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tv   Sunday Today in New York  NBC  December 13, 2015 10:00am-10:30am EST

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they need to take care of themselves and their families. you fight the cancer. we'll fight for you. now on "today in new york," breaking news. a bronx priest accused of stealing from parishioners to pay for sex steps down from his position. plus, an investigation into a fire that set six u.s. postal trucks up in flames. and caught on camera. we get a look at the woman police say tried to kidnap a child on long island. "today in new york" starts now. and good morning. welcome to "today in new york" at 10:00 on a sunday morning.
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>> i'm gus rosendale. the big weather story of this weekend continues today in many, many parts of the area. we're already well above 60 degrees. erica grow is in for raphael with that. >> unbelievable. we're breaking record highs today without a doubt. we have temperatures in the 60s as you can see right here. 62 degrees in chelsea. 61 in hoboken. still at 58 degrees on staten island. a wider view, we are at 64 degrees at central park. that's your 10:00 a.m. temperature. that ties the record high for this date. so we are going to break the record almost with certainty in central park. it's 52 in monticello. all of us looking at some very mild temperatures out there right now. storm tracker satellite and radar shows plenty of clouds in place, but some thinness to the clouds, allowing that sun to pierce through. you can also see a couple light sprinkles that were a little heavier earlier on in the morning. now kind of dissipating a little bit. it's just because of a warm front that's lifting to the
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so good amount of sunshine at about noon. then the cloud cover is going to fill in again. temperatures from rising too much higher. we still are going to reach highs in the mid-60s today. coming up, i'll tell you about arrives. it comes in two stages. seven-day forecast. pat and gus, back to you. >> all right. thank you so much, erica. happening now, all southbound lanes of i-684 in bedford have been shutdown after a head-on crash. >> that closure starts at exit 6. rey villeda join us live with the latest. >> reporter: gus and pat, good morning. 684 southbound has just reopened in the last 15 minutes. this after a two-car crash that happened around 6:00 a.m. we're told a car was going the wrong way near route 35. that's exit 6 on 684. crashing into another car. that wrong-way driver was pronounced dead soon after.
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scene all morning long with reconstruction teams, trying to piece together this scene and figure out how all of this happened. again, in the last 15 minutes, that scene, 684 southbound near route 35, is back open after a wrong-way crash, which killed that wrong-way driver. we're trying to figure out more information about this crash and about that driver. when we get it, we'll pass it on along to you. for now, i'm rey ay villeda. break news out of the bronx where a catholic priest has resigned amid accusations he stole from parishioners to pay a male prostitute. the father sent a letter to his parish. it was read to them this morning. it says, while i am not gft of the charges that certain individuals have brought against me, i feel i am a distraction to you.
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an attorney showed news 4 a $14,000 check the priest allegedly wrote to himself and a bank balance worth nearly half a million dollars. the lawsuit also claims he used that money to buy drugs and a house in brick, new jersey, where he would meet with the escort. the archbishop of new york taking these allegations seriously. at a catholic charities event, cardinal timothy dolan spoke exclusively to news 4. >> they found some sloppiness in bookkeeping, but it found no evidence at all of embezzlement. >> cardinal dolan also said the church is working with the bronx district attorney, and he apologized to church goers, who tell us they're angry and concerned. and new this morning, a man is in critical condition after an suv hit a scooter on the upper east side. >> police say the man drove his scooter through a red light on 5th after and east 85th street. the suv hit the scooter. the impact threw the man into a tree. the driver of the suv was not hurt. also new this morning, a shooting in the bronx sent two men to the hospital.
