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tv   Today  NBC  September 16, 2015 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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trump is in a very dark place. >> the american dream is dead. >> reporter: looking to revive his own campaign, bush just released this bilingwall ad. declaring hispanics an integral part of the american dream. bush's mexican-born wife columba who rarely speaks publicly speaks out. >> we have celebrations with the family. we keep our traditions. you know, at the end it's just that, you know, faith, friends and family. >> reporter: and in another sign he may be nearing a run, vice president joe biden for the first time attacked trump directly at a reception honoring hispanics. >> trump and that stuff you're hearing on the other team and not just -- this isn't about democrat/republican. it's about a sick message. >> reporter: a lot at stake for these republicans tonight. of course, debate prep during the day and how will some that have relax for john kasich, a
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trip to the gym. marco rubio will enjoy some time with his wife and daughters and carly fiorina's camp, matt and savannah, says she needs an she will be fine. >> we'll be watching. >> reince priebus is the chairman of the republican national committee. good to see you, good morning. we have apparently lost our signal to mr. priebus. we'll get him back in just a second. >> got nicolle wallace here, a former republican strategist and worked for president george w. bush as his communications director. good morning. >> good morning. >> as we await mr. priebus, if you're in his shoes and thinking i'm the head of the republican party and this is my bunch and donald trump is blowing away the >> yeah. >> do you think the mission tonight for any candidate not named trump is go after trump? >> well, i think they all have to run their race and do what's comfortable for them. i think that what's interesting to me is the only two humans that have laid a glove on donald trump are carly fiorina with her attack, her counterpunch to him was tougher than any of trump's
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counterpunch from anybody in the said look at that face and she put up a great ad with all the beautiful faces and the two sons of ronald reagan saying we know ronald reagan and donald trump you are not ronald reagan. so far no one on stage has laid a glove. >> this is round two. the next round doesn't come for five or six weeks. that's an efernt in politics, and some of these campaigns will wither on the vine in that time. who is tonight do or die for? >> i think tonight, and i agree with you, this is the last two-tiered debate night for the republicans. i think next time they will all be able to fit on one stage but i think tonight is do or die for the establishment wolf pack, if you will, the group of former governors, who are really struggling when compared as a group to carly fiorina, ben carson and donald trump who are viewed as outsiders. >> do you at this point feel like there's a decent chance that donald trump could actually be the republican nominee, that he could emerge from this process a winner? >> listenings i've said for a long time that republican primaries are better television
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than the kardashians and i'm going to stick by that prediction this is going to be a roller coaster. this is going to be exciting. anything can happen. at the end of the day though for the same reasons that the reagans son that donald trump will not inherit the mantle of ronald reagan, the strains of narcissim, if you will, making it all about himself and talking about how great he is not where i think the republican primary voters could land. could they, absolutely but i don't think it will happen. >> have you figured out the dynamic, you look at the polling, three candidates with no experience in politics or governing anything. >> right. >> no time in congress or in governors' offices as you just mentioned. >> right. >> and those tree candidates, trump, carson and fiorina, have 54% of the total support. why is that? >> i think that what trump has tapped into perfectly and what carson and fiorina are starting to talk about more is the abject disgust with politics as usual in washington, and it is -- it is at the other folks' peril to fail to hear that.
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i think what trump's doing perfectly is listening to the sentiment, but at the end of the day we don't always vote for the person that echoes our anger. we vote for the person that channels our hopes for future and so far trump is not that guy. much. trying to get our signal up with chairman priebus, get back to, if we can. good to have you. meantime, another did you have day on tap for crews out west fighting mass f-wildfires in california and dealing with in utah. 16 people killed and four others still missing. two reports beginning with nbc's ron mott. ron, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning to you. the death toll from these flash floods has left this region in a state of shock, and the aftermath here is pretty eye-opening. take a look at the scene behind me, this white car crushed, wedged into between mountains of muddy debris and we're learning this morning just a bit more about some of those who were killed. >> oh, that van. oh, there's two vehicles. >> reporter: shortly after one of three survivors fled this
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scary scene in search of help as floodwaters threatened. >> there goes the van. oh, my goodness. oh, dear. it went over the thing. oh, no. >> reporter: the rapids moved in. >> oh, no. >> reporter: sweeping at least a dozen of one family to their deaths, three sisters and their children, one still missing this morning and feared lost as well. >> my name is joseph jessup and this here is my son joseph jessup. my family and my friends' family were swept away in this flash flood. >> reporter: joseph jessup, the eldest son of one of the mothers, couldn't reach help in time to save his family. according to distant relatives estranged from the polygamist second once controlled by warren jeffs serving a life sentence for sexual assault. >> we trust in him to heal our wounded heart at this time. i would not like to take any questions at this time. thank you. >> reporter: officials say the
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three sisters, naomi, della and josephine, seen if these family portraits, were stopped short of the initial flood when waters engulfed them from behind. many in this close-knit religious community stood watch throughout the day as cleanup crews cleared much degree-clogged road and rescuers continue to look for the last missing person. utah governor gary herbert took to twitter to express his sorrow over dual tragedies including four people found dead at nearby zion national park where three remaund up accounted for into the night and they were warned to be mindful of flooding threats. >> be careful. this area does flash flood and it doesn't take that much. >> reporter: 25 members of the utah national guard have been called in to help, and, unfortunately, for a third straight day the weather is going to be a factor. thunderstorms again in the forecast. matt, savannah, back to you. >> all right, ron mott. ron, thank you very much. >> now to the wildfire raging north of san francisco threatening thousands of homes there. nbc's national correspondent miguel almaguer is on the scene
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again for us this morning. miguel, what's the latest. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. here in the mountains there aren't many roads in or out of this community. we were on one when we hit smoke, then flames. we hunkered down with firefighters in a safety zone when this blaze just exploded. this is the eye of a firestorm, a blow torch whipping in multiple directions. on our way home on the only way out this is what we found. you could hear the fury. and feel the intensity. crews tell us these flames are shooting at 40, 50 miles an hour in some places, and even here in the vehicle you can feel the heat. we were with firefighters when the wave of flames exploding how quickly can this fire take off and jump from hill to hill? >> in a matter of minutes. >> reporter: it looked like a furnace and felt like an oven. crews rolled into the mouth of the infern ore as we retreated to their safety zone.
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could you see this blaze was out of control, and could you hear this monster feeding on these drought-stricken mountains. >> sounds like that sucking sound that people describe as a jet plane. >> reporter: when the fire torches in these trees, the immediate concern isn't intense. it's the embers. they can travel for miles. those embers and hot ash sent crews scrambling. a vehicle catching fire. one firefighter called this biblical, conditions few will ever see. because we were on a two-lane road with experienced firefighters, danger was as minimal as it can be in a hot zone like this. fortunately there were no homes in the area. ultimately this blaze ran into an area that had burned just a few years ago so it burned itself out. savannah. >> incredible to see. miguel almaguer, thank you so much. >> natalie joins us now with some new steps to deal with an ongoing crisis in europe. >> yeah, guys. it's sad news. hungary taking even more extreme measures to keep the migrants
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out of the country with a new place. police rounded up far fewer people on its side of the serbian border on tuesday. nbc's chief foreign correspondent rich engel is in hungary with the latest on the humanitarian crisis. richard, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. yesterday there were dozens of people who were arrested while trying to cross this fence. today hardly any simply because they are not getting through. the fence is holding. it is being patrolled 24 hours a day by police and by soldiers. some people are backed up in serbia which is right on the other side of this fence, but already they are looking for new routes to sweden and germany. they are trying to go around hungary, and the new routes that are emerging through croatia and a land route that goes between turkey and greece. so this country, hungary, has dammed this river of migrants, and like a river they are finding a ways around it. natalie? >> all right. richard engel in hungary for us. thank you, richard.
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all eyes will be on the federal reserve today, and the big question will it or won't it raise interest rates for the first time in nine years? the fed meeting today and tomorrow, and now that the job market is considered essentially recovered, many economists say it is time to start edging from a record low near zero towards normal rates. others argue though that many other factors such as china's sputtering economy raised some serious concerns. a decision will be announced thursday. salmonella-tainted cucumbers imported from mexico have now sickened at least 418 people in 31 states. health officials say the outbreak of food-borne illness has sent 91 people to hospitals and caused two deaths. most people recover without treatment, but the illness can be serious for young children, the elderly and people with compromised immune systems. some frightening moments in new jersey on tuesday when a wrong. escape artist spencer horseman was attempting to get out of a
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water-filled plexiglass box during a promotional event for an upcoming show with chrissagel, but after being underwater for about two and a half minutes he couldn't get that final lock open so rescuers saw him struggling and lowered him out. he was taken to the hospital. his condition is unknown but he was responsive at the time. now, you may recall this isn't the first time that horseman has failed to complete the stunt. back in june he wasn't able to free himself at the foxwood casino in connecticut and lost consciousness for some time and had to be freed by stage hands. a home run usually cause for some celebration, sometimes fireworks when a player sends one over the fence, but you don't typically see fireworks when the other team hits one, right? that is until tuesday night in cleveland. take a look. >> into the corner and alex rios has his second home run of the trip. kansas city's alex rios hitting that solo shot home run and the
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man in charge of the fireworks in cleveland had an itchy trigger finger and send or the pyrotechnics display and the hometown crowd started booing and the poor fireworks guy clearly embarrassed by the whole situation hiding his face with his hat. >> you know, what he's going to love living in kansas city, he really is. beautiful at this time of year. >> meanwhile, the indians, not so happy. >> you had one job. >> natalie, thank you very much. >> dylan is here. looks like an umbrella day for some of our friends down in florida. >> in florida, yes, where it has been an umbrella day which seems like for the past several weeks. it's eastern florida that is still under a drought, so it's eastern florida that's actually going to get most of the rain. we've got a combination of low-level moisture streaming in off the atlantic, upper level winds streaming in off the gulf of mexico and that combination means pockets of heavier rain for the next several day and we do have an area of high pressure sitting off to the north. part of the reason why the rest of the country is enjoying some pretty nice weather. this is going to keep all of these showers and storms down
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across florida, and we could end up with perhaps some flash flooding within some of these heavier downpours. look at how much rain we can see from miami all the way up to jacksonville. as much as two to four, maybe even five inches of rain so that will certainly help with the deficit we've seen since june. that's a look at the weather across the good weather stretch continues. in the 60s and 50s this morning. heading to the upper 80s this afternoon. warmer than yesterday but the
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humidity stays low with a full day of sunshine. upper 60s in town. maybe patchy fog primarily north and west and more sunshine again tomorrow. a high of 87 tomorrow. middle 80s on friday. bright and sunny. saturday, 83 with sunshine. few clouds on sunday. still nice. clouding over next week and cooling off. 76 monday, 75 by tuesday. and that's your latest forecast. >> all right, dylan, thank you. now to that shooting that shocked and saddened the country. a television reporter and photographer gunned down while they reported live on the air. well, now for first time the woman they were interviewing who was also shot is speaking out and nbc's hallie jackson has the story this morning. hallie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. millions of people have seen those images of vicky gardner standing with allison parker second before a gunman opened fire on live tv. gardner has also seen that video and said she had to watch it to move on but is still not ready to return to the scene.
