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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  February 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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prayers, simm path think and support will be with them. in order a.m. prep will be providing trained experts to meet with students, faculty, staff and parents. when two similar suicides happen so close together. it's considered a contagion. they encourage parents to talk to their children and ask if th ey've ever considered ending their life. >> sometimes parents are afraid to ask. they almost feel like if they ask those hard question s s they will cause something to happen. >> he knew the first kid very we ll. he spoke to him that morning. >> how is your son cope something. >> he had a tough time. tough time. >> reporter: that father told me his son is doing better now. he reached out to counselors and he's improving. when the first boy died, we're told the school had a prayer service and many of the parents
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that will happen again. quite frankly, looking forward to that. reporting live from the fordham section of the bronx. ida siegal, news 4. breaking news out of new jersey. chopper 4 is over the scene of a crash involving a number of vehicles. what do we know? >> pretty serious accident down below. bring you down toward ground level. just to set the scene for you. pal satisfied avenue, this all began around 4:30 this afternoon, when this work van struck a number of parke hd cars and also a pedestrians about a block away from this location. finally coming to rest up against this jeep here. we understand that word down from below the driver was possibly taken into custody due to suspicion of dwi. we have around ambulance checking out the driver of this van. a number of parked vehicles
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they have also been struck. a full on accident investigation underway as a otsult. 79th street. that is close ed d for the ongoing investigation. back to you in the studio. new at 5:00, police in newark, making an arrest. rob schmidt is in newark right now. the suspect charged with another death, i understand? >> that's right. all three of these killings happened in front of children. the news came at a press conference today last friday night. 21-year-old tamiqua rouse was found strangled at her apartment. a family friend found her
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strangled. the next day, holland murdered his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend at their home. marshall killed at their clinton place apartment. police say holland this time used a gun, opening fire, killing both. jones three children were there that apartment for those two killings. the accused killer here was the father of two of those children. all three under the age of five. thankfully, all three found safe. jeffrey and ashley, had a past relationship that was violent according to prosecutors. >> our hearts go out to these families, particularly the four young children. one on friday, and three on saturday, who were present for these heinous murders. >> such a sad story. no indication of what the relationsh was between holland and tanequa rouse at this point. that was not mentioned in the news conference.
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holland is charged with three counts of first degree murder tonight. he's being 4e8d on $2.5 million bail. there have been 13 homicides in newark. in 2015, there were 104 in total. that is about 9 per month. >> drugs, money and a mission to get even. a deadly dispute in new jersey. the son of a former top staffer in the de blasio administration is facing manslaughter charge s s. >> the son of rachel nordlinger, she onces sherleen mccrea. this is all about a drug deal
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charged with killing a man in front of the edgewater apartment he shares with his mother. >> it shows they were drug dealers. specifically, the evidence shows that sl worked for him. >> the initials are short hand for the victim, sabian lou ellen of new york. sabian drove down to edgewater with four others. upset nordlinger who owed him money. >> there was clearly no attempt to kill anyone, but it seems like an attempt to get people that were looking to kill him off of him. >> he's had problems with the law before. he was aconvicted of assaulting a 15-year-old girl last year.
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robbery charges in this case. as for her son, he's upset. look, this is a 19-year-old kid and he's terrified, he' s completely terrified, he's scared. >> there's no word from the prosecutor on who it was in nordlinger's apartment. his attorney says they will accept no plea deal. he will go to trial with his client to prove his innocence and that he was a victim. >> brian, thank you. we are getting a look at a violent grocery store robbery in brooklyn. this is video from the ideal food basket store. you can see a man in a hooded sweatshirt holding a gun to the clerk's head. the clerk rushed to fill a white ba g with cash. the robber hit the clerk with the gun. the thief got away with about
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he has not been caught. >> a deadly scene at a condo complex. a repair worker plunged seven stories. lauer remark you've been working to find out if there have been any past problems? >> reporter: we learned the elevator company has a clean record. it's not clear what caused that worker to fall. when the victim's partner showed up late to work this morning, he was distraught to hear what happened. >> a routine maintenance job ended tragically. an elevator mechanic fell, plunging 7 stories down the elevator shaft. >> it's unfortunate. >> residents woke up to police and federal investigators inside their building. they learned the elevators had been shut down, but had no idea someone died.
