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tv   Saturday Today in New York  NBC  February 20, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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gunshots near quincy and malcolm boulevard. as they approached the suspect's car, he pointed a gun at them and fled. officers chased after him. he went the wrong way and ended up ramming a patrol car. that's when the officers fired several times. it was during that time two officers were hit. one in a bulletproof vest. the other in a hip. >> one of the ironies is that one of the officers, his father was involved, now a retired officer, in a shooting indianapolis accident a number of years ago where he was shot and his bulletproof vest saved his light. the irony, father and son a number of years apart. >> reporter: this is the gun police recovered from the scene, a .357 revolver.
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as 34-year-old funez. again, both officers here at kings county hospital expected to be okay. we're told one of them is a close to a nine-year veteran for the force, the other for three years. we're told one of them has a child and a baby on the way. family right now here at the hospital with both of those officers. we're live outside of kings county this morning. i'm ray villeda here in new york. >> very relieved families indeed. we'll continue to follow the story. we geelt the update. storm team 4's mir raphael miranda. >> tells well into the 40s out there. no sign of february. you can see on storm traerk high pressure in control.
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back to 47, jfk. it's 45 in central park. 47 for you in city island. temperatures north and west of town well above freezing. 37 in monticello and it's 46 degrees as you're starting your weekend in poughkeepsie. you can see in your day planner, lots of sunshine. you do want to get outside, especially after lunch. that's when temperatures soar well into the 50s. today, 59 degrees. we may see 60 in some spots and you even want to stay outside this evening. look at the temperatures, still 54 degrees. how long will all this warm weather last? we'll take a look at the forecast and let you know in just a few. up to you. >> thank you. happening today, asian-american groups are expected to hold a rally in support of rookie believe peter liang. former police officer. he was convicted last month in a
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organizers organizers say rallies will be held in other cities. he faces up to 15 years in prison. former new york mayor david dinkins is in the hospital this morning. he's battling another bout of pneumonia. he's at new york presbyterian hospital. in 2013 he was treated at the same hospital again for pneumonia after he had strubl breathing back then. >> president obama and the first lady among the many who honored him yesterday as he lay in repose. today's mass is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. at the basilica of the national shrine of the. mack lat conception. he died last week from natural causes.
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democrats are caucusing in nevada today and polls are open. donald trump expected to take the lead in south carolina but for the rest it's a battle to finnish the top three. a new nbc news wall street marist poll has ten cruz with marco rubio in third. >> i ask for your vote. i will win this election. the democrats will 'do not want to run against me. they attack me more than anybody else running. >> this is our time, this race will be decided friend to friend, neighbor to neighbor, pastor to pastor. >> as for the democrats in nevada, hillary clinton is maintaining a one-point lead over bernie sanders. next week they will swap. the democrats have a primary in south carolina a week from today. meantime donald trump is calling for a boycott of apple
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unlock the san bernardino's iphone. they were hoping to force the tech giant to comply. apple is being called for an overreach that could impact others' phones but they imply it would only be used for syed farook's phone. >> we have new this morning. a man behind a rash of robberies is now behind bars. they arrested him yesterday. during a lineup investigators linked him to three other robberies. police say smith used a knife or gun to rob his victims. and we're getting a better look at a man who's wanted for a slashing in front of a crowd in soho. police say this is the man who stabbed a 21-year-old victim on thursday. people waiting in line. witnesses say the suspect was victim.
