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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 9, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EST

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it's monday, november 9th. republican candidates back in tack, mode. donald trump scored big on "snl." >> they're great. they don't have my talent, my money, or especially my good looks him but you know what, they're not bad. >> why do ns of football players are refusing to play until the president of their university steps down.
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camera him more than a dozen vehicles without warning. a solid debut. arly today" starts right now. good morning, happy monday. i'm b ty lynn. tomorrow's debate is primed to be the most explosive yet. ben carson is answering allegations, largely firing back the media. >> i have a ays said that i expect to be better. but being$3etter and what is going on with me, you said this, no, you said this, 20 years ago. this didn't exist. i sohave not seen that with anyone else. if you could tell me where events happened with someone else, i will take that statement
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>> they are policing nearly two years of records. "aanwhile, the numbers are in from donald trump's "snl" appearance,alf course, there was controversy there, too. >> reporter: dancing, tweeth and too much winning. >> the middle eastern e american people, sir, they're just sick of winning. reporter: donald trump took his campaign to the "saturday fight live" stage, despite protesters trying to stop him. the show on high alert he would have an alert. >> it's larry david, what are you doing, larry? >> i heard the they were giving me $1,000. >> despite ratings and laugh, not everyone was a fan of trump the comedian. trtmp was back on message and
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new doubts about ben carson's beliefs and background. >> he's going to have to excomplain i plain a lot of things away the sclv scholarship situation the dinner with westmoreland when westmoreland wasn't there, the pyramids. you know a mir midz pharaoh. >> again, anybody on that message can be 100% on some reference. carson not the only one to feel the heat, marco rubio under fire, finally released 22 months of statement, including charges at a honda dealership, a children's sports center and a nearly $4,000 bill for home decor and iberia tiles, all of which the campaign says rubio paid back. on tuesday, the republicans head into their fourth debate. rubio hoping to shake his credit
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woes as trump hopes to shake a still surging carson. katy tur, nbc news, new york. dozens of football players at the university of missouri are boycotting, vowing not to participate in practices until the university president resigns. they protest how the university president has handled several recent racial incidents. >> reporter: student protests escalated when at least 30 football play, announced they would not take part in team activities until university president tim wolf is removed. the head coach tweeted, we are united behind our players. this protest is one of several that stems from a semester that black students say has been marred by racial incidents on campus. protesters say groups of white students have repeatedly hurled slurs and a swastika was sprawled in fecies on the homecoming dorm. >> this isn't just me who is going through this.
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these are students coming from all different background who endure this. >> reporter: plaque students are 7% of the student body say the school failed to respond and tim wolf has been inadequate. one student began a hunger campaign. students began camping out on the lawn of the west plas za zl we are advocating to make this a safer climate. >> reporter: the president of the university issued a statement saying he was dedicated to ongoing dialogue and will have spec plans in the coming months. now to egypt where the investigation into that russian jet crash continues nine days after the disaster killed all 2 two people on board. the question remains, was it a bomb that brought it down? >> as more evidence is analyzed, investigators grow more
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>> he was hurt in the last second. >> they told the reuters news, a they're 90% sure that noise, 23 minutes into the flight and based on their analysis of the side waves, was a bomb exploding. egypt's aviation ministry called that a pure lipe saying it's too soon to reach any confoougs collusion. the answer may lie in fractions of a second and grains of san, russian teams took 15 sacks of sand looking for explosive residue. parts of the pane are missing somewhere in the dirt. but crucial pieces of evidence could be tiny the size of a finger fail and tough to find here. the fbi has been asked to help by the russians and has agreed.
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but the possibly of a bomb is causing shock waves above all for airlines. >> it is as a result of what it's alleged to be, i'm afraid it's another game changeer for the industry. >> security officials are examining reports at the airport, a baggage scanning machine was often broken, the baggage handlers weren't monitored. >> that was bill neely reporting for us. in a few hours, an intense meeting. it will be the first time the two have met since netanyahu's cold shoulder visit in front of congress in march t. rocky relationship continue this weekend as old facebook posts emerge him they suggested obama is anti-semitic. >> that spokesman has since apologized. a terrifying scene to show you
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in china, it was all caught on camera. a truck went through flames, instead of stopping, the driver made the decision to keep driving before trying to extinguish those flames. he was able to get through the tunnel and out of the truck in time. he said he kept going to pre vent people from being injured. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. also, check out this drone video of a passive sink hole in meridian, mississippi. can you believe this? it swallowed up at least 14 vehicles at an ihop parking lot. the hole was 50 feet wide, roughly 30 feet deep. officials say it would take several days to get the cars removed. it could be weather related. in california, sierra, nevada mountain, heavy snow made for heavy driving conditions, as much as a foot of snow was
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for the latest weather, bill kierans is here i can't get over that sink hole. >> who knows? >> related to something him something water related. yes. let's talk about november. we don't get a lot of tropical development. this one is near the bahamas. the good news is that the storm on the east coast will deflect this out to sea so all the rain you look at this morning. not associated with that tropical depression. but this rain system and this will produce heavy rain some possibility offese lated flooding. it's good for the rain.
