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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  January 1, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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a one hour arrival window. and ask how you could get a $300 reward card. call for more, now. right now on news4 new york fiery chaos this new year on long island. a cars slams into a gas station. tonight how this is connected to a big fight. you see it there. take a look behind us of what's left of the car at a long island gas station the result of a melee the police are trying to piece together. >> the security video shows when
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at the gas station. greg cergol is live at the scene tonight. >> reporter: pat and rob, the owner here got a phone call before 3:00 this morning saying his gas station was on fire. and what makes all of this all the more worse is that it appears it was no accident. >> it's pretty bad. you can see that. >> gas station owner dave hassan had little to celebrate this new year's day. part of his station was damaged in a predawn fire that erupted after a car slammed into a gas pump. >> the whole pump is burned, the building is damaged. thank god nobody was right by the window and my cashier was, you know, he was inside and he's save. >> but while the damage here is unmistakable, what happened is less clear. >> my other guy was telling me i think there was two or three day gooi guys, they were in an argument and started fighting.
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crash and fire. but no one involved stuck around long enough to talk to police. >> we didn't find any victims at the scene. it was just a vehicle engulfed at the time when we arrived. >> suffolk police found five bullet casings across the street and are trying to determine if gun shots were connected to this incident. the key piece of evidence is the gas station surveillance video. the police refused to release it but 4 investigates did see the video and it appears this crash and fire were no accident. the video shows the car striking at least one person in the gas station before hitting the gas pump. >> the cops the , they have the video and are investigating now. >> reporter: now police tell me they have identified the person who owns the car that burned here but they're still trying to figure out who is behind the wheel and exactly what happened.
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news4 new york. a deadly new year's eve shooting in queens, a 16-year-old boy gunned down less than 30 minutes before midnight. police identified the victim as 16-year-old jihad jackson op rose dale. officers responding to reports of a shooting at 109th avenue found jackson's body. so far no arrests. a tragic and deadly end to a newier's eve party in orange county. a young firefighter is stabbed to death during an argument. the victim is 20-year-old justin spieths. and spieths was killed while trying to break up a fight between guests. new information tonight on a man who died when his plane struck two office buildings in alaska early this week. a spokeswoman said that his intention was to commit suicide. the pilot didn't intend to harm anyone other than himself.
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he was flying a plane on tuesday when he clipped the building where his wife works as a lawyer and then crashed the plane into another building. that one was unoccupied and no one else was hurt. well a new year brings new security concerns for many parts of the world after 2016 kicks off with a scare that prompted evacuations in munich and violence in tel-aviv. here at home the new year came off without incidents ceincidence. >> as new york workers clean up off the new year's eve celebrations, authorities in munich are looking for a gunman. this video shows him pulling out an assault rival and killing two people, injuring at least eight more. in germany, authorities evacuated two strain stations just hours before the new year.
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suicide bombers targeted those stations for a midnight attack. iraqi forces pushed isis out of the city and are now helping relieved residents get out from under the terrorist group's control. meanwhile in the united states, security was tight for all new year's eve celebrations. spectators saw the same level of security at the 127th annual rose bowl parade. each of the floats dekd out with thousands of flowers. this year along with the floats, bomb sniffing dogs and a police helicopter patrolling. >> as we start this presidential election year, a new gallop poll shows that americans now believe terrorism is the number one problem for the u.s. edward lawrence, nbc news washington. coming up, fire up the grill. the price of beef, some good news here, is getting less bullish. >> and bragging rights on the line.
