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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  September 21, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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the advice from city hall, the benefits outweigh the traffic headacous. >> we're talking about the time his holiness is on the ground is, you know, give or take 24 hours. and i think we can hand alday le a day of inconvenience. >> well, i have to get my hair done. >> reporter: meanwhile cardinal dolan joked about his last-minute preparations before suggesting the best way new yorkers can prepare is listen. >> i personally am doing some intense prayer because i said from the beginning our holy father comes as a pastor and apostle. >> mass transit as a way to get around, buses oill be a tough way to get around. you can see behind me, that bus right there that says next bus please. isdicatioak fhehe type of detours the mta saying up to 25a routes will be affected near where the pope is either visiting or staying. tho at means if you're going on fifth avenue or madison, those
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third, instead. expect major detours and allow more time getting around on dnes y, thuday and friday. we're live outside of st. pat's tonight, andrew siff. >> thank you. a little more on the detail that andrew was talking about with all the closures. many street closuresw, as he was saying as the pope travels around the city. here's what you need to prepare for. thursday evening the area around st. patrick's cathedral will be completely blocked off as the pope holds evening prayer. you can also expect the upper east side and friday morning prepare for road blocks around the united nations. the pope is going to be speaking there. then around 11:30 he willdend time at the 9/11 memorial. at 4:00, the pope wilbol travel up to our lady queen of angels and traveling in e motorcade t rough central park. if you have any plans to be in thlat area, prepare for road blocks. at 6:00 friday night the pope will end the day with mass at madison square garden. we want to let you know what's going on so you're not caught off guard.
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because of all those road blocks that chuck was just telling us, u.p.s. wants you to know that your packages will be delayed this week. here in the city u.p.s. will not make any pickups or deliveri on thursday or friday this week. so, just happens nat friday is also the day that the new iphone 6s and 6s plus are set to go on sale. if you preordered one. there is a chance you won't get it on time. apple stores might not even get the new phones until after the pope leaves. when the pope's plane touches down at jfk on thursday a crowd will be there to get him and some of the first faces he'll see are four students from brooklyn, one just 5 years old. mark santia spoke with them about this special honor. >> reporter: when pope francis lands in new york, these five children will be among the first faces he sees. >> i was really excited because i didn't know it was going to happen to me. so i was shocked. >> reporter: shocked because these students hand picked from
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catholic schools across brooklyn and queens will greet the pope at jfk. like reanna wood. >> close to god. >> reporter: 10-year-old has been working on a very special welcome for pope francis. let's try it out. >> what i might say to pope francis is, welcome to new york hand i hope you have a nice time here. >> reporter: this group will hand deliver what they call a spiritual bouquet to pope francis. it's a collection of prayers for more than 250 schools in the brooklyn diocese recognized as > one of the most diverse in the the pope. not everyone gets to meet him and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. >> reporter: 10th grader can't wait to see the pope. and seventh grader raymond still can't believe he was chosen. >> i was really happy and like splized. >> reporter: first grader maria is ready to greet the pope in english and italian.
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the international stage thursday. >> we're waiting for you, pope francis. >> reporter: marc santia, news 4 new york. take you live right now. this is the pope just now arriving in santiago de cuba this evening he'll head in and hold a meeting and we'll follow his travels there. coming up in about ten minutes, you can catch a glimpse of the pope during his time in new york city, even if you don't have a tickt to the special events. we're going to bring you all theficoverage live all weekhyong and also a special section of our website dedicated to the pope. you'll find his complete itinerary, street closures and everything you need to know. and other news that we're following tonight. we want you to see this exclusive video that we got from a deadly shooting of a cab driver in the bronx. the victim, a father of three with another baby on the way.
