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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  August 27, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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ection. officers caught the 32-year-old last week in east brunswick, new jersey. her family did not know the suspect. tonight, a new jersey doctor is facing multiple sexual harassment charges. >> accused of groping four employees and one of his own patients, even biting one of them. all the details for us. michael? >> reporter: well, we're outside that doctor's office. and what we found today is surprising. just two days after he was arrested and accused of groping four women, he's back at work seeing patients. and the patients we spoke with had no idea he's even accused of a crime. >> he earned a patient's choice award in 2012. but prosecutors say that same doctor inappropriately touched three of his employees and one of his patients. we spoke with a patient outside his office. she didn't want her face shown, but she told us, she had no idea he was facing criminal charges. >> i was surprised because i
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really -- my son went to him. i liked him. >> one patient told us he was back at work today despite the accusations against him. police and the special victims unit arrested him after one of his employees says he grabbed her breast and bit her on the cheek. then, three more women came forward. and prosecutors think there may be even more victims out there. >> i'm just shocked. i would have never expected that because he's really a good doctor. >> 54-year-old tiani is married and lives in dumont according to prosecutors. the hospital says he hasn't had patients there in many years. patients we spoke with are thinking twice about seeing him again. >> i really hope that isn't true. that's what i'm saying. because if it is, then definitely wouldn't come anymore to see him. >> we tried to speak with him, he didn't return our calls for comment. he's facing nine criminal charges, including criminal sexual contact and harassment. and investigators believe there
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may be more victims out there. live in new jersey, michael george, news 4 new york. >> all right, thank you. and to decision 2016 now. and a national poll that adds a new face to the race for the white house. potential candidate vice president joe biden. the voters are divided on whether he should run. biden does perform better than hillary clinton in some important areas. melissa russo with the breakdown for us. >> he tells his fellow democrats he's making up his mind. joe biden weighing whether he could pour his heart and soul into a national campaign so soon after losing his son. >> he's had a great life in public service and had some personal trauma. why wouldn't you just enjoy the rest of your life? >> he can bring experience to the table with an ideology in line with the democratic view. >> he's been around enough already. >> the latest quinnpiac poll shows biden beating jeb bush by six points. the poll shows hillary clinton
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and bernie sanders also beating the republicans, just not by as much as biden. >> he should have the space and the opportunity to decide what he wants to do. >> joe would be a formidable opponent. >> political strategists say biden's numbers are not surprising. >> he's the sitting vice president, the name recognition is great and zero accountability. everything changes once you get in the arena. >> while the poll shows he would outperform them in a general election if it were held today, he's in third place among democratic primary voters. clinton leads the democratic field with 45% of democrats. sanders has 22%, biden, 18%. on the republican side, trump remains in first place with 28%. ben carson with 12% and bush, cruz and rubio tied for third. chris christie trails behind eight other republicans with just 4%, which is more support
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than he's seeing in some other polls. the poll also asked voters to play a game of word association. mind when they think of donald trump? >> capable. >> opinionated. >> obnoxious. >> how about clinton? >> clever, secretive. >> bright. >> untrustworthy. >> the number one answer for for trump, arrogant. for bush, bush. >> some strong associations with that family name for better or for worse. as for biden, he's told members of his party he'll decide by the end of september. >> thank you. coming up, as news 4 at 6:00 continues, this monster definitely doesn't belong in our local streams. look at that. where this very dangerous reptile was found. >> also new york's kindest. the fdny helps a sick teenager realize his dream. and janice huff keeping an eye on a potential hurricane heading toward the east coast. are.