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claim to the first born in the new year. after the warmest december on record, here in new york we are going to start the new year with some chillier temperatures and then it gets downright cold next week. i'll have the details for you coming up in the seven-day
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well an oversupply of beef may take a bite ou of hamburger prices. apparently there's a bigger supply of beef trimmings after u.s. farmers used cheap grain to stuff their cattle. there were also weak exports to japan which meant that more beef
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the price of beef used to make hamburgers is right now at a ten-year low. >> maybe it's the chick-fil-a commercials. well chick-fil-a is saying so long to their coleslaw on the 18th of january. chick-fil-a called it a difficult decision but they've heard from customers who are looking for healthier ways to eat at their restaurants. they're still making the waffle fries. to make the loss a little easy wesh the company said it will share its original recipe online so people can make it at home. the attorney general makes its next play to stop a pair of daily fantasy sports sites from operating in new york. the state sued to sites on thursday asking the court to make the owners give back all of the money that the sites won. fan dual and draft kings took in $200 million in entry fees last year from more than a quarter
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the state calls it illegal gambling. wnbc sport ventures and comcast ventures have invested in fan dual. every year around this time moms in delivery rooms all over the city are pushing hard and fast to their newborn can claim the title of the first baby of the new year. 2016 ended in a tie. coney island hospital announced the birs of a little boy at midnight. the baby and moth are in good health. and at the exact same time, this young lady, danielle of forest hills gave birth to her baby at long island jewish medical center. daniella says she wasn't expecting all of the attention. >> it was exciting. i don't know. kind of overwhelming. it was not planned. >> it was just her time. the second baby born after midnight will be featured in a new ad campaign. >> do you really think they
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going through all after that in. >> there's a movie based on this called "new year's eve." i was in it if you would like to take a look back. >> now i have to watch it. >> i didn't deliver the baby. when we come back, a big change in the forecast and the pope's message for the new year. when in rome, we're going to give you a look at new year's celebrations there and then we're going to take a dip at the jersey shore all in the name of charity. kate now is here with a look at what nbc news is working on. a manhunt in israel. camel cosby, wife of bill cosby being forced to testify in a deposition. we're taking a look at the
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natalie cole, an unforgettable voice all coming up on "nbc nightly news." you can't see both at the same time. your trihonda dealers remind you to put down your device
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coming up at 6:00, what news4 learned about the events leading up to the near destruction of this historic church in new jersey. we're live with new information. plus, we're hearing from the father of the accused isis supporter who tells news4 his son should have been committed to a psychiatric facility, not arrested in a sting operation. those stories and much more all new tonight when rob and i see
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you know, we like to talk about layering during the weekend, the four-layer days and the three-layer day. we haven't hads that opportunity all season. it's your chance to tell us how many layers we're going to need because the weather is changing. >> at least two. here's the thing, i don't know how cold you get. we northerners, you know, we can handle a little bit of cold. i grew up only 09 minutes away in pennsylvania. this chill that's coming, it is going to be a shock to the system only because it's the first time we're going to have to deal with it. overnight tonight, breezy and colder, a chilly weekend from start to finish and then it gets even colder, an arctic blast next week. that's the first time we've had to say this at this year. 39 in farmingdale and islip. so a little warmer near the water. much colder north and west. 28 in monticello, 35 right now
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so on storm tracker we're keeping it clear here in the immediate tri-state. wu you can see the lake effect snow showers. a couple drift into the catskills and the hudson valley earlier today. let's look at those with future tracker. we'll quickly dissipate the snow showers into the overnight tonight. clear skies to wake up to. then on saturday it's going to be mostly a partly sunny afternoon, just a few of those clouds. sunday it looks like as the winds pick up we will see another potential for some light snow showers or flurries, nothing big, though. this is not going to be an event with any accumulation. future feels like temperature is the key thing. if you want to spend time outside, bundle up. prepare for a real free temperature of 23 in south brunswick.