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interest in the slashing in agree greenwich village. the man you see there was begging for money at the silver spurs restaurant on wednesday night. after he was kicked out, he allegedly returned and slashed the waiter across the face. and emotions ran high in court as the mother of a 4-year-old girl who was killed by a speeding car confronted the teenage driver who killed her child. it happened when franklin reyes was 17 joyriding in his father's car. this was back in 2013. he was trying to get away from police who stopped him for driving without a license. he hit her as she was walking to her day care with her grand grandmother and mother. >> i do know that she was going to make a difference. i do know she was going to come to my school and get a master's degree and second master's degree, but it will never be realized because her life was
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>> the judge sentenced reyes to three to nine years in prison with credit for time served. he could be up for parole for a year and a half. a hospital in lock island is joining the fight to prevent the spread of the zika virus. they're offering a test coming off one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. it will be available to those returning from countries where it's active as well as anyone why who may be carrying the zika virus. new this morning a category 5 cyclone has slammed the island of fiji. >> tropical cyclone winston is bearing down on the two main islands and we're getting new video this morning. wind speeds over 180 miles per hour, gusts at more than 220 miles per hour, and power is out for 900,000 people who live there. >> 220 miles an hour. my goodness. all right.
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york" this morning, we're live from brooklyn where we're learning more about what led up to that shoot-out that ended up in the shootings of two. a cashier takes matters into her own hands. we'll show you the surveillance. >> february is black history trif's month and this week's trivia is involved the trail blazers.
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it's 9:10 on a saturday morning and we want to take you back to the officers who were involved in a shoot-out. >> they're expected to be okay. theye expected to survive. one of them was hit in his bulletproof vest.
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kings county hospital surrounded by family and friends. the police commissioner and mayor tell us they've spoken to both officers who are alert and doing well. it started with officers hearing shots fired around 3:30 this morning. officers first heard the gunfire near quincy and malcolm x boulevard. he called for help. he pointed a revolver at them and fled. he took off and made officers chase him several blocks. he ejded up ramming a patrol car near lexington and malcolm x. that's when they fired at the suspect several times. it was during that shoot-out two officers were hit. one hit in the chest. one stopped. the other hit in the right hip. >> this officer who is here in the hospital obviously an exemplary cop who's worked very, very hard and is proud to be a
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just participating in a gun collar yesterday. the other officer, three years on the job, obviously extraordinary fairly involved in his work, really someone focused becoming as good a cop as he could be. >> reporter: this is the gun the police recovered from the scene, a .357 revolver. it had three casings inside. the suspect is jamaal funez. he has three records. right now both officers are recovering. something really interesting the police commissioner brought up. one of the two officers is the son of a retired nypd officer who was also involved in a shooting and hit in the bulletproof vest. that family all here this morning surrounding both officers as they recover from this shooting. we're live outside kings county
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i'm ray vee yes da. >> thanks. the other news is the weather. >> this is good news. we had the coldest. we're not going to break any other warm record bus that's okay. that's 70, so it's out of reach. >> february 20th, wow. >> it's crazy. 60 degrees will not be too shaby well above 20, 25 degrees. we certainly will enjoy that. get outside door a little cleaning in the yard. it's been a cold stretch and nasty. 45 and we have sunshine right now in central park. let's take a look at your headlines for today. february. we're in the 50s. we should be in the 30s. now, tomorrow's going to be it. but still well above average but we have showers that we're tracking to close out the weekend. again, most of the weekend will be dry and very mild. let's take a look at the storms.
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tracking over the next few days. this is system 1 and this is tomorrow night. so most of tomorrow will be dry. we're tracking some rain. maybe some light snow north and west of town. this is a low impact event. the storm is really going to miss us, it's going to go off to the south of us and this is good news. tuesday night into wednesday and maybe even thursday, this is a moderate impact event. but notice where the rain is. new york city into new jersey, you have to head far inland to see the snow potential for this one. it looks like it will be mostly rain, not a lot of cold air, so we're going to track some rain. it could be heavy but could be moderate in terms of localized flooding and a miserable day on wednesday. those are the two storms we're tracking right now. you can see on storm tracker, high pressure in control right now. sunshine around much of the region. this is our next area of low pressure. once it does, it's going to pull in some of that moisture and
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but the track will stay off to the south. so if you live in monmouth and ocean county, new jersey, that's where yo have the best chance of seeing rain tomorrow night. temperatures are in the 40s. it's mild in millwood. 44 for you. 45 in white plains. closing in on 50. that's down the jersey shore in long branch. it feels good and with the sun out there, a fantastic saturday shaping up. you can see on future tracker 1rks 1k. a few clouds are going to filter from time to time, but otherwise no problems. looking good if you have plans outside. no weather headaches there. heading into sunday morning, 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. it starts out nice and dry. watch as the clouds begin to roll in and there's our storm. you can see where it is at 7:00. well off to the south. i think the best chance of rain tomorrow, that's going to be jersey shore after 7:00 p.m. around midnight, light showers continue.