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>> tropical storm erika is expected to become hurricane erika threatening the caribbean and possibly florida in the next several days. i'll have the forecast coming up next. >> have a tip for new york's biggest i-team? call 866-news-244. or e-mail
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okay. so this turtle might look harmless. but its jaws are powerful enough to snap off your fingers or toes. authorities on long island say a father and son found it this weekend in a stream in smithtown. it wasn't supposed to be there. the creatures are from the south near texas and florida. the suffolk county spca thinks someone illegally kept this as a
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pet and then abandoned it. well, the cleanup's underway now after a fast-moving fire tore through three homes in new jersey. cell phone video shows flames engulfing a house on east 2nd street in plainfield. quickly spread next door, firefighters say the two-alarm fire erupted around 2:00 this morning. more than 50 firefighters rushed to the scene. the cause is still under investigation. and getting up close and personal with the falls of patterson. after two years of construction, the park opens tomorrow. you'll see a new dog walk there. several of those, as a matter of fact. landscape walking pads and a wall that was rebuilt. improvements cost nearly $2 million with the state and county footing the bill. ten years ago today, hurricane katrina was bearing down on new orleans. when news 4 at 6:00 returns, we'll take you to the remembrance ceremonies held in the big easy today. plus, a new plan to keep this from happening to lower manhattan the next time the city faces a destructive hurricane.
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>> first, a look at what's on nbc 4 tonight. 11:00.
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breaking news now. and these pictures are from chopper 4 in lower manhattan where southbound and q trains are running on the r line from canal street to dekalb avenue with delays. this is the result of a track fire that began around 5:30 in brooklyn. less than an hour ago. you can get the latest online and our mobile app. lester holt with a look at what's ahead on "nbc nightly news." >> we're following up on that awful shooting in virginia yesterday. what authorities have found in the car of the shooter that suggests what his plans were going forward. also, my one-on-one interview with the federal agent who shot and killed richard matt, one of the escaped prisoners from that prison in upstate new york. he goes into great detail. what gave them the first tip and how they found him and why they had no choice but to shoot. >> and you have video of that search? >> yeah. some video that the border patrol, this agent was a member
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of the border patrol hadn't released before on the helicopters with them as they make several insertions. a lot of false leads. people were very jittery. everything they saw. they called in and the units had to respond to it. fascinating guy and you'll enjoy the interview. >> looking forward to it. >> we often call them new york's bravest. we depend on them every day for help. >> this week, the fdny has come through in a big way for a sick teenager whose simple wish is to be one of them. david? >> chuck, shiba, the department teamed up with make a wish to give a 17-year-old an experience he and his family will treasure. in his young life, he's head-on. just like a new york city firefighter does. >> please rise to welcome honorary firefighter michael. >> today, the fdny was actually stoking the flames. the flames of passion in a young man whose kidneys are failing him but whose heart is filled with desire to be a firefighter
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in new york city. >> welcome, michael. >> 17-year-old michael was sworn in as an honorary member of the department. and all agree the bond is permanent. >> he wants to be a firefighter. and we have it out here with training with all of them around him and they were overwhelmed, the family. it was a wonderful occasion for us to take him into our family. >> mom and dad, mike and tara had to dab a few more tears. doctors suggested they reach out to make a wish. >> he only wanted to be an fdny. incredible. >> when a line is charged, you're still protected. >> at the training facility, he geared up and manned the hoses. well wishers came from near and far in a video. >> michael, congratulations on being appointed as a member of the fdny. >> hi, michael, ian holiday and a proud member of 45 truck. i'm deployed to iraq.
