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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  February 10, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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young daughter were stabbed to death. two other little girls also stabbed are in critical condition. >> it happened inside the ramada inn. mark, what else do we know? >> reporter: right now, the search is on for a killer. i want you to take a live look at the scene right now. dozens of police officers flooding this area. they're focused on the entrance right now. they have taped off the entire area. a mom and her three young daughters stabbed. again, this is a ramada inn right off the staten island expressway. police officers telling us the mother and one of the children have died. police horses close to this investigation telling us this is not a random attack, the victims all knew each other. right now, police are securing rooftops and looking for the killer. this is an industrial area.
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can tell you businesses here and offices, they're looking their doors and sheltering in place. they're inside their businesses right now as police search for the attacker. we're told by police sources the victims knew their attacker. it's not clear right now on just what was the relationship or how they knew the attacker. this was not a random attack. this happened inside the ramada inn. for a lot of folks watching right now, you might notice this, it might be familiar to you. you've seen this ramada inn before. many of the displaced residents after hurricane sandy stayed here which is why it looks familiar to so many people. you can see dozens of police officers here. they've brought in a tracking k-9 to pick up the scent here. that was brougts brought to the scene a short time ago. we're also waiting for a name of the suspect. as soon as we get that, we'll
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an active saermg earch right now as police look for a killer, a man believed to have stabbed a mother and her three young daughters. the mom and one of those children are dead right now. the two other children in critical condition. we're going to have much more as it becomes available. we're hoping to hear from police very soon. back to you. news4 new york. >> we thank you, as that search continues there. now to the presidential race that grows more interesting by the day. >> yeah, that's right. two candidates considered political outsiders, won yesterday's new hampshire primary. bernie sanders and donald trump. and this one wasn't even close. bernie sanders celebrated right here in new york city this morning with a high profile breakfast meeting. >> we were there for all of this. >> reporter: it was more like coffee talk for about 20 minutes
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restaurant. bernie sanders coming into what's traditionally been seep as hillary clinton easter 's territory. a rock star welcome and a hug from reverend al sharpton kicked off bernie sanders' time in harlem. >> we sent money last night. the machines got jammed up on taking it, but we're hoping he goes all the way. >> reporter: the democratic frontrunner huddled with the civil rights leader for a 20-minute breakfast, hungry to court minority voters. >> my concern is that in january of next year for the first time in american history a black family will be moving out of the white house. i do not want black concerns to be moved out with them. >> reporter: the two discuss issues ranging from the water crisis in flint, michigan, to
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it was no accident that sanders came to harlem. >> she's been there, come on. she has experience. she's there. >> reporter: despite last night's loss, hillary clinton's campaign put out a memo to the media asserting confidence that she'll prevail in states with large urban populations. it may not be that easy. >> i need information about bernie sanders because i am a democrat. >> you see the vote and see the split, i swear people that are 55 and older, they're going for clinton. all the millennials, we're going for bernie sanders. >> reporter: also attending today's meeting, the former head of the naacp who has endorsed bernie sanders. the reverend al sharpton has not given his support to anyone just yet. that's the latest live from harlem, news4 new york.
