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tv   Today  NBC  August 21, 2015 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> boy, that's a tight dress. [ laughter ] how are you doing, baby? is that peanut butter? >> absolutely, help yourself. i cooked them myself. >> you did not. we already said it was nestle. how is that? oh, my gosh. this one is harvest apple and hot cocoa. is that right? >> try this one. this is delicious. >> and i'm not a cookie girl. >> what is this? >> hot cocoa. >> talking about a hot chocolate, what about that dress? that dress is too tight! >> it's a little inappropriate. >> can't we stop the show and you can change? the woman can barely breathe. i god, i've never seen anything like it. i don't even want to look. bend over this way so you and i can -- so what's going on here? you know what i like? >> what? >> finally, finally, kathie lee and i went on a tour of new york
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you know? >> only took 35 years. >> what did you do? all the hot spots? >> all the 40 t hot spots and i was surprised. >> can i ask about the reaction? you two together on the streets of new york had to make everybody go ape. >> they said "regis, who is that with you? ?" [ laughter ] because i look so great. i'm so young and thin and perfect. >> 15 years we were together so people remember the whole thing, yeah. >> and they're yelling "regis! kelly! how are you doing?" [ laughter ] >> but here's the if unny thing. the first thing you can see is our visit on the bus. i've never been on the bus we've all seen them a thousand times. >> this w the tops off? >> this one didn't have a top off. we couldn't afford that. but still being on the bus -- >> and we thought there was going to be air conditioning -- >> no air conditioning!
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regis was sweating! you look night that dress, let me tell you. people in new york don't understand. they're seeing new york like we don't see it. >> we don't stop to say "oh, there's the chrysler building" we just go past it. >> we'll talk about that. but there's this cool commercial that's out that american express has put out. >> i sobbed when i saw it the other day. >> it's a tribute to frank. >> oh! >> and it's coming out. let's look at it regis right here. >> hut, hut. airlines, restaurant, rent a cars, they all know american express and when you travel and entertain, that's the name of the game. and here's what gets me around the country. >> your vacation is protected, american express travelers checks. >> don't leave home without. >> it my very best friend is this gem. >> someday i may use it on the moon. >> what's it like to be treated
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like a gold medal winner at a hotel? show them this. >> it's a marvelous thing. >> oh! >> you can replace plane ticket, travelers check, a lost card. >> that works? >> american express' timeless safety and security are now available on apple pay. the next steph electrocution of membership is here. >> oh, there's the man. >> isn't that lovely? >> that is a beautiful -- that original spot was frank. i didn't know he was in an amex commercial before. >> i didn't either. [ laughter ] >> and that's a brand new commercial? >> a brand new one but that's the old one that looks like they not? -- it's 1968. >> he was a good looking guy, huh? >> and the thing in "people" magazine, look at him, the thing that you said in "people" magazine that we had had dinner
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just a couple weeks before. >> one week. one week before. >> you're right, regis, exactly one week. >> saturday night. >> and he looked great. you know what i hadn't told people. he had just gotten the best medical report he'd had in eight years. >> amazing. >> on friday. on friday. >> yeah, somebody told me that. >> his cholesterol, everything, he was happy. he was doing great. just -- you know, when the lord calls you home, you go home. what are you going to do, argue with the lord? i don't think so. >> what's funny is people were asking about cody and cassidy and i don't think we said on the air and i think this is okay to say, i think. when you came back that first day to go down to work, you came down the steps like you do every single day and cody and cassidy were down stairs. >> i said what are you doing up? >> you didn't know they were going to be there? >> no. >> but when i look over in that
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corner cody was standing. he didn't want to be on, just has his arms folded watching his mom to make sure she was okay. >> that was awfully nice of him. they are great kids. they are great kids. >> my little casserole. people don't know, too, cass was on her way that day, she had left at 5:30. she was going to santa fe, new mexico, to start her sixth film. she had her best role yet coming in a movie called "angels and outlaws" with clint eastwood's daughter and chad michael murray. it was a real challenging role and with a bigger budget and a bigger -- all the -- you know you realize you're making a bigger movie but she had to make a connection in st. paul, minnesota, and the hardest part of the day other than finding frank was that we couldn't get in touch with cass because she was in the air and so we called up delta airline, and i want to thank my friend gail at delta airlines. she said to us "we will find the
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nicest person we have working in st. paul --" and there are a lot of nice people in st. paul -- "and we will have her meet you plane and call home immediately." because the worst thing you want to do is get news like that from a monitor when you're walking in a -- wherever you are, wherever you are. so that's where cass was on her way to. but we got her home and we -- you know, you pull the wagons together. >> she's a great kid. >> i'm grateful to god. your kids are good! how are they? >> they've been visiting me. i went to yankee stadium the other night. >> why? to get away from them? >> i had them with me. >> was it fun? >> we were sitting right behind the dugout of the yankees and a ball came across the dugout, the roof of it, into my little grandson's hands and he -- >> he's tiny! >> he's seven years old. >> oh, the older one. >> yeah, and he's getting into baseball. >> did he freak out. >> thrilled to death. >> got to keep it? >> got to keep it.
