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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  February 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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breaking news tonight in new jersey. a major fire in newark. we are live at the scene. >> the nypd once again mourning one of its own, tonight, an officer killed in a crash on the new jersey turnpike. why a familiar cruise ship
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heading home yet early again. >> we want to get right to the breaking news we were talking about off the top. several buildings on fire on west runyon street in newark. what have we learned? >> reporter: the good news is that the fire is officially out. we learned this in just the last half hour. check out the scene behind me. you can see firefighters are still on scene here, mostly babysitting at this point. what is now thankfully a calm scene, but it did not look like this a short time ago. let's show you some video of what west runyon street looked like earlier this evening. we had three buildings with smoke and flames pouring out of those buildings. officials are still trying to figure out how it all started. but they were eager to praise the quick thinking of a good samaritan. his name is devaughn murphy. i spoke with him. and he told me he was simply walking down the street here when a woman came running out of the building, asking for help.
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said her husband was still inside. devaughn said he didn't think twice about it. he ran right into that building to pull the husband out, an elderly gentleman. but listen to how devaughn explains what happened. >> when i ran inside, the whole kitchen was on fire. he was standing in the kitchen. he didn't want to leave out of kitchen. so when i, when i was pulling him out of kitchen. he said no, i, i, my wife. but your wife is already downstairs. she's one that told me you were upstairs. i dragged him, put him over my shoulders and brought him downstairs and drug him out of the house. >> that was a brilliant move for a firefighter to do, let alone a citizen. >> reporter: he said he didn't do something heroic, something simply human. the fire chief begs to differ. no one was injured in this fire, not the elderly couple or anyone else living in the other buildings. there are 20 people who have
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and the fire is still undere investigation. reporting live from newark, ida siegal, news 4, new york. new jersey state police say they've tracked down the driver of a car that killed a nypd officer earlier today. it happened on the new jersey turnpike in liz bem elizabeth. vincent was off duty and got into a car accident. >> reporter: officer vincent harrison worked out of the 100 station precinct house. tonight this precinct, his family is in mourning after an early morning hit and rush crash. outside the station there's black bunting as his family deals with the awful reality sinking in. >> the last time i saw my son was yesterday, 12:30 in the afternoon. and now i have to deal with this. >> reporter: that's the voice of a mourning mother who just lost her youngest son. glenda harrison did not want to
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>> it hurts. vincent is very well loved. very, very well loved. >> reporter: she's still in shock of the and the reality is just starting to set in. still the proud and loving mom wanted to share more about her son, 25-year-old vincent harrison. >> you couldn't ask for a better kid. >> reporter: harrison died early sunday morning on his way home. he and another driver got into a minor crash near newark airport. harrison had just gotten out of his car when he was hit. he died soon after. >> we felt safe in the neighborhood, just knowing he live there and he's a police officer. and every fourth of july, he'll have a little gathering. he'll have the flag out. it's sad. >> reporter: harrison joined the police department about a year and a half ago, following in the footsteps of his older brother. his family gave us these pictures. a mother now left with the memories behind these photos,
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sudden death. >> after his brother went into the police department, vincent was 14, but it was something that, you know, he wanted to do. >> reporter: tonight we know police have tracked down the driver in this hit-and-run crash, but no charges have been filed as the investigation tens. we're live in rockaway beach tonight, i'm ray villeda, news 4 new york. just weefks after getting slammed by a nasty storm, the anthem of the seas is dealing with more issues tonight of the company says it's returning to new jersey early. this wednesday because of yet another storm. we also found out about a nor owe virus. >> more trouble on the water for the ann them of the seas as royal caribbean announced the cruise ship that left port in bay grown seven days ago will return because of bad weather. and cases of nor row virus are
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>> you definitely want to be safe, and that's the bigger priority for us. >> reporter: tonight i talked to the honeymooners. the couple from geneva, new york told me they found out about the weather and early return last night but staff informed them about the norovirus just a few days into the trip. >> everybody's required to washing their hands, sanitizer, before they go to eat, when they use the restroom. >> reporter: they told me staff s been cleaning non-stop. and the couple's been able to enjoy most cruise activities as normal. royal caribbean told us in a statement the decision to return home was based on avoiding forecasted gale warning weather conditions along our original itinerary. this comes weeks after the same ship was battered in a wild storm. we watched these videos from on
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as for the nor owe virus, they say they've averaged nine to ten cases per day from a total population of 6,000 people. those affected are responding well to over-the-counter medicine. the newlyweds said they were looking ahead to the stops ahead but they're all about an abundance of caution after what this ship went through before. >> we'd rather shall safe than have to worry about a crazy storm or something. it's disappointing. >> reporter: now they told me that royal caribbean has already reeved them for excursions they had planned for the end of this week, and they were happy to hear they're also getting credits for future cruises because of that early return. tonight the nypd is on the hunt for a person who opened fire at a subway in brooklyn. this happened last night in crown heights. police say it happened just after midnight. 22-year-old deandre lee was standing on the southbound
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late teens approached him. one pulled out a gun and fired hitting him in the stomach. >> it's super scary. i have no idea how i'd react. this is my stop. i'm here every day. that's crazy. >> police still don't have a blow motive, whether it was a random attack or if lee was targeted. if you have any information, you're asked to call police. a dangerous weekend for pedestrians in new york city. at least five people were run down by hit-and-run drivers. three have died. they're unrelated, but they are raising questions about the effectiveness of the city's vision zero campaign. jose contreras had just finished celebrating his sister's 80th birthday. the video is the last time his family would see him alive. he was killed.
