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tv   Today  NBC  August 24, 2015 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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the "daily mail" came up with a list. see if you agree. >> javier bardem and jeffrey dean morgan. who's jeffrey dean morgan. >> he's on our show the texas rangers, something like, that and you were drooling. it was really unattractive and embarrassing, hoda. you -- >> i was salivating. >> you were salivate ing salivating. he's really sexy in person, isn't he? and very nice guy. okay, katy perry and sow zooey deschanel. >> i get that. the eyes, the bangs, the hair. all right. zoe saldana and jada pinkett smith. >> oh, my gosh, yeah. >> it's not until you see them side by side. >> elijah wood and daniel radcliffe. >> i always get them confused. quit it. they're the same person. look at that. even their smile.
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just everything. rachel bilson and selena gomez. >> i don't know rachel very well but selena is one of the most beautiful girls in the world. >> it must happen all the time on the red carpet line. >> yeah, who do people confuse you with besides gayle king? >> she's the one. when she had the bangs. >> and you thought they were saying "hey, gal." >> they're like "gayle. " [ laughter ] i don't see it but people won't stop! dinner? >> no. do you care if f someone takes food off your plate? i wsh they mouth. >> there's a writer who says she hates when people takes food off her plate.
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>> well, if you wanted a bite of my pork chop -- >> you always say "take my lamb chop." >> i'm that kind of person. zoe from friends -- >> did you say zoe or joey? >> joey. here's a clip he tells phoebe he doesn't want to date her friend because of a habit she has. >> you know what your great friend did? we're out to dinner, okay? we were getting along, having a really nice time, i was thinking she was really cool and then out of nowhere -- [ laughter ] >> what is she eating? >> oh, french fries. >> oh, my gosh! [ laughter ] it was over, right? >> over.
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>> but who can -- i can't resist a french fry. you always get a lot of them. come on, share your french fries. >> and it's fun to share food at the table, don't you think? >> i think so. but 60% of chefs say the coordinated ordering -- >> is that conscious uncoupling. >> -- and sharing is part of their industry. >> you get the salmon, you get the chicken. >> we used to call that family style. >> how about the big bowl of margarita with four straws? >> no, because there's somebody who slurps more than they deserve. >> what about people who slurp it halfway up and let it go. >> back wash. no, i don't like that. i think taking it with your own fork or the occasional dirty finger is fine. there's an artist who turns hoda? >> she should come toy house. her name is julia bernadelli. if something spills over like wine she can make something out of it. >> god love her.
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>> oh, my gosh. she made a tree and a deer! >> how pretty! >> that is pretty. on your white porcelain. >> and here's alice in wonderland's world out of spilled coffee. >> that doesn't look like -- oh, i can see alice, i was confused. sorry, give me a minute. >> finally do you see the couple in the of see in. like -- how did that even? >> she just sees with a different perspective. like in a different realm, different dimension. that's what makes an a person an artist, hoe danchts whatever. there's a new trend if you like to do things with your hair called hair tapestry. they have these at music festivals and stuff. >> yes. you taken a embroidery ring and you weave it into your hair. oh!
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>> okay, that's horrifying. it takes a hoop, like an embroidery hoop and then you embroider -- how do you get it out thereof? >> well, youtube will tell you how to do it. i'm not sure they'll tell you how to get it off. here's one by dirty looks. >> oh, she's doing to to an extension. okay, do it and stick it on. that makes sense. too much work. wash it, put in the a scrunchy and leave people alone, you know? honestly. leave them alone. >> exactly. >> when you're may age you look at that and go "honey, you have no idea how you're running out of time. you have no idea." spend it wisely! >> for the women throughout who think it's sexy to go commando, the men say -- i do not do it except for in the gym when -- because it's easier. but men hate it. >> i'm surprised by this.
