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tv   Today  NBC  September 3, 2015 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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mode. >> kristen welker at the white house for us. chuck todd is moderator of "meet the press," good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> there are a lot of reasons an individual may choose to assert the fifth amendment right. we don't know what the man's lawyer told him to do. for hillary clinton to have a staffer say i don't want to testify because i don't want to incriminate myself. >> when you plead the fifth, as far as the political world is concerned, then you're already admitting to potential wrong doing, regardless of the legal part of this. this is what makes this investigation so potentially damaging to hillary clinton. not just now but it's also a reminder that let's take the campaign at the worth they encouraged mr. pagliano to testify. what is in the best interest of hillary clinton may not be in the best interest of mr. pagliano, as you know, what a lawyer may have told him.
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when it comes to handling classified information, whoever you can easily see this lawyer telling him, hey, you set up the server. you did this, you may get tagged as ined aer have mishandling classified information. even ed a it could lead to legal problems down the road. imagine joe biden watching this morning. does it make him more likely to run? >> i don't know if this has been a part of his decision making process. if it is, 100% it becomes a huge dash in the pro column. with the benghazi committee on the hill, you never know where the investigations go. the clinton campaign may think it has its arms around the political problem, but when you cannot control the different people in this situation, who may decide, again, what is in the political interest of hillary clinton is not my legal
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interest, then you know you have a problem down the road. if you're joe biden you think, hey, this is out of her hands now. >> let's talk about the republicans, chuck. to donald trump meeting with priebus. he could be asked to sign the pledge if you're not the nominee you will support the eventual nominee and not run as an independent candidate? >> donald trump hinted at it with me. he's been hinting at it for eight to ten days. there's a filing deadline coming up fairly soon in south carolina that includes a pledge there about saying that you will support the eventual republican nominee regardless. i think this field, is a eels like a stage craft to say let donald trump say i'm in the republican party to stay. >> quickly, that donald trump is getting notice for another
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comment he made to what impact do you think it has? >> i think it goes to where donald trump has done his appeals. running the nativist type campaign. i can tell you jeb bush, who lives his life in a bilang ingual life. i think it's going to be offensive to him and his family. i don't think he's going to take it too well. >> as chuck and is a speculation whether clinton will have an opponent in joe biden. the vice president held the first major speech on wednesday since buzz about a potential run began. peter alexander has more. good morning. >> reporter: hey, willie, good morning. joe biden is reveling in the extra attention. it feels like a campaign trip, but his aids insist it's not
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one. his every word and move is being analyzed. including when he told college students that people who aren't willing to risk failing never succeed. was he talking about himself? we wait and see. those hunting for hints will have to keep looking. joe biden offering few clues about whether whether he'll run for president in 2016. while speaking to college students he sidestepped any messages mention of his own plans. >> this school is amazing. look at the coverage. >> famous for one liners offered up another memorable moment when an insect interrupted his speech. >> what is the possible rationale for that butterfly? >> reporter: these days biden's considering his own political transformation speculation first heating up last month after a
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private meeting with elizabeth warren who criticized hillary clinton. last night warren was asked about that meeting. >> there was any talk with the vice president of a joint ticket even jokingly? >> it was not a long conversation. >> reporter: biden has run for president before never winning a single state. if elected he would be the oldest president ever 74 at his inauguration. a new poll shows clinton remains better liked among democrats. andrew cuomo said democrats will be in a bind who to support. >> this is a personal decision because you have to want to do this with all your heart and soul. >> reporter: and today joe biden wraps up a two-day road trip. he's here in florida before heading to georgia to meet with jewish leaders where he's going to promote the president's iran nuclear deal.
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he won't be surrounded by promotors. they expect hundreds of opponents here today. >> a pause and response from elizabeth warren. >> that's what they call a pregnant pause. new developments overnight in the intense manhunt for three suspects believed to kill an illinois police officer. police were searching for them overnight after a false tip was called in. kevin kevin tibbles is in illinois. >> reporter: it's an intense night of police activity here. dozens of officers combing nearby neighborhoods and corn fields, acting upon a tip. we find out the tip was nothing more than a cruel hoax. overnight a tip sent heavily armed police and u.s. marshalls rushing to a rural corn field in illinois looking for suspects in the murder of lieutenant joe gliniewicz gliniewicz. police discovered it was all a
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hoax. >> several hours were wasted here today. >> reporter: the would be tip steer kristin kiefer told police two men tried to get in her car. but when she reached for her phone they ran into a corn field. police say kiefer later admitted she made up the story to get attention. all this just hours after hundreds from this heart-broken community showed up to honor the fallen officer known as g.i. joe. surrounded by their four sons, his widow calling him their rock. >> joe was my best friend. my world. my hero. the love of my life. >> reporter: newly obtained audio revealed the final dispatch made by gliniewicz shortly before he was shot.
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>> reporter: second later gliniewicz raid yous the three suspects were on the run. within 17 minutes gliniewicz was found fatally wounded near a swampy area and the manhunt was on. area schools will reopen again today. students are being asked to wear black and blue clothing in honor of g.i. joe. back to you. >> that's heartbreaking. thank you very much. to a growing crisis overseas we're seeing more heartbreaking immans of migrants trying to escape their war torn homeland. this photograph of a turkish police officer carrying a drowned child is getting attention across the world this morning. he captured the human tragedy of this and renews calls for action. chief global correspondent bill
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neely is in greece on an island where the boy and his family were heading. >> reporter: good morning. i'm on a small greek island, which has been overwhelmed by more than 20,000 migrants in the past week alone. in island can hardly cope. europe is clearly struggling, too with, so many countries being tested including just to the north of here hungary. the railroad station and the surge of refugees. for days police have stopped them trying to leave the country amid furry and frustration as they push to get to germany. now it seems the hungarians have had enough. this woman walked here with her children. they certainly suffered enough. a third of a million leaving their homes to reach europe this year. thousands drowning and dozens dying in this truck of
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suffocation. they risked their lives in flimsy boats, these refugees rescued yesterday by a nor wean -- ship. their journey is long and dangerous. most leaving war-torn syria, iraq, and afghanistan. others aiming for a better life in europe through italy, greece, and hungary to richer countries like germany, even sweden. europe is struggling to cope. the refugees to find food and water, authorities are overwhelmed. even escaping greece to the next country macedonia isn't easy but they are desperate. further north hungary put up razor fences to put s s s s to keep them out. germany is ready. europe unable to deal with the crisis tearing at its heart.
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>> reporter: and you have to be pretty desperate to put your children, who may not swim, into a tiny inflatable boat from turkey across the sea with nothing but the clothes on your back and then trek across half a dozen countries for the chance of a better life. tough for them and testing for everyone here. back to you guys. >> bill neely on what has become a global crisis. thank you so much. sometimes it takes a single photograph like the one we're seeing of that little boy on the beach to change the perception of a problem and a call to action. >> bill puts it so well. it speaks to their desperation and how harmful things are in their homeland. let's turn to natalie she has new developments in this country over the fight over issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples in kentucky. a county clerk is due in court after refusing to issue
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marriage licenses to same-sex couples. gabe gutierrez has more. >> reporter: kim davis will go before a judge to explain why she should not be held in contempt for defying several court orders. on wednesday she denied another marriage license to a same-sex couple. her religious belief prevents her from issuing marriage licenses despite a supreme court ruling this summer that made gay marriage legal nationwide. davis says to her it's a heaven or hell decision. now two other county clerks in kentucky are refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. today davis faces stiff fines and even jail time all though that's unlikely. the federal judge here ordered her deputy clerks as well that could suggest he might be exploring other alternatives. perhaps having one of the clerks issue the licenses on her behalf. it's unclear what he'll do.
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the key question for the judge is she unable to do her job or unwilling? >> all right. we'll be watching. gabe ambiguity -- thank you. it happened in heavily wooded area two black hawk helicopters went down. the helicopter was taking part in a routine fly. moscow's largest airport was evacuated after a fire broke out delaying at least 50 flights. passengers posted pictures on social media. the fire started in a storage facility and sent plumes of smoke into the terminal. normal operations resumed about two hours later. now back to the incredible but terrifying video we showed you at the top of the show of a an african bull elephant charging a truck in zimbabwe. the elephant pierces one of the
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tires and picks up the truck up and spins it. frightening moments were over in seconds, as you saw, but certainly not a memory that the tourists are likely to forget. i bet they were pretty shaken up. a wildly entertaining day at the u.s. open on wednesday, but not because of the tennis. first, there was cuoco vandeweghe. and never blame your tools, right? apparently vandeweghe did not get the memo. needless to say, she went on to lose the match in style, i guess. a much different story for novak djokovic. he calls a fan down to the court for a little tennis tango or jig at arthur ashe courts. he moves to round three of the u.s. open. and by the way, he gets to keep the t-shirt he got there. >> come for the dancing stay for
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the tennis. >> he's known for his dance ing? >> he's feeling the pressure. >> natalie, thank you so much. hey, al. what's shaking in the weather? >> we have heat to talk about. let's show you what is going on as far as that is concerned. there's an early september heat wave, and man, good news for the friends in the pacific northwest the upper level low will bring moisture and cooler weather to the northwest. but we have a big ridge of high pressure. it will last to next week. it's a huge ridge! 2,000 miles across. temperatures some places 100 degrees in the northern central plains. we'll be watching that and temperatures anywhere from 10 to 25 degrees above average going into the weekend you're going to be looking at temperatures up in the plains getting up into the 80s. but the feels like temperatures are going to be even toastier. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up you ever think about how the cement of your driveway...