7:15 am
vicky gardner remembers every moment from this interview. >> i saw movement and then gunfire, lots and lots of gunfire. >> reporter: the shooting airing live on wdbj's morning news, a single image of the gunman captured on camera. >> i didn't know where he was. i felt the next shot -- i knew the next shot he was going to shoot me in the head because that's what he was doing. world goes in front of your -- in front of you, and it did real fast, and i said i'm ready. i'm ready. >> reporter: instead the shooter fired a bullet through gardner's back as she lay on the ground in the fetal position. gardner tells fox news' greta van susteren she new reporter alison parker and camera man adam ward had been shot. >> the only thing i could think of was play dead. i was just concentrating on being so still that he wouldn't shoot me again, and then it was quiet.
7:16 am
>> reporter: at home her husband watched live, telling our willie geist after the shooting. >> immediately tried to call her on her cell phone. >> reporter: after the video cut away to show a stunned anchor on set, tim gardner waited 15 frantic minutes before his wife called from the ambulance. >> i spoke with vicky for about three, four minutes while she was being transported to the -- the emergency room at roanoke memorial. she explained what had happened to her and that she didn't know how she survived but she did and that she loved me. >> reporter: that day as doctors rushed gardner into surgery at the hospital, the gunman, a former reporter at the news station, killed himself. >> we have a long way to go on understanding what would possess somebody to have that muchage sneer but instead of anger, she and others in roanoke are choosing to focus on healing. >> it's good to be back, folks. >> reporter: parker's boyfriend, a news anchor, returning to his
7:17 am
position on air this week. >> i know the answer to what we all must do. it is to profess love, not hate, to love one another and to love strangers. >> reporter: gardner still struggling to understand why she was spared. >> my heart just goes out to alison and adam, and they are so young. why spare me and take them? >> reporter: gardner says she's hoping to create a lasting tribute to alison and to adam. as for the investigation, police tell me overnight they are working to come up with information to share with other agencies that might help prevent shootings like this in the future. in the meantime, they say they are working with their community to try to regain some peace of mind and to heal. that will, of course, take a lot of time. guys. >> well, she has a lot of strength and spirit. hallie jackson, thank you very much. coming up, a disturbing scene, a high school football player slamming a helmet into an opposing player's head. the criminal investigation that he's now facing, but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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7:26. a live look at the hamilton bridge. it's wednesday, september 16th. gorge, i'm michael gargiulo. katherine creag has the latest from hicksville, kat? >> reporter: if you want to know what frustration looks like, look at all the passengers waiting for the next train. trains bound for penn station are 20 minutes late. at one point they were 35 minutes late. even early in the morning at 5:00 a.m. trains were packed. some passengers had to stand.
7:24 am
some trains were canceled. a freight train derailed yesterday afternoon. the train cars were removed overnight. michael, 200 feet of tracks have to be repaired and inspected. back to you, michael. tough morning for folks there. we want to check in with lauren to get a check of the roads. >> route 18 remains shut down in both directions and an accident investigation. heavy delays northbound on the garden state parkway because of an accident at 137. another on one -- by 157. then on route 80 eastbound by exit 52 there's an accident shutting down two lanes. back to you, michael. we'll be right back with chris' forecast.
7:25 am
bright sunny morning. 66 degrees in the park. 50s in the suburbs. everybody warms up in a hurry once the sun goes to work. mid and upper 80s. humidity levels comfortable. same thing tomorrow with a high of 87. 85 for friday. into the weekend as well. touch cooler, near 80 sunday and back to the 70s early next week with clouds. maybe some rain by the end of the day tuesday. michael? >> chris, thanks very much. coming up on the "today" show, the where are they now series continues with the history making septuplets america fell in love with 18 years ago. another update in a half hour.
7:26 am
7:30 now. it's a wednesday morning, 16th of september, 2015. what a great crow. picture-perfect day in the heart of manhattan. good to have you along on a
7:27 am
wednesday morning. >> let's bring you up to date on some headlines this morning. all eyes on ronald reagan presidential library for tonight's second republican debate. donald trump will be center stage again, and it's expected to be in the crosshairs of his gop rivals with rand paul vowing conservative. >> the search is resuming this morning for victims of utah. 12 people were killed, another still missing after their vans were hit by a sudden wall of water, and in a nearby national park four hikers died and three others still remain unaccounted for. and the salmonella outbreak linked to tainted cucumbers now growing. health officials say at least 418 people have been sickened in at least 31 different states. >> and coming up friday here on "today," more of matt's exclusive interview with joyce mitchell, of course, the woman who gave two killers the tools they needed to break out of a new york prison. she's going to open up about what she thought about when she heard they escaped. >> we'll talk more about that as
7:28 am
the escape was imminent and when one of those inmates told her tonight's the night, and also about this talk about plans to kill her husband. all right. we begin this half hour though with a disturbing incident from a high school football game. take a look. a player rips the helmet off an opponent and then hits him in the head with that helmet. willie is here with more on that. willie, good morning. >> good morning, guys. game was last friday might in linden, new jersey. the player struck ended up at the hospital with ten stitches, and now police investigators are getting involved. this morning police and school officials in new jersey are reviewing video released overnight of a high school football game between linden and immaculatea. during the second quarter of last night's injuriesity game number 73 and number 1 can be seen getting tangled up in a play at the line of scrimmage with the immaculatea lineman being tossed to the ground. his helmet then apparently ripped off by the linden defensive lineman who appears to
7:29 am
swing it striking it across the head and sending him to a nearby hospital where he received ten stitches. linden player was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct though he was not ejected from the game. he now has reportedly been suspended from the team. school officials are demanding that player be punished. school officials in linden released a statement reading in part an investigation by the administration is taking place and disciplinary consequences will be issued accordingly. aggression on the high school football field has been in the spotlight in recent weeks. last friday a san antonio high school football player was caught on camera apparently shoving a referee after a penalty call, and two players from a different school in san antonio have been accused of intentionally targeting a referee, knocking him to the ground and diving on to him during a game on september 4th. those two players have been suspended from school and placed in a county-run juvenile justice school. they could face criminal assault charges. back to the new jersey incident,
7:30 am
the juvenile bureau of the linden, new jersey police department investigating the incident to determine if charges will be filed. the immaculatea coach said the high school has been effusive in its apology offering to help in any way you can. look at way the kid was hit. lucky he only got stitches. >> how did the referees not throw that kid out of the game? >> got a 15-yard penalty and stayed in the game. >> that's unreal. >> keep us posted on it, willie, thank you. now to a bit of a strange one involving sir elton john and vladimir putin. the music superstar says he got an unexpected phone call from the russian president, but now the kremlin is saying don't believe that. nbc's kier simmons has more on this. key, good morning. >> reporter: full disclosure, i can't entirely explain what happened here so you'll have to decide for yourself what you think. elton john's team tell us this morning they are sticking with the statement that the singer made on insta gram suggesting he received a call from the president of russia to talk about gay rights except the
7:31 am
kremlin says what phone call? it's the human side john. his concerts sell out, so maybe, just maybe, he could help heal this kind of hatred. gay rights protesters attacked in moscow. i tried to persuade president said over the weekend. talk to him. i said, come on, this is not -- gay people are not the problem here. >> reporter: then a stunning development. on elton's instagram page a big putin pictur thank you to president vladimir putin for reaching out and speaking via telephone with me today, the spinninger posted. i look forward to meeting with you face-to-face to discuss lgbt incredible. actually maybe too incredible. back in the ussr >> reporter: phone call didn't happen says kremlin spokesman. i don't know who spoke to elton john. wait, what? was it some kind of prank call? if so, elton may not be laughing.
7:32 am
a longtime campaigner for aids sufferers and against discrimination, while president putin seen here last month in the gym with his prime minister has faced international criticism for russia's laws against homosexuality. putin and elton really meeting, now that would be something to see while whoever made the call may be in hiding. now this morning putin's spokesman is quoted as saying if the president does get such a signal from elton john to meet up, the president has always been open to discuss any human rights problems, any issues. he's always ready to clarify the real situation, so, guys, a put putin/elton meeting could be really be possible. want to be a fly on the wall. >> who made the call, was it a prank, a radio prank story? >> reporter: we just don't know. >> if it were a prank, supposedly -- wouldn't you think they would tape it and release it. >> we have would heard that already. to
7:33 am
key, thank you, appreciate it. let's get a check of the weather now from dylan. >> you guys liking the fall. >> love it. >> a little heat is on the way, perhaps one of the hottest sense on record. we've got an area of high pressure, so we are looking at upper 80s to low 90s to stick around for most of the week. if we take a look at the average september temperature up until this point in the month, in new york city we're averaging about 78 degrees. that's above the record by about almost five degrees. the record of warmest september was about 73 degrees so are certainly seeing the chance of breaking some of these records. same goes for minneapolis where the average so far has been 70 degrees. st. louis averaging around 78. if it cools off out the end of the month obviously that will all balance out. we'll see what happens. meantime, looking for temperatures to stay well in the mid to upper 90s, dallas, shreveport, louisiana, upper 90s
7:34 am
and st. louis and dylan, thanks ver yoy much. cool start in the suburbs. rhinebeck, stony kill, lagrange. 51 degrees. in the mid-60s in the city. nearby suburbs between 60 and 65. we warm up through the day today. day planner, sunshine throughout. by noon, low 80s. good day for lunch outdoors. a high of 87 degrees. repeat performance tomorrow. 85 on friday. 83 saturday. a few clouds on sunday near 80. clouds increase and cools off next week. forecast. >> dylan, thank you so much. shooting star? brace yourself for what nasa looking at. stay tuned. >> not good. but, first, a new warning if the popular t rist destinatieons that top the list for hackers. after this.
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7:42 and we're back with our ongoing series the hacking of america. this morning a new warning before you log on to public wi-fi. >> some of the hot spots may be traps to steal your identity, and you'll find gomany of them in the coun ntry's most popular tourist destinations. tom costello has more on this. tom, good morning to you. >> reporter: hi, guys. good morning. you know it's tempting to find the first wi-fi network that you see that doesn't require a password and log on and, of course, it's very enticing for that very reason, it's free, and hackers are hoping that in fact it will be so enticing it will be too good for you to ignore. you touch down in a new city, and the first thing many of us do look for a wi-fi network and log on, but beware. that's exactly what cyber crooks are hoping you l do. >> your video, your social security number, your insurance inform.tion, your credint card formation, mobile payments a then after that information.