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he, he happy. you know. in this moment, you know, i can't, i can't describe this home right now, you know? >> a couple hours later, early this morning, another pedestrian hit near sixth avenue and prince street in soho. soon after that, another man was killed in south ozone park. the police say the victim was taking things out of the back seat of his car when he was hit on 111th street. the driver took off. >> the people who pass by -- >> minutes later, a bicyclist hit near ninth street and fifth avenue. the video shows the man on hess bike, and you can see a car taking off right after. police now searching for the driver of that gold sedan seen traveling northbound on fifth avenue.
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his sneakers and jacket on the floor. >> four hit-and-runs, three deaths and a council member in the bronx says one growing issue. safety on city streets. >> we are letting the drivers know that it is not too late for being responsible here. >> the fifth hit-and-run today happened at guy brewer boulevard. a 22-year-old woman was critically injured and police are now looking for a gray mini van. if you have any information on any of these hit-and-runs, please call the nypd. also new tonight, just a disturbing find in a washington heights park. police want to know how a horse head wound up there. a woman made that discovery around 11:00 this morning. she told police that she noticed a sealed corona box while walking in the park and decided to open the box.
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fruits and a can of soda. it is now being investigated. ted cruz and marco rubio stepping up their attacks as super tuesday primaries and caucuses draw near. one poll shows trump with leads in georgia and tennessee, but cruz is ahead in his home state of texas. cruz and rubio are trying to derail trump's momentum. hitting him on his refusal to release tax records and kkk leader duke. >> it suggests there's a bombshell there. >> we cannot be a party that nominates someone who refuses to condemn white supremacists and the ku klux klan. >> trump says he doesn't know anything about david duke and cannot say whether he wants his support.
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clinton is looking to build on saturday's landslide in south carolina. she has a huge lied over bernie sanders, actually in the three key states of georgia, tennessee and texas. clinton already seemed to be moving on from sanders and focussing on the republicans. >> they're not interested in more infrastructure. they don't want to invest in clean energy. so we're going to have a great debate about this when it comes to the general election. >> not only are we fighting for super tuesday. we're looking ahead to california, the largest state of all, new york state, we think we're going to do well. >> on super tuesday, more states vote and more delegates are at stake than any other day in the presidential campaign. a rocket launch tonight, but things did not go as planned. >> and also, a little girl lost in the wilds of montana has been found. a very wonderful update coming up. erica? well, we have a cold front
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your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. a somber service tonight for the victims of thursday's deadly shooting spree in kansas. community and religious leaders joined hundreds to light candles and pray for the three people
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cedrick ford opened fire inside excel industries in hesston. his girlfriend now faces charges for giving him the guns used in the attack. a man will face charges for killing a pastor during sunday's services. they say he shot his brother as he walked to the pulpit this morning. those shots could be heard over the choir singing. the congregation, of course, ran out in terror. police are trying to figure out the motive there. an autopsy on the pastor will be performed tomorrow. in virginia, police are mourning the loss of one of their own shot and killed on her first day on patrol. 28-year-old officer ashley gwen don. was shot and killed. ro
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shot and killed his wife. the two wounded officers are expected to make a full recovery. the last memorial of the kalamazoo shooting victims was remembered. friends and family remembered mary joe nye of an a uber driver went on a shooting rampage. services were held for four victims yesterday, including nye's sister-in-law. police say in between the shootings, he drove for uber. an amber alert tonight is over tonight in the reported abduction of a 4-year-old montana girl. macy lily went missing around 9:30 friday night. she is alive and well, but they won't say where she was found. witnesses say they saw a man take her while she was playing in a park on an indian reservation. authorities now questioning a 20 year old suspect in the child's disappearance.
