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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  January 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> announcer: live from studio 3-c in rockefeller center, this is "news 4 new york." the final push. the presidential hopefuls criss-cross iowa and make their last pitches. 26 hours and counting until the caucuses and the final voting season begins. first, a young mother and a man murdered inside her home. tonight, the search for a motive and a kill of her good evening, i'm rob schmitt. >> i'm natalie pass kar quarella pasquarella.
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what happened inside that newark apartment. >> 23-year-old ashley jones was shod to death along with a 27-year-old man. inside the home, at the time, her three young children, the oldest just 4 years old. >> we're standing by in newark with the latest on this investigation. ray are you familiar ill echlt lchlt villeda has more. >> reporter: among the people murdered, a mother of three. as you mentioned, the three young children home at the time of the killings. now, as a memorial builds outside this apartment building, the search is on for a killer. >> i heard the shots. and by the time i got back downstairs, the cops was out here telling me i had to go back upstairs. >> reporter: a sheet of plywood stands between neighbors and a heinous crime scene in this newark apartment. police say a man and woman were
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three young kids, ages 1, 3, and 4 were inside at the time of the murder. they were unhurt. >> she was a good friend. she was a good person. she didn't deserve what happened to her. >> reporter: 23-year-old ashley jones and 28-year-old jarrell marshall were pronounced dead at the apartment building. >> the little girl had beads in her hair, i seen the police take her to the car. >> reporter: tonight they're realize recalling what they saw, a young woman who neighbors say was a victim of domestic violence. this woman describes one of their last interactions. >> she was looking for the super. we both came to the door. she wanted to use my phone to call the police. >> reporter: so i've asked police if there's any link
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calls and these murders. they tell us at this point they're investigating. as far as those children, we're told they're in custody of other relatives. if you know anything about this murder, give new york police a call. live in new york tonight, ray villeda, news 4 new york. >> ray, thank you. the candidates have been jockeying for position for more than a year now. and tomorrow, for the first time, the voters will have their say. eight years ago, the iowa caucuses helped propel barack obama to the white house. but mike huckabee and rick santorum won the republican caucuses in 2008 and 2012 respectively. there's no guarantee that a win tomorrow is a clear path to the presidency or even the nomination. on the republican side, the latest "des moines register" poll shows donald trump out in front at 28% but ted cruz at close second place at 23%. this race is too close to call.
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clinton on top at 45%. but bernie sanders right there at 42%, and sanders is actually within that margin of error. donald trump kept hammering away at ted cruz today while hillary clinton stressed that she's the candidate who can actually get results. >> he was born in canada. a lot of people are saying you can't even be running for the election. so we'll find out about that. >> i'm not going to sit here and overpromise and underdeliver. i'm going to tell you what i know we can achieve. >> where does governor christie stand in all of this? it's not pretty. according to the "des moines register" poll, he's in sixth place among republicans right now at just 3%. melissa russo is in des moines tonight and joins us live now. melissa, are you seeing any indication of how this could play out tomorrow? >> reporter: you know, rob, it's really anyone's guess.
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super committed to a candidate but have zero intention of caucusing tomorrow, and we've met iowans who have never caucused by are planning to caucus, which involves standing up in public and defending your candidate. it's a little bit more of an investment than just casting a ballot. caucusing can take a little bit of nerve. >> i anticipate it will be pretty crazy. >> reporter: who tyler fox stands up to support his progressive pick tomorrow night, it will be a first. >> i like bernie sanders. it seems like a very -- i don't know, a chill person. >> reporter: meet tyler's wife katie. she's pregnant and pro-life. >> i just think marco rubio is extremely strong, a truman e man of faith. >> reporter: i can just imagine what the conversation is like at
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at the smoky road diner in des moines, iowa's diversity was on display. >> i have not caucused in iowa. i kind of stay out of that. >> reporter: the intensity of the caucusing process makes many iowans shy away. trump's strategy for converting iowans into caucusers is something of a mystery. hillary clinton has worked hard to avoid her crushing victory of '08. >> maybe it's a crushing cynicism. don't tell us what we should be doing. come out and listen to what we're thinking. and she has done that this time. >> reporter: clinton supporters like betty wouldn't miss a caucus. >> it's our duty as a citizen. >> reporter: her friend is one of those causing the clinton campaign's rising anxiety,
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drawn by idealistic progressives. >> i've never gone to a caucus, but i will tomorrow. >> reporter: are you planning to caucus for hillary tomorrow? >> we are. >> excellent. >> reporter: among the caucusgoers, this woman spent the day canvassing in iowa. >> not a lot of similarities between here and downtown manhattan. >> no, and that's what's so great about it, it's nice to be part of this really great american tradition. >> reporter: another new yorker campaigning for hillary clinton here in iowa, mayor bill de blasio, who has been going door to door in and around des moines. you mentioned chris christie and his sixth place showing in that poll that came out today by the "des moines register," christie had two events today.
