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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  September 23, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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supportive setting will actually draw people off the streets and to where they can get help. >> reporter: on the eve of pope francis' historic trip to new york, the mayor announced the archdiocese of new york will provide beds and social services to the needy. >> we have to honor the pope's vision by being there for those who are struggling. >> reporter: news 4 broke the news last week. the mayor reaching out to clergy to create 500 safe haven beds under the opening doors initiative. a proposition cardinal dolan says makes sense. >> it's a great honor for the church to partner. there's nothing more natural and good about doing than in feeding the hungry and helping the poor. and sheltering the homeless. >> reporter: the archdiocese has promised 150 beds and other faith denominations have promised more than 300. >> those clients want to engage and they're will to come in. we don't tell them you have to be out by a particular date.
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services until such time as we can graduate them as to more independence living. >> reporter: homeless advocates applaud the move but say more must be done. >> in lieu of the amount of homeless people who have fell through the cracks, this is a good step. noble but inadequate. >> reporter: officials hope to have the beds identified and ready by the winter. shelton dutes, news 4 new york. >> reporter: and the pope told the american bishops involved in planning this trip he wanted to see some aspect of this, how the church ministers to the poor and needy. he'll see some of that in washington tomorrow before he heads to the city. now, coming up in about ten minutes, we'll talk to father gill martinez. he's from the church of st. paul of the apostle on the west side and he'll be joining us throughout our coverage while the pope is in new york. we're going to share some moments later on. shiba.
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we want to remind you as the pope's canonization mass continues tonight, you can watch it live on cozi tv. we're streaming it right now on our website he is a servant of god, but can the pope perform miracles. one family says it's as close to one as they'll ever see. coming up, what happened after pope francis held their sick baby. and lester hold has a look at what he's working on for 6:30. >> nbc nightly news coming to you from washington with the sights, sounds and emotion of pope's big day as he greeted crowds gathered along streets and roads here. also, we'll tell you about a mask held this afternoon and why it is sparking such goal and controversy at the same time. and what customers are left to
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two vatican flags are missing from a midtown church and now police are investigating the theft as a hate crime. the flag hanging outside the church of st. agnes near grand central disappeared not once but twice. it was stolen last thursday. the church hoisted a new one, only to have thieves take it again. as well as an american flag on tuesday. well, we have all been there. we've had it, buyers remorse. but when you return something to a store, do you really need to hand over a ton of personal information? your rights at the register. plus, we're headed back down to washington, d.c. where an historic canonization mass is under way. and we'll speak with a local priest who has met pope francis for his take. first, our social pick of the day. this one coming to us from our own david ushery. he tweeted out this picture of nuns doing a little as you might call it canonization tailgating before the pope began mass.
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we're back now with live pictures from the basilica in washington, d.c. such sweet music this afternoon, where pope francis is holding a canonization mass. to be can beized, a per n must perform two miracles. at least one family from arizona
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may have performed one as well. the cassidy family believes an uncouldn't uncounter with the pope was a miracle moment thattive saed their baby's life. born with multiple health problems, including two holes in her heart. last year, the family took her to rome in hopes of seeing francis. after waiting in the rain for three hours, they saw him but had no idea about the holy act that was about to happen. >> the pope asked my husband, how old is she and what's her name? told her that she has two holes in her heart. when we got home in may, we went back to the cardiologist for a eckup and one of the holes was totally close and one was half the size. >> wow, just gives you chills. the family says the healing may be incredible timing but they believe it is divine intervention. let's head back to washington now. news 4's david ushery who's anchoring our special coverage. what a story. >> what a story and what a sight here.
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video, the people gathered for this historic mass. as francis does what we call the preparation of the eucharist, the most sacred part of the mass. i have to apologize to our next guest, he's going to be part of our coverage. i'll go to confession at some point for speaking during this. but i wanted to ask you now, on the way over here from the plane on the way over here, the pope kind of acknowledged, i understand why i'm being characterized in certain ways and some of my positions are being characterized. but i've not stepped outside the boundaries of the church. today, on the environment, the immigration. talked about the past sex abuse crisis. do you expect we'll hear him talk more about these issues as the trip unfolds? >> absolutely. no question about it in my mind. for him, these are just not political positions. i think he understands the political impact in the united states.
