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tv   Today in New York  NBC  February 9, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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a deadly crash. two trains collide head on. information just coming into our newsroom. plus, the first votes cast overnight in new hampshire. we're going to tell you who jumped out to a very early lead. and new this morning, where new york city politicians spent the night. outside. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everyone. it's tuesday morning, it's february 9th. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm michael gargiulo. ris cimino is here with the forecast. chris, snow, what's going on? >> yeah, it's cold. we got a few flurries out there. not amounting to too much. the other issue with this, though, is the coastal flooding. we saw it yesterday evening and again today.ngtidal heights of 3 to 3 1/2 feet above normal. that's moderate flooding. so the areas in red, it is a florood warning.
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and facing shorelines of long island. meantime, a little light snow around the area. we're going to watch this area of rain to the south as it moves north. not much of it holds together. we could see periodic light snow through the morning and afternoon hours. agn, not a lot of snow, light snow. and temperatures barely making it above the freezing mark. high of 34 degrees. more on the snow chances in just a little bit. let's get the first check on the tuesday morning commute. good morning. >> good morning, chris. a couple problems on the roads, let's start with the bqe. yo fu have a disabled truck. a bit of a slow ride through here. and closure on sunrise highway shut down between bayview avenue and great neck road. more weather and traffic on the 4s. we have breaking news from germany. a deadly head-on train
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southeast of munich. there's as many as 150 people who are hurt. right now, a german news agency says four people were killed in this crash. we're told it's in a relatively remote, hard-to-reach area. maseny people still trapped in mangled areas. right now, people on the coast are keeping a close eye on the water. flooding is a major conrn today. "today i i'n new york's" katherine creag is in queens. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, it might be another rough morning for the residents here. imagine dealing with snow. first of all, it is snowing just a little bit right now, darlene. minor snow flurries, also, they're dealing with so much flooding. there is flooding right now that we can see on this road that we're at. a lot of houses around here, after high tide last night, water from jamaica bay came up into the street.
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and a few hours from now, mayor bill de blasio warned others that coastal flooding is a rick. he advised neighbors to prepare a bag of supplies and necessities in case they need to leavn their homes. when we saw whis yesterday morning, cars were submerged. many of the vehicles were damaged. residents told us it really took them by surprise how high the water came up. also, darlene, how quickly. they couldn't move their cars. some of them at least from what it looks like, they did move their vehicles. normally, there would be a lot of cars all the way down there. wed're actually waiting to find out if these cars were able to be moved, darlene. unless they can damaged and they couldn't go anywhere. at this point, high tide expected in a few hours. and we do expect maybe some flooding right around where we're standing on westhoff road. residents on the jersey shore re bracing for more
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drivers in aberdeen are warned not to try to drive through flooded streets. last month, family belongings were ruined from tidal flooding. another high tide could bring even more rise in water. on long island, convoys of plows are out clearing roads for the morning rush. several school districts have delayed starts th fiis morning. people are still looking to remove the wet, heavy snow that hi tt them yesterday. right now, a cruise ship that ran into some rough seas with thousands of passengers on board is headed back home to new jersey. it's royal caribbean's "anthem the seas." it came from new york to cape canaveral. the ship was in 25-foot waves. >> the only thing that's really
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will we survive this. >> it was incredible. the movement of the ship. the sound. the captain was painfully honest about the situation we were in. >> and now calling for a fed al investigation as to why that ship was at sea at that point. the national weather service said it had issued a warning for the storm days ahead of time. you're on a big ship but still -- >> you're stuck. nothing you can do. th fere's no cwhontrol there. 4:35. we'll check weather and the traffic on the 4s. rough to be on the water like that. >> a motion in a big place. with the storm we had, we're still feeling the effects of that with the high tide cycles. meantime, winter advisories have been extended to portions of long island and southwest connecticut. we're watching another area of precipitation moving north. with the anticipation of snow
