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tv   Today  NBC  January 12, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live fro m stinudio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, kerybody! it is hoda's favorite day. >> what is it?
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>> yes. wh>> january 12th, and that is try everything by shakira ra, and that i and today, we have on the show an emmy award winning actor who makes playing a bad guy look s liotta is here. >> this show "shades of blue" is awesome. if you haven't seen it, catch it on demand before thursday, because that is when the a you have been raving about it. >> yes. love it. >> and "hangover " "hangover" and f us in on all of the project s s he is on. >> and go, go, go. >> and thank you in a new movie "ride along ii." that is going to be good. in fact, him and heather graem have worked together in "hangover" and tha ey are reunited in "norm of the north" and we will talk to healther in a few minutes, too. >> that is so sad what is goin ople othere.
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ken. hey, do you have a hangover right now from the golden globes? >> yes. and he looks very devilish. suddenly i'm afraid of him. >> and he is going to be banging away. >> anyway, what's that noise? get security, ple e. >> hoda, i am so proud of you, you are on the book tour to end all book tours, and there and cranny that it doesn't seem like that you is not been here. hoda's has been yoings all last week and last night. where where is that? >> ridgewood, new jersey. and the lady with the dog, and miss coed and mark mill mer. >> those guys come out every time. th the book. ju to have it. put on the list, and go to and get hoda's "where where we belong." and bless your heart. >> it is cold outside and we are nally getti cold temps on the eas coast.
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>> and how quickly people go to complaining. >> any snow? >> none. >> we have had nothing to complain about. if you are c about this. th is a car parked next to lake lake erie in buffalo, and the owner left td he left it there because he was drinking with friends and he decided to go get his car the next morning. >> there it is. >> it is encased in ice. >> what do you do? i mean, whoo do you do? >> you have to wait. >> or maybe an ice chisel. >> or a ice pick. >> wait for the spring thaw. >> you noe know when i worked in illinois, it was always so director gave us as a present a e key e key wamer, and you know, when you had to use a key t o open up the car. >> yes. >> and you could heat up the key
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>> that is the most romantic thing i have ever heard. >> whatever. >> and we have been seeing in, and a lot of people are upsewi some people say that she was rude to a are reporter backstage at the golden globes, but some said that she has a quirky sense of humor. >> and now, let's see if we a agree. >> how did you see or see yourself -- >> look, you can't live your life behind your whole phone, bro bro. you tro live in the now. sorry. how do you see yourself for the oscar night, and how was -- >> we are at the golden globes, and if you would put your phone down, you'd foe that. >> i didn't love that. >> and his name is chris tran sop and transon.
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sounds like he is from norway or scandinavian. >> and a according to press who den twitter, and first, before the defense, real quick, and we are seeing it and we don't know anything about it. >> right. in is what we thought, he is asking a question of her and i don't know if is whe it went down, and people don't use the notepads anymore, because it s is on your phone. and he looked rattled, and the guys in the room said that she did not bu asking a question oi either filming or taking pictures of er while she was talking, and it was light hearted. >> and she does have a very, very quirky sense of humor, and sitd of those things that if you weren't there, you don't know. >> and i choose to like her. and james cordon is so funny, and he does that thing with the car poole karaok we
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>> why? >> because, because we can't do it now. >> because of issues like -- >> issues like -- >> yes. >> okay. >> we can get to this, and is rupert murdoch okay to talk about? yay. okay. we have it now. timing. >> timing is just not happening today. >> all right. let's take a look. on the outside at least i can see that i tried >> i am loving with this bob. >> i am going to wear a wig and use me hairline and i can't work out if i should wear a wig-wig or wear a weave. >> what i like is that you are coming to me with this advice. we could have had it all rolling in the deep rolling in the deep you had my heart and soul in
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and you played it you played it to beat >> i want to be in that car so bad. doesn't that look like a blast. >> it really does, and very, very few people sound terrific at karaoke, but she is. >> and a big congratulations may have been a surprise to some people, but did you know that rupert murdoch who is 84 and jerry hall is engaged. >> in the marriage and death page which seems perfect. >> and jeri hall with mick jagger. >> and she has four children with mick jagger. >> yes. >> they have been dating for four months. isn't that crazy.