7:40 am
>> reporter: varun kohli has worked in computer security for ten years and a vp with skycure which has released a list of top tourist attractions surrounded by potentially vicious wi-fi networks. first on the list, no square, times square, new york. each red pin represents a network that could be risky. in a two square block area you've got ten suspicious >> that's true. when we did the study we found hundreds of bad networks just around the top tourist destinations. >> reporter: one big washing sign, says varun the word free. if you see free wi-fi advertised be wary. nearly one out of ten suspicious networks calls itself free so we asked tourists in times square how they pick a wi-fi. >> i'm not too picky. i just choose one and if it works i'm like whoo. >> we get to the hotel and use the hotel's wg fi but if i'm delsperate i would risk it. > reporter: to prove how easily hackers can gain access to phones, varun hacked mine in
7:41 am
less than a minute. >> i have access to your password, access to your bank information, access to your e-mail. this. >> i > can see all of >>at. >> reporter: swedies suggest 922% of people who use free wi-fi never read the disclaimer which sometimes clearly states personal information. on the list of tourist sites surrounded by ris wi-fi we weren't surprised to find the hollywood walk of fame. >> everywhere i go, i'm my friends. >> i just assume that it's a safe network, i don't know. >> reporter: also on the list, area surrounding notre dame cathedral in paris, major theme parks in california and florida, golden gate park in san francisco and the vegas strip, but this one was a surprise. just outside vatican city in rome. >> around the vatican you've got six suspicious sites. you're not saying the vatican is suspicious. >> that is right.
7:42 am
when people go they stay 30 minutes from the tourist destination and hackers know about it so they have set traps around the tourist destination. >> reporter: one big caveat, just because the network is suspicious doesn't mean it's avoiding. >> the safest way not to get sick is not to shake hands with sick people. >> reporter: good advice there, don't shake hands with sick people so you want to do everything you can to avoid, of course, the risky apps and also risky wi-fi networks. here's a look of tips that you can from what the experts are telling us. to begin with, don't join free wi-fi networks unless you're really sure you can trust them. keep your phone's operating system up to date. if your phone or apps start to crash, turn off the wi-fi and phone immediately and download a mobile security app. lastly, check out this website,, type in your area or zip code and potentially suspicious wi-fi networksanill pop up. it doesn't mean that they are all malicious.
7:43 am
many could be very legit, but their history suggests that you might want to try avoiding them. guys, back to you. >> thank you very much. that's fascinating. >> i like how he says -- >> got all that dylan, you going to change your ways? free. >> free wi-fi. >> in bangkok. >> all right. >> don't shake hands with a sick person, putting it in terms you >> now i get it. coming up next, a dislike butitton, the new button that co uld be coming to your facebook feed. what shall they c before earning enough cash ack from bank of america to take their act to the next level... before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time... 2% back at the grocery store... and 3% back on gas... vince of the flying branzinos got a bankamericard cash rewards credit card, because he may earn his living jumping through hoops, but he'd rather not earn cash back that way. that's the spectacle of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
7:44 am
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7:47 am
we're back at 7:50. big changes coming to facebook. >> timely. >> do we like them, carson daly? >> come on into the original room. let's discuss that fact. on instagram you can like things with a little heart and on twitter over here you can favorite posts by hitting a star but on facebook you, of course, can click the w ord like. another option may be coming soon. in an hour long q aimptd a on tuesday mark zurkerberg announced that the often discussed dislike button is in the works. specifically he was to clarify the purpose was to show approval but instead to have a way to show empathy. here's how mr. suckerberg described the intended use. >> whether it's something like in current events, like the refugee crisis that touches you or if a family member passed away, then it may not feel
7:48 am
comfortable to like that post, but -- but your friends and people want to be able to express the fact that they understand and relate to you so i do think it's important to give people more options than just like as a quick way to emote and share with their feeling on a post. >> we asked you at is a dislike button a good idea. 77% saying yes, it expresses empathy and 23% saying no, not necessarily. fun fact. apparently facebook did have a dislike button back in the day. they removed their thumbs down in 2008 to simplify the site and to create a better user experience so we'll keep an eye on this story. do you think we should have an agree button or like. >> work on it, carson. >> coming up, an update on the i sure had a lot on my mind when i got out of the hospital after a dvt blood clot. wherat about my family? my li'l buddy? i was given warfarin
7:49 am
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7:50 am
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7:53 am
live look attribute full view of the b qe and the east river. good morning, i'm michael gargiulo. long island railroad riders are facing cancellations and delays this morning due to a freight train that derailed yesterday west of hicksville. 200 feet of the track has got to be repaired and inspected as a result. a third of the long island railroad's morning rush hour trains are canceled today. here's lauren with the latest on the delays and the rest of the morning commute. lauren? >> michael, in addition to the cancellations and delays, limited bus service is being provided to mineola. customers are advised to use the babylon bran. .
7:54 am
there's added stops after the huntington, mineola and jamaica stations. no eastbound service to ronkonkoma or huntington between 6:00 and 10:00 a.m. we also have delays on the staten island railway and route 18 still shut down in colts neck. back to you. thank you very much. we'll check the weather now. sunny, low humidity, 87. tonight, down to 68. tomorrow, more sunshine, 87. friday, lots of sun. 85 degrees. saturday sunny and the low 80s. coming up on the "today" show, tom brokaw talks about the impact millenials will have through public service. enjoy this great day in new york.
7:55 am
7:56 am
it's 8:00 on "today" and coming up wi-fi worries. we reveal the popular tourist places here in the u.s. and around the world where hackers are just waiting for you to log
7:57 am
on to their free hot spots. then, still in seventh heaven. we catch up with the mccaughey sextuplets as they get ready to celebrate their 18th birthdays. what a feeling, dancing on the ceiling and from the ceiling to 1a, the one and only lionel richie stops by for a big announcement and a special live performance today, wednesday, september 16th, 2015. all night long all night long >> good morning, philly. >> hello to our kids getting ready for school. >> hey, y'all. >> good morning, fairfield university! >> today is a great day because it's my birthday! >> all the way from seattle. >> celebrating my birthday on
7:58 am
today! >> good morning. >> trying to get a picture. >> we're back now. 8:00 on a wednesday morning. 2015. maybe my favorite comment ever on a plaza. i walked over and this nice young lady, can we take a picture please, we're normal people. >> wait a second, they have the best time we've seen in a long time. #momdaughter, #mattcrush. >> they are normal people. >> good disclaimer. >> by the way, we're playing lionel richie for a reason. he's here. going to sing for us this morning, a big announcement and very excited to have lionel. >> speaking of exciting. >> duran duran will be here tomorrow on this plaza playing the classics. >> whoa. >> i can die now. >> carson, put that in perspective for us. musically what do you want to say about duran duran when the
7:59 am
video age broke? those guys made video back in the gay, mtv, rated-r girl on film version, truly one of the best, and some of the best musicians. i mean, this many decades later they are fantastic. >> when i see a justin bieber crowd or one direction crowd and i seed tweens on our plaza and teens crying and fainting, that was me about duran duran. >> it will be fun. >> let's go inside. natalie's got a check of the top stories. natalie. >> hey guys, good morning once again. ten republican rivals are ready to confront donald trump tonight in the second gop debate. nbc national correspondent peter alexander is in simi valley, california, with a look at the peter, good morning. morning to you. donald trump may have a big target on his back as the gang of 11 now is on the main stage tonight. trump, of course, the first time around really was more of a novelty act, but now the novelty has worn off for a lot of his republican opponents as trump now.
8:00 am
time around, the moderators saying they will try to pit the candidates against one another and they are describing this as a real dog fight. already rand paul who in the first debate sparred with trump has said his goal tonight is to conservative. donald trump for his part has been unimpressed by the possibility of attacks. he's repeatedly said whatever. it's also a critical night for other candidates like ben carson and challenger carly fiorina who has been steadily gaining steam, but perhaps more important for folks like jeb bush and scott walker whose poll numbers have plummeted. with a fund-raising deadline approaching and only so many dollars from donors available, a bad performance for a candidate tonight, natalie, could mean the end of the road. >> we'll wait and see what happens and pop your popcorn and get ready. thanks, peter alexander in simi valley, california. well, the death toll from flash flooding in utah is vicing with the discovery of at least four bodies in zion national park. several other members of their
8:01 am
hiking group still unaccounted for overnight, and would the the deaths came hours after a small pill mist community loved 12 loved ones. rescuers searched through mud and debris for another family member who is still missing. firefighters have made progress against the devastating wildfire that has burned nearly 100 square miles in northern california. they said it was 30% contained overnight and no additional homes were destroyed after the loss of more than 600 earlier this week. but officials say the swirling firestorm can shift direction with little notice posing new threats to people and property. five cities have been officially named as candidates to host the 2024 summer olympics, los angeles, paris, rome, hamburg and buoyed dapest were named by the international olympic committee. l.a. also hosted the games in 1932 and 1984. the ioc will now elect a winning bid in 2017. an audience was stunned into
8:02 am
silence on tuesday during a presentation of the new bmw models at an auto show in frankfurt, germany. company's chief executive, as you see there, harold krueger, became unsteady on his feet and stumbled backwards and fell to the floor. bmw says krueger is stable and recovering well. he's been doing a lot of travel lately and had not been feeling well. you're up to date right now. let's turn it back to matt and savannah. >> best wishes. >> really scary. >> all right. >> natalie, thank you. coming up next, what is this all about? we will explain why we're wearing these attractive looking face masks and why you may want to as well. >> what masks? >> and how helen mirren just triggered a major debate over a certain form of pda. >> plus, world's first surviving set of sextuplets. guess what, they are all grown up and we'll catch up with the
8:03 am
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looking for a delicious dinner idea? make tonight white chicken chili night! start with bush's white chili beans, simmered in our flavorful chili sauce. then add rotisserie chicken... punch it up with a little heat... and a few ingredients from your pantry. it's easy to make the perfect make your chili better with bush's white chili beans. for this and more great chili recipes, visit 8:10. good time to trend. >> it is. do not adjust your tv set. don't be alarm the it's just carson, everybody. just testing out the latest beauty craze. >> where's my news credibility gone, everybody? this is what i've been brought on the "today" show to do now. >> carson, this is the latest in face masks, don't you know?
