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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  October 6, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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assault and child endangerment charges. >> i will be vindicated of these charges. >> reporter: the pastor is accused of pointing an unloaded civil war era gun, all of it apparently over football. the priest rooting for the dallas cowboys. >> pointed it against the wall and said, i'm going to shoot you. >> nothing that day put him in fear. my concern is that these charges gand the media coverage coming from that could possibly put him in trauma. >> reporter: prosecutors say the incident happened in front of the boy's family and other parisioners. it wn't the child's family but a witness who told police -- outside the courthouse, an attornha said it was a
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misunderstanding and the antique wasn't a firearm but a c riosity item. >> the priest did hold a gun but the boy was never put against the wall. the boy was never frightened. weave reached out to the prosecutor's office to see what happenw. now if the case will move forward, prosecutors tonight say "no comment." >> a man who has always maintained he was wrongfully convicted of a 1999 tourist killing deserves a new trial. >> that was thepjudge's decision sending john cappia to prison. andrew is in the pri on where encappia is now. >> neaa the courthouse, any minute now, john encappia will
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walk out these doors and be a free man for the first time in 28 years. a judge a. >> john encappea and his wife broke down in tears toy. >> reporter: 25 years after encappia was rounded up and murdered by a man. a man in a tourist truck stubbed him. >> i don't think twice about going to new york at any time. >> reporter: the head of the city's transit police that day was bill bratton, now the police commissioner. today bratton recalls the challenge police faced 25 years o ago. >> i
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they said my second of events. he told it as part of an upcoming dateline investigation. when he confessed to be part of the group that happen. what are you talking about? i don't know, what are you taselking about? i't went dancing. . i don't know anything about a crime. . but someone who could provide an alibi should be heard at a new trial. back live now, you heard the lawyer for john encappia. we're live in front of the entrance where any minute now he is expected to be released. he's overjoyed friends and fa lmily who plan to celebrate with him in lower queens
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the faa is cracking down on droeti sales have nearlyti tripled already this year. some 2ng8 in 214, some 6,000 in two years in 2015. the price tag is a hefty one. news4's skotsdale. it's a growing concern for the as.ian community and also for john peterson who recently came face to face with a drone in an unlikely setting. >> when i worked in midtown this year, i would see te.m right tside the office building, which was kind of weird. >> reporter: they're reporting their largest price >> yet for the
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unmanned air s ace without following air space recommendations. >> they're working ind endently in some erts of the country. they flew 65 unauthorized drone flights in 2012 to 2013. most of it is -- the government said those flights are not without risk. they have been there in 27 years in f l c mpliance with faa regulations. >> it makes me feel uneasy that there would be a drone operation. >> the faa is working on new rules. but it missed a september deadlines, so seg guidelines may ha e it worse..that makes it less like formal
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at this hour, police are canvassing a brooklyn neighbors of surveillance shooting over a deadly. she's rovg when two men at a shop tried to stop another man from breaking ento a car. one of those workers, 52-year-old mark matuziak. >> matuziak's cover is. police have released surveillance yo of the one of the best known luxury hotels. investigators say the man pulled a gun in t bi planet honda's casual sack of euros worth thousands of dollars. storm they're supposed to catch
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suffolk county lawmakers are targeting fires who did. >> behind me is one of the 100 d light cameras that's. tonight a group of. they seem to be coming down on the side that the cameras aren't fair to drivers. >> suffolk county red light cameras generated abouthe30 moillion in fines last year. but some lawmakers now want the cameras shut down to justify the claim the syst m is rigged against drivers. >> reporter: this cop turnedoo legislators say the issues of twarmer lights at tho intersections.
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>> the red light cameras are not being shortened. >> suffolk county. but cdtic hector da via with the program xerox does contain a quota. one requiring a fee if a particular camera doesn't generate 25 tickets every 16 hours. >> all these issues were first raised this summer by the self-pro claimed red rob bin youth. he was. i don't think about that. nothing is over until the cameras come down. >> it's very simple. you obey the law, you don't go through a red light, you don't get a ticket. >> reporter: suffolk county stresses that the red light
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cameras have redued aspirins to admit, but amazingly, the intersections like that one who has the. coming ah up at news4 at 6:00 continues, the i-team first brought to light was unpresentable. plus meet the graduates of the world class. cool nights and warm dies bought they won't last forever. i have details for just a few days from now and the weekend forecast, coming on tone. for the first time we have
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well, it was graduation day for the nypd's newest four-legged recruits. 17 graduation dogs walked in theak-9 celebeation ceremony. for ma y dogs it wasn't only ab ut graduation day, but they received their new names today. >> one of the traditions in the departments very similar to what do with our boats and our horses is very frequently name our k-9 partners after loved ones who have died in the line of duty. today we continue that tradition. >> what an honor. the dogs completed an explosion detection program as part of
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their training. they'll now work underground to help keep 6 million subway riders safe every day. they are calling it a worst case of neglect they have ever seen. marina vouk and igor co pot see were arrested for abuse of a 14-month-old. the baby's crib was full of
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they blame a private company paid to provide health care behind bars. the nassau county jail is sticking with its health care provider despite claims of gross neglect. >> in this report the state's commission of collection accuses
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being incompetent, negligent and de deficient. in the past they've defended them as being cost-saving enhancements. but now they're saying armor's actions are under review. >> it's callousness beyond belief. i can't understand how no one is standing up and saying we have to make some changes. >> reporter: last month we told him about john gleason sr. jailed on a burglary charge died after his neck swelled and he couldn't breathe behind bars. >> i just can't comprehend how they could treat another human being like that. screaming for help, the other inmates screaming to help this guy. >> reporter: this report issued by the u.s. commission of corrections said the breathing problems should have prompted medical staff to consider an immediate trip to the emergency room. the commission's medical review board found the failure to do that was demonstrative of
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inc, the company nassau hires for medical treatment. the report raises concerning allegations and the matter has been turned in to nassau county for review. last month the i-team interviewed a former armor nurse who said she's witnessed the company cut corners. >> medications are being cut. supplies are being cut. positions are not there. >> they also said armor has a pattern of not providing state medical care to inmates. they said, the medical review board finds that armor inc has failed to provide proper medical
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>> armor would not comment on the death of john gleason citing medical privacy laws, but the company has always said cost is never a factor on medical decisions affecting inmates. the company has also said jail health care providers are frequently targets of unfounded allegations and lawsuits. for the i-team, i'm chris glrks l orks -- glorioso. it's the latest on date's developing stories including the search for the cargo ship that sank during the storm. plus an important moment in a new york courtroom about a 1990 murder of a tourist in a subway platform, the brian watkins murder. part of your story tonight, a clip from them. one of the young men arrested today.