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...connects to the ends of the earth? from roller coaster hills... musical streets and movie chase scenes. it's all "one road." everywhere you take it tells your story. and wherever you are, is where the road begins. the camry. toyota. let's go places. 75 in central park. that's the warm spot. and suburbs, generally in the 60s. temperatures warming up this afternoon into the upper 80s by noon time, expecting a high of 92. that's it though, the heat wave breaks tomorrow with a high of only 83. cool friday night, nice saturday, low humidity, 87
7:17 am
sunday and back near 90 monday, tuesday, wednesday. that's your latest weather. >> thank you very much. coming up kelly rutherford takes her custody battle overseas as she heads to monaco to try to get her kids back. we'll be there live. should schools be allowed to monitor your kids' activity on social media. why one district is defending the new tracking program. some parents say it goes too far.
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this is breaking news from news 4 new york. >> good morning, it's 7:26 on a thursday morning. we do have breaking news from ditmas park brooklyn. they have a 4-alarm fire under control. tracie.
7:24 am
>> reporter: and darlene, it certainly wasn't easy but fire marshals have finally been able to make their way inside both homes effected by the 4-alarm fire. and this home has been underrenovation for a year. in total, five people suffered minor injuries. and they've all been taken to the hospital. th adult and three children. a lot of people in this area were told to keep their windows closed because of the heavy smoke condition. no word yet on what may have caused it, darlene. back to you. >> let's take a look at the morning commute. not too many problems on the roads. and we have a problem near wilson avenues and at stant staten island express way, road
7:25 am
work jamming things up and the best news trains all good. >> thanks. we'll be right back with chris's forecast. one more 90 degree today, that makes it four in a row, 92 for the high. and 82 saturday, 87 sunday and near 90 again by labor die. . and simp coming up on the "today"
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good morning everyone. 7:30 now thursday morning, september 3, 2015. brad paisley will be joining us for the live concert tomorrow morning. later the world premier of his latest music video. >> expecting a big crowd for brad paisley. a former hillary clinton staffer who helped set up clinton's private e-mail plans to plead the fifth when he goes before a congressional committee. a campaign aid tells nbc news that clinton encouraged brian pagliano and other staffer to answer any questions. dozens of officers converged on a field in a search of three suspects accused of murdering an illinois police officer. it turns out it was a false tip. the woman who allegedly called it in has been arrested. another day of sweltering
7:28 am
temperatures across the country. this heat wave bringing more 90 degree temperatures to tens of millions. it's expected to continue through the weekend. >> we'll get al's forecast in a moment. the high pro file custody case due in court today. it involves gossip girl actress kelly rutherford. rutherford is fighting for her children who are living with their father in monaco. keir simmons has more from monaco. >> reporter: good morning. the hearing is about to art. we expect kelly rutherford to walk up the steps. she's on the way to fight for her children in foreign court. the judge an impossible choice. whether to send the children back to america or keep them here in monaco with their dad. kelly rutherford in monaco this week in a bitter custody btleat she traveled here close to 80 times. during the latest trip she
7:29 am
hasn't been abli to see her children. kelly's 8-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter live 4,000 miles and a world away from the actress. monaco is famous for billionaires, yachts and fast cars. they did spend summer in the u.s. rutherford kept them four days past the legal deadline. she asked a new york judge to order their return to america, but that appeal failed leaving the "gossip girl" actress speechless. >> i have no words at this moment. no words. >> reporter: later branding the decision the most cruel act against a child i have ever witnessed. her husband, german businessman daniel gersch left california in 2012 after his american work re visa revoked. they agreed to allow them to go to europe with their dad. three years later, kelly describes her continued separation from her young
7:30 am
children as shocking, illegal, and abusive. on her instagram account this week, she posted "everything will work out. things will get better." while thousands have been supporting her. one message saying "you are an inspiration. hang in there." the custody battle has run on for years. we may not even get an answer today. the judge may asked the two sides to outline their argument. the children are having to prepare for school next week. all signs they're trying toive them an stable upbringing. that ust be so tough amid this. >> absolutely. keir simmons, keep your eye on the courthouse for us. we turn to lisa green a legal analyst and author of "on your case" a book of legal advice for women. good morning. >> good morning. >> i can't imagine kelly rutherford got the advice to not return the children. it seems to be the fatal strategic error for her. she's in a lot of trouble.
7:31 am
>> she's in a lot of trouble. let's assume she did it with a big heart. it is excruciate ing to return the child to an ex you don't like. as far as judges are concerned it's a difficult error. it putser in the position of someone considered a potential kidnapper. very serious. it means the monaco court will want to see evidence she can follow the rules. >> what would you tell her? let's say you were her attorney. what does she need to do? >> start the kelly rutherford judicial apology tour. saying i was misguided, i shouldn't have done it and i'll never do it again. her ex-husband can say i'm not sure it won't happen again. i'm not sure the children should be allowed to go america. >> what is the strongest argument she has? for seeing her kids and potentially down the road perhaps getting to see them in this country? >> here is the viewer advisory legal analysis doesn't match we
7:32 am
think is common sense. why are the kids in monaco? because that's where they were sent in 2012 and that's where they've been. courts want a fixed place for children. what kelly needs to tell the judge in monaco this makes no sense. they belong in america with me. i will obey the law and they have more ties in america than man koe monaco. >> kelly rutherford will likely pay some price. what could change in terms of her custody? >> over the short run i think we'll see a course likely to restrict the way she can see her children. it's sad. because of what you talked about her decision to keep them in new york, you'll have a judge looking really carefully at her behavior and isn't persuaded immediately that she can, you know, follow the rules. they're going want to to make sure she doesn't pull that stunt again. >> two young beautiful kids in the middle of this. lisa green, thank you so much. let's head outside to al. he has a check of the weather. >> thank you so much.
7:33 am
getting ready for the last unofficial weekend of summer. let's show you the labor day weekend. we'll start off the day looking at showers and thunderstorms through the gulf. wet weather through the southwest, also on to the plains states. as we move to the labor day weekend in the northeast look for scattered showers and thunderstorms on friday in the mid atlantic states. on saturday we have more wet weather from the ohio valley from the mid atlantic states, northeast new england looking good. on sunday more nice weather through the northeast. great lakes wet weather movin- through minneapolis. labor day monday, again, new england looking great. showers and thunderstorms great lakes, chicago, all the way into st. louis along with the mid atlantic as well. coming up next half hour a look at the . al, thanks very much. look at the continuation of the heat wave. this will be day five into the 90s. and i think a better chance of a
7:34 am
couple of showers, first half of the day friday and that will set the stage for a fan tash tastic holiday weekend. 92 tomorrow and even warmer sunday, 87. and near 90 again labor, monday, tuesday next week. and that's your latest weather. what is up with this pool? we'll explain in a l tle bit. >> al, i've heard rumors of anchors in speedos. >> roek kers in speedos. the hilarious text message is burning up the internet after one boy asked his parents if he can throw the party. the story behind their response. and schools snooping on kids social media accounts.
