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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  January 13, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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i'm rob schmitt. >> and i'm pat battle. let's start with the breaking news. bank robbery that led to a police chase through two counties. >> that's right, this started in bay shore and ended with a massive police presence. helicopters, and search dogs. news 4's greg cergol is nearby where police just spoke, greg. >> reporter: yeah, pat and rob, officials from both nassau and the suffolk police department filmed us in a couple minutes ago. ending what's been a chaotic area. it all began in bay shore at about 9:00 this morning. there. a 911 call was placed immediately after the robbery, and a police chaps ensued. as you guys said, covered some 23 miles from bay shore to the woodbury border. that's where the chase ended
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into a nassau police car. one nassau officer in that car suffered minor injuries. the two suspects fled on foot, but they were captured a short time later. >> one of the suspects was captured in the apartment complex and one was captured about 200 yards away from the car. >> reporter: now police, after the suspects were captured continue their search using helicopters and police dogs. they suspect there may be another person on the loose, but a few minutes ago on the news conference, they told us now, they do believe they have everyone who was involved in the bank robbery, during the course of all this action, schools and the area were placed on lockdown. and some horrified gym-goers out. workout area where the police car crashed. they watched this whole situation play out as you guys said, a massive police response
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the end result, two suspects custody. one nassau police officer suffering a minor injury. also a suffolk police officer that chase. york. >> wild morning on that part of long island, greg, thank you. well, we have had a bitter cold morning, and today certainly feels like january. but, this bizarre winter we've coming. way. storm team 4's dave price is here with details on that, dave. >> short and light it'll be as everybody. here's what we're dealing with right now. bitterly cold temperatures and high winds, which have been around through the overnight and into this morning. still blowing at 23 miles per hour, sustained, as you ahead to newburg, 26 miles per hour in best hampton, and 24 in belmar. the wind gusts up into the 30d miles per hour zone within the
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newburg close to that and trenton as well, up to 40 until west hampton. now, as far as how it feels to walk outside right now, it is painful. feels like it's 21 in central park, 14 in oakland, 20 in yonkers, widen out that picture, feels like it's seven degrees. sussex. they were a factor this morning for anyone trying to get out and head to work or school. a rough day it'll be. bundle up and wear layers, folks. >> those temperatures and high winds dave was speaking about made it tough for firefighters trying to put out these flames this morning. it tore through a restaurant and several apartments leaving a lot of people out in the cold. it all happened in irvington, new jersey on florence avenue and tracie strahan has more now on the efforts to bring that fire under control. >> reporter: this strip of bars, restaurants withes, and other businesses on florence avenue
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flames, but remaineencased in ice that caused other problems. a fewer sent this video of flames erupting from the bar and grill around 1:30 this morning. of a fire that quickly spread and startled residents above out of their sleep. >> everybody out. that's it. >> reporter: raul was one of dozens forced into the early morning show with the clothes on his back. >> they got fire. and like the fire department, and knocked on my door. >> reporter: icy winds swept the fire throughout the entire structure causing the roof to collapse. and the chilly temperatures caused crews from mil burn, maplewood, and irvington dousing it with water to become covered in ice themselves. at least two firefighters suffered minor injuries. one of them, from slipping on the ice. as officials work to determine what will cause it would, the red skrosz helping displaced residents figure out where they'll stay after the fire. >> can't get lost or wet, but
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that's all that matters. >> reporter: news 4 new york, tracie strahan. new, police are looking for a man who's accused of groping a young girl in chelsea. the 12-year-old says the man gr?abbed her from behind yesterday afternoon near 10th avenue and 28th street. she ran home and told her mother. the suspect was wearing dark green pants and a bow tie. and police also just released these photo twofs men who are wanted for raping a woman in a washington heights park. police say the woman met the men on a 179th street in st. nicholas avenue. all three went to highbridge park. that's where the men beat her and raped her. she was taken to the hospital, reported to be okay. if you recognize these men, please give police a call. secretary of state john kerry is thanking iran for ending what had the potential to be an international crisis. iran has released ten u.s. sailors detained after their vessels entered iranian waters. the sailors were captured and
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we have more on how they were finally freed. >> reporter: iran's powerful revolutionary guard issued a statement saying that all ten american sailors had been freed with their vessels. initially, the revolutionary guard said that the sailors and their vessels had been of a-ended in iranian waters after they were snooping around and acting suspiciously. later a revolutionary guard admiral said that after an extensive investigation, they've realized that the american vessel navigation equipment had failed, and they had accidentally strayed into iranian waters. they said that their activities were not suspicious, nor were they here to conduct any sort of espionage. this could have been a major international incident between the united states and iran, but it was contained in a diplomatic fashion, which is in line with president roe hany's approach to international relations. this came at a sensitive time because we're days away from a
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the possibility of a crisis could have jeopardized that, and the billions of dollars that is expected to flow into iran for sanctions relief. the u.s. sailors weren't freed without a warning from iran's army chief. he said, let this be a warning toho troublemakers in congress who want to impose more sanctions on iran. earl nbc news, teheran. governor cuomo is going to deliver his sixth state of the state address. the governor spent ten days touring the state and meeting with lawmakers to lay out his plans. they include spending $22 billion on roads and bridges upstate, upgrading the city's subway system building and replacement for penn state. also wants to raise the minimum 2015. . starts at 12:30 this afternoon. well certainly the biggest tonight, somebody could become
