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tv   Saturday Today in New York  NBC  January 9, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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have just taken in, a gun and knife. they're founding out and piecing together exactly what happened this morning. in fact, police are still out there at the scene. around 2:00 this morning police were called to east 137th and lincoln about a large fight. police say this was a fight at a party of about 100 to 200 people. that fight spilled out onto the street. when police showed up, they identified a suspect, chased after him. there was gunfire. the >> preliminary investigation indicates this. suspect has a criminal history of five prior arrests over the last several years including an arrest just yesterday, 9:00 a.m. yesterday morning on a charge of fare beating, a charge in which he was released from court at 11:00 p.m. last night, three hours before the shooting involving our police officer.
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identified as christopher rice. now let's talk about the officer, who has quite the family. he is celebrating the fourth anniversary of joining the police force today. his father is on leave serving in the military. we're also told he has a brother who serves as a traffic agent. again that officer is expected to be okay. he's surrounded with family here at lincoln hospital. the suspect, we're told, is in serious condition after being shot during this gunfight. we are told he is 19 years old, christopher rice. get this, he was released from court yesterday at 11:00 at night and he was out on the streets, police say, at this party and shot at an officer. we'll continue to follow the latest on this investigation. >> how great to see that officer giving the thumbs-up from his hospital bed, something we don't see very often.
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update you throughout this newscast. another developing story here. we are learning more this morning about the man charged with ambushing a philadelphia police officer. >> that frightening attack captured by surveillance video. the man you see there firing a handgun. he had mitt admitted he had been inspired by isis, police say. >> reporter: chilling video shows the suspect, gun drawn, going right for the officer in his cruiser, police say firing off a dozen rounds at officer jesse hartnett sitting inside. police say three shots hit officer hartnett before he got out bleeding heavily and shot the suspect. >> i heard the first volley of gunshots. >> reporter: jesus lives right up the street. he saw officers take the suspect down.
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came outside, the police officers were apprehending the suspect on my block. i seen his firearm laying on the ground with the detectives. it was empty. i knew he had emptied out the entire magazine. >> reporter: edward archer confessed that the shooting was inspired by islam. >> he confessed to committing this cowardly act in the name of islam. according to him, he believes that the police defend laws that are contrary to the teachings of the koran. >> reporter: video of investigates search the home were archer lived. the home was filthy with bugs throughout. the 30-year-old suspect has prior convictions on simple assault and farm irearms charges. the fbi is looking at archer's phone and computer records and trips to saudi arabia in 2011 and egypt in 2012.
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travel was terror related. people here in west philadelphia are grateful the officer made it out of the ambush alive, but sickened something like this could happen on their streets or anywhere. >> it's still terrible because, you know, you need to feel comfortable in your area. >> this is an environment that we live in. time for a check with storm team 4. raphael is here with that. i guess people heading out today might want to bring their umbrella. >> there's some drizzle out there this morning. definitely bring the umbrellas to be on the safe side. tomorrow there's no way you can go out without the umbrella. patchy drizzle is our main concern throughout the morning into the afternoon. mild, temperatures in the 40s. then a mess, rainy and windy tomorrow. again, it will be mild for sunday. we're talking about rain and not snow.
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drizzle off to the west of town. everything is very light and temperatures have been on the rise. we were worried about a few icy spots earlier this morning, now everyone well above freezing. temperatures in the 40s from new york city on east. don't expect a lot of sunshine today, cloudy and drizzly throughout the day. high temperature of 47 degrees. we should only be in the 30s this time of year. the rain will make a mess of your sunday. we'll talk about the timing coming up. it is a familiar scene for mexican king pan joaquin "el chapo" guzman who's waking up this morning in the same prison he escaped from. this is new video of the city. he was arrested friday. the intense shootout left five maroon ma marine injured.
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drug enforcement administration and u.s. marshals. he is still wanted in half dozen cities in the u.s. on drug charges. former nba star lamar odom is now being treated in a private facility. his family releasing a statement expressing appreciation for recovery. he was found unconscious in a nevada brothel back in october after days of alleged drug and alcohol use. the port authority closed the bridge at midnight this morning. it will remain closed until 11:59 tonight. it is part of the raise the roadway project to lift the bridge's roadway so larger ships can pass under it.
