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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  February 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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now, a wild chase and shootout. two officers wounded, saved by their bulletproof vests. >> both saved by the bulletproof vest. >> another close call for a police family forced to relive the same horror nearly three
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good evening. >> the investigation is just gett the late '80s, was shot in line of duty we are learning police are looking into the possibility that the officers were hit by friendly fire. the suspect they were after is a career criminal who may have looking to shoot anyone in uniform. >> this started on quincy street and ended about a block away on lexen ington avenue. >> we begin with ray at kings county hospital where both officers are being treated. >> tonight, we know as many as 25 shots were fired. tonight, those two officers are recovering here at kings county hospital. now police are investigating if they were injured by friendly
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surveillance shows police lights flashing, responding to a call for back up before 3:30 saturday morning, housing officers with psa 3 heard gunfire as those officers approached the car, police say the suspect pointed a revolver at officers and fled. >> i heard the shots, it was just like normal, but just to make sure he was all right. >> a chase unfolded. it ended on lexington and malcolm x when the suspect police say ran into(a marked patrol car. that's when the shootout happened. two plain clothes officer were hurt. the part of the anticrime unit in the 81th presinlgt. video shows two being taken away on stretchers, being loaded into ambulances. >> next thing you know, they block off the road on quincy and right here on gates and the police came. >> the officer was shot in chest, the bullet stopped by his vest. he joined the nypd three years ago. he's now recovering from blunt
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his father, a retired nyou detective was also saved by a bulletproof vest in 1989. >> the irony, father and son years apart, both saved by the bulletproof vest that we're required all our personnel to tear. >> the nine year veteran was shot in -- below the vest. he was surrounded by family at the hospital, including his pregnant wife. >> he was telling me how proud he was of the gun collar. here's a guy in his hospital bed. obviously in some pain, but very proud of the fact that just the day before, he got another gun off the street. >> 34-year-old jamal is believed to be the only suspect in this shootout. he is in critical condition at ook brookkale hospital. the officer are expected to be ok . >> thanks.
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neighbors of both officers. >> kids and the lot. >> very, very lucky. t of all of them. this should never happen again. >> he lives in elmont. officer retton in lind brook. both on long island. >> we are learning more about the suspect. he is no stranger to the law. his arrest record dates back two decades. mark is live on the scene with this part of the story. >> right now, i want to give you a live look at the area. this is still a very active scene. still blocked off as vest investigators work the case. there are many questions that need answers right now. but one thing is certain. when jamal met with officers here on the street, it was not s first encounter with police. targeting people in uniform.
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are trying to answer right now. did jamal take aim and point this .357 revolver at a worker in a blue uniform, then make a u turn, see police and engage? arrested 19 times in 20 year, 4 investigates has been talking to sources who tell us in illinois where jamal once went by the name frederick, was cuffed 11 times between 1996 and 2000. to new york, where he did time in sing sing to arrests in north carolina. his arrests include weapons of mass destruction, robbery, assault and arson. why did he allegedly square off with police today? while there is no firm motive yet, answers could lie in a 34-year-old's past. >> the susudct was armed with
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spent shell casings. in the revolver. >>sthis is the gun police say he fired at least once and possibly up to five times. nees 4 investigates has learned agents are running a trace on the .357 because every gun leaves a ballistic fingerprint and tells a story of where it came from, which 4 investigates has just learnedt was sold in tennessee 1996. not clear right now how it ended up in his hands. >> the circumstances of the shooting itself, that's what we'll attempt to identify where where are the various officers a at the time of the incident. >> right now, funez is in brookdale hospital in critical condition.hnews 4 new york. thank you. and three other officers have been shot in the line sf duty this year. on february 4th, two officers
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houses in the south bronx when confront ed and shot by a gunman. one was grazed in the het and released the next day. the other was hit in the stomach. she had surgery and was leased a week later. the gunman killed himself. last month, officer stewart was shot in the ankle while respond tog a fight at a house party in the bronx. police say a gunman fired at them when they returned fire, stuart was hit by another officer's sty bullet. stay with news for the latest on this ingestigation. you can get updates anytime on our website. today, thousands of people gathered to show their support for an nypd officer convicted of manslaughter in the death of a man in brooklyn. today, supporters of the officer rallied in the park at the foot of the brooklyn bridge.
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says the 2014 shooting death was an accident and say he's been used ab a scapegoat for the department. >> as a system, we failed to prevent -- and we failed to call the police accountable. but we cannot you know, use it liang as a tragedy, but a crime. >> now today, supporters were faced by the black lives matter movement. they say the conviction is a step in right direction to end police brutality. now to a big day in politics. it is showdownosaturday and the in the race for the white house and ie have learnek in the last half hour, hillaryeclinton has narrowly won the nevada caucuses. take a look at the numbers just in to our news room. hillary with 52%. bernie sanders right there at 48%. he has closed a wide margam. clinton sent out this tweet a short time ago saying ote,
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nomination and keep working to break every bare rier holding americans back. in south carolina, it's trump versus his rivals. the polls there close in less than an hour. steve handlesman is live in columbia, south carolina with the latest. >> thanks. no numbers here in south carolina yet as republicans continue to to vote. speak g ing of numbers, in nevada, if hillary clinton had her way, in she had the numbers on the caucus day she enjohed precoucus polling a few weeks ago, it would have been a much wider margin, but in that twee s she talked about to her followers, she said thanks for your determination, your heart. she said this is your win. for hillary clinton, a huge relief. as nevada democrats gathered to vote in their caucuses todau y.athe polls had narrowed. bernie sanders threatening to win again. as south carolina epublicans
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>> just voted for trump. >> the gop front-runner was poised for a win despite his conflict with the pope. the dispute over whether he oppoted the iraq war and finally relating a tough guy legend about a u.s. general killing bl and for 25 years, there wasn't a problem. >> jeb bush said today his party's problem is its front-runner. >> trump can't win. plain and simple. this isn't about healing the people's deep anxiety. >> ted cruz on hannity last night. >> people of south carolina, they want a conservative. >> he was five polling points behind trump. >> marco! >> but it's marco rubio appealing to many antitrump voters.