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bar called the garage in the eastchester section. one man was shot in the head and taken to jacoby hospital. leg. arrests. fire investigators are looking into a blaze that involved six u.s. postal trucks. >> it broke out late last night at the u.s. postal center garage on 11th avenue in chelsea. this was the scene just before midnight as our cameras got to the scene. right now, no word on what may have started the fires or the extent of the damage. well, yesterday at this time, we were telling you about an attempted abduction in long island. now we have a photo of the woman accused of trying to kidnap a baby out of a kohl's department store there. take a look at this picture. detectives say this is the woman who approached a mother who was changing her 1-year-old baby in the restroom on thursday. we're told that woman grabbed the child's arm and demanded that the mother give her the baby. the mother pushed her away, called security. the suspect last seen leaving in a black livery vehicle. we're also getting new information today in a hit-and-run that killed a teenager in queens. detectives now want to talk to this man. investigators say he was spotted
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side of the car involved in the deadly accident in jackson heights. 17-year-old ovidio jaramillo was struck and killed as he walked home from a funeral tuesday night. the driver who hit him never stopped. federal investigators are looking for clues in the san bernardino attacks, and they have now scoured a southern california lake. they're looking for a computer hard drive and any other evidence linked to the massacre. several items were recovered, but the fbi is not commenting on what was found. authorities believe the shooters, syed farook and tashfeen malik, may have been in the area the day of the attack. meantime this morning, a suspect is in custody accused of setting a fire at a southern california mosque just a few miles from the san bernardino shootings. 23-year-old carl james dial jr. faces charges of arson, hate crime, and burglary. riverside county police say he intentionally sat a fire that scorched the lobby of a mosque in coachella valley. police are calling that a hate crime. dial is being held on $150,000 bail. well, it is an historic climate pact, and it spans the globe.
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agreement is adopted. >> yesterday more than 190 nations reached consensus for the first ever global pact to reduce and then eliminate greenhouse gas pollution. in the voluntary agreement, $100 billion is going to go to developing nations to help them deal with climate change. the goal, zero greenhouse emissions by the year 2100. >> the people of nearly 200 nations, large and small, developed and developing, for working together to confront a threat to the people of all nations. together we've shown what's possible when the world stands as one. >> and new york governor andrew cuomo says that by the year 2030, new york state will get half of its power from renewable sources. and secretary of state john kerry will talk about that climate deal this morning when he's on "meet the press." chuck todd joins us live in washington with a preview. good morning, chuck. >> morning, gus. >> we've also talked about ted cruz, who's surging in iowa polls.
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of trump's remarks about muslims, or has it more to do with the evangelical base that's so key in the caucus? >> it has nothing to do with what trump said and everything to do with all of the groundwork that cruz has been doing over the last six months, courting evangelical supporters. he has the endorsement of every major christian conservative figure in the iowa republican party. and that is now paying dividends. he's been putting together an iowa campaign the old-fashioned way. that's what you're seeing there. actually, trump's numbers didn't go down in that poll. they actually went up a little bit. we're seeing no evidence of him eroding in support when it comes to those muslim comments. i think what you're seeing is his supporters are probably more solid than ever with him. what he may have done, though, is stunted his ability to expand, stunted his ability to grow. i think you have the very real possibility we're seeing the party divide up into three. cruz with the evangelical wing, trump with his new populist wing he's brought into the party, and
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traditional republicans go. they may be going with marco rubio, who happens to be my guest this morning. >> probably the more favorite of the establishment, given there's bad blood between the establishment and the trump camp. but rubio has been trailing. what's he telling you about how he plans to up his numbers? >> well, you know, they argue it's about not peaking too soon, and they're trying to campaign everywhere, not just concentrate on a single state. he appears to continue to have people fall to him. and look, you look at where his trajectory has been. he's not had one of those hockey stick moments where suddenly he's spiked. it has been slow growth. and the question is, is the slow time? and as jeb bush support erodes, more of it adds to rubio, and over time he's there. or does he come up short? is this the year that the establishment just isn't -- the supporters in that wing of the party, there just aren't enough of them. i don't think we'll find that out until new hampshire. >> all right, chuck.
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thanks for the preview. >> you got it, gus. >> stick around for "meet the press" with chuck taud. today marks one month since 130 people were murdered in those terror attacks in paris. today people paid tribute to the victims outside the bataclan concert hall where 90 of those people were killed. candles, flowers, and photographs line the street outside that venue in what has become a makeshift shrine there in paris. many parisians visitmthat memorial daily to honor the victims. france is still under a state of emergency. in russia this morning, investigators are pore manager ing over what's left of a psychiatric hospital that was gutted by a deadly fire. 21 patients were killed, 23 others were rescued. it's located about 350 miles south of moscow. well, today pope francis opened the holy door in rome.
