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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  February 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong. >> reporter: the medical examiner's office is here right now. police are guarding the high-rise here behind me. we know that elevator repairman plunged 45 stories to his death. he was working on the top floor when he fell about 7:30 this morning. his body was found wedged between the elevator cab and the wall of the shaft. right now, the elevators are shut down. residents are walking up and down the stairs. ose who can't get up and down the stairs are being told to call 911. we spoke to several residents here this morning who tell us they woke up to an announcement by the building telling them the elevators were out of service, but they had no idea why. >> i woke up to an announcement.
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my window because the hospital is down on river road. i didn't think it was anything out of the ordinary. >> reporter: and the hudson county prosecutor's office and osha are investigating. e fr the elevator company says the company sends its deepest sympathies to the victim, to his family and is cooperating fully with investigators. that's the latest. back to you. >> s ch a scary story. today, bill cosby is in a pennsylvania courtroom. his attorneys are working to get the sexual assault charges against him dropped. this all hinges on what a former prosecutor has to say. we're in norristown, pennsylvania right now. what's happened in court so far? >> reporter: right lw, bill cosby's attorneys are inside arguing that ten years ago, the district attorney here promi id that bill cosby would not be criminally prosecuted if he testified i n a civil trial. cosby did that.
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whether that agreement is valid. entertainment icon bill cosby in court in a philadelphia suburb phasing sexual assault charges which could put him in prison tuesday's hearing, a pivot al moment in the case. all eyes are on bruce caster. he told prosecutors last year he made a promise to cosby a decade ago he would not prosecute if cosby testified in a civil lawsuit. cosby did and set tled that lawsuit in 2006. >> at the time, i remember thinking that he probably did do something inappropriate. thinking that and being able to prove it are two different things. >> reporter: cosby is charged with three counts of aggravated sexual assault stemming from a 20 encounter ith andrea constand. she contends cosby drugged her and sexually assaulted her. cosby says the contact was
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to orfile charges last year after a judge unsealed transcripts of cosby's deposition in that civil suit. cosby admitted he gave constand pills and wine that night. >> it doesn't get any better th oan having the district attorney at the time say i made this deal and it should be honored. >> reporter: now a judge will decide if cosby's own words can be used against him. and the only time we're learning information about what's happening in the courtroom is when there's a break. there's only been one break this morning. we expect to learn more as they brea for lunch in a little while here. there have already been 50 women who have come forward and accused cosby of sexually assaulting them. some of them have even filed civililawsuits against themy cosby has denied all of the allegations and counter-sued some of his accusers. back to you. >> real quick, is there any
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on this today or this week? >> reporter: legal analysts say at it's probably going to take a little bit of time. most likely that the judge warl take today's arguments under advisement. we've also been told that some of the testimony might have to be heard in chambers because of some sort of sensitive nature of it. thldat might happen today. of course there's no guarantee that it will end today. most legal ana sts expect that this will probably take some time for the judge to decide. anything's game right now. >> okay.tvery interesting. thank you so much. crews are on the scene of a fire on the upper west side right now. it is burning in a building on 101st street and broadway. a viewer sent in this picture. you can see spoke pouring from that roof. no word on what caused this fir . we'll have more information as this story develops. also in court today, this officer. it's been an emotional day in co
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officer who shot and killed a man in brooklyn. his girlfriend took the stand in tears telling the jury how she desper ely tried t.o save his life. now live to downtown brooklyn. andrew? >> reporter: clearly, the most dramatic day of this trial so far. and worth reminding everyone that the death of gurley took plac at a very charged time in new york city, just four months after the death of eric garner. he died in a stairwell of the pink houses back in november of 2014. on trial is police offi r peter liang. he's accused of firing the fatal shot after controlling the stairwell there with his gun draw. on the stand today, melissa butler. she was the victim's girlfriend. she testified that she was the one on had to administer cpr. she broke down and got emotional
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she said i leaned over him in a puddle of blood and told him to stay with me, i'm getting help. one of the fish issues here about what happened, melissa's testimony that she's the one who had to administer cpr to her own boyfriend. the allegation is that peter liang and his partner did not try to save gurley's life after he was shot. a police officer is scheduled to take the witness stand this afternoon. that's the latest in brooklyn, back to you guys. happening now on long island, the man accused of killing a young girl with a stray bullet i hempstead eaded not guilty to several charges including murder. he appeared in court earlier today for his indictment in the october shooting. a stray bullet from keller's gun hit 12-year-old day shah joiner.