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this is not a big storm. but we will have periods of snow, probably, anytime really, esltpecially from later on in the rning and early afternoon through early tomorrow morning. a few flurries in between. you'll see that scattered around. they will not amount to much. however, precipitati t is up to an inch. that line of 2 to 4 gets very close. southern staten island and brooklyn and queens. partly cloudy. it's cold. watch out for icy spots this morning. leftovers and freezing. and flurries that could evolve into a steadier snow and later th this afternoon. high temperature of 34 degrees. more details on that storm and coastal flooding.iyou could put a number on the ba ick of that dress. >> i lovw it, yeah. we go with the number 6. service is suspended on that 6 train between 125th str theet and 3rd avenue. they are providing shuttle bus
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something to keep in mind. we have 1, 2, 3, 7, 8. and then staten island ferry, expect delays, and new york waterway, everything is reported on or close to schedule. alternate side parking rules back in effect today. we'll have more well and traffic on the 4s. inspectors have given the all-clear for the metro-north overpass hit the by a truck in harlem. they fear the bridge was damaged when the truck failed to clear the overpose. they've worked overnight to make sure it's safe. mea'tro-north service back to normal. today the jury is expected hoto deliberate the fate of an officer killing an unarmed man. yesterday, that officer gave testimony about the shooting.
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strahan in in downtown brooklyn. treyacie, it's a point of emotion when the defendant takes the stand. and yesterday was no exception. >> reporter: absolutely. some of the most emotional testimony on the stand as peter liang agtually wept and had to take two minutes to compose himself before both sides rested. as you mentioned jurors will deliberate the manslaughter charges against him in the death of akai gurley. he was on the stand yesterday and he followed procedure according to him when he pulled out his glock while entering a dark stairwell. he also said that his finger was not on the trigger but that the gulsn, quote, just went off. under cross-examination, the officer was asked why he never called 911 or administered cpr. he admitted that ho e and his partner were actually bickering over who would call 911.
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ted he didn't realize he shot anybody. and when considered why he didn't take over cpr over gurley's girlfriend, he said, qut e, i didn't know i could do it better than her. closing arguments start today. >> thank you very much. the tiny town of dixville tch turned out to cast their ballots. on the democratic side, senator bernie sanders beat hillary clinton 4-0. trump raised a few eyebrows when he repeated a derogatory term a support said about his opponent ted cruz. >> she just said a terrible thing. she said i never expect to hear that from you again, she said
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>> three small towns voted at midnight. trump, kasich and cruz are all tide at nine votes each. on the democratic side, everyone is watching to see if hillary clinton can make inroads into bernie sanders' huge lead in the polls. savannah guthrie is speaking with the candidates this morning an "today in new york." michael bloomberg is discussing a possible bid of his own. he said now, he's looking at ll the options. heey said the people deserve a lot better than the candidates and issues being offered. bloomberg said the tone of the campaign is, quote, an outrage and insult to the voter. city counsel speaker just helped count thousands of the city's homeless. the annual hope count took place last night. it estimates how many people are
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last year, they found more than 3,000 people living outside. and president obama plans to make homelessness a big priority. "the new york times" reports that the president is going to ve for $11 million. he's expected to present his 2017 budget to congress later today. 4:40. what police said a woman told a little girl who was walking down the street. then a subway rally. the push for a troubled train line. end a busy morning for storm team 4 tracking more snow. and possibility of flooding. weather and traffic on the 4s coprming up. >> follow us on twitter and instagram. da orlene4ny, michael4ny. you're watching "today in new
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it's 4:43. 4 things to know this morning. breaking news in southern germany where two trains collided head on. poomlice in the region say at least four people are dead. many more are injured.
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throughout the morning for updates. > we have a consumer alert. a children's musical instrument is recalled because it could contain high levels of lead. th toys were told on amazon last year. and e-mail suggests to mta for suggestions. sib bus study. today is national pizza day. here's a statistic four. according to a government study, one in eight americans eats pizza on any given day. 4:44 on this tuesday morning. if you want to grab a little pizza later on,eye'll have that desire to, because it's cold. there will be flakes flying in the air.