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very nice. >> that's the chat! >> no, you want to hear more chat? >> okay. >> well, zach, by the way, is saying -- >> wrap it up. >> we don't like that, zach. >> when you guys did the show together, did they give you a wrap. >> they never wrapped us. >> you talked as long as you wanted no? >> never, no wrap! we didn't have my writers, we didn't care. we talked for 23 minutes. >> we had things to talk about, we got them done! we said gelman, roll it! >> you did what you wanted. >> that's its. >> we have to obey rules around here so we're getting ready to paint the town what will happen? >> kathie lee and i take manhattan in the sweltering heat. >> and five lucky winners will get a big prize, we're going to give it away. >> that's donna!
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it's been a long hot summer. on one particular afternoon where the heat reached 96 degrees someone around here -- joanne -- thought it would be a good idea to send regis and me all over town. you didn't even show up on time. you went to the wrong building. >> honest to god, i walked in here, the cop said -- >> 27th floor. >> 28th floor. >> of the other building. >> exactly! >> we'll get to that in a second. >> i can't get over it. >> look what they found. >> take a look at. this you should want to be here. >> regis, i've been waiting 235r minutes, what's going on?
10:12 am
>> i left at a quarter to level, supposed to be here at 11:15. nobody showed up to help regis find her. >> did they give you an address to go to? >> nothing. >> so where did you go? >> i went to the -- >> visitors bureau, stood in line like a moron and got this. 18e. so i went up to 18e, 18e is -- there was a pregnant woman there. i got frightened. let's go. where are we going? >> you're going to show me your midtown manhattan. we're going to show everybody watching at home where they should go and what they should do to have a good time in new york city. let's get started because it's not going to go well. so we're going to get on one of the great double-decker buses. >> look at this thing. >> oh, look you are , your fans are waiting for you, reeg. you all right?
10:13 am
try to keep it down, people. [ cheers and applause ] regis is here. is this air conditioning? >> no. >> no air conditioning? i thought it was air conditioning. >> oh, they give us fans. >> are you serious? >> that goes with your other little thing. >> i was promised air conditioning! i can't make it without air conditioning! if i'm not back and you never see me again, you know why. regis died on a bus. i can't believe this. i'm over here rapping to regis, my man society society to prestigious who >> who is this? held. right through the very heart of it, new york,new york >> i think it's colder out here than it was in there. >> come on, reeg. that. >> they don't care. >> look who's there!
10:14 am
look at regis! >> oh, there he is right next to johnny depp. >> johnny and i are very close. >> that's my reeg. >> look at us! hey, buddy, how are you? what a great looking guy. >> how old were you when they did this? >> 12. who what's he so mad about? anderson, it's me, regis. you don't care. >> this is a fun place, hoda and i came here years ago, it never change, waiters sing, ellen's stardust diner. let's go. >> we'll go. >> how's the mac and cheese. >> it's great. >> are you sure? >> would i lie to you? me, i would not ever, ever. >> everybody lies to me. >> oh, yeah! >> i don't know that that is, this is coke.