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>> oh. tonight's powerball drawing is one and a half billion dollars, and if you haven't already bought your tickets, you have a little bit more time. bought you some time, no pun intended. katherine creag is in midtown where officials just spoke about tonight's historic drawing. which could be even bigger, kat. >> reporter: indeed, pat and rob, first of all, there's a lot going on over here. the workers inside that deli handing out this piece of paper, hanging them up, the jackpot has risen to $1.6 billion now. and also, there's a drummer here, there's always a drummer in midtown, and he is drumming along with other drummers throughout the rest of the day until, drum roll, please. the drawing tonight. why do so many lottery players go to this deli on 57th street and ninth avenue on manhattan's westside? >> it's lucky. it's lucky. >> reporter: with people winning
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$10,000 there a few years ago, someone won $5 million here, right alex? >> five million a few years ago. and after that, one million. >> reporter: with the jackpot passing the $1 billion market, the heat may be on, with the door swinging, workers theft their coats on. charitable kmerls told us what they'd do with the money. >> i would try to help people, you know what i mean. that are in need, you know what i mean. >> i think i have to put some, some money to charity. like church. >> reporter: jimmy sow receive won $18,000 recently, bought $200 in tickets today. but others have spent thousands. >> $2500. >> reporter: $2500 in cash? >> yes. >> reporter: with the jackpot expected to soar. >> it's such a large number, i don't think i can comprehend it, even after taxes it's like $650 million.
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and i hope when that person wins, they give me some. >> reporter: and lottery officials tell us that if no one wins, want powerball lottery, tonight, it'll go up to $2 billion, on saturday, and then the cash payout will be $1.24 billion. back to you. >> that's all i got to the say about that. yeah, that's almost too much money. >> that is too much money. >> i would love to see like ten, 15 people split it. >> 500 people. >> 500 people. okay. >> yeah. >> a lot of money. still to come, next at noon, a big move affecting thousands of jobs in connecticut. also what's next for the president after his final state
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president obama heading to nebraska today to sell the plans he outlined in his final state of the union address last night. in particular what he called one of the few regrets of his presidency, the deep divide between political parties and the need for political reform. >> i believe we've got to reduce the influence of money in our politics so that a handful of families or hidden interests can't bankroll. >> the president called for action to make it easier to vote, afterwards, his address, south carolina governor nikki haley delivered a rebuttal, making her party's case for a republican president. >> if we held the white house, taxes will be lower for working families. and we'd put the brakes on runaway spending and debt. we would encourage american innovation and success instead of demonizing them. >> after his stop in omnihah today, the plth driver to baton rouge, louisiana, he'll be there
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now to decision 2016 with the latest polling showing her biggest competitor closing in on her in iowa, hillary clinton is now focussing right on bernie sanders. >> i've been laying out very specific policies for months now, and telling people how i would pay for them. i'm asking that senator sanders does the same thing. we need to move now from generalization to specifics. so people can see what the differences are. >> clinton told "today" show's savannah guthrie that she's not nervous at all about the surge in sanders' campaign. new poll shows clinton ahead nationally, 48-41, after having a more than 20 point lead just last month. and new this noon, general electric is expected to officially announce today that it's moving it's global headquarters from fairfield, connecticut, to boston. than according to to the boston globe. ge has been weighing a move out of connecticut since the summer when lawmakers passed a budget that included tax increases for some of the state's biggest
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ge currently employs about 5700 people in connecticut. in today's money report, the $1.5 billion powerball drawing is tonight of course, but how much cash will the winner actually take home? >> well, with the answer, the odds, and a check on the market, griffith, hey, bill. >> hey, pat. market first. powerball and why you should take the annuity and not the cash up front. the stock market's a lot like season. just cannot hold on to a lead, yet, another day where the dow opened higher, by almost 100 points, it's now down 100 points after that. a lot of again because of oil prices moving lower as we get inventory data and showed a big build that was not expected. big day for volkswagen, the ceo of the german auto maker is meeting with the head of the epa in washington today. they're going to talk about the 580,000 vehicles that need to be
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presenting this program to the epa. and it's going to be a tough sell. yesterday, the state of california, where the greatest number of vws are driven rejected the company's recall plan saying it's just not enough. there's a lot at stake here. vw sails have plummeted since september when the story came to light about the on-board software that cheats emissionings tests and the automaker has already offered hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation to the owners of those 580,000 vehicles. so we'll see if the epa biles into this recall plan. all right. let's talk about this, if you do happen to win the powerball drawing tonight of $1.5 billion. you're the single winner, the most important decision you will have to make is whether to take the lump sum up front or the annual payments in the annuity over the next 30 years. just know if you take the lump sum, the gross amount is not 1.5 billion, it would be 940
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roughly 675 million after taxes. if you take the annuity, you get all $1.5 billion in annual payments of roughly $22 million a year before taxes. and unlike most annuities, the payments do not stop if you die before all the money has been paid. the payments would go into your estate should you die before all of that. you know, if the powerball lottery is about 10 or $15 million. it doesn't matter. whether you take the up front, much. think about it, at 1.5 billion, if you take the up front at 930 million, you're missing out on more than half a billion dollars if money that is due you. so, take the annuity, and run. and as rob schmitt's already proven, you can live on $22 million a year anyway. >> i was just going to say though, you can't, you know, 22 million, yeah, get it all, you get it in more money in the end, difference that big?