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>> we want to see what courage looks like, bravery really looks like. and michael shows going through his tremendous battle with his disease that that's what that bravery is really about. >> we didn't hear from michael today. he's a bit shy and, quite frankly, he was busy. they put him to work there. the fdny and make a wish do this often. but they try to make each moment seem as if it's the first time they've done it. >> yeah. touching. >> it was magical. >> yeah. >> great to see. >> yeah. it's difficult to forget these images in lower manhattan. sandy turns streets into rivers. >> well, now the city wants to make sure that level of destruction never happens again. mayor de blasio just announced that $100 million will go toward protecting lower manhattan from major storms. the funds will build levees, flood walls and other precautions. >> so much of what is important to this city is in lower manhattan. it all has to be protected. >> and the project is going to structure battery park city around the tip of manhattan to
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the lower east side. it can take up to 7 years, though, to design and build. and just days before the tenth anniversary of hurricane katrina, president obama is in new orleans remembering the victims. and the devastation left from the disaster. >> the mayor of new orleans went door-to-door along a row of freshly painted homes. greeted the residents with hugs and spoke with those whose lives were changed when the hurricane ravaged the city. >> i think most people from new orleans or had an affinity for new orleans felt like if they didn't come back that no one was going to be here to revive new orleans. >> more than half of new orleans neighborhoods have recoyered 90% of their population since the hurricane hit. 16 neighborhoods have more residents than they did before the floods. >> the big easy coming back. >> yeah. >> okay, janice, another storm to keep an eye on right now. >> yes, in south florida may see the first landfalling hurricane in ten years, as well, since wilma. the storm is tropical storm erika, but still anticipated to strengthen over the next several
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days. right now, encountering winds in the upper level of the atmosphere, tearing it apart a little bit. that won't stop it. it's actually going to move past that unfavorable area and intensify a bit. here's a look outside our window so to speak. our window at the top of the rock, looks beautiful out there this evening. few scattered clouds across the area today. nothing really to be that concerned about. nice, comfortable temperature, 77 degrees outside right now. in the park. our high today was 82, 82 degrees and comfortable for august. a picture perfect day. the average is 81, and we haven't seen that in a while. temperatures have been so far above average for many days across the area, and they will get back to that by the weekend. the heat and the humidity will start to build and we'll approach 90 and a lot of 90-degree days possible next week. meanwhile, tracking tropical storm erika. 175 miles west, still seeing heavy rain bands across this area all the way up tonight. top winds at 45 miles an hour.
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it will skirt hispanola, dominican republic and haiti. that's gois? to happen friday afternoon, saturday afternoon, this is the turks and caicos and the southwestern bahamas. that's where it will start to get a little bit of strength there. and then moving over andros islandhon sunday afternoon at 60, with 65-mile-per-hour winds in the center. still a tropical storm, but look at miaoi, how close it is. now the current track sort of takes it right up the coast and sort of skirts the coast of west palm beach. that's on monday. but may become a category 1 storm, possibly affecting jacksonville. anywhere in the florida peninsula within the cone of uncertainty, even charleston, south carolina. so everybody watching what's happening there. the tropical storm watches and warnings remain in effect all the way through virgin islands, puerto rico, dominican republic, haiti doesn't have a warning, but they should be concerned, as well. and through the turks and caicos in the southwestern bahamas. so what will that mean fhr us? well, it's too early to tell. definitely, we're going to see heat around here.!we're expecting temperatures well into the 90s early next
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week and a possible heat wave. if erika, at least the remnants of it come our way, we might get needed rainfall around here. we'll still in a moderate to abnormally dry situation across a bunch of the tri-state area from northeastern new jersey to the citye long island, especially, dry. especially on long island, 70 to near 80. babylon, it's 80 right now in farmingdale. 70s generally from the city north and west. but you get some 60s up around monticello. it's a l little bit cooler. clouds coming in on the northwesterly flow today. few like showers up brwoss upstate new york. nothing close to us this afternoon. it stays pretty quiet for the rest of this evening. temperatures falling through the 70s by 11:00. and tomorrow, starting out in the 60s midtown, 50s north and west, keep it coming, another beautiful day tomorrow. and then, here comes the humidity back for the weekend. looks pretty dry, though, otherwise. temperatures in the upper 80s to near 90 both saturday and sunday. and we've got a few 90-degree days we're expecting next week, possibly a storm or two
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sen ne. tuesday, but generolly dry. and of course, we'll keep tracking erika letting you know the latest updates at 11:00. >> thank you. >> bruce, what's coming up? >> are you ready for a good football rivalry this weekend? i'm talking nfl style. coming up in sports, the giants are looking for two things this weekend. productivity and health. we'll hear from big blue. while the jets are looking for the exact same thing as they try to finally hit their stride on offense. it's all just ahead on news 4 new york at 6:00.