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due back in court next month. we've just learned explosive new information about the troubled son of a former top de blasio aide. he is charged with manslaughter for stabbing and killing a teenager. we just stepped out of the courtroom in new jersey where prosecutors say there is more to it than simple self-defense. >> reporter: indeed. noerdlinger is the 19-year-old son of rachel noerdlinger. she was the chief of staff up until about year or so ago. what we found out today confirmed what we first reported last night. the state saying, yes, this was a drug deal gone bad. that noerdlinger had a preexisting relationship with the victim, a 16-year-old from spring valley, who was according to the state working for noerdlinger has a drug dealer. that he called on the way down
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noerdlinger was aware of this, that he was armed with a knife when they came there. they got into an argument. this all according to the state. and that noerdlinger then stabbed his victim with a knife 7 inches into his leg. his defense attorney says this is all about self-defense. >> he was jumped. he was attacked. he probably saved his own life by taking the actions that he did. i think that's fairly clear. there's nothing that the prosecutor said that's inconsistent with what i'm saying right now. >> reporter: now according to the prosecutor, noerdlinger went back to his home, told somebody in the home that he had stabbed someone, but appeared calm and not upset. then they went outside to get away. he also changed his clothes. all part of the hindering arrest charge that goes along with this
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now, his mother was not in court today. the defense attorney saying that she did not want to be a distraction onto to this. he is still on jail on half a million dollars' bail. turning to politics right now. neck and neck until the very end. hillary clinton eking out a victory over bernie sanders in the democratic caucus. it took hours of tabulations. the race right now is a statistical tie with both candidates getting 50% of the vote. less than half a percentage point separating the two of them. clinton has 699 delegates. sanders has 695. the race being called the closest caucus in iowa's history. and hillary inton and her husband bilateral an event in new hampshire right now. bernie sanders has already spoken when he arrived in that state a little bit earlier today. >> doing w monl here in new hampshire.
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nevada and then south carolina where i think we're going to surprise a whole lot of people just as we did in iowa. >> hillary clinton taking a bit of victory lap on twitter this morning posting this message that reads, history made. on the gop side, a very close top three. ted cruz claiming first place in iowa with 28%, donald trump in second with 24, marco rubio not far behind trump with 23%. >> iowa has proclaimed to the world morning is coming. morning is coming. >>se and trump sent his first message on twitter since the caucus just about an hour ago saying his experience in iowa was a great one. he also said he spent a fraction of what cruz and rubio did and he s ll came in second place. now the focus shifts to new hampshire where one week from
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the nation's first primary. befo then, you can watch the democrat's debate on msnbc on thursday. >> the dow starts off the day with a slide. we've got a closer look at the unsteady markets from cnbc next. also staten island chuck making his annual appearance. d one attendee taking the opportunity to poke a little bit of fun at the mayor. shocking. looks like a good breakfast. we're ing to tell you about rain heading in our direction. some flooding rains potentially. we'll talk about that and your seven-da y fore st coming up in just a couple minutes. stay with us. coming up next on "new york live" at 12:30, it's cold play karaoke. plus, spring is in the air. ben goes one-on-one with the staten island groundhog and ethan hawke stops by.
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a patient killed on a long island highway after jumping out of a m ing ambulance. this was last night, a hunter ems ambulance taking this 51-year-old man to a psychiatric hospital when they say he jumped out of the rear doors right into traffic. in brooklyn, a symbol of hate carved into wet cement. today, police are looking for the man who did it. surveillance video shows tnot suspect entering a construction site last friday and writing the words, die yuppies. in today's money report, a rough day so far on wall street. >> sue herrera is joining us now. >> yes, you're right. it is kind of a rough day on wall street. a couple of reasons for that. oil prices once again down sharply.