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tonight he's hosting one at a public. maybe he's hoping to lift the spirits of iowa voters, at least as they perceive his campaign. melissa russo, news 4 new york. >> a husband and wife supporting hillary and sanders, very interesting. "nightly news" will have much more on this next at 6:30. another attack in the subway has riders on edge tonight. a man was slashed in a train station on central park north and 110th street this morning, the sixth attack in the subways this month. news 4's ida siegal is live with more. >> reporter: there's been yet another slashing. the reaction is almost always the same. "again? really?" police emphasize this slashing was not random. but they're still searching for the man who did it. it was early this morning here on downtown number 2 platform on 110th street.
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dispute with a 27-year-old man. about what is not clear. she then went for help from a man she knew. police say that's when things got violent. the friend pulled out a knife and slashed the 27-year-old man in the face. >> it's ridiculous. people hurting each other, all day, every day over here. it's just ridiculous. it's out of control. >> reporter: the victim was taken to the hospital with injuries to his face. the man with the knife ran off and got away. police say this is the sixth stabbing or slashing on the subway this month. >> that's very scary. this area is getting worse, actually. i've been living here for ten years and it's not better. and we don't have enough police patrolling the area. >> reporter: police say each incident has been different. some are random, some not. some suspects have been caught. others have not. the only common thread is a knife and the subway. police are beefing up subway patrols. previously 2800 officers had been assigned to subway details.
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another 1300 officers who will also patrol the subways. >> i could take the bus. but something could just as well happen on the streets. it's part of living in new york city. you have to be cautious and we're aware and hope for the best. >> reporter: the attacker has not been caught, he's still out there. if you know something, contact the police. reporting live from harlem, ida siegal, new york. >> a lot of people nervous, ida, thank you. a man is in custody after a stabbing in a new york city homeless shelter. this happened yesterday in midtown at a men's shelter. police arrested mark bradford who lives at the shelter. they say he stabbed a fellow resident in the chest. the stabbing comes days after another homeless man was killed
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>> lack of security. a lot of the individuals in the shelter are people who have had brushes with the law, out of jail. >> residents tell us the victim in this attack is okay. mayor de blasio has increased shelter security funding by 35%. coming up tonight on "news 4 new york," after complaints from city residents about helicopter noise, a new plan to rein in those tourist chopper rides. also how to stop the zika virus from spreading in the united states. high temperatures soared into the 50s, even the 60s in some spots. how long can we hold on to this weather?
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new at 6:00, if taking a helicopter tour of the city is on your bucket list, you might want to do it soon. starting next year, flights from the downtown manhattan heliport will be reduced by 35,000 less flights per year, part of a deal to reduce day-long noise and pollution in the area after numerous complaints from residents. with growing concerns over the zika virus, senator charles schumer has proposed a plan to stop the disease from spreading in the u.s. there are at least seven reported case in new york state. three of those in the city, including one pregnant woman.
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up efforts to contain the virus abroad. his plan calls for working on a vaccine to protect against the mosquito-borne virus. >> if a mosquito bites you, another mosquito who bites you will spread the disease. >> he wants the zika virus declared a health emergency. it's believed the illness could lead to serious birth defects. ahead, if you liked today's weather, and pretty much
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in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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today in manhattan, dozens gathered to say goodbye to famed character actor abe vigoda. funeral services were held on the upper west side. he played phil fish on the tv
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in "the godfather." at 94 years old, his life ended decades after a false report announced his death, which led to a long-running joke over whether he was dead or alive. >> i still believe he died a while ago. i think he died 70 years ago. >> he's very special person. he was a great man. he's icon. he'll be remembered forever, i'm sure. >> vigoda, who spent decades on the stage, is being remembered as a true new yorker. as today's service ended, the theme from "the godfather: serenaded the crowd. >> he had such great timing, such a funny guy. lester holt is in iowa tonight and joins us with what's ahead on nbc "nightly news." not too bad weather-wise. >> not too bad at all.