8:08 am
>> supposed to make me younger. >> make me more beautiful. >> should put this mask on my heart, apparently. >> these face masks have been around forever like we all know the clay mask that mom would put on and it was green usually. >> yeah. >> this is apparently where face masks are going, kind of peel it off and all the celebrities are doing it. it's coming back into style. leave it on for a few minutes. we ride it this morning. here's what happened. what we looked like. >> jason. >> feels great, by the way. >> hydrating. >> something about it where you can't smile apparently. >> none of us smiled. >> because your mouth is like a little hole. >> i just knocked on matt's door with that on, and as if nothing was going on. didn't even notice it. >> just a typical morning. >> there are other kind, too, by the way, you know. >> look at this one. >> well, this looks kind of space age. >> there's no eye holes or anything. >> what is it? >> i guess the light, the red and blue lights help sort of bring back the collagen to the face. >> you look beautiful.
8:09 am
>> definitely look young er er. >> there's all these gadgets now, and this is kind of the new thing. >> what it really shows is just how far people will go just to get a little bit of an edge. >> that's true. >> a lot of celebrities are using them, jessica alba. >> cool. >> like a stormtrooper halloween costume. >> i'm going to keep this on. >> beauty mask not the only big trend right now. how about wearing socks with sandals. you guys like that look? >> i don't like that look. >> just uncomfortable. >> not my favorite. >> do you like sandals? >> i don't mind sandals. >> can he take this off yet. >> hasn't been five minutes. >> for a long time it's been a no-no don't wear socks with sandals and popular with athletes and stars like snoop dogg and look who else is jumping in on the trend, big-name designer, calvin klein, among those bringing the controversial look to the runway. footwear company teva has created a whole guide on how to pull off the look. >> but they are not the thong
8:10 am
sandals that have the thing that separates, hasn't don't work. >> like a slide sandal. tall guys like snoop, athletes, they can pull that look off, you know, really well. >> so are you tall. >> are you carson daly? >> see. >> you look good, carson, you do. >> your skin is glowing. >> i'm so thirsty. >> question for panel, your kids have chores, right? >> yes. >> if they make a mistake, they shrink something or don't iron it right do you make them do it over again or what do you do? >> i don't have my kids ironing. >> i remake their beds sometimes. >> do you if. >> yes. >> they are supposed to wipe up a mess and don't do it well or supposed to clean the table i tend to re-clean it. >> guess what. apparently we're all doing it wrong because you're not supposed to help them if they mess up. the website slate says you should let kids botch their chores because that makes them better at it. they are forced to figure it out on their own and by way the website says don't try to even bribe your kids with cash. it doesn't work in the long run. >> really.
8:11 am
>> we have my 3-year-old who learned to clear her plate from dinner, clears her plate and walks over to the counter, that's awesome and throws the whole thing into the trash so we didn't fix it we have nothing to eat on. >> imagine if you were the mom or the mccaughey sextuplets and had to remake all those beds. >> forget it. >> that's okay. >> take you all day. >> savannah, this is a story that savannah pitched but just didn't want to actually read, okay. >> that's true. >> scientists are looking for ways to make science fun, and more appealing to the masses so the folks at nasa came up with a very interesting little guide to space, and here's one little nugget. you know when you look up at the shooting stars. it may not be a shooting star. it could very well be the result two. >> seriously. >> come on. >> wait a second. apparently when astronauts on the space station go number two they don't just store it for the six months they are up there,
8:12 am
they -- they eject it into space and then it burns up. >> and nasa says it's like a shooting star. >> i like that they actually tweeted about it and when you go number two you don't -- you're not making shooting stars. >> look up. don't look up. >> don't look up. >> so it's a flying pile of -- >> yeah. >> okay. >> meet logically speaking. >> i'm sure it was pretty well understood and i think everybody got it. >> i think -- >> some tinks you just don't need to know that it's happening in space. the information doesn't always have to be readily available for all of us. why do we need to know these things? >> science. >> i feel better for us. >> only if my wish comes true. the new take on iconic movie scene that gave us nightmares and ariana grande does her best sierra leone. carson. >> we'll start with a good scare, one of the most frightening scenes in history, a classic from alfred hitchcock "psycho," janet lee's character getting an uncouple surprise in the shower and nowjaimy lee
8:13 am
curtis is striking a new pose for the tv show "scream queens" and that's pretty cool right there. next, helen mirren and the comments raising some eyebrows this morning. the dane was talking about gender equality and some form of pdas and she said it annoys me when i see a men with an arm slung around their girlfriend's shoulders. it's like ownership. when you're young you want the guy to take you by the hand and look after you but i see girls being leaned on and i want to say, tell him to get his blank arm off your shoulder. >> wow. >> guys doing this kind of thing. >> and i think it's more when they do this. >> i think that's a show of endearment and love. >> i think hand holding is better though. cool. >> and we love when they do this on "the tonight show," a game called wheel of musical impressions where jimmy and a guest take turns impersonating people singing famous songs and last night ariana grande was there and they made beautiful music together.
8:14 am
i can feel my face when i'm with you but i love you i can't feel my face when i'm with you but i love you, but i love you >> shall we go for you. i can't feel my face with you >> that's kind of awesome. >> that's really good. >> funny and alarmingly talent. what can't jim doe. >> they sound good together. that's your pop start. >> your skin looks fantastic. >> feels nice. >> dylan, your skin looks nice, too. want to do the weather? >> yes. i'll go do the weather. looking at heavier rain and even some mountain snow across parts of the rockies, especially 8,000 feet out in yellowstone. showers moving into parts of the pacific northwest and also in middletown. that's where we're going to see more showers begin to move in along with temperatures in the
8:15 am
upper 60s. want to point out yesterday in los angeles of all places we ended up with almost three inches of rain in just one day, and i found out, unfortunately, 80% to 90% of that goes into the storm drains and runs right out into the ocean and much needed rain wasted in that situation. afternoon temperatures cool in the northwest and hot down through the plains. west texas topping out above 100 degrees and the area of high pressure will continue to move eastward and some of the heat will start to stretch into the northeast. >> shooting star right that. >> no, that's a good stretch of weather. plenty of sunshine cht temperatures to a high of 87 yesterday's high, 84. today a little warmer. 50s in the suburbs. watch for patchy fog, especially in northwestern burbs. feels like california weather tomorrow. low humidity, 8785 friday, 83
8:16 am
saturday. plenty of sunshine. clouds in the mix sunday at 80. more clouds next week and cooling back to the 70s.
8:17 am
8:18 am
8:19 am
>> what' s the b t thing, guys, about being a sextuplet, the best thing? >> i would say just having a big family, a lot of brothers and sisters to hang out with. you're never alone. always someone to hang out with and talk to. i think that's the best. >> do you agree best? >> you know what's coming.
8:20 am
what's the worst thing about being a sextuplet. >> kelsey, you look like you have something to say. >> i don't know, it's just -- i don't think there's a worst part. i've enjoyed all of it, so there's not been a worst part >> you know, just sit here and marvel how wonderful you have all turned out. bobbi and kenny, that's such a testament, couldn't handle seven babies in diapers and seven driver's licenses and now tuition bills coming. how have you been able to manage, bobbi? >> early on we had so much help from family and friends and if there was anything that we needed there was always someone there who was willing to help us and, you know, we have a super strong support system. we have a super strong faith that has been the rock that we have had just to stand on. >> great foundation is absolutely key. bobbi, i mean, it was so public.
8:21 am
you guys were on the cover of magazines and for a while our cameras followed you and you did a little bit of press but you said okay, that's enough. we're going on with our lives. route. was that on purpose? >> yes, because i really want us to be, you know, as normal of a family as we could be. that's the best way to raise a family is just let the normal everyday, you know, things. >> yeah. >> is it fun, guys, to be in the spotlight now? you're almost 18, or are you ready to just go back to normal life? >> it's fun, i like it. >> of course, you would say that, kenny. you're the class clown. >> well, good luck to all of you. it's so good to see you, and i think so many people in this country feel like they really know that they watched that miracle when you were born and we're glad to catch up with you. thank you so much. >> thanks for having us. >> coming up tomorrow another great story we followed, jessica lynch the army soldier captured and dramatically rescued in the 2003 iraq war. we will get up to date on her life and check in with jessica. carson, over to you.
8:22 am
>> savannah, thank you so much. to my left, one of our friends, music ledge gend lionel richie, will perform one of his biggest hits
8:23 am
and you'll share some big a view of the george washington bridge. traffic is moving nicely on this wednesday, september 16th. a train was cleared from the tracks, but 200 feet of track has to be inspected, it is causing delays and cancellations. war here are the details. cancellations. making all stops. do i sound like platform announcements.
8:24 am
westbound trains bypassing west bury and carle place. then we have no eastbound service to ron con coma to hunting ton, limited service restored east. some improvements there. getting on route 80 eastbound. accident by 852 causing extensive delays. route 18 shut down both directions. let's check the weather. sunny, low humidity. high of 87 degrees. tonight, mostly clear, 68. tomorrow, more sunshine, high of 87 friday, sun, 85. coming up, see what one teacher is doing to spice up lesson plans. meantime, enjoy this fantastic day in new york city.
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:30 now on this wednesday morning, 16th of february, 2015. guys, it is a great morning. they are playing our song.
8:27 am
we are going to party, siesta, forever. all night long because lionel richie is here. >> not only is he going to sing, we looked it up on >> i thought it was carumba, too. >> i thought it was -- >> whatever, one of the greatest artists of all time, lionel richie going back to the commodores in the '60s and hands down one of the nicest human beings alive. >> absolutely and a big announcement ahead. >> and tom brokaw reintroduced us to the greatest generation. he's written so eloquently about that generation, but now we's talking about millennials this morning and what they can do to different ways. >> all right. we'll catch up with him. meantime, if you happened to catch last night's premiere of neil patrick harris' show "the best time ever" here on nbc, well, you probably notice that had carson put in an appearance along with some of his friends from "the voice." and that man in disguise, as you see, is neil patrick harris. he's trying to be an
8:28 am
international interviewer and the guys from "best time ever" shared an exclusive outtake. >> here goes nothing. >> pharrell, i love your style and energy. who choose your outfits. >> i choose my outfits. >> my wife is a seamstress in austria and i wear your outfits like costumes. >> bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s. >> had no idea who he was, pretending to be a host of another "voice" in another country and everyone was trying weird. so weird the whole time and it turns out he sang, no coach me, neil patrick harris, you're on my show "best time ever." >> i don't think i've ever seen pharrell not smile. >> awkward. >> by the way, catch "the best time ever" with neil patrick harris next tuesday 10:00 p.m. volumes kwltd the voice." also a very good show i hear on nbc.
