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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  February 2, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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danger hits close to home as an armed robber targets men and women in their own buildings. he struck five times already. thrash of robberies unfolding in the east village and greenwich village. you need to be looking out for this guy. >> absolutely. he quietly lurks and watches. allowing new yorkers to feel like they've safely arrived at the doorstep of their home and then he attacks. exclusive video shows gun slinging crooks running away. now look at this video. police say that's one of the same men holding a gun in his right hand. screaming at his victims in an
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>> i don't go out at night by myself. >> it makes me a little concerned. especially since i work in the area. >> bianca changed the way she walks around the village. >> making myself more aware of my surroundings. never texting, never listening to my music. >> the first thing that goes through my mind, i can't be safe in my own home. >> that's keeping him looking over his shoulder. >> it's not comfortable with the neighborhood i'm in you would think of this neighborhood as very safe. it could happen to anyone. >> none of the victims in these robberies have been physically injured. police are hoping the video you saw helps lead to an arrest, a reward and makes the village safer. search warrants will remain sealed. an indiana judge told the local
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be released only if criminal charges are filed in the 20-year-old's disappearance. this comes after investigators collected dna samples from a convicted sex offender. speer vanished after a night of attending a party with fellow indiana students four years ago. >> jaquan keller appearing in court for his indictment in this october shooting. a stray bullet from his gun hit a 12-year-old as she sat in her hempstead home. keller's attorney says his client didn't fire the gun. >> he's upset. he's been charged with a horrific crime he didn't commit. it's a difficult time for him and his family. >> keller is being held without bail.
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>> four month after a police officer was shot, majerle graham stood on the steps of city hall demanding the mayor take action. he fatally shot graham in his bronx home. charges against the officer have been tossed. a charred frame is the only thing left after an explosion at an upstate home and an elderly couple barely escaping with their lives. this is in henrietta. the 79-year-old homeowner crashed his car into a gas meter. the gas began to leak. when he heard the hissing, he grabbed his wife, they ran to a neighbor's home and the house exploded just as they called 911. the couple's son is thankful they moved so quickly. >> from 390 i could see the smoke, i knew the house was gone. that's material. my dad and mom are still here.
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>> the explosion was so big, it set a nearby home on fire as well. you can see from this video, fortunately, nobody was injured. a crime alert to tell you about in putnam county. state police are investigating a number of car break ins and thefts. they tell us the crime spree started last november. thefts have been reported in southeast, north salem, putnam, patterson and kent. investigators seem to believe, or they say the thieves seem to be targeting neighborhood s s where people leave their keys in their car. remember martin screlli, he raised prices for his drugs by 5,000%? he took on cases for p. diddy, michael jackson. his new client made headlines last year. for hiking the price of that life saving cancer drug. shortly after that, he was
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the 32-year-old is due in court tomorrow. prosecutors are offering a plea deal to suffolk county's police chief. james burke could spend less than three and a half years in prison if he accepts the deal. if he goes to trial and gets convicted, his sentence could be nearly twice as long. he faces federal civil rights. for a variety of items he stole. his attorney anticipates him still going to trial. stephanie seymour is accused of driving drunk. >> what the former victoria's secret model has to do to get drunk. this is the time to work. chris christie appreciations forward in new hampshire, after finishing near the bottom of the pack in iowa. >> he's dragging a dead elephant behind him. >> what the governor's constituents in new jersey are saying now about his uphill bid
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and the groundhog says we're going to get springtime early. but we're going to see some springtime like storms roll through the area tomorrow. could we see flooding as a result. we'll tell you all about it coming up in a minute. lester holt has a look at what he's working on for 6:30. >> we're covering the mad dash to new hampshire tonight after iowa voters rearranged the race for president. tonight how the candidates are now trying to capitalize on the results. there's alarming news about zika, how it's spread and who else may be at risk. >> from blizzards to tornado watches, we have severe weather outbreaks in much of the
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the iowa caucuses are over. some are wondering is chris christie's campaign over as well? new jersey's tough talking governor didn't crack the top five last night. some people in new jersey think he should call it quits 37. >> i know you're going to pick a president on tuesday night. and i think you're looking at him. >> he sounded confident as he told supporters in new hampshire, his focus remains locked on the granite state. >> he's dragging a dead elephant behind him. i don't think his voter approval
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soon. >> i think he's great in a lot of ways. >> we want to be the number one governor coming out of these two races. >> christie's next to last finish behind iowa fell short of that previously stated goal. >> he pumped himself full of hot air. >> he spent a lot of time in new hampshire. >> daniel douglas, the director of the william j. hughes center says christie is still facing a considerable challenge. >> what do you see happening here if there's a similar performance in new hampshire? >> i don't think he should be until it's over. >> the majority of people we spoke to believe christie should end his bid for the white house. >> probably should pack it in. >> he needs to start paying a