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did my wife. >> after you looked at kasich and bush. >> correct. >> rubio was dreaming mainstream rivals dropping out. >> i think once you get this race down to two, three or four people, you're going to have a much clearer, more r traditional campaign. >> which is what the democratic race may have become today. his combatants swap venn yus next week, the republicans heading out to nevada. democrats coming here for their primary to a state where hillary clinton was ck to you. >> getting very interesting, steve. thank you so much. stay with nbc news for everything decision 2016 our coverage continues on nbcnew find the final results on the app and nightly news will have more on this at 6:30. thousandt of people gathered
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the life natural shrine of the immaculate conception t country's largest roman catholic church. he was a devout catholic, paul scalia. he joked he often forgot their names, blessing him with so many siblings. >> he loved us. to have each other for support. that's a greatest wealthparents can bestow and right now, we are particularly grateful for it. >> 79-year-old scalia died last
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ahid here on news 4, new photo of a young man wanted for slabbing the face of a waiter at a popular greenwich village restaurant. what the waiter said to his attacker, sparking the violence. and eric is here with the best news of ahe day. >> we had beautiful temperatures throughout the tristate into the 60s as you can see. will thi taste of spring last into sunday?
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61-year-old woman has been charged with a hit anned run and killed man and injured three others.
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>> democrats voting in nevada. hillary clinton looks to be pr vekted win and we're brutal cyclone in the southern hemisphere and we'll talk about the government gridlock that's put college knowing they'll graduate. we'll tell you >> yes and what a contrast to last weekend. remember how bad it was with those temperatures.
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now, we have temperatures. it will be comfortable tomorrow, but still above average for this time of year, plus showers to end the weekend. i don't think it's going to be too much of a concern for you. usually, we get up to 43 degrees this time of year. today, up to 61 degrees, so almost 20 degrees above our seasonal average. right now, it's 56 in hillsboro, 56 in woodbridge and 56 in white plains. cooler close to the water. 48 in farmingdale and 45 in west hampton. we had variably cloudy skies throughout the day. a breeze as wellhas this little just brief distur dance tries to sneak through new england. that is pushing out and another one is on the way. it's still hundreds and hunbreds of miles away. this is the clipper system that's going to move toward us tomorrow night. you'll see that here on future tracker. still sunshine at 8:00 p.m. sunday, but then some clouds moving in by noon.
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thti, bu increasing clouds through the day. easant until we get to those overnight showers. here's a look at ts mo it should be an okay monday morning commute. we have our eyes on that storm system for wednesda breezy, but just a rain system. temperatures remaining well above freezing for that system as its rolls through. >> after last weekend, we're so easy to please. 20 and i love it. >> thanks.
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sports. >> we waited all winter to talk baseball. spring training. mets get welcome news from. >> seth: pettis. and the yaengs bull pen session today led to serious gushing over the arms they've assembled over the back end of the pen.
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gushed at the reliever's stuff.ased pretty please wd that news today. he said it sends a huge message that he's happy to be back. catchers worked out for 1500 fans yesterday and back at it today in port st. lucie. not for the mets. terry collins marveling at the fact that a starting clone. the knicks looking for thewr second win ie the last month. like the right direction. instead, they opened the second half of their season aith a loss in brooklyn last night.
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he calls this crunch time for his team and he's yoight. at 23-33, the knicks are still closer to the eighth seat than they are the basement of the standings. the timber wolves, a team they should beat tonight. tip time at 8:00. the mets are off tonight. but shawn getting right to work waving on barn yan. ke suffering its 29th straight loss. the coach said quote it's like ground hog day for us. just over and over and over again.
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la not have a concussion from the elbow to the head. the te hit like that. complete le deliberate and ulgly. trying to get those off the game.
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get to an update. new york city police officers both wounded responding to a report of shots fired. >> he was shot in the chest, but the bullet was stopped by his vest. the other officer hit in the hip. both are expected to rofr. >> and police are looking into the possibility the officers were hit by friendly fire. the suspect was shot and in critical condition and we've
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record dating back about 20 years. we are continuing to gather new information in this story. be sure to tune in tonight at 11 11:00. for complete coverage. >> absolutely. that's it for news 4ment nightly newses is up next. have,a nice, warm saturday night. on this saturday night, high stakes. a big night in po tics. the results n a critical test for the outh and powerful tribute at the funeral of supreme court justice antonin scalia. thousands of studthts at public universities worried about hir their futures. caught in the middle


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