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tv   Today in New York  NBC  March 3, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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right now a blast. a homemade explosive hidden under a rental car. what we learned about the investigation overnight. plus, on the run. what sent an nypd horse galloping leaving a trail of destruction through one of the busiest areas of the city. new this morning, specifics about what the commute would look like if there's a new jersey transit strike. "today in new york" starts now. good morning everyone. it's thursday morning, march 3rd. i'm darlene rodriguez. i'm michael gargiulo. let's check on the forecast with chris cimino. you have a change. >> quite a change. almost 30 degrees colder this morning than yesterday morning. we're in the mid-20s in the city. down to 26 right now. same in larchmont and secaucus. still wind out there. the temperatures feel more like 16 in central park. feels like 15 in jfk. windchills towards the north.
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like 8. 12 in white plains and 12 in monticello. the wind will ease through day. we're starting out with a good deal sunshine. we're watching this system in the midwest right now to bring a little bit of snow overnight. how much? still a question mark. looks like the main track of the storm will be far enough south to spare us big snow around here. today, no snow to worry about. just cold. bundle up. temperatures starting out in the 20s. only in the 30s this afternoon despit some sunshine. first check of the thursday morning commute. good morning, lauren scala. >> good morning, chris cimino. good morning everyone. we have an accident on the fdr drive headed northbound by 71st street in the right lane. in new jersey, this is leftover from an earlier accident. there are guardrail repairs on the turnpike. that's northbound after he can it 14. not causing a delay. more weather and traffic ahead
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>> thanks, lauren. new this morning, a clear outline of what new jersey transit riders could expect. the contingency plan could add a lot of time to your commute. tracie strahan is in secaucus where the specifics will be laid out today. >> reporter: we're expecting to hear that in a few hours. news 4 has learned exclusively that they plan to set up five bus parking rides at several locations in the trains aren't running. your first look at the planned agency. north and central jersey. including met life stadium, the new jersey transit's ram i station on route 17. the metro park parking garage and the hamilton rail station in mercer county. new jersey transit came up with the plan to accommodate the hundreds thousands of people taking the train into manhattan each day.
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strike for next sunday, march 13th if an agreement is not reached on that wage increase. roughly 2.6% each year for the next six. new jersey transit keeps on saying that that wage hike along with rising health costs could force that agency to pass on costs to the consumers. that's something that would force yet another fare hike. in a few hours, we're expecting a press kfrps at secaucus junction including the interim director of new jersey transit and heads from the state d.o.t. darlene, a lot of people are trying to weigh the cost benefit ratio saying do they want a fare hike or rather the trains keep on running. back to you. >> tracie strahan, thank we you. a portion of the long awaited transportation hub at the world trade center does open to the public today. it's the $4 billion transit center. only path trains to the center and 11 subway train lines. it will start at liberty and church streets at 3:00 this afternoon.
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open over the next few weeks. there's more than $75,000 square feet of retail space to get stores to get in there. that's going to open later this year. as new yorkers, many of us have seep it all. what happened in times square yesterday may be the first. gunny the police horse was spooked during rush hour. bucked a sahr yent off his back blocks. officers caught up with the runaway horse at a parking garage near 7th avenue. he did do some damage. he knocked mirrors off of a taxi and an uber. >> came into the garage and started doing a two-step. i guess he was tell everybody to get out of the way. >> he ducked into the parking garage because it was familiar to him. sometimes they drap off their horses there when they go on break. it's so sad. >> don't want them to be scared.
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they get spooked. i was driving to work one day and saw a horse. i don't know if it was from a -- they're in a concrete jungle. >> gunny is okay now. it's 4:34. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. we want to check in with chris cimino. apparently the temperature goes below 50 in the winter. >> yeah. we have to deal with that? you unfortunately, yeah. not that much longer. only a couple of days before we get out of the chill. we're seeing windchills in the single digits and even teens across the area throughout the early morning hours. getz better by this afternoon. sunshine will mix with high clouds and watching the possibility of light snow after midnight. the morning and evening commute, no issues other than the cold. right now it's clear. 26 in the city. we've seen colder numbers north and west. with the wind out there, something breezy throughout the day. the first half of the day, the temperatures back to the upper 30s this afternoon.
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we have a big warmup in the seven-day forecast. let's see if the commute is pretty quiet. >> it's still pretty quiet. we have changes for mass transit commuters. delays in both directions on the d train because of switching problems. overnight track maintenance on the 2, 6, a, d, f, g and j lines. expect delays and changes on those. if you're getting on the buses, detours on the b 62, b 48 and b 100. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect today. the next weather and traffic update on the 4s. >> thank you very much. in the bronx, there's a very unusual investigation. an explosive found underneath a car. this happened in the pelham-based section. we've learned about what investigators have found. katherine creag is there. we understand you have new information on this. >> reporter: yes. investigators are working on the belief michael that that device was planted in the wheel well of the car and that the man inside the car was targeted.
