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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  February 8, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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right now on news 4 new york under water, swollen high tides send the back bays in to the streets.. mmunities alon the jersey shore dealing with dangerous flooding once again. ese are the same neighborhoods already waterlogged by last month's nor'easter. >> it will get worse when the high tide rolls in. tonight ten greenberg gets a firsthand look. >> reporter: more water escaping from the bay. >> very pressing. >> reporter: is the last thing trish swra and trisha and others in the flood fatigued area now sitting in water. >> sad. sad. >> real concern is for tomorrow.
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morning's high tide is expected to bring worse flooding. concrete blocks new serve as a temporary barrier where a protective wall was washed away in last month's storm. >> that should help somewhat but not waterproof. wes 're more vulnerable. >> reporter: some took their chances by driving through flooding. this guy didn't make it and his car got stuck in saltwater that spilled out of the bay. >> just usually the high tides we're worried about. >> reporter: b ch erosion is also a major concern. after last month's nor'easter washed away a protective do you know, crews used 1,000 truck loads of sand to build a temporary berm. but wind driven waves washed away about a third of that berm during this morning's high tide. more sand is set to be trucked in tomorrow. >> we have one tide left in us, fwhor tides we'll have a problem.
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a bad nor'easter the whole end down there gets pretty beat up. >> reporter: back in west ldwood a permanent steel wall is expected to be installed along the bay this weekend to replace the one that was destroyed. oferficials tell me they never expected another serious storm to hit this community so soon after the last one. i'm ted gree]berg, newfos 4, new york. >> that same system causi all that discomfort in new jersey moved onto new england baynging blizzard conditions and flooding to communities along massachusetts tore line. streets turned into rivers around nantucket this afternoon. blizzard warning still in effect for parts of massachusetts until 7:00 p.m. here in our area long island got hit the hardest today. six inches of snow in south hampton and close to 6 in suffolk county. nassau county did not get quite as much but there was street flooding in coastal communities. >> snow plows on the move in connecticut. visibility was a big problem for commuters.
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morning dealt with near white out conditions.udents were out of school today so thai id give crews more time to safely clear the streets. >> get ready for anotherublast of t wintery weather. more snow is on the way. >> let's check in with dave price. >> n what we're talking about first is coastline flooding concerns. you saw ted greenberg talking about what was happening this morning. we still have one mor high tide to get through tonight. we have these coastal flooding advisories and warnings in effect through 11:00 tonight for south facing shores of long island and east facing shores of new jersey. he meantime coastal flood advisories in effect for suffolk, fairfield, westchester, hudson, essex union and new york city. we're watching it. the snow now pushing out of the way. much less of a factor. still light snow in the area. see the dry patch pushing on in. look at this.
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sloppy as this, is this is the off and on weather bringing us more snow and problems on the road. we'll tell you how much ando where in just a few minutes. back to you. count on news 4 to keep you connected to he changing weather an nbc 4 new york app. use the interactive radar and set the weather page as your home screen. download the nbc 4 new york app in the apple store now. other stores we'ut following police looking for the gunman who fired shots into harlem. gu nman pulled the trigger. police say those bullets were aimed at the man but no one was hurt. another case involving a rabid raccoo n. thn is time the animal bit somebody in t iheir own home in connecticut. theis happened in bridgeport back onxe january 30th. animal control captured and killed the rabid raccoon. officials are warning residents
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animals actin be a norm jalgly. >> up next stranger danger. where somebody tried to lure their child into their car. >> new information on that cruise ship from new jersey. up next news 4 speaks with a
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you you.