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there could be a few flurries north and west of new york city as you're heading in. 59 degrees. mild and breezy. winds are out of the northwest. you can see in the seven-day, 53 tomorrow. that's still well above average. it's a little bit cooler. la showers and our sig scant storm, tuesday into wednesday. it may turn into a wintry mix and that rain may even linger into thursday. you want to stay up to date with these upcoming storms. just tap the news 4 logo in the corner. then scroll down. you can see the latest forecast. these are interactive radar and learn how to submit your own weather video. it's available in the app store right now. over to you. that lady is virtly gone with the wind. strong gusts tossing people
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poles yesterday. the city shut down streets because of debris flying off building buildings. willis tower closing the sky decks saying the elevators can not operate in the strong winds. let's hope she was upwind when those doggies were doing their business it's always a good plan. a remarkable video as a convenience store clerk turned the tables. >> it shows the clerk handing over money to this masked gunman but when he looks way, she whips out her own gun. police say the two fired at 50e67 other almost simultaneously. she missed but he struck her in the siechld he ran off without the cash and gave himself up after the police surrounded his car. right now we're getting our first listen this morning of the frantic mayday call of a tort chopper that went down over pearl harbor.
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jump in the water. they rescued the passengers. a 15-year-old boy was injure and two others remain in serious condition this morning. yesterday the divers pulled the aircraft from the waters ewing inflatable airbags. the ntsb is expected to investigate it. it could take months. an australian man nearly missed being hit by a train. he wanted to cross. bad decision. he crossed as another one is approaching. he saw it at the last second and avoided getting hit. australia released the video as a warning to other riders do not attempt to do that. >> not even seconds away. a split second. >> a split second. >> all right. still ahead, it's time to ask produce pete. >> hey, good morning. now, if some of you have been listening to me for the last 25 years, you always hear me say,
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what the heck does pete got melons. i'm going to tell you who turned me on to these mel iessen ese melons and why they're here. >> first here's pete dave barger with your fandango movies. >> let's begin with "risen." it's a biblical epic that tells of christ's res recreation from a great perspective. it's a great if you live gladiator or exodus, gods and kings. also opening is "race." it's got a breakout performance by stephon james in the lead role and i think it's very interesting to see jason
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now let's see what fandango fans are buzzing about on fanticipation. here are this week's scores. so that's what's going on at the movies. for "today in new york" ," i'm
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that's our song. >> our theme song, yes, indeed. all righty. morning. i'm telling you, when i walked
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with ivlons, i thought something is wrong with this picture because it's summer. >> for the last 25 years, like i said in the tease, i've been preaching buy in season, buy in season, buy in season. so the other day i'm sitting on the couch. betty comes in from our local produce store and she's got a smelon in her hand. i go to her, what are you buying a melon for. she said, it looks good. i said, don't you listen to me? looks good, tastes good. she goes in the kitchen. about two minutes later i hear, produce pete, come in here. she don't call me produce pete. i come in there. she said, taste it. it was sweet lying sugar. really terrific. >> really. what's going on? >> i know they're doing a better job in the wintertime with melons and all. i'm in the market so i talk to a few of my friends in the market. i asked how are honeydews doing? >> they're cutting them and bringing them.