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aftermath of the investigation that happened here. it was a loud explosion. we have video of what appears to be the aerosol can made into an explosive that went off. it was surrounded by yellow evidence markers. inside the red car was a 24-year-old man and his girlfriend. law enforcement sources say the man has a criminal history as many as 14 arrests. some for burglary. both people survived the explosion but were slightly hurt. where we are, this is on roberts avenue close to bruckner boulevard. night. police did find a second aerosol can made into an explosive device. that did not go off. both were in the wheel well of a rear tire. michael, as you saw there, nypd involved in this. the fbi also taking part in the investigation although investigators don't believe that this is terrorism-related. back to you, michael. kat, thank you very much. also new this morning,
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a gunman who put a 91-year-old brooklyn woman in a choke-hold. investigators say he followed the woman into a building in park slope. once insood, he pulled out a gun, he robbed another victim who walked in on the robbery. and then ran off with hundreds of dollars. a long island investigation is under way after a man accused of ducking out on a restaurant bill died while running from police. it happened at an applebee's restaurant in elmont. three men ran out of the applebee's without paying. officers chased the gold chevy until it crashed into a guardrail and the men got out and ran. they eventually kaud marquis bernard and christopher pettaway. a third man, marlon patton was taken into custody as well. he died shortly afterward. police insist there was no struggle. >> the officers at the scene observed defendant patton become lethargic and unsteady on his
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symptoms that would indicate a medical distress. >> a medical examiner is working to determine payton's cause of death. it's 4:38. turning to politics now. donald trump going after mitt romney before romney has a chance to attack him later today. >> i want universal coverage. i want everybody in massachusetts to have insurance. >> they described romney as a -- >> romney is expected to call on fellow republicans to rally around other candidates. donald trump backed mitt romney's presidential bid. tonight, the remaining republicans will debate once again, this time in detroit. a hometown candidate will not be there. dr. ben carson. yesterday he withdrew saying he does not see a path towards winning the nomination. status of his campaign is uncertain. meanwhile, ted cruz, marco rubio expected to make their case, each saying they're the only viable alternatives to donald
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>> we won the state of minnesota, picked up a lot of delegates. >> head to head with donald trump, i beat him and i beat him resoundingly. >> so republicans now looking forward to this saturday. a whole new number of states, among them, kansas and kentucky. both primaries and caucuses. democrat hillary clinton was in town yesterday raising money fresh from her strong super tuesday showing. >> elton john and katy perry headlined a fundraiser last night at radio city music hall. before that, she held a labor rally in manhattan. she was on stage with her family to in front of a sold-out crowd of supporters. >> yes was super tuesday. tonight is super wednesday. >> if you come out to vote here in michigan on primary day, we're going to win here in michigan. >> opponent bernie sanders was at michigan state university
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that state holds its democratic primary on tuesday. fascinating story from space to earth. astronaut scott kelly is back home in houston. doctors will see how a year in space affected his health. just arrived in texas a couple hours ago. people welcoming him. it was his twin brother mark was there. they will be compared by doctors for the development of differences and on his arrival kelly praised the space program. >> it's in our dna of our country to explore and we must never stop doing this. >> one thing the doctors already noticed. scott kelly came back to earth yesterday two inches taller than his brother mark. >> what? >> i'm going to space. this is from the effects of weight lessness. unfortunately, we're told, darlene, he's going to lose that extra height once gravity's effect fully sets in. >> you're not being compressed
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>> i've been compressed, let me tell you. like really compressed. it's 4:41. just ahead, new information about the 7-year-old. we talked about this story yesterday. the 7-year-old hit by a stray bullet. the decision his family has made. >> i honestly karnt can't believe i'm sitting here today. >> an interview with two nypd officers shot at point-blank range. what they remember about that night. storm team 4 tracking ugly weather. your weather and traffic on the 4s is coming up. don't forget to follow us on facebook and twitter and instagram, darlene4ny. michaelg4ny.
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we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. including one-hour arrival windows. we'll also tell you how long our visit will take pbefore your appointment starts. it's 4:44. four things to know. contingency plans in the event of a strike.