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>> nightmare continues for thousands of cruise ship passengers caught in a storm off of north carolinah.hat left parts of the ship trashd. tonight the ship is on its way back to bayonne, new jersey. what a nightmare. >> horrifying sunday at sea for thousands of people aboard this massive royal caribbean ship. both people we interviewed for this story said they thought there was a chance the shichs going down. they thought they could die. >> oh, my god. >> incredible video, the view from a third level state room disappears right under water. a powerful ocean storm sending 30-foot waves right into the side of a packed cruise ship off the carolina coast. >> we were all worried. thoughts about are we going to live to see tomorrow was going through our minds. >> video from passengers shows
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jacob from forest hills queens says his family spent time praying, even reflecting on their lives as the fierce ocean storm packing 100 mile-per-hour winds pounded their cruise ship. royal caribbean's mas ive anthem of the seas swing side to side, watch this bottle fly off the desk in someone's cabin. around 3:00 p.m. yesterday dinner ware started falling off tables and a diner on the ship, gl s smark onto floor at deck 15 the aftermath seen in this video celebrating her 25th wedding anniversy. >> it was incredible. movement of the ship. the sound. the captain was painfully honest about the situation we were in. >> jacob says a sobering moment came when he watched an employee who works on this shipisvery day stop what he was doing and start recording the storm and what was happening. >> i've been on other cruise ships before. i've never seen anything like
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crew started to get a little bit worried, and skeptical of the condition of the ship. >> jacob says the captain told passengers t lock themselves in their rooms. >> terrifying. everything did clear up early this morning. after an intense 12 hours royal caribbean knew about the storm. we asked if it was more intense than they expected. they h e yet to respond. e ship should be back in bayonne on wednesday. royal caribbean off earring full refund. >> questions will continue to come. mineola closing gupts of a man accused of killing a nassau police offic . e defense attorney admitted in court his client was driving drunk the morning the officer was struck and killed. in october 2012. but he urged the jury to acquit him of manslaughter since his car didn't hit the officer.
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to help an injured person onto l.i.e.. >> a warning for parents a woman tried to lure a 9-year-old girl with promise of puppies. it happened saturday afternoon. police say the suspect tried to get the little girl into her car business telling her she had puppies in the back seat. the woman drove off in a tan four door sedan. what do you do when a problem with your insurance medical help you need? >> i know. better get lynda baquero. >> i'm at the scene of another water main break in new jersey that have some residents asking if the water coming out of their
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come november new jersey voters might get a chance to decide on a constitutional am mendment on whether to allow casino gambling outside of atlantic city. committees in the state senat and assembly approved plans for a casino expansion referendum. the legislation needs the approval of three-fifths of the "full house" and senate and governor chris christie's signature. >> several peopleuarantined r during the ebola epidemic are suing the government. the students said they had no ebola symptoms when they returned from afra but were quarantined for t to three weeks. let's head back over to storm team 4 dave price. >> sloppy and it's going to continue to be so right through the bulk of the week. storm one g moves out, but storm two is rolling right back in.
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take us from this evening to thursday and then cold arctic air for the weekend. right now outside we're hanging above the freezing mark. just above it. we'll drop down and everything that fell, everything that made the ground wet today will freeze up and create d angerous conditions. autiful outside. now tha the snow has pushed outside of the area. a gorgeous shot of the city skyline at this point. let's take a lapk and see what's happening with the statue of liberty a beautiful, beautiful night ahead. let's go back to naps and talk about what's going onhrough the area as we head through the evening. we have the satellite picture which shows the snow pushing on out of here. that is storm one. 500 miles from the center of the storm to the snow showers which impacted us today, now off to nova scotia. behind it storm number two. what you'll notice gbout this one is it's not well formed at all. and even looking at the picture, you can see widely scattered colors.
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that's all different precip that will roll into our area in stages. so tomerrow we are going to be ma ly dry as we head north f the city. new york city and just to the south, central new jersey and along the coastline a coating to an inch. then two to four inches out of the first batch in the morning. then another batch which rolls out tomorrow night and takes to rus wednesday morning nd tha gt will bring us another inch in the city, potentially through the north shore of long island and fairfield county. two to four in central new jersey along the shore line. down outh another four inches. most likely, this is the time period when we see the heaviest snow begin to fall. as far as the impacts what do you need to do? you need a shovel if you're by itlo branch or toms river. but over into sections of fairfield county just a little s bit of a broom should sweep up anything in the way and not a
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north and west you're in very good shape. here's your seven day forecast. we have sloppy weather sticking with us for abo 48 hours or so, maybe a little longer than that. winding down to flurries. breezy conditions on thursday. temperature drops and then bitter cold over the weekend. that's a quick look at your forecast, folks. back to you. we have a consumer alert that a children's musical strument may have high levels of lead. the pink metal bar macon taken excessive levels of lead. the toys were sold on amazon and in stores last year. >> investigators are looking into newer jeep dodge and chrysler vehicles. officials are lin ng more than 120 crashes to electronic gear shifters in cars made by fiat chrysler. investigators say the shifters are confusion and drivers are leaving their cars while it's running and not in park.
