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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  February 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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thanksgiving 2014. officer sean landow went into the dark stairwell with a flashlight in one hand and his gun in the other. landow said i was in shock. the gunfired out of nowhere. estion, did he say anything after that? landow, he said, i'm fired. he thought he was going to be fired. gurley and melissa butler had been walking down the stairs because the elevator didn't work. she cried as she testified that she performed cpr on her wounded boyfriend. i leaned over him in a puddle of blood and told him to stay with me, i'm getting help. >> the power of her testimony, i think rocked this case. >> charles baron who helped the family pursue a criminal case said is this has taken on bigger significance. the judge let jurors hold the officer's gun, even letting those who wanted to to squeeze the trigger of the kunloaded weapon.
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reckless in carrying the glock 9 millimeter with no apparent threat. >> no oath is this office on trial.hethe entire american justice system is on trial. >> about 10 of the jurors including alternates took the judge up on his officer and did try to squeeze the trigger in the courtroom, to get the feel of that glock. now, at the cente of this case is why the officers didn't perform cpr on gurley. why was it his girlfriend doing did? according to liang's partner, they didn't know anyone had bee shot. that is likely to be the center of the testimony when the case resumes thursday morning. andrew siff, news 4 new york. >> thank you. a strange series of events ended in tragedy on long island. a man in an ambulance unbuckled himself from the stretcher. he was then struck and killed by another car that fled the scene. now, the hunt is on for the hit
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greg cergol is in bayshore with more on this bizarre and sad story. greg? >> yes, sibila, the victim suffered from mental illness. he lived alone in an apartment he g in bayshore, and despite everything, those who knew him say he didn't deserve to die the way he did. >> it's very sad, very sad. >> michael knew his friend and neighbor had psychological issues. but he sti can't believe the 51-year-old actually jumpedl his death from a moving ambulance monday night. >> i don't know if he was off his medication or forgot to take it or what. you kn , like i say, it's baffling. >> he was being moved by that private ambulance from a private hospital to a facility in amitiville. an ambulance worker was with him when the patient freed himself. >> he was strapped into the stretchego
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unbuckled himself and opened the back door. >> after he jumped, he was struck and killed by the driver of a dark colored sedan. that driver never stopped. >> that's disgusting. you don't do things like that. >> he's a person, regardless of anything, he's a person. >> neighbor nancy elliott watched police kick in his door last week, and take him away in handcuffs. it's unclear why that happened. but it was the first in a series of events that ended in his death. >> it's sad because he's a very nice guy. >> the driver who killed her neighbor should come forward and surrender to authorities. >> if you hit someone and keep going, it's like, i don't care.. >> again it's unclear why he jumped from prt blabs. the ambulance company hunter ems of long island released a statement today saying in part, it's cooperating with the police investigation, but a company
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on refused t answer my question about whether he was properly monitored in that ambulance before he jumped. live in bayshore tonight, greg cergol, news 4 new york. police are looking for the person who drew a swastika in brooklyn. the vandal entered the site and drew the words die yuppies along with the nazi symbol. there is no word yet on whether police will investigate ths as a hate crime. commissioner bratton was on capitol hill today reminding wmakers the city remains very much in the terrorist crosshairs. pointing out there have been 20 plots here since 9/11. jonathan dienst is in the newsroom with more on the visit by the city's top cop. >> new york remains the top terror target. he told senators how federal
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the city. some congressional money is going to help pay for this, counter terror training for more nypd officers. >> do you swear the testimony you will get -- >> in front of the homeland security committee, the police commissioner said the threat now is perhaps the greatest its been in over a decade. >> the front line response to terrorism in america is more pressing than at any time since 9/11. >> bratton says threats from isis and from lone wolves following isis propaganda, part of the reason there have been four serious plots here in the city in the last two years. >> we saw three separate plots, all influenced by isis, to either beh d people or attack police specifically. >> reporter: in addition to training and beefing up patrols, he told congress he's using federal money to give cops smart ones. in part, so threat information can get to officers in the field
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>> more bomb sniffing dogs being brought in as well as adding more intelligence officers to monitor and l >>rn about threats in realtime. australia will become the 12th country to host nypd officers. bratton's goal was to leave his message with senators about continued funding. >> if there were to be a successful attack there, its impact on the national economy could be very significant. it's money well spent and a significant investment in the nation's security. >> bratton added, there is no new specific threat to the city, but we're told there are several inmvestigations ongoing across our region. in the newsroom, jonathan dienst, news 4 new york. >> thank you. in new jersey, police want your help finding a man they say groped a woman as she entered a palisades park apartment building. this sketch has been released of the suspect. the incidentfhappened saturday afternoon. the suspect came up behind the victim and assaulted her as she walked up the stairs to ring the
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she slapped his hand away, he grabbed her again before running off. anybody with information is asked to call the police. in manhattan, flames broke out on the upper west side. the fire started around 10:00 a.m. near 101st street and broadway. the building houses a chinese restaurant and a car service. and firefighters say it was caused by ductwork being done in the restaurant. no injuries reported. a major heroin bust at a hogutel in new jersey where four suspected associates are allegedly hiding out. this is what police found when they raided the room. the dea and n jersey state police seized more than 30 kilograms of heroin. the men were moving toe drugs through the stat this raid comes less than a week after 100 pounds of haroin seized in the back of a pickup truck in queens. coming up. an elderly driver rescued after accidentally driving into a frozen staten island creek.