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there's a machine that can pull out the sugar and tell you what the sugar is. 15/14, which is summertime sugar, 14/14 on honeydews. usually when they're offshore stuff, they're 8 or 9. that's really good. i cut a melon. i got my knife, i cut a melon in the mark and it was a great. he said, try the baby watermelons. if you look at this this time of year. look at this. >> it's gorges. >> red and really good and sweet too. honeydew, same thing. i cup a couple of honeydew. a lot of sugar. you can tell. >> where are they from? >> they're from costa rica. if we talk about the pineapple, the golden pineapples we see all the time and -- they're golden pineapple. costa rica. so the melons right knew are coming from the honey does, the
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watermelons, and this is the magnificent melon. it's like the melon number seed pocket. they grow these magnificent melons offshore. >> produce talk for what? >> costa rica, dominican republic. places like that. also in arizona. in the summer you'll get them out of arizona. but this time, offshore. i said, let me try something different. everybody -- who doesn't want a good melon or something good. >> couldn't believe it. >> so that's why i'm telling you folks. go out there. make sure you ask your produce guys where they're from. are they from costa rica. that's what you want to do. you can buy the magnificent melon that looks like this. bring it home. leave it on the counter one day before you cut it at least. >> at least. >> you want to get the coldness out of it.
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when i tell you, you want the sappiness. you're nothing you're you're not going to find that this time of year. bring them home. like i cede. you've got to cut them. i'm telling you, they're really good. you want to look at that yellow -- yellow belly on there. fi mm-hmm. make sure it's nice and solid like that. >> are they pricier this time of year? >> actually you're going to see honeydews on sale next week ing all the stores and you're going to see these magnificent melons, very, very reasonable. why? supply and demand. so supply and demand equals price. you'll see these people ask me. i know for a fact that you'll see these in the giant market, stu lennons in yonkers. any of your produce guys in the
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in long island where there's local guys like john's market and places like that. ask them and they'll have it. these melons are out there. they're available. i made a fruit salad today. i'm telling you, absolutely terrific yochl u get what you need today. they're out there. they're available. are they good? >> they're delicious. >> are they? >> i'm telling the truth. they're good. >> thanks, beth. she's the one that turned me on in more ways than one. >> pete. that was last week, valentine's day. back to you. we'll be back.
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welcome back to saturday in new york. i'm pat battle. >> i'm gus rosen dale. we're looking at where two officers were shot. >> ray villeda joins us. he joins us at kings county hospital where the officers are fortunately recovering today, ray? >> reporter: pat and gus, the officers are surrounded by friends and family membered and the mayor and police commissioner. we're told they're alert and talking with police. all of this after a shoot-out in bed-stuy that started with officers hearing shots fired. news chopper 4 above the scene. you can see that this is still very much an active investigation with officers
9:31 am
now, here's how it all began. housing officers first heard the gunfire just before 3:30 this morning. they called for help. police say after they approached the suspect's car, they pointed a revolver at him and fled. he took off and made officers chase him several blocks. the suspect went the wrong way ramming a patrol car. that's when police fired at the suspect several times. it was during that shoot-out two officers were hit. one hit in the chest. bun stopped by the bullet proof vest, the other hit in the right hip. >> multiple officers fired at the suspect striking him multiple times. a .3578 revolver was found. during the engagement two police officers were struck by gunfire. >> reporter: and take a look at the gun that police recovered from the scene that you just heard the commissioner
9:32 am
the suspect in this, we're told, has a criminal record in illinois, north carolina, and new york. he's identified as 34-year-old jamaal nunez. he's in another hospital and we're told he is in critical condition. we have information about these officers. the commissioner talked about one of the officers being the son of a retired nypd officer who was also involved in a shooting and saved by his bullet proof investment this morning they're surrounded as they're expecting to be okay after this early morning shooting. we're live outside kings county hospital. i'm ray villeda in new york. >> thank you for that update, ray. go to n b kr bc new you can check out breaking news. a lot of people are talking about the extraordinary weather. >> that's right. major warmup already under way