8:29 am
>> dylan, how about a check of the weather. >> the heat is building. it feels like anything but fall, that's for sure. temperatures in the 90s to even 100s down through texas. we are going to see some of the heat and the humidity build back in across the northeast, even up into new england where we could be flirting with some records, especially tomorrow. more rain is likely down through florida, and we also have some pockets of heavier rain that could lead to more flash flooding through the rockies and also mountain snow before that at 8,000 feet. still still unsettled across washington and oregon and much-needed rain in that area and temperatures only in the 60s and a front that moves in that will bring showers through minneapoli dylan, thanks very much. looking at sunshine. starting in the 60s and 70s to the mid to upper 80s this afternoon. low humidity, a comfortable 87 degrees. tonight mainly clear. 68 in the city. a few 50s in the suburbs, maybe patchy fog in the morning.
8:30 am
another warm day tomorrow, 8785 friday, 83 saturday. temperatures slide over the weekend to 80 sunday with a few clouds, clouding over monday, tuesday. >> just signed this gentleman's cast, the first signature. got to get anybody else out thank you very much. feel better. >> thanks very much. from time to time our good friend and colleague tom brokaw stops by with an issue that has caught his attention. today the impact millennials will have in particular through abroad. it's a popular theme in his commencement speeches. >> we must all take a role in exporting the american ideals and culture and the american dream so i would hope that each of you would dedicate a part of your life to the idea that american citizenship goes beyond our own selfish purposes. it is a privilege and an obligation and an opportunity not to be taken for granted.
8:31 am
it is hard-earned. y president michael crow has embrace that had message in a big way kicking off a first of its kind public service academy, training both civilian and military leaders together. dr. crowe, tom, good to see you both. >> good to be here. >> well, i just -- i so admire michael as a university president but also as a guy who is willing to seize on ideas. would i come back from iraq and afghanistan and think we're putting all the burden on our military people, less than 1% of our population, and we have the millennials who feel disconnected from their government and from the idea of public service. he heard me give that speech about we need to kick start public service and use land grants to do it so this fall he's started the public service academy at arizona state. >> what happens with this academy, and what exactly will take place when students are a part of that? >> think of it like rotc but it's to produce civilian leaders for civilian roles so we're building an academy where people will learn practical aspects of leadership and will take their
8:32 am
regular major and will have holarships training side by side with future military officers to produce the new kinds of leaders. we've created a new academy, new environment for them. >> tom, how many times in the past have we talked about only really respecting people who put their money where their mouth is? dr. crowe is putting money where his mouth, is personally donated more than $1 million to this academy. >> really by all accounts i'm not afraid of embarrassing him but everybody regards him as one of the two or three greatest university presidents that we have in this country because he is so dynamic. the other piece of it is that we want to have the private sector have an engagement with these people in the public service academy as well so they emerge with it from real job skills. >> tom has written so much about the greatest generation, doctor, and all they did to contribute to the betterment of the world, and i think sometimes millennials don't get a fair shake when it comes to our accomplish. would you agree with that? >> i think that's true.
8:33 am
when we look at the millennials and particularly the millennial nets, people born after '94, we see them as wanting their lives to have purpose and what we're doing is expanding their opportunity to have purpose and to be of service and building an academy, adding to america's capabilities to produce new leaders. >> real quickly, when you give that speech and you talk to them about exporting the ideals of our country and their civic and civilian responsibility, what kind of response do you get? >> i get in every kind of audience, conservative, liberal, young, old, corporate, standing i'm quite s nned by it. i describe it as a big idea that can bring the country together. this is not a partisan idea, matt. this is an idea that everyone can rally around during a campaign in which the country seems to be broken in a lot of parts. >> you may get standing ovations but you may not realize it because you're also tom brokaw. that probably contributes a little bit, too. >> i don't think it has much. if i was mattite be out there on the golf course with jordan spieth. >> we can all do that.
8:34 am
doctor, great to see you. ank you very much. >> great, matt. >> my pleasure. coming up, a talent invasion in studio 1a, oscar winner benzio d that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talkntg) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. this moment is perfect in every way just like my kid gooey...flaky...happy. toaster strudel. now with more icing. i'm michael douglas, and new york is my home. there's no place like it in
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8:36 am
we're back now at 8:39. the new movie that delves into the high-stakes world of illegal drug trafficking and a task force and oscar winner benzio del toro stars as a mysterious consultant. take a look. >> where were you sent from in. >> cartagena. >> colombia. >> nothing will make sense tw your american ears, and you will doubt everything that we do. but in the end, you will understand.
8:37 am
>> benicio del toro, good morning. >> good morning. >> this is an intense film, and there are good guys and bad guys but you don't actually know who is who for quite a bit. >> yeah. well, i think that's -- that's the point of the film. you're compelled by -- by -- you understand what they are doing but then you don't -- you're not so sure if their tactics are the right ones. >> from almost your first scene i felt like watching, it like i liked you but i didn't know -- i wasn't ready to commit because i thought there's a good chance that you're going to be eally terrible. does that mean mission accomplished? >> yeah, yeah. he's the type of guy that he's going to win no matter what, you know. >> you're the kind of actor i would assume who just has the pick of scripts right now. are you somebody who gets a script and it's love at first sight, that this is a movie that i want to do, or do you pull it over and let it marin ate and think about it in. >> usually when i read a script i can tell if it's original and
8:38 am
that this one was very original i was motivated to go the next step which would be meet the director and the director of bo"sicario," his enthusiasm, his point of view, his vision just was contagious, and i said yes. and then the cast josh brolin and emily blunt, great. >> it's amazing. the movie, of course, deals with the war against cartels, the war on drugs. this is an a a that many of your movies have dealt with, but you've played different perspectives. you've been a recovering addict in one film, an addict in one film, a good cop and this mysterious creature. >> i've played all -- most of the angles. >> yeah. >> i think, and this one is diffs erent because this one is the guy that -- that is bent on revenge and he's going to do anything he can to be on the good side and that's -- that's a journey. >> emily blunt is coming on tomorrow. she's in the movie as well. she says, by the way, that you're amazing to work with, and we asked her were you
8:39 am
intimidated by benicio and i think it was tongue and cheek and she said i think he may be inrgtimidad by me i trmnk that's true. when you sit down and work with anta actor that is like so good as she is, it's like -- and in paur ticul there's this one scene in the movie that it's like -- i'm not going to say which scene, but it's like i was amazed, you know. it was like -- every now and then you -- you work with an actor and you see the scene goes to another level, and -- and it happened in this movie. it doesn't happen that often that you're with an actor and you go, oh, my god, this scene went to a place where i thought it would never go and it's because of her. she's intimidating that way but she's a lot of fun, a prankster. >> we look forward to talking to her tomorrow. i can't let you go without telling you that i did a little research and i have a piece of video to share with you. this is you, benicio del toro in madonna's video. >> oh, yeah, that's me in the back. >> that is not you. >> got to get a nice tight shot of you because you're 20 years old.
8:40 am
this had to be one of your first acting gigs. we're going to show you in a second. >> oh, there it is. >> no, come on. you're the main guy in there. >> no, i'm the guy sitting in the back, smiling, trying to find a camera. >> you look good, but i have to say i thought you were the maybe star, watched the whole video, the guy strumming the guitar, i thought it was you. >> no, no. >> that's good. i think we knew good things were coming. >> yeah, yeah. thank you for reminding me not to forget where i come from. >> exactly. benicio del toro, the movie is incredible. his co-star emily blunt will be here tomorrowme "sicario
8:41 am
opens liveoe october 2nd and a big how did it become eating one after the next, so predictable and so unsatisfying? what about pulling up a chair, a stool, ing our food. we are a creamy cheese that still believes in the beauty of a knife, in the
8:42 am
elegant swipe of a . . . swipe. of course, that doesn't mean you can't dunk us or scoop us up. enjoy every single, sol-i-tar-y bite. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. toyota. >> we're back now at 8:46 with a guy who needs no introduction,
8:43 am
but we'll give him one anyway. morning. >> like sunda morning. >> in key "c." >> lionel richie has sold 100 millh,ion albums, won grammys and oscar and golea gdobe and here with very exciting news. lionel, good morning to you. >> good morning. early morning. >> what's the news in. >> the news is, of course, vegas. vegas. >> that's cool. >> it's very cool. >> so you're doing a residency. >> i'm doing a residency. and i don't know who is excited more, my kids or my 21-year-old son for sure that says, dad, we're going to vegas. >> this starts in april. you're going to do a lot of shows out there, planet hollywood, i think. >> planet hollywood, and i will tell you something it's going to be very interesting. pril may and september and october. >> we were talking a second ago in the commercial break, like having your cake and eat it, too, because you get to do all these concerts which i love and you're not on planes and trains. >> and also every imaginable thing you want to do for a show. >> yeah. >> you can now do it because there's nothing -- you don't
8:44 am
have to move around. >> there we go. microphone. >> thank you very much. anymore. all the ideas i want to put on the stage, any hydraulics, there. >> what is the song that hands down people always want to hear and the crowd always goes craze? >> it's so tough because, you know, there are the diehards, >> yes. >> you've got to play "brick house." and "easy like sunday morning" and of course when you get to "dancing on the ceiling" and "all that night" and the crowd that sings the loudest is on "hello." >> really. >> that's me. >> i don't sing that song anymore. >> w hy not? >> i kind of start:it off and then the crowd takes over. >> that vi o, was t t video moving. >> you're going to sing requests easy." >> 45 years ago. what did matt just say. >>he i want to be good, are we good with this m e or this mike when lionel sings. >> this mike. this is the one.
8:45 am
>> want to make sure it' tall od. >> all right, ladies and gentlemen, lionel richie >> thank you. >> love it. >> all right. let's do this thing. here we go. know it sounds funny but i just can't stand the pain girl i'm leaving you tomorrow seems to me girl you know i've done all i can wow you see i begged, stole and i borrowed yeah, ooh tha i's why i'm easy, baby
8:46 am
well, ism easy like sunday morning yeah i've been so easy well, i'm easy like sunday morning why in the world wsuld anybody put chains on me i've paid my dues to make it >> y'all help me right here. everybody wants me to be what they want me to be i'm not happy when i try to fake it oh, no that's why i'm easy well, i'm easy like sunday morning
8:47 am
i feel so easy, yeah, yeah well, i'm easy like sunday morning >> come on now. i wanna be high, so high i wanna be free to know the things i do are right re i wanna to be free, just me, oh, baby that's why i'm easy, baby well, i'm easy like sunday morning, yeah
8:48 am
i feel so easy, yeah well, i'm easy like sunday morning, yeah i'm easy like sunday morning easy like sunday morning, yeah i'm easy like sunday morning morning >> lionel richie, and chucky booker also, and we can't wait to see you out in las vegas at planet hollywood. >> yes, it's going to be fun. >> congratulations. >> going to be so much fun. >> you'll be back with hoda and kathie lee. you going to -- hoda is out there. almost threw her bra. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. >> perfect.
