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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  February 24, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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path of destruction down south. >> we have storm team 4's dave price. >> we have of course watches just south of our viewing area and high wind advisories. look at this line of severe weather. this is a typical outbreak you'd see in april, stretching about 550 miles. it's moving about 55 miles per hour at this point. what it's going to bring us is very, very heavy rain and quick moving rain and high winds at the same time. the rain is the secondary issue. the winds are going to be upwards of 55 miles per hour, progressing towards us through the next several hours. as we head to about 8:00 tonight, that's when the roughest weather is going to come in our direction, hitting new york city at about 8:36, rolling through fairfield county, working to the north and northeast. we've going to give you specific areas to be concerned about and what we think the path and
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squall line but several other areas of severe weather will be and how it will impact you. we'll go area by area in a little while and have your full forecast as well. that same system that dave just showed you is responsible for five deaths and dozens of injuries all across the south. two of those deaths happened within the last three hours in waiver ly wave waverly, virginia. down south, though, the cleanup begins. first light revealed the utter devastation from a powerful storm system sweeping across the southeast, spawning tornados from louisiana to florida. hardest hit, a mobile home park in louisiana where 150 trailers were reduced to rubble. >> it was probably the worst area that that tornado could have hit. >> to the east in pensacola,
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neighborhood took a direct hit. >> we barely made it to the bottom floor. then we started hearing things ripping apart. we're fortunate to be alive. >> more than a dozen tornadoed reported across the region, destroying homes, over turning semitrucks and ripping apart brick buildings. >> it was so scary. it was just unreel al, the sounds and watching things fly around in your house. >> the indiscriminate nature of tornados are tough to predict, their destructive nature hard to comprehend. >> tornados have a mind of their own. they'll jump over housing areas or jump over the house you're in to destroy the house next door. so that's what this tornado did. >> a night of terror for those in the storm's path with more tornados possible as the system pushes east and up into the mid atlantic region. now you can count on news 4 to
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changing weather with our nbc 4 new york app. download the nbc 4 new york app on the app store now. it does seem that we are talking more and more about slashings here in the city. and we do have others to tell you about. this time a teen was attacked out of nowhere in brooklyn. >> reporter: the 18-year-old was walking right here in the area minding his own business when suddenly a man and a woman snuck up behind him and quickly demanded all of his money. he tried to run away and that's when they slashed him in the face. a stunning attack on this block, an 18-year-old slashed on the left cheek with a sharp blade. another slashing makes headlines.
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i live around here and my child goes to school. i feel really bad. >> reporter: you don't have to tell this worker about slashings in the city. he's a victim and returned to work today after being slashed earlier this month. >> he opened the door and he have the knife and got him from there. >> reporter: the nypd says there have been 567 stabbings and slashings this year, up 21%. seven have been random, which is little consolation for many people, include ing this victim. the nypd just on the scene here. they've been looking at surveillance crams ameras across the area. live tonight in cypress hills. we move now to an alarming situation in queens where police say a 45-year-old man pulled out
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you could see here reginald clark approaching the officers and pulling out the replica gun from his waistband at the jamaica station air train. police arrested him without incident. chloric clark says he is bipolar and off of his medication. tonight the fairfield university community is going to talk about race. a forum has been scheduled following reports of what was described as an off campus ghetto party. fairfield officials say the culturally insensitive party happened saturday night. the university says it's working with students and diversity officers to investigate. and they're working to determine if any students should face discipline. a new jersey lawmaker is giving teens a reason to raise a glass. he wants to lower the drinking age. >> still ahead, why that could spell trouble for the state's budget. and the driver who hit and
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how much time he'll spend behind bars. also, lester holt has a look at what he's working on for 6:30. >> still more worries over exploding air bags after a senate committee uncovers what it says is falsified data from the bag's maker. we'll also hear from the wife of donald trump in a rare tv interview. and emotional testimony from the father of sportscaster erin
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band of rain are sweeping through the tri-state and in pockets it's coming down pretty heavy. tonight it's going to pick up with damages wind gusts aacross our area. on long island the driver who hit and killed a 12-year-old boy will spend six months in jail. that is a sentence that's not sitting well the child's family. >> reporter: a memorial remains at the corner where zachary ranfield was killed in 2014. the 12-year-old was walking to school when he was hit by a driver with a suspended license. that driver austin soldano was sentenced today to just six months in jail. >> it's not enough. six months is not enough. >> reporter: zachary's mom