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we're back at 7:42. as students head back to the classroom they and their parents are learning about new rules when it comes to social media. keanrry s ders is in orlando this morning with a look at the controversial new program. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. rents may well understand this challenge. trying to figure out what your kids are doing on social media. now as the school year begins here in orange county, florida administrators will be actively monitoring kids' facebook, twitter, instagram, and any other social media. some kids and some parents call it unwarranted snooping. when kids post on social media
7:40 am
it's there for anyone to see. now a new computer program is combing the internet for their social media accounts. some complaints of administrate administrators peeking at their postings is a violation. >> i don't like it. >> reporter: because? >> it's a private thing for me to use only. >> reporter: but in orlando wht ere kids return to school less than two weeks ago, ministrators say it's a sign of the times. in maryland three years ago, a student opened fire at school. the teenage gunman had posted threats on facebook before the rampage. and in washington state last year, a student gunned down four classmates after posting violent threats on twitter. orlando believes the computer program from a company called snap snaptrends could well save lives. >> it monitors key words that could present threats for example, gun, attack, or kill. >> reporter: the school district says because social media can be the source of bullying. we believe it is appropriate to
7:41 am
monitor public sites where anybody can view comments. some parents say they welcome the monitoring when the kids are in the classroom. what bothers them is school administrators are also watching the kids when they're off campus. >> their role isn't the parents. nthey need to stick to educating our children and let the parents parent. >> by them monitoring your social media it's kind of like they're inviting themselves to sit at your kitchen table on sunday dinner. it's not okay. >> reporter: orlando is not alone. schools in glendale, california also monitor. educators across the country say there's one goal. prevent violence. >> the bottom line here from the perspective of the school administrator is tha it's better to be safe than sorry. >> reporter: will it work? at the end of the day it is a computer. it's going to flag messages that look like cyber bullying like this. omg chris draft, , i'm going to kill you if you don't come to my party. at the end of the day, the
7:42 am
computer found something that then requires a human to read to putd.t in context. so at the bare minimum, there's going to be a lot of interesting reading by those. >> you have us talking here. we are saying they're public forums. in the age of school shootings and cyber bullying. if they're going to seek that out before it happens. good for them. >> the kids post on public. >> right. it's my private bids. usiness. >> they're not reading your private e-mails. that crosses the line. >> i don't blame schools for doing it. >> better safe than sorry. >> kerry, thank you. coming up the songs you can't get out of your head. the songs of summer. and apparently, we finally have an official winner. >> really? >> yes. we have it. it's been measured. it's the number one song of s summer. battle brewing over who should host the oscars next
7:43 am
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harder and yeah, even on sundays. if that's not what you think of when you thinkgof the united states postal service, watch us deliver. we're back now 7:50. carson is in the orange room. we're talking about the oscars. >> we are. that's right. the oscars most commonly is sted by one celebrity. here is a few famous faces over the past four yetrs. on tuesday academy awards producer announced that the 2016 oscars will be hosted by not one t two people. now the last time this occurred was 2011. it was james franco and anne hathaway. let's go through the reviews. it ran all the rails a bit by usa today. new york post said worse oscars ever. still the say cad
7:48 am
not shying away from a two-way team. how about this? how about these guys. >> yeah! key and peele. the recently divorced kermit and piggy. how about the recently reconcile reconciled nisi and taylor? w about these two? i'm sure the academy will take all those into serious consideration. keep your ideas coming with the #orangeroom. >> willie had a good one. amy and jennifer. that's a good one. amy schumer and jennifer lawrence. >> i thought amy schumer and senator charles schumer. >> jared leto and j law. jimmy kimmel with his security guard? >> i think amy and jimmy. >> jimmy fallon. >> a lot of interesting combos in there. >> carson, thank you. coming up you know the song
7:49 am
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this portion of the news is brought to you by astoria bank. live, this is news 4 new york now. good morning, everyone. 7:56. looking that brooklyn bridge. 75 degrees out. and we have new information on the 4 alarm fire in ditmas park brooklyn. they call the fire suspicious, due to the hesk avy amount of fire. the flames started on a porch and three children and two
7:54 am
adults were injured in the fire. and there are new health concerns, four cases of legionnaire legionnaire's disease have been reported in that housing complex. they've ordered the water shut off. the city says the cold water safe for drinking, cook and bathing. they believe this discovery isn't related to the previous outbreak. let's take a look at the morning commute. a new accident i 78. and i just got word of an accident on exit 138. and heading over to long island. two accidents, one by peninsula boulevard and one near hem stead boulevard boulevard. day five of our heat wave, 92, and chance of a thunderstorm and tomorrow, more rain possible, 83 is the high.
7:55 am
and a new series called "undercover." frrb
7:56 am
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it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, can you suffer from an actual broken heart? what doctors now say could be a very real danger. then, the death of the mall? >> wow. this is the lobby. this is the heart of the mall. >> stunning immajt ages from some of america's now shut shopping centers as some communities turn ruins into a reverse. plus, what was the song of the summer? spotify weighing in on the annual debate, and the answer may surprise you. today, thursday, september 3, 2015. 2015.
7:58 am
>> it is 8:00 on september 3rd, thursday. matt is off today but willie is in. >> we're on tv! >> they're playing your song. >> i knew that song. >> and then the tape stopped. >> you got it. >> a new edition or something? >> bobby brown. i played it on my yellow walkman in 1988. >> good one! >> sorry we couldn't hear it in the entirety. coming up big savings can be found in september. you know where to look. we'll have tips to help you find the best tips on everything from clothing to cars. more to get to beginning with a check of the top stories inside with natalie. >> good morning. we're starting off with breaking news this morning. one u.s. marine was killed and nine others injured overnight when the helicopter made a hard landing in north carolina. the chopper came down during a training exercise. the cause of the accident is under investigation. a former staffer propelled
7:59 am
the hillary clinton controversy to a new level. he will not testify before a congressional committee. christ kristin wilk elker joins us. >> reporter: brian pagliano who helped set up the server who housed clinton's e-mail server is invoking the fifth amendment right. the house committee on benghazi s&p subpoenaed pagliano last month. his lawyer said he's asserting his self- right against self-incriminating. the hillary clinton campaign put out a statement. clinton, back on the campaign trail in the coming days and will face tough questions about this. natalie? >> kristin welker outside the white house for us. questions about racial
8:00 am
washington state posted a controversial photo of school athletes online. miguel almaguer has more. >> reporter: five members of the women's soccer team dressed up as the jackson five wearing black face and afro wigs. theyere headed to an unofficial team event off campus monday night. the student who posted the picture since removed the image and apologized, the university suspended the players from wednesday's soccer match saying in part, "it is critical that the student body learn from the behavior. and consider not only the real or perceived intent of the actions but the impact they have on members of our community regards will of intent." >> when you talk about kids we can't just be punitive toward them. we have to take opportunities to teach and these are very teachable moments that the administration recognizes. >> reporter: reaction online has been mixed.
8:01 am
oh, my god. you can't dress up as the jackson five now? get a clue. this the latest picture of controversy. for today miguel almaguer nbc news los angeles. an armed robbery victim said his iphone saved him from serious injury not because he was able to calm for help but because the phone stopped a speeding bullet. take a look at the pictures and you see that gouge there in the protective case. the front of the screen shattered. police say the suspect shot the fresno man in the leg and when he wouldn't give up his computer bag, the suspect now is still on the loose. it's not often that a politician gets upstaged by a whale. take a look connecticut governor daniel ma low e malloy was talking at the aquarium. he didn't see juneau behind him.
8:02 am
he appears to be listening. he was photo bombing him. before long juneau swam away having had the fill of politics. i've had enough. >> when you've lost juneau you've lost america. >> natalie, thank you. most of us have experienced a broken heart over the years. did you know it's a real medical ailment? there's a new study from the "new england journal of medicine" shedding light on this. tamron has the story. >> the answer is yes, they're real. not what you think. broken heart syndrome is a medical condition. it has carried a lot of cardiac consequences. this is what comes to behind when people talk about broken hearts. but this is what a broken heart could look like. a condition >> it's damage to the tiniest blood vessels on the surface of the heart.
8:03 am
>> the condition known as a broken heart syndrome is caused by extreme physical or emotional distress. it's often blamed when couples die within days or hours of one another. the overabundance of stress triggers the brain to trigger the aquadrennial glands. it rushes through the heart paralyzing part of it causing it to balloon out and shut down. >> you get the crushing pain. the difference when you go to the hospital the doctors will find in a classic heart ages blockages in the coronary arteries on the outside -- you don't find that. >> according to a new study 90 percent of those who experience broken heart syndrome are women. 79% are over the anyone ge of 50. men are more likely to die from an episode than women. the good news, unlike a broken
8:04 am
heart, broken heart syndrome is usmaually treatable with medicine. most people make a full recovery within weeks and low risk for it happening again. so guys, the treatment for broken heart syndrome doesn't include a healthy regimen of ice cream and chocolate. doctors manage anxiety and blood pressure medication until the heart returns to normal. a couple of people who have had similar experiences where they went to the hospital and they saw the physical changes in their body. >> it makes sense. especially when you deal with a real loss. dr. natalie azar is a medical contributor. the study compared patients with broken heart syndrome to people who had acute coronary syndrome. what is the difference? >> the other name for the broken heart syndrome is called stress
8:05 am
induced cardio my yoth i. the brain senses the stress and stimulates a gland in the body called adeanal gland to produce adrenaline. it can stun the heart muscle and weakening it. as opposed to an acute coronary syndrome which is caused by a blocked coronary artery. >> you're talking about two physical ailments. one is triggered by emotional things and the other is triggered by physical problems. >> right. usually a structure problem with a blocked artery or something. the interesting thing that came out of this. we've known for a long time that emotional triggers can cause this broken heart syndrome, but what these researchers found is that physical triggers were more common than emotional triggers. physical could be, you know, acute respiratory failure or surgery or grief and panic. but in a significant portion, 28% there was no trigger found. >> when we separate this out by sex, we find women are more
8:06 am
likely to have broken heart syndrome but men can be worse. >> far more women than men. close to 90% involved are women. men tend to fare worse. they had more complications and worse long-term outcomes. the majority of people this is considered a reversible heart defect, and they can go on with appropriate medical management. the majority do well. >> thought provoking, for sure. dr. natalie azar, thank you so much. the people who give their children unique baby names being different to be different or is there something good about having a unique name? get it while it's hot. the kanye 2020 gear that is already on sale. a simple food swap you can make for a healthier life. our pal joy will show us so
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8:10 am
first item on the list, what is in a name? there's a surprising benefit, we learned, to choosing an unusual baby name. an expert is telling yahoo! parenting, one of a kind baby names can impact the child's personality. they say they become more creative, might become an unconventional thinker. so the idea is you give the name and i guess the child kind of rises to the occasion. >> like northwest? >> yeah. >> carson? >> yeah. >> i'm a thinker. yeah. >> al? >> you gave an unusual name? >> and vale. >> it can toughen you up. my dad said i gave you the name to fight through life all the time johnny cash. >> no one was named is a savannah when i was a kid. you had to know why and explain it. >> definitely. >> right. >> how about vale. >> more unusual names. all right.