8:49 am
good to see you guys.
8:50 am
hall. birthday wishes from our friend willard scott. hey, willard. >> we've got birthday cakes and pies and everything you can ask for, candy. we're having a party and hope you'll join us. leslie barnes brown from cleveland heights, ohio. she is 100, get this and 11
8:51 am
years old. we love her very much. she loves to watch old movies. can't beat it. rosalie robertson, flint texas, 100 years old today, loves to make flower arrangements, beautiful flower arrangements. william tear nova from revere, massachusetts, good man. loves to volunteer at the oncology department at mass jen. euclides herrera is 101 years old today from hadden heights, new jersey. wish him a happy birthday. loves to paint. quite an artist. new york, i hope you're ready for it again because we've had fun and now it's your turn. >> thank you, willard. >> hey, guys, a quick reminder, don't forget about our ultimate breakfast bat. all week long you've been voting for your favorite things like wakon, friday eggs, pancakes. >> pancakes. >> savannah is -- >> go to and we'll reveal our breakfast bracket champion on friday.
8:52 am
>> got to be the pancakes. >> big upset when blintses beat granola. >> scrambled egg for the championship. >> scrambled eggs and pancakes in the finals. >> wow. >> might be on the same side of the bracket so i don't know if that can happen. >> where did french toast fall in that earlier in. >> scrambled eggs at home, hard to beat at home. >> we've got a chef coming up who is making a french toast casserole. >> mmm. >> that sounds delicious. >> john cena is hosting with us by the way and we'll have a lot of fun with him and alissa
8:53 am
morina is coming by t live look there at the inbound lincoln tunnel. a bit of slow going at this point. 8:57 this wednesday, september 16th. i am michael gargiulo. a freight train derailment
8:54 am
yesterday afternoon west of historiville. the derailed train wasn't cleared from tracks until this morning. delays are averaging 20 minutes for westbound trains and jefferson branches, limited eastbound service between penn station and huntington on port jefferson branch. we want to check the weather, sunny, low humidity. tonight, mostly cloudy skies, 68. tomorrow, lots of sun, friday 85. sunday a few clouds and 80 degrees. fresh taste on french toast. learn to make cinnamon french toast casserole.
8:55 am
8:56 am
this morning on "today's take" wwe superstar jon koreana is here to give us an attitude adjustment as our guest cohost and could there be a "who's the boss" reboot?
8:57 am
we'll ask alyssa milano and get a season style update with all the latest looks. all that and more coming up now >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. we are the champions, my friend >> oh, man. >> what o chose this song? >> i'll toll you, willie along with natalie and al and tamron are off so our cohost, the champ. >> wwe superstar jon cena "we are the champions" by queen. >> hoping i can celebrate, sunday night of champions and i have a chance to be the united states champion. >> and you've been the united states champion. >> and i want it back. get it. >> that's a story, we'll get to that. >> we're going to get into that in a second. man, you've had an unbelievable
8:58 am
year, "train wreck," so good in that movie. you and lebron were like these crazy surprises. >> the acting, amazing. >> the one scene with miss schumer that you got to shoot over and over and over. >> we're here, the best part of the year so far. >> can i point out something that you put up on twitter yesterday because i had a good laugh about this. >> sure. >> you were at the gym and you tweeted this out. >> just so happened to be thinking about willie, man about 9:00, sure he's doing his thing. >> time for #sunriseandsquats, at monday motivation. were you doing your squats? >> i was having a monday danish, my monday exercise. i do love that you think about me when you're on the squat rack. >> why weren't you thinking about me. >> what's that? >> why weren't you thinking about me? >> i was just focused on making sure that willie was doing some hard work. >> yes. >> maybe getting his mind in the right place. >> this is my hard work right here.
8:59 am
>> okay. something. on saturday we had a bunch of people over to the house. >> okay. >> my wife said got to get out, fran some stuff, fancy napkins and fancy people coming over and here's the cocktail napkins i got in tribute to john cena. >> nothing says a classy cocktail napkin like john cena. >> where did you find them in. >> wwe, party store. >> i've never seen this. >> you can't see them sometimes, that's my thing. some of you get it, some of you won't. don't write. how did they go over in. >> huge, people loved them. >> otherwise you've got like a doily or a thing with a pattern on it. nobody wants to see that. >> what kind of drinks do you serve with that, though in. >> any drink, beer, wine, the kids liked it. >> chocolate milk even. that will work. >> anything you neath need. anything you need. >> yeah. >> so i've seen mr. cena in action live. he's always so generous with fans backstage with a lot of
9:00 am
an after monday night's episode of wwe john surprised a very special kid in the crowd. this is great. check it out. >> we've got a special fighter in the house. we have a young lady who is 7 years old and she just got some amazing news. she has been fighting quite a tough battle, and i'm proud to announce that she won! >> that's kiara. 7-year-old cancer survivor. that's an awesome moment. >> and what a great thing. there's a lot of preconceived notions what i do in my other job. what we do is we get good people together and have a good time and kiara is a 7-year-old that beat cancer, and she was there with her family to celebrate and have a good time, and the rest of memphis, tennessee, celebrated with us. it's great. shows when you get a bunch of people together and give them an
9:01 am
escape and let them have a good time that good things happen. >> you're a big guy with a big heart and give so much of yourself to make a wish and to all those kids. >> thanks so much for airing that clip. it was a wonderful moment. i'm happy to share it with you guys. >> an awesome, awesome moment. >> now a moment i don't even know if i want to bring up again just last month jon stewart comes in the ring. >> he does. >> at the summer fling. >> and it also has its drawbacks. >> comes into summer slam on a sunday night and basically strips you of your title by helping rollins. >> yeah. >> so the next night he comes back from "monday night raw" and you confronted him. >> i know you're going to understand this because right now i'm just going to do what >> oh. >> oh, no. >> that's jon stewart. >> john cena. >> let him down. >> with jon stewart. down. >> that's a hard -- you put him down hard though. >> oh, my gosh.
9:02 am
>> he was down for the count for a while. >> jon was actually great. wanted to be proactively involved in our show and his son is such a fan. son was so excited for his dad and summer slam didn't go my way but i got my comeuppance the next night. >> and you could the stewart. >> john has a match for the championship the against seth rollins at wwe's "night of champions" and airs on the wwe network sunday night at 8:00 eastern, 5:00 pacific. >> i'm going to do my best. >> have you changed your strategy to get it back. >> got to watch out for jon stewart. that's my main focus going on. keep leek looking over my shoulder. >> a cheap shot from stewart there. this is an incredible piece of video. you know sometimes major league baseball teams, when the home team hits a home run, tradition, see it all over the country. >> shoot off the fireworks. >> when the home team hits a home run. that's what happens. well last night the man in charge of fireworks at progressive field in cleveland had kind of an itchy trigger finger because at the top of the
9:03 am
fifth inning alex rios of the visiting kansas city royals, the away team, hit a home run, an here's what happened. >> high drive deep left field. if it's fair, it's gone, and it is a home run deep on to the porch in left field and kansas city leads 2-0. >> oh. >> oh, no. >> oops, wrong team. >> he knows immediately what he did and buries his head in the hands and watching him put his hat over his head in shame. >> didn't help that kansas city ended up and winning it there. >> i think he was doing something nice, following the royals, in a bit of a snide so congratulating them for getting back on their winning track. just happened to be against the indians. >> yeah. >> or maybe waking up the cleveland fans. >> guys, a lot worse things can happen when fireworks go wrong. >> that's true. >> guy in shame syrup at home in cleveland. >> ever had a moment --
9:04 am
>> i think we've all had embarrassing moments we kind of wish never happened but i've never had that public and involving pyrotechnics as well. >> that's a good thing. >> there's a great story a couple years ago, red sox pitcher had given up so many home runs at a visiting game and fireworks were going off and terry francona, manager, goes out to the mound and he says i'm not taking you out, i just wanted to give the fireworks guy a break. he's got to reload. >> oh, my gosh. a little moment of levity in a blowout loss. >> all right. you're on facebook, right? >> yeah. >> a little bit. >> yeah, yeah, put out your promotional stuff. >> with the billions of people on facebook. >> there's a proposal in the works and mark zuckerberg is talking about possibly adding another button. of course, when you like something, you like it, right, the little thumbs up thing. >> yeah. >> there used to be a button a was a thumbs down but years ago they did away with that, but what do you do when say somebody is putting something out there that is sad or some disappointing news.
9:05 am
>> and i get this, i get this. >> you want another button because you don't want to like it, right so mark zuckerberg in a q&a announced they are now discussing what could be a sort of button, like the dislike button, although he's not calling it that. didn't say what it was going to be but here's how he explained it. take a look. >> whether it's something in current events like the refugee crisis that touches you or if a family member passed away, then it may not feel comfortable to like that post, but -- but your friends and people want to be able to express that they understand and that they relate to you so i do think that it is important to give people more options than just like as a quick way to emote and share with their feeling on a post. >> definitely. it's time. >> great definition. >> yeah. as posts get more and more broad in their range and people are opening up to social networks and putting more out there, it's more than just a like. i think the emotional spectrum
9:06 am
has to be more diverse. >> can't be dislike. >> that implies a boo of some kind, a sad face or something. >> we don't need my more of that on social media. >> cyber bullying is out of control already. don't need to go into the dislike territory. >> see what they end up doing. >> we'll keep you posted. dylan you have a really cool new map. >> look at that. >> probably the coolest map i've ever seen. totally made of play doe -dohplay-doh, play-doh made in 1956 with four cullers and now up to 56 colors and the play-doh sculptor who made this thing, and i sniffed it, it does smell like play-doh, the salty smell and he said the hardest part was opening the 250 cans of play-doh that you need to -- to create this. this took 30 hours to create, and i've got a sun right here so i'm going to stick this on and we'll bring this map to life now
9:07 am
so close your eyes and use your imagination and now open up your eyes, just so life like. we've got motion and everything in here. this is incredible. we've got lots of rain down through florida. keep in mind we could see some flash flooding because some of these downpours could end up producing perhaps up to two to three inches of rain, and over the course of the next 72 hours we could see even more rain, perhaps as much as five inches, especially across the eastern coast of florida where moisture is streaming in. this high pressure system up here is sort of blocking the whole thing so it is just another sunny day out there, warming up a bit. high temperature today, 87 warmer than yesterday. humidity stays low, so it is still pretty comfortable. mainly clear skies, patchy fog north and west of town. 68 in the city, 50s distant suburbs, north and west. more sunshine tomorrow, and warm temperatures, high of 87 middle 80s with sunshine friday.