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just a few flurries. flurries through the midweek period. the steadiest period of snow is tonight and into the morning. and then cold temperatures arrive for the weekend. on top of that, another aspect of the storm we're dealing with is coastal flooding. we're going to see moderate to major along the jersey cotoastline. anybody shaded in red there could be major coastal flooding. nassau, suffolk county. again, it's t coastal flood advisory during high tide between 7:00 and 11:00 this morning. 3 to 3 1/2-foot high tide could be additional flooding. expanded into the city, long island, rockwood. and the we're not talking about a big snowstorm. for e morning commute, not a problem.
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maybe a spotty flurry here you might find. the snow impacts later on tonight through tomorrow morning. we're showing this line on south, you might need a shovel to get rid of the snow that's out there. i'm talking about two or three inches. from the north you may need the broom. 2 to 4 getting closer to the city. again, this is later on today, through early on tomorrow morning. then a coating farther north and west and that's it in a few spots. you can see this area trying to get organized with precipitation. to rain down there. but it will transition to sn t. there's another spoke of energy sitting farther south and west. this is not a impact storm that comes in and comes out. you can see on future tracker, not a lot going on today. just light flurries. we'll keep an eye on it overnight tonight. thenmahings will start to clean on out. ain, the bigger story once the snow gets out of here. a leftover flurry thursday. dropping to friday.
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the daytime high struggled to get into the low 20s. windchills at or below zero. you may want to look away saturday night -- 6. yeah 6, that's in the city. steadiest periods of snow tonight. a few leftover flurries. sunday's high maybe not out of the teen for valentine's day.en back into the mid-3 0s for presidents' day. let's go to lauren scala. any early issues? >> surprisingly, a lot of early issues. let's start with speed restrictions garden state parkway and new jersey turnpike, 45 milesh. per hour. take it easy. heading to the goethals bridge we do have a disabled truck ading to new jersey. that blocks the rightylane. there are delays to the goethals. then to the bqe, the ramp is shut down from the bqe to the brooklyn bridge.
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so the cops have that blocked off. you'll have to use 278 to brooklyn bridge. heading to the bqe to the l.i.e., also on the ramp there, subjt t to closure. a tractor trailer separated there. the back is here. the front here. you can see a little delay heading into this area. let's talk about this closure on sunrise highway. eastbound shut down by an accident investigation out by bayview avenue. this happened a while ago. alternate side parking rules in effect. right now, connecticut state police are trying to figure out what caused a charter bus loaded with people to overturn on i-95. that bus was headed to mohegan sun casino from north city when it crashed on exit 61 near madison. cell phone video shows the people trying to escape from a roof hatch.
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4 of them critically injured. one passenger says a bus passed them during the crash. >> passed us. he had had to be going 50, 60 miles an hour. >> the bus is out of flushing queens, the same bus was cited for equipment problems last year. >> the nypd wants your help finding a man who sex robbed and sexually assaulted a woman. he allegedly grabbed a woman walking east 94th street. police say he took $40 from her and then sexually assaulted here. call crime stoppers. police are looking for a ring of shoppers who have expensive taste. the suspects work in teams. they pose as shoppers. one suspect distracts the store employees.