8:11 am
this is a picture of the morning, my friends. a wildly overgrown sheep that hasn't been shorn for an estimated five years. he was spotted alone in the wild in australia and rescued by authorities who put out an emergency call to sheerers to remove the coat asap. they named the sheep chris. >> an an usual name! let's check out the haircut. >> this is the before and after. >> wow! >> he lost a lot of weight. >> he looks better. the pink, you see there, is only antiseptic spray. >> i thought we would have -- because we're in the hoda and kathie lee set. our producer made the point is this how sheep are supposed to
8:12 am
look in the wild? that's the true what sheep look like. >> yeah. >> it's horrifying, to be honest. >> to live with that and the heat. oh! >> say nothing of the smell. this seems like a story of a lucky kid with the coolest parents. it's ordinary parents with a clever son. here is the scoop. brendan wanted to throw a house party. he asked his parent's permission. "can i throw a party tomorrow night?" parents "hell yes." >> turns out he hacked into their phone, changed the auto correct setting and every time they type the wrote "no" it auto corrected to "hell yes." >> sweet, i typed hell yes. what is going on? i typed hell yes. "thanks, you guys are the best." >> i didn't know you could do that!
8:13 am
>> that's a possibility. >> wow! >> we would have so much fun. >> enjoy, kids! >> wow. all right. we've got it song of the summer. >> okay. >> and we're very excited. first up the guessing game we cannot just wait for. what song will dominate air waives and be song of the summer? spotify is reporting the most listened to tracks. "cheerleader" is number five. trap queen by fetty wap. "lean on" dip lo there. "the hills" by the weekend. the number one spot here it is -- >> okay. >> really had a great season. >> really? >> that is "can't feel my face" by the weekend.
8:14 am
we had them on the plaza. spotify didn't play taylor swift. she's not on there. that was the greatest song. all right, weekend. sorry, buddy. let's take a look at the photo of former president lyndon b. johnson. you might be wondering why pot p start is getting political. that's brian cranston he's playing him in broadway. >> he was terrific. >> the first image in character was released to "people" magazine. here is a comparison. you can see how remarkable that is. >> that's incredible. >> it's going to be good. we end with kanye west. he made headlines when he announced his bid for the 2020 election. if you're planning to vote west, you can snag campaign gear early. the site is flooded with items such as campaign buttons.
8:15 am
there's a variety of kanye 2020 shirts and clothing. a little something for everybody there. and kanye/swift ticket 2020. >> oh, my gosh! >> how about that one? >> that is hilarious. >> that's pop start. >> my campaign budget has been consumed by "make america great again." >> okay. a good hack there. thank you. al to the weather. we are talking about our labor day weekend. we start off with today rain throughout the gulf coast showers in the pacific northwest. let's go to the weekend. here we go down to the southeast we're looking at wet weather along the gulf coast. temperatures in the 90s in the mid mississippi river valley. sunday more of the same. it's going to be a little bit of a wash out through the gulf coast into the mid atlantic states, and monday again, right
8:16 am
along al, thanks very much. another hot one today. humidity's up. temperatures up, too. 92. day five of this heat wave. five in a row of 90 degrees or bet perp just an isolated storm possible. stray showers tonight. most don't see it. another muggy night. mid-70s. tomorrow, wind shifts to the northeast. could be showers scattered early in the day. 83 the high. that's it. low 80s saturday, sunshine. warm dry sunday. 87. by labor day, back near 90 degrees. t. that's your latest weather. al, thank you very much. wrapping up the simple swap serious with joy bauer. easy to replace foods to help with healthy issues. joy has great ideas to help reduce your risk for cancer. let's start with the base picture question. what is cancer? what is happening inside our body? >> great question. cancer is a name given to a whole collection of diseases.
8:17 am
no matter what type you have, whether it's breast cancer, or prostate cancer, or colon cancer, abnormal cells are dividing uncontrollably and then sweating into the surrounding healthy tissue. i have a graphic i'm going to show you. it illustrates this. this first one that is healthy cells. as you can see, they multiply and stop, but here they kept dividing out of control. these are the cancerous ones and the they infill trate the healthy surrounding tissue. >> the problem can be caused by genetics. but there are decision s s we can make with our food that may head it off a bit. >> that's an important thing to point out. we don't know why some people get cancer. there's genetics, environmental issues, but there are some things that we can do from a lifestyle perspective that can cut our risk. so the first thing is maintain a healthy weight and exercise. i feel like i hammer this over everybody's head all the time.
8:18 am
but this is way more than vanity. we know that about a third of all cancers can be stunted and stopped just if you watch your weight, you eat smart, and exercise regularly. that's a huge number. a third. you want to limit alcohol and don't smoke. alcohol has been connected to specifically the es to ro trogen related cancers. you want to be smart in the sun. sunscreen. the important one get screened. meet with your primary physician, they know your history and details. get screenings for everything. your skin, your colonoscopies, et. cetera. >> good ideas. people love yogurt in the morning. they put gra know will nola. >> sprinkle on pomegranate seeds. we know through research that pomegranate seeds have cancer fighting compounds that can help
8:19 am
reduce your risk and they're delicious. >> i grill a lot. marinade ing your meats helps. >> it's important. when you char your meat we're talking about beef, chicken, pork, even fish, and it gets nice and burnt on high temperatures, you create something called hcas. these are dangerous and cancer-causing. they're carcinogenics. if you marinade your meats in a flavorful seasoning at least 30 minutes. if you put in tumeric that helps. >> it tastes good, too. we'll get the rest of your swaps at >> thank you so much. this morning in "today" a farmer who is embracing the idea of farm to table. erika hill has her story. good morning. nice to see you. th woman you're about to meet never imagined she would be
8:20 am
spending her days in a farm field. she never imagined how much that would impact her cooking. for the two dozen diners a chance to savorhe season's bounty bounty. for the chef, it is much, much more. >> it's about our gratitude for the crops, our gratitude for our friendship. [ applause ] a meal inspired by more than 3 dozen varieties of tomatoes. growing steps from the table lovingly cultivated. >> how much did you know about tomatoes before starting the farm? >> nothing. a whole lot of nothing. >> a successful southern chef from the delta elizabeth enjoyed a long love affair with food. yet, when she and her husband were approached five years ago to start a tomato farm in mississippi, she had no idea how it would affect that relationship. >> you put a seed in the ground and it grows.
8:21 am
there's nothing like it. >> the learning curve was steep. a bumper crop in the first season prompting an award-winning recipe. >> we start the making bloody mary mix. >> more than 2,000 pounds from their fresh ingredients supply more than 50 restaurant kitchens across the southeast. has forever changed the way she cooks. if it isn't available in the fields, you won't find on the table. the fact that you can actually go in to the grocery store and pick up a watermelon in february is wrong! there is nothing right about it. >> reporter: that renewed focus on the seasons is a shift she believes more americans are also embrace embracing. when she celebrates each summer with a crop that has given her a new direction and anchors of inspirations. >> there's no controlling the farm. but what you get is you get a
8:22 am
nsese of trust because even if it's not exactly your way or exactly your time, it all comes together. it's pretty amazing. >> so they make a number of things with the tomatoes. an incredible tomato jam. but everybody in the region has embraced it. and, you know, she's outside of ole miss where football is a religion. as you know, tomatoes have become a sedge dare condary reasoning. >> where is the jam? >> there is some but it didn't make it upstairs. i have bloody mary mix in my office. >> okay! >> you're speaking carson's language.
8:23 am
coming up good morning, everyone. 8:26. it's thursday morning. it is september 3rd. looking at the george washington bridge. i'm darlene rodriguez. police arrested the man wanted for an attempted rape in washington heights. they say 19-year-old anthony ramon is the man seen in this surveillance video.
8:24 am
they say he surrendered after seeing himself on tv. accused of gra be grabbing the victim sunday morning. the woman fought back and managed to get inside her apartment and lock the door. a look at the morning commute. here's lauren scala. >> thanks, darlene. an accident out there on the garden state parkway southbound by exit 138. a new one on the fdr drive no hbound approacng 61st street shutting down two lanes. late-running construction out there in the westbound lanes. what it looks like by clove ride. slow ride there. back to you. check of weather. today hazy, sun. high 92 degrees. tonight, chance of a thunderstorm. 75. tomorrow, more rain possible. 83. saturday, lots of sun. low humidity. 82 degrees. sunday, mostly sunny. 87. coming up on the "today" show, some of the country's best diving dogs are live on the plaza for a canine competition. stay tuned.
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
you're watching that first on "today." 8:30 now on a thursday morning, september 3rd, 2015. this is the world premier of brad paisley's country video "country nation" if you love that, you'll love what you'll see here tomorrow!
8:28 am
our summer concert series rolls on with brad praise ly aisley. good morning. >> wrangler is eating the flower. >> brad paisley shot that at vanderbilt stadium. by i dia gress. hanging out the hall doesn't have the same appeal. it may be why more than ever shut down and left abandoned. what is being done with the huge spaces? and five things you should buy this month and you'll get a great deal on right now. >> sorry, wrangler was trying -- he hears other dogs. he was trying to sneak away. where to find the awesome discounts. >> we should call you wrangler. you have to wrangle wrangler. >> he can hear the other dogs. >> i don't know if you have the heart for it. >> i do! >> i know.