9:33 am
through th 40s. you can see storm tracker 4 live radar. now sunshine from fairfield to westchester county through long island and down the jersey shore. temperatures on the rise hour by hour. 45 already. you want to get outside by lunchtime. look at that. 53 degrees. today's high temperature in central park, 59 degrees. could see 60s to the west and even this evening. you want to stay outside. your temperature is a toasty 54 degrees. it's dry throughout the day but the weekend doesn't stay dry. we have two storms we're tracking coming up in a few. pat and gus, over you do. >> also right now we're waiting autopsy deaths involving a suny student. >> bradley doyley died on thursday. he was a former basketball player and set to graduate this
9:34 am
the school has suspended alpha phi alpha from the campus. police are investigating this as a possible hazing incident. >> i tell you, it's like a son, like lewising a family member. we relish what he gave us while he was here and keep him with us. he was inspiration. >> there was a moment of silence observed before last night's game in memory of doily and in a statement the fraternity said any individual found to have participated in or knowingly allowed any hazing tivts or any illegal act does not support the mission, vision, or arms of alpha phi alpha fraternity. good samaritans rescued a 6-year-old girl who nearly drowned in a spring at a spa. she did not come up for air for some time. a guest pulled her out of the water. another guest performed cpr. >> her face was blue and i began
9:35 am
she began to have a pulse again and she had -- her color turned regular. >> the girl was rushed to the hospital. she is expected to recover. the health department is investigating the incident as well. well, the bills are adding up for governor chris christie's g.w. bridge case. so far taxpayers have spent $10 million. they're accused two for orchestrate ing a lane closure to punish the mayor of ft. lee for not endorsing governor christie's bid. mangano publicly denied he ever sethed anyone. he said his phone was hacked. he filed a complaint. the acting commissioner said it was a verbal report and so far no documents have been generated. campus police at the university of vermont will start
9:36 am
they'll have to equip all officers with the devices by the first of july. uconn says the cameras are already used in its cruisers and the new tool will give the community an extra level of transparency. a tsa aeligibility at newark liberty airport is in trouble. he swiped a pricey watch from a passenger's bag. it's worth a thousand. officers say they found the watch in ortiz's pocket on tuesday. at f jfk, they confiscated a whole lot of hover boards. they were made in china. they're linked to numerous fires, some of them serious house fires. >> it's official. mayor bill de-blache owe signed the pay hike yesterday. council members will now make nearly $150,000 a year. the legislation limits the outside income outside council members can make as well.
9:37 am
himself is also included in this but the mayor says he won't take it. democratic lawmakers in new jersey want to raise the minimum wage. the current wage, $8.38. they want to raise it to $10.30 after one year before it goes to $15 in five years. the "w" train. remember that? it would effectively replace if the q train. the mta is plaining to hold a public hearing this spring. relief on the way for customers at connecticut's dmv. the vendor that designed the computer upgrade is promising to
9:38 am
they've been plagued by long wait times and registration mistakes. >> still ahead on "today in new york," we'll have the latest where two nypd officers were shot during a police chase in bed-stuy. >> and storm team 4's raphael
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we want to upbrate the breaking news where two have it ran police officers were hit during a chase in bed-stuy. chopper 4 live over the scene. investigators are telling us that the two officers responded to a housing officer's report of shots fired around 3:30 this morning and as those officers approached the suspect's car, they say the man pointed a gun out the window at them and then took off, drove for several blocks. those officers following them. and that man allegedly opened fire. the cops opening fire as the suspect ran into them. that gunfire erupting there at malcolm x boulevard. the suspect returned fire. he hit one officer in the chest, the other in the hip. the bullet proof vest deflecting
9:42 am