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news 4 lori bordonaro has more. what have you learned? >> moments before you died mamadou barry told a family his passenger had a gun and tonight in the exclusive video you'll see the moments leading up to his murder. in this exclusive news 4 video, you can see the green cab heading down beaumont avenue. the driver pulls over and stops for a few minutes before crashing into several cars. it appears two men run off. one seen here in a red hoodie and white shorts. the driver left with a bullet in his head. >> somebody killed my husband for no reason. he's a nice man. he never did nothing to anybody. >> reporter: mamadou barry was her rock. the father of three children. they were about to welcome a fourth. a child he'll never get to meet. >> he worked hard for his kids and his wife. he loved his family. >> reporter: a family now mourning an unimaginable loss. the 39-year-old was driving his
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beaumont avenue and east 189th street. he was on the phone with his brother-in-law when he told him his passenger had a gun. >> he told him, oh, this man has a gun. my brother-in-law said, be careful. after he said be careful he said, hello, hello, hello. >> reportewe police found barry's body isside his lincoln town car. he was s t in the head in a botched robbry. barry is the second cab driver killed in the bronx in less than a week. the fifth murdered in the last 18 months. >> we must find a solution to these murders. our drivers are scared. they're terrified. >> reporter: mamadou barry had been driving for 12 years. today many in the communities came out to pay their respects. shocked this hard-working dad was gunned down on the job. >> i want justice. i want justice. >> and right now police are still investigating. and they're asking anyone who
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may have any information about this murder to come forward. we're live in the belmont section of the bronx tonight, lori bordonaro. turning now to politics and a major name dropping out of the race for president. scott walker is about to suspend his campaign for the republican nomination. when walker makes the announcement, he will become the second republican to exit the race. rick perry bowed out earlier this month. we're also following breaking news involving the evening commute. some big changes to the a, b a d linesnbecause broken rails ar 125th street and 77nd sfreets. b trains are only running between brighten beach and white ll street south ferry. now, southbound a tdains are running local from 105th street to columbus circle and d trains are running local between norwood 205th street and columbus circle in boekt directions. we're going to continue to keep you updated on this. a lot of you are reading
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about this online. tennis star james blake meets with top city officials about the mistaken identity arrest. what is being said there? cracking down on k2. what owners are doing tonight to help get synthetic marijuana off the streets. the apple app store has been hacked. where this happened and what the company is doing for your protection tonight. i would say your fall jackets and s eaters were in order this morning. will you have to use them again tonight and tomorrow morning? i'll have the details coming up
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a new move to get a dangerous drug off the streets. when a major bust went down last week the i-team warned you how dangerous synthetic marijuana is. >> 2,000 owners are taking action. news 4 gus rosendale in the belmont section of the bronx with details. gus? >> i want to show you what you're going to see, these are new signs that are going up as swee peek, indicating you will not find k 2 on the premsis. we have been talking about this drug an awful lot in the news lately. synthetic form of marijuana and
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and the bronx has been especially hard. it is a cheap one, sold for a few dollars. state and city ledge lachers are working on new laws to ban its sale and uniting to help them in that effort. recent raids showed how easy it is to get k2. and the current only carries a $500 fine and critics argue that is not enough to deter those who would break the law. >> this is an epidemic and, unforcht un unfortunately, the bronx has a dubious distinction of having large sales and, even worse, young people being rushed to emergency rooms each and every day. >> every single person you see working in bodaga is someone working for the community. >> community problem and the hope going forward is that this will be a community solution. along with stiffer penalties. they could run to the thousands of dollars and advocates are also hoping police are equipped with better drug testing kits.