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for him, these are positions of the gas ospel. he's preaching the good news. that means he's going to be looking to discuss mercy in every one of these areas. >> let me ask you, since we are here at this canonization mass and of course many latinos are excited about this history, first time on u.s. soil. but, you know, many native americans are not. for our audience who doesn't follow it closely and wonders what makes a saint and why the controversy and how does the pope reconcile it, explain. >> well, you know, it depends on what you mean by holiness. think holiness is another way of saying imperfection. i thing pope francis realizes that serra was not perfect. he's ackl wledged that. but underneath all of that, a man who defended people in a horrible situation. there was just no way around that. what's on trial so often with this is the spanish colonial system, the mission system,
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way, horrible for the native peoples. and yet they've survived. my own family, my mother's native american. i grew up in california. thought about this for many years. i actually left the church over some of these issues. but, you know, i've come back not because it's an apology but i think there's something very powerful about people living in their types imperfectly as they are but trying to follow the things that draw us together. as common humanity in this particular case the gospel of mercy that francis talks about. >> interesting perspective, father gill, we look forward to having you as part of our coverage. coming up at 6:00, there are a lot of students here that go to catholic university right from our area. found a couple of guys from jersey and rockland county. also coming up, a look at security. we've got a good look at it
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through these magnetometers. that's all coming u at 6:00. >> all right, david, thank you. and coming up, count on news 4. we've got a special section on the papal visit, including a gallery capture the most moving moments. privacy and i entity theft are big concerns these days. tore help safeguard your information, a local lawmaaer is proposing a new law. so what is it and how can it help? better get baqeuro for the answer. >> it's regarding retailers who scan your driver's license. so what's in that bar code and wh ]at rights doboou have as a consumer at the checkout counter? accord to the national retail federation, 60% of major retailers now require a driver's license for certain transactions like returning merchandise. they say it's to identify seria
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resturners and prevent theft. t robin of jersey city isn't buying it. i have no problem with law enforcement officers scanning the back of my driver's license. i have a problem with the clerk in a retail store scanning the back of my license. >> g she's concerned about what information is stored and how and what t y doiwith it. it could include your date of birth, eye color, gender and partial social number. while some states have banned companies from storing that kind of information, new jersey isn't among them. and that's why hudson county assemblyman carmelo garcia has proposed changes. >> where the retailer must advise that consumer why are you basically scanning my bar code on my driver's license. number two is how long are you going to hold on to that data? nu yer three is what exactly is being shashed from my personal and privacy information. >> his bill called he personal information and privacy otedtion act wouldn't ban the scanning of licenses but it would require full disclosure and informed consent.
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>> we need to make sure that re tailers are urilizing it for the oight reasons and that they don't hold on to that data. because we all know what's been happening with the breaches at target and home depot. >> the measure passed the new jersey assembly this past summer and is now before the state senate. >> i'm confidence t the next two months is going to company out of the senate and will go on to the governor's death sk for a signature. >> retailers could be fined $2500 for the first violation and 5,000 subsequently if they don't fully disclose what information they're seeing and whft's being done about it. also the key is how they're storing it. let's get a check on this weather. shall we? the first day of fall started crisp. >> it sureidgd feel like fall this morning. by this afternoon, it felt more like the begin of summer with 80 degree temperatures. we're back to the 80s this afternoon in central park. the average is 72. a full 8 degrees above average. it looks like it's going to stay days. we look back at september and so
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far, with the prelimi.ary numbers, september of this year, 2015, is set to be the hottest september on record at central park. with an average of 76.2 degrees. we go back to 1961, that was at the top of the list. if all these numbers pan it's, 2015 replaces 1961. just ten years ago in 2005, 73.3 degrees, the average temperature in september. that was hot too, in he top 5. well it looks like it's going to continue. the jet stream is in place to provide above average mperatures for the majority of the country over the next couple of weeks. in the northeast, it looks like an 80% chance here with the average temperature right around 70. we'll be at least 5 to 10 degrees above that for the next couple of weeks in general. here's the seven-day forecast. tomorrow's one of those days. we're up to 81. we'll be back ton the 70s friday, saturday and sunday. then the temperatures jump again to the 70s to near 80 next week. you can see that trend will be right back and the warm weather
