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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  December 5, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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weather in central park tomorrow. >> absolutely. lots of sunshine, a high of 56, just need the light jacket. chanukah begins sundown, we'll stay dry for tuesday. >> that does it for this edition of "news 4 new york." ""nbc nightly news"" is next. >> see you tonight at 11:00. on this saturday night, trail of terror. isis sends a message calling the shooters martyrs and tonight an emerging portrait of the female suspect. plus, what we now know about where the killers got their arsenal of weapons. the new chicago police documents that contradict what was seen on the dash cam video of a police officer fatally shooting a teenager. a new risk factor doctors say should not be ignored.
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when these students moved into a retirement community and joined the elderly, it was music to their ears. "nightly news" begins now. good evening. tonight, we begin with a nation increasingly on edge as details slowly emerge about the san bernardino shooters and the weapons they used to carry out their vicious attack. in an online radio broadcast today isis praises the two shooters and this comes as the president is ramping up his language saying the act was an act of terror. we have it all covered and we begin in redland, california. >> reporter: in this bedroom community outside los angeles, neighbors tell nbc
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yed farook and tashfeen malick appeared normal. today the group isis praised the attack, calling the couple martyrs, but there's no evidence that the attack was directed by a militant group. malik was born in pakistani pakistan. she spent time in the punjab province in her early years and later went to university there which was a hotbed for recruiting. there was no signs she was involved with radical islamic groups. some say u.s. officials are right to ask if she radicalized her husband. >> i think tashfeen malik selected a clean candidate to be her cohort in terrorism.
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primary actor who manipulates a more vulnerable subservient person. >> reporter: malik married farook after meeting in saudi arabia. he was born in chicago. a college graduate with a good paying job as a restaurant inspector in san bernardino. friends say there was no way he was the master mind. >> this is something political because this brother, he couldn't have done that. >> reporter: the shooters' home where they raised a 6-month-old daughter was a bomb making factory. killed by police in the shootout, their deadly plot ending in the hands of er doctors. >> this is something i'll never forget. i'll never be able to fully conceive how those patients' families were affected. >> reporter: the 14 dead are mothers
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fathers, sons, and daughters. johnson shielded her saying three words, i got you. tonight, her life a tribute to his in a massacre where there are still so many questions. they knew very little about the couple. >> thank you for that report. president obama met with his national security team today for a briefing on the shooting investigation. officials say there's no solid evidence tying this attack to any specific terror group. our justice correspondent pete williams is following this angle. pete, good evening. >> kristin, good evening. the white house says the president was told today they found no indication that the couple was part of an organized group or terror cell. james comey says several factors suggest they were radicalized.
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extensive preparations, the way they built their bombs, and the pledge of support for isis that malik posted before the shooting. no sign at this point that the couple was in direct contact with anyone from any terror group. investigators hope they'll discover the couple's motives on the computers and cell phones they left behind, but the couple damaged those devices before the shooting. while the lab at washington is working overtime to recover that data, that work is slow going. >> pete williams from our washington newsroom. thank you, pete. we are learning more tonight about the four guns used in the massacre and where they came from. it turns out two of those guns, the assault rifles, were purchased by a friend of syed farook. >> reporter: the attack on the holiday party didn't take long. roughly 75 rounds in just a matter of minutes. enforcement searched a
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friend of syed farook who they believe originally purchased the two assault rifles during the rampage. one bought in 2011 and the other in 2012. authorities say they do not consider him a suspect in the mass shooting, but they want to know when the guns were transferred to the couple. >> it's an urban tactical weapon. >> reporter: the ar-15s have been used in some of the deadliest shootings in history. 2012 in aurora, colorado, james holmes used it to kill 12 people at a late night movie. less than six months later, adam lanza used a rifle called the bushmaster to kill 20 children and 6 adults at sandy hook elementary. assault rifles like these are relatively light and easy to use. >> could i potentially learn how to use this gun in an afternoon? >> you can potentially learn how to use this gun in two minutes.
