in our area this weekend. the ntsb is in essex county, new jersey, tonight. a 50-year-old pilot was killed yesterday morning when his plane went down near a day care center. witnesses say they heard four
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explosions and saw flames and smoke. well, to the weather now and this heat that we are all feeling. august is here. an air quality alert is in effect now as the humidity takes over. storm team 4 meteorologist steve villanue villanueva has the forecast. >> central park coming in today at 93 degrees. even hotter for newark at 96. a bit better, though, for bridgeport and islip. however, northern queens, laguardia, coming in at 90. we have an air quality alert in effect for most of the area. this runs through midnight. if you have any breathing issues, of course try to take it easy as we head towards the midnight hour. otherwise, notice the temperature spread. long island, low 80s. southerly winds bringing in some cooler ocean air. but you go inland, and temperatures are still very warm in the 90s. we did have a few thunderstorms
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earlier across parts of the five burroughs. we're back in the 90s once again tomorrow. but what about the rest of the week? we're going to talk about that coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> nice and hot. all right, steve, thanks. we'll track the heat in the days ahead with our news 4 new york app. you'll see the latest temperatures and get alerts sent to your smartphone or tablet. that's in the apple app store right now. new tonight, actor morgan freeman is mourning the loss of his granddaughter who was stabbed to death early this morning in manhattan. this happened shortly before 3:00 a.m. on west 162nd street in washington heights. when police arrive on the scene, they found 33-year-old e'dena hines lying in the street with multiple stab wounds. the nypd says there is a suspect in custody but no charges have been filed. in a statement, morgan freeman said in part, the world will never know her artistry and talent and how much she had to offer. her star will continue to shine bright in our hearts. thoughts and prayers, may she rest in peace.
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the nypd wants your help finding a suspect in the alleged rape of a 7-year-old girl. this is the suspect. 32-year-old daniel nieto. police say he sexually assaulted the young victim last week inside her home on staten island. investigators say he entered through a back door, attacked the girl in her bedroom, and ran off. anyone with information is asked to call crime stoppers. right now, the nypd is searching east harlem for this man who they say escaped police officers while been arrested. officers say 24-year-old ashton steverson was being put in handcuffs around 3:00 a.m. while his hands were being put behind his back, he broke free and started running. julian bond is being remembered today as an icon of the civil rights movement. president obama called bond a hero who changed this country for the better. a long-time chairman of the naacp, in the 1960s bond helped create the student nonviolent coordinating committee and served as a close associate to
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dr. martin luther king jr. bond died yesterday in ft. walton beach, florida, after a brief illness. the search has been suspended for any survivors of a passenger jet crash in indonesia. that plane was found in a remote mountainous region after losing contact with flight control. village ers say they saw the jet crash into a mountain. search and rescue teams will continue aerial and ground searches tomorrow to confirm eyewitness accounts. 49 passengers and 5 crew members were on board that plane. the death toll from a chemical explosion in tianjin, china, has climbed to 112. emergency crews are working to clear away any dangerous chemicals at the site of this explosion before rain falls, potentially spreading these toxic chemicals. more than 700 people were injured in the blast. at least 95 are still missing after wednesday's explosion. well, coming up, a great opportunity to save some cash. tax-free shopping in connecticut. we're going to explain.
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and it was an iconic photo of superstorm sandy's wrath. you remember this. tonight, the plan approved for the future of the seaside heights pier. and donald trump forced to take a break from the campaign trail tomorrow. what he's been ordered to do here in manhattan instead. we'll be right back.
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are taking aim at companies like uber and lift. they rallied in lower manhattan this morning. cabbies was rideshare services regulated the same way taxis are. drivers say there's a double standard that creates unfair competition. >> let them change every three years. let us treat fairly. that's all. >> last month the city and uber agreed to a four-month study on the impact of cars on traffic. in exchange, the city will not cap uber's growth during that time. no campaigning for donald trump tomorrow. he has to report for jury duty. the republican presidential candidate is expected at a courthouse in lower manhattan. trump says he's looking forward to appearing. the republican presidential candidate is accused of not showing up in the past, but his campaign team says he never received those summons. if he's not there tomorrow, he
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faces a $250 fine. the first human case of west nile this season is being reported by the city's health department. a brooklyn man was hospitalized with viral meningitis. he is out of the hospital now. queens is said to have a high mosquito population. in light of this case, many neighborhoods will be sprayed monday and tuesday as precaution. and the owners of an amusement pier in seaside heights have finally received the okay to rebuild after superstorm sandy. the owners of casino pier have been approved by the new jersey department of environmental protection to build a 225-by-260 foot section of that pier. casino pier was where the jet star roller coaster plunged into the ocean after sandy, creating that very defining image of the storm on the jersey shore. connecticut drivers expect long lines at the dmv tuesday. department of motor vehicles branch officers will reopen tuesday after a week long major computer upgrade. the dmv commissioner asked drivers to be patient and says
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to wait a week if you can to come in. a 60-day extension on expiration dates for all driver's licenses, i.d. cards, and vehicle registrations has been granted through october 10th. and still ahead here on news 4 new york, it looks like a heat wave is taking over the tristate. steve is coming up next with a forecast that's going to make you sweat. stay tuned.