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24 hours until the iowa caucuses. we're deployed throughout the state with the candidates' ground teams. plus what we're learning about the virginia tech college freshman who police say killed a 13-year-old girl. plus the unmistakable compassion shown toward refugees on the greek island of less boss bos. we'll see you in a few minutes on "nbc nightly news." >> thanks, lester. warm in des moines tonight and in the city today. one of those things you only see in new york or maybe alaska. this is kickball being played on the snow-covered baseball diamond in the west village. this is james j. walker park on hudson avenue. some of these players were wearing t-shirts on this gorgeous january day. i walked right by this, i had to grab the iphone and take some video. >> i was going to say, you were
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>> look at this guy in the t-shirt. i couldn't believe it. they were having a blast. >> great walking to work, erika. >> funny to see people in t-shirts in the snow. today's weather warranted that. we'll see temperatures remaining on the mild side. tonight, pleasant. the melting continues tomorrow. we could see a quick shower tomorrow as well. it will be breezy, a quick cold front moving through. stratford right now sitting at 42. 43 in islip. 41 in morristown. 47 right now in midtown new york. on storm tracker, you can see the cold front approaching. look at how far to the north that rain/snow line is, up into canada. a very mild pattern continuing even after that front moves through. we start out dry monday morning. by lunchtime, sprinkles and showers, moving east toward the beginning of that evening rush. you might have a completely dry ride into work and back out.
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continue with this very mild pattern. the trough to the west keeping the snow and keeping the cold temperatures out of our area. as that dips up, it pushes the milder air into our backyard. so we're going to see temperatures 10 to 20 degrees above average for the next few days, as we head into the middle of the workweek, a cold front arriving, bringing heavy rain and maybe even a thunderstorm into wednesday. overnight tonight, 42 degrees, a comfortable night. 42 for a low is above our average high for this time of year, so a mild pattern continuing in the tri-state. the seven-day forecast, on monday we'll get up to 55 degrees. it's going to be another very mild day. we could see a sprinkle or a shower, just a little bit cooler on tuesday before the big mild weather push comes in on wednesday. but along with it comes a lot of rain. we could even see thunderstorms on wednesday. no big cooldown here in the forecast, guys.
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in the 40s for the next seven days. >> 58. >> the whole country is mild right now. >> pretty much. >> thanks, erika. we'll be right back with
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madison square garden will be electric tonight. steph curry and the warriors are in town to take on the knicks. the world's most famous arena. >> i only get to go there once a year. and a lot of history has been made there. that's a game that any basketball player looks forward to.
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every area. we're in a fortunate position where how much of a team you are, you know, is kind of put to the test. and so it will be a good opportunity for us to see where we are tonight. >> earlier today, on the msg court, st. john's hosted sixth ranked villanova. the johnnys hung tough. in the first 20 minutes, the trifecta at the first half buzzer to cut the nova lead to 1. wildcats pulled away early in the second half as they hand st. john's their 12th straight loss, 68-53. rutgers still looking for their first big 10 win of the year. this is no place to expect it, east lansing, michigan. the spartans hit nine trifectas in the first half, six of them coming from forbes, who couldn't miss. 12th ranked michigan state led rutgers at the half.
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now to tennis and the men's final at the australian open. novak djokovic trying to continue his dominance of the support against andy murray. djokovic, here in the far court, seizes command from the get-go, winning the first 5 games of the match. the 28-year-old serbian took the first set and the second set. here in the third set he continues to assert himself against murray, showing why he's simply the best player in the world. look at this overhead. djokovic took the third set to a tiebreak. on match point he steals his 6th australian open title with an ace up the t. joker has now won three executive majors and owns 11 grand slam titles as he ties bjorn bjorn borg. the u.s. men's national team in
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trailing, the u.s. draws level off the corner kick. chips it back into the area. steve birnbaum to orosco who heads home the equalizer. beautiful play. it stayed tied until the 90th minute. off the michael bradley set piece, birnbaum comes flying in and tallies his first career international goal as the u.s. starts off 2016 on a winning note. tonight in "sports final," yankees' general manager is here in the studio. we'll cover the knicks and warriors and unveil the artwork for super bowl 50. a big show coming up. >> getting pumped for the super bowl. thanks, bruce.
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it is carnival season, and today in venice, italy, thousands watched the flight of the angel parade. a woman dressed in costume descends from the bell tower of saint mark's basilica.
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