9:08 am
more clouds early next week in the 70s, maybe rain by end of the day tuesday. if i didn't live in a shoebox in new york city i'd guys? >> put it in your office, dylan. >> world play-doh day. >> i'm making you a sign. >> i made a play-doh mustache. >> that's fantastic. >> made out of play-doh. >> ever eaten play-doh. >> the salty scent, we all eat it. >> tastes yummy. >> up next, alyssa milano was just 11 when she starred as tony danza's daughter on "who's the boss" and her now job as sprout
9:09 am
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white toothpaste with hydrogen peroxide. for whiter teeth in 3 days. dazzle. without the hassle. colgate optic white express white. whiter teeth in 3 days just by brushing. when you're preparing for game time... you've got to get your meats, your hot sauces, your chips, your dips and your nexium 24 hr. the all-day, all-night protection of the purple pill... comes without a prescription for frequent heartburn. that means today, you're not just a spectator, today you came to play. come to walmart for nexium 24hr, and everything else you need to make your game time great every weekend. alyssa milano has spent most of her life in the spotlight landing her big breakout role as tony dapza's daughter samantha in the 1980s sitcom request
9:12 am
who's the boss?" >> and word magic on the series "charms the "and the author and philanthropist can add a new title to her already impressive resume, mombassador. >> you teamed up with our sister network sprout as the mombassador. >> what does this role do for you? >> makes me really cool in my house. my son is obsessed with sprout and watches it every evening and i'm really proud. i love what sprout stands for, co-watching with your kids and they are relaunching on september 26th with a whole new look, and their slogan is free to grow which i love, and it's just super exciting. >> tenth year. >> yeah. >> the tenth anniversary which is crazy. >> funny how your perspective on different projects changes when you have kids. >> i need to do that so my kids will think i'm cool. >> exactly, yeah. so it's great. we're going to go over to sprout
9:13 am
later and i'll bring my daughter and she will get to meet chico which is very exciting. >> a huge celebrity. >> a big deal. mom's pretty cool. >> i couldn't meet chico. couldn't get through. >> cena. >> chico with all the bodyguards around her. there she is. >> didn't want to get body slammed. >> exactly. >> attitude adjustment. >> look how cute that chicken is. >> that's awesome. so you're also obviously the host of "project runway all stars" and your 1-year-old daughter is a little bit of a fashionista herself. >> she is. i brought her to her first fashion show at new york fashion week last week. >> at 1. >> she's been to fashion week. >> took my son to super bowl when he was 1 so this is like the equivalent of that. look at her little outfit. has her little tie on because i took her to the marissa webb and she's all about men's wear for women and had a great time. she's funny. she's like girly but then loves bams and cars at the same time. >> i like that. >> i like that, too.
9:14 am
>> as the woman i feel i'll ask you the question about you posting pictures of yourself breastfeeding on social media. i don't think the guys want to go there. >> it's interesting. >> i think it's great what you're doing. you're taking a stand for women breastfeeding. >> i didn't really set out posting those pictures, like taking a stand for breastfeed breastfeeding, just kind of sharing a moment and i realized through the response is that it was a moment that kind of needed to happen to start a dialogue because people are still very anti-breastfeeding in public. >> a lot of backlash on this as well. >> someone once told me to go breastfeed my baby in the bathroom, and i just thought, yeah, that didn't go over too well. i thought do you eat in the bathroom in a stall? it's so weird, but i think that, you know, this was a moment that needed to happen. i'm glad the dialogue started and hopefully i can make things easier for moms in the future, whether they are breastfeeding or bottle feeding. it doesn't matter.
9:15 am
>> also talking about facebook's revamp of social networking and social networking, you are the boss of our own social network accounts. you put the stuff that you want to put up for people to interpret. speaking of being the boss, the boss, are we going to see it. >> a good segue. >> are we going to see it? >> we've been talking a lot about it because they have been doing all these reboots. i mean, it would make sense to me. there's a lot of things that went unanswered, like did tony and angela actually end up together? >> we don't know. i want to know. >> i want toy? >> if they said go, are you in. >> i'm in if the script is good. i'm sure tony would feel the same way. >> and you can see you grown up with your own kids and him as a grandfather. how great would that be. >> net. ics, amazon, somebody do it. it would be awesome. >> thanks so much. >> thank you for having me. >> good to have you a part of sprout as well. >> i'm so excited. >> coming up next, the elementary gym teacher using some creativity to get his kids moving.
9:16 am
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all week in our cool school series we ebeen highlighting awesome teachers using really their student. >> one of those educators is judy clark from michigan for a year end project she inspired her kids to create their own probability. >> third grader mori took this idea and ran with it creating probability plinko. play. >> good morning. >> hey, mori, so you're the brilliant one. you came up with the idea. how did you think of this? >> well, mrs. clark was going through some ideas, and i thought that no one would do probability plinko because it's probably too big. >> yeah. >> so i chose that. >> yeah. >> i'm glad you did. like the coolest game in the world. >> it's a fun game, like carnival game. >> we're going to break into teams and play. i want to be your teammate since you invented the game. is that cool. >> sure. >> lawyer ark and i are on the
9:20 am
same team. we've got the whites and the originals here, right, so you're going to drop the disc. >> we drop from the top. >> yes. >> and the discs will land in the white area, white means win for us and original means nothing. >> because the probability -- >> mori, can you say the probability. >> the probability of losing the red squares, it's 80% that you will lose and 40% that you will win. >> because three out of five versus two out of five. >> very good. you know your math. >> did you want to drop the >> sure. >> excellent. i see a win here for you. >> look at that. dinner. we're off to a great start. >> let's go. >> all right. >> my probability of winning is not good. >> uh-oh. >> i'm going to go. i'm going to go. >> he doesn't need the ladder.
9:21 am
i'm scared of heights. all right. we were lucky on this side and i'm going this side. >> okay. >> now it's my turn. >> all right. let's see. >> right down here. >> oh, we're good. >> we are good. >> excellent. >> you know, i give you a little bit of advantage. >> back to mori. >> we've got a special message from your school. >> put that one in here. >> little message from the school. >> hi. we're at pinewood elementary school in michigan and we have a quick message for mrs. clark and mori. we love you. we are proud of you. >> yay! >> all right, for the win, go ahead, mori. >> hopefully the winner. >> julie and mori, thank you so
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:27. beautiful view of the hudson river. wednesday, september 16th. i am michael gargiulo.
9:24 am
yesterday's train derailment is causing big problems for long island railroad. the train was cleared, service on the con could monday branch is suspended. delays are averaging 20 minutes and delays on port jefferson branch. sunny, low humidity, high of 87 degrees. tonight, mostly clear skies. tomorrow, more sunshine, 87 friday, lots of sun, 85. saturday, sunny, low 80s, sunday, 80s again but a few clouds. coming up on the "today" show, the latest fun finds from fall, from reversible tights to jeans with built in charger. more local updates in 30 minutes. meantime, have a great day.
9:25 am
9:26 am
taking a look at the headlines today. the federal reserve beings two days of meetings that may have a big impact on your pocketbook. it's considering whether to raise interest rates for the first time in nine years. economists are about evenly
9:27 am
split over whether rates affecting mortgages and cds will begin creeping up. the fed's decision comes tomorrow. the recent salmonella outbreak is growing and spreading. the cdc says the outbreak linked to the important cucumbers have now sickened at least 418 people in 31 states. it's an increase of 77 patients in a week. at least 92 people have been hospitalized. two people have died. a new study suggests the use of anti-depressants during pregnancy has now long-term effect on children. researchers in norway say children whose mother took anti-depressants had a slight delay in developing large and small motor skills, but the delay was considered insignificant. one expert called the findings reassuring but stressed it is important to consider the risks and the benefits of any medication, especially during pregnancy. do you want to see that snapchat again after it disappears? well, now you can, but for a price. for just under $1 users can
9:28 am
replay up to three snaps that they have received, but they won't be able to replay the same snap over and over again. snapchat has rolled out a new feature calls lenses that lets users enhance their selfies like that one. this might be one for your bucket list. take a look. in the netherlands you can now stay in these hotels. they are made of sand. they have reinforced walls and ceilings so don't worry. they are not going to collapse. the guest rooms are hidden inside massive sand sculptures inspired by scenes in china and even as you see bedrock from "the flintstones." the one-room suites have electricity and running water and windows and don't worry they do have wi-fi as well. let's get a check of the weather right now from dylan. >> hey, natalie looking at sunshine again today. nice deep blue sky. warming into the upper 80s this afternoon.
9:29 am
8 in the city. normal high is 75. 68 tonight, clear sky, 50s in the suburbs, patchy fog north and west tomorrow. once again in the upper 80s with sunshine, bright and sunny friday, 80s, low 80s saturday, sunny skies sunday, 80 degrees before the clouds take over next week, we cool back into the 70s. >> and that's your latest forecast. natalie? >> dylan, thank you. well, with more than 70 film and tv credits to his name michael shannon is considered one of the most versatile actors in hollywood. >> he was nominated for an academy award in his role in "revolutionary road" opposite kate winslet and leonardo di caprio and starred in "man of steel". >> and haven't even mentioned "boardwalk empire". >> and now he plays a different kind of villain, a routeless real estate agent taking
9:30 am
advantage during the crisis. >> america was built by bailing the winners. you go to church? >> sure. >> only 1 in 100 is going to get on that ark, son. and every other poor soul is going to drown. i'm not going to drown. >> wow. >> michael shannon. >> i don't like you very much. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> that's pretty sinister. >> we were just talking about how powerful this movie is, the foreclosure crisis over the last couple of years to a lot of people has been number and statistics about how we know how bad the problem was, but this really humanizes it in such a personal way. who is your character? how do you describe that guy? >> well, i think it's a guy who really studies the system and he understands how it works. i know for myself i found it pretty incomprehensible when i would read about it.