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>> gus, thank you. a warning for parents in new jersey. a little girl says she was nearly kidnapped while she play would some friends. the 10-year-old was at the waterside gardens apartments saturday night. she said two men tried to grab her arm. she was able to run away. one of the man had tattoos covering both arms. the men were seen in blue minivan with silver rims. and authorities have found a capsized boat near sandy hook. rescued the boat's occupants on sunday but were unable to retrieve the vessel itself. the crews located the vessel this morning and pulled it ashore. again, no one was onboard that boat when it was found. word tonight that new jersey's revised construction code does not contain recommendations in the wake of the huge fire in edge water earlier this year. according to our partners, firefighters and lawmakers offered lots of suggestions to state legislatures, including limits on the type of light frame wood used at the avalon complex. according to one official, those
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safety recommendations would have exceeded national standard, therefore, state regulators do not have the authority to implement them. new jersey construction code is not scheduled to be revised, again, until 2018. a consumer alert tonight. if you like the turkey sandwiches for lunch, get ready to pay up. some retailers are facing a shortage of turkey breast meat. bird flu affecting larger birds. fewer birds means higher prices. no need to worry about the holiday, though. turkeys for thanksgiving were packed and frozen months ago, so enough turkey to go around. apple is removing software from its app store in china after at least 39 apps for the iphone were found to contain malicious code. infected apps prompt users to enter passwords and allow hackers to dump more viruss and malware into the devices. before this attack, only five
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embedded in apps at the app store. let's shift to the a little cooler for sure. >> look at these temperatures we saw this morning. north and west of the city where readings were almost in the upper 30s across the catskills and poconos. monticello 41 degrees and morristown, bridgewater. you're in the 50s in the city and white plains, probably everybody else in the 60s. a chilly start to the day. fall officially arrives on wednesday. felt like it this morning and this afternoon, too. temperatures stayed below 75 degrees in most cases. actually a delay below average and the average is 73. haven't seen that in a while. yes, another cool night is in store. you may need the fall jackets and sweaters in the morning and during the day on tuesday. the pope arrives on thursday. and we've got some weather for the papal visit. it's looking good. it does start to warm up gradually. if you're going to be going to the mass in midtown at st.
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patrick's cathedral on thursday evening. 75. beautiful weather that is coming our way. right now we're tracking some light rain showers in our western sections tonight. over parts of the poconos, just some light rain showers there. right now it's in the 60s in belvedere and up to 64 in high point. it's cool across northern new jersey. morristown at 72. poughkeepsie at 71 and very comfortable temperatures. just a little breezy and cool across the area. so, that will fwhee case, again, this evening. it stays cool. temperatures are in the 60s in the city falling to near the upper 50s later tonight. probably right around 60. a lot of clouds around and the showers to the west. but they're going to pretty much sty the west. you might get a sprinkle here north and west of the city but otherwise a cool northwesterly flow and onshore flow for tomorrow. more clouds and sunshine and temperatures are still in the 70s. but it does warm up gradually as we go through the week. this weekend, it stays cool, again. after some 80 degree temperatures thursday, friday,
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we're in the 70s again saturday and sunday. but autumn will be here officially by then. 55 tonight in rye brook and 55 in montclair and about 60 in midtown. but there will be some more 40s, especially in areas to the north and west like rock hill. a low of 60 expected. it's chilly, again. tomorrow very comfortable near average. mid-70s generally to rye brook and up towards bedford, as well. here's your seven-day forecast. we're up to 80 degrees on wednesday and fall arrives on wednesday. so, we're back above normal for a couple of days before we drop below normal over the weekend, again. chuck, sibila, back to you. still ahead, want to get a glimpse of the pope this week. we might be able to help you out. >> the big events going on in the city when he arrives. many require tickets, but we have some ways for you to sneak a peek. where you want to be and when. coming up next. and coming up at 6:00, coverage of the pope's historic trip to cuba continues with
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keeping you informed on everything as we prepare for the pope to arrive here in the city on thursday. >> here's a question, if you want to get a glimpse of the pope but you don't have a ticket to any of his events, how can you pull that off? >> here's the answer. >> not having a ticket to see pope francis is not an obstacle to try to catch a glimpse even if it is from afar, especially when he travels from one place to the next in his popemobile. the first opportunity may be upon his arrival on thursday. as it is assumed he will be somewhere along fifth avenue on the way to saint patricks cathedral in his open motorcade.