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elevators weren't working. i thought it was a power outage. >> reporter: 4 investigates, we found the 105-year-old company with offices in new york and new jersey has a clean record. today a representative released this statement saying, slade industries is very saddened to hear of the accident at galaxy towers in gutten berg new jersey this morning. we extend our deepest sympathy to our family and friends involved in the accident. residents tell us there are rarely problems with the elevators and are shocked to hear of an accident. >> most of them are renovated w elevators. something like this is unfathomable. >> slate elevator is it working with authorities to determine exactly what happened. live in guttenberg, news 4 new york. a recently fired new york city police officer is accused of shoveling prostitutes around the tristate.
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hotels in new york and new jersey. the 11 year veteran was fired last month after an internal investigation the charges were made public just today. if convicted, he naces up to 10 years in prison. bill cosby is asking for the criminal charge against him to be thrown out. david ushery is in the newsroom following details from the courthouse. >> a bit of an intrigue ing day. the cosby team called a former prosecutor as a witness. arguing that prosecutor made a deal with cosby a decade ago to avoid criminal prosecution. the current prosecutor onguing, that was then, it wasn't binding, let's go to trial. >> he was clutching a cane, but bill cosby moved quickly into the montgomery county courthouse, ahead of a key hearing in his sexual assault case. he faces trial with a former temple university employee, she claims cosby drugged her and
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the interaction was consensual. former district attorney bruce caster previously indicated there was an agreement that cosby would never be criminally prosecuted. there was never a formal agreement with cosby, caster made a legally binding decision that cosby would never be prosecuted. a case against cosby was unwinnable. >> i remember thinking, he probably did do something inappropriate. but thinking that and being able to prove it are two different gs. >> cosby's case settled in 2006. the transcripts were released last year. that case was used to ile criminal charges against him in december. now, a judge must decide whether cosby's own words can be used against him. >> former prosecutor caster, he
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their side, he wants the current prosecutor to prevail and this go to trial now. in the end, there's word today a california judge ordered cosby to give a new deposition in a separate lawsuit a woman is accusing him of sexually assaulting her in 1974 at the playboy mansion when she was 15. the president l candidates are entering the campaign trail hard. as of right now, hillary clinton is the apparenn winner for the democratic party by a razor thin margen. and ted cruz is the clear winner on the republican side. melissa russo has the latest from iowa. >> the candida netes lifted off just in time to avoid a major snowstorm bearing down on des moauines. had this weather hit jus about 12 hours earlier as the original forecast pr edicted. yesterday's turnout would have
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>> after republicans turned out in record numbers, ted cruz cruised to first place. >> so what a victory last night. >> for donald trump, the hoards of new voters did not add up to the super sized blowout he predicted. however, trump still has some pretty super sized support. >> he represents the american dream. >> george davy erected this trump billboard in his backyard. >> i wanted just the donald, kind of in your face, like a bobblehead. i cropped it down. >> a big face, in your face? >> that's exactly what it is. >> how long do you plan to leave this sign up? >> i've been negotiating with my wife. >> arriving in new hampshire, with zero iowa delegates, chris christie took aim at marco rubio. >> i hope you guys ask him some questions. >> and hillary clinton took her
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>> i'm so thrilled i'm coming to new hampshire after winning iowa. >> sanders supporters are feeling like winners too. >> i caucused for bernie, he should be proud of it. >> it will be another four years before iowa arounds repeat this traditional moment in the spotlight. candidates try to p the best in on their respective results, all eyes are turning away from the hawkeye state. in des moines, melissa russo, news 4 new york. dna testing on bed bugs here in new york. how this could change the way they're exterminated. >> a proposal in rock land county school district t t has some parents steamed. would you want y r child subjected of this. >> what the car service lyft is offering you. the groundhogs did not see their shadow today, early spring. we're already seeing that. severe weather over the southern states and we'll see some stormy weather around here tomorrow too.