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it's time now for this week's wednesday's childroen. they a bro er and sister who are really dedicated to eac other and they have big plans di for their futures. all they need is a forever family to help make it happen. the children rolled p their sleeves at make on the upper east side where they were able to embrace their inner artists. >> lots of stuff. >> she decided to decorate a cake which was right up her alley. >> on the whole thick ng, right? i love arts and craft a lot. i crochet. i made a scarf and a hat. >> and he created a masterpiece of his favorite toy, hot wheels. >> i'm making this. >> they are very bonded to each other. in fact, she's very caring and nurturing. she often acts like his mother at times. just, you know, always reaching out to hi, making sure his day
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kinds of foods he likes, activities. >> now all that's missing for the brother and sister is a forever family. >> ideally they would stay together because they are so bonded. >> why is family such an important thing for children? >> family's important because they give you a lot of love, appreciation. when you come back from school. they give you like a hug and stuff. >> if you're interested in adopting these children, contact the new york city parent recruitment hot line. shiba, i'm waiting for the zaity museum to show up. >> so adoorable. coming up next, we'll show you what this local artist is creating. and the one thing the pop wanted
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today is only the second day of the pope's first visit to united states. he has done something never done before. these are live pictures again from washingt on. where canonization mass is under way. and a francis can missionary has been elevated to sainthood. at home,' west port connecticut man is putting the finishing touches on a crucifix that will stand behind pope francis's sunday's mass in philadelphia. it will be seen by tens of millions. there was just one guy to call. he has created similar fixtures for two previous papal visits. but this one is a bit different. on the cross, the gelding won't be the usual 23 carat gold but composite gold. >> it's wood. with gold leaf. there's not real gold because, you know, the pope doesn't want us spending a lot of money so it's imitation gold. it glistens in the light. >> the crucifix will stand behind the pope during his final mass in the u.s. sunday at 4:00 p.m.
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we want to thank you so much for watching. stay with us. the news continues at 6:00. now at 6:00, the pomp and circumstance. and unforgettable moments from the pope of the people. >> he really is the people's pope and he wants to resonate with a much broader audience than popes of the past. >> news 4 has team coverage. and the prep for his trip to new york city. >> it ain't over until it's over. yankees legend and fractured syntax philosopher. remembering yogi berra. right now, francis continues to make history as he presides over his first canonization mass held in the u.s.
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>> the mass of the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception in washington, d.c. the nation's largest catholic church. >> the pope toured the streets of our nation's capital for his first encounter with the american public. thousands lined the street and cheered. but this pope of the people made a few stops. he gestured for his own security force to bring a baby from the crowd. pope francis kissed the baby's head and offered a blessing. one of many moments that thrilled the people would came out to see him. >> we have news team 4 coverage on security preps and travel challenges here in the big apple. we begin with news 4's david ushery in d.c. >> we've never been able to do this before, report of a canonization of a saint on u.s. soil. but now we can. father junipero serra becoming a saint. millions watching around the world. this is a big deal in california.
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where father serra did his missionary work. let's show you one of the iconic moments earlier as relics representing serra were taken ton the altar. many moved by the extraordinary moment. this caps a whirlwind day for the pope and the people here who saw him. as the pope entered the grounds, the nation's biggest church, each convinced he looked right at them. many students from catholic university got dibs on tickets to this mass. >> this is an unbelievable experience for my first year here. i'm a freshman. just all the people, the excitement here it's been unreal. he just resonates with a lot young people. every time someone of high power companies here, everyone seems to be happy. >> reporter: we expected iconic
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moments on this u.s. visit and on day one, we're getting a lot them. his popemobile arrival today. thousands turning out. a 5-year-old girl brought to him by vatican security and gave him a shirt. but francis also spoke as a visiting head of state. at the white house, where president obama praised the pope's humility, francis spoke in english, praising the country hosting him. >> as the son of an immigrant family, i'm happy to be a guest in this country, which was built by such families. >> reporter: so we got a glimpse today of some of the things that francis is likely to talk about as the trip unfolds. certainly the environment and matters of the family. we also got a glimpse, chuck and sibila, of some of those security moments that perhaps makes the secret service tense
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up a little bit. we hear sometimes they are controlled places where if perhaps the pope is going to wander into the public or let the public have access to him, they know about it, but we know the nypd is watching. >> we have coverage right now of cozi tv, full mass coverage. we've listed the channels here on your screen. we're just less than 24 hours away from the pope's arrival in new york city. that means one of the largest security operations this city has ever seen. the pope's first visit in town of course, st. patrick's cathedral midtown. what you need to know to navigate through the city tomorrow. >> you said it, after the pope lands at jfk, he'll be coming to st. patrick's. you can see security stepping up in the area. the manhole covers are being sealed. no chances being taken.
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training for trouble.
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