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in today's world i'm surprised. conducted a poll and found men don't like it when you women go commando. >> they like mystery. >> they like to do the reveal, so to speak. what? they don't? what do you, do you animals? [ laughter ] so men like thanks best. >> then the full brief, then the bikini. >> then the grandma panties. >> have you ever? >> no. >> not even accidentally because you forgot to bring -- >> who forgets their underwear? >> it happens when you go to the gym. i've done it. >> i have a gym at my house. >> look at the girls, they have their hands up. >> dolly parton, whom i adore, years ago somebody asked her if she worked out, she goes a gym, she goes "no, honey, i like to choose the people i sweat with." she doesn't go to a gym, she'll get her exercise on her own, privately. >> let's take a poll of our three ladies here. one, sometimes you forget your underwear, raise your hand if that's true. >> we're not talking about a party, people. >> what about push-up bras, raise your hands if you've worn
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them. joanna and amanda. >> they're wearing one now. or hate? >> love. >> men hate them. >> but they're not jogging down the street with their -- >> flapping in your face and [ laughter ] >> they say it gives you a uniboob. >> that's the point! >> the strapless bra was the second most hated piece of lingerie by men. >> who are these men? >> they don't know what it's like to be us. >> the decoal tae of a woman's upper body, that's all they have what's left. all right, if you haven't seen it, you want to hop aboard. >> it amy schumer talks about "train wreck" coming up next.
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just a year ago amy schumer could walk down the street and blend in with most blonds. but then "train wreck" happened? >> so did the magazine covers and news stories and an upcoming standup special for hbo airing in october. not only did amy star if "train wreck," she wrote that movie. >> and when she was done, she with us. >> can we toast to amy's first movie? >> yes, writer, star, producer. >> i did the craft services.
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learned. >> this is delicious. >> don't you love it? this. and i will. home with you. >> thank you so much. >> she's on a plane to australia because she's going to have biggest movie in the country so baby, while you can. >> i will. >> you seem like you had the world. were you pinching yourself like this. john cena? >> all of those thing, shooting this movie was the best time of my life and i got to make it with my sister who helped me the whole time. >> your sister isn't getting credit. we should point out she happens to be standing in our studio. >> cindy! >> yoohoo. >> oh, wait, kimmy, you're on cam ranchts cool. >> came prepared, hair and make up and everything. [ laughter ] >> didn't even brunch her teeth
10:13 am
today. she's just jealous because i have wine. do you want this? >> i love your family already. >> where did you grow up? >> we grew up on long island. we have lower back tattoos. we're trash. we're long island trash. >> well, every place has its trash, right? >> yes, yes it does. >> is this movie a page out of your life? >> it is? >> yes, it's a novel out of my life. it's very autobiographical. >> so you don't actually drunk this month? >> no, i never drink, never worry. >> and you don't sleep around as >> not anymore. well, i'm not aging well. but this is kind of the version of me sophomore year of college i would say. but there's still -- i'll still sleep with someone once in a blue. >> you do? >> we do. and he is our resident hunk and we adore him and he's one of our stage managers here. >> yosef?
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he walk med in here. >> what do you think, amy? >> i think he's super hot. >> i'm going to show you a picture of him in hawaii. >> i'd love to see it. >> then we'll show a picture of you in hawaii. >> yes. let's let people see the difference. >> okay, yosef's picture, please. he'll take his shirt off at the commercial. >> i can't wait. would you be willing to change your name to joseph? [ laughter ] love is compromise, okay? you? we're sitting with you and laughing hysterically and it seems like the comedy world knew about you a long time ago. for a lot of us it feels like we just got to know you. we looked up and went "who is that woman?" >> who's that crawling on the red carpet between kim and kanye? >> it does feel like i sprung up out of nowhere. i got to be training and working out my muscles before anybody noticed me. male acts. >> totally, i was on the road
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for years with jim norton. but now i get to open for madonna. >> what will that act be like? >> i think i'm going to bomb. if i were there to seema donna and that was comedian out there i'd be like "shut up! i want to hear la isla bonita." [ laughter ] >> we love her, don't we, hoda? >> we do. you can catch "train wreck" at a theater near you. and she's opening for madonna. >> yes, she is. darius rucker shows us his southern charm. >> he tells us about his new album and tour coming up. i'll take a tip of that smile suppose snows crisp garden vegetables... fresh local milk, real cream... and no artificial flavors. now you know why nothing else tastes like philadelphia
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that's our friend darius rucker's video called "southern style" off his cd of the same name. >> his tour is also called "southern style" and we got a chance to sit down with darius to talk about charleston, south carolina, which we both love and his family and his new music. take a look. >> you're from charleston, south carolina. >> sure am. >> we did our show there. we fell in love with that town. and those people. >> what is it about the place? >> she said it, the people. and the food helps a lot. and the beach doesn't hurt, either. it's a great city.