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on in new jersey. >> his campaign has more enthusiasm than any other on the ground in new hampshire. it's bringing in reinforcements from all over the place. including, he said, lots of friends from new jersey. i'm ted greenberg, news 4, new york. >> for the 7th straight year, the new york senate has voted in favor of legalizing mixed martial arts. this would put mma under the commission. it's the same agency that regulates boxing. new york is the only state that has a ban on professional mma matches. the state assembly working on its own bill to legalize the sport. coming up, the city where officials are willing to pay people not to commit crimes. >> we'll show you what happened when a man with a gun tried to rob a military veteran. a bit of a hint for you. it did not end well for the
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look at this. this guy picked the wrong store to rob. he walked into a convenience store, in brevard county florida. pulled out a gun, and demanded money from the clerk. the clerk started to fill up a bag with cash, he jumps on the robber, tries to wrestle away his gun. the clerk is a military veteran who did multiple tours in iraq. he got the gun, chased the suspect out of the store. the suspect is still on the run, the gun turned out to be a fake. stephanie seymour faced a judge today, asking for her recent dui charges to be dismissed. the sports illustrated model accused of backing her suv into another car in greenwich last month. she was unsteady, her eyes were bloodshot and her breath smelled of alcohol.
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she told the judge today she's applied to an alcohol counseling program. hoping to put the incident behind her. the fdny sending best wishes to lawrence wasser, who was badly burned while responding to a house fire in staten island. this was last night. a supportive beam fell on him, he fell through the floor into a flame filled basement. he's in stable condition at the hospital. four other firefighters heard officials say the fire was electrical. >> storm team 4, dave price here. how are you, sir? >> great on a day like this, who couldn't be. a beautiful night tonight. dry and comfortable evening as we check the headlines, showers tomorrow morning. rough stuff as we head through the afternoon and evening hours. let's go outside and bask in the glory of a beautiful evening. give you the best seat in the house from chopper 4 at the pilot seat. keeping an eye on everything
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take a turn and monitor all that's happening in the city. and we are along for the ride on what is a beautiful evening. we have 48 degrees. we have some light clouds in the area and a nice night. let's go back do the maps right now and see what's happening, shall we? 46 in secaucus. ring wood at 41. avon el is at 46 degrees at this hour. a little bit of variation. we're in the 30s in monticello. storm tracker shows nothing right here, but the leading edge of the system which is going to affect us is right now over illinois into michigan, and the upper peninsula there, we go to the south, this big system 800 miles away. that's what's going to affect us tomorrow. what are we going to see? potentially some flooding activity after a quiet night tonight. the clouds begin to thicken. the snow melt and combination of
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and a half of rain could complicate things. that along with clogged storm drains could bring flooding to hunterdon somer sex, monday moth county. we have a lot of rain coming our way in a short period of time tomorrow afternoon. we begin tomorrow with showers in the north and west. 47 degrees. things really begin to crank up afternoon, the rush hour tomorrow, not good at all. heavy rain, thunderstorms like we see in springtime. and 58 degrees. then as we head into thursday, maybe some lingericg showers in the morning. before things clear on out. look at that temperatures still about 50 degrees. that's what we like. as we look ahead to this weekend. we return to glorious weather. lots of flsunshine. great weekend to get out and about. then monday into tuesday, we are tracking a storm system right now that could bring some snow showers, or the potential for heavier snow. we know how tricky these systems can be. coonastal storms, we're on it, and
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and for the remainder of the week, i should add. there's your seven-day forecast. we) talked about the rain. bring your umbrella and don't wear your good clothing tomorrow. into next week, we're watching that system and we'll keep our eyes on it. that's a quick look att our weather picture. we'll send it back to both of you at the desk. new tonight, the washington, d.bec., council approving a plan to pay people not to break the law. under this proposal, the city would identify up to 200 people a year who are at risk of committing violent crimes. those people would be asked to participate in behavioral therapy, some other programs. if they get through the program and stay out of trouble, they would get paid. we have a consumer alert for you tonight. microsoft recalling more than 2 million power cords. the cords included with surface pro tablets, and surface pro ac adapter. they've received 56 reports of
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catching fire, along with five reports of electric shock. money for your smart phone? seems easy enough. you get a quote for your used phone, you mail in the phone, you get your money. what happens when you don't get that money? better get baquero, here's lynda baquero with some helpful tips. >> it's a good way to recycle your used phone and get something for it. a new jersey woman thought it would be easy until she found herself reaching out to us for help. >> cheryl enjoys using her smart phone to keep in touch with friends, surf the web and preserve photos with her family. when she got a new one recently, she opted to sell her iphone 5. >> once in a while i felt like the battery wasn't staying charged. she turned to a company her daughter used before. >> she had no problem. that's why she recommended it to me.
