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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  February 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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night of that fateful patrol. he received he got startled in the stairwell and accidentally fired a shot. the ricochet killed gurley. >> suddenly there's a loud noise, he turns to the left and the gun goes off. >> but joe alexis invited jurors to try their own hands on the weapon. insisting the shootings with no accident but a reckless crime. >> no matter how tense, startled i become, what sudden movements, right? nobody getting bumped. no matter what eventuality, my finger is still here. >> the two-week trial zeroed in on whether he was an inadequately trained rookie on dangerous patrol. a reckless cop whose terrible
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manslaughter manslaughter. >> he did not intend to kill the man. the prosecution's case is a lot of red tape. >> he shot and killed gurley that night. he wasn't working in the most dangerous place. he was a new york city police officer. >> the jury spent about an hour deliberating today. they'll be back at it tomorrow morning at 9:45. live outside of criminal court in downtown brooklyn. andrew siff, news 4 new york. >> a winter weather advisory has gone into effect for a good portion of the area. >> coastal areas could face more flooding. this is the scene this morning. janice huff is here with more on that. >> the snow will come in chunks. this system is not that organized, to our west. it's pretty broad too.
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scattered back from buffalo, cleveland, cincinnati, parts of the great lakes. we're seeing the moisture slide to the coast. changing over to light snow around philadelphia, tom's river and up into central new jersey. raritan seeing some light snow. we'll start to see it accumulate until the overnight period. you're seeing that light snow now across western new jersey. it will move toward the city and coastal new jersey by 8:00, and we're talking light snow and flurries. across parts of long island by 10:00 this evening is when it will arrive. it's expected to start to accumulate before the sun comes up, and we'll have some of those snow squalls, patchy areas of heavy snow that will come through during the morning commute. especially in long island, you may get flooding and lightning with that. coastal areas, a coastal flood advisory for minor flooding during high tide tonight and tomorrow.
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we'll talk more about the snow totals, i'll go through them neighborhood by neighborhood, coming up in a few minutes. >> janice, the teenager accused of punching and knocking out an elderly man on a city street turned himself into police today. the video of the heartless incident went viral and the person who shot the video has turned himself in. lori has the latest from patterson new jersey. >> christian gonzalez surrender surrendered to police here just before noon. the teen suffers from mental health issues and is not admitting to the vicious attack many. >> 18-year-old christian gonzalez offered no apology as he turned himself in to patterson police. the teen seen in this video sucker punching a man in his 50s on the street. another teen eggs him on. today gonzalez' attorney told reporters his client takes medication for schizophrenia and
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he says people shouldn't be so quick to judge the video. >> why not wait until all the facts are out, until we know the voer assetty of that video. what happened before the incidents on that video. >> the 16-year-old who took the video last december turned him search in on saturday. he and gonzalez know one another but did not know the victim. gonzalez' attorney denies the attack was part of the knock outgame. >> can't blame him for what he did. he said the man hit him first. if someone hit you first, you're supposed to hit back. >> patterson's police director received the victim never hit gonzalez, there's no excuse for such violence. >> you come here to the city of patterson, and you decide to punch someone with force, standing on a corner, that's an innocent by stander, you can rest assured we will pull out every stop, we will hunt you down like we did, and bring you
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>> reporter: both teens face assault and endangerment charges. the nypd wants your help finding a man who raped a woman from the bronx. the victim was leaving an elevator when she was grabbed from behind. he took her toll a stairwell and raped her. anyone with information is asked to call police. >> the granite state voters are notorious for making up their minds at the last minute. brian thompson has run into some of them in his travels this week. >> less than an hour to go, the polls close at 7:00, the question does remain, do they
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minute or is it some sort of new hampshire legend listen for yourself, i can tell you this, it doesn't seem like a lonely position. >> meet todd park ir. >> i have an idea between those two candidates. >> of the hundreds of thousands of the granite stators, roughly a fifth are deciding here at the polls. >> i was between two candidates. >> which ones, please? >> kasich and sanders. >> how did you come down to it? >> sanders. >> for parker, the moment of decision. this independent taking the ballot. >> i went democratic, so i went for bernie sanders. >> what if voters here and elsewhere give hillary the nomination. >> if it comes down to hillary