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miracles can happen, and i was reading about abraham and sara, and abra was 90s good luck. >> all righty then. and time to talk about another topic that we love. the amanda is here to talk about "the bachelor." >> what happened? >> the group dates started and this is the one that they are so embarrassing and fabulous and go to the high school and do the rolesque activities like the science experiment, and shoot basketballs and that though was a geography lesson where they had to find indiana, which is ben's hometown state "and put it on the map. >> i am not asking them to place ind feez ya on the map. i think they will get it. >> is that oregon? i really have no clue. >> start with the blue team. only about an inch off. yellow team, not bad, but not
10:09 am
green team here, and what do you think of the accuracy? >> oh, no. >> if it were pennsylvania, we would be doing better. >> okay! >> so it is harder than it sounds. >> and you had to plop it in the region. >> well, that is the first hu miliating group date, and the next one they went to the love lab and saw dr. love. i don't believe that is his real th name, and he is trying to prove that science is going to prove if you are a not. he made the girls run on a treadmill and had ben sniff them to see if p he liked the smell. >> and you have to smell all of us. is not the normal first date. >> i have to smell you? >> oh, boy, this is s is pheromones.
10:10 am
a raspberry. >> the last one. >> this is a little bit more sour thi that i smell sour. it is the shirt, and not me. >> sweet and sour, and that is great with chinese food. >> chinese food. >> i know. that is so humiliating. >> i know, but it was so embarrassing. they told him it was pheromones. >> andethen what happened? >> and nou w the kissing started. and last week ben said, i will not kiss any of the girls andly get to know them, and first he kissed jennifer and jubly and jennifer. >> and what happened to the one at nobody likes. >> olivia, and she is the ontrunner, and she is getting roses like crazy. >> stop it. >> and she went viral last night night, because this is how she reeverything. her mouth is open.
10:11 am
#olivia's mouth was trending on itter. de already has its own twitter handle, the olivia mouth. >> hoda wins. hoda wins. >> i want a split screen. >> and last rily, lace. >> and remember her are from c last night she was on a mission, and she was going to tell ben that she is not crazy. take a look. >> oh, this is not going to be working. >> i am not a crazy girl at all. i'm a really good girl, and you want to foe me. >> i'm a little crazy and i apologize for being crazy. >> i know that i am a little crazy to you. >> yes, to be honest. have a ery bd personality. >> so co did she go bye-bye? >> nobody has gone yet. >> no, he gave her a rose. and he kept her.
10:12 am
>> and how many seasons? >> well, for this bachelor it is the 20th season, and there has been bachelorettes, but we are not including that. >> thank you, amanda. >> and this is to be continued for a a very long time. re trying to guess who these famous so are at the front seat of e burrbary fashion show. >> it looks like a baldwin. and the right one -- no. one is in the world of sports and one is acting. >> one is a beckham, maybe. >> david beckham's son. 20dn-y wr-old son. >> and daniel day-lewis's kid is the other one? oh, wow.t >>li oh, theare are the next thing. >> oh. they should have thrown a cassidy gifford in there and it would have been threesome.
10:13 am
here is your adorable baby animal of the day. and did yoo know it is or orangateang. and it is not o-rang-tang. and they are in best borneo. and so cute. >> and ray liotta is over there in the kitchen he is quite a hunk over there. >> and i am looking for food. >> and do you smell something? >> we are smelling something. >> and from that smelling. >> is that demeaning to these women? >> aboutit. >> you do? >> yes, i went t the second date to sniff.
10:14 am
>> i don't sniff on the first date. >> that is is rude. do you like to be sniffed in return? >> i do. >> where in particular? >> where, umm, well -- >> he is pick g ing up the knife. >> i don't trust ray liotta with knife. no >> and we are going to be giving away five prizes to five lucky fans. fans. >> and it is spanky tu he is a
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are from movies to television to video games, he is one of america's favorite a actors, ray liotta. >> and two of the films have been called movie masterpieces, the iconic "peeld of dreams " " where he plays the iconic shoeless joe jackson alongside kevin costner.
10:18 am
all-time best gang is the ster -- gangster movies of all time "goodfellas." and now he is starring alongside jennifer lopez in the new police hit drama "shades of blue." >> he is playing the police lieutenant james wozniak. >> it is wozniak. don't mispronounce it, hodey. >> and what is it? you know, the ships and the -- >> i can't believe you are asking this ques on. >> i have it on good authority.