10:15 am
>> water. >> isn't that something? isn't that something? >> it's 96 degrees outside and it's 23 degrees fahrenheit, minus five celsius, in here. i can't -- i'm wrapping my feeble brain around that. >> she's trying hard to explain it but it's cold. >> they made a throne. >> the king is on his throne. >> they made a throne for me. there's something on my body getting very cold right now. i don't want to talk about it! >> i feel like the ice careen in that narnia, with hail to narnia. >> that's exactly what you are. >> areeeg, thanks for spending such a hot day with me. >> hoda must be very jealous but that's the way it is, sorry, hoda. >> life is tough and you don't always get what you want.
10:16 am
>> cheers, coda, and good luck. >> that piece, by the way, ali burger made it look like we had a great time. we did. thank you, honey, you are awesome. [ laughter ] by the >> when you two are tlogt's nothing like it. what was the rapper doing? just walking by rapping? >> i have no idea who that guy was. he was trailing the bus. >> chasing regis. >> i can't get away. >> we should point out those were not real furs in case people get mad. >> what is this? >> it sees the stuff we were drinking in minus five. >> why isn't she drinking it? >> she likes her vodka straight. we would like to thank the ride for rewriting her trip to us. >> and a thank you to the rapper. get ready to meet elvis duran's artist of the month. >> who's he? >> we don't know. oh, elvis is a national radio host to introduce us to the
10:17 am
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we are back with elvis duran's artist of the month. >> what what is that? >> elvis duran picks a musician to watch. >> this pick is 16-year-old daya who is out with her first single "hideaway" who is out with her upcoming self- e ing album. >> how many months ago were you at your prom? >> two months ago then the day after i flew out to l.a. >> in pittsburgh. >> that's where i grew up. >> how old are you? you're 16. >> 16. >> and you've been singing since
10:21 am
you were what? two, three years old. >> i've been playing the piano for a long time, since i was two years old but i started singing around age 10. >> the song she's doing hideaway, has a great message for anyone who's raised a caught the. you and frank. >> i raised hoda. >> the question is where are the good boys versus where are the bad boys like regis? >> but what s the answer. >> and the girls are surrounded by bad boys who don't love them where they are. >> you have to find someone who's accepting as you are. >> do you have one like that in your life dana y daya. >> not right now, know. if you find someone -- >> well, my son is take. >> it's rare we get a song with a great message that resonates with parents and their kids. this song is fantastic. >> elvis, you have done it again. >> we'll hear her sing, right? >> yes, we will. but first, how to beat the freshman 15. >> a mad food challenge after your local news.
10:22 am
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it's friday august 21. good morning. i'm michael gargiulo. getting rid of a serious accident on the new york state thruway in the southbound lanes in sufficient ern. closed near the accident scene. on rhode island, flooding shut down the parkway in both directions near the overpass for routes 107 and 1 06. check of weather, sun and clouds this afternoon. high 86. tonight less humid. 69. tomorrow 87. coming up on the "today" show, the jungle comes to studio 1a with creepy, exotic-looking animals. see you at noon. i'm like a boxer in a ring. a small boxer. you don't expect much... and then, wham! i hit 'em with a whole lotta creamy goodness! left! right!
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it's tryday friday and if you're a student or have a special one in your life, you want to try madelyn's quiz college zbligs here to help us out is madelyn fernstrom. and guess who's helping us out as our resident college student. reeg. >> hi, everybody, it's me regis from notre dame. you have to make a decision. which is the one for them, this hamburger or -- >> looks like a cheeseburger. >> cheeseburger, yes, of course. look at that beautiful cheeseburger. >> i want that right now. >> which is lower in calories.