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ve the latest coming up next. an armed robber on the prowl in greenwich village. the video police want you to see for your protection. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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some parents are up in arms about this, a proposal to give breathalyzer tests to students. >> at football games and dances. a debate is planned for tonight. checkey. >> the test could be administered during a regular school day. not just at the high school, but at the elementary and middle school level. though school administrators say they doubt they'll have to use it there. this is the fifth time the proposal is being discussed. over the past several months now, basically, as it stabbeds. if an administrator notices signs like red bloodshot eyes, slurred speech or the odor of alcohol. they can discretely pull the student aside and perform a breathalyzer test. if the student refuses, they could be punished. the staff will be trained to use these breathalyzers.
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rock land county. other schools across the country have faced challenges. we talked to one student who agrees the policy should be put in place, because drugs and alcohol are a problem at her school. >> yes, it would be fair, because the kids shouldn't come here drinking or anything. they should take tests if they need to. >> i don't know why kids are showing up drunk here. they shun the do that. if they want to get in trouble, go do it at home or something. don't do it at school. >> the school district wants this to be a deterrent for students not to drink alcohol. and they're welcoming feedback. they hope a lot of people turn t for tonight's meeting. there's no date set for when they'll make a decision about in place. in nyack, checkey beck forward. if you're wondering when to expect spring, the rodents have spoken.
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phil, he did not see his shadow. same thing for staten island chatuck. but otis the hedgehog in west orange did see his shadow. >> it's possible he was keeping an eye out for mayor de blasio. the poor thing died. de blasio is in with a would this year. >> disagreement in the groundhog world. >> i'm trying to figure out how staten island chuck and punkz tanny phil didn't see shadows. i'm going with the new jersey groundhog. or maybe we'll just go with the storm team forecast. el nino is going to guarantee us a mild winter across the area. we saw that with the exception of the blizzard that came our wa y a week ago. there could be more snow in the forecast. today's high temperatures reflect the el nino and the fact
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above average. >> it's dry and comfortable this evening. showers tomorrow morning. light ones, but by tomorrow evening's commute between 3:00 p.m. and 7:00, we may see thunderstorms and heavy rain. temperatures in the 40s right now across new jersey. 45 in sussex, 48 in the city, only 30 degree temperature on the map is monticello. the temperatures are a few degrees cooler than where they were yesterday. yesterday we were in the mid to upper 50s. still above average, which is right around 40 degrees in most cases. live radar is calm a,oss the area. our rain is going to come from this major torm system that created a blizzard over the northern plains. severe weather tonight. across the mississippi river valley, all the way down to the gulf coast. parts of mississippi have already seen tornados within these watch boxes this evening, and they're tracking it now.eabowt 9 million people being affected by that weather there.
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weather here. definitely some heavy rain tomorrow afternoon. this evening gets quiet. light rainshowers show up tomorrow morning during the latter part of the commute. and then heavier showers start to push thrgh around 3:00. between 3:00 and 7:00 is where you're likely to see the heaviest rain pushing through. we're looking at 1 to 1 1/2 inches of rain generally. that doesn't seem like a lot, it could cause some stream flooding and street flooding as the snow melts from 58 degrees tomorrow afternoon. it clears on thursday, we're up to a 50 and in the 40s through the weekend. we may be watching a close call through next week. we'll have more on that. coming up on the 7-day forecast. you know how some people are east side people and the others stick to the west side? the same comes true with bed
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scientists found differences between the east side bed bugs and their west side counterpart. they found a bed bug dna throughout the subway system. >> they can travel back and forth. >> right. >> still ahead, playing it safe or promoting sex, you be the judge. the big city school district that is considering giving out those free condoms and not to high schoolers.
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position today before speaking before the senate armed services committee. the idea should be at least discussed now that combat jobs are open to women. parents in california are upset by the plan to distribute condoms to kids in middle school. they're proposing that because of a recent survey found that some students are sexually active. young students. this could prevent std's and teenaged pregnancies. others call this idea inappropriate. >> they're only in sixth or eighth grade. it's not -- i'm not in favor of that. >>. >> the student would first have to talk to a school nurse or social worker to get the condoms. the proposal still needs to be approved by the school board. the company announced that for a limited time, riders will pay 15% less for rides in the city. that will drop the price of a
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the move may get some criticism, because uber has faced protests from cabbies as well as uber drivers for its recent price drop. you can cash in on old smart phones by selling them to companies online. what happens if you don't get paid. better get baquero. march santia, the clue that police hope lead them to a violent robber. a quiet new york neighborhood rocked when a home explodes. up next, what triggered that
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