8:29 am
we'll get to that in a moment. al, the forecast. another look for what is going on today. wet weather through the southwest, gulf coast and in the pacific northwest they need the help. and as far as labor day is concerned, take a look out west. we have monsoonal moisture coming up. it's going to cause the possibility of flooding over the weekend, but sunshine along the west coast both friday and saturday. look for the wet weather continuing sunday on into monday in the southwest. beautiful weather along the west coast. monday 84 in l.a. 76 in san francisco. the wet weather moves out of the four corners area. el paso a scattered shower or two and al, thanks very much. a warm, sticky morning out there. mid and upper 70s now. 77 at jfk. brooklyn, 76 in the park. 60s to the north and west. hazy skies, too. the way it stays all day. building in a few clouds from time to time with that hazy sunshine.
8:30 am
88 by noon. forecasting a high of 92. the spot thunderstorm risk only a 20% risk west and north of stit. back to high 80s tomorrow. especially first half of the day. beautiful weekend, saturday, sunday, monday. 80s by monday. we got some lovely folks out here including the birthday girl down here! hattie, you are not 75 years old. >> of course not! >> you're from texas. >> -- florida. originally long island. >> i'm going have what you're having. you look fantastic. >> do you like white or red? [ laughter ] happy birthday! let's head back to is a savannah. now to the special series under covered.
8:31 am
this morning changes to the u.s. economy have happening right in front of us. row ronan pharaoh took a look. when you think of american prosperity one of the big symbols is the busy, noisy all american shopping mall. the years worth of data show declining retail traffic and growing number of malls lying in ruins around the country. she asked so i strapped on a go pro and headed to the heart land for answers. a short drive from downtown akron, ohio. 140 stores all abandoned since 2008. >> i basically want people to look at my photographs and see the beginning of the end of the greatest economic machine in the world anyone has seen in america. i want them to be afraid, se lawless, that's not his real name, has made a career of documenting the lost and
8:32 am
abandoned parts of america. he's heading to rolling acres, one of the first malls he photographed. a place he remembers visiting as a kid. back in the day, you went in through this little opening. >> yeah. >> i was treassing but i thought the images i could capture could be powerful. i took that risk and trespassed in there. today seth has permission to walk right in. >> wow. >> what do you look for when you first enter like this? >> i see things and i try to capture it as quick as i can. because time is of the essence when i'm in a place illegay.ll so all the glass is really smashedp a the jewelry stores. people wanted to get in there. >> yeah, they did. you see this is an indication of the amount of vabd ndalism kids or whatever. i wouldn't be here -- tt's how i end up being in trouble. kids like that trashing the place. >> watch your step here.
8:33 am
you see a lot of glass. >> as americans take the shopping online, teens from turn from brick and mortar hang outs to social mediaalls have been left behind. more than two dozen abandon in the last four years. business at upscale malls is improving. about 15% of u.s. malls with lower end stores will fail within the next ten years. >> this is the heart of the mall the lobby. it had plush plant life and water fountains. but some communities are breathing life into the urban waste lands. providence, rhode island a historic shopping mall "the arcade" home to inexpensive microloft apartments. the former mayfield mall now high-tech offices for google glass.
8:34 am
and less than an hour drive e euclid square mall. signs of life and fate. >> one by one they moved out there. it was totally empty. it was for years until they finally started allowing churches to rent the properties here. >> i think it's very inspiring. when i come in here it's kind of cavernous and the echoes because it's not full but you can hear the singing or music from different churches. >> ten years ago you would walk in here and like what happened to my community. now fast forward ten years later and you walk in and now it's full of life. so you see people smiling and praising god. you hear music. >> the great transformation. >> a testament that the community can come together and bring hope back to the community. >> reporter: some experts say it comes down to a shrinking american middle class. as the community in ohio showed that can be the beginning not
8:35 am
the end. >> i grew up in new jersey. i'm a mall connoisseur. you have to believe some has to do with online shopping. >> a huge factor. people don't want to hang out in the mall anymore. >> you have the finalist in? >> that's right the internet is never wrong. you wielded the power of the undercover hashtag. first, living off the grid. and why some are resorting to it. second, s.a.t. prep discrimination. are some minority communities being charged more to train? and finally, cults. you want to hear more about the inside of america's cults. how many exist and how they operate. which do you want to see? tweet us. >> can i vote for all the above? >> we'll tell our bosses. coming up the five things
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
you should buy this month we are back it's 8:41 thursday morning. it can mean back to school and things that normally wouldn't be on sale. a "today."com contributor. good morning. >> good morning. >> i know we're going to save money. labor day is a time for sales. >> it kicks off what is typically a hot month to shop. september is the best time to buy depending on what you're in the market for. >> you have specific categories that september is the month to buy. starting with the iphone. >> if you've been waiting to upgrade now is the time to buy starting ing ing after september 8th. they are expected to announce a new version. the history proves redundant, we'll see prices drop on the current model. there's a catch, you know, you
8:39 am
want to be sure you are interested indohe two-year contract. that's where we'll see the price cut. >> if you're due for the upgrade ar ae you the potential candidate? >> absolutely. maybe an android user curious about apple and iphone you want to shop with the existing carrier start there. apple is expected to price drop by 50%. another great one plane tickets. a lot of people are thakt the holidays and travel. >> it is. we contacted the sweet time is 60 days before you want to fly. mid september is a good time to get the flights for the thanksgiving holiday. >> car shopping. i would have thought december because all the new cars are coming in but september. >> september is great. december has slightly higher discounting but then you have no inventory by ptember. september is the best time to buy.
8:40 am
everything from cash back offers, 0% financing whether you want to lease or buy. it's a great time to shop. >> these are the 2015 models. >> exactly. >> you might get a little better deal in december but you're not going to have the selection. >> you won't have the selection. now is a great time. >> okay. let's go on. mattresses. always one of the big ticket items that is boring to buy. >> it is boring. and labor day is synonymous with mattress sales because people have time to try out the mattresses. we're seeing huge mark done s wns. we see 60% off at serta, seal ely and macy's. >> and summer clothes. >> bathing suits, dresses, shorts. i got a cute dress yesterday for like 70% off retail. this is a september great for, obviously, summer clothing. it's going to be worn for awhile. >> september is one of those sneaky hot
8:41 am
onths sometimes. maybe you'll be wearing your suit or shorts. >> i would say online and in store. you can find exclusive deals online as well. for example has some particular deals for the users. >> okay. and you have overall labor day tips as you get out to start buying. >> yeah. start early. labor day, while it's monday, the deals start today. >> yeah. >> for the most part. i say fuel your smartphone with some cost-saving apps. whether it's rays which helps you get a discounted gift card. there's a site where you can shop online. if something goes on sale in seven to fourteen days they will give you the price back to your credit card. don't buy everything this month. things like toys and fall clothing, while they might be slightly discounted this weekend wait because we'll have black friday. >> yeah. you'll get a better discount in the days ahead, we hope. thank you so much. good to see you. if you want to see our picks
8:42 am
of the best labor day deals, go to coming up how justin bieber is making dreams come true for hundreds of his fans. but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ cheers and applause ] a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new taarilgater br.akfas t sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions. america runs on dunkin'.
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you exercise. u choo?e the salad. occasionally. but staying well - . phys ally, financially, yo emotionally - its hard on your own. soma cigna's got your back, go and your knees, 24/7. cigna's there to answer your questions. ie or when you need some coaching. in sickness and in health, cigna's there, helping you to get well and stay well. th'sat's having a gepartner, who's with you all the way. cigna. can i get a medium coffee, cream, two sugars? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- see you at the window.
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we make your coffee just the way you like it. on the spot. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. we're back. one week from today justin bieber will be on the plaza. last night on the "tonight show" he got emotional talking about his recent vma performance. >> how justin is making some of his fans. >> you're seeing a different side of justin bieber. first, he was on the jimmy fallon "tonight show." >> at the end you got me because you got emotional. >> yeah. >> and you started crying. i thought, ohea my gosh. >> i just -- it was just so overwhelming for me. everything. just the performance, i missed some cues so i was a little disappointed and just the support.
8:45 am
i was hones y -- i wasn't expecting them to support me in the way theyadid. last time i think i was at the vma's i think -- lastt time i was at an wards show i was booed. >> it wat different jtin bieber. you can feel the authenticity. it was authentic to him. he's trying to grow up and become man. to help him do that, he's been spending time wit some of his biggest fans. for the past six years he worked with the me a wish foundation. he granted nearly 250 wishes for some of the fans. here is just two of the stories. [ cheers and applause ] justin bieber gave an emotional performance at the mtv vma's on sunday night. his first performance on that stage in five years. it was a definite highlight for his fans. like 10-year-old monroe of california who had the chance to meet justin.
8:46 am
>> he gave me this guitar. he signed monroe, never say never. justin bieber. >> reporter: monroe was diagnosed with leukemia when she s 4 years old and met justin through the make a wish foundation. >> when had he walked the door she was speechless. >> i walked around saying i was going to be his second wife. >> reporter: now in remission monroe said meeting justin is something she'll never forget. >> thank you, justin. you changed my life. >> reporter: 15-year-old alissa hutchinson of florida is another blieber born with a heart defect. she has make a wish to thank for meeting her idol. >> he said he loved my hat and that i had a beautiful smile. >> i love your hat. >> thank you.