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holy dar marks the start of the catholic church's holy year of mercy. the holy year officially got under way earlier this week when francis opened the holy door at st. peters basilica. still to come, $17,000 for six stitches. why such a hefty bill for that procedure. the i-team exposes a bureaucratic data that's costing patients a fortune. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist erica grow tracking record highs. it's almost certain that we're going to break all the record highs that are standing here in the tri-state. more 60s ahead in the seven-day forecast as well.
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look at that. >> sky cam with a live look at lower manhattan. what's that, just a little bit of haze? the temperatures are already -- i don't want to say skyrocketing.
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are both much colder than the actual air. we're getting a bit of that mist coming off the water. we had some fog earlier along the sound. it's feeling like spring out there. that's not going to end today either. we have another spring-like day ahead. here's another live look outside. the brooklyn bridge is looking gorgeous this morning. we have sunny and hazy conditions. that's officially what is being reported in central park right now. 64 degrees, that already ties the record high for this date, which has been standing since the 1920s. so it's been a long time that this record has been established. more records are going to fall throughout the tri-state today. it's going to be mostly cloudy in the afternoon but dry. we're done with the sprinkles and showers. mild again on monday. 57 right now in jackson. 59 in princeton. 61 in farmingdale and westhampton.
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had sprinkles and showers earlier today. very light stuff. you can see on storm tracker, it's very light. it's already gone. it was in association with the warm front that is lifting to the north. so we're entering what's called the warm sector here before the cold front actually arrives. that's still hundreds and hundreds of miles away. it will arrive as we head into monday. but in the meantime, it's still very warm. we have clouds and some sun this afternoon. those peeks of sun helping to bump that temperature up. the clouds are going to fill in pretty soon, though, and that will cap our high temperature. still at a record, but we're not going to be soaring any higher than the mid-60s today. as we head into monday and tuesday, we're watching that cold front arrive. it's going to get awfully breezy with this front. it will bring the bulk of its moisture monday night. by tuesday morning, it looks like we're dry again. still mild for this time of year. you won't believe these temperatures, if you haven't seen them yet. today, a high of 66 degrees with clouds and some sun. we will break record highs for
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stations throughout the tri-state. overnight tonight, some fog will develop. 53 degrees. we'll see partial clearing. along withes that, southerly winds. that will allow our temperature to drop to the dew point for most of the area. we will see fog early tomorrow morning. then the cold front makes its advance toward us. check out these temperatures in the seven day. on monday, a high of 62 degrees with rain and showers arriving. then on tuesday, it really doesn't cool down. a high of 60 with breezy conditions. the 50s arrive wednesday and thursday. we're finally back down to the 40s as we head into next weekend. all right. you can stay up to date with the news 4 new york app any time. just tap the news 4 logo in the corner and select the weather tab. see the latest forecast, interactive radar, and how to submit your own weather video. the news 4 new york app for iphone is also available in the app store right now. pat and gus, back to you. >> all right. thank you, erica. and now to an i-team exclusive. an eye-popping medical bill
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the er. >> why did bayonne medical center charge $17,000 to sew up a kitchen knife cut? the i-team with answers. >> there's no reason that a two-inch cut should have a five-figure bill. >> reporter: it happened again. another minor cut, but the bayonne medical center er charged an arm and a leg. ryan eggerton's index finger is just about healed now. you can see the faint scar from his kitchen mishap. >> the knife was new, it slipped. this was definitely a flesh wound. >> reporter: to stitch this up, bayonne medical center charged $17,000, and this is not the first time a bayonne bill has stunned a patient and his insurance company. >> it was not my first home improvement accident. >> reporter: last year the i-team told you about this accident. the medical center charged
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shot. >> reporter: the common thread for both patients with eye-popping medical bills is their insurer, united health care. bayonne medical center is out of network for united. the hospital said until united pays more for procedures, this emergency room will have to keep charging united more or risk going out of business. being out of network is not a business strategy, it is a survival strategy, wrote a hospital spokesman. we would like to be in network with every insurer in our state, provided they could offer us a workable rate of reimbursement. bayonne medical center says they need the leverage with insurance companies that comes with being able to charge $17,000 for a handful of stitches. otherwise, they might go out of business. >> i don't know that i believe that bayonne hospital is really going to go out of business. >> reporter: new jersey assemblyman craig coughlin says the amount bayonne medical center charges should bear some resemblance to the actual cost