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have a chance to play and win big. >> the powerball jackpot an eye. popping $800 million. the previous record was a 656 million dollar jackpot set in 2012. good luck. i know a few people around here might have bought a few tickets today. coming up on "today in new york," no hollywood heavyweight is safe tonight. ricky gervais is returning as host of the golden globes. and in honor of the golden globes this weekend we're testing your hollywood knowledge. log on now, golden globe trivia
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we want to return to that
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morning. >> an nypd officer was injured in a street fight and ensuing shootout. >> reporter: good morning. recovering indeed. in fact we just saw a picture tweeted out by the department of the officer in the hospital giving a thumbs up. he's here in the hospital after a shootout after a large fight around 2:00 this morning. we want to show you video of the scene which investigators are still at right now. they're recovering a lot of evidence including weapons, a gun and several knives as a result of this large fight. here's what we know, around 2:00 this morning police were called that fight. police say there was about 100 to 200 people at a party. there was a fight at that party that spilled out onto the street. police identified a suspect, chased after him.
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a suspect shot an officer in the ankle, officer sherrod stuart. commissioner bratton told us he is expected to be okay. we can tell you a suspect is behind bars. he's arrested. he's at the hospital. he was shot at several times. we're told he's in serious condition. there were also five people that were taken to the hospital that werestabbed. we're live in the mott haven section of the bronx. raphael miranda is here now with a look at the weather. this is going to be an interesting one. we're going to head way up and then way down. >> every day is a whole new season basically. today a little bit of fall in the air, temperatures in the 40s. then we have spring tomorrow with temperatures in the 60s. and then winter arrives. right now we're tracking sol
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some haze around the region. north and west of town we have some spots just around freezing early on. now we're looking better, though. temperatures in the hudson valley are in the mid 30s. 40s for long island and the jersey shore. and it's 34 now in monticello. we've been tracking that drizzle throughout the morning. no heavy rain but light showers off to the west of town. tomorrow's weather story is brewing across the south in the gulf of mexico. lots of moisture streaming in with the warm front. tomorrow 5:00 a.m. we've got winds howling along the jersey shore. accompanied by heavy rains at times. throughout the morning those winds continue around 30 even 40 miles per hour. this is 8:00 a.m. not a great time to be out.
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throughout the afternoon, though. you can see the heavier winds shift north and east around lunchtime. you follow the winds and the rain together and then by tomorrow afternoon a few more gusty showers, maybe even a thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon. there is the potential for some flooding, localized street flooding with these rainfall totals. by tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. over an inch of rain, up to 2 inches in some spots. we do need the rain, though. so this is beneficial. still have a drought going on. 12:00 today keeping it nice and dry, maybe some drizzle. tonight for dinner plans, umbrella to be on the safe side. maybe just a jacket and you'll be fine. any rain will be light. that changes, though. we're not talking about light rain tomorrow. we're talking about heavy rain, the yellows, oranges and red are soaking downpours.
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brunch certainly not outside tomorrow. this is 12:00 and it's looking very wet out there. it will be mild. cold front comes through later on tomorrow afternoon. one or two more showers. it's going to knock down those temperatures. we may see some snow later on next week. you can see 47 for your high for today. up to 60 tomorrow. rainy and windy. cold on monday with a high temperature of only 35 degrees. light snow possible tuesday into wednesday. stay up to date with all the changes on the news 4 new york app. the news 4 new york app pr for iphone is available in the app store. a familiar face is coming back to host the golden globes. yep, it's ricky gervais. he's returning for his fourth
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>> seems like everything this year was three dimensional except the characters in the tourist. >> reporter: ricky gervais made golden globes snark almost as buzzed about as its awards. but the globes kept bringing gervais back for more. >> please welcome the man who will wear literally anything tim burton tells him to, johnny depp. >> when i was invited back, i did it to show people they were wrong. >> reporter: after returning the hosting chores over to tina fey and amy poehler, they have now passed the torch back. >> i treat it more like a standup gig than a tv show. look at all the faces here. it reminds me of some of the great work that's been done this
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>> he runs the risk of hurting some feelings but you know it's going to be entertaining. >> this could offend everyone in the world or they might like it. >> you can catch the tinsel and the tease right here on nbc 4. we'll have live coverage of the golden globes tomorrow night. >> and you can keep track of all the winners and the unscripted moments on our website at trivia coming up later this hour. it is time for sports.