9:31 am
couldn't make heads or tails about what was going on and that's honestly what the system relies on, that people just can't fathom what's happening, so rick is somebody who actually studied it and figured out the ins and outs of it and figured out how to use it to his rang. >> not only studied it and i saw the film last night and thought it was amazing, i'm a florida resident myself. i was there when the crash happened and communities turned into ghost towns and it seemed as if all the scenes in this movie which are very movie that people are getting evicted from their house and rick is so jaded and cold and systematic in his approach, how -- >> i don't want to give anything away, but the movie starts with about the worst result you could possibly imagine, you know, so it's -- if that's where he starts off. yeah, you know, it's funny because i spent time with somebody who was in a very similar situation to rick, and like rick says in the movie, a lot of these brokers, they just started off wanting to sell homes. they didn't anticipate that this was going to happen, and it just kind of got thrust into their
9:32 am
laps by, you know, the banks and the regulatory committees. they said, oh, would you mind doing this, too. we know you really want to sell homes but we just happen to have a lot of foreclosures. rick's attitude is if he woke up tomorrow morning and said, you know what, i'm not going to do this anymore, i can't take it then they would just send somebody else so he's really in a way hopefully -- hoping to take responsibility for it. >> the underlying theme in the movie, across many characters in the movie they had that choice of sink or swim an they choose to swim. i don't want to give the movie away at all but truly riveting and truly amazing movie. thought you did fantastic, coming out next friday. >> yes, sir. >> i think everybody should see this, a very realistic look at a real crisis. i was there for all of it. i thought it was amazing and i thought you did fantastic. >> thank you very much. >> i'm going to lighten things up just a little bit because we've got to clear something up with our word on the web game that we like to play so you can clear up something that you put out on the internet. >> this.
9:33 am
>> yes. >> the fins. >> okay. >> so you said your character general zod in the batman versus superman film will not only be a ghost but have flippers. can you explain? >> well, honestly, that was just kind of me having a life because the weird thing about this is that you do a movie like that and the studio begs you not to say anything like that and then people constantly ask you about it, so there's this tension there, and every once in a while i just let off some steam by making up something silly. >> rattled the cage a little bit. >> increases the anticipation. >> we love that. >> they are also going to make an aquaman pretty soon so i was trying to make it so my character could segue into guy. >> career move. big fan of your work, particularly this movie. it's really strong. "99 homes" opens next friday, september 25th. thanks very much. >> hope everybody goes to see
9:34 am
it. coming up next, three brave men agreed to get a style upgrade at the urging of their significant others. we will reveal the n i guess i never really gave much thought to the acidity in any foods. never thought about the coffee i was drinking having acids. it never dawned on me that it could hurt your teeth. my dentist has told me your enamel is wearing away, and that sounded really scary to me, and i was like well can you fix it, can you paint it back on, and he explained that it was not something that grows back, it's kind of a one-time shot and you have to care for it. he told me to use pronamel. it's gonna help protect the enamel in your teeth. it allows me to continue
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9:38 am
right for you. like most guys john and i both have those two or three items of clothing that we wear all time that probably should or ve been chucked a long time ago. >> an old astros hat. change doesn't come easy but style upgrade. >> here to show us the new look is andrew powel of merchandising for let's do this and jump right in with todd. this is the old look and his girlfriend vicky is tired of the sloppy sweats. >> so what do you think? >> yeah, you know, we've been out of college for a few years now and, you know, i kindiof want him to pgrade from that and have more of that adult look on the weekends, too. >> so this is the problem we see all the time, so, you know, he's comfortable and maybe a little bit too comfortable so we see this at the local starbucks and
9:39 am
at airports and see it at my br lother's house. just a few small tweaks will make the world of difference. >> shall we take a look. let's have todd step out from behind. let's go for it. >> oh, my god. >> twirl. >> what do you think? >> i love it. >> yeah. >> i love the joggers. >> yeah. >> what did you do, andrew? >> what he did here is we wanted to keep the comfort but, you know, we didn't want to sacrifice the style so like i said, probably getting a little bit too comfortable here so keeping some of the favorite items like the hoodie and the sweatpants but just making it a little bit more tailors. these are joggers, are great and have a panded botd tomorrow so they can show off a new treamlined sneaker which is really on trend. really super comfortable with the sweatshirt, that's fine but let's add a new bomber over he top of it. do you like it, todd? >> it's good. >> going to stick with it. >> ready to get rid of those track pants. >> let's do it. >> with deditch them. >> into the can.
9:40 am
>>hi there we go. >> there goes the pants. >> has the option if he wants to keep them. >> thanks so much. let's move down a little bit here. >> okay, and check out ted's old look. his girlfriend does nont not like it one bit. what's the problem? >> you know, he's an entrepreneur, super busy and doesn't devote a lot of tile to his wardrobe, always wearing the baggy shirts and i just want to see him in something -- >> a victim of that myself. >> it does make a difference. >> what do you think you do here? >> another commoh problem, see thehis all over the streets outside. not an overhaul, ju st a really small tweak, like lena said, an entrepreneur so we don't just want him to look like the boggs. we want him to feel like the boss as well so a really tailored slim suit is going to do that. >> ted, come on out, my man. >> oh, wow. >> ted, tapered up, look as this. >> he looks fantastic. believe it or not, this is a $200 suit.
9:41 am
he's got a muc mih slimmer shirt on. we picked this one up from bar street, 55 bucks so a great value and something that's been selling for past couple years, a double monk stra sep shoe and he normally would wear a laceup so god something more modern. >> you happy? >> very important decisions behind the scoreboard. >> i think it's time, the baggy shirt. >> away it goes. >> look at that. >> with the assist. >> come on. >> looking good, man. >> you look great. >> thank you. >> down one. okay. we've got sort of a -- >> what's the problem here? >> we've known each other for six years and he's not necessarily a bad dresser but he's in love with this oversized leather jacket and loves to wear it with everything. it's a 3x and he does not wear a 3x so i'm ready to see it go. we're getting married in a couple of weeks and i'm ready to >> step out.
9:42 am
let's see what we did here. >> oh, look at this. >> again, just a little bit more modern. we're getting into the fall season so a lot of guys kind of reach in their closet and pull out something heavy. more updated and we have a lightweight down vest underneath a lighter weight jacket so he still gets to keep the leather but looks a little more polished. >> you like it in. >> love it. >> good look. >> congratulations, guys. >> thank you. >> you can get married now. >> three success stories. we're good to go. >> guys and ladies, thanks. coming up next, the best french toast you'll ever pdoug, we have the results, but first, we have pa very s cial guest. ppome on out, flo! r [house band playing] you have anything p to say to flo? nah, i'll just let pthe results do the talking. t [crowd booing] well, he can x do that. we show our progressive xdirect rate and the rates v of our competitors even if progressive v isn't the lowest. the lowest!
9:43 am
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9:47 am
it is breakfast week on "today foode" this morn ng we're taking your french toast to the next level. >> that's an understatement. how does cinnamon french toast casserole topped with ricotta. >> you're going to break your diet for this. >> absolutely. >> we've got donna arpaia. >> good morning. >> i can't wait for this. smells amazing in here. >> feels so it's so easy and you feel like had a chef doing it. we have eggs, milk, cream, cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar and brown sugar, cinnamon nutmeg and the ricotta. >> you can do this before. >> a great time-saving test or up to an hour before and here's some different breads that you can use, halla with rasin and at
9:48 am
christmastime i use panetone and others use a savory kind of field. i leave the bread out for a day. you cut them into one-inch cubes and it's okay if it gets messed up. doesn't have to be perfect because this is not a pretty dish, and you want to fill your casserole -- fill your casserole dish at least three-quarters full but if you want to go more you can go more. >> how about the custard is. >> custard, we have four eggs and cinnamon and nutmeg and a great little chef tip. you now how the cinnamon and nutmeg float to the top. whip in the egg yolks first and then pour in the milk. >> willie, what do you any? >> i cannot stop eating this, it is so good. >> the whole thing. >> cream. >> you want all the milk in there, too. >> actually, yes.
9:49 am
>> you need more because you need to coat all the bread. >> vanilla extract because you don't want it to be dry and brown sugar. >> would you like to pour, john. >> i'll do my best. >> this could be a catastrophe. everything. >> just pour and stir really well and a little butter and a little cinnamon sugar. >> okay. >> here we go. >> we want a little extra on top. >> and then you'll pop it in the oven at 350. >> go ahead. >> go ahead, and i'm going to take the one that's out. >> see what it looks like. this is great. >> i'm going to jump ahead like willie. >> when you're entertaining on the weekends. >> so good. >> having trouble here. >> there you go. >> now how did you make the riccotta topping. n ciccotta, vanilla extract and warmed with maple syrup, it's delicious. >> come on, john.
9:50 am
>> we've got to break. break the diets. has the recipe/food. >> you're really eating all of that. >> every bite of it. >> this is great.
9:51 am
9:52 am
>> okay. can we thank john cena for this. >> yeah. you are a 10. you know who we have coming up. >> bobby. >> so adorable.
9:53 am
>> and lionel what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next? we are a creamy cheese that still believes in savoring our food. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking.
9:54 am
kind of busy on the expressway. gargiulo. crews are fixing the tracks, damaged when a freight train derailed yesterday. they've got delays of 20 minutes. limited eastbound service has just been restored on the branch. limited service on port jefferson branch. dozens of new york city firefighters are in washington, d.c. for a rally, calling for permanent extension of james adroga act that provides health benefits for first responders illnesses. takes action. check the weather. sunny, low humidity. 87 degrees. tonight, mostly clear. tomorrow, warm again, 87 friday, 85.
9:55 am
saturday, low 80s. sunday a few clouds. coming up on the "today" back in a half hour.
9:56 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from
9:57 am
studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> it is winesday wednesday and september 16th, and that is apparently "leveled" by nick jonas. >> we are distracted and overflowing with love for a couple of of reasons. there is a tiny itty bitty adorable little baby. >> look at how gorgeous. >> and that baby belongs to the one and only bobbie thomas and her husband michael. >> hello, and look at you. you are a mommy. >> it is so funny, because i am in heels and out of my pajamas. >> and bb w up with you in a little while. and miles. and the most fashionable kid in the world e. the cheeks and the whole situation. >> and we have a big show, because we have lionel richie and a nice chat with him and
9:58 am
find out about the big news. >> when you thiat a st n 8:00, and that is awesome one, and he made a big announcement. >> he is going to be in vegas, and we will give you all of the details and talk about the roc s twmvse oo it soat music and founder of hill song church brian wilson is here. >> and jill martin is here with her bag of finds. >> and also a word of wisdom here, hoda to start the day out right. >> ready? aer okay. let me say it again. the best feeling is when you staring. >> oh, hesyer canned you, and you see it. >> oh. and you know whoi am noe at?
9:59 am
john see na cena, because it s is national guacamole day. >> yes, did anybody say it is national guacamole day? >> yes, because it is national guacamole day and i wanted to bestow upon you this dish of guacamole food. >> we suggested when you brought it over to us, we thought that we could have some on your chest and we could play with it. >> yes, that is what we wanted. >> we will keep that for the weird zone, and that weird zone is in the back off of the camera. >> and this is what we were doing before. >> that is happening. >> and john, we love you so much, and happy guacamole and good luck in the championship and all that the stuff. h guacamole day. >> and what a sweet man. and a lot of men would think that they were too b that. >> and yes, john and he is going to have a huge career in movies


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