8:47 am
>> you have a beautiful smile. >> thank you. >> it was like santa claus came to town when alissa saw justin bieber. >> i couldn't believe it was actually happening to me. >> i love you, juste ! >> reporter: two lives two wishes granted by one music super star. and, guys, justin is going to be fulfilling the wishes of two more fans when he performs here on the plaza. that is when? >> a week from today! onane week from today. we're a excitng to have justin bieber in the new incarnation o mself and is career. he's going rock the plaza. come on down and join us. we're back with more in a moment.
8:48 am
8:49 am
first, this is "today" on nbc. we're back with one of our favorite times of the morning. >> that's right. we check with mr. willard scott for some special birthdays. hey, willard. >> if you like birthdays, you have the right place. we've got birthdays for you! regina from overland park in the great state of kansas! sh loves to play the piano. she's 100 years old today. thelma right harrisburg, pennsylvania 102 years old.
8:50 am
and she's the church mother. mount pleasant, south carolina john bauman is one of those nice things. he's 100 years old today. he loves the braves. watching them on tv all the time. everett and ardoia they are from lake view, iowa. they've been married for 75 wonderful years and love to play ginn rummy together. you can have your fun for the rest of the show. >> we are going to have fun! >> we have a pool out here. a lot of people wondering what is going on. that's coming up in the next hour. a purina dog challenge.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
and al good morning.
8:54 am
8:57 right now. looking at the george washington bridge. 76 degrees. thursday morning. i'm darlene rodriguez. the high school rocked in a gas explosion last month is expected to be ready for the first day of classes. students will return to john f. kennedy high school in marble hill next week. a worker testing a gas line lit a match that caused the blast that blew out the walls a windows of severalassrooms on the sixth floor. the building is structurally sound and safer and air quality tests shown no danger to school students and staff. the damped rooms will be seemed off. day five of the heat wave. hazy, sun. high 92. tonight, a chance of a thunderstorm. tomorrow more rain possible. 83 the high. saturday, low humidity, 82. coming up on the "today" ow, tips to makehe most of your last barbecue of the season. we'll have another local update in 30 minutes. enjoy your morning.
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
this morning on today's take oscar's surprise. the announcement that has hollywood buzzing. high wire act. dylan dreyer learned to walk the tight rope. and working out while brushing your teeth? the exercises in the comfort of your own home. it's coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall. live from studio a in rockefler plaza. o this steamy thursday morning. morning. >> i love that summer. summer of '91 that was my jam. >> i was in philadelphia.
8:58 am
my friends in college went on to form a group -- i was a youngstert a temple university hanging out in fairnt pa.rk it's the last unofficial week of , righ heard you say? >> the last weekend. the unofficial last. >> everyone goes back to school very soon and summer quickly goes away. >> summerndserte1. or something le that. >> this is the unofficial end. >> we all have on white. >> you can wear it up until -- >> yeah. >> so we've got just in line with the heat we have a pool out on the plaza. yeah yeah. >> yeah. >> why do we hav that pool? >> there we go. >> jilli is jumping there. >> we have to do it again! these are the canine athletes featured in the purina
8:59 am
incredible dog challenge. it's the first dog in the diving competition is chewy. we'll have more dogs later this morning. >> we'll see how far they can jump. >> we'll replay it to slow it down play-by-play. >> i want to see that again in slow motion. my dog, by the way, gunner, natalie's dog, and tamron's dog is jagger. whose dog will jump the farthest farthest? we'll tell you. >> okay. so competiti natalie. it's a good moneymaker. >> what is your dog's name? >> story. >> my heart goes out to story. the challenge will air nationally on nbc on january 2nd. >> that's fun. these dogs are amazing. >> we'll have slow motion. >> okay, good.
9:00 am
a friend of mine named slow missouri mo. when you think oscar who do you think? >> whoopee. >> yeah. >> i'm old school johnny carson. >> yeah. >> what year was that? >> in the '80s. >> really? >> yeah. second to bob hope for the oscar shows and the most. next year there will be at least two hosts according to david hill joking two is better than one. imagine you're in there. one of your hosts drops dead from cardiac arrests. wow. you get your second host who keeps going. >> but they wouldn't because your co-host would be dying. >> you might findome humor -- >> it's going to be a bummer. you know. >> yeah. >> the elephant in the room the body on the floor there. >> that's not good. >> last time we saw that duo it went well.
9:01 am
2011 james franco and anne hathaway. >> i feel bad for them. >> i do. i think it was a mismatched pairing. >> yeah. it didn't work too well. 2010 steven martin with alec baldwin. which wasn't bad. in 1987, how can you forget this? chevy chase, paul hogan, and goldie hawn. >> i forgot. >> paul hogan? >> you call that a host? >> crocodile dundee was the host? >> he was. >> you first, dream teams. jared leto and jennifer lawrence. i think he's hilarious and smart. >> he is? >> oh, gosh. >> what was he funny in? >> i met him on the red carpet. he constantly -- >> really? >> and she's great. >> he did have a great delivery -- or great speech when he won or acceptance speech. ho sw about you?
9:02 am
>> amy schumer and jimmy fallon. i think a lot of people are in amy schumer camp. >> i went amy schumer and jennifer lawrence. the bff thing going now. >> i went rogue will smith and sophia vergara. will smith is brilliant across the board. and sophia has change as well. i think it's an interesting mix for the oscars. >> i like that. >> some people have talked about key and peele. and how could you possibly go wrong with tina fey and amy poehler? >> they're brilliant. it's amazing. but can they -- would you be able to do both shows? has anyone done both shows? if anyone could they could. >> johnny carson hosting five times starting in 1970. >> really?
9:03 am
>> and he was the master at it. >> you're the master at factoids. >> i love it. >> billy crystal the movie spoofs inhe tginning. >> you are the most -- you would be the best lifeline on any game show. >> oh! >> any holiday -- >> oh, okay. >> i would love to say yes! as long as i have this little thing then i'm -- >> the man in my head. >> but you doave a lot of useless factoids, sometimes. >> yeah. >> my mom -- it used to drive her crazy. why can't you remember your math homework? because i can't care abo that! >> the whole dialogue from the three stooges. that's what youare about. stuff we care about, of course, the picture of the day -- actually, video of the day. you're talking and suddenly not paying attention. had wch you often do to us
9:04 am
sometimes. then you get someone behind you. there's the whale named juneau. that's connecticut goverr daniel malloy yesterday. the governor was visiting mystic aquariums and juneau decided it was time to get a little attention. >> you know juneau is quite a ham. he likes the attention. >> i guess -- at one point he's like eh. he moves on. >> someone said people who get engaged or married there and juneau and the other wle will do the heart shaped thing behind you. >> mystic aquarium is amazing. >> it is. >> and pizza and the ice cream! >> we've been talking about that road trip for two years. >> we're doing our show from mystic at some point. >> let's do it! >> am i staying here or go there? one never knows.
9:05 am
anyway. let's see what is moving in slow m. mo. tropical depression kevin south of baja, california that will bring moisture up. look at the swath of 90s and 100s southeast, gulf coast, northern plains,southwest, into new england. that's toasty! rest of the country looking at wet weather through florida. showers made their way through the northeast. back door cold front that will cool things off in the northeast and new england for a day or two and warm up. more rain through the southwest. clouds and showers in the pacific northwest. one more day of the hot stuff. heat wave, day five. forecasting a high of 92 degrees. plen of hazy sunshine. just a slight chance of an isolated shower or thunderstorm north and east of the city. stray shower possible tonight.
9:06 am
75, low midtown. 60s north and west. tomorrow nort a-of-as hot. pop-up showers first half of the day. 83. beautiful weekend. low humidity saturday pap bit warmer sunday. 87. back near 90 laker day into early next week. >> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you very much. dylan dreyer on balancing her latest assignment. >> i see what you did there! >> i didn't mean to do that. >> she's doing her best. hang in there! hang in there! >> let's discuss medical supplies i'm kind of happy with my guys. i think you'll love our newest line the stuff venr sells works nefi and my budget'small, just so you know. should i stay or should i go when you choose to go for business, go to the new it makes finding the right room faster and easier than ever. and right now stay two times and rn a free night p book n at
9:07 am
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(energetic rocsic) dad? can my te sle over? uhhh... uhhh... yeah, please!! with your new samsung washer with activewash you can pre-treastainsin the bui-iltsink wio dr npy mess. and we'll deliver it to your home. for free. the latest in samsung home appliances at best buy we won't just help you do baseball season. we'll help you dominate it. save up to 30% on select major appliances. expert service. unbeatle price. best buy. they say life is all about balance. we sent out dylan dreyer to prove it. so dylan, explain to us what is going on. you're dng great! >> i've also got my foot back here. i can walk and talk. i don't know if i can balance and lk. we'll see how it goes. i've braved hurricanes and blizzards and downpours and high
9:10 am
winds, but i have to say walking the tight rope isne of the hardest things "todahowy" has mae. it takes a lot of strength, endurance, focus, and above all else, guts. i'm harnessed up. >> now that i'm hooked up, i don't know. my feet are shaking. and i'm generally freaking out. >> keep it straight. >> watch. >> so why exactly am i up here? meet the impractical jokers lifelong friends who love to embarrass each other with hilarious and outraouesar on their hit tv show. >> i'm not getting in the water with an alligator. am i? >> for their upcomingsode e stake ahier tories higher. they take on anpi wire waboeworci. so muir te me to othf
9:11 am
ning sessions rnhe ro ll, pe. >>'v sd i c take any id and tchm i o hour wk acro t wi we srtedff wchas a huge confidence booster. then he decided to turn itp a notch. >> you do weather, right? >> this is what it's going to be up there at 60 feet. you'll have leaves and trash around. [ laughter ] >> repter: having braved the elements there was nothing left to do but suit up, climb the ladder, andanicneor ti >> ts is az >> was in enisgljo i have de inliteture. i dot s! epr: he has hisexpletive expletive-filled walk across, it wasy turn t put it all on the line.