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the last shot. good morning, everyone. derek fisher crushed the knicks for quitting in chicago a week ago. in san antonio they ran into a good team, the spurs have won 30 straight regular season home games. the streak almost fell last night. the knicks trailed by as many as 12 in the fourth. carmelo anthony wasn't happening it. he trimmed the deficit to 4. arron afflalo strokes it. down on the inbound after -- no quit in these knicks. the right play, just didn't get
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knicks comeback falls short. brooklyn hasn't won at home since december 10th. for a moment that was thomas robinson. the left-handed slam gives a four-point lead. here wide open for three. he gets 6 of 8 from beyond the arc. the magic win it. the nets have lost nine straight at home, two shy of tying the franchise record. both very former first round picks. neither has met expectations. devils hosting the bruins. one of the top scoring teams in the nhl with b's are. bobby farnham buries the wrister.
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play than the bruins. the giants have to be the most attractive of the seven nfl head coach openings. it's nfl wildcard weekend. of course the jientd giants and jets will be watching from home. the forecast calls for game time temps around four degrees. they're preparing by piping hot air under the turf to prevent it from freezing. don't forget you can watch the seahawks and viek kings as they freeze it out on sunday. coverage starts at noon. of course things get under wae way later today with the bengals and the chiefs.
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underway for monday's national college football national championship game. crews are putting the final touches on the university of phoenix stadium in glendale, arizona. fans for both teams are spending the weekend in the area. partying as college kids do. getting set for the big game as well. still ahead on this saturday morning, it's time to ask produce pete. >> good morning. we're talking about leeks today. really really good. and they make an excellent leek soup. coming up next, all you want to
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find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories.
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it's that time of the morning. [ laughter ]. >> it's an alarm clock going off. it's time to ask produce pete. we're asking about something i can't ever recall you bring into the studio. >> betty says to me, you and pat were dancing? i said yeah, we were dancing. i don't do leeks that often. americans don't buy as many leaks as europeans. it's not popular in america as opposed to europe. it's very popular in europe especially in french cuisine. leeks are really good. you usually see the leeks that we show. these are leeks out of holland.
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they're grown throughout the united states. they're available year round. but you basically see them probably more in the late fall to early spring. because they're actually a spring vegetable too. >> are they in the celery family? >> no, no. they're in the onion family. they look like wide scallions. but because they're so big, people think right away that they're going to be hard. no, no. they're the sweetest of all the onions. leeks are the sweetest of all the onions. you can use it as a club. take it home and hit anthony at night. [ laughter ]. >> they actually are a sweetest of all the onions. most of the leeks that you see in the super markets are in bunches. there's probably about three or four inches of white on the bottom.
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now, you can use -- like mom, when you're making soups you use the whole thing, the white and the green part. you just want to trim the top off a little bit. one thing about leeks they tend to be a little sandy depending on where they're grown. you want to take the leek -- let me tell you something, leeks are really good if you want to cut them up and put them in a salad raw. you can braise them. they've got a really good taste. if you're worried about the sand, you're going to take a knife and cut them about halfway through. then you're going to open it up and there's a lot of tiny leaves in there. you're just going to wash that and that will take the sand right out of it. these are holland grown in a greenhouse. what happens is they're not -- you won't find them being very sandy sandy. another thing is, when you see
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your green grocer, at the bottom of the leek they're always going to have the root. it's going to be like a root on an onion. be careful when you bring them home. take a scissor and clip the roots off, but don't clip them off to here because what's going to happen is the leek itself is going to fall apart. you want to make sure when you bring the leeks home and put them in the refrigerator, wrap them and keep them good. they'll give off an odor that goes into your milk and stuff like that, so you want to wrap them. >> can you freeze them? >> yeah. betty made today leek soup. it's terrific. really good. i brought you a container you can bring home. >> thank you. >> leek soup has a really good taste to it. it's absolutely terrific.