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what if you die? you still get, but you didn't get to enjoy it. you know. >> that's all right. >> is that all right? >> your loved ones will, rob. come on. well, fair enough, bill. >> see you tomorrow. >> thanks, bill. all right. dave price, a lot of people standing on long lines and kiosks all over the city. >> no one gets frostbite standing out in the elements. when it's this cold, you can, watch it, 15 mirns and these temperatures with this wheelchair can be dangerous. so, let's walk on over to the hopefully your take the tickets are bought, if not, find a place indoors maybe and just to hang out there if nothing else for a little while. numbers look like this, it is 26 degrees, we have sunshine, clouds out there as well. let's go to the headlines right now. very, very cold, through tomorrow morning, that's simply the way it's going to be. a workweek warm-up, what little we have left of the workweek is going to be much warmer than it has been during the last 24 hours or so. so that's great news.
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rain for friday night into saturday, and another round maybe sunday into monday. two low pressure systems, and that's what is going to be our weather maker as we head through the weekend. so, let's go through the temperatures right now. in the teens and monticello, 29 in bridgeport, and the same number in montalk, cooler in trenton and bridgewater and morristown, 27 as well. it feels like it's in the low 20s as you head to the area, right across the river, over in yonkers, 22 degrees and 21 is what it feels like as you walk through central park in the teens at jfk and the wider picture as you head out to the north and west, four in monticello and snechb newburg. all right. storm tracker shows we just have those high clouds we saw in the live picture, and not much else to deal with. looking ahead as we head into tomorrow, we wake up with much warmer temperatures, some early clouds and then afternoon sunshine. and then as we head into friday, showers may be another set-up of
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look at those temperatures again, in the mid-40s for the most part as we head into the rest of the day, you're going to be at the freezing mark. bitterly cold winds, and then into tonight, 21 degrees chilly everybody. seven days ahead, we talked about the weekend problems. and then as we begin next week, we're back in the 30s, we dry on out with brisk weather. bundle up. that's a quick look at your forecast. back to you guys at the desk. >> okay. friday looks okay. dave, thanks so much. new york live, next here at 12:30. >> here's sara with what's ahead. >> hi guy us. coming up from coaching basketball to raising supergirl, we are talking hit the floor and more with actor dean cain and bringing the laughter, the drama, and of course their fabulous wardrobes to a new season of "younger." sutton foster and miriam shore are stopping by. the show is so super cute. all that and more at 12:30, and pizza. >> oh. now i'm sold. >> i thought that would get you around. >> right. thank you, sara. and still ahead here on news
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incredible dash cam video out of oklahoma. look at this, police made the split second decision to force this truck into a spin right here after a high-speed chase that reached speeds of 100 miles per hour. this encounter did not stop there though. the driver of the truck, it's hard to tell from the smoke, keeps pressing on the gas even though his truck is trapped. the officers had to fight the suspect after they say he reached for a gun. you can see that happening there. officers did win that fight and took that man to jail. well mexican drug lord joaquin el chapo gusman is no long aerowanted man. apparently, his shirts are wanted, badly. especially this one. the one he was seen wearing in
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sean penn. the website is selling one identical to it online. in fact, they're sold out. and they don't come cheap. $128 for that shirt. the makers say they've got a backlog of orders. really? >> you see guys wear rg the shirts, and do you have a wife? does anybody dress you? how on earth do you walk out
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tonight on news 4 new york, we're looking for more information on the police chase. imagine this, buy a piece of exercise equipment and it gets delivered missing some of the parts. what happens and what you can do if that happens to you. in the meantime, go to nbc new or download our mobile app. >> freezing cold outside, stay
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