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couple tried to alter one rifle to make it fully automatic, but their attempts failed. the law in the state of california says a magazine can only hold ten rounds, but the shooters had magazines that could hold 30 and they had them taped together. when magazine finished, all they needed to do was flip it and use the next one. federal investigators took security video and financial records from this gun range. the couple may not have needed much practice. law enforcement officials tell nbc news the man who originally bought the gun has not been able to tell them how or when they ended up in the couple's hands. they say he's been too emotionally distraught to give them that level of detail. >> just a fascinating look at assault rifles. we have a program note now. chuck todd will have
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tomorrow on "meet the press." as we told you earlier, president obama spoke out again today about this week's shootings and so did some of the presidential candidates. the massacre is having a pronounced impact on the rhetoric of the campaign with new warnings by the candidate about the terror threat. among those weighing in today was donald trump. we were with him today in iowa. >> reporter: addressing the tragedy in san bernardino today, president obama came as close as he's ever come to using the words words radical islamic terror. the president cautioning we need to know all the facts before laying the blame on global terror networks was panned by the republican hopefuls, who accused him of backing away from an all out assault on isis. >> radical islamic terrorists, it's what it is. this is a war.
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>> reporter: his poll numbers rising, donald trump is leading the way, positioning himself as the toughest on terror. >> this [ bleep ] is not going to happen anymore. >> reporter: the billionaire arguing for racial profiling and bringing back waterboarding. trump even taking it a step further to target the families of suspected terrorists. the heated rhetoric not exclusive to the frontrunner. >> we're seeing the evil of radical islamic terrorism here at home, murdering innocent people. >> this is the world we now live in. he was born in the united states. he was a u.s. citizen. >> reporter: republican voters say they are afraid and as of now the man most say they want protected them is donald trump. >> you're not going to be scared anymore.
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scared. you're not going to be scared. >> reporter: republican voters say regardless of who they're going to vote for they do believe donald trump is the most qualified candidate when it comes to foreign policy and isis despite his inexperience. one more note on all of this. for the first time since 1920, "the new york times" ran an editorial today. it calls for greater regulation of guns in this country following the string of recent mass shootings. a bystander recorded the
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we want to warn you -- >> i know there are videos out there in the media. if you slow those videos down carefully, you will see that the weapon is raised at the moment in which the shot takes place. >> reporter: while the fbi is investigating the attempted bank robbery, the shooting in the city of miami beach is being investigated by separate police agents. it's a new policy here. at outgrowth of the 2011 shooting. once the independent investigation is completed, it will sent to the miami-dade state attorney, who will make the
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decision. and there is a new chapter tonight in police shooting of a teenager in chicago more than a year ago. you'll recall the police released dash cam video of the shooting just last week. then they released surveillance tape from a burger king with an 80-minute gap. now they have released seemingly contradictory police reports from the officers who watched the shooting. >> reporter: in hundreds of pages of official and handwritten police statements a startling different picture of the shooting that took the life of 17-year-old laquan mcdonald. in police reports released by the state late friday officer jason van dyke, who has been charged with first-degree murder, and five other officers seemed to directly contradict the dash cam video last week. when mcdonald's got to within 12 to 15 feet of the officers, he swung the knife toward the officers in an
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the officers are called the victims. the 17-year-old the offender. while the video shows the teen lying on the ground shot 16 times, officers reported mcdonald continued moving on the ground, attempting to get up while still armed with the knife. the report also introduces a possible defense for van dyke, who has pleaded not guilty. a previously issued chicago police department bulletin warning of a weapon, which was a knife, but which actually was capable of firing a bullet. today, there were new calls for protest and resignations following the ousted summit ed ed
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-- garry mccarthy. >> reporter: chicago pd says the justice department is now investigating the officers who made those statements in a tale of two stories that has left a city divided. and when "nightly news" continues on this saturday, women's health and what has emerged as a new risk factor for breast cancer. a most unusual living arrange song: "that's life" song: "that's life" song: "that's life" p song: "that'splife" that's life. you diet. you exercise. and if you still need help lowering your blood sugar... ...this is jardiance.