10:19 am
s an undercover person in our crew? >> i am so scared. >> and i am so nice now. >> yes. >> unbelievable. >> a little intimidating, but we can handle it. two of us and one of him. >> and look at him. the eyes and tlook am doing nothing. >> give us the i'm sweet look? >> the what? >> the 'm vulnerable look. >> i by give you vulnerable. >> by the way "shades of blue" is awesome. i was waiting for thursday and i happen be on the american airline flight, and they played it early and your character and they it before it aired anind your character is so nvincing, and you and j.lo have great chemistry. >> yes, she is very good. it is going to surprise a lot of people, because 'sdi kno much about her before. >> hardworking woman. >> e where.
10:20 am
because you wonder if it is going to be a hit? >> ri truthfully? >> yes. >> cash. >> no. >> and wan d a 13 13-episode type thing, and something consistent, and i liked the character of jennifer, and so barry levinston directed it, and it was a no-brainer. what what? >> i am doing to you what you do us. >> start already. >> i want to smell you. >> i want to smell, too. >> oh, my gosh. hoda, get in here. get in here. oh, my gosh. does the other side smell as good.
10:21 am
this is what dogs do, isn't it? >> yes, the dogs in heat. [ laughter ] a come bo, a little men shouer to shower and then whatever bottle i pick. >> what is the bottle? >> i don't have any idea. >> i wish we had smell-a-vision, so you could smell him, also. >> i like this show. >> and yomou didn't have to audition for this, did you? we want you to do this >> well, no. >> do yo is to audition lately? >> no, but i would if i wanted something. >> you would fight for it? >> yes. >> and did you and jennifer lopez just meet at this set. >> no, it is ryan seacrest's production company, and it was at a dinner party at his ho e. >> it is ellen's old house. >> it is a huge house. >> and you liked jennifer right away? >> yeah, it was awkward. and like the whole thing is awkward. thawkward, is it?
10:22 am
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oh, we are still smelling rat?y ray. >> oh, that was heavenly. i tuesday and we will put your brain to work courtesy of a good riddle by good riddles now. >> and now, a man shaves several times a day like ray liotta, and yet he still has a beard. we will tell you to answ the break. >> maybe he shaves his legs. and it is a "hangover" reunion and we will catch up with "name your price" tool. from progressive can be yours for... twenty grand? -no! we are giving it away for just 3 easy payments of $4.99 plus tax! the lines are blowing up! we've got deborah from poughkeepsie. flo: yeah, no, it's flo. you guys realize anyone can use the "name your price" tool for free on, right? [ erlaughing nervously ] [ pickles whines ] i know, it's like they're always on television. what? when we' making mashed potatoes,
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this is breaking news from news 4 new york. good morning. 10:27 on this tuesday morning. i'm kerry barrett. break news, police just announced an arrest in the attempted kidnap of a toddler. he allegedly approached a babysitter on west broad way in woodmere yesterday. he told her she was pushing a dead baby. and followed her and that child home. we are now told that one person is under arrest. ofthficials say they plan to release more details in a hour. we'll have the latest at noon. a check of the weather now, the other ig story today. light snow in the late afternoon and evening. a coating or less in and around the city. up to an inch far north and west. cold and windy, highmef 33.
10:28 am
up next on the "today" show with
10:29 am
for spring teaser tuesday, we gave you this riddle. >> a man shaves several times a day. yet he still ha has a beard. who is this man? >> we think there r are two answers. it is either a barber or a man who shaves a different part of the body like the chest or other parts. >> and some people do that, so
10:30 am
beauty who is always beautiful, heather graham. >> you know her from the saucy roles. she played jade with a heart of gold from "hangover" and felicity shagwell, and who could forget her in austin powers lhag me." and also the role for "boogie night s nights" that made her a s in "norm of the north" and she is playing an executive trying to market condos there. and a polar bear is trying to convince humans not to build. >> we are looking for real. let me have it. >> roar. >> i am not getting king of the arctic, but it is more queen of the prom. >> bear, bear, bear. >> i need real. i need something.