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>> no question, the other part of bernie is to not have anything to do with hillary clinton. >> many vote to keep someone out, what if in november, it's kasich against sanders. the dilemma he faced today as an independent in a primary. if it was bernie against kasich in the general election. >> i would be back here last second undecided i guess. >> undecided i guess. if that doesn't convince you they can be undecided up here, i don't know what does. but off yes, sirly, a lot of people had to make that decision whether it was a week ago, a day ago or whether they walked in and said, give me a blue ballot or a red ballot. they made that decision. we'll find out in a few hours from now, what that means to the presidential campaigns of so many. live in manchester, new hampshire, brian thompson news 4
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>> brian will have the very latest tonight on news 4 at 11:00. back here in new york, more than 3,000 volunteers spent the frigid hours counting the number of homeless people living on the streets. de blasio has been criticized for how he handled the city's crisis. he's expected to be higher than last years, which was nearly 3200. coming up as news 4 at 6:00 continues, news 4 cameras were there when a medical emergency in midtown required first responders to make an unusual rescue. an i team exclusive, having car trouble? the cause could be rats. living in your engine. where it's happening in the city, and what you can do to
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a scary scene today aboard a double decker bus in midtown manhattan when a passenger went into cardiac arrest. this happened near 51st street and 6th avenue. the victim was on the upper level of the bus when he began to experience pain. the fdny was on the scene a short time later, used a latter to remove him from the bus. he was taken to st. luke's roosevelt hospital. dana malloy has introduced a plan to cut down the wait times of the dmv. the first part of the plan is to allow the state to register vehicles. and he wants to let people with delinquent property taxes register their vehicles, something now banned. the bill has been referred to
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transportation. >> in midtown, the city's most famous delis is once again open. the carnegie deli was shut down last april because of an illegal gas hookup. marian harper says she wasn't aware of that. after paying a heavy fine and making repairs, the deli finally opened back up today. new york's rats. in the subway, on the streets, and now in your car? >> utterly disgusting. >> which neighborhood is overrun. the i team investigates what's
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lester holt is joining us now from manchester, new hampshire with a look at what's ahead on nightly news. >> coming up on this primary election day in new hampshire.
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including donald trump who sat down and told me why president frump would be different than candidate trump. we'll have the latest on a five-way pileup for second place here among republicans. can hillary clinton defy the polls? nightly news begins in a few minutes. >> lester, thank you. chuck, back to you. >> now to an i team exclusive, the kind of car trouble you never want to have. a rise in the rat population, means they look for more places to borough. as pei-sze cheng found out, one of those places can be under your hood. >> i sawed check engine light blinking. >> he thought it was strange to see the check engine light, when he brought it to the dealer, he was not prepared for this response. >> it was rats living in my car. >> as in good old new york city
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lee parks his car on the streets of chinatown was in disbelief. he brought his car to his trusted mechanic of 20 years. >> he shows us proof of rat infestation infestation. >> just like this, and right now, half of it is gone completely. >> it's completely chewed through? >> to the foam that lines the cover. >> the engine is warm. >> lee has lived in chinatown for 40 years and can't remember the last time he's so many rats in his neighborhood. his neighbors seem to agree, the i team did some digging and found that 311 complaints about rodents in the area are up by
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for more than 220 in 2010. >> they will gnaw on the wires, it's a behavior they exhibit. >> urban biologist has studied rodents for more than 40 years. they can carry dangerous diseases, like tb, e. coli and even the plague. he and dr. mike parsons are looking for ways to control rat populations through contraceptives. they took us for a tour of columbus park which he says is known for an infestation problem. >> this is a very active borough. these boroughs may go down 2 or 3 feet, they may spread out. we really don't know. >> and we didn't have to look long to see critters, even before disgust they were darting out of holes in the ground, sniffing around shrubs. >> they're safe from themselves because there's so much food here that the rats won't turn on
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>> the health department says they are deploying a multipronged strategy to control rat activity at the site we've seen tremendous success in reducing rats in the city. he wants the city to pay for his car and has filed a request with the city comptroller's office. >> they should have removed these rats. i've never seen such a rat infested neighborhood. >> they are reviewing lee's complaint. meanwhile, there are repellants you can purchase to put inside the engine cover to prevent rats from nesting. once they have nested in your car, they will come back, they know they can borough in there, and they have left a scent trail behind.