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>> we saw you had incredible access to this story. >> we've been working on this story for over a year for an upcoming dateline episode. i talked to his family about the impact of the case and today's decision, so we're going to have our full report coming up at 6:30, and dateline quite soon. we'll tell you about that in the near future. a bronze stapt tue of funny lady lucille ball got a lot of attention being anything but funny. now she has a new location. angry family members demanded it be taken down. the statue will now be scaring folks in the chataqua mall for halloween. >> scaring people, that's what it does. it doesn't look anything like her. >> 'tis the season to scare people. our weather today was the best.
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temperatures were back in the 70s again and we'll be holding onto that. right now as we look at our view from the top of the rock camera, you'll notice some high clouds streaming in from the west. they're fair weather clouds. no rain for a while. we're expecting some on friday, though. in the meantime, it is 70 park. we haven't seen this in a while. mostly clear skies. the high today was 73 and a lot of 70s on the map today from west hampton to morristown, trenton, up through the hudson valley, poughkeepsie and newburgh. a lovely day for us. tonight still cool but not as chilly. not as many 40s this time around but really nice. the sun sticks around through thursday with the mild temperatures, too. rain is coming in friday. we need the rain, so that's friday night into saturday morning. it clears out after that midday saturday. temperatures do cool down. the start of columbus day weekend, saturdays only in the 60s, but by monday columbus day is in the 70s and it's beautiful
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and the sun will return. right now 60s in watpack. 70s across connecticut, dan bury 67 and 64 in long branch. temperatures in the 70s here in the city. high clouds approaching from the west, but it's dry. there's nothing coming from these clouds. today the rain is still several days off. the rain in the carolinas has finally ended. they saw the sun come out today. and hurricane joaquin still a minimal hurricane and continues out into the central atlantic. for tonight, down to the 50s in white plains. the city, new york, some 58 degrees. the 40s north and west. poughkeepsie upper 40s tonight with north-northwest winds. we'll start out in the 50s in long island and coastal connecticut in the morning. you'll see 70 by the afternoon. same for the city, a cool start, nice and sunny day, temperatures into the 70s. jersey shore, a few clouds in
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the morning with temperatures in the 50s, and northwest of the city is chilly but not as chilly. you'll see 70s tomorrow afternoon as well. 75 in midtown. that's the high temperature. 68 on thursday. a little bit cooler, back to 70 friday. here come the clouds and the much-needed rain, but it's over by saturday afternoon, and the rest of columbus day weekend it gradually warms up. bruce beck is up next live from yankee stadium. >> reporter: are you ready for some post-season baseball? it's the yankees and astros in the bronx, coming up in sports. two teams play one game for the right to play kansas city in the next round. it should be a wild, wild card game game if the yankees can solve houston's ace.
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break out the cliches. it's do or die, there is no tomorrow. it's the yankees and astros in a one-game, wild card playoff tonight at the stadium. and the big news of the day, manager joe girardi has decided to keep his starting center fielder, jacoby ellsbury, on the bench. >> obviously it's tough. but i told him, you're going to be in this game. and he said, i'll be ready. whenever you need me, i'll be ready. so he took it upon himself to have the right attitude. i can understand if he's frustrated and upset, but he'll be ready to go. >> reporter: it will be a tall
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they'll face dallas keuchel, the astros ace in 26 innings with 21 strikeouts. he'll be pitching tonight on three days' rest for the first time in his big league career. still, the yankees certainly have their work cut out for them. >> yeah, we obviously face a tough pitcher. he's had a great year and he's pitched against us a couple times. we have a line-up that's tough to get through. we face them twice this year, and they pitch really, really good. looking to get some balls out of the play. >> reporter: now for the mets. with matt harvey it's always something. the team star pitcher missed the mandatory workout today at citi field because he got stuck in traffic. >> today was not the greatest. i know we had a mandatory workout and the last thing i ever want to do is not be here for my team. basically, there is no excuse. i screwed up. i wasn't here.
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i screwed up and i've told everybody and apologized to everybody and told them it's not going to happen again. >> reporter: derrick collins said that harvey will be fined but he'll still start game 3 against the dodgers at citi field. and finally, guess who i found outside of yankee stadium? the parents of tonight's starting pitcher, dallas keichel, of the astros. teresa and dennis keichel traveled all the way from tulsa, oklahoma to root on their son. >> how proud are you of this young man? >> i can't even describe it, man. can't even describe it. >> i sent him a message earlier and told him to put the yankees to bed for the season. >> dad, what do you think? >> yeah, no problem. let's get those yankees out. >> reporter: i treated the cardinals nicely, the yankees hope to treat their son rudely.
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