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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  August 19, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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from out her car. >> reporter: this video he shows the water filling one neighborhood street inch is its way closer to home. hutchinson worried the water uld get inside his home. >> it was up to the first step, right over the first step. >> reporter: did you think it was going to come inside your house? >> my son did. i was telling him we were okay. >> reporter: both lanes have been closed down in this section of scotch plains. cars forced to get by on the shoulder. we're told the work s uld be complete hopefully by the morning. checkey bedford, news 4 new york. >> checkey, thank you. we are tracking more rain tonight. here is meteorologist shannon spff, shannon? >> tracking through portions of the ohio valley and portions of the midwest, the cold front coming on friday is far back to the west between st. louis and chicago. all of this moisture and energy is moving in our direction so yes, there are still chances for heavy downpours across the area
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between now and saturday. right now, we are checking a few light showers over parts of suffolk county moving toward the north towards pike county at this hour. nothing heavy and no flooding rains. most of tonight should be dry with the exception of patchy fog in spots and clouds here and there. now tomorrow morning, we may see light showers in the area. not anticipating flooding rains. but any time you have these tropical d soownpours you can expect at least minor flooding if not some major flooding. right now we're just seeing light showers around the morning hours and again at noon and then it is relatively dry the rest of the day. still warm and mu ggy across the area and here comes the front just in time for friday morning's commute. i'll let you know what that means in a few minutes. >> thank you. new tonight the ntsb will look in a helicopter crash on long island. this happened about 7:30 this evening at mcarthur airport. an instructor was teaching a
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student how to hover. no one was seriously hurt. a pipe burst around 6:00 p.m. flooding the area around west 3rd and mcdougal. no word on what caused the break. >> from impopper food storage to pest infestation, the health important ordered a bronx deli to close after wracking up dozens of violations. so why is it still open for business? >> going toutind out and having a startling conversation trying to have it. >> reporter: people are surprised it's closed because it's been open the past few days. problem is, it was supposed to be closed last two weeks. the health department shut it down for sanitary issues but we found the owner hasn't been obeying that order. our cameras went inside the hub deli and grocery court. video showes a fully operating
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business. customers placing orders. even deliveries made. this despite the yellow signs on the door. posted by the city health department which read, closed. yes, those yellow signs covered up, hidden to the public. >> it's illegal what they're doing. >> reporter: the health department shut down the deli on august 6th citing 58 code violations among them cross-contamination of food, business was not vermin proof. and a fruit fly infestation, according to the city's web site. >> i have seen fruit flies in there. i didn't know they had an infestation. >> reporter: the business was still running monday and again today. a spokeperson says after each of our calls inspectors visited, reclosed the deli and threw out food. but frequent customers say nothing changed. you come everyday. was it open yesterday? >> yes. >> what about the day before? >> yes. >> an employee said that the owner was on vacation and couldn't comment.
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30 minutes later we were interviewing a customer. >> whoa. >> an ice tea was thrown at my photographers and my back. soon after that the deli was closed. doors locked. the yellow health department signs now clearly shown. customers were confused and grossed out. >> you can get sick from there. you want to eat clea that's ridiculous. >> reporter: health department inspector stopped by again. our cameras rolling when he ripped off the once again covered signs on the deli's front door. certainly a long day of opening and closing, opening and closing that deli. now i asked the health department spokesperson how many strikes does a business get before it is closed for good? well the health department in this statement in part saying if they continue to operate illegally we may lead to other enforcement actions as needed to ensure they don't pose a risk to public health. we will stay on top of this
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story for you. here in the south bronx, news 4 new york. ha>> it has been a long day in every way tonight. thank you. this ar new tonight, police called the prospect park lake after getting reports after body floating in the water. investigators pulled a 47-year-old man out of the lake near prospect circle and west drive. police say a brooklyn resident was unconscious but had no visible injuries or trauma to his body. he was determined to be dead at the scene. a suspect is questioned tonight in connection with the staffing ofen a man just steps from broadway theaters. it happened outside a homeless shelter on 45th and 8th. investigators say two men got into an argument and turned physical when one man stabbed the other with a knife from the shoulder to the waist. the victim is expected to survive. so far no charges have been filed. david? >> he was a familiar spokesman
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for subway and is now facing prison time. jared fogal is seeing how much time he will serve after paying underage girls for sex. >> the man who once inspired millions to try the so-called subway die set an admitted sex offender. 37-year-old jared foegal is charging with having sex with minors. >> is about using status, and wealth to hide behind. >> he expects to get well and make amend to those people whose lives he's affected. >> fogal traveled here to new york to have sex with minors when police raided his inovdianapolis home earlier this month, investigators say tey se.iz phones, laptops and computers that contain images and videos of child pornography.
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some images captured with hidden camera. >> your fortune will not protect you from proteeting our most vulnerable. >> a former charity director is so facing porn charges. for 15 years jared fogal sold sandwiches saying he lost more th an 2 00 pounds eating subway. the company tweeted today jared fogle's he actions are inexclusive and do not represent his value possess. we have ended our relationship with jared. >> as part of the plea agreement, fogle will pay 14 victims $100,000 each in restitution. shiba? >> the man accused of stabbing morgan freeman's granddaughter will remain in police custody. he was arraigned fro his spital bed. doctors are checking his mental health. he is the boyfriend of adina hines.