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rebounding to a real feel in the mid-30s. the pattern is going to continue on sunday and monday. when the temperatures really bottom out. overnight tonight, we're drop down to 32. this is if the first time freezing in central park since march. tomorrow we'll get up to 43 degrees for your high temperature, partly sunny. still going to be blustery out there. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. potential of flurries north and west on sunday, high of 44 degrees. on monday downright windy and cold. the windchill is going to be in the teens at times with a high temperature of 36 degrees, only 34 on tuesday. that will be the coldest day of the workweek and then temperatures moderate as well head towards next weekend. pat and rob back over to you. well in his first message of the new year pope francis called
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>> and for a year better than the last. from his window overlooking st. peter's square, the holy fathered had his message. pope francis 'em fa emphasized if the need for us to be reborn. some brave souls celebrating the new year by jumping into the rome's tieber river. one by one, men and women leaping off the bridge into the water that's not warm. hundreds gathered to watch them. is that the naked cowboy? >> that's his italian brother, i think. >> gentleman roen mo. by the way, this was the 70th year for this annual event. >> i would be more scared of the water than the cold. >> what's in the water? >> it's not moving very fast. it didn't take nearly as
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polar plunges at the jersey shore. >> the average water temperature was 50 degrees. it was for charity. news4's ted greenberg as all of the new year fun in ocean city. >> reporter: it's a sprint into wintertime waves to welcome a brand-new year. >> i'm 55, i thought what the h hell. why not. >> over a thousand people dove head first into 2016 with a january dip in the ocean, including lindsey and mike fielding. the couple just tied the knot here last night. so today they took the plunge along with most of their wedding party. >> it's great. super fun. a great first thing to do right when you get married. the tip in the atlantic was the largest of at least four new year's day polar plungs at the jersey shore to benefit a variety of causes. >> this year was warmer because this winter has been warm. i appreciate it.
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it was awesome. >> atlantic city's polar club raised money for the multiple sclerosis association of america and living with breast cancer. while marking a milestone, its 25th launch. >> we want to do a little something different. >> ocean city's event benefits the hero campaign which work to prevent drunk driving by promoting designated driving. >> it warms our heart to know so many people are out here for a good cause. >> it's a great cause. we love to run. we've never done it before. as a new married couple it's great to try something new. >> reporter: by the way, the couple is heading to bali for their honeymoon. in ocean city, i'm ted greenberg, news4 new york. still to come on news4 new york, news in your health and we've got good advice for you trying to kick the habit this year.
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who have struggled to quick smoking? a new york man says he has the key to saying good-bye to cigarettes for good and one of them is determination, of course. first or social pic of the day. we couldn't resist from our managing editor. we ask viewers for these. this guy watches every show we have. times square after a million people last night. nobody there at 8:30 this morning. >> hats off to the cleanup crews. i couldn't find confetti to take home to my kids when i came. use the #nbc4ny on twitter or instagram.
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no data cap, and access to over 400,000 twc wifi hotspots with select plans. call now. and now to news4 your health. kicking the habit is not as easy for most people. the addiction can be stifling. an own this day when people are
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if you want to stop smoking, try a nontraditional route. we're introduced the a native of elmhurst queens who say you can quick and quick smart. >> this guy looks tough and sounds tough. >> it's a done deal. >> that's nothing compared to the first week after giving up cigarettes. >> talk about tough. >> bob horack did it quick smoking a year ago after picking up his first cigarette at 14. the right time, the time that worked was when bob realized he wasn't in control of the cigarettes, they controlled him. i looked at the cigarettes and i said you son of [ bleep ]. you own me. that was really the turning point for me to say, all right, somehow we're going to war. >> when bob went to war -- >> i'm calling to check in on you. >> -- this woman provided the artillery.
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>> kelly roberts runs the quick smart program. she's a firm believer in nicotine replacement therapies like the patch and gum. she shows people how to shake up their routine. >> if you came down every morning and had a cup of coffee and you had your first cigarette, we would encourage people possibly to come down, have a mountain dew that morning, something different. >> i would drive down different roads. i've lived in charlotte 27 years. i'd drive down roads i've never been down. >> the plan is working. a year later, still smoke free. erica edwards, news4 new york. >> bob says he changed his routine, even brushing his teeth with an opposite hand. thanks for watching news4 at 5:30. stay with us now as the news
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fire ravages an historic church under investigation. there were no permits for the renovations. speaking out, the father of an accused isis supporter says his son was entrapped when it should have been committed. and how more than 100 people are coping on this new year's day after a fire drove them from their homes. good evening 37 i'm natalie pasquarella. >> i'm rob schmitt. we begin with the destruction of a land marc church. >> the fire broke out at an historic church in new jersey around 5:00 a.m. it's now under construction. news4's brian thompson spoke with parishioners about their loss. and brian, your investigation uncovered some questions about the permits. >> reporter: no question about it. 4 investigates has learned that there were several permit violation frs s for the reconstruction oren vegas of this church.
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