the chest. both of them are expected to recover. the suspect was also hit and remains hospitalized this morning. he's been identified as a 34-year-old man. weep keep it updated as we continue to develop it. he's in critical condition in the hospital as we speak. >> time to check in on raphael with a look at the weather. what a forecast. >> it is a beauty. already well into the 40s. we shouldn't be into the 40s. that gives you an idea of where we're heading. it's delightful. exciting. you want to enjoy it over the next couple of days. you can see we have sunshine out there as we're starting the weekend. nice and dry. traffic looks light there. 45 degrees and we have mostly sunny skies and we're going to keep it that way over the next few hours especially. you can see your weather headlines. february 50s. that's what we've got to for you
9:43 am
it turns a touch cooler. we're still in the 50s but not the upper 50s. probably lower 50s with some cloud cover and showers by tomorrow night to end the weekend, but timing is a great there as most of the weekend will stay dry, especially during the day. you can see on storm tracker, sunshine right down the jersey shore. as we take a wider view here, this is our next storm. it's located across the planes. not a lot. it's going to track to the east. get a little bit of the gulf of mexico moisture moving in and it will track to our south tomorrow night into monday morning and that's why we're expecting mainly a mist here in the city as you head down the jersey shore. that's where you stand the best chance of seeing some rain. here's your forecast for the rest of the day. 45 trees. lots and sunshine right now. you can see temperatures jumping up. 58 by 1:00 p.m. 4:00. still near 60 in many spots and by 7:00 this evening, mostly clear and temperatures are still in the mid-50s. you definitely do not need the
9:44 am
you can see the winds gusting around 20 to 30 miles an hour. the winds are whipping out there and it will continue that way throughout the afternoon. here's a look at future tracker. you can see 11:00, mostly sunny skies all around the tri-state. even at 6:00 tonight if you have dinner plans outside, no problems for you. heading out, this is 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. a sunny start to the second half of your weekend. then the clouds start to filter in. you can see the clouds rolling on in ahead of our storm and this is 7:00 a.m. it's rain when you see rain here. temperatures in the 40s and overnight into monday morning some of those showers may linger. could have a little bit of light snow to the north and west of new york city as we head into monday morning. it doesn't look to be a big deal and not a major impact. for today, majorly warm. mild and breezy. overnight tonight, down to 44. partly cloudy skies and we'll
9:45 am
it shows temperatures stay in the 50s tomorrow. 53 with some showers. again, overnight sunday into monday morning. and then we're tracking the next storm. that's going to be tuesday night into wednesday. there maybe a brief mix, a wintry mix changing over to rain on wednesday and then thursday we're drying out. temperatures stay in the 40s. you want to stay up to date with all these changes. tap the news 4 logo in the corner. scroll down. you can see the latest forecast. use our interactive radar and learn,000 sub mitz your own weather video. right now. while you're online, you want to play trivia. this week we're celebrating black history month. log on. learn more about african-americans and their
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morning's interactive trivia game. >> first we introduce to you jim gary. he place every saturday with his wife of 34 years. so he's twice the winner and he's the one to beat. matthew, take it away. >> we've had a string of multiple winners. this is a good thing. i like you guys winning more than once. today's trivia inspired by black history month. here's how you play. log onto you can play on any smartphone, tab it, computer. your web browser must be update. the questions are going to pop up on your tv screen and you'll have 12 full seconds, plenty of time by selecting those options on your browser. while online chat with your players right there. let's get that countdown clock started, guys. it's black history month chosen because of the birthdays because
9:49 am
they give rise to people who have bridged the racial divide in sports, music, and politics. now it's time to test your knowledge about african-american pioneers and what role new york city has played. remember the only way to play is by logging onto who's the first lady known for jazz. beyonce, nina simon or ella fis jerold. who was it? number 3, ella fitzgerald. she was the first grammy. question number two, who was the country's first african-american secretary of state, was it condoleezza rice, colin powell, or susan rice.
