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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  February 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:36pm EST

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like will be in the single didn'ts digits. by the time we get to 7:00 saturday evening ing evening, minus 23 in monticello. even down to sub zero windchills at the jersey shore and long island. but the worst of it will be saturday night into sunday morning. the windchill may go as low as minus 45 in counties north of the city. dangerous cold expected for several days. we're following that breaking news in new jersey. right now new images coming into our newsroom of a massive fire in veteran's industrial park on route 206. the fire can be seen from several surrounding counties. firefighters plan to work through the night to knock out the flames.
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in the media -- mediate area. news 4 was first to report the cause of that explosion. today we broke the news of the arrests. john chandler is live outside the court. john? >> reporter: chuck, that's right. four were charged for manslaughter among other charges in that deadly blast that killed two and injured more than a dozen. at the root of this gas is an illegal gas hookup that was hidden from view, something that the i team exposed last march,just days after the explosion. >> it's a tragedy, people died. we all understand and respect that, but we need due process and the rule of law to prevail. and we have concerns about that. >> reporter: the district attorney says the defendants were driven by greed in a
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that greed led to the assive explosion that killed two. >> this is a monumental case. this sends a message that we're not going to tolerate this garbage. >> her son michael managed the property. investigate investigators say she ignored shutoff orders from con ed instead instructing her son to find an alternative. look at this photo. prosecutors say they rigged this yellow hose, siphoning gas from the restaurant next door to apartments. in the minutes before the explosion, michael smelled gas and ran, never warning those as sushi park, never calling 911. one by one they plead not guilty while the district attorney had a message for building owners. >> when you tinker around with
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hookups as happened here, you have in effect weaponized the building. you can be held accountable for the harm you inflict. >> reporter: under scoring the seriousness of this, the judge set bail for the four defendants at a million dollars each. today's criminal charges against those deemed responsible for the explosion is cold comfort for the family who lost their loved ones. >> reporter: leafing through old photos of their sonic last nicholas, they say every day has been a struggle. >> there's not a day i don't go crying, feeling pain for my son. he was a good boy. from the day he was born, he
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>> reporter: today, though, feels a little different, though. they're feeling some small sense of relief, now 11 months after the sudden death of their 23-year-old son in this gas education explosion in the east village. >> i'm glad we are going to have justice and the people who did this, are responsible for what happened are going to be charged. >> reporter: nicholas was on a date inside the sushi restaurant where the explosion occurred. his date survived. crews pulled his body from the rubble three days after the last. tonight nicholas's family hopes these criminal charges send a real message. >> people will learn from this, not to do any stupid things like this. and take a life from a loved one, you know, is something that you have to think about. >> reporter: now, the family told us previously that at the
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nicholas was enrolled in classes to become an emt. an attack at a bridgeport high school, four students are accused of attacking a classmate with special needs. the four students are accused of third, degree assault. it now turns out there was more than superficial damage to the cruise ship anthem of the seas. there is a mechanical issue. a key part of the propulsion system is under a microscope tonight and must be fixed before this weekend's cruise can begin. >> reporter: royal caribbean has insisted for days that the damage to this ship was cosmetic and superficial. now 4 investigates has learned there is more to it. while the superficial damage was
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a man who has been stealing subways, trains and buses for decades. next, the race against the
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today the nuclear reck gulatory commission inspected the indian point plant just says after a radioactive isotope contaminated groundwater at the plant. right now parents at lakewood, new jersey, are at a special meeting fighting to keep
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the school district is facing a $6 million deficit. as of march 1st, there will not be enough money to operate bus student there is. >> and deficits could force four schools to close in patterson, new jersey. the superintendent outlined ways to cut 53 million dollar from the budget. he doesn't want to lay off teachers or impact class room instruction. the new york state assembly speaker is pushing even harder to raise taxes on millionaires. he wants to raise income taxes on the 56,000 wealthiest people in new york state and reduce taxing for the middle class. senate republicans are opposed to that plan and governor cuomo says there is no reason to take up that proposal this year. when we return, more on the
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we a fascinating exclusive entire for you now. inside the mind of the man who can't stop stealing subways and buses. he's been at it for 35 years. he's behind bars on rikers island for allegedly stealing a greyhound bus. we covered his first arrest for taking a subway train three decades ago when he was 15. >> he was finally ly ly arrested. he agreed to sit down with sarah wallace for his first-ever tv interview.
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some are calling him a menace to society. others say he's a misunderstood man with a mental disorder. the fact is his come pulsion cannot be put into a convenient category. he may just be one of a kind. so what to do about darrius? most of us look at riding the subway as a cramped, noisy necessity. but for 50-year-old darrius, it's an addictive high and riding isn't enough. what goes through your mind when you get behind the controls or the wheel? >> what goes through my mind is the enjoyment, the thrill, the satisfaction. to know how to do it and do it better than other people. >> darrius has done it since he was a kid. he spoke to me in his first tv interview ever from rikers island, where he's been unable
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charge for allegedly helping himself to ran empty greyhound bus in hoboken and ending up in brooklyn. why don't you stop? >> i don't know how to stop. i don't know how to fight that feeling on my own. >> that feeling has caused him to be arrested 30 times in 35 years. every time he gets out of prison, security alerts are posted in mans transit hub ss transit hubs. nabbed after driving an in service e subway train, he was nabbed at age 15. but darrius now reveals that wasn't the first time. >> i had been driving trains since the age of 12. >> that year darrius was stabbed by a fellow student at school. the subway became a safe half haven.