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between 72nd and 60th street. at the end of the event another opportunity to see him from the distance of the area of central park west. the popemobile may be out on fifth avenue on the way to madison square garden to celebrate mass. due to security, plans may undergo last-minute changes, but despite all the traffic and the large crowds that are well anticipated, sometimes all you have to do is trust, believe and take a leap of faith. news 4 new york. >> and david is here with a look at what's coming up next new at 5:30. the excitement about the pope's visit not limited to catholics. tonight, we'll talk to jewish leaders who say they're proud the pope is coming to new york. and this is new video from santiago where pope francis has just arrived the last leg of his visit to the communist country. again, he'll be here tomorrow. also tennis star james blake finally talking with the mayor and the police commissioner about his mistaken arrest. coming up, what they're saying
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right now on news 4 new york, we are just a day away from pope francis' long awaited arrival in the united states. >> right now the pope is in santiago de cuba. his plane touched down around 5:00. at the airport, a children's choir sang to the holy father as
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it is the third and final stop of thiz trip to the communist country. tonight, he'll be meeting with bishops in a nearby town. tomorrow morning, pope francis will hold his final mass in cuba. he'll also meet with families and deliver farewell thoughts. >> tomorrow afternoon, pope francis' plane will take off on the journey to the united states and land at andrews air force base just outside of washington where he'll be whisked to the church's diplomatic mission. in washington, the vatican's flag has already been raised on the grounds of the white house. nbc's kelly o'donnell snapped this picture today. it is not out of the ordinary visiting dignitaries typically have their country's flag flying alongside the stars and stripes along state visits. >> pope francis will make visit with his history. fifth pope to visit. then the two met privately in the oval office for an hour.
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before another pope would visit the white house. president george w. bush hosted pope benedict xvi back in april of 2008. several times the crowd broke out into song singing, "happy birthday" for the pope who turned 81 years old that day. >> that particular visit, there was a birthday cake waiting for him in the entrance hall which he admired but didn't eat and then went off to meetings in the oval office with the president, which will be the same thing that pope francis will do. >> however, this is not the first time president obama and pope francis are meeting. the two men met and spoke at the vatican in march of 2014. pope francis scheduled to arrive in washington, d.c., tomorrow, just a little bit yom kippur begins at sundown. the pope's mission here in the u.s. is one local jewish leaders is getting behind. >> reporter: even in one of the
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in the world. cuthoughticism and judaism have been prominent and testament to how the city's faith community works together. >> rabbi, you said it's significant that i'm talking to a man of the jewish faith in front of st. patrick's cathedral. >> what does it say about the greatness of this country. here i am proud jew who can also be proud that the pope is coming to new york and we have the opportunity to be with him. >> reporter: like pope francis, a native of argentina says the holy father's relationship with the jewish community is long standing. >> the pope i know from friend of mine from argentina where the pope grew up he has a tremendous love and respect for the jewish people many times he has been to sin cog. my colleagues there have welcomed him numerous times. >> reporter: questions, though, of the timing of pope francis' visit. he will be in washington during yom kippur.
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he has a schedule and we have a schedule and we also recognize that in new york we're all able to do what is important to us, separately and then come together when the holiday is over. >> there is another area of common concern between pope francis and leaders of the jewish faith. and that's getting people back into the respective houses of worship. the survey by the pew research center shows about 35% of america's millennial generation says they have no religious affiliation at all. >> reporter: here, too, pope francis sets an example. >> it's up to us to be able to reach out to them and to bring them in and i think the pope is certainly doing this. and i think we should follow his lead. >> reporter: pope francis is bringing more interfaith interaction. close friend of ocardinal dolan's, he's getting calls from catholic friends looking for papal event tickets. >> only in new york for a catholic to get a tickt for the pope do you have to call a rabbi. and count on news 4 to keep
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you connected to everything you
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