9:50 am
number two, the answer is colin powell. even before serving in president bush's cabinet he was the first black chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. question number three, quincy jones composed the music for which tv show, "jeffersons" "sanford and son". >> it was sanford and son. the song was originally called "the street beater." he had a record 79 grammy nominations and 27 wins. question number 4, among his many honors, president obama has earned which award, oscar, tony, or gram ychl he has received the nobel peace price. it's number three, he has two grammy awards. he has two grammys for best
9:51 am
"dreams from my father" and "the adawesty of hope." question number 5, billy dee williams is exactly december, derrick, or dietrich. his middle name, number one, december. before his movie roles did you know he made his broadway debut in "firebrand of florence. "that was in '. now the celebration of american history actually started in february of 1926 created by dr. carter g. woodson but it was number 2, '76 president gerald ford expanded it to urge americans to celebrate it throughout the entire month. number 7, old west lawman bass
9:52 am
reaves was born a slave but escaped into unsettled territory. he was later made a deputy u.s. marshal and was said to have in ired number one, the lone ranger. he was known as a fearless lawman apprehending 3,000 outlaws including his own son. question number 8, who inspired dr. martin luther king jr.'s nonviolent activism? he's known for his devotion, but which one shaped it, number 3. they flew to india for a pilgrimage in 1959. after that trip he wrote that began dpi was one of the a greatest men in history, number 9. who was the first african-american to win the nobel peace prize? it tooked decades. it was number 2.
9:53 am
united nations diplomat, bunch was honored for negotiating an end to the arab/israeli conflict in the late 1940s and he was from kweps, by the way. number 10, former new york congresswoman shirley chisholm was the first black what? she went on to break which racial barrier, number one, the first black woman in congress. shcoe also shattered another glass ceiling become the first black woman to run for president back in 1972. a great game, everyone. today's web winner is 2685, and you have 8,618 points. here's look at your top ten. very solid scores. nice job, everyone. don't forget to fill out the form at the oepd testify game and congratulations to all of our players but especially the
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remarkable things are happening at your local acme. we're making changes, and we're getting better every day. cleaner. friendlier. fresher.
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and fresher produce and hundreds of organics. to top it off! we' re lowering thousands of prices throughout the store. right now, get 80% lean ground beef, ground fresh in store daily for $2.98 a pound when you buy 5 pounds or more. and pi k up 24-pack refreshe spring water only $1.99. low prices, great quality, and friendlier service. acme. we want to update our breaking news. ray villeda standing by. ray? >> reporter: good morning to you both. one of those officers, the son of a retired nypd officer who was also shot and saved by his bullet proof vest. both of those officers in involved in a shoot-out at kings county hospital this morning. this all began around 3:30 when housing officers first heard gun
9:56 am
they called for help. as they approached the suspect's car, he fled. he took off, made them chase him for several blocks. the suspect went the wrong way down the street and ended up ramming a patrol car. that's when officers fired at the suspects several times. it was during that shoot-out two officers were hit. one was hit in the chest. the bullet stopped by his bullet proof vest. the other officer hit in the right hip. now take a look at the gun police recovered from the scene. a .357 revolver. police say he has a criminal record in illinois, north carolina, and new york. that suspect identified as 34-year-old jamaal nunez. he's at another hospital we're told in critical condition. now as you take a look live at the hospital, it is here those two officers are surrounded by family and friends. we're told they're expected to be okay. as police continue to investigate the scene in bed-stuy. we're live outside of kings
9:57 am
i'm ray villeda, "today in new york." >> thank you for that update. we'll continue to follow all those those stories go. to nbc new and you can download the app to get that breaking news any time, anywhere. >> one last look at the weather. i bet that 59 is going to feel like 60 to a whole lot of people. >> it's going to feel fantastic. so we are feeling very good. you want to spend lots of time outside and soak in the sun. 59 your high in central park. lots of sunshine. again, it will be breezy but it's a wind out of the southwest. 44 for your low temperature. partly cloudy and mild ahead. that is low. just to give you an idea. everyone's above freed zing. a couple of showers roll in sunday night to monday. chance for light snow possibly monday morning but it looks to be mainly south of new york and another storm, a little more complicated tuesday night into wednesday.
9:58 am
to rain on wednesday. erica grow will have the latest as that forecast may change a bit over time. >> appreciate that. thank you for spending your saturday morning with us. let's go out and play. >> let's do it. >> all right. >> gus? >> absolutely. as we go back live over the scene. updates throughout the day
9:59 am
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