10:28 am
>> i'm on team reg. >> i'm going to go with he's saying. >> pizza. >> we all say pizza. >> and you would be right. >> i want it very much. >> because we think pepperoni or cheese is fattening but you'll save about 100 calories for the pizza. >> that burger is 520? >> that's right. a single teenyburger. >> it's got bread, meat, cheese, ketchup. and the damn ketchup. >> if you take the bread off and eat it like this? >> that will work. that's good, too. >> how many calories would i save? >> about 200 calories, which is good. but pair it with a salad and stop at one piece of pizza. what's next? >> thank you, alex, can i have a napkin, please. >> use my card. >> no thank you. >> okay, what about this for drinking? >> we have a to 20-ounce lemonade and a 20 ounce sports drink. so which one has lower calories?
10:29 am
the sports drink or lemonade? >> i think it's the lemonade but i'm going to go with the sports drink. >> i'm going with the lemonade. >> it's the lemonade. >> it's the sports drink. >> why do you know everything! geez! >> i don't know why everybody has to glue everything down. >> the sports drink low in sugar and the lemonade has almost -- this is almost 20 teaspoons of sugar so pass on the lemonade and go for the sports drink. >> they've got lemon, they're good for you. >> that's what you would think 3. 00 calories for the lemonade. >> 300 calories for one glass of lemonade? >> where did regis go? >> i'm working as fast as i can here. we have these great cookies. >> chocolate sandwich cookies or a big brownie? we have seven cookies or a big brownie? >> this is a trick question. i'll go with the brownie.
10:30 am
>> but what does regis say? >> i'm going with these babies. >> the cookie people would be right. 400 calories. >> i don't eat any of. >> it you don't eat anything, i've seen you. >> wait a minute. let's go. hold it. >> what's for break fast? >> a blueberry muffin or jelly doughnut. which has fewer calories. >> doughnut. >> lower? >> doughnut. these things are so big, full of sugar. >> yes, you are all right. the jelly doughnut weighs in at 270 calories and the blueberry muffin has got 460. >> i hate those blueberries! [ laughter ] >> the big difference is in the sugar. >> where's regis? >> how many more? regis is tired. [ laughter ] oy, now we're talking. >> now we're back with mac and cheese and beef chili. >> that's tough. >> which is lower in calories? the macaroni and cheese, one cup
10:31 am
same serving or a cup of beef chili? which is lower. >> i'm going to w chili. >> i'm going with the chili, too. >> and you would be right. [ bell ringing ] >> hey, you're talking to us now! >> and you can go vege rian, too. just keep your portioned controlled. >> this is the last one. we now call him igor. >> here we have banana chips and tortilla chips. same servings. two ounces of each, which is lower? >> potato chips -- tortilla chips. >> i'm going the tortillas. >> and the tortillas would be correct. about a 50 calorie difference. >> 50 calories? >> in a bag like this, what are we talking about? >> that's 35b9 about 300 calories for .
10:32 am
>> it's a tie 4-4. what does regis win? >> can i keep my notre dame sweatshirt? >> yes. >> thank you, alex. they're not as dangerous as they look. >> unless they land on your head. >> dave mizejewski is here with wild animals. >> wild animals? i can't stay. >> remember the last time the bird landed on my head? [ laughter ] ...are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza . miz jew ski. while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoz . he said victoza works differently than pills. and comes in miss jew ski. p victoza is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time. victoza is not for weight loss, but it may help you lose some weight. victoza is an injectable prescription medicine that may improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise. it is not recommended as the first medication
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no one can resist... it's seductive charms. it's just about the closest thing to hot, molten [guttural/purring sound]... [mooo] just doing my part! return to real food. dairy products made with california milk. from our family farms to your table. return to real. look for the seal. it's time for today's call of the wild. >> and listen, they may be scary and many-legged, but just because they look scary doesn't mean they're dangerous. but that's what i say. >> naturalist david mess jew izejewski is here from the national wildlife federation that get a bad rap. >> and the first is at the top of the list of the creatures that people are terrified of but that generally speaking are really not all that dangerous. as long as you respect them.