10:20 am
>> do people still come up to you and say "there's hootie" and talk about hootie & the blowfish or is has that passed? >> people who do it now are people who think they're really funny. >> like you've never heard it before. >> exactly. but people ask if we're getting back together and we are but, you know, it's just a matter of doing it at the right time. >> so you're hitting the road. do you enjoy going on tour? >> i love playing for people. that's all i've ever wanted to do since i was four years old. >> as much as you hate leaving charleston, the good thing about the payoff is you get to meet great people who love your music. >> exactly. >> what's the first thing you do when you get to a brand new city? >> if it's summer i try to find something to do with the kids, like an amusement park. >> how old are your kids? >> 19, 13, and 10. >> we met them down stair, they were not thrilled to be here. >> it was early. [ laughter ] it was really early. >> sweet kids. >> they're great. they're great. >> you talked to u.s. ed to ed to "us weekly."
10:21 am
you said your favorite album of all time is -- >> "abbey road." i still listen to it once or twice a month. >> favorite city in the world is -- >> charleston. >> what do you love more than anything else? >> family, yeah. no doubt about that. they're everything to me. and i was -- you know, i grew up in a great family and i played rock and roll and -- i played music for so long and all i cared about was being on the road then when i started having kids it was like that's the last thing i want to do is leave them. >> you have beautiful children, you're a beautiful guy. and there's good news, hoda. >> what is it? >> you still have time to catch darius rucker live. due to high demand -- this is great -- he extended his "southern style" tour into november. >> by the way, his music -- >> he's so likable. >> love that man. more celebrity fun. coming up, "orange is the new black's" laverne cox is here. >> and country superstar garth brooks and generalmy mccarthy.
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>> party on, garth. >> after your local news. party on.
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hoda, i wan what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next? we are a creamy cheese that still believes in savoring our food. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. a live look. the bwb on this monday, august 24th. good morning.
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i'm michael gargiulo. a teenager under arrest for injuring one of mayor de blasio's security detail. the police officer sent to the hospital with a minor injury. police arrested 19-year-old michael veritsky facing charges assault on a police officer and reckless endangerment. the mayor was in brooklyn at the time of the shooting. a check of weather. high 85. humid. tonight showers and storms possible. 71. tomorrow, scattered showers, morning 86 high and wednesday lots of sun, less humid. coming up on the "today" show, from jenny mccarthy to garth brooks, kathie lee and hoda look back on their favorite celebrity interviews from the year. join us again for news 4 new york at noon. we're watching wall street.
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all right, everybody it's funday monday and we are back with a special celebrity fun edition of our show. >> we get to meet a lot of cool and amazing people on our show and laverne cox is one of them. we shared some laugh, we had some dance moves. >> we took her a little by surprise but with that but she came through. >> she was here to support her new season of "orange is the new black" which you can binge on and watch on netflix. and more importantly, hoda woman, laverne gave us a lesson in hairographay. take a look. >> this season was so much fun to shoot. i just got to do things as an actress i've never got on the do before.