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carolina coming up. thanks so much. donald trump is riding high after his first ever election victory. this morning, he was also back in new york city and appeared on the "today" show. he did speak carefully about his ability to actually win the white house. >> i think we're doing very well. we have something very special. two days ago i was in south carolina, we filled up a stadium. it was packed with people. it's a movement. people want to see a smart country, they want to see us take the country back. >> trump would not say who he now considers his biggest competitor calling all of his opponents quote, accomplished people. >> the next big contest for the gop candidates is in south carolina. the republican primary there takes place in ten days. most of the candidates, though, are already there right now. we'll give you a live look from mt. pleasant, south carolina,
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hold a town rally. you can see folks gathered in there. later today, he'll tour a steel mill and visit with veterans in downtown charleston. everyone is wondering what is next for governor chris christie. he is expected to return home to new jersey today after a disappointing sixth place finish in new hampshire. he did stop short of suspending his campaign. >> we're going to take a deep breath, see what the final results are. that's going to allow us to make a decision about how we m from here in this race. >> so christie already canceled an event he had planned in south carolina. nbc news is in close contact with sources close to the governor. they insist he has made no final decision yet about suspending his campaign. depend on news4 for the latest on the presidential race. head to or download the news4 app. right now, we have new
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been developing really all day long. we've learned that suffolk county police officers were forced to open fire when a driver they tried to pull over just wouldn't stop. the incident started as you see on the map on route 112 and jamaica avenue in medford. it ended about 6 miles away in middle island. we're there now to break down what happened here. >> reporter: and this is where gunfire rang out, as you said, on route 112. it is normally a busy roadway. imagine, it was shut down for six hours today. it is open now. and this is where police wanted to question three people in a car, two of them are in custody right now, but one is still on the loose. in this quiet neighborhood in middle island in suffolk county, neighbors woke up to the sound of police helicopters early this morning. officers tracked down a suspected drunk driver who had
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officers injuring them. residents were startled. >> she just called and said she wanted to make sure we were okay because there was a cop car in her driveway. >> reporter: it all began after 1:00 in the morning in medford. police were looking for thieves station. on route 112, police say the driver backed up his car into the police cruiser, but also struck the two policemen. one of the officers fired three times into the car injuring a passenger with flying ing ing glass. people say they're surprised by what happened here. >> never any trouble, not many robberies around here. >> reporter: after the officer fired the shots, police say the driver took off and ended up on flores lane in middle island in someone's driveway. police took into custody the driver and one of the passengers, a third person in the car ran away from police. and a detective tells me that
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those two people in custody. there is still a lot of questions the investigators are asking to stee see if they are connected to that robbery earlier in the night. as for the two officers and the passenger in the hospital, we're told they have nonlife threatening injuries. news4 new york. >> thanks for that new information. >> right now, police are searching for the hit-and-run driver who kill add teenager in queens. the 16-year-old girl was crossing the street just after midnight. she was in the cross walk when a dark van hit her and then just kept on going. she was rushed to jamaica hospital where she later died. the big move by twitter that could change which tweets you see first. we'll talk about that. dave? >> the snow story line seems to have subsided. but bitter cold air, dangerous temperatures coming our way. we'll tell you when they arrive all coming up in just a little
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right now, jurors are deciding the fate of a rookie nypd officer who shot and killed an unarmed man. officer peter liang could face up to 15 years in prison. michael george is in downtown brooklyn with the progress so far in court. michael? >> reporter: rob, just in the last hour, the jury asked the judge if they can have some of officer liang's testimony reread to them. they're been deliberating for about three hours. this case all comes down to which version of events they believe. the defense argues officer liang
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training. the defense says he made decisions that cost the life of an innocent man. he is facing multiple charges. he was on a routine patrol of a housing project back in november of 2014 when he stepped into a dark stairwell and shot and killed akai gurley who was unarmed. the defense says liang was startled by a sound and the gun just went off. prosecutors say his gun should never have been drawn. yesterday, both sides made their closing arguments to the jury. >> mr. liang did not intend to kill akai gurley. >> peter liang recklessly shot and killed akai gurley that night. he wasn't some young kid working in the most dangerous place -- in a dangerous place. he was a new york city police officer. >> reporter: now, the jury is
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testimony and diagrams of the stairwell where this took place to be shown to them again indicating that they want to go over the exact details of the shooting one more time. that tells us that this jury may take some time before they reach a verdict. michael george, news4 new york. >> we'll keep an eye on it. in today's money report, the big move that could change what you see on twitter. >> we are so ready to hear about this. bill griffith joins us with that and a look at the markets. >> poor twitter. they're in a mess. let me tell you first what's happening on wall street. the dow was up 200 points almost on the open this morning. but that has eroded. it's virtually unchanged right now, right at that 16,000 level on the industrial average. the big story they're watching today is fed chair janet yellen on capitol hill right now testifying to the house financial services committee on the economy. she admits that things have slowed down since the fed raised rates for the first time in a
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being coy about what that means for possible future rate increases. she admits job growth is good, but the slide in oil has dampened the growth in the economy. so we're listening very carefully what she's saying right now on capitol hill. let me tell you about these changes at twitter. they unveiled this new system that uses a sophisticated algorithm that measures how users use the tweets they do view. they will show tweets they believe are important to you. there's been a human cry recently about this change so twitter said this morning that users had the ability to opt out of the new system if they want to. they are between a rock and a hard place. wall street is demanding big changes from twitter and uses say we don't want any changes right now. what are you going to do? >> that would be tough. i like my timeline. >> exactly. >> if you don't want to see it,
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i don't really -- whatever. >> we'll see how it works out. >> i don't run the twaen, clearly. >> gratefully. >> i'll remember that, bill. >> see you tomorrow. it's cold outside. >> we're between a rock and a hard place. we're between a snowstorm and a cool place. that may be the best way to say it. chopper 4 bringing us gorgeous pictures on this afternoon. flying is going to become more challenges for our crew over the next 24 hours, though. just keep that in mind, everybody. 37 degrees, cloudy skies at this hour over new york city. let's hit the headlines. a snow shower, yeah, it's possible tonight. remember at 5:00 we were talking about the fact that it was kind of some assembly required. they didn't. it stayed to the south. the energy made it out into the atlantic and we got off scott-free.