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2015 jeep grand cherokees as well as some 2012 through 2014 dodge chargers and chrysler 300 sedans. >> > onngen is something we obviously need and many of us take it for granted but for some sick people a portable tank of oxygen keeps them alive. when a brooklyn woman started worrying about running out of air her family said get lynda baquero. >> reporter: time was of the essence a grandmother battling her insurance company as she baings cancer. watch what happened as soon as we heard her story. at the age of 91 pauline is surrounded by her family i her fight against lung cancer. >> she wants to be around for one grandson's college graduation and my son's wedding. >> reporter: her mom's doctor prescribed continuous philosophy
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troubles with the tank she received. >> if she had to use the facilities, her aid had to unplug it, run with her into the bathroom and replug it in before she started choking again. >> reporter: they asked for a portable tank which they tell us her doctor approved. when the family reached out to the insurer, they say they got three denials each for a different reason. >> the insurance company at first said my mother had had oxygen in 2014. which she had not. and i stated if she was using oxygen even in 2014 does that mean she can't breathe in 2016? the third thing that they then said was that she had a stationary concentrator which is what produces the oxygen. she couldn't get a portable one. >> the amount of oxygen in the tank was running low and pauline grew concerned.
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>> that's when her daughter contacted news 4. >> within hours -- i mean i can't believe that a week went by with nothing and within hours we received everything that we needed. >> the day after news 4 contacted emblem health pauline got the portable oxygen tank she had requested. >> it's a life saver. i can thank you and your team for what you've done. you have saved my mother. >> i just wanted to get better. that's the most important thing. >> and we want her to get better too. so we got another problem solved. a spokesperson for emblem health diutdn't provide details other than to say quote insuring high quality cost effective care is our number one priority. we're committed to providing care that's convenient and de tlivered at the right time and in the right setting. we're happy to have that. >> what exactly was the problem, the family's issue with the oxygen tank.
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and it rested between her legs making it very uncomfortable. they now have a 50-foot cord. they don't have to plug and unplug. >> problem stofld. ly b -- problem solved. up nex on news 4 new york. keeping drinking ater safe. we'll tell you what is now in ithe works to dispensary a disaster like the tainted water crisis in michigan from happening in our area. >> cfhuck is here to ecsay what's new at 6:00. >> thank you very much. new information on today's bus crash on i-95 in connecticut. what the news 4 i team found out about the company that owns the bus. tand the nypd officer shooting an unarmed man breaks down in tears
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several lawsuits h coave now been filed in the flint, mierchigan water crisis including one on behalf of a family with pr 2-year-old girl. closer to home new jersey officials are making sure nothing like tntt happyns in the garden state. >> reporter: when her three children are thirsty she gives them bottled water not tap. when
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>> i use bottled water. you don't know what's in the water. >> reporte her apartment is close to 100 years old. while she makes after school snacks for her daughters she questions whether what happened in flint, michigan could happen here. >> it's their job. we pay taxes and everything should be up to the inspection to always check on all the water and make sure it's clean. >> reporter: tens of thousands of people in flint have been exposed to dangerous levels of lead in the tap water. the cause? leac d int the water when te city switched its supply. >> we can't sit back and not do anything and allow any public health crisis like what happened in flint. >> reporter: today there's a bill been announced to make it easier to finance water improvement structures. frequent water main breaks like crumbling system. they say fixing the pip
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benefit everyone. >> growing our economy, growing jobs, creating and preserving health and safety. >> reporter: while the repairs on the old pipes continues, ana is looking forward to a bigger change. the average age of water mains old. of the water mains d fe back to before the civil war. they said this will all have a very large price tag of $45 billion in needed water infrastructure repair over the next 20 yeal here in new jersey crwe're live tonight in iron bound section of newark. we certainly thank eu for watching. stay with us as the news continues at 6:00. now at 6:00 flooding, high tides, driving snow and the threat of more coastline flooding this evening.
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>> a bus crashes on a snow covered highway. the iteam investigates the company that tones bus. >> nypd officer shooting an unarmed man breaks downtown stand. scarborough. >> i'm sibila vargas. seven people are in critical condition and more than two dozen injured after a bus crash on a slippery snow covered stretch of i-95 in connecticut. >> dahlia chartered bus was heading to the mohegan sun casino from new york city when it went out of controls nd fleyipped over at exit 61 in madison. >> when we arrived there were roughly 20, 25 people outside of the brs already. and once those people were accounted for by different groups, the main group was going in there trying to get the count for h 5 many people were still inside the bus. >> conne0ticut state police is investigating how the bus lost control. we looked into the company that owns the bus to see if they've
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>> reporter: there has been
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