10:28 am
i don't want to give stuff away for people who haven't watched this new season yet. >> binged watch. >> or marathon sonds healthier, right? [ laughter ] but i -- they used to go there with sofia's story line, it gets raw and real this season and i -- as an actress i love that. >> what's interesting is you are a twin. you have a twin brother in real life and your brother is on the show as well? >> my brother plays sofia pretransition so they can have -- they didn't think i was interesting. >> as a macho guy? shocker. my whole life i was never butch [ laughter ] >> but you're an actress, why couldn't you do that. >> we did a hair and makeup test for sofia's flash back and they put facial hair on me and i was trying to butch up and jodie foster was directing and i'm showing jodi and she's like "we have to hire somebody." [ laughter ]
10:29 am
they didn't want to do prosthetics. >> is this your fraternal or identical twin? >> we're identical twins. but not anymore. [ laughter ] >> how was it working with him? was that fun? >> we have scenes together. we shot separately and i was going to go when he was shooting to set but then my brother -- we've been twins our whole lives and people make a big deal out of the twin thing and my brother really hates that so we thought it would be a distraction so i didn't go in. >> but you guys are close, right? >> yeah. wherever i have any kind of dilemma in my life my brother is the first person who i call and he always tells me the truth and he is kind of my moral compass in so many ways and he's been so unbelievably supportive. he's a musician and singer and i'm very blessed to have my brother. my mom. hi, mom! >> has your whole family been supportive? >> yeah. absolutely. i'm blessed. i'm only really close to my mother and my brother.
10:30 am
>> that's all you need, isn't it? >> it really is. and my whole life my mother wanted my brother to be a doctor and me to be a lawyer and when i started taking dance classes in third grade and my brother was an artist, but she supported our artistic dreams and i wouldn't be here if it weren't for my mom. >> there have been stories in the news lately. you saw rachel dolezal talking about being transracial and we wondered how that was going over in the transgender community. was that something you guys accepted? where do i begin >> a lot of -- oh, gosh. i'm never ever one to discount anyone's identity or how someone wants to identify. i want people to accept me on my own terms so i always try to accept people on their own terms as well. as far as -- i don't know if there's a whole community of transracial people throughout who are -- i don't know. but as far as we know this is one incident, one instance of this and there's a whole community of trans folks who have been fighting for
10:31 am
recognition for a long time and i think the comparison could be problematic. >> i love your dress. >> thank you. >> that's all hoda can fixate on. >> it's sports 1961, my stylist christina bocelli. >> that's not her real name and you know it. >> no, that's really her name! >> we hear you have great dance moves. >> oh, my gosh, i get to dance? >> why not? >> well, my back hurts a little bit today. >> so does my back, just a little. >> we're going to dance? >> you and hoda. >> i'm old, my neck hurts. oh! oh! oh! >> you have to do hairography. >> oh, yes, hairography. oh, my gosh! [ applause ] hairography. >> she's got the moves! >> she does, she's darling.
10:32 am
>> "orange is the new black" has been renewed for a fourth season. >> and you never know what happened when jenny mccarthy shows up. >> she's whack. she and her husband donnie can't get enough of each other. >> plus country superstar garth brooks. >> he's amazing. choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number... right now all beds are on sale. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. good to great to wow! number store. the time is now for the biggest sale of the year, where all beds are on sale! day limited edition bed. day limited edition bed. with sleep number. at hillshire farm, spice is the spice of life. that's why our craftsmen season every sausage perfectly. so you can coax out great flavor effortlessly. hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right. hey! you working for nature made too?
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everything we do is because of what really matters most. the goodness of oats and the people we love. donnie wahlberg and jenny mccarthy are a few days of celebr ing rneir first anniversary. you may know that if you've seen
10:37 am
their reality show "donnie loves jenny". >> and they appear to love each other so much they can hardly stand to be apart. check out what jenny did the laotst time she was here with us. >> and the we don't mean the pink hair. >> how are you? we have to talk about the elephant in the room. the pink lid. >> this morn i i woke up and said "i'm feeling pink." >> this is permanent color? >> yes. >> what if you're not feeling permanent tomorrow? >> well, then there's bleach. >> so you don't mind the damage that might be done to your hair. you're not that kind of girl, are you? >> i don't care. >> you don't worry about the future that much, do you? >> well, i do but i'm very much about the present moment. this is something i wanted to do forever and i've been told by networks and bosses "don't do it." so i thought before i get 08 -- like barbara walters isn't going to dye her hair this color. i'm at this age i an get away with it. >> did you say something to donnie? >> i showed pim this morning
10:38 am
quickly and he was like "you look beautiful." >> boy, he is smitten, as mym mo, ther says, that old biblical world. >> we are very, very much in love. >> i know you are and you tell the word and show the world constantly. we'll do a game about that in a little bit. but do people ever say, kids,r get a room? >> yeah, mo ban freeman. we were making out in the corner of the emmys and morgan freeman said "get a room." we are addicted to each other we face time sleep. >> what do you mean? >> he's on the pillow, i sleep and i hear him snore and we sleep that way. and when he's off he comes on my sirius radio show to be with me and co-host. >> where is -- that's another story. where is he today? >> he's at "blue bloods." she was supposed to come with my. i don't have my partner but we do face time.