9:12 am
>> first of all, i want to tell you it was very nice meeting you. >> reporter: there were a couple of false starts and more than one somewhat graceful falls. okay. okay. but i was determined. >> you got it! you got it! yeah! >> reporter: and getting my feet back on solid ground never felt so good. >> i can't believe i made it across. >> it's amazing. >> it's an amazi accomplishment. i was not leaving here without making it across. i don't care whatever help. i was proud of myself. the harness was holding me in so tight. the craziness is for a good cause. the impractical joker who walks the farthest will get $50,000 to
9:13 am
give to the charity of their choice. it airs on tru tv. natalie and tamron, i know it looks easy. >> no, it doesn't. >> but we have the fabulous bill here. i like his hair. he's going to show you how it's done. >> you have any pointers? >> yes. -- willie and i have done this before. >> so you should be pro. >> don't look down and don't look at the wire. hold her for a second. be don't rush. hands out! look at that over there and only step on that wire when you feel it under your feet. >> oh! >> i knew natalie would do it! all right! >> all right! >> i knew she could do it.
9:14 am
>> okay. look over there. >> yeah. >> hands out like a plane and only step when you feel it under your feet. >> this is a good core work out. >> it is! >> now let go! >> don't let go. >> it's about how quick your reflexes are. i'm going let go a little bit and ready and! yeah! [ cheers and applause ] good job. >> i want to see natalie do it with no help! >> come on, natalie! >> okay. here we go. >> you can do it. >> no help here. >> i'm going get you started. >> hands out like an airplane. hands out like an airplane. >> you can do it! oh! okay. up next dogs -- >> that looks like my moderate to severe
9:15 am
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9:18 am
all right. we're about to gather the dogs. part of the annual purina dog challenge which highlights the amazingness of man's best friend. the bests dog from around the country are here for our competition competition. the dog that jumps the partedest is our winner. we teamed up natalie with story. story is from ohio. the finest dogs so far have been -- >> wait. wait. >> we'll see how storie does. >> she's ready to go, al! this is my dog! i got my money on you, storie!
9:19 am
>> here she goes! whoa! >> yeah. that's my dog! >> 13 32 feet! >> i take the winner, al! >> that's impressive. >> next up we've got willie a gunn. er 3-year-o chocolate lab from ck falls, illinois. >> he's ready. >> farthest so far 29 feet. has to beat 32 feet. >> come on, man! there's his owner jay. here we go! >> oh! and gunner 27.5 feet. five feet shy of storie so far. >> good effort, buddy. >> and up next moves lying s s like jagger.
9:20 am
a 3-year-old from san diego. he's a certified service dog his farthest is 3'07". let's find out if he can beat orie 32. >>a! ho it pretty close! >> 32.3 feet! there you go! jagger is the winner. very impressive. oh, my gosh! and we've got this lovely bone for jagger. let's see that in slow motion. that was pretty impressive. we have it in slow motion? there we go. it's coming any moment now. there it is! look at ! incredible! here comes our winner jagger. >> that's right. here we go.
9:21 am
here you go. congratulations! that was fantastic. >> thank you. >> don't forget we want tohank our two and ur-legged areas. catch these dogs and others competing for the national title airing january 2nd here on nbc. one more competitor! our producer. let's see how he does! me on! oh! amazing. fantastic. we've got a bone for you later on. we're going to be throwing a labor day barbecue after your we thought we' d be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn' t need a loan. we needed short-term funding. fast. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. you can' t predict it, but you can be ready. another step on the journey.
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9:23 am
9:24 am
a live look at the tappan zee bridge and the new tappan zee bridge going up right next to it. 9:27 on this thursday, accepted 3rd september 3rd. good morning. i'm michael gargiulo. a fire called suspicious after commissioner nigro says it's due to heavy fire. the fpread to a second house. three children, two adults suffering minor injuries. the second porch fire set in's recent week. weather, day five of a heat wave. high 92. tonight a chance for thunderstorms. 75 degrees. tomorrow, more rain and 83 for the high, and saturday, low humidity, 82 as well. sunday, looking nice. 87 degrees. back to 90s, though, for monday. coming up on the "today" show, two deserves teachers get a back-to-school ambush makeover, and we'll be back in a half hour.
9:25 am
9:26 am
9:27 am
taking look at the headlines. a court report from the cdc offering a new look at children with adhd. the average age for a child being diagnosed with adhd is seven but about a third of the children are younger than six when diagnosed. usually it's a family mber who notices behavioral or attention issues. in about one-third of the case it's the child's teacher who first notices a problem. more than 6 million school-age d children have been diagnosed with adhd in the united states. a new report finds ttha broken heart syndrome is very real and sometimes a deadly medical condition. according to a study in the "new england journal of medicine." the effects are similar to those of acute coronary syndrome. it's somehow connected to the brain. emotional effects more common in women. physical effects more so with men.
9:28 am
the study found broken heart syndrome is more common among won t men are more likely to die from it. for most it's reible. amazon is expanding the dash button program. it added 11 more brands to the program aowing conmers to reorder items they use all the time at touch of budget. the company is chargin azonma ime numbers $4.99 but will refund with the first purchase. spectators got the money's wednesday. not because the tennis. first, there was cocoa vandeweghe. thankfully she had more than one racket in the bag. that one clearly no longer usable. probably no surprise here. she went on to lose the match. things not as gloomy for novak djokovic after he won in stight sets. he called the fan down for the tennis tango or jig at arthur ashe stadium. the number one tennis player do
9:29 am
you understanding into round three of the u.s. open. let's get a check of the weather from al. >> thank you so much. sh ing you what we've got going on as far as the weather going into labor day weekend. we have wet weather in the pacific northwest. we have rain in the northwest. gulf coast area on to northern new england with a back door cold front cooling things down a little bit. beautiful day in new england. great lakes with plenty of sunshine tomorrow. se onal temperatures with low to mid 80s. rain through the western plains and the northern plains. left over showers in the pacific northwest and looking at sunin today. mixing with a few clouds this afternoon. more heat. day five of the heat wave. 92, expected high. could be an isolated thunderstorm north and west of town. tomorrow, shower or two around for at least the first half of the day. not as hot. high 83.
9:30 am
much less humid. cooler. tomorrow night, low midihu. an labor day, high near 90. more of the sameuesday, wednesday. >> announcer: tod "tod" tayows a rbecue is brought to you by bush's beans. what's your favorite flavor? >> labor day marks the unofficial end of summer. throw a bash in your own backyard. brit is here with fun i. idea f food, decond mes. forde er er r er -- gd mornin >> i'meady ror a barbecue. the first thing is make sure you centralize your food and drink. >> that's right. put everything out on the tle for your guests to come to. notice the varying heights of the food as well. this is an easy idea. a diy station for hot dogs. let your guests choose whatever they want and add cute signs and let them go to town. >> same thing with hamburgers. >> exactly.
9:31 am
these a corn dog cookies we'll get to for dessert. the watermelon grill. hallow out a watermelon. you put blackberries in as coal. prop wh cerand y e he can bs. wed o thewe pineapple for beautiful vases for flowers. this is an old planter box. we put a trash bag in for the ice. it's easy clean up when you're done. now the corn dogs. >> the corn dogs! yes! they areugarookies with sticks in them. webutter. it's not slow calorie but it's fun. in is where your doggoes. you top it off with a little bit of mus mustard aka frosting.
9:32 am
u can use a zip lockago use for piping. cut the end off. the popsicle garland is made out of old pool noodles. cut them in 5 inch segmts. take a little bit of cut glue and put a tongue depresse or. if you have a p outdoor kiddy po, even, use your pool noodles as well. string a rope through them and actually you can turn this into a floating berage cooler. >> that's cool. >> you can see alex over here playing in the pool. we've actually tied this up into a knot, put it in the pool for him, and now he can play and you can have drinks for your guests. >> you can do that for adults and put beer in there. >> you could, yes. >> let's do a little lawn
9:33 am
dominos with this family. >> hey, guys. we went to the hardware store and got three 10 foot 1 x 4. we added a little bit of paint to meak dominos. it c lesthan $15. such a fun guy ame for your family. >> anotherame i love this. >> scrabble. >> i love this. i was the eighth grade scrabble champion. i don't want to brag or anything. th is tile. you c get at the hardware store for pennies, especially if it chipped. paint letters and let your kids participate we set up the cinder blocks so you're not cheating. >> ladder ball. underrated game. >> whatever it's the best. these are pvc pipes that we spray painted.
