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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  October 26, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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to be looking out the window and i see it happen. and people are going too fast. >> reporter: we asked plainfield police about the safety of the intersection. they told us they couldn't get us information today. the driver of the minivan was taking the kids to school. some of the passengers her nephews and grandchildren. the 10-year-old girl their friend. >> she is a hardworking person. she care a lot for the children. i didn't know how this happened. it's very devastating. >> you know, being so young and knowing that something has happened, we don't know how they're handling it. so that's the important concern is the children. >> reporter: not just for the girl's family, but for her classmates, many too young to understand. the other students and both drivers are expected to be okay. police are still looking into what caused the crash at the intersection, but residents there telling us they would like to see more stop signs installed. live in plainfield, news 4, new york. >> all right, lori, such a tragic situation there.
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river is being linked to the shooting death of officer randolph holder. tonight the divers who found it are speaking with us as 4 investigates uncovered some new information on that weapon. marc santia is in lower manhattan with all of this. marc? >> reporter: the current in these waters so dangerous that the nypd scuba team had small windows between 15 minutes and two hours to search for the gun. 20 feet under the surface of the harlem river, where you can only see inches in front of you, detective john mortimer made the discovery. >> pretty much on my stomach, feeling, you know, the small distance in front of my face. >> reporter: despite the murky water and tumultuous current, the nypd scuba team recovered the 40 caliber glock allegedly used to kill officer holder. divers searched 67,000 square feet of river bottom, an area larger than the lawn at bryant park before hitting pay dirt. >> when i had my light, i came,
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from my other hand that is holding the line. i actually saw it out of the corner of my eye. >> reporter: 4 investigates has learned the atf is involved in this case. agents are tracing the history of the weapon which means they will investigate the distribution chain, contacting the gun manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, and finally purchaser. they want to know how howard got the gun, and if it was used in any other crime. >> we broke the news of howard's extensive criminal history. 18 arrests, 12 stints in jail. he be l be in a bronx court this week to face charges while selling drugs in rykers last year. >> great. elated that after five days of clock. >> reporter: at police headquarters, colleagues are preparing to bury another officer, take some consolation in the recovery of an alleged murder weapon. >> today i take pride in recognizing these often unsung heroes. and i know they really wouldn't want me to call them heroes. i think randolph holder is a
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but i'm going to use that word to describe what they did. >> reporter: just because the gun was found deep, 20 feet down in these waters, experts tell news 4 investigates that it's difficult, but still possible that evidence techs can lift a fingerprint off the weapon. marc santia, news 4, new york. >> marc, thank you. in queens police are looking for two men in an attempted robbery. they say it started with a fight around 6:20 yesterday morning 1913th street in long island city. two robbers shot a man in the stomach and leg while trying to steal his gold chain. people who live and work in the area say they're surprised it happened there. >> everything around here is very dark, very, very dark. and not too many people. >> scare the hell out of me because i'm working late in the night too. >> the suspects took off with nothing, police say. the victim is expected to be okay. the death toll is rising tonight after a powerful earthquake struck there in
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from kabul to new delhi. the epicenter of the 7.5 magnitude quake was in city of jarm about 150 northeast of kabul. 33 people were killed in afghanistan, including 12 school girls who died in a stampede as they tried to evacuate their school. pakistani authorities say the death toll there has now increased to 189 people. witnesses say the shaking lasted longer than a minute, triggering mud slides and avalanches in some areas. >> my brother came. and he was saying sit down, sit down. and we sit and the cars with moving. and that building come a shouting from that building as well. and i was so scared. >> pakistan says it won't be issuing any appeals for international help. officials there say they have the resources they need for rescue and relief work. you can watch for the latest on all that damage and hear from some of the rescuers. that's tonight on "nbc nightly
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up at 6:30. are they ready to win this thing? mets players and managers sharing their feelings now on the eve of game one of the world series. the mets looking for some fall classic glory that the team hasn't seen in nearly 30 years. fans here at home are rallying. take a look at the scene now live in kew gardens. first let's go to bruce beck who is in kansas city tonight. bruce? >> david, the celebration is over. it is back to business for the mets. and now they will perform baseball's greatest stage, the world series. starting tomorrow night. our setting, beautiful stadium in kansas city, one of the crown jewels of major league baseball. today was media day for the mets and the royals with players answering questions about anything and everything.