10:39 am
>> but tom sol elleck has his? >> i have him with me. >> there he is! hi, donnie! very you? we're missing you here today. >> i'm missing you both terribly and of course i'm missing my gorgeous wife and her magical pink hair. i'm in the woods somewhere in queens on the set of "blue bloods" trying to solve a tv murder here. tom selleck is going to fire me because i'm holding up the set. >> oh, be careful, that's right. >> keep working so you can pay for my new hair that i'll need. >> is this part of the reason u love jenny so much? she surprised you everyday, doesn't she? she keeps it -- as we say, act -- what's the word, active? >> she does and i do and i think that's what's so great is that we're both givers, we give a lot and i think in eac other we found a perfect match. i don't know that i would have pink hair tomorrow but i like to surprise her as well and we're constantly doing things to keep it romantic, keep it alive and
10:40 am
keep it fresh and to communicate and i think we communicate in a way that is perfect for each other. >> i love you so much! >> she really is my perfect match. >> she's making out with the phone. don't lick it. don't lick the phone, joni. >> oh, they're doing that! that's what they do. >> you're making out with ear jam when you do that. you have to be careful. >> i have a great female tip. you know sometimes we don't like that way we look on face time. if you kiss the camera with lipstick you have diffusion and you have a nice -- >> like vaseline. >> it is! >> bye, donnie! >> you and that phone get a room. you can catch more of jenny on her radio show on sirius xm. >> you know you want more. country music star garth brooks is coming up. >> he tells us about something he hasn't done in 13 years. >> ind what that's about and at's coming up right after this.
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grammy winning garth brooks has received every accolade the music awards can give and he's returning to the music scene after announcing his retirement in 2001. >> we both know garth brooks is one of the nicest men we've ever met. >> great guy. >> we talked family, touring, we talked about his latest album, the first in 13 years. it's called "man against machine." >> was it a little weird coming back? i was wondering -- you're away from something for so many years. did you wonder, like, are they going to still like he? are they going to still want me? >> scared to death but you have to mention the tour at some point and hopefully people show up and if that happens music is the next thing and the last step is the business, the industry itself, award shows, stuff like that, will they let you be a current artist again? the verdict is still out. we'll see. but having a great time and throughout with the people, i don't know how i could ask for anything more. >> you took that time off to be with your kids.
10:47 am
what was garth the dad like? what was that like during those years? >> it's cool. i will tell you -- i was lucky enough to be at every practice, every rehearsal, every school function. my kids will go "oh, my god, he was at every practice." all that stuff. so i think the way they see it and the way i see it is probably different but i'm hoping after i'm gone from this world hopefully they'll go "oh, i get it. dad was at everything." because that's what it was with my parents. my parents was at everything i did. >> did you miss music a lot during those years or were you playing and doing things here and there? >> you're still doing your thing. you know, the charity functions, foundation functions never stop so you still show up once or twice a year and get to play. that was great. but i have to tell you, no offense to music whatsoever, nothing compares to being a dad so it was like leaving maui to go to honolulu. i don't know how to say it. [ laughter ] it was like -- i love to play music but right now i have to tell you there's nothing better than this.
10:48 am
and those are days you can't get back. >> there's a song on your current record that you played in the earlier hours about -- about moms and it's so moving. i've listened a couple times and every time i get misty eyed. you must have had such an incredible connection with your mom. tell me about how that song feels. >> your mom is your best friend. i can't tell you how many times i've sucked, fallen flat on my face and my mom goes "i thought you were great." mom believed you could fly. dad believed if you were going to fly it would take work. so realism and a dreamy upbringing. all us kids have that input. >> do you think about her when you sing that song? >> i think about her when i raise my own kids. i was t!lking to a friend of mine and i said "i hate to sound like my dad" but i knew it was coming and here it came. >> beautiful.