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soldano faced charges only for driving with that suspended license, a misdemeanor. not even his checkered driving record impacted the sentence. between 2011 and 2014 he was arrested for dui twice, reckless driving and unlawful fleeing. >> 12 years old and he's lost his life to someone who didn't think the laws applied to him. >> reporter: soldano apologized in court. he'll serve about a year in jail after also being sentenced on an unrelated dwi charge. >> he obviously doesn't care. if he did, he wouldn't have continued to do the same thing over and over again. >> reporter: zachary's mom says she'll lobby for tougher penalties for unlicensed driver who is kill. that legislation has failed to win approval in the state
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>> we miss seeing zachary coming down the hallway with a big smile on his face. his brothers miss him every single day. you've heard of touch ids for your smart phones, but what about a similar technology for smart guns. that is what brooklyn college students are working on right now. the goal here is to develop viable smart technology that would allow weapons to be fired only by an authorized user. similar designs already exist. the nypd has agreed to help test out the prototypes. the incentive here is $1 million for the college that comes up with the best plan. are some foods too upscale for certain new yorkers? up next, we're going to tell you about the new law in the works that would ban certain people from buying things like steak and lobster. plus, a man's pocket explodes into a fire ball. up next, what caused this and
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a new york state lawmaker is pushing a plan that would limit what people can buy with food stamps. state senator patti richie wants to ban purchases of junk food like cookies and candy and luxury items like steak and lobster. all of those items are available under the snap program. senator richie has introduced a bill that she says will help low income families make healthier choices and protect fax pay er taxpayers from abuse. dave? >> unfortunately the answer is no, we're just beginning to gear on up. it's deceiving because if you
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many of us are in a little dry patch right now where there's just moderate to light rain rain falling. look at this area and you can see tornado watches in effect including areas just bordering our viewing region right around the trin on the enton area. the number of lightning strikes in the last 15 minutes, over 300. it is just beginning to work its way into the region. so what do we have and what do we need to know as we head through the rest of the night? first of all, if you take a look north and south, a long line of tornado and thunderstorm warnings. severe weather is within the realm of possibility. we just need to keep our eyes open for that. what are we going to see certainly? high winds. we're seeing the gusts begin to pick up right now and through early tomorrow morning we're going to see gusts upward of 50-55 miles per hour, stretching as far eastward as suffolk county and the twin forks of long island, as far north as fairfield and all the way down
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inland new jersey. wind gusts beginning to perk up just a little bit. 26 at newark, 35 at jfk. it's going to be bumpy as you go up or come down to one of the new york city airports. wind gusts are what's causing the delay at the airport for many of you. and that in addition to low clouds cover bringing delays at la guardia to over an hour. 55 degrees in the city and pretty warm everywhere until you head to the far north and west. look at those temperatures right now. in white plains, 64. 62 in bridgewater. this is what we're concerned about, these strong pockets, these strong cells rolling through along with these high winds. as we head to 9:00 tonight, over to the west, this is that pocket of severe weather which is going
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10:00, 11:00 tonight, rolling right over the city and pushing to the north and east. by tomorrow morning it's all out of the way. that's the good news. keep in mind as we head through tonight, very very windy conditions. we could see power outages. every calm tomorrow. the weekend looks spectacular. mid 50s monday. e-cigarettes are said to be better for your health than tobacco tobacco. but tonight we're hearing from a store clerk who watched unblow up in a man's pocket. the battery in the e-cigarette exploded. it happened so fast no one seemed to know what was going on, especially the man working behind the counter. >> i just thought shs what was that? you have a bomb in your pocket?
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>> the man ran outside. the clerk followed him with a fire extingisher. the man suffered second degree burns and is expected to recover. a bronx family said they filed the paperwork, but they still found themselves saying better get baquero. here's linda back with quero with deadlines you need to know. >> we're talking about tax exemptions for property owners. if you meet certain qualifications you could get tax breaks worth thousands. for decades now this is the how is this family has called home. lorraine's parents are now over the age of 65 so they filed for the senior citizens home exemption and other tax breaks. as she was pouring over paperwork, she realized -- >> somehow he lost his senior citizen exemption that he had on
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so i sent out a couple of e-mails and called a couple of people and no one could explain to me why it was removed. >> here are the exemptions they applied for, basic school tax relief. to qualify your total household income must be $500,000 or less. with enhanced star you must be 65 or older with income less than 84, $500 50. $84,500. veterans who served during conflict. the exemption ranges from a few thousand dollars up to 81,000. >> they got a discount of duo two-thirds. >> in the past they had applied and received the senior citizens exemption or dhe.