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people uneasy. call the tip line at 1-866-news-244. >> students on long island had a little bit of trouble getting to class today. >> this is francis x haggerty in island park. the water started rising around 8:00 this morning. some kids were already there. at that point, the school district alerted parents to wait to bring their kids to school. >> when i got here, i thought, i'm going to walk across. carrying him and his book bag, i almost fell. ever. at least they're here in school. >> the water did finally recede, and the parents hope they won't have to deal with this same problem tomorrow. >> that's one of the major concerns we've had with these flooding. >> unfortunately, they may have to deal with that again tomorrow
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we have another round of high tide tonight we'll get to those in a moment. in the meantime, we have snow on the way that we're tracking. nothing being reported in the city just yet, likely to see a few flurries in midtown, flying within the next couple hours. feels like 29 it's pretty cold out. the temperatures will stay at freezing or below for the rest of tonight. light snow coming through this evening, bursts of heavier snow and squalls will come overnight. maybe a bit of thunder and lightning in the morning. with another little piece of energy that may get moving over the region. across connecticut, temperatures in the 20s. fairfield and bridgeport. 29 in islip, cold over at sussex at 32. winter weather advisories are in effect for those bursts of snow and slippery road conditions.
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three inches, some areas may get a little more. we could see the first little band coming through into central new jersey. getting a few flurries at this time. staten island, you may see a few in a minute. we're not expecting heavy snow tonight. it's going to stay on the light side. by tomorrow morning, we could have that thunder and lightning with that burst of snow in long island. who will see 1 to 3 inches. from the city westward up toward ridge woods and tarry town, that's what we're expecting by tomorrow morning. extending over toward bedford and carmel, new town, stanford, north of the line from newtown, carmel, warwick, you're going to see a coating to an inch. across long island, it looks like nassau and sussex -- sore
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the vicinity of more than three inches of snow. you may see the 1 to 3. coastal flooding still an issue. moderate flooding from monmouth and middlesex counties. suffolk, nassau, essex, union and hunter counties. 40 is the high temperature tomorrow afternoon, the sun comes out after those morning snow squalls across long island and connect cut. it will be done with snow. we won't be done with cold. look at the weekend. 20s on saturday. single digits saturday night. it's going to be a cold valentine's day and president's day weekend. another update at 11. >> i'm going to talk to punxsutawney phil. let's take it out on him. >> bruce, you spent some time with an old friend today? >> yes, i did. tom coughlin is trying to adjust to life after coaching the football giants. coming up, coach coughlin pays a
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hospital, as he embraces a charity that's near and dear to his heart. all of denver showed up for a parade today, in the mile high city. would they hear a special announcement from peyton
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in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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the former giants head coach is on a mission. his goal to raise $10 million in a campaign for the charity that bears his name. the tom coughlin jay fund. the future hall of famer along with his wife judy made a visit to st. joseph's children's hospital in patterson, they visited children and handed out cupcakes and cards. it was a valentine's day party that most of these kids will never forget.
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tackle childhood cancer. their motto is to be there, today they were there for many local kids in need. >> to be here, to see these children, to bring a smile to our face. i listen to the laughter in the room, i miss that. i miss the laughter, i haven't had a lot of it here in the last couple weeks. i did enjoy that. >> you're not as busy as you used to be. how are you doing, coach? >> not real well. but i'm getting better, thank you very much. >> what's the problem? you need something to do? >> i need a routine. i'm struggling to get in that. it's getting better. >> do you think you'd like to coach? >> i do. i really do, but it takes two to tango, i get it, and -- but i definitely want to stay involved and i want to stay in the game in some capacity. >> giants owner john maris said he would like to have cough lynn back with the team in an
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today cam newton lashed back at his critics after being ripped for sulking after the panthers loss on sunday. >> i mean, i've been on record to say i'm a sore loser. who likes to lose, you show me a good loser and i'm going to show you a loser. i'm not here to -- it's not a popularity contest. you know what i'm saying, i'm here to win football games. meanwhile, it was all smiles this afternoon in denver. the super bowl champion broncos held a victory parade in front of a million adoring fans. this is the third time in history that the lombardi trophy has called the mile high city home. no word from peyton manning if this was his final football game. it was all about soaking in the glory of super bowl 50. the knicks host the wizards. the devils will salute the great
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raise the number 30 to the
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