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controversial plgn to bld a lu sry high rise on top of an existing rent controlled building. tenants say it's not safe. get ready for some really wet weather, janice. >> that's right. we're tracking that heavy rain, thunderstorms, even tornados tonight across parts of mississippi, alabama and tennessee. i'll let you know what and when
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an elderly man drove his car into a partially frozen creek. it happened around 11:00 this morning. the jcc says the driver of the car, an 80-year-old man was a regular at the facility. his car apparently busted
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lot and into the water. the nypd rescued him and removed his car, he is in stable condition tonight. concerns about a missing woman in connecticut are growing. a silver alert for melanie stewart of danbury. his family last saw her on sunday. stewart has blonde hair and blue eyes. she was wearing a black sweatshirt when she disappeared. a queens street is now dry after a water main leak early this morning. crews repaired the line just before noon. you can see the water flowing close to the queens hospital center on 164th street near the grand central parkway. >> next when news 4 at 6:00 returns, a tale of two police officers who go above and beyond the call of duty to help a mother celebrate her daughter's birthday. also ahead -- >> building a high rise on top of a low rise, is that safe?
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top of us? >> the design tenants are calling potentially dangerous. >> more investigations, more answers coming up. the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. t fewer than 6% received 5 stars. r amon them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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lester holt joins us now with a look at what's ahead on nbc nightly news. >> we're going to break down the iowa caucus results and what they mean heading into new hampshire a week from tonight. new information on the zika virus and how it's spread. >> we've been talking about pregnant women, the focus has always been on pregnant women. a greater group could be at risk? >> the c is in brazil right now. doctors down there have been seeing a number of these cases, a condition that causes a pa race. it's a rare condition. they're trying to figure out if 's linked. rehema ellis is in brazil and she'll fin her reporting tonight.
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investigates a controversial plan to build ten stories on top of a rent stabilized building. the owner has already been accused of making false statements on permit applications. >> for concert pianist warren jones, this rent stabilized apartment is a slice of affordability in ang otherwise unaffordable city. >> i've been occupying my apartment forhe last 38 years. >> reporter: but warren and the rest of the residents fear their housing is in danger. owners are proposing to build 10 stories of luxury condos on top of their low rise building. to do that, they'll erect a platform. >> this technique is being tried on us.
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building on mo top of these rent stabilized tenants without having to move them. >> can you imagine the weight of ten stories of condos on top of us? >> the developer, a joint venture between the building owner sjp properties and p 2 b ventures says the load of the ne mw building will be completely supported by the elevated platform. an engineer hired said installing that giant platform could have a potential catastrophic event on the lower building's foundation. >> tenants are worried about structural stability. do you think they have a point? >> it has to be tightly controlled. >> right off the bat. >> city college professor says build over projects like this have been done before, but it is expensive to do one safely and structural shifts in the existing building must be
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s can be done, but there sa are risks. >> i've challenged my professionals to develop something that is seismically separate. >> the existing building will be braced, there's a plan to protect tenant safety and instead of driving with pile drivers, they're going to reduce vibration with jackhammers and drills. the tenants are challenging this project on the grounds there are false statements in the pathperwork. >> why would they say there are no rent regulated tenants if there are rent regulated tenants there. >> i can't speak to a specific piece of paper. >> we showed boardman on the
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where it says no one is subjeu k to rent controlled stabilization. >> i would look at that document and say that's 100% correct. >> developers were not referring to the lower building, they were referring to the yet to be built condos in the sky. >> it's just -- it suits a purpose, it's inherently dishonest. >> despite vocal opposition, there are rent controlled tenants who support the project over their heads. tina and roger live on the 7th floor of the lower building. they're looking forward to upgraded windows, air conditioners and a community garden. >> i'm excited for the capital improvements in the love by. it's kind of tired looking. >> the risks of this buildover project outweigh the benefits. >> they're putting every one of us in jeopardy in the building.