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thursday and that ushers in big changes to the thermometer. weekend. dangerously cold conditions. temperatures around the area pretty much in the 30s. degrees. and west hampton, you're 35, 37 in bridgeport. there's the system that's gone. let's check out what's coming our way. we're going to be actually seeing this bring some snow squalls to the area late into the overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning. let's put future tracker into motion. tonight about 11:00 to the north and west, that's where we see just enough possibly to see a slick coating on the road. hard to see, you think you can actually navigate it better than you can. tomorrow at 3:00 a.m., it rolls through sections of long island again. nassau and suffolk, creating icy conditions and slick roadways
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by 8:00, out on the twin forks. then it pushes out of the way. then look at this. watch these temperatures. thursday morning, 7:00 a.m., feels like it's 14 degrees. as we head to the evening hours, drops. the real feel feels like 10. 5 below in monticello. we haven't even ushered in the cold air yet. weekend. friday at 9:00 a.m., it's going to feel like 9 degrees. zero in monticello. 10 in hampton bay. as we head through the rest of the day, 39 degrees. snow showers a possibility into tomorrow. there's that seven-day forecast. into the weekend, let's begin there with temperatures in the 20s and teens. lows in the single digits. windchills well below zero. seven-day forecast looks like this. dangerous weekend before temperatures rebound. janice will be here at 5:00.
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news on staten island. a mother and three children stabbed. >> we still have marc there with new information. >> reporter: several different now. i first want to show you the scene. this is the emergency services yund with nypd. scene. take a good look at this man. this is michael sykes. nypd says he is a person of interest in the stabbing, the stabbing that took the life of a mother and young daughter, also left her two other daughters in critical condition. he's a person of interest. if you know smiek l sykes, you're asked to call police immediately. new information just into the noom
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daughters, they were homeless. you're taking a live look from chopper 4 right now. they're a dhs family. they were placed by the city here at the ramada inn. this hotel is used in part to houston the homeless and nonhomeless. it's been used in the past to house residents displaced after hurricane sandy. they've been brought here to this ramada inn. it's just off the expressway here in staten island. we have learned in just the past few minutes that mom and her e daughters were homeless. living here. again, we were told by police sources, multiple police sources this stabbing is not a random attack. they're still trying to work out just how the victims new their attacker. they believe this is not a random attack. live back here on the ground. you're taking a live look as police have this area locked off. service businesses here in the
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police continue to search for a killer. we'll have much more information as it comes into the newsroom. we're live in willowbrook, back to you. >> i just checked our website here. we did put the person of interest picture on the website if you want to take another
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catholics and many other christians are beginning observances leading to easter beginning with ash wednesday. the ash symbolizes from dust to dust. this is the start of lent which lasts 40 days. in vatican city, pope francis presided over the ash wednesday mass. this year instead of chocolate or alcohol, pope francis is encouraging the faithful to give up indifference towards others. >> so eat some chocolate.
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all right. tonight on news4 starting at 5:00, much more on the breaking situation on staten island. a woman and her child are dead
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four years after a family was killed in a christmas day fire, we sit down for an exclusive interview, how she's moving forward and the doubts she has about how the fire started. >> go to >> that's right. "new york live" is up next. have a fantastic day.
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