10:49 am
also earlier in the piece you and j.t., justin timberlake, were rocking that song "friends in low places. " it seems like that song hit so many places. that looked magical. what was going on? >> first of all, him and anybody is magical. but he was o great. you go to one of his shows and you're having a great time and can't think it gets any better and then the whole stage splits and comes over your head and you're going "are you kidding me?" and it goes to a whole different level. his crowd, his show, his musi ans,veis band guys, all of them top notch. >> and somehow with everything you're doing you get charity work in. >> foundation is what it's all about. kids, that's where i love it. you talk about teammates for kids, this is our 15th year and we love it. we deal in inner city outreach and education, health for children and every charity out there is worthy, every one of them is. i'm just a kid charity. i love kids. >> when i f st got here this morning one of our security
10:50 am
guards came up to me and he said "the nicest guy rrived this morning." and he's met every single celebrity has come through and he said you. >> really? >> he said "the way he speaks to all of us." >> that's very sweet. >> we took this major league group selfie. >> oh, yes! you showed it on the show later, yeah, yeah. don't go away, everybody. you know? why. >> why? >> we'll be back with more. >> what is it? >> we'll have to wait and see. but first this is "today" on >> can't wait.
10:51 am
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10:53 am
time for our favorite things. this is something someone sent to me. i love it so much. gina, it's a little lamb you give to somebody in need who's going through a tough time and it becomes a source of comfort for them and then when they're finished with it, it's like flat stanley, you pass it on. there's a darling little book and a little journal. so pass on -- i want to give you
10:54 am
this one for your sweet friend lea. >> i love lea. i'll give it to her. i don't know if you know this but burt's bees has lip gloss. >> stop it! >> they have lip gloss. it's got color. usually berts bees is like lip balm. >> and that's a great color for you, hoda woman. >> why don't you get it? >> tomorrow, home sweet home, the property brothers are going to be here. have a great funday monday, everybody. >> what's tomorrow? >> booz day tuesday.
10:55 am
what's happened to snacking? absent-mindedly eating one after the next? we are a creamy cheese that still believes in savoring our food. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking.
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10:57 am
today on "access hollywood live," fresh back -- where we were? alaska? >> i'm here to stay. >> salmon fishing with bare hands. >> wrestling with bears. billy, today's guests standing back-to-back. how cute? 5-year-old heaven joy with us. brought kathie lee gifford to tears last week when she performed. >> lisa lesley is with us. >> who is taller? heavenly joy or lisa lesley? get with her. talk about girl power. heather, no help with girl powder. giddy with it. >> love what you're doing with this.
10:58 am
>> "access hollywood live" starts right now. stand by, billy and kit. stand by camera two. four -- three -- two -- one. obama returning from a two-week vacation nap photo um is the it up. >> is that an eye-roller. school. stop! please. not home yet, dad. >> summer is over. my son starts school today. i love back to school. when i get a new calendar. kids get a haircut. new shoes. >> you love it? what do you love about it? >> sort of back-to-school, my new year's. i make new year's resolutions. things to do better. organized. day one. >> what's at the top of the list? what do you want to do better? doing it all pretty well. give yourself credit.
10:59 am
>> shower more love on my husband. i've been on vacation with the kids. he's been working. so is i need to get back and focus on that. >> well, interesting you say that. i believe this theme's going to come up several different times during the show. and actually very soon, too. but, kit -- your vacation in alaska. did you really do salmon fishing with your bare hands? kept saying it. did it ever happen? >> never eat salmon again. my dad in the middle, my daughter, my kids, my brother. my daughter is taller than me. sweet spot with kids' ages, 13, 12 and 8. fun to be with. want to you with me, not just, just want to be with friends at the moment. supposed to be my dad and kids. grandparents trip. a lot of grandparents with kids on the tour we were lucky enough to go ob. then my brother and i wanted to be with my dad. 81, going strong. we jumpeden 0 the trip. we were not invited. >> first the grandparents.


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