10:31 am
>> wow. >> how cute are you? >> adorable. dafy little animated character is so cute. >> and first time to d yes, it is great, and it sounds amazing that you go in and you have a mask and you just use your voice. how does that wor , you in your private setting, and you just do stuff. >> yes, and ken jeong is in the movie, also, and we got to do some stuff together. >> and he was in the room with you? >> yeah, he was in the room with me. >> does he make you laugh that you can't contain yourself. >> yes, he makes you so amped and wild, and so super amped and wild wild. >> and he just made an omelet. >> and were you friends with ken before the film? >> well, with we were friendly,
10:32 am
and not that i would want to. >>ses and you get very close on the film set, and we will stay together, and then life happens and work takes you elsewhere. >> and why hasn't ken call d me? >> well, en are like that. and he had t get on another television show. and tell us about your character vera? >> well, i'm a single mom and i'm trying to get y adorable, and el intelligent daughter into the fancile school s i work for a insane boss ken jeong and i want to help out my daughter. adorable daughter. >> who plays your daugt >> p wow, i can never remember her name. isn't she cute with the glasses. >> it is acting. >> and we didn't want to act together unfortunately. >> did i read a note that you sleep ten hours a fight? >> well, i acke to sleep between nine and 11 hours a night. when i look at people who need less, i don't understand it. >> i have never had that in my
10:33 am
>> and when you wake up after 10, how do you feel? >> refeshed and happy. and i am in bed by 8:45 p.m. >> and so do i. and you wake up or you can sleep all of the way h through? >> sometimes i sleep all of the way through. >> and you are so youthful. and soy must say that if you get enough sleep. >> i like sleeping. i can try not the sleep. >> if you have any advice, what would you have. >> you deaf finitely don't eato ything that is not good you? >> i would not talk about it on national tv though. >> oh, good. and she is halfway human. well, it is great to see you agaiiv >> thank you. >> and thanks for coming twho see us.
10:34 am
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in our house, imagination runs wild. but at my table, i keep the food real. like country crock's new recipe. made with real simple ingredients and no artificial flavors or preservatives. real country fresh taste from real ingredients. welcome to crockountry >> all right. he is a medical doctor turned l actor whf holl most unforgettable scene stealers. >> we are talking about the hilarious ken jeon e series, and starred with catherine heigle in the comedy "knocked up" and if you are a fan of "community" you watched him week after week after senior chang. >> and now he is producing and
10:39 am
called "dr. chen." but he still ha time to do "ride along" with a olivia munn and you would not want him to be with you on a stakeout. >> and you are a shark. >> you are the eagle. >> i saw an eagle take this lady's baby one time. >> and big e. small, of rated? >> he is no sirmixalot. >> and then -- >> shut up! >> and the golden globes with you and kevin hart, was that a big surprise? >> yes, it was a big surpr guys got off easy. >> yes, they lowered the mike. that. >> now, are y ever sorry that you left medicine?
10:40 am
do miss the patients that i took care of. i still keep in touch with some of the doctors. >> and what kind of doctor were you? >> general practitioner. >> like marcus welby. >> yes, shorter and more asian. exactly. >> and "ride along 2" has olivia munn who is one of our favorites. >> coo-coo. >> and what is she like to work with? >> wel the junket in miami, and we did the press together. >> and she got sloshed. >> and she is so great, and she is an amazing talent. i love her to death. >> good comedic chops. >> yes. >> and you and kevin hart, are you pals? >> yes, we go back to standup. acting and tv acting and so i have known kevin for about 15 years when i first got started. >> and who picked you for the "ride along" series?
10:41 am
the role for the movie. we met for a few years, and he was so flattered and then he texted me, do you want to be in "ride along ii" and it is really iced cube who got me the role. >> and now, we don't want to smell you, but like we asked ray, do you audition anymore or do they call you? >> i am so grateful to the work. i didn't know. to know [ laughter ] >> i'm just so grateful to work that when i left my day job was toet be a working actor. that is my goal. >> and you have a new show coming out on television. >> yes, dr. ken on another network, and it is loosely based on my life as a doctor, and family man, married and father of two, and it that has been an amazing show. >> and we with want the play a
10:42 am
it is time to check your improve skill, and we are going to be g"who is riding a along with ken jeong." and we will give you verbal clue s and you guess. >> okay. all the single ladies -- >> beyonce. >> okay. okay. oh, okay. her own record label, started out country and crossed over. >> taylor swift. >> mm-mmm mm-mmm. and the biggest star on the planet from chicago. >> oprah. >> and anyway, you ready for this? >> regis! [ laughter ] >> and you know, oh, oh, oh, from canada. >> pee-wee herman. oh! jus tin beeb justin bieber. the lead of "community" and one of my good friends. >> amy poehler.