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commuter news. part of of the long awaited transportation hub is open today. this massive structure, it's known as the oculus. >> target recalling more than 12,000 of these love mugs. they're labeled at microwave safe but they're not. they can catch fire. chick-fil-a is giving a challenge to families. put away the phones while eating. families who do that get free ice cream. >> not a bad deal. let's get a look at weather and traffic now. temperatures are back to what winter is typical of. in the 20s this morning in most of the area. sunshine to get us started. clouds late. period of light snow overnight into friday. right now, it still looks like a glancing shot from the storm. i'll have more details in a second. the weekend looks quiet too. temperatures rebound back to the 40s. hope well junction at 20. 19 in rhinebeck. that's the actual air
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low 20s from stony kill to vails gate. long branch at 27. wind kicks in, feels colder. windchills in the teens in the city. 16 is what it feels like at jfk. towards the north and west, windchills rose. 8 in newburgh. bundle up. the hats, scarves, that's the best advice. you know the drill at this point. clear sky overhead now. we start out bright and sunny, high clouds drift in later ahead of this system out to the west. notice where the brighter areas of orange and yellow are. that's the main energy for the storm. it's further south and could work in our favor. it will take the track eventually further south. if you followed my hand, we'd be dealing with the big snow. it goes further to the south on the northwestern side of the snow shield. we can see that on future tracker. 12:00, under sunshine, high clouds drift in towards the evening hours.
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light snow from the south. not heavy snow. just light snow overnight into tomorrow morning's commute. it breaks up a little bit as the storm takes control offshore. watch what happens. that snow goes further offshore. again, we're on the cusp in the city. best chance of accumulation here. maybe an inch or two. the snow persists there a little bit longer. in terms of snowfall accumulations, this is a computer model. this is what we're looking at. half inch to an inch or so. greatest amounts eastern long island. an inch along the immediate jersey shoreline. that is tomorrow and into midday. after that, things dry out. we could see a sprinkle or snow flurry. that's it for the weekend. then look what happens. 54 monday. 61 tuesday. 68 by wednesday. 70 within reach in some locations. big, big changes.
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>> that's amazing. not for traffic. the good news, we had guardrail repairs on the turnpike and the car lanes. we have the belt parkway shut down westbound. there's a vehicle fire there after exit 11. flatbush avenue. this is a spot to avoid. heading over to staten island, shut down with an accident in both directions between the staten island expressway and father capodanno boulevard. on the fdr drive, an accident heading northbound by 71st street in the right lane. that's not causing any kind much delay. you need to move your cars today. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. more weather and traffic ahead on the 4s. >> thank you, lauren. police are scouring one neighborhood for surveillance video in their search for a hit and run driver who critically injured a senior in a motorized vehicle. the victim was hit by a small suv crossing the street yesterday in bensonhurst. nearly slammed into a teenage
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>> he was going so fast that i had to back off because -- because he knew what he did. he was running. i immediately ran to the guy. he was barely moving. >> the crash is the latest in a stripping of hit and runs in the city. in an eight-hour span on sunday, two pedestrians and a bicyclist in three boroughs were all killed. a nudge woman charged in connection with a deadly hit and run is back at home. this is new video of johana rosas-alvarez leaving jail after making bail last night. she's accused of filing a false report on an suv that hit and killed a mother and daughter in west new york. 7-year-old sheyla pichardo died. alvarez and her boyfriend driving the suv pleaded not guilty yesterday. happening today, one of the three teenagers arrested in the rape of a 16-year-old girl on long island is expected to be sentenced. 18-year-old jose cornejo is facing up to 15 years behind bars after pleading guilty to the crime.
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18-year-old joel escobar forced the girl into a wooded area near brentwood golf course last year and raped her. a third teen was a lookout. expected to be sentenced in may. happening today, four suspects charged in the shooting death of a pitching pro pekt in yonkers will be arraigned. nash juan hunter from the bronx is charged. he fired the fatal shots that killed michael nolan in a burger king parking lot last september. three others face assault and weapons charges. 4:50 now. you may notice more police officers during your morning train ride. mayor de blasio and the top brass with the nypd announced that more officers will be patrolling at all times of the day. the department is moving forward with an upgrade to its radio system. right now the police officers who work the streets will go into the subways, they lose their signal and they can't communicate with other officers
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aboveground. a queens man will spend his life in prison trying to gun down a police officer. john thomas was convicted of shooting the officer in 2012. the sahr ergeant survived. his dna was on the gun used in the shooting. thomas' lawyer claims her client was framed. two nypd officers were shot while out on patrol speaking exclusively to our i-team. this officer was shot in the face, his partner, cruz, was hit below her vest. both spoke to chief investigative reporter jonathan dienst. they were patrol at the melrose houses and ran into malik chavis. >> i told him to remove his hands from his pockets. at that moment, that's when he fired. >> the only images that i
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the flash of the muzzle going off. >> afterwards, chavis did kill himself. both can't wait to get back to the job. in new jersey, the 7-year-old boy shot by a stray bullet inside his paterson home is mofrg with his family. they are headed to a shelter in clifton while they look for a new place to live. his mother told the bergen record they are afraid. a bullet flew through a window and struck jayden in the shoulder monday evening. he's expected to be okay. but that gunman is still on the loose. it's 4:52 now. still to come, a first at the st. patrick's day parade. who is marching this year for the first time? break-in at a florida home. whoo a stay at home dad did as soon as he saw that.