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nonaffordable housing. >> the city has issued three violations for false statements in those permits. the developers say if the violations are upheld, they will work with the city to correct the applications. meanwhile, this project has a green light from the department of buildings. this is considered a major project that will be overscene enforcement team. construction is scheduled to commence this spring. back to you. >> thank you. two connecticut police officers are making headlines for buying a young girl's birthday cake when her young girl cou not afford it. >> they made the kind gesture after responding to a call about an emotionally distraught mother. the mother was upset about not being able to buy a cake for her daughter. >> that's when the officers stepped in, they got her a cake with their own money. isn't that great? >> that is great. i love those stories. >> a little kindness goes a long way. we're talking weather, it's
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were not on the same page. new jersey, staten island, punxsutawney phil. we have some spring weather coming up, whether they saw their shadows or not today. we're going to see some thunderstorms around here tomorrow, and we're seeing severe weather right now jcross the southern states. right now it's quiet across the tristate with temperatures in the 40s. right now in central park, it's 46 degree a few scattered clouds overhead. at least not in the vicinity. it will be here by this time tomorrow night. we expect the heavier showers to start around the rush hour tomorrow. it's dry and comfortable for this evening. lioght showers in the morning. heavier showers in the afternoon and evening. maybe some thunderstorms, it's windy, gusty and this is going to be between 3:00 and 9:00 tomorrow evening. temperatures are cool across long island from the hamptons to valley stream, y f're in the 40s. bridgeport at 44.
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there across the region. the cool breeze blowing. and quiet. nothing on live doppler radar yet. there's a pretty big storm system. you see these red boxes, severe weather and tornados through parts of mississippi already this evening. a big outbreak there. we're going to get the northern end of the system. not expecting tornados around here, nothing like that, there could be a few thunderstorms, you may see some lightning, you may hear some thunder tomorrow evening. as some of these downpours move through the area. the temperatures are going to rise again tomorrow, near 60 degrees. a combination of the heavy rain and the warm temperatures will melt the rest of the snow, that could clog some drains where you may see a bit of street flooding. a few showers,ost will move out in the overnight tomorrow. heavy rain, 1 to 1 1/2 inches po issibne. across the area, wehdo have some watches in effect for possible flooding. that's over portions of new jersey. where you could see some stream and river flooding and s
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flooding as the snow melts quickly clogging strains. this is from hunterdon, monmouth and summersex counties. beautiful whether above average, another coastal storm is going to come close next week. we say close for now, because there's no chance -- or at least there's no sense that it's going to hit us just yet. it looks like it should sy offshore. we'll be watching it for you. in the meantime, just get your hehoavy rain gear ready for tomorrow evening's commute when we have the heavy rain coming in. and tonight at 11:00, i'll have another update on that track for you. bruce, what's up next? >> super bowl week rolls on. have you decided yet what you're eating on sunday? we'll hear from peyton and cam. meanwhile, closer to home, the local hockey world is buzzing. the rangers and devils at the rock. we have a preview. and zach is back with the mets.
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zach wheeler down in port saint lucy, in a moment on news 4 new
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the countdown to super bowl 50 continues. the broncos and panthers in santa clara. this is the first time in nfl history, that two number one overall draft picks, cam newton and peyton manning will go head to head in pro football's ultimate game. >>of he's off to an incredible start. his young nfl career, and he's definitely earning that honor of being the number one pick by being the player that he is. >>d there's a lot of things that payton has done. is doing. i wish i could mimic, i can't do it like payton can.
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>> it's a great matchup between two great football teams. the broncos and the panthers. that's where the matchup is. >> both teams hit the practice field tomorrow. in hockey tonight. the hudson river rivalry takes center ice in newark. this morning at the rock the devils skated. they currently sit fifth. they're four points behind the second place rangers. the over achieving devils enter the game-winners of for of their last five. and both teams know the importance of this four point game is paramount. >> it's a huge game. they're four points ahead of us right now, they have a lot of division games right now, coming off the break, it's a huge game for us. can you reel them in and catch up to them. >> any time it's a divisional game, it's huge. they're right behind us, it's always intense against these ys, and obviously we expect nothing less tomorrow night.
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co nming up behind us. four points on the line. we have to make sure we get ourselves ready to play the game. >> how important is a divisional game like this against the rangers tonight? >> hugely important. especially starting off the second half of the season. we're four points back, not just trying to keep the teams behind us, below us, we're trying to catch the teams ahead of us. the islanders host minnesota in brooklyn. you know, it may feel lik spring outside, now we have the video to prove it. baseball workouts have begun in ernest down in florida. in port st. lucie, zach wheeler continued his return from tommy johns surgery p.m.. >> i stayed down here in port st. lucie and watched the team from here.
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