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or take a few points on the markets right now. all the major indices are lower on the trading session. earnings also weighing on the markets, royal caribbean, although they beat on their earnings, they missed big time on the amount of revenue that they made. that stock is down about 14% on today's trading session. that is really weighing on the overall market. ups, although it also beat on the top line, it missed on the revenues even though it had a stellar christmas shipping season. the other big story is the parent company of google. it is now the most valuable and largest company in the world. it surpassed apple after releasing its earnings last night. it had phenomenal growth both on the top line and bottom line. that now makes fwoog l's paernt company alphabet the world's
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we have chipotle reporting. given the e. coli scare, they are expected to have some pressure o their earnings. after market hours, al's going to be interesting th ee how that stock trades. if you're sick and tired of winter, we have some good news. >> there is no shadow to be cast. an early spring is my forecast! >> he doesn't look too happy about it. thousands of people stood in pennsylvania this morning where punxsutawney phil did not see his shadow. so according to the groundhog day, we will not see six more weeks of the winter. instead, we'll have an early spring. we are going to have an early, early spring this year. just what we all deserve in the state of new york. >> staten island chuck agrees as well. both groundhogs agrees this
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he too missed his shadow when he appeared this morning. mayor de blasio is in iowa and missed today's event conveniently which prompted a few light-hearted jokes since de blasio dropped chuck two years ago. >> i understand that the little incident here a few years ago. they thought it would be better to have someone a little shorter so in case something happened, it wouldn't be such a big fall. >> that groundhog actually died. >> this is not chuck number one. >> this is chuck number two. zoo keepers insist chuck has a much higher accuracy rate than punxsutawney phil. >> and higher both combined than you? >> come on. >> you had to go there. >> ice cold. >> that is amazing. after we deliver a day like today -- >> i'm joking. >> not bad outside. >> four more weeks of winter at your house. a gorgeous day. and we salute staten island chuck and punxsutawney phil for
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we're going to take it. 48 degrees is the temperature. and beautiful sky conditions at this hour. great afternoon. that we can see just by looking out the window. but what we are tracking is heavy rain working its way into our area as we get to the middle of the week, tomorrow. there is potential flooding, especially in new jersey. we have a >> i think they should. unt-by-county look at that in just a moment. temperatures moderate around the region. all above average. 50he in woodland park. 47 up in poughkeepsie. to the north and west, it was really cool this morning. everyone along for the ride with these warmer temperatures th afternoon. this is the problem out west working its way in from the midwest right now. th iis comes to us as all rain because of these mild conditions. it g s he tomorrow morning. scattered showers at first, and thenleeavier rain through the
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thcoat's when the ignificant and moderate rains begin. and then as we head through rush hour, this is where it's really going to get tricky through sections of central jersey. that's why we have the flooding concerns. then it pushesr through eastward by 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 off the island. we still could see residual showers as we head into thursday. anywhere from three-quarters of an inch to an inch and a half. here's your forecast everyone for the next seven days. we are going to get through tomorrow, but we want to watch for that flooding. keep in mind, the mild temperatures are gorng to stay with us on thursday. could see a scattered shower. then as we head through the rest of the weekay into the weekend, thin look terrific we're watching coastal storm activity into next week. stay tuned for that. we'll see you at 5:00 with janice and i'll see you at 5:30 with more. i'm talking like staten island
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>> staten island chuck two. "new york live" next at 12:30. >> here's a look at what's ahead. >> coming up, chris martin joins ja s core den for some carpool karaoke and the latest role for the late late show host. >> and a family friendly to becoming a night, we're sitting down with ethan hawke. that and more right here at 12:30. >> not too shabby. still ahead, the birds of prey trained to take out technology.
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experts at the world health organization say the spread of the zika virus may be connected to the el nino weather fa no,
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experts say the latest el nino caused more rainfall which is usually connected to more mosquitos that transmit this virus. a vac seep is likely to be the quickest solution to the zika virus. so drone dangers not just a problem here in our area, but overseas as well. dutch police are now considering using large birds to pluck these rogue drones out of the sky. here's pictures of them being trained. i guess they're trained to think that flying machines are their prey. police say the birds will be rewarded every time they catch one. that's smart. >> very smart. >> i mean -- >> got to watch out for the propeller.
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tonight's show, log on before 3:00 this afternoon. >>ts tonight on news4 at 5:00, cash in on all smar hones by selling them to companies online. what happens if you don't get paid? >> what you need to know. >> "new york live" is coming up next.
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