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well, today marked the first day of connecticut's annual tax-free holiday. if you have kids going back to school, this is the week to head to the store. starting today, you can buy clothes and shoes for back to school tax free if the items cost $100 or less. your total at checkout can be more than $100, but only $99 or less will be tax free. that offer runs through saturday, august 22nd. >> i need to get my back to school shops on for my kids. my mom is in connecticut. >> and erica hill is here. >> we're going to talk more
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about these wildfires. we're constantly telling you there are more and more, and that's because there are. more than 100 large uncontained fires. nearly every firefighter on this country is on alert. we'll tell you more about why. also tonight, more information from donald trump on his plan specifics in an exclusive interview with chuck todd. we'll get you up to speed on that. plus, the great story of a doctor in boston who has a passion beyond medicine. one that involves a little dancing in the streets. we'll tell you why he's doing that. and jimmy carter out in public today just a few days after announcing that he has this very severe form of cancer. we'll show you some pictures of the former president today looking great at church this morning. >> glad to hear that. all right, erica. thanks so much. going to go to steve now with a check of the forecast. if you couldn't tell, it's gotten very hot outside. we've noticed. and it's here to stay for a while, i guess. >> yeah, it's going to stay warm. tomorrow we're back in the 90s.
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so tomorrow will make it the first official heat wave of the year in the city. we've had several heat waves at other airports around the area. in the city it hasn't happened just yet. we've been close a few times. tomorrow it's going to be a toasty one. back in the 90s. then by the middle of the week, we're in the 80s. but the humidity will be on the increase. so it will feel very sticky across the region. so with that, right now it's 86 degrees as we're looking down on the plaza. all is good. we are seeing lots of clouds right now. we did have a couple pop-up thunderstorms. we'll show you those coming up. they were very scattered. 86 in the park. 83 in brooklyn. 84 towards oceanside. notice long island, since the winds are coming in out of the southwest, you're a little cooler. you're in the low 80s. but you go inland, and with those southwesterly winds it's still very warm from morristown through bridgewater, trenton, and even long branch. right now coming in at 90 degrees. we did have a few thunderstorms earlier in queens and brooklyn, over into nassau county.
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now those thunderstorms are offshore. still a couple spotty showers across central new jersey. i think for most of us this evening, we do stay dry. and notice all the clouds up here. up towards canada, the great lakes, notice how the clouds are going up in this direction. this is a big ridge of high pressure. this is allowing southwesterly winds to not only bring in the heat but also bring in the humidity. tomorrow we're back in the 90s, feeling more like the mid and upper 90s when you factor in the humidity. but we're going to start to cool down as we head towards the middle of the week. but the wind stays southerly. in the meantime, out in the atlantic right here just south of cape verde, this system may become a tropical system. if it does, it will be danny. all the long-range models taking it towards the lesser antilles. this evening, generally dry. maybe a spotty shower here or there. tomorrow morning starting off with lots of sunshine. tomorrow afternoon, mainly sunny.
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like today, we can't rule out a spotty thunderstorm here or there. otherwise, most of us are dry. but it is hot and humid once again. overnight tonight, 74 in the city. 70s along the coast. we're in the 60s north and west. tomorrow, look at those highs. everyone tomorrow in the 90s. just a really warm day. another humid day. maybe a spotty thunderstorm here or there. there's the seven day. notice temperatures start to come down into the 80s, but the humidity goes up. so it will still feel quite warm outside. by the end of the week, more showers and thunderstorms. >> clear all that out. all right. steve, thanks so much. >> going to go to bruce now. two very good ball clubs in this town, but you couldn't tell today. >> you're right about that. both of our baseball teams are in first place, but they didn't look the part this afternoon. the mets struggle once again, against the pirates, while the yankees try to sweep away the blue jays in toronto. highlights and postgame reaction are just ahead.