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charm for the space x launch. the launch of the communication satellite was scrubbed just before 7:00. it's not clear if it was due do a shift in the water or high winds. but takeoff was scrubbed on wednesday and on thursday. the company wants to land a rocket on a barge so it can be reused. >> things have to be perfect. >> yeah. >> speaking of perfect, today was just about there. >> yeah! >> hard to do any better, especially this time of year right? we did have a little bit of a breeze. and it's because of an advancing cold front that will bring us a quick shower in the morning until about noontime and we're dry in the afternoon hours. the mild temperatures are going to remain with us through midweek. and then we'll see temperatures sliding back to where they
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right now it's 43 degrees in farmingdale farmingdale. line we're long island, temperatures in the 40s. 51 in midtown, 39 in bridgewater. cooling down inland where we have clear skies. the wind starting to diminish. but here comes the cold front that will stir them up again. you can seat rain in bands here, and that sht trend we are going to see on future tracker. 7:00, we're still dry in the immediate metro area, but the showers start to push toward us. 9:00, starting to move from the catskills down toward the hudson valley, also moving toward the 80 and 78 corridors, moving past as we head toward noon. so looks like the timing for the showers in the city will most likely be between 9:00 and noon. and then in the afternoon, everything pushes off to the east, and we have a dry commute home. so it will be a very, very short-lived shower chance. but wednesday is a different story. a coastal storm is going to
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conditions as well. this coastal storm is not going to bring us any snow. but then the colder air moves in behind that system, and that could bring a flurry, maybe a snowshower. but it looks like their system will dive to the south. the models are starting to converge on the idea that this one's going to miss us furtherer to the south and mid atlantic, maybe to the carolinas and not bring us any snowfall whatsoever. overnight tonight, still 45 degrees, that is warmer than our average high this time of year. it is going to be breezy, though. and as we head into the morning hours, we'll see the showers start to arrive. north and west they hit first. 46 degrees as you're waking up. up to 50 degrees by noon and tons of sunshine with 55 degrees at noon. by noon you'll see rain and showers with a high of 52, reaching a high of 55 in the afternoon. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. just a little cooler but still
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on wednesday, the coastal storm will bring us a couple bands of heavy rain. maybe even a thunderstorm and windy conditions. colder air moves in behind that. on friday, our high temperatures will remain in the 30s. but, as i mentioned, no big winter threat here. just a few flakes, if that. if that. we're not looking at much at all. >> we're happy with that. >> this weekend only. >> what is there to complain about? it's february. this next story will either make you want to wake up at 5:00 and hit the gym or never go again. more than 1,000 people scaled 66 flights of stairs here at rockefeller center. the climb to the top is an annual fundraiser for multiple sclerosis research. this is the eighth year people have gotten up very early, the top of those thighs burning to do this on a sunday morning. you know how that feels? 66 flights. >> for such a fantastic cause, good job, all of them.
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and a little later, a lower drinking age in new jersey? one law make there says it
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we have to start with the knicks here. >> we are. if the knickss have any hope of making the playoffs, they have to string some winds together fast. tonight the slumping ball club hosted the miami heat at the garden. after being lamed by the nets, he was off to a flying start with his new team. dwyane wade throws it down with authority. then in the second quarter, it's wade, setting up rookie josh richardson for the monster alley-oop. miami led by five at the break. the knicks tried to keep it close.
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stod mire scores inside. the knicks fall. in college basketball, seton hall hosted xavier who knocked offer villanova on wednesday night. it was all pirates from the get go. wheat head goes up top to desi rodrigues. then gordon gets out of the break and finishes strongly to put seton hall up by4 12 4. desi had a high. and a trifecta from south orange avenue. wow. seton hall had their signature victory as they make it eight wins in their last mean. 90-81 the final. >> what about the quality of today's win?
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obviously, xavier's top three in the country. anytime in late february you can get a win against such a talented and ranked team, it really helps everything, whether, you know, it's ncaa tournament or the fact that you're playing against great teams, getting big wins. >> i remember someone asked me why i came to seton hall, and i said just wait. no better response than that. >> how sweet is this victory? >> sweet as sugar right now. meanwhile, st. john's was crushed at creighton, and down by 31 midway through the second half, the hall-of-famer was tossed by the officials as the frustration of an 8-22 season boiled over. 100-599 final. the 4 1-point loss ties the largest in history. still a power play with a big trade.
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another year, another blockbuster strad by the rangers at the deadline. today the blues acquired eric stall from carolina for two second-round picks and the prospect. so the rangers are going forward again. and eric stall joins his brother in the lineup. he tallied 50 points or more in ten consecutive seasons, owns a stanley cup ring and an olympic


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