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and everyone agrees, this is a terrific matchup for the 111th fall classic. >> you know, it's the ultimate when you're a manager or a player to play in this setting. it's hard to get here. so you got to have some fun with it. and even though it's pressure packed as it may be, you got to try to enjoy it. and we're going to enjoy it. >> david, is the specialness about you or it is about the ball club? >> god, know. it's about the team, the organization, the fan base, the city. and then we got back from the cub game, there were dozens of fans in our parking lot, waiting congratulations. i mean, walking down the street, you get high-fives. you can just tell in the fans' faces how excited they are for this. so i think that's what makes this so special is you've delivered for a fan base that has been waiting for this for a long time.
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in just a couple of moments. and good news. game one starter matt harvey has been named national league comeback player of the year by the sporting news. remember, he is coming back from tommy john surgery. still 27 hours away from the opening pitch of game one. it can't come quick enough. live in kansas city, i'm bruce beck, news 4, new york. david and natalie, are you guys ready? tell me the truth. >> yes so ready. >> we are so ready, bruce, right? and it can't come soon up in for the fans here at home who are feeling excitement already. a live look from chopper 4 at a rally getting under way in mineola. former players and fans are gathered there right now. >> david, they're getting pumped up. the queensborough residents showing their pride. >> good evening. how confident are fans here tonight? well, a short while ago they were playing "we are the
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champions" the only element of doubt is whether or not the mets will make it a sweep or not. now this event was supposed to be over a while ago. but the fans are still sticking around. the borough president hosting this event featuring jeff franco among others. those who have stood by the team in good times and bad. a legacy of loyalty stretching across the generations. >> how can i not be here? it's the mets coming to the world series with my brother. we're really excited there is no way we could have missed this. >> it's ban long time. i've been rooting since '84. i think we have the magic this year. i think we've got it. >> i feel so excited. the last time the mets won the world series, i was only 4, so i don't remember it. >> reporter: and another huge display of blue and orange pride tomorrow when the world series logo is painted on the grass at citi field. gus rosendale, news 4 new york.
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>> show us your mets pride. we have fan photo gallery at send us your pictures by going to our site or check out our nbc 4 new york app. >> long time since mets fans have had this feeling. still ahead, a recall involving tens of thousands of nissan vehicles. what you need to know to stay safe. we were looking at that in the break. a commotion for hours. that's what this guy caused in a new jersey park. the order issued to residents nearby and how this whole thing ended at 5:30. we have new details about the race for the white house. who we just learned might endorse hillary clinton. plus how about some liquor in that latte. the local starbucks locations making moves to offer you just that. also janice is here. >> i guess the caffeine is just not enough. >> no! >> we're going to talk about our weather, which is fantastic. one more day before the rain sets in. i'll have the details in the
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there is new information just coming in regarding the race for the white house. mayor bill de blasio planning to endorse democratic candidate hillary clinton. >> that's what the associated
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a source tells the ap that the endorsement could come in december. the mayor's office is declining to confirm the ap report. also tonight, conservative ben carson continues to knock donald trump from the top spot in the polls. and that's not exactly sitting well, of course, with trump. >> i'm sure it's not. news 4's rob schmitt with all of the day's developments. rob? >> reporter: one of the polls that has carson leading is from the des moines register which this morning trump called on the "today" show a very liberal terrible paper. donald trump a self-proclaimed believer in polls isn't buying the latest polls in iowa that show him behind dr. ben carson in the race for the republican nomination. >> one crumby poll. it wasn't even that bad. >> reporter: in fact, ben carson tops three iowa polls. the latest out today. carson sat 32%. trump at just 18%. and a monmouth survey of iowa republicans. they were tied in august. the billionaire candidate did a town hall from new hampshire on the "today" show where trump
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leads and fielded questions from the audience. when asked if he has ever been told no, he tried to describe hardships starting his career, but may have made a misstep. >> it has not been easy for me. i started off in brooklyn. my father gave me a small lone of a million dollars. i came into manhattan, and i had to pay him back, and i had to pay him back with interest. >> you say it hasn't been easy for you. >> no he did. you're right. >> that probably is going to seem easy to a lot of people. >> a million dollars isn't very much come fired what i vote. >> reporter: jeb bush, laying off stafferers, in texas, with his family working on a new plan. trump today said jeb bush needs counseling from his family. and then went after the iowa front-runner, dr. ben carson. >> by the way, carson is lower energy than bush. i don't get it. i saw him being interviewed. he is lower energy than bush. >> reporter: one woman in the audience called out trump about his taunting. >> what would you like to say to people who think you're too harsh to be the next president of the united states. >> i really am a nice person.