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the yankees tried to cap a dynamite weekend in toronto with a sweep. 21-year-old phenom luis severino taking the hill. troy tulowitzki flies one to right field with two outs. the hero of the weekend, carlos beltran, loses it in the sun. tulowitzki ended up on second base with a double. so of course the next batter, josh donaldson, singled to right. tulowitzki scores the first run of the game. and then moments later, jose bautista makes the yankees' rookie pay in a big way, crushing a two-run shot to left for his 28th of the season. it was 3-0 blue jays after three.
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and there was no yankees magic today as mark teixeira grounds out weekly to end the ball game. the blue jays win it 3-1 and move within half a game of first place in the a.l. east. still, the yankees were pleased to take two out of three. >> well, we're happy. i mean, we won the series. it's important. you know, this is the team that is basically fighting. i know that we have seven or eight games left against them. so right now we have to go home and focus on our series, and hopefully when we face them again, we can do a little bit more. now to the mets who lost a couple of heartbreakers in extra innings to the pirates this weekend. today they tried to avoid being swept by pittsburgh at citi field. matt harvey was on the mound. with no score in the second inning, pedro alvarez blasts a solo shot to right center. it was the only run harvey surrendered in six innings.
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it was tied at 1-1 in the seventh when michael morse hits a short double play back to the mound, but bobby parnell throws it into center field. that put runners on the corners for the pirates with nobody out. so you guessed it, the next batter, gregory polanco, laces an rbi single to center. pittsburgh would score four runs in the frame to blow it open. the pirates win it 8-1. washington is losing out in san francisco. so at the moment, the mets' lead over the nationals is four full games. >> we're tired right now. we've played hard. we'll take the day off, get after it in baltimore. we just, you know, had a terrible two innings in a row in a good weekend. >> today was a rough one. we're going to move forward. you know, we got to keep our heads down, keep fighting, and move on after the off day. >> they might not lose anything from this weekend. in football, the giants' offense is licking its wounds after a poor showing in the
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preseason opener on friday night in cincinnati. but the g-men don't sound too concerned. >> we didn't perform overall how we should, but you know, it's game one. >> definitely need to do more as a receiving group and as a team as well. we didn't really play well. so can't really hang your hat on it. just keep it moving and learn from it. >> remember, it's still early in the preseason. >> yeah, it's hard to really even take anything from that. bruce, thanks so much. we'll be right back.
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coming up tonight on sports final? >> mlb network talking yankees and mets. also talking jets. >> thanks, bruce. "nightly news" is coming up next. see you back here at 11:00. on this sunday night, firefight. thousands evacuated and hundreds of homes threatened as wildfires rage as firefighters from across the country join in the fight. what went wrong? more than 50 feared dead tonight after a plane apparently flies into a mountain. trump's agenda. his plan on immigration and other key issues laid out in our exclusive interview. fighting isis. not with guns and bombs but with positive words and
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images aimed at young muslims. and remembering julian bond. the civil rights leader, former head of the naacp, and passionate voice for equality. "nightly news" begins now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news." reporting tonight, erica hill. tonight, nearly every firefighter in this country is on call. as more than 100 large uncontained fires burn. invoking the nation's highest fire alert level, 5, is a sign of both the need and the scope of this fire season. in the west, triple-digit temperatures and drought are fueling the blazes. many of them triggered by lightning strikes. washington state has seen a rash of new fires, just since early friday, reducing dozens of homes to ashes and forcing thousands to evacuate. some making it out with barely a moment to spare.
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nbc's gadi schwartz is in washington for us tonight. gadi? >> reporter: well, erica, this fire is now 60,000 acres. and as it roared down that mountainside, it incinerated cars and homes alike. it is only 1% contained tonight. and for the 450 firefighters who are out here in the fire lines, it's only going to get worse. a small resort town surrounded by fire, and residents here are traumatized by the devastation. >> it was heartbreaking. it -- i don't like to -- i mean -- i'm standing in my backyard. i'm looking at this whole hillside. and people that we know, that we love, i'm getting phone calls from people saying can you see if my house is on fire? >> reporter: the battle to protect homes in washington is fierce. the national guard called in to make water drops after thousands were forced to evacuate. but so far only 50 to 100 homes and buildings are believed to have been destroyed. >> hard to see this. >> reporter: all that's left of this
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house is a chimney and


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