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we're back now with an important health story that came out just this week. a new warning sign for breast cancer that doctors say should now be added to the list of risk factors for the disease. it involves a preliminary finding on some mammograms. >> reporter: a trainer wasn't overly concerned when a mammogram several years back detected something suspicious. it turned out to be what's known as a false positive. an additional screening found she was cancer free, but three years later there was nothing false about it. her yearly test revealed the mom had stage 2 breast cancer. >> what's it like when you get that diagnosis? >> it's very scary. i have a little boy. and i want to see him grow up and get married. >> reporter: women receiving them had a
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eventually developing breast cancer than those who didn't. the study followed a million women for over a decade. women a previous false-positive had a 39% greater risk of breast cancer later on than women who never had such a finding. those who had a biopsy that turned out to be negative had an 69% risk. >> the chances of a woman developing breast cancer overall are very small, even if she has a false positive. >> reporter: some say false positives should be considered a risk factor. >> i was diagnosed two years ago. >> reporter: after diagnosis, claudia was treated at m.d. anderson cancer center. she's healthy now. >> i'm very, very
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and they discovered it at an earlier strategy. >> reporter: false alarm mammograms, a potential clue for early detection in the fight against breast cancer. and when we come back, could this be the dormitory of the future? why these college if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me... and you're talking to a rheumatologist about a biologic, this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me reach for more. doctors have been prescribing humira for more than 10 years. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contrubutes to ra symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment,
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make sure you're covered for more than what just medicare pays... consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company... the only medicare supplement plans that carry the aarp name, and the ones that millions of people trust year after year. always have a plan. plan well. enjoy life. go long. they say there's no place like home, and we have a unique twist on that concept tonight. for a group of college students in cleveland, home has become a local retirement community. >> reporter: 25-year-old daniel
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his mind these days as he finishes up his ph.d. at the cleveland institute of music, but one thing he doesn't worry about -- >> that i have the best student housing arrangement in cleveland. >> reporter: it is not just an apartment in a luxury hotel or the grand piano in the lounge. it's his housemates. >> i have 100 surrogate grandparents here and they're really dear friends of mine. >> reporter: it is home to both students and senior, a novel arrangement combining college kids and retirees five years ago. >> she eats as much as my family. i see more of her than i do some of my adult grandkids. >> reporter: what could they possibly have in common? turns out a lot. >> we enjoy cooking, sharing a meal,
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talking about music. >> reporter: the students get free housing in exchange for performing once a month. residents say these young neighbors keep them young. >> when you see a young person coming toward you, you want to look alive. you want to look like you're still part of it. >> i see them wearing something or carrying something. what the hell is that? >> reporter: no worries about loud parties -- >> oh, no. >> no. >> we actually can have those two. >> reporter: there is, however, one area of disagreement between the ages. >> who do you think gets more out of it, the residents or you? >> i do. >> reporter: so far a dozen students from area colleges have come together to great this family-like atmosphere. >> it is a win for us because we have delightful young people here. >> reporter: two different generations
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sb strong despite this week's horrific events in san bernardino. the city was also showing its resilience today while many are in mourning and many are feeling the sorrow of the city. the holiday spirit was also on display. >> reporter: it would have been easy for san bernardino to call off this year's ymca christmas parade, to silence the bands and pack away the costumes, to tell kids who practiced for months to stay home. yes, that would have been easy, but this town needed something else. >> i think it needs a parade more than ever. a good blue collar town like san bernardino is going to stand up and fight. >> reporter: about 1500 people, mostly kids, are marching in the parade. organizers questioned whether to cancel it, but decided last night to go forward. as a precaution, they doubled the police presence.
6:58 pm
like patty cruz. >> it's really sad right now. >> reporter: her granddaughter works at the inland regional center. the scene of wednesday's mass shooting. >> she made it out okay. >> reporter: still what happened paralyzed this community. >> what do you think it will take to get life back to normal here? >> time. i think just time. no matter what life goes on and you cannot be afraid to live your life. >> reporter: san bernardino is slowly starting to heal and for patty cruz's family, today is part of that process. >> this is for them. we need to bring them out and let them know we're going to be okay. >> reporter: a wounded yet resilient town
6:59 pm
joy. incredible resilience resilience. that is "nightly news" for this saturday. for all of us here at nbc news, thanks for watching and good


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