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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  August 31, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> reporter: it's unclear how she did it, but newman got away in her hospital ghan and couldn't be contained by the cuffs she was able to take off. tiffan newman is said to be about 53 '3", 123 pounds. she is the fourth prisoner to escape custody this year. the previous three wer taught.ayin lower manhattan, tracie strahan, news 4 new york. now to the weather. it appears we are in the mid of a late summer heat wave. the next few days are going to be dangero ly hot. dave price. >> so hot, it's going to drive iinto the record books. right now, we're tied for third all-time hottest record on august. tied with 1988 at 78.8 degrees. that's our average. today, we're into the 90s. the heat wave begins and we'll doown third place definitely by the end of the y. emerson topping it off at 86.
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remember, we're just a noon. temps going into the 90s within the next three, four hours. thus our heat wave begidn. it's n just t he , it's the humidity as well. when you factor that in to y, tomorrow, it is going to feel uncomfortable out there. we can stretch this out to wednesday and thursday too.utwhen's it oingcto br ak? we'le tell you tho se answers in just a couple minutes. high heat could be dangerous. keep an eye on the elderly and those who are young are at risk e.ll. >> only thrse more weeksyo of summer, dave, thanks. you can track this heat using our news 4 new york app. you'll get the latest forecast, alerts and advisories. it's available in the apppe app store right now. on long island, a teenager was killed after the car she was riding in plowed into a home. this house in westabylon is so badly damageo,set has been condemned.inffolk police say a 19-year-old iver lost control of the car, hitt g a utility pole before barreling into that house on
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little eastay neck road. 17-year-old kenya jimenez of ldeer park was killed. e inves gation continues tod day. a history making broadway actor who died will be remembered today in central rypark. kyele john back teeta died when he fell from a fourth floor ire cape. friends and fellow>>ctors will no the 21-year-old at a memorial near bethesda ountain. hn back ptiste recently played in "less miss" on broadway. a memorial for adam ward takes place at his high school later is afternoon. ward's family is encouraging people to wear the colors of his alma maters. they're also asking for
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donations to two scholarship flowers. tom brady btck in aa courtroom this mo more defla gate drana for you. brady ard nfl commissioner goodell ordered to appear in today's hearing. >> drama is right, rob, it's really become a soapopera. the judg in what's become known as deflate gate said the two agreement. nt also no commont from tom brady when he left the f eral courthcuse just moments ago. settlement talks between the players union attorneys and attorneys for roger goodell couldn't come up with a resolution on what to do with brady's suspension. no settlement. the judge told the packed courtroom he will make a decision in the coming days and it could even happen tomorr t. brady is to serve a four-game suspension at the start of the ason fori' rolr in using aunderinflated footballs during la st season's playoffs.
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brady was accused of plotting with two patriots ball handlers in eflatitg footballs before the ch pionship game against the colts in january. e nfl player s s association which is the union w ts the suspension lifted. the drama, the saga, continues. coming up on news 4 le york at noon, trouble forwhlinton and trouble for trump. a new poll shows what voters are thinking on both sides. plus, he's known for shows. so what did kanye say this time that has everybody talking? and we're taking a look at the high heat, high humidity and activity. we'll zoom in on the radar and tell you if your area may be affected.
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>>as> happening now, president obama is on his way to alaska to tackle global warming. the presidentogill speak at the state department s conference on global leadership in the arctic. the president wants ministers from more than a dozen countries to take action on climate change. scientists say this year alone the average glacier will lose 30 inches of thickness. before leaving for his trip, the president renamed the state's most majestic peak. he changed the name of mount mcurkinley back to its traditional alaskan name denali. alaskans have lobbied for years for this name change. denali is the tallest mountain in north america. now to the presidential race. an eye opening new poll in iowa. clin n and trump.
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tracie potts breaks it down for us from washington. >> reporter: in iowa, hillary clinton is only seven points ahead of bernie sanders in the latest bloomberg des moines register poll. in may, she had a 41-point le . >> the gains that we are seeing and the enthusiasm and huge crowds we are seeing, this is not anti-hillary clinton, this is pro-bernie sanders. >> reporter: vice presidented bien who hasn't announced yet is pulling double digits on the re publican side, trump still leads, but only five points ahead of carson. trump says he may still run as inde ndent. >> we're going to make a decision very soon and i think a lot of people are going to be very happy. >> now it's donald. you know, in three weeks it co'tuld be somebody else reporter: all other reasons are in single digits. >> what the polls tell me is nobody has real votes now. >> people are fed up with washington. they're looking for someone who will stand up to wash gton. >> reporter: could that someone be hillary clinton? her numbers are slipping but in this latest poll, two-thirds of iowa democrats say they could support her if she became the nominee.