10:37 am
this is a jungle carpet python. >> are you generally speaking now? >> what does the" "generally" part mean. >> it means if you find this anal the wild and you go up and do this, you might get bitten. >> but is it venomous? >> no, it's a constrictor and if you were a small mammal, you would be on its menu. >> does it have a name? >> these are wild animals, they don't have names. >> he's sticking his tongue a out at me. >> that's how they air. you don't smell like a rodent so you're safe. >> stop with the dress already! >> let's go on to our next guy. this guy we'll let wander on the table here. >> don't touch him? >> who is this guy. >> this a coatimundi, a south american relative of the raccoon. you can see that in his tail there, that striped tail. probably we're going to scoot him. >> not good to touch, reeg. >> not good to touch?
10:38 am
>> you can see he has that really smart -- >> he looks like an ant eater. >> they use that snout -- let's see if we can distract him so he faces the camera. they use that snout to dig out insects and other food sources. >> that's what they seat in insects? >> they're omnivores. so if we respect them, let them do their thing. it's just like a raccoon in your backyard. if you don't try to feed it, don't try to make it your pet you'll be totally fine with these guys. not as dangerous they seem as long as we respect them. >> so when you say respect, don't touch them? >> don't touch them, don't feed them, don't try to make them your pet. let them be wild. that's the message of the national wild life federation. >> you're wild! >> what's next? >> we have two littler animals that i want to show you guys. this is also terrifying. really tiny. this animal is called a vinegaroon. and i don't know if you can smell it, there's a vinegar scent there.
10:39 am
whip scorpion is the other name. they look terrifying like scorpions, like they'll be harmless. >> will he get bigger? >> he will get bigger. this guy is a year old or so. >> how long do they live? >> a few years. >> what does he eat? what does he want? >> insects invertebrate invertebrates. he wants to suck your soul! [ laughter ] >> how old will he live? >> they can live to be seven years old. >> this is interesting! it's surprising far small animal. this looks like something out of a nightmare, totally harmless, it plays a good role in the environment. >> let it be wild! >> this is one of my favorite -- >> oh, nice! >> see what you did to it? >> he saw hoda's dress and got hot. >> he's going to blend in with hoda's dress. >> this is a red eyed tree frog.
10:40 am
>> it's like he's wearing sneakers. >> most people think frogs look gross because they have wet skin. >> i love its orange feet! how old is it? >> this one, again, is probably a couple years old. >> can you turn him around the other way so we can see his eyes? >> some amphibian cans live to be decades old. >> he wants to be near you! >> one of his legs fell off! one of his feet! >> no, that's just a little -- >> that's fine. we have one more animal. come on over here guys. >> i can't take much more! >> this is the most dangerous of all animals out of all of these right here. >> we have to go, let me look at it. that's a goat! >> this is a domestic goat. these guys -- she needs to walk around over here. these guys are more dangerous than the others for our environment. they're an invasive species and they've eaten native habitats for native wildlife. >> we love you, david but we
10:41 am
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10:46 am
all right, we've met elvis duran's artist of the month. >> she's only 16! can you believe it? >> she's singer, songwriter. daya, daya >> she's about to release her debut ep. cu re she is singing her first ever single. what's it called? >> "heang ide away." >> thank youksguys. boys seem to like the girls who laugh at anything
10:47 am
the ones who get undress before the second d ate girlspleem to like the boys that don't appreciate all the money and the time that it takes to be fly as a mother, got my both eyes out for mr. right yeah, see, i just don't know where to finds them but i hope they come all come out tonight where do the good boys go to hide away, hide away i'm a good, good girl who needs a little company looking high and low someone hardly know where do the good boys go to hide away, hide away b s seem to like the girls who like to kiss and tell
10:48 am
talking them up about the things they do so well but i'd rather find a boy who is down for the chase putting in the time that it takes to be fly as a mother to supply all the of my hearts amends suit and tie because undercover he's gonna save life like superman where do the good boys go to hide away i'm a good, good girl who needs a little company looking high and low, someone hardly know where do the good boys go to to hide away, hide away tell me where the good boys goo, tell me where the good boys go
10:49 am
tell me where the good boys go ill somebody tell me, tell me tell me where the good boys go, tell me where the good boys go tell me where the good boys, tell me where the good boys go where do the good boys go to hide away, hide away i'm a good, good girl who needs a little company looking high and low, someone hardly know where do the good boys go to hide away, hide away hide away hide away looking high and low,osomeove help me know where to the good rbogh go to hide away >> all right, daya!