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i give tremendous amounts of money away. i love to help people. it's not going to be this time about niceness. it's going to be about competence. people are tired of stupid people rung our country. >> reporter: well, trump incite, an example of what he calls horrible trade deals that the u.s. enters into saying every country uses the united states on immigration. he hasn't changed and said he would accept no syrian refugees into the u.s. the next republican debate is coming up on wednesday on cnbc. natalie? >> rob, thanks for that look. go to to read up on all of the candidates running for president. you'll find the personal details along with their political plans. just search decision 2016. an alleged serial killer is scheduled to face a judge in connecticut later this week. an attorney for william devon howells says his client is deciding whether to force prosecutors to prove in court that there was probable cause to arrest him. he has a hearing wednesday. police say howell killed seven people in 2003 and dumped their bodies behind a shopping center in new briton. he is currently serving time for
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one of the killings, and was only charged with the other . police officers in baltimore will soon wear body cameras. in a pilot program, 155 officers will test three different body cam systems through december. the department will choose a system by next february, and then equip every officer within the next two years. heads-up to drivers out there. nissan is expanding a recall of two of its top selling cars. the recall began in july. now it includes nearly 59,000 altima and maxima said dance. this covers certain 2013 to 2016 altima mid-sides cars and some 2016 maxima large cars. nissan says an improperly installed seal can cause a fuel leak during a crash. the company will notify owners so a dealer can fix the problem. metro north riders may soon have a better commute in the coming years. the railroad expected to get more than $2 billion for new train cars and station upgrades among other improvements. this funding is part of the mta's massive capital plan to
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fix railroads, subways and buses across the entire system over the next five years. the mta board set to approve this program wednesday. starbucks isn't just about getting your morning jolt anymore. pretty soon long islanders could be hitting the coffee giant for happy hour. according to news day, four starbucks location on long island have applied for liquor licenses. this is long beach, huntington, east north port. they have put in applications including a shop in williamsburg, which has already put their license to use. what do you think? irish coffee there? what do you think? >> i was confused at first when we did the tease a little earlier. i thought they were going to put licker in the coffee. and i was a bit confused. >> well, that's coming. we don't know that for sure, but yes. >> all right. whatever. >> welcome back. >> thank you very much. >> good to see you. >> good to be back. nice weather back here at home. a great day today with temperatures. chilly this morning. but nice this afternoon.
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near average. and now we're seeing some high clouds stream across the skyline there. eventually, those clouds will lower and thicken, and they will bring rain. but not just yet. here is our look outside from the top of the rock camera. 5 degrees in the park. beautiful day. the temperatures were just around average. the average is 60 for central park. and we made it to 58 in central park. newark here at 61. 56 in bridgeport today. 60 at la guardia and 57 in islip. a beautiful fall day across the stlkate. another chilly night expected. some areas north and west for your temperatures will dip into the 30s. you might get a bit of frost in the morning. tomorrow is cool and dry. and that is the rain we're tracking. the remnants of patricia that once hit mexico with force is now sitting over the gulf coast of louisiana, mississippi, alabama, bringing them some rain. and all of that is tracking in our direction for wednesday. so in the meantime, we'll enjoy another chilly night tonight. clear skies. and another lovely day tomorrow. we'll start to see the clouds building around 4:00 or 5:00 in
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the afternoon. it stays dry. the rain is really not going to hit us until after midnight wednesday. and that will start to track through the area through wednesday morning and into wednesday afternoon. we're talk about quite a bit of rain. anywhere between an inch of rain to two 2, 2 1/2 inches. some areas might get as much as 3 depending on your spot. this is all wednesday night into thursday morning. it's a pretty much 24-hour period of pretty steady rain which we need around here. 65 degrees. it's also going to be very windy on wednesday as well. going into thursday, though, things start to dry out. it's a mild day for us. and temperatures are up near 70 degrees on thursday. a little breezy. but beautiful conditions expected going into the weekend. right now it's in the 50s at the delaware water gap. 56 for you in parsippany. also in the 50s through danbury. 55 in long branch. and 61 degrees in bridgewater. so for later tonight in the city, about 44.