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tomorrow as we head up towards maryland, there is great weather out there today from chicago to minneapolis, this is perfect fall weather. not like last week. this is carry home in the afternoon type weather, we settle in. now a closer look at your day ahead. today, obviously the showers and storms are with us. still very warm in florida quite humid, too. tuesday will not be as pretty with the clouds and rain in new england. it was great to see that snow in california. we feed a big snow season out there. >> thank you, bill. nearly a thousand lufthansa flightss and you are watching
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. welcome back, everybody, tragedy in maryland on sunday. four people died. 14 are hospitalized after a vanko lied with two other vehicles, crews worked to free several people trapped in that wreckage. >> you could tell he was trapped. they definitely looked scared. >> eight remain in critical condition. there is no word on what caused the crash him myanmar's first free elections in 25 years. voter turnout reached an estimated 80%. the party is expected to win. lufthansa says it will can sell nearly a thousand flights in germany today. almost a third of those scheduled. due to a cabin cruise strike. it started saturday after talks broke down. check out this 12-and-a-half foot alligator. guess where it was.
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that thing is not happy. luckily, though, a dental assistant who happened to be an alligator hunter was on the scene, what's the chances of that, she helped police wrappingle the gator, now nicknamed godzilla for good reason, apparently. time to get down to be futures are higher this morning. stocks come off their sixth straight positives week. it signals the fed will likely hike interest rates in december. motorists are seeing a slight hike. a gallon rose a penny to $2 phone i.25 cents. wall street bonuses are expected to fall. they are feeling theics of this year's choppy mark. it is the first time that compensation is expected to drop. just ahead, a fantastic day at snfl football. they feed an ot to settle the score.
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if you didn't stay up for the eagle's cowboy's game, you want
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this morning on "today" day four of rokerthon, 2. watch him knock out the forecast from four states. time now for sports and another
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at yesterday's highlights from around the league. >> 33rd down an 7. end zone, flag, touchdown carolina! brady, golden, touchdown. >> there they come. there goes mariota up for grab, all this talk touchdown. >> taylor going to take his shot throwing end zone. touchdown. >> looking in that direction, throw, a diving cap by brandon marshall. >> another quick hitter.
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taking it in for a touchdown by trevor wade? now the dhaes cowboys hosting the eagles on sunday night football. photos surface of the victim related to his domestic violence arrest. the cowboys express their regret in a tweet on saturday. game tied at 14 when a dallas pass is intercepted by jordan hicks, who takes it 67 yards back the other way for the score. on the cowboy's next drive. on the cowboy's next drive. matt cassel scrambling under pressure. to the back of the end zone dez bryant able to tie the game up. his second game back after missing five with a broken foot. the eagles have first possession. >> mathieus now in the game at the 21 yard line.
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and fires and it's caught on the run and pence the end ne, mathieus to win the game. >> a heart breaker for dallas fans, quarterback find jordan mathieus with a 41-game winning touchdown pass. they rival dallas, their sixth straight loss after a 33-27 victory. just ahead, another latin sequel with the late robin williams as a a genie. you are watching the local "star wars" movie on "early today." y."
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>> oh, yeah, it was an exciting week at the box office, the latest james bond film "spectre" opening. the second biggest of all time behind "skyfall." >> what was your review? >> i thought it was good, it was. a you in "star wars" release, they gave us a look at new footage in the movie. a lot of people excited with that. "saturday night live" got the biggest ratings this weekend since 2012. it featured donald trump as host with musical guest sia. did my reports they have enough extra lines from robinwoods from the aa laden movie to make a whole other sequel.
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any plans were quickly scrapped because of a chaus in his will preventing use of his work for 25 years after his death. a guitar used by john lennon sold at auction for nearly $2.5 million. to record "ps i love you." and "love you do" before it was stolen in fine 53. yesterday marked the 50 years of "days of our lives." it started in fine 5. t.i remember them. on saturday, larry david made yet another return as bernie sanders on "snl." >> we need to rebuild our nation's infrastructure. it's crumbling. that's why i no longer drive on bridges or through tunnels. instead, i keep a kayak struck to the top of my car. whenever i get to a bridge, i park abandon my car and pedal to
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is is. leaving the news and usa today, instagram leads police to a suspected school plo three se teens were charged with murder conspiracy for allegedly targeting linden high. temperatures could drive into tr e poverty, world bank warnings, it could lead t crop
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the spread of water-borne disease, the climate change kould should include efforts to maintain povert in sustainable wa ca. two officers face second degree murder and attempted murder chomgeod body camera footage from the scene have yetveo be released. the boy's father remains spewalizkd in seniorious condition. >>uy> a dramatic rescue in australia. two men were stuck on a cliff ledge after one became damaged in a fall. luckily the two men were airlifted to safety. and yesterday balloon characters were brought to life, test flight day showcased four new characters, 89 of all things on the thanksgiving day parade. he got it right. scratch and his acornoand angry birds red, do you know and
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ronald mcdonald, the parade will take place on november 26th, starting at 19:00 a.m. right reo n nbc. i remember, w, watched it together. >> we did. yes, you were a very good baby-sitter. >> thank you. it was my first time getting pr closest to see, even though it was through a window, closer than i have been. >> it's nice to see one time to see it in person. the balloons are much bigger. >> absolutely. i can't wait. >> i can't wait for that time. >> i was just about to say that. hard to believe. here's a look back for you, 50 years ago today, the great northeast blackout left tlmpb million people in parts of canada in the dark for hours. here's now nbc's dprampg mcgee covered the story. >> we are reaching you from new york under as you can see exceedingly strange conditions. this is an emergency arrangement. we are operating with mobile equipment and operating from
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even using candles as a light supply. nick leshea turns 42. eric mcdane, aka mcsteamy is 43


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