10:43 am
>> joe mchale. >> and my two favorites. >> hoda and kathie lee. ken jeong, thank you so much. what a pleasure. and it opens up in theaters this friday. >> and you don't hav cto give up
10:44 am
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secret familv qcipe with a hint of sweetness they're the vegetable kids love. they're totally eating their vegetables. boo-yah. >>blow it up. wheraaat? bush's baked beans. th te veggie kids love. try our newest flavor, asian bbq.
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if you need a new idea for dinner to night that won't blow your diet, our today food team wants to help you stickyyour resolution. >> we are going the whip up a creamy carbonara recipe with a vegan twist with chloe. and chloe has a restaurant right here in new york c y. >> yd we want to be you, because you are so darn cute. >> and you are not ray liotta,
10:48 am
>> and so the key ingredients are caramelized onions and blanched almond s s and shiitake mushrooms, and that is how we are going to make our bacon. you can't eat the stem, because they are not edible. >> they aren't? >> no. shiitake mushrooms are -- mushroom stems are not edible. >> okay. will you die if you eat them? >> no. but we are going to toss the olive oil and a lot of salt and pepper, and shiitake mushrooms have a meaty flavor, and when you roast them, it will in, wansify. and hoda, you want to put that over in the oven? >> okay. where is it? >> that is what is over there.
10:49 am
>> i love this, betty crock er er. >> miracle. >> oh, these smell so good mira lo at this. >> and don't touch this, because it is hot. >> and there is the shiita and you can taste it, and it is nice and crispy and it ha has a bacony flavor and we sell this at the restaurant by chloe and people who love bacon go crazy for it. super healthy, right? anthd nou w we start on the sauce. we have onion karmlizing in the blt?ender, and we have tofu, and hoda, you want to add some water, and fresh lemon juice and sea salt and you can add in the garl s salt. >> okay. >> add all of the salt? >> all of it. 2 1/2 e teaspoons. >> oh. >> you see how easy that is. >> hocus pocus. >> and there it is, the creamy cash rbonara sauce. >> and no cream in it. >> hoda can have it.
10:50 am
>> and you toss it up with the pasta. >> any pasta? >> yes, you can use whole wheat or any kind. >> and angel hair? >> yes. >> and so you sauce it up, and put them on top. y>> ooh, that is good. i like to top it off with parsley, ands make it the day before if you want to prepare it in advance, and almond parmesan. ound al mound monds and you won't neomed any cheeiv. >> oh, great. >> and for dessert we have cupcakes that are amazing. >> they are amazing. thank you, sweetie. you are adorable. >> and you can get the are
10:51 am
click on the hoda and kathie lee tab. >> and then we have to give it away. >> go donna, go donna.
10:52 am
let's make five of the devoted viewers veryer very happy, because it is -- give it away. >> this week's prize is a "star wars" fan's dream package. >> it is worth $421 and available exclusively through game stop. >> you get the play station 4 "star wars" battle 4 gigabyte bundle bundle. >> is that good in. >>re y and a dual shock controller, and the "star wars" game, and a voucher for four "star wars" classic games. >> and you will get a console carrier and backpack and a thin
10:53 am
so let's see who wins. okay. >> let's go first. you get involved. >> and the first winner is kayla campbell from manville, texas. >> good for you. da gasking from windsor, new york. there and all righty. susan zerofski from white hall, pennsylvania. pennsylv>> and we have shonda sproeg from defiance, ohio. and the last winner. >> beverly kostin from indiana. crank that music. here we go, hody. >> for all the rules and regulations, go to, and hit that ter button. >> and we will have dean straight from the consumer electronics show. >> they are laughing. >> how wonderful this is. >> and performance by new kid
10:54 am
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