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he stabbed her it death sunday stineps from her washington heights home. davenport is expected to appear in court on friday. >> a west man is facing charges for allegedly phoning in a threat to blow up the statue of liberty. jason paul is hearing impaired but used an ipad to place a 911 call to help p.m. eople with hearing problems. investigators now believe paul also threatened attacks on times square and on police officers. >> we have been telling you about this in our newscast, the number of drones flying dangerously close to our area airports keeps growing. pilots spotting at least receiven in our area i recent weeks. now senator chuck schumer is calling for tough measures nj pr00event a drone from being sucked into a plane's engine or hitting its windshield. they are wanting geo fencing technology to keep drones o away
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from planes. already putting this tech knoll technology in, this is technology that exists and can you purchase your drone with it so most people don't. >> in a of 2014 there were 238one sightings. this year the number is more than 650. so far the faa has not responded to senator schumer's proposal. >> new urveillance video afterer terrifying explosion that rocked a motel. what manager did here that may have saved dozens of lives. >> also, is times square a haven for hackers? how you can protect your phone and personal information from cyber thieves. >> and carousel riders get a trip under the sea. a sneak, eek at the newest attraction in the city when we lecome back.
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new tonight incredible surveillance video on a gas explosion in a motel 6 in washington state. bremmerton police are looking into whether someone who jumped out of the window near a gas meter might have damaged a line. the hotel manager worked quickly to save lives and evacuated the building as soon as she smelled gas. no one was hurt. >> a source tells our sister station that jeffrey and jeannette mafin's son is a person of interest in the case. unvest gators have been searching kyle mavin's home all night. there are no indications financial issues played a role in the disappearance. >> in new jersey tough conditions for crews fighting two fires in paterson earlier today. embattled in the extreme heat
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and humidity to put out flames who consumed four homes on one street and another fire who burned through another three houses a block away. everyone did get out safely including a dog rescued by firefighters but plor more than 30 people are displaced. there is no word on the cause of either fire. a 2-year-old girl survived a scare in central park. the toddler in her row boat with an adult when it overturned this afternoon. it happened at about 4:15 near the central park boathouse. the little girl was taken to the hospital for observation but we're told she is fine tonight. >> the next time you are walking through times square with your phone in your hand, you might want to check your settings. it is the most dangerous place in the world when it comes to mobile wifi hacking. cyber crime is concentrated in high traffic areas making tour ust attractions like times square prime targets. to protect yourself, experts suggest avoiding free wifi
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networks in busy locations. and disconnect from a network in you receive a warning notification or your phone begins to crash. that should tell you something's up. after times square the most dangerous mobile security spots in the u.s. are golden gate park, in san francisco. the vegas strip. hollywood walk of fame. and union station in washington, d.c. all right. good news about a new york city location. the city's newest carousel will take riders on a journey under the sea and it is sure to bring smiles to anyone dreaming to experience the magic of the ocean. >> i can't wait to see this in person. the sea glass carousel opens tomorrow at the battery. it's at the 25-acre public park in lower manhattan. just to keep y y up it date here. the ride is filled with 30 luminescent fish. for $5 you can twist and turn for a 3 1/2 minute aquatic area of special effects. >> the fish, as you know when
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you watch the aquarium, they dance. like the choreography of the movement is the most important thing. >> for the debut, s at glass will be open tomorrow from 1:00 in the afternoon until midnight. >> it is so cool. >> it does look cool. >> at i wasn't sure we could ride it. >> are you a dults >> we can. >> it won't be a complete washout this weekend so we won't see rain all the time. there t ll be a chance of hit or miss showers and thunderstorms. what we have to worry about the most is friday when we have the front coming in around most of the day. that will trigger showers and storms. in the meantime we have a very quiet weather across the area tooight. although some locations earlier today sure saw their share of heavy rain and flooding. very isolated though. mostly cloudy. 79 degrees right now in central park. very muggy out. we're expecting that to continue of course for the next several days he.
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it is amazing what one thunderstorm alone an do. that's what we saw with that cell over union county today north of plainfield. the radar estimates that close to 4 inches of rain fell within a two-hour period across this area. that storm did not move around it we saw lighter amounts of rain. half inch near kenilworth. just over a half inch of rain near summit. the storm developed in this area around 2:15. look how much sat over the same spot. it sat there until about 4:45 in the afternoon. that's the reason why you saw the intense flooding, pretty much signal right over that exact spot. and not just seeing much anywhere else because the storm sat there. once it started it move north, it weakened very rapidly. other areas didn't get much as it moved into morris county. that's what happens with flash flooding. it can happen very fast. and be quite severe. just depends on how long the cell sits there.