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tracie potts, nbc news, washington. well, when the 20 presodenti fal election rolls around, you may be hearing campaign speeches from kanye west. >> i have decided in 2020 to run for president. >> that's kanye announcing his presidential bid for 2020 while attempting mtv's video van guard award. presented by taylor swift who he famously interrupted at the vmas in 2009. swift took home the award for best video. all right, 83 very muggy degrees out there. >> stillooarly in the day. i know, it's going to get hotter. >>ol yeah, it's going to get hotter, more humid. key is going to be to stay hydrated. stay indoors if you can later on today. let's take a look. you can see it in the picture, can't you? it's sticky and steamy and a little bit hazy out there. let's take a look at the current conditions. we 've got 83 degrees. mostly sunny skies. this is the way we like summer to be. but several days in a row, it
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can get a tle old. so the hot weather's here, everybody. uncomfortable humidity. these conditions both stay with us through much of the workweek. labor day luck, yeah, we are in luck. let's go to the maps. go through the details, current and future. 84 in jersey city. 83 in sheeps head bay. temperatures pretty much in the low 80s to upper 80s. we've got 86 in farmingdale. as we head to west port. 88 degrees. 84 in queen ridge and 86 in long brheanch. great day to be at the jersey shore. cooler weather up in hunter, over in high point, down in mad concerning not bad at all. saddle river checking in at 83. we were talking about this before the commercial break. we have high humidity. we have some scattered showers pushing in from the west. there's a possibility of a stray pop-up shower, particularly in central jersey, over to the jersey shore. but, again, it's nothing which is going to change your plans for the day. 92 degrees, where we imagine topping it off today. the afternoon is going to be
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hot. sunset at 7:30. west winds, 10 to 15 miles per hour. heading into the broader area, those warm temperatures pretty much uniform. d0 -80s to low 90s. tonight, as we head to the dinner hour, 87 degrees. that muggy stays with us. that muggy weather at least. and into the overnight, it's still going to be warm. 81 degrees. tonight, look at this, 76 in the city. west winds, 5 to 10, right in the five boroughs. the cool relief is well to the east and the west. here we go. hazy hot and humid. you know those three hs. the relief comes as we head to the weekend where we get a little breeze off the ocean that cools things down. and what a great way to unofficially end the summer. here is your seven day forecast. look at it right now. read it and weep, but it's more like read it and sweat. 91 today. 92 wednesday. thursday, 93.
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we finally break it as we head into friday. just in time for a spectacular farewell to summer. >> look at labor day weekend. >> gorgeous, huh? >> we'll take that all day. >> all right. >> dave, thanks. in today's money report, roomers are swirling about a new iphone and netflix is losing a lot of big-time film. for those stories and a check on the market today, let's check in with cnbc's sue herrera. >> it's been a rough morning for the dow jones industrials. we've been all over the board. the volatility from last week certainly sticking with us. right now, as you can see, the dow is only down about 62 points. but earlier this morning, we were down better than 200. just like last week, fasten those safety belts because i think it's going to be a rough ride this week. part of that is because one of the fed vice chairman, or the fed vice chairman, on friday, told us at cnbc that, you know, don't count out a separate hike. so that could still very much being in the cards.