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items. they've stolen several four coats. four blankets. and a crocodile skin jacket. police are searching for the woman who they say tried to lure a young girl. investigators say she approached greenburgh. alleged hi ly asked the girl to get in the car saying she had a puppy. there's going to be a rally in queenses to call for a full review of the 7 train. business owners and commuters are going to gather in sunny si . th say service on the 7 train is horrific. they'll be calling for improvements including better communications about service andisruptions. better station access and more
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mayor de blasio said he's not giving up on his goal to rein in the carriage industry. the teamsters union objected to the proposed petty cab cuts. an nypd detective and a long island soldier killed in combat were both awarded the bronze star. our nation's fourth highest word. joseph lindt and staff sergeant killed last december. their citation reads that their people. no matter what the award, they are american heroes. >> absolutely. you know, when the funeral was taking place and they were ving detective lindt's body, i saw the most incredible tribute on the highway. there were people who had gotten
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holding a huge american flag because they knew his family would be driving by. still to come, new concerns about medications that are probably in your cabinet right now. plus, a gator inside a fast food restaurant.oahow it got there. this actually landed a man behind bars. and it could be eye-open g. the simple way researchers say you might be able to avoid jet lag. you're watching "today in new
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welcome back. 4:54. looking at the statue of liberty, looking beautiful. 28 degrees. she's a little chilly. she might need a sweater. >> some flakes flying around. other than that, we're all going to need sweaters and coats. be ready for more snow. not a lot. kind of a knew sense thing. on and off flight snow showers out there this morning. forecasting a high today -- high today -- there we go. couple inches to the south by
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that area of steadier snow may get closer to the city by tonight. that's why we think in the city, a best chance of accumulation. again, snow showers taper off by tomorrow mornin,. we're looking at a low of 20s, 30s in the suburbs. we have a winter weather advisory. covers most the viewing area. i'll explain in a moment as to why. a lot to talk about this morning so don't leave yet. >> well, like we're in middle school. >> having a chair problem. >> i could be sitting on the floor right now. anyway, thank you, chris. let's head outside. let's look at the george washington bridge. a live look at it out there. outside, you can see lower level is open. just keep in mind y 'll need your easy pass if you're headed that way until 6:00 a.m.
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the roads. we're taking a live look at the bqe. that's the exit for the brooklyn briidge shut down because of a disabled vehicle on that ramp. while they try to get that off, meantime, head to the manhattan bridge instead. you've got bio at sixth period. >> i don't want to be late. it might be easy to buy a car from tesla. it's opened up retail stores but a stay law prohibits it from selling directly to consumers. right now, tesla is onli allowed to operate a service center that's in milford. this morning, a man is facing charges for allegedly using an alligator in an attack.
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3 1/2-foot alley gator and threw it inside a restaurant. his parents said it was a stupid mistake. this 2-year-old has high le nls of lead in her bloodstream from contaminated tap water. the family used that water to bathe, drink and clean. city officials said at the time, that lap water was safe. >> it's really important. we're in between a rock and a hard spot here. we have children that we really care about and want the best for them, and it seems like our city officials don't care. >> flint decided to use corrosive flint river water in 2015. they switched that source to save money.
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for heartburn may be doing more damage to your body. they can treat acid reflux and heartburn. but a new study from johns hopkins said the drugs increase the risk for chronic kidney disease by 20% to 50%. doctors say pills are not the only answer. >> you can change your diet and reduce acid production and actually heal your own body by what you're eating. >> experts say people who suffer from heartburn should avoid acidic foods like berries, caffeine and soda. now, researchers may have found a way to prevent one of the most annoying parts of traveling long distances. jet lag. there's a new study that shows jet lag can be avoided by being exposed to short flashes of light the night before a long flight. researchers from stanford university say that's because the lights trick the brain by adapting to a different sleep cycle.
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properly. >> who's going to do that four? r you? >> yeah. there are now more registered drone user it's in united states than registered planes. the faa said more than 325,000 people have registered their drones as of last friday. that's 5,000 more than the manned aircraft. the faa began its drone registration program back in december to help track down any drones blown in dangerous areas. happening today, denver schools may see a huge outbreak of paraditeis. today, there's going to be say parade through downtown denver. denver's mayor expected to be on hand. >> they'll be doing that for several days. coming up at 5:00 a.m., if you're about to head out the door, take us with you. >> keep watching "today in new york" by downloading the "today
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