10:50 am
daya, daya daylight come and me wanna go home >> i love it! she's betw an her junior and senior year. >> you're amazing! we wish you the best. >> it's a great message. >> it' mawesome. >> we're about to give it away like hoda did in junior high school to five lucky winners. >> wow! that was a bit forward! >> namaste, this is "today" on blinds to go's summer celebration sale's so hot you're gonna need shades. not those shades. these shades! take a cool 20-35% off all sun shades, cascade shades, basswood and more. shades on sale. there's nothing cooler than that. blinds to go. blinds for life. cannonball! blinds to go's summer celebration sale
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10:53 am
. before we say good-bye for the weekend, we'll make five people vemy, very happy because it's time to give it away. >> almost 20,000 of you -- >> actually, 12. >> i'm sorry? >> 12,000. >> that's the backup you get around here. 12,000 of you entered and this
10:54 am
week's prize is a trio worth $399. >> 2.7 pounds. while regis is pulling out the first name, it's an all in one printer, copier, scanner. if you don't have room in your offices this is perfect. read that one, kathie lee. >> and the first one is diane pease from port charlotte,o florida. >> barbara cell from austin, tx zblx so happy for her. and the third one is joan johnson from new orleans, louisiana. >> yay, joan! >> i've got barbara senecal from brunswick, maine. >> yes, you do. >> who's the last one? >> from pennsylvania. >> thelma schmidt. >> i love thelma! >> you'll get the optional cover in white, pink, or blue for 30 bucks. love you, regis. >> i'm regis. good-bye. they don't want me here. they it that me. >> no. >> but i love you! it's one of those things. >> this is when we spank hoda. this is where we spank hoda.
10:55 am
>> i love to spank hoda. there's too much there to spank! [ laughter ]
10:56 am
what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next? we are a creamy cheese that still believes in savoring our food. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking.
10:57 am
just prior as we look down we can see the tractor trailer,
10:58 am
a box truck was traveling actually northbound around 9:30 this morning when it cut through the guard rail into the southbound traffic hitting a tractor trailer head on. sending that tractor trailer on to its side. this was the vehicle involved originally. the box truck carrying mattresses on its side completely demolished. numerous vehicles involved, including this box truck and the tractor trailer. numerous injuries reported here and at least one fu atality confirmed by state police. as we look down you can see the douth brnd direction southbound direction completely shut down. but huge delays and an accident reconstruction already under way by state police. that means the southbound direction will be closed down for some time. three miles plus of backed up traffic southbound on the freeway coming down from the 287 interchange. nortbound 287 and a miles worth of delay moving towards the hook up with the through way and delays from at least 14a.
10:59 am
a four-mile stretch up to the scene with only the right side of the roadway getting by. multiple injuries involved and multiple vehicles involved and one fatality involved with this very serious accident. back to you. >> dennis, what we're advise ed a advise ing people to do, you're heading southbound and still north of this area, try to get off the new york state through way. >> route 59 is going to be a very popular route that cuts through this area, again, carrying very, very heavy traffic. already very heavy traffic on 17 northbound. a lot of the side roads in this area are going to be affected. >> we see an ambulance leaving the scene. from where you can tell, are any other rescues in effect at this point or have those who have been affected already been treated and triaged and taken from the scene? >> well, michael, as we mentioned, a number of, we should say one fatality reported. usually a very bad scene when we see a red starp like that set up around the vehicle.


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