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if you've never tried leeks, buy a little bunch, bring them home. you'll probably see some local ones. i have some local farmers in south jersey that are still growing out in the field. years ago they used to have to use a pick ax to get them out of the ground. but now the ground is so soft they're pulling them right out. >> it's tasty. thank you, pete. >> thank you. >> thanks betty. get your leeks. there's a lot more ahead on "today in new york" including our top story. >> reporter: an officer is in the hospital right now recovering after being shot during a large fight he was responding to. i'm ray villeda live in the mott
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welcome back to "today in new york" on a saturday morning. it's been a busy saturday morning news-wise. >> let's get straight to that breaking news where a police officer was injured in a violent street fight and shootout. >> some 200 people were involved in a jump-up party that spilled out onto the streets in the mott haven section of the bronx in morning. officer sherrod stuart was shot in the ankle. there he is giving a thumbs up. incredible picture tweeted out
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>> reporter: g d morning, pat. that injured officer expected to be okay. we know five other stabbing victims are here at the hospital as a result of this large fight. police tell us that injured officer is vouned ed surrounded by family. investigates are still at the scene right now after that large fight broke out. we're getting a better look at the evidence that they've recovered. that evidence includes weapons, a gun and a knife. we also know they've recovered other knives late last night. police are still there at the scene. around 2:00 this morning police received several 911 calls about a fight at a party of about 100 to 200 people. that fight spilled out onto the street of lincoln and 137th. there was gunfire. 19-year-old christopher rice shot the officer in the the ankle. the police commissioner and
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doing well and celebrating his fourth anniversary of joining the police force today. >> the family was gathered around to support him and everyone realizes, thank god, he's going to be well soon. but the fact is backup came quick, his fellow officers did all the right things to subdue these criminals. this is obviously a large group of people in a fight. nypd officers diffused the situation, got the guns zbhnchts . >> reporter: i want to tell you more about officer sherrod stuart. this is his fourth anniversary of joining the police force. his father is an nypd detective. his brother is a traffic agent. he comes from a family that's proud to serve this city, as the commissioner told us early this morning. the suspect is in serious condition after receiving gunfire from police in this shootout. we're told he has a criminal
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including the most recent arrest yesterday. get this, he was released from court around 11:00 last night. police say he then ended up on the streets shooting at an nypd officer. we're live in the mott haven section of the bronx. >> thank you. we will of course continue to update you throughout this newscast on the story. you can also get updates online any time. time to check in with raf. >> light rain out there. the heavy stuff arrives tomorrow. right now some drizzle off to the west. we were concerned about freezing drizzle, but temperatures have been rising over the past few hours. 44 might now in murray hill. it's a mild start to your day around the city. 42 city island. the coldest spots north and west of town. places like po sip ughkeepsie and newburgh are well above freezing.
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we're up to 45. patchy drizzle, maybe some light rain. the heavy stuff, again, coming on sunday. we'll take a look at more details coming up in your forecast in just a few. news 4 exclusive, some neighbors in park slope say an intersection where a car rammed into a school bus has become a very dangerous place. now they're demanding action to make it safer. a school bus packed with kids flipped on its side. exclusive video shows how the crash happened. people who live near the intersection say it has basically become a highway. >> this is why we need more speed cameras. my children ride the school bus every day. so that really touched me closely. >> in all, seven people were injured in that accident including four children. one adult was seriously hurt. thankfully all are expected to survive. a 13-year-old boy is in
9:31 am
hit by a van in the bronx at fox and west chester chester avenues. police say the driver did stay on the scene and new york giant o charges have been filed a man who allegedly slashes a woman in the face in chelsea is being investigated for other assaults in the city. his latest victim was on her way to work when the 41-year-old allegedly cut her face. police are investigating a possible link to an attack that happened on new year's eve. new york city will pay more than $3 million to a man who was wrongly convicted of a 1997 murder. news 4 was there last june when roger logan was released from prison after spending almost 17
9:32 am
the city comptroller says logan will receive 3.7 $3.7 million. he also settled a case against the state for just under $3 million. a sup vise ez supervisor in the eric garner case is facing charges for failure to supervise. adonis was one of two supervising officers on the scene. a new jersey woman facing charges this morning accused of encouraging her child to steal. 37-year-old myra rodriguez directed the little boy to grab a cell phone that was dropped in a saddlebrook restaurant. she's charged with theft and child endangerment. she told investigators that she mailed the phone to police, but investigators say they haven't received it yet.