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the phone. and was told. >> i'd be getting my check within 3 to 5 business days. >> what happened then? >> nothing. >> the phone was received by guzu and she received this e-mail saying, your payment is on the way. when she didn't see the check, she called the company trying to get answers. after more than a month went by, she contacted better get baquero. >> i trusted you could probably do something to help me. i feel like i've been taken advantage of. >> what would you like to happen? >> get my phone back or the $95 they promised me. >> we reached out to guzu. checks are typically sent within 3 to 5 business days. there was a backlog over the holidays, they tell us cheryl's payment was issued on december 30th. looking at their records, the check was never cashed. it may have gotten lost in the
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today. >> the mail taking a hit. any advice when you use these kinds of sites? >> there are a few things. make sure to erase all of your date is a and remove your simm card from the phone. compare price quotes online and use a reputable company. ship the phone with a tracking number, so you can make sure they have received it. >> every step along the way. >> always tough. to get in touch with our consumer investigative team, send an e-mail to local cops accused of dodging their duty. four investigates what some officers were said to be doing while they were supposed to be patrolling the streets. >> chuck is here with a look at what's coming up new tonight at 6:00. >> bombshell testimony in the manslaughter trial of peter yang. what his partner says happened
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the stairwell of a brooklyn housing complex. the emotional words from the unarmed victim's girlfriend. a news 4 exclusive. a plan to build a luxury high rise, right on top of an existing rent controlled building. would that be safe?
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officers are being disciplined. >> john chandler, digs a little bit deeper. >> eight long branch police officers, including two supervisors all caught sleeping on the job. four investigates learned gps monitors showed the cops in question sitting for entire shifts, often behind this firehouse. >> it's not the most serious, but we took it seriously. >> mayor schneider acted quickly. suspending the officers. one as long as 45 days. >> they're making $100,000 a year, approximately. >> if you get 20 days off, you're going to pay for those days one way or the other. >> the mayor calls this an embarrassment. the officer showed regret for their actions, in the community, activists say this points to a bigger problem. one that frustrates many citizens. >> it's a concern to me, there's a vacuum in this city. by the mayor and the council of accountability to government and this has turned out to be a classic example. >> it hurts the black community
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this is a time when we need police officers on the street looking and surveilling, looking for things that might happen. >> mayor schneider disputes that claim. >> i don't agree with that. we didn't have a single incident where there was a call and it wasn't responded to or anything like that. >> this incident has forced the police department to restructure its shifts. some of the officers got comfortable working overnights for a decade plus. that won't happen going-forward says the mayor. john chandler, news 4 new york. that does it for us. we thank you for watching. >> stay with us as the news continues at 6:00. now at 6:00, emotional testimony in the manslaughter trial of peter liang and what his partner says what happened right after liang shot gurley. the search for a hit and run driver that killed a man who
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ambulance. >> a senate committee into investigations of isis terror plots against new york city. >> tears, testing, a police gun and testimony from the partner of a rookie officer on trial for the shooting again of an unarmed man. >> gurley's girlfriend described the moments after he was shot. andrew siff is in the courtroom following it all for us. >> pretty dramatic that liang's partner said they discussed for four minutes who was going to call the supervisor after the gun went off and liang's initial reaction was, he was going to lose his job. >> police officer peter liang told his partner, i'm fired moments after his gun went off inside the stairwell at the pink houses. the bullet had ricocheted into the chest of gurley, killing the
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thanksgiving 2014.
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