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he's trying to pass a is bill that would force arbitration when insurers dispute high out-of-network charges. >> there's nothing that prohibits you from getting paid what you ought to be paid. you just have to prove it. >> reporter: the new jersey hospital association opposes the bill, saying it removes the most effective bargaining tool small hospitals have. if they cannot threaten high out-of-network rates, they say there's no incentive for insurance companies to strike fair in-network deals. >> hospitals are absolutely at risk of going out of business if they don't have this leverage in today's environment. >> reporter: michael marin is president of holy name medical center in tea neck. although he believes bayonne medical center has a right to charge high out-of-network prices, he admits $17,000 might be a bit excessive. do you think it's fair to charge $17,000 for five or six stitches? >> no, no, no. i am not an advocate of that at
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>> reporter: of that $17,000 bill, ryan eggerton is now responsible for paying just over $1,000. united health care takes care of the rest. a united spokeswoman did not address eggerton's case specifically but did say out-of-network hospitals should be charging rates consistent with other facilities in the community rather than using emergencies as an opportunity to bill patients excessive amounts. >> people shouldn't be forced to choose between a medical emergency and a financial one. >> reporter: chris glorioso, "today in new york." >> the parent company of bayonne medical center, care point health, says it does not use collection agencies to go after patients, and the hospital says only about 7% of its business last year, 21,000 patient encounters, was with those who have out-of-network insurance. still to come on this sunday morning -- >> live from new york, it's saturday night. >> the most famous alums
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well, the political season is of course fuel for comedy, and who does it better than "saturday night live"? >> and last night's episode began with a blast from the past in more ways than one. will ferrell came back as former president george w. bush in the hoping skit. >> i've made a big decision. i'm entering the race for president of the united states of america. [ cheers and applause ] the field of republicans out there is so messed up, i figured it makes you misme s me, doesn't it? and that's saying a lot. i've already got my campaign song. ready or not here i come you can't hide
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ae make you love me >> meantime, actor chris hemsworth hosted "snl" with musical guest chance the rapper. second time hemsworth has hosted this year. and next week, two other famous alums will return as tina fey and amy poehler host the show together. the best is yet to come babe won't that be fun >> oh, he's good. last night friends of frank sinatra gathered to celebrate the golden voice on what would have been his 100th birthday. he was remembered during the concert in hoboken where he was born in 1915. the chairman of the board also celebrated at patsy's here in manhattan where fans went all out to remember old blue eyes. sinatra died in california in 1998. >> that's a hard core rat pack fan. committed. all right. we're back with a final check of your forecast.
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we have the rockefeller tree, but brazil has the world's largest floating christmas tree. fireworks filled the sky as the lights were turned on in rio last night. the tree is a massive metal structure that weighs 386 tons. it uses 2.5 million micro lightbulbs. the tree lighting kicks off the holiday season in brazil for the last 25 years. >> beautiful. >> absolutely. i feel like we're getting a taste of what it's like to celebrate christmas in the southern hemisphere with these very mild temperatures. >> it's gorgeous out. i was actually planning to go to the gym today, celebrate 30 years of club fit. congratulations, dave. but i think i'm going to have to do something outside. >> outside is the way to go. take advantage of it while it lasts, right. >> yeah. >> today we're going to get up to 66 degrees for our afternoon high. we already tied the record high temperature for this date. so we're already going to get
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tomorrow is another mild day. 62. a cold front is making its way toward us. the chilly air doesn't arrive until next weekend, though. we're still in the 50s during the workweek. once this cold front moves through, that's above our seasonal average, we should only get up to 44 this time of year. we don't have any real bone-chilling cold until next weekend. so enjoy it while you can. >> it's all relative. 42 will feel bone chilling. >> it will feel awful cool. >> a shock to the system, that's for sure. >> how quickly we get spoiled. thank you, erica. we appreciate you filling in for raphael today. >> absolutely. >> and bringing us all this good news. by the way, talking about the cloud cover and the river, it's also because this time of year normally temperatures are just so much colder. so the clouds settle down lower. that's why we're looking at that. it's going to go away, right? >> it is going to go away. the sun is there. >> thanks. >> "meet the press" is next. thank you for having us in for
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