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older with a combined income of $37,399. after getting all these tax breaks in the past, the family wondered why they didn't show up on recent tax bills. >> we've over paid, i want to say close to $2,000. >> lorraine and her parents asked news 4 for help. >> see why the exemption was removed and, you know, how quickly they can move forward on the appeal so we can get this back in place for my parents. >> good news for them. we contacted the new york city finance department after a thorough review, problem solved. they reinstated the boeft enefits. they were granted enhanced star and the senior citizenings exemption for the last tax year. they do need to reapply for this year for those exemptions. and for all exemptions you must apply by march 15th with your local assessor.
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july 1st. >> send an e-mail to better get baquero at nbc new from now on, every who reaches out will get a response from the team at our new consumer investigative center. coming up next, a proposal that some may find hard to swallow. >> reporter: a new jersey lawmaker suggests the drinking age should be lowered to 1. and sibila is here with a look at what's new tonight at 6:00. >> an i-team exclusive, explosive claims about the nypd's quotas from an active officer, results in an equally explosive response from
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. want to remind you the deadline to register your child for prek in new york city coming up quickly. you're looking at live pictures. right now, education experts standing by to answer any question you have. the experts available to talk to you in both english and spanish until 7:00 tonight. turning 21 is a rite of
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finally old enough to have your first legal drink. >> i can't remember the last time i had anything alcoholic. >> reporter: in 20-year veteran of new jersey's lower house says he preferred a diet dr. pepper to a scotch and soda. still he believes any legal adult should have the right to make that choice. >> if you're adult enough to buy a house, adult enough to vote for the person who's going to have his or her finger on the nuclear trigger, you should be adult enough to walk across the street and get a six-pack. >> reporter: the proposal to lower the drinking age from 21 to 18 has tapped a nerve in new jersey. >> the bing drinking that goes on could be because they don't have access to it, it could be because they're so young they don't know the consequences of it. >> reporter: mothers against drunk driving says the answer is in the statistics. >> 4700 teens die a year from
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other legal drugs combined. lowering it could be dangerous on our roadways, could be dangerous for our young people because their brains aren't fully developed. >> reporter: new jersey could lose millions in federal highway funding which is tied directly to the drinking age of 21. though this liquor store owner could stand to gain economically, he says the price is way too high. >> you can understand the college kids are already drinking under age and there's a problem there. so we don't want it to be here and then getting into a bigger problem than normal. i don't support it. >> reporter: the debate has yet to reach the floor of the legislature and the sponsor even admits that could be a long time. that will do it for us. we thank you for watching. live from studio 3c in rockefeller center, this is news 4 new york.
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severe weather, dangerously strong winds and pounding rain. storm team 4 is tracking the threats. plus, an explosive i-team exclusive. we interview the nypd officer who claimed he was pressured to meet quotas. volunteer wrestling coach is now charged with sexually abusing a student. blustery rain today is threatening to become a dangerously powerful storm system tonight. severe weather thunderstorms are possible for most in the tri-state. >> the weather is already being blamed for manhole explosions in the streets of elizabeth. rain and snow melt washed so much snow melt into the drains that power lines corroded. >> our biggest problem tonight is going to be the wind. there will be bands of intense rain also, but we are tracking thunderstorms that stretch from washington, d.c. all the way
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line tonight with wind gusts between 45 and 55 miles per hour. expected in our area, the worst midnight. right now we have some patchy and moderate showers with heavier showers now over parts of warren county, new jersey. this is the line we're tracking moving into eastern pennsylvania down to washington, d.c. and south. they already have severe thunderstorm warning for d.c. philadelphia at 7:43. and over new york city around 8:45 tonight. we're seeing wind gusts increase around the area. we're going to see 40, 50 and maybe 60 miles per hour gusts as we go through the evening. by 9:00 the winds will be at their strongest, still pretty strong up around midnight and diminishing after midnight across the area.


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