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41 in islip. and areas like poughkeepsie and monticello, yorktown, sussex, maybe even around danville, you'll see some frost. these areas north and west. a cool start at the jersey shore. no frost for you. 45. a few more clouds start to build throughout the day. and the temperatures are in the 50s to near 60. but north and west around freezing in the morning. some patchy frost. long island coastal connecticut, around 40 at 8:00 a.m. 56 around noon. and a nice quiet end to the day with the clouds continuing to perk up around the area and increase. and it's a dry commute tomorrow either way in the morning or in the afternoon. but not on wednesday. that's when the rain comes in, which will be heavy at times. and like i said, anywhere from an inch to 2 1/2 expected up to 65. going into the weekend, a lot is going on. halloween on saturday. weather looks great. well turn the clocks back one hour saturday night. and a new york city marathon is on sunday. and that weather is looking pretty good too. guy, back to you. >> it does look good. thank you, janice.
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she just said a new record with her new music video "hello." >> the video is fantastic too. now adele is going to perform the song live in new york. we could have had it all >> the british pop star set to perform on "saturday night live" november 21st. her first performance on the "snl" stage in seven years. and she'll be sharing the spotlight with some good company. matthew mcconaughey will be the host. adele dropped the single "hello" on friday and swiftly beat taylor swift's record for most views in 24 hours. the video is pretty emotional. a lot of people talking about it on social media. >> you said you got emotional. >> i did get a little emotional. it's a great video. do you like bacon? do you like hot dogs? well, then you probably need to hear this. around. they can cause cancer. we'll talk about the specific serving size you need to pay attention to when it comes to increasing your risk, next. and coming up at 6:00, nearly three years after superstorm sandy, some new jersey residents are finally returning home.
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>> it's been -- it's been crazy. it's been hard. >> news 4 investigates why it took so long, and what is being done to ensure families are better protected from future storms, at 6:00. i'm michael douglas, and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world. and there's no time to see it like the fall. take metro north
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this is getting attention of a lot of you on we want you to listen closely here. >> according to the world health organization, processed meat can cause cancer. specifically, 50 grams a day raises your risk by 18%. so that amount is about the size of your palm. nbc's erika edwards has important details. >> reporter: a division of the world health organization states processed meat like hot dogs and bacon can cause cancer. >> this was based primarily on strong evidence that consumption of processed meat causes colorectal cancer. >> what is more, the group says there is evidence to suspect red meat, including beef, lamb, and pork likely can cause colorectal cancer as well.
5:25 pm
has been suggesting limiting red meat and processed meat intake since 2002. >> reporter: limit, not necessarily eliminate there is a difference between processed meat and lean cuts of beef and pork. expert says the leaner cuts can be important for health. >> it contains abundant nutrients that we all really need. it's concentrated protein. all the amino acids for good health. and importantly it has vitamin b-12 and iron. >> reporter: the new report defies common sense in a statement, writing scientific evidence shows cancer is a complex disease not caused by single foods, and that a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle choices are essential to good health. the w.h.o.'s report puts processed meat in the same cancer causing category as cigarettes, but it does not mean they're equal in terms of danger. some studies show people who eat a lot of processed meat may have double the colon cancer risk as those who don't eat any. smoking, on the other hand, multiplies a person's risk for
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erika edwards, nbc news. 5:30. >> all right. it has happened again. another bear sighting. always exciting to see these guys. but black bear here decided to settle on the branch of a tree for a little break. this time, though, right in the middle of a popular park. it could be dangerous. we're live. and a car plunges 30 feet into a construction pit, landing on its roof. incredibly, the driver survives. an update on how she is doing, coming up. and what we're learning about the woman who drove her car into a homecoming crowd and killed several people, including a 2-year-old boy.
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