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p get your first month' s payment r plus five years wearr and tear coverage. p make the most of summer... t with volvo. so maybe we'll find out saturday how competitive the jets and giants will be this season. >> we'll get a little secret, a
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little inkling of what will go on. but it's up in the air. it's the giants and jets sareturday night. need i say more? i know it's just the preseason. but there's still a hat on the ne for b th clubs. let's start with big blue. it's year two of ben's new offense. and after closing last year with the flourish, the starters have sputtered thus far in the preseason failing to find the end zone against the bengals and jg jaguars. but the two biggest weapons on offense, think this is the week to make something happen. >> i think we made some improvements last week. but still, you know, still got some ways to go. hopefully we'll be able to get into a rhythm. and get in sync. >> kind of just take that next step in the right direction as far as moving offense along and, you know, every other aspect, as well. but specifically speaking about the offense. >> the jets' first team offense has also struggled.
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part of it has to do with jeno gene geno smith's injury. there's no question, they need to engineer offense tthhie week to give a lift and some confidence. >> this weekend will be a true test. you know, honestly to see where we're at. not only as a team but certain position groups. >> we have potentite to have a good team. but we've got to gel and chheemistry's eot to come together. it's okay to have pieces. i understand what those pieces are and i know where we need to get to and we've got a lot of work ahead of us, but we have the talent to get there. >> the battle of new york is right here on nbc 4 new york this saturday night. it's a giants and jets in the metlife bowl. coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. with local bragging rights on the line. the mets go for the sweep in philly tonight. the fedex cups playoffs are underway. this weekend's tournament, the barclay's in our own backyard at plainfield country club in edison, new jersey. and this is the highlight of the day.
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john peterson's third shot on the monstrous par 5 16th. the ball lands well past the hole, but catches the slope and rolls and rolls into the cup for an eagle. peterson, the 2011 ncaa champion is even par. the four co-leaders are at 5 under par. the group includes bubba watson. the man known as chocolate thunder has passed. died at the age of 58. the 14-year nba veteran was a master of the dunk. he even shattered back boards. in 1975, became the first high hool playerppelected in the first round of the nba draft. played 14 nba seasons with four different teams, among them the new jersey nets. he shot 57% from the field, t wh h best mark in league history. he had a big smile and a huge heart and his personality was as outrageous as his pulverizing slam dunks. >> so young. >> yep.
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>> thank you very much. "nbc nightly news" straight ahead. >> see you hheer at 11:00. thanks for joining us. . tonight, the killer's trail. what he left behind in his home and in his car before carrying out his deadly grudge on live tv. did he believe he and the passionate plea from the father of one of the victims. deadly turn, tropical storm erika has now claimed several lives battering the caribbean with severe floods and mudslides threatening so to slam florida as a hurricane. the interview with a federal agent that took down one of two escape peas and a never before look at the manhunt. o in or out, we hear from vice president e biden about whether he's ready to run as new poll numbers show this may be his moment.
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"nightly news" begins orighca now. >>si announcer: from nbc news world adquerarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. what we learned today about the shooter in yesterday's on air murder of two virginia journalist suggests killing himself may not have been part of the immediate plan. what police found in his car plan may have been planning an e will be rate get away. an tenside look at the apartment but as the portrait of his troubled life and work history emerges, if anyone knew he was capable of murder in such a brazen and public way. nbc's stephanie gosk reports. >> alison parker and adam ward were part of the family. >> reporter: it was a very different day. >> it was yesterday around this time that we went live to alison parker and photo journalist adam ward. >> reporter: with a moment of silence marking the time her colleagues were murdered on live tv.
6:29 pm
and now it looks like the shooter may have been trying to run. according to documents obtained by nbc, the police searched vester lee flanagan's car and und six magazines of ammunition, stamped letters and a wig. >> this kind of act aalthough it is happening more often is so rare that being able to come up with a profile or understanding is quite difficult. >> reporter: flanagan did have a history of angry outbursts at work. >> he would get angry about things he had no reason to be angry out. >> reporter: justin mccloud was a reporter. >> he came to blows with a reporter in a live truck on a story. >> reporter: at a tallahassee station more than a decade later, a similar story. >> he wanted to take it outside and i was stunned. >> reporter: wdbj fired flanagan two years ago and the police were called.
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>> on the way out he


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