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you mentioned apple. the apple tv is expected to be unveiled at the september 9th event for apple. and the question is, how much is it going to cost? so apparently the executives at apple are coming up with a price range of between 149 to 199. we also expect some new iphones to be released at that particular event. apple always does a september event and it usually does contain at least one or two announcements. so apple tv is the one that everybody's been looking for. netflix deciding to cut its ties with epic. as a result of that, some big-name films are going to show up on hulu online. the streaming service is basically going to get things like the hunger game series. details in terms of the price tag of that deal not really disclosed. and ashley madison, the ceo resigned last week from the infidelity website, the cheating website, after a huge data
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breach exposed the names and other important personal information of its clients. well, there was a lot of talk that perhaps they'd be folding up, but they're not. they say that they are doing better than ever. that they signed up an enormous amount of new clients last month. including some 87,000 women. media reports had pushed back on that because when they looked at the data breach and all of the content that was released, they didn't seem to see too many women using the website but ashley madison's parent company pushing back and saying no, 87,000 women signed up last month alone. so we're going to follow that story. there's a lot of legs to that story so to speak. >> it will make a lot of free press these last couple of days. sue, thanks so much. in fuse for your news for your health, people who binge watch tv, sitting for long periods can lead to fatal blood clots. a study shows people who sit for
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hours at a time have a sixfold risk for pull monary embolisms like deep vein thrombosis. they recommend, get up, walk around every couple hours. probably be a good idea. >> and the country's leading group of pediatricians says parents are waiting too long to talk to kids about dangers of drinking. the academy says children as young as 9 start to think positive about alcohol. the group says that is when parents need to encourage kids to avoid booze and peers who drink. experts say nearly a quarter of young people take their first sip of alcohol before they're 13. a new high-tech tackling dummy is becoming a big hit on one ivy league campus. meet the mvp or mobile virtual player. it's latest addition to the team. a former student came up with the idea. he says the remote controlled device will help cut down on concussions by replace the need for players to take repeated hits during practice. >> the idea is to better simulate a player in motion doing something that you don't
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know they're going to do. >> this could become a staple on fields. >> the goal is to take the mvps nationwide. developers are working out the kinks and trying to figure out how the technology will stand up to all those hits. new york live coming up next here at 12:30. here's sarah and jackie with what's ahead. >> coming up, who ruled the red carpet at last night's video music awards? we're rounding up some of the fashion hits and misses. >> which new york eateries made the list of bon appetit's hottest new restaurants in the country. we're going to show you so you can go there and get some good food. >> coming up at 12:30. >> good food, we know that in new york. still ahead, all eyes on serena at the u.s. open in flushing queens. how the tennis superstar is making history even before she plays tonight.
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the u.s. open kicks off
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today with all eyes on serena williams. she could be the first woman to win the grand slam, that's all four majors in one single calendar year since steffi graf in 1988. williams will also tie graf's championships. espn reports williams has already made history. for the first time ever, tickets for the women's singles championship sold out before the men's. a lot of that due to serena of course. many are wondering if christie will bring back his dad dance or slow jamming the news. the new jersey governor and presidential candidate will be on "the tonight show" starring jmy fallon. it will be his first appearance since announce ing his run for the white house. you can watch that here.
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call 866-news-244 or e-mail tips tips @nbc one of the artifacts is this menu for the last lunch that was served on board the ship. it shows corned beef and dumplings among the food served. many anticipate to sell for at least $50,000. next month's auction will include a ticket and a letter written by a titanic survivor. tonight here on news 4 new york at 5:00, new recommendations for parents considering adding peanuts into their baby's diet to cut down on the risk of developing peanut allergies. also how social media and hash tags are completely changing back to school shopping for teens in our local malls. for breaking news and weather, go to or download our mobile app. new york live is coming up next. it is hot out there. stay cool. have a great day.
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hey, everybody, welcome to new york live. happy monday. did you have a nice weekend? >> we did. >> we got a really terrific show. with some gusts who just can't stop dancing. >> i feel this energy. >> yeah, this going around. >> everybody's dancing in the studio. see, look at those handsome guys. >> you look kind of creepy. >> all right, jeremy. >> all right, we got -- somebody was watching the mtv awards last night. music awards. the hottest new restaurants revealed. which new york eateries made the cup? we'll show you with the pros of bon appetit. >> want to see a fresh and funny movie starring two of our favorite leading men who can dance? we're getting the scoop on "break point" with jeremy sisto
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and david walton. they're going to be dancing us through the show today. >> yes, they are, with their cute hair. they both have such great hair. my goodness. all right, we, let's get to last night's outrageous video music awards. we'll get to that later. but it was also a mel rabl weekend for movies. >> from major casting news to the passing of a film icon. here are a few stories that have everybody talking today. talk about an all-star cast. oprah winfrey and eddie murphy were just added to the already amazing lineup for the upcoming richard pryor biopic. the former talk show host will take on the role of pryor's brothel-owning grandmother. this on the heels of two other big napes already announced. funny man mike epps won the coveted role, pryor himself. kate hudson will star as his wife jennifer it the movie is
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set to start production this spring. the surprise summer smash straight outta compton once again topped the box office, making it three weekings in a row. the universal film which documents the rise and fall of the hip-hop group nwa has grossed nearly $140 million since its release. and finally, hollywood lost one of the most influential filmmakers of all time this weekend. horror film icon wes craven died saturday after a long battle with brain cancer. craven directed fright fests like the nightmare on elk m street series, the scream series and the hills have eyes series, to name a few. courteney cox posting on social media, today the world lost a great man. my heart goes out to his family. craven was 76 years old. >> he really made an impression, too. that was kind of the horror
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films when i was growing up too,


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