9:34 am
paint them and tied rope in some balls and you have fun all afternoon long. >> that's a great background game. >> you're a professional on fire! >> brit, thank you very much, my friend. >> oh! >> thank you to all of our tibel kids. go to for all the instructions on the d.i.y. plus information on brit's snaphat and instagr takam over. coming up next, playing two different roles. first as a secret federal agent on "graceland" and a lead role in the live production of "good morning" with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, nutella gives you so many delicious options every morning. send them to school smiling
9:35 am
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9:39 am
about a fellow agent. take a look. >> red phoenix, the number 47. i tuwas looking for patterns. at the time it blew me away. it was there. of course it was there. i drew a road map for my mind and theft out for brigs to find it. >> you think it's brigs? that's what think. this whole time i'm convinced it's mac. now i'm going to start looking for the wires. >> oh! >> tension there. okay. so aaron, what is going on between mike and brigs w? there's a huge amount of tension. >> yeah. you know, my character, mike, was dealing with a bit of substance abuse issues this year. i start off in the hospital and m getting hooked on painkillers and i'm bically in a haze for the first hal of th season, when i finally kind of get away from ttha and clean up, you know, mike comes oumt and s s out and looking at the operation brigs is running and he says wai minute. something is offhere.
9:40 am
he finally -- he'sying catch up. he's a little bit behind everyone. >> that's why the show is so cool. thers aned ma shows so you a ho th substance abuse problem but comes back to be the guy you're rooting for. >> it's interesting. my character started off squeaky clean, to see him go down this path, you know, and k oin falg l in hto the temptations is interesting. that's great about brs,igtoo. 's walking the line of what is right and wrong. i think that's what we try to do on the show. >>kay. and now you're going to be doing a musical action. >> yeah! >> the fox live version of "grease." >> yeah. it should be exciting. we start rehears soon. >> you're danny? >> i'm danny, yeah. >> that's dream it's aic there. >> -- dream t astit there. >> you have julianne hough playing sandy?
9:41 am
>> yeah. we have somebody who wants to sh you a gat start. take a look. >> hey, this is oliva newton john! i wanted to congratulate you on getting the role of dan with the new version of "grease" with juliannehoh. i hope you'll be amazing. and i hope you'll see me at the flamingo. >> that's awesome! wow! >> isn't that great? >> that's so cool. >> you already have your leather jacket? >> i have my own, but i don't have the one they're going to use. >> oh, god! geout out of here! >> yeah. we have oliva newton john. >> look at this! thank you guys! >>he best show to be on in america. >> this is the best show to be on in america. >> thank you! >> thank you! thank you very much! >> and over and over and over again. >> you're going to do great. we can't wait to see you. >> thank you. >> my favorite show.
9:42 am
i can't wait. "graceland" airs tonight on our sister network usa. coming up lazy ways to exercise. jenna wolf showing how the laziest of the bunch can get work done with laundry, if you struggle with type 2 diabetes, you're certainly not alone. fortunately, many have found a different kind of medicine that lowers blood sugar. rimagine what it would be like to love your numbers. discover once-daily invokana . it's the #1 prescribed in the newest class p of medicines that work with the kidneys to lower a1c. rinvokana is used along with diet and exercise tto significantly lower blood sugar t adults with type 2 diabetes. p it's a once-daily pill that works around the clock. here's how: p the kidneys allow sugar to be absorbed back into the body. p invokana reduces the amount of sugar allowed back in rand sends some sugar out t through the process of urina on. r and while it's not for weight loss,
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9:46 am
quesons drikut othes t yo ae n' he tav youre a your te et all do you might as well get a burn. find a sturdy wall in the bathroom and come on down to the wall sit. separate your legs a little bit. >> really? >> and brush yourteet if y can hold it for a minute u'lleelheurn in the body. are you burning? >> of course i am! >> prop it up to two minutes when geto a minute. wo the upperbody. take a face towold it over the head and pull outnd try to pull down and up. yo muscles you're actulyworking. now are strong. >> i don't have the muscles. pull strong. you work the muscles and the posture. this is good! you can stretch. >> very good stretch. >> okay, cool. talk about doing laundry.
9:47 am
>> you can work out doing anything. >> for example, the beginning of the week these are full. do easy arm curls. come up and come up nice andsy pu one down if these are too hard. you can curl with singles. posture is good. your shoulders back. nice and easy. >>kay. o >> you have your laundry basket here. >> take this one and i'll take this e. >>wh is yours heavier? >> no. >> work on the front part of the shoulders work it up-and-down. all the way up-and-down. do 20 of these. you have worked your biceps with the detergent and the shoulders. if you have aet s of stairs in your house, walk up-and-down. or grab one color and run up the stairs and come down. grab the other color. >> i like that! >> one set. you don't he to do multiple? >> i would love you to do two
9:48 am
ts of 20ut build into . >> ultimate couch potatoes. if you're sitting back with a glass of wine like i usually am. >> during the commercial break, at tthe is mine. take the crcial break and i'll give you three exercises. three good ones. let's do stand up and sit down. every time a commercial c es on up-and-down. get up. get upnd-down. get up back down. nice and fast and quietly. you're absorbing the blow when you come down. >> what do we do the beer arm curls? >> t. >> you can lay down -- answer that in the commercial break. lay down and put your feet on the chair. or right this and squeeze and thrust. work on the gluts heredr. >> show us now. tamron, work the arm jiggle like we want to work. get in the reverse table top. you don't have to go anywhere. i don't care about space.
9:49 am
come on up and kick. find anything you enjoy doing during the commercial break. >> i love this series. i don't like the word lazy but oftentimes you are busy and y have low energy. i like this becou can move around the house and do this. >> whenever you are, there's something you did do. >> i like to drink wine. >> yeah. >> this is hoda and kathie lee. >> for more information on your work out head to and sign up for jenna's weekly news letter! >> yeah. >> i love it. thank you so much. we're back in a moment. >> this is "today" on nbc.
9:50 am
i'm like a boxer in a ring. a small boxer. you don't pect much... i hit 'em with huge
9:51 am
creamy goodness! alright round two! bring it, girlfriend! rich, creamy, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. oh, yeah! oh! >> jagger! there's jagger. >> we like jagger!
9:52 am
and our producer! oh! >> i like that. >> bumpy landing. >> that's right. kathie lee and hoda coming up
9:53 am
9:54 am
with an all ambush make a live look the brooklyn bridge. good morning. i'm michael gargiulo. new health concerns in the bronx after the legionella bacteria turned up in the wer system at the melrose houses. four cases of legionnaire's deceasedeported in the housing complex over the lastix months. the health department ordered hot water st off in a affected building. courtlandt avenue. city says cold water good for cooking, bathing and don't think thisiscovery is related t the previous outbreak. check of weather. hazy sun. high . chance for thunderstor ms
9:55 am
tonight. 75. tomorrow more rain possible. 83. the weekend looks great. lots of sun. 82 on satuay. 80 sunday, but 90 for lor day. coming up on the "today" show with kaie lee and hoda, two kids give their parents a surprise as they take their back-to-school style from comfortable to cool. 'll we back with another local update in 30minutes, and we hopee y t this morning, people on medicaid who might otherwis be struggling toare for themselves won't have to. because homefirst, a produ oct elderplan, is there... helping them with bathing, dressing and meals so they can remain safely at home. homefirst, a product of elderplan continuing the work of the four brooklyn lies caring in so many ways. ca 1-866-386-4180 or visit blin to go's summer celebtionale's 're gonna ed shades.
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>> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. from studio 1a in rockefeller pl a. oh, the day has arrived. it's thirsty thursday. >> thirst day or thirst thirsty jenna bush hague certificate in for kathie lee. you and your sparkling water. one of our most popular segments our show is ambush makeover. >> who doesn't love a makeover? >> we're doing an ambush makeover palooza. all day. if you love ambush, you're going to go crazy today. don't move. it's going to be amazing from the minute our first ambush
9:58 am
happens until the time we say good-bye. and>>e're ambushing some teachers. >> who else? >> some nbc employees. >> we know we need it. >> ambush me. we're ambushing back-to-scho student, which was aays my dream. >> to get an ambush? >> ambush didn't exist when i was little. i would look at archie and veroca, e comic book. >> i loved archie and veronica. >> i would try to pick out my outfit - >> c we crank up th ionet i le it i don't like it i love it >> so dcribe wou were a d and you had on the first day school you had your outfit out, go like second, third grade, somewhere in the, what do you remember as an outfit that you couldn't wait to put on so could you go to school? >> i know exactly what it was and it was a little bizarr i wore a tie.
9:59 am
this was the early '90s. t a actually i believe my o somebody also craf oneor my cat to wear. >> i remember one of my outfits, and i don't knowhy i so when i look back on it, it was an orange vest with a matching orange skirt and i remember thinkinto myself, who is better than me right now, thhole weeng of going to school. we're going to ambush some kids. and if you wonder how do weo these ambush makeersov in three hours, and we wondered this ourselves, we're going to take you behind thecene as show you the seetcr we have to find the right clothes, the right color, it has to blow out right, the right everything. we're going to show our ambush makeover artist. her name is enid.


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