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they knew i knew the layout. >> darrius has been diagnosed with asperger's a form of autism. he told me he's operated subway trains all over new york city. >> there's not a subway in the subway system i haven't operated. >> and he expanded his horizons to all sort of mass transit equipment. you've drin ven an amtrak train? >> correct. >> long island railroad? >> correct. >> do you target a vehicle or does it just come over you? . >> sometimes a target a vehicle and other times it just comes over me. it was never my intention to hurt anybody, which i didn't.
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part of his life that creates stress or anxiety, then that's when he starts acting on some of the emotional needs that he has. >> at the time of his latest theft, he was about to lose his housing and was down to his last $15. >> the only way he can get help is if he has services. >> and he's not getting them. >> and then he does it again. it takes a while, it takes until he -- i hate to use this, falls off the rails. >> which happens to be the name of a documentary on darrius said to be completed in april. >> people are worried if you get out, you're just going to do it again. >> i'm a man with a problem. i want people to understand that i need help with my problems. >> darrius will be back in court in brooklyn next month. his attorney is trying to get his case moved to mental health court.
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we'll have much more including his secret relationship with law enforcement as an unofficial security consultant after 9/11. update now on that breaking news in new jersey. take a look at these aerials of the massive fire ripping through veteran's industrial park on route 206. authorities say the inferno is not a threat to residents at that point. check out the weather radar right here. you can see the plumes of smoke. firefighters will have to work through the night to get the flames under control. incredible. january necessary ice you gave us a heads up on that radar. >> ray we thought maybe it was a big band of snow. there might be some snow in
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coming from the fire. the wind are gusty out there, fanning the flames and pushing that smoke toward the coastline. it's quiet and very cold across the area. we're expecting windchills around the area. and the next couple of nights it will be brutally cold across the area. this numbing wind will keep it very cold across the area. we've got stormy weather coming up monday night into tuesday and warmer temperatures next week, but not now. it's 23 in astoria. you're right around 20 degrees in islip, long branch. teens north and west. it's cold everywhere even at the shore areas. here's a 44 miles per hour gust in white plains. the sustained or steady winds are in the 20 to 30 miles per
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minus two in newburgh. feels like minus seven in monticello. nothing is really going to change in terms of the better. not yet. we're going see more cold weather pouring in through tomorrow. windchills at 20 to 30 below zero. north and west of the city in the catskills and poconos, all the way down to the jersey shore. sunday morning it's going to feel like 22 below in new york city. it obviously gets better when we get toward monday. that's when we start to see a bit of a reprieve. right now wind is coming off the lake. it's clear to the knot of us. a few clouds to the south and a few light snow flurries here and there. here comes the jet stream with the polar vortex. saturday morning, 24 feels like 14 degrees.
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see record low temperatures. feels like one above saturday morning. sunday morning we are expecting to set a record low temperature in central park and other areas too. for tonight it's best to stay indoors. if you have to go out, make sure you're all layered up and covered up. we'll be tracking the rest of that and giving you an update tonight at 11:00. time for sports almost. bruce, there's something strange going on across the street here, isn't there? >> yes, there is. baseball is in the air almost. the sount countdown is onto spring training in florida. and the mets are already working out in port st. lucie. and safd david wright is happy and
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this time next week spring training will be officially underway. with the arctic blast expected this weekend, the boys of summer can't come soon enough. tonight right across the street from our studios the yankees and red sox are uniting. yes, you heard me correctly. teaming up to raise money for both team's respective foundations. and believe it or not, i asked cashman about the other team in town. >> the mets captured the imagination of the city last year. is that something that drives you to get back on top? >> no. i'll be honest.
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way, that means that somehow you weren't driven before. what the mets accomplished last year was special. they've got a lot to be proud of and fans have a lot to be excited about. we're working hard over here at the same time and always trying to be relevant and post season capable. we'd like to be last team standing. >> good answer. the mets believe this is their year. the captain dave wright had a debilitating back injury. after months of rehab, the 33-year-old wright seems to be a handle on his injury head into the spring. >> having come back and, you know, understanding kind of what it takes to get ready for the game and going through that process, i think i'll hopefully be a little more comfortable this year, you know, sticking to a plan and kind of game planning
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>> suddenly the rangers are starting to roll following last night's shutout victory over the pentagons. they've won four in a row. do you feel like this team is coming together right now? >> i've been saying this for quite some time now. i really believe that our five on five play for the last month has been very good. there's a big two points for us. we're fighting for a playoff spot. hopefully we can take that momentum into tomorrow against another real strong team. >> you got off to a great start this year, then you stumbled a little bit, now you're rolling again with four straight wins. which is the real new york rangers team? >> it's a combination of both. this is such a competitive league. there's not much separating the teams. at the end of the day, it's not always the best team that wins. it's the team that plays the best during the playoffs. >> it's that time of year.
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the same show. i'm ready for the florida sun. you coming along, you guys? >> i would love to. up next on nbc nightly news, after 41 days government protesters seized a federal comes to an end. tonight, dramatic surrender after a 40-day siege, anti-government protesters in custody. it's getting perm. clinton and sanders battle for the black vote as the civil rights icon slams sanders. and a republican brawl takes shape in the south. the polar vortex, tens of millions bracing for the coldest air of the season. al roker is here warning of a dangerous freeze. u.s. olympic officials take action to calm fears over zika after a big star says she's not sure


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