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what does it mean now that a front is it coming? maybe another inch of rain in me spots between now and friday night. and most of it's going to come on friday. humidity is going to hang with us. heaviest storms will be on friday. that doesn't mean you can't see u some isolated pop-ups, downpours tomorrow across the area. you're not expecting that many, though. over the weekend, they may pop up at random here and there. but like i said, an complete washout for the area. still keep your plans for now. mid 70s in ellenville. patchy fog, maybe couple showers north and west of the the city around 8:00. plenty of humidity around the day. hit or miss in the afternoon in the 70s from greenwich. 72 in montauk. muggy start for you at long island, tulsa, connecticut. it's not as hot but with temperatures in the 80s and humidity really high, we can expect it to feel very uncomfortable. so 82 is the high tomorrow for mid town. 81 on friday with more rain and
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thunderstorms coming in. starting the morning commute and lasting pretty much most of the day. and then it tapers off as we go into the weekend. so we still may have a chance of sun over the weekend. >> yes. >> fingers crossed. thank you. >> bruce, what do you have coming up? >> the mets and orioles play a little home run derby at camden yards. still a few balls stayed in the park and while la garis made sure one of them didn't go for extra bases. wow. and bird hits two balls over the wall in the bronx. we've got yankees' highlights and rookie's debut next. >> heidi klum is here. a great show. do not change the channel tonight.
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look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes... ok let's get to the point. we're going to take the deal. get a $1000 z z volkswagen\ \ reward| | card on select\ \ 2015| | jetta\\\ models. or lease\ \ a 2015||| jetta s z z for $139\\\ a month after a\ \ $1000z z volkswagen\ \ bonus. a massive sinkhole in florida has opened up again. and it is the same location where a man sleeping in his bedroom died 2 1/2 years ago. you remember this? the sinkhole opened up right under his bed. this new hoe is about 17 feet long, 20 feet deep and 2013 three homes were torn down here for safety. authorities never found a body of that deceased man. >> another sinkhole to tell you about. this shut down an interstate in new hampshire. this opened up around noon on i-93 and concorde. heavy rains and wear and tear are blamed. emergency crews working to get
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the road open for tomorrow morning. >> we'll be right back with bruce beck and sports.
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last night, mets had a scintilating pitching performance. tonight, sinned guard looks to back it up and the ball was flying out of camden yards. but the big right-hander was in trouble all night, trying to protect the 3-1 lead in the sixth. hanging a curveball and jonathan doesn't miss it. one batter later, flores gives the mets the lead in the sech enj with his 12th homer of the year. but adam jones answered right back for the o's with his 23rd long ball of the season to tie at four. henry hits a ball out of the ballpark over carlos torrez for his first career home run and walk off winner, 5-4 the final. washington is winning so mets'
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lead could be down to 3 1/2 games. this afternoon, first place yankees trying to sweep away minnesota. it was scoreless until the fourth when bombers hammers a two-run shot into the second deck at right. it was the first major league homer for the 22-year-old first baseman. but the bombers trailing 3-2 in the sixth, does it again cranking another two-run shot to put the yankees back on top. bird, filling in for the injured mark teixeira, received a curtain call from the yankee faithful. taking a perfect game into the 6th and seven strong innings, improving to 13-2 on the season. is yankees complete the sweep 4-3 afterwards all the talk was about the birdman. >> it was a good day. like i said, i mean, we're just trying to win games here. and anything i can do to help, that's all i'm trying to do.
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nothing more, nothing less. he has a slow heart beat and can you just see it. he doesn't good out of his zone. has a plan and he executed it really well today. >> now to football where eli manning sounded off today. giants quarterback refuted reports he wants to be the highest paid player in the nfl. >> words come out of my mouth that agents and i don't know where the reports are coming from. >> i don't know where they're getting their information from. so you know, and i just kind of laugh at it. >> in major league soccer, nyfc played to a 2-2 draw with columbus. in the wmba, liberty from the get-go. the courts acrobatic making it
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36-12. liberty are 17-7. their best start ever. 73-45 the final. by the way, home run hit by henry aroodia. work on my pronunciation. >> yes, bruce. thanks. we'll be right back. leave early go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us. p get your first month' s payment r plus five years wearr and tear coverage. p make the most of summer... t with volvo.
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rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- heidi klum. david oyelowo. musical guest, carly rae jepsen. and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 316, wichita! >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hey, that's what i'm talking about right there. welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome. welcome, hi, welcome, everybody, hey! welcome to "the tonight show."
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that's what i'm talking about, everybody. you're all here, everyone's made it. we're all part of this thing, we're at "the tonight show." hey, how you doing? nice to see you. oh, my god, we have a great, great show tonight. the one and only heidi klum is here tonight. [ cheers and applause ] i don't know if you saw this. in a recent interview, donald trump was actually quoted saying that heidi is "no longer a ten." [ audience boos ] but heidi said the comment didn't bother her, especially coming fnnnnm someone who was never even a four. [ cheers and applause ] trump is still picking fights everywhere. in fact, he recently said he won't eat oreos anymore because the company that makes them moved to mexico. [ light laughter ] then chris christie said, "does that mean i can start dipping them in salsa?" [ laughter and applause ] no. he goes, "just kidding, i already do."
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