9:33 am
arrested a man wanted in new york, new jersey and connecticut suspected for stealing high end bottles of wine. in one case he stole a $4800 bottle of wine. in another case he is accused of stealing a $2,000 bottle of wine. police in connecticut want to extradite him. 4800 dollars s $4800 dollar bottle of wine. all right. we're going to continue to follow that breaking news out of the bronx where that huge street fight and ensuing shootout injured an nypd officer among others. >> and raphael miranda tracking a changing weather picture. and apparently the tree coming down soon. they're putting up the
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. let's get an update on that breaking news out of the bronx. >> nypd officer shot in a street fight and the ensuing shootout. >> reporter: good morning. that officer expected to be okay, even tweeted out a picture with a thumbs up and commissioner bratton was
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that officer is here at the hospital after a shootout. he was responding to a large fight. with daylight we're getting a better look at this scene where this large fight unfolds around 2:00 this morning. we know a gun and knife have been recovered from this scene. that fight broke out in the mott haven section. officers arrived and identified a suspect christopher rice and there was a shootout. officer sherrod stuart was shot in the ankle. but he's doing well this morning. that officer comes from a proud nypd family. his father is on leave because he's serving in the military. he has a brother who is a traffic agent. this morning officer sherrod stuart is surrounded by family. we're told he's expected to be okay. at this hospital we also know five other stabbings victims are here as a result of this large fight. police continues to investigate the suspect in this shoot out.
9:36 am
we're told he is in serious condition. he was released from court last night at 11:00 and out on the streets shooting at an officer in this street fight. >> good to see that image of the officer giving a thumbs up. >> really. that's good news. hope the rest of those folks recover as well. raphael, we've got wind, rain -- >> all coming. it's going to be a very busy weekend and even back to work next week. lots of changes coming day by day. today is a lull in the action. if you want to take down those holiday decorations, today would be a good day to do that. warm enough for rain, no snow expected this time around. we have been watching the potential for some patchy black ice north and west of town, maybe some freezing drizzle. that potential seems to be
9:37 am
on the rise well into the 40s in many spots. quiet around the region for now. here comes our next storm moving up from the southeast. that's our heavy rain threat for your sunday. later on today you could see on future tracker it's still quiet. lots of clouds. maybe some drizzle. that's really about it for today. it is a generally quiet and dry weather day for most. 7:00 p.m. today, also tracking that light rain and drizzle off to the west. this is 4:00 a.m. overnight into your sunday. the heavy rain starts to push in. still dry to the north of town but that changes quickly. by 7:00 a.m., 8:00 a.m. downpours from the hudson valley through new york city down to the jersey shore. that continues throughout the morn into the early afternoon. no relief here around 12:00. it's still soggy and windy. even by 7:00 p.m. tomorrow we're
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moving on through. and then a cold front clears the region tomorrow night. that's going to knock down those temperatures sharply. heaviest rain between 4:00 a.m. and noon. we're expecting over an inch of rain possible. up to two inches in some of the heaviest downpours. winds gusting over 30 miles per hour. just a miserable sunday morning to be outside. local street flooding a possibility. if you live in those areas that typically flood with that heavy rain, that could be for a problem for you on your sunday. 47 your high temperature today. still well above average. we should only be in the 30s this time of year. below average over the next few days, but not today. mild and wet ahead. tomorrow could be a record high with 60 degrees. windy throughout the day as well. look at that temperature drop on monday. 35 degrees, below average, windy, windchills in the teens.
9:39 am
that we may even see some snow tuesday night into wednesday. looks to be a light snow event. but if that changes, we'll let you know. stay up to date with any changes with the news 4 new york app. available in the app store right now. while you're online, we want to play your interactive trivia game. all that glitters isn't gold. log on for our golden globe inspired trivia.
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welcome back. it's time to play trivia. >> yeah, but first we've got to congratulate a couple of winners here. frederick and donna. >> she dominated last week with her new year's eve knowledge.