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become on this thursday morning, a gator trying to cool off icked a florida family's pool. the 300-pound gator sat at the pom for a while. the stay at home dad checked on it. he called a trapper to come and get the alligator out. >> the trapper looks like he's in flipflops. not a big deal. >> i guess they're casual about that in florida. >> that's how it is. >> you're having lunch, then you trap the alligator. >> i'm going to have a cool beverage. >> some sort of enclosure nearby. >> where do they put it? >> probably in the back of his car. >> they know what to do with their gators. obviously. there were no gators up here. but more winter for a couple of days. then a big change next week. emphasize today, the cold, unfortunately.
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is up shine and high clouds later on. day will build on in. temperature in the upper 30s. 7 degrees or so below normal. on the brisk side. down in the single numbers and teens throughout the area. you have to bundle up. thickening clouds in the evening. snow arriving in the form of snow showers and light snow after midnight. most cases with a low of 30. we could see a dusting in most areas. maybe an inch or so. possibly higher amounts if the storm gets going faster. the weekend planner, nothing more than a sprinkle. otherwise, back in the 40s over the weekend. moats of the daylight hours -- most of the daylight hours. nice warmup big time next week. plenty of overnight track work on the subways. we'll start with that. the ones listed here are affected. expect delays and service changes. we'll look outside at the george washington bridge. inbound things are moving nicely. outbound lower level, you have construction out there. not causing a delay. where we have issues, belt parkway.
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the details coming up in a few moments. >> lauren, thank you. westchester medical center is expanding. it unveiled plans to build a new building next to the current one in valhalla. the new center will offer outpatient care and create new space for doctors' offices. it's expected to take two years to build at a cost of $230 million. >> ex trans care employees are suing the company after a mass firing. trans care ambulance workers say the company illegally fired them without cause. another ambulance company hired at least 70 of the former employees. they operated in the bronx and manhattan and served more than 200,000 people in the lower hudson valley. the company recently filed for bankruptcy. governor cuomo has penned an opinion piece that gives workers 12 weeks of paid leave. governor cuomo writes it would cost employees nothing because
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deduction from employers starting at 70 cents per paycheck. probably cost employers nothing, funded by the employees. according to cuomo, if brings fairness and decency to workers so they don't choose between caring between a sick child and relative and maintaining basic financial security. an investigation is under way after her 6-year-old special needs son walked out of school undetected. we're told the boy strolled out of ps 108 around 10:00 a.m. tuesday morning, managed to walk all the way home crossing three dangerous streets. his mother claims it took the school 37 minutes to notify her. but the department of education says the school followed protocol and immediately notified police. since he was elected mayor, de blasio will be marching in the st. patrick's day parade. the mayor is dropping his two-year boycott of the parade. now that guy and lesbians are
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they declined to march because no such groups were allowed in. only one group from nbcuniversal was allowed to march. the drug lord known as "el chapo" wants to be extradited to the united states and as soon as possible. joaquin guzman's lawyer claims he's desperate to get away from the harsh conditions he's being subjected to in a mexican prison. >> they're waking him up every four hours and allowed fewer visitors. they say the extradition process could take at least a year. >> south korea's denouncing what it claims is the latest aggression by the north. officials in seoul say the north fired missiles or artillery this morning. those projectiles landed in the sea. it's a reaction to tough new u.n. sanctions. >> it's coming up on 5:00 a.m. if you're headed out the door, take us with you. >> download the "news 4 new
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our next hour starts right now. right now. a homemade bomb goes off underneath a car. what we've learned overnight. >> plus new this morning, exclusive details. what your commute could look like if there's a new jersey transit strike. >> overnight the nasa astronaut spent a year in space. he returns to the united states. the change that was immediately noticeable. "today in new york" starts now. >> good morning everybody. it's 5:00 a.m. on this thursday, march 3rd. i'm michael gargiulo. i'm darlene rodriguez. chris cimino is here with the forecast. good morning. >> good morning. colder morning. just about anywhere you go across long island, down to 24 in farmingville. 26 in selden. same thing in sayville. north and west, even chillier. lower 20s to upper teens. monticello at 18 the cold spot. along the shore long branch. the windchill in central park now 15. we've seen windchills north and


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