9:41 am
>> last week the scores were phenomenal. today's trivia is all about the golden globes. here's how you play. log onto nbc new you can play on any smart phone, tablet or web enabled device. once we begin, the questions will pop up on your screen. you'll have 12 seconds to choose an answer. while you're online, chat with your fellow trivia players right there on the site. all right. let's get that countdown clock started. in today's trivia we'll find out about the first awards show of the year for entertainers. we're talking about the golden globes. you could see them right here on nbc 4 tomorrow night. let's see how much you know about the ceremony some have
9:42 am
irreverent of awards shows. you have to answer as quickly as possible. it's those speedy correct answers that are going to up your score. good luck, everyone. the golden globes are presented by which group. this organization started giving out awards 72 years ago. now it's known as the hollywood foreign press association. the golden globes awards are in 25 categories for movies and television. which state is known as the golden state? florida, okposo lahoma or california? number three, california. it's known as the golden state. the state is also home to the golden gate bridge and the state flower is the golden poppy. question number three,
9:43 am
from where, harlem, hell's kitchen or the bronx? yeah we had them on last week or two weeks ago. it's number one, of course, harlem. this team got its start in chicago. that was a globe question. in case you're wondering what do the glob trotter versus s have to do with this. where is the golden globe ceremony held, the l.a. coliseum, the beverly hilton or the hollywood bowl. it's number two, yes, the beverly hilton. the hotel has hosted hollywood and political elite for decades. and the golden globes have called the hilton home since 1961. who is the most awarded actor or actress in golden globe history? some big names here.
9:44 am
individual record for golden globe nominations, getting the nod 29 times. it's number three, meryl streep, of course. streep has won a record eight golden globe awards. by the way jack nicholson has six awards. who's the youngest golden globe winner? this actor was just nine years old when he won the golden globe for best new star of the year for his role in the champ. well, number two, ricky schroder. question number seven, the eagle globe and anchor is the insignia for what military branch? the marines the army or the air force. it's number one, the united states marine corps.
9:45 am
versatile service, fighting from land, sea and air. question number eight, the 49ers referred to whom during the california gold rush. was it actors, gold prospectors or 49-year-olds. today we know the 49ers are a football team based in san francisco. before that, the 49ers were gold process prospek ctors prospectors. question number nine, what group ushered in the era of celebrity hosts at the golden globes? the brat pack, the frat pack or the rat pack? journalists gave out the award until 1958 until members of this group of friends stormed the stage. it was number three, that was the rat pack. the globe says frank sinatra dean martin and sammy davis junior took over the show and the rest is history. question number ten, the hollywood foreign press gave out
9:46 am
in what year? the first awards ceremony was actually an informal affair in 1944. the first awards were given on scrolls. great game, everyone. let's check out our winner. 5501, you are the winner. take a look, in the nine thousands again. you guys are making me happy. fill out the form at the end of the game.
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one more update of that breaking news out of the bronx. >> an nypd officer was injured in a street fight and a shootout. >> reporter: good morning, pat and gus. that officer expected to be okay. he was shot in the ankle. in the meantime, there are five stabbing victims in this hospital as a result of this large fight. we want to show you a picture tweeted by the nypd that shows that officer in good spirits, giving a thumbs up. he is doing well, we're told. with daylight we're getting a better look at the scene of this large street fight he responded to. a gun and knife were recovered this morning. the fight broke out at east 137th and lincoln avenue.
9:48 am
christopher rice. there was a shootout between rice and the officers. officer sherrod stuart was shot in the ankle, but again he is expected to be okay. police continue to investigate all that all started. the suspect christopher rice has priors and was arrested yesterday. he was let out of court last night at 11:00. police say he was back on the streets when he shot that officer. we're live in the mott haven section of the bronx. final look at the weather forecast which you need to pay attention too. it's changing. >> a little bit of everything coming your way in the next few days. today's the quiet day of the weekend if you have something to do outside, get it done today. we have some drizzle but no major rain. mild again, lots of clouds. overnight tonight down to a low of 45. temperatures not falling all that much. stays mild and the rain moves in after midnight. going to be heavy at times
9:49 am
through early tomorrow afternoon. torrential downpours at times, windy as well. a high temperature of 60 degrees. that could be a record tomorrow. i said we have a little bit of everything. we go down to chilly below average temperatures for monday. tuesday night into wednesday we are tracking a slight chance of snow. right now it looks like a very light snow event. doesn't look like measurable snow. nothing to shovel. but the cold air is going to stay in place. temperatures in the low 30s on wednesday, another cold day there. and another chance for light snow as we head towards friday. temperatures stay on the cold side at or below average more for much of next week. a week to remember. >> rather phael, thank you very much.
9:50 am
iconic signs of the holiday season coming down today. >> crews taking down the tree today. the lumer will be er ber will be milled and used to build homes for habitat for humanity. >> updates throughout the day. for all of us here, thank you for having us. >> we'll see you back here tomorrow morning. dunkin' donuts'
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