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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  March 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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. now at 11:00, a super saturday for ted cruz and bernie sanders both scoring two victories. a violent fight caught on camera. tonight, a good samaritan nearly dead after trying to help one of his employees. plus, a father and daughter were forced to take a hard landing when their plane crashed miles from home. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm natalie pasquarella. >> and i'm rob schmitt.
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held in five states altogether. ted cruz took kansas and maine tonight. donald trump won in louisiana. trump is the winner also in kentucky. let's take a live look right here of donald trump addressing his supporters. >> and i am the one person, the one person, trust me, that she does not want to run against. >> saying the same thing as he has before, the one that should take on hillary clinton in the general election. donald trump right there live for the democrats. bernie sanders won both kansas to hillary clinton. so bernie with a big night. nbc's chris pallone has more. >> reporter: on super saturday, texas senator ted cruz picked up at least 17 delegates winning the kansas caucus and 12 more by winning maine.
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super tuesday election results, the last two debates together has been more and more unifying republicans behind our campaign and that is a very, very encouraging sign. >> reporter: cruz picking up a symbolic win, too, a gathering of conservatives in washington. florida senator marco rubio got a warm welcome at cpac as well and used his appearance to slam front-runner donald trump. >> being a conservative cannot simply be about how long you are willing to scream, how angry you are willing to be or how many names you are willing to call people. >> reporter: cpac is usually a peace offering for the delegates hoping to win the nomination. trump skipped the conference to go to florida where a big county of delegates is up for grabs in just ten days. >> if we win florida, it's over. >> reporter: democrat bernie sanders was hoping to pick up momentum.
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caucuses but clinton countered with real estate sounding a resounding win in louisiana. >> we all know the stakes keep getting higher. and the rhetoric we're hearing from the other side keeps sinking lower. >> reporter: republicans have a primary in puerto rico and democrats caucus in maine. with contests in hawaii, idaho and michigan following on tuesday. chris pallone, nbc news, new york. >> now, here is the schedule for tomorrow. republicans hold a primary in puerto rico. democrats caucus in maine. on tuesday, contests are being held in four states. hawaii, idaho, michigan and mississippi. tonight, exclusive video of a violent fight that left a party store owner fighting for his life. martin raced to help one of his employees when he was beaten with a metal pipe.
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at the hospital in elmhurst where his family is holding a vigil. >> reporter: family members say he was trying to help a friend in trouble and in return he was brutally beaten with a lead pipe. tonight, we have new video which sheds light on what happened leading up to the assault. >> a violent attack on a queens sidewalk. >> you want to find out [ bleep ]? >> reporter: this exclusive video shows a man screaming threats and anti-mexican slurs at another man for four minutes. >> [ bleep ] out of this country. >> reporter: a second man joins in. it's unclear what started the argument but it turns violent fast. >> don't talk to me like that [ bleep ]. >> reporter: family members say this is 34-year-old martin coming out of his store to help his co-worker. he tries to diffuse the situation. then the attacker turns on him.
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so it was two guys against one. >> reporter: the two men come after martin with a lead pipe and martin grabs something to defend himself. he was brutally beaten with the pipe. witnesses call for help as they saw the attack unfold. >> that woman, i can't describe how it feels because it's a human. you can't do anything about it. >> reporter: this family member, who asked to stay a anonymous, says he is in critical condition. he owns this supply store. he was working late editing videos. >> always smiling and it's sad. it's really a tragedy. >> reporter: police combed the scene for evidence to identify the attacker. they say they do have a man in custody. meanwhile, family members are praying for martin. what do you want people to know about martin?
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really deserve this. he's a real generous person. >> reporter: and friends and family say they believe the second man seen with the attacker in the video should also be arrested. at this time, police say they are not seeking a second suspect. we're live outside elmhurst hospital, news 4, new york. >> michael, thank you. new tonight, candles, balloons and tears in brooklyn for a buffalo state student gone too soon. lord i lift your name on high >> families and friends gathered to remember bradley, the student athlete who died last month. police are looking into whether hazing at the fraternity house may have played a role in his death. many relatives spoke about bradley. one of them with strong words for the administrators at buffalo state. >> you failed horribly. you did not do your job and as a result a child that left his
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education returned to them a corpse. >> buffalo state suspended the fraternity. investigators are still awaiting the toxicology results that could answer questions about bradley's death. well, tonight, new details on a small plane crash involving a father and daughter on long island. police say that a special feature on this plane, one that you may not have even known existed, likely saved their lives. >> we've got problems. we just lost the engine. >> reporter: louis and his daughter were visiting colleges today. >> we got very lucky. >> reporter: they were flying from the university of rhode island to farmingdale when a worse nightmare for many of us became a reality for them. >> the engine died and i pulled the parachute and landed. >> reporter: their plane flying 2,000 feet in the sky loses power and is going down. >> advise traffic he had to put
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>> reporter: the father and daughter able to bring the plane down outside of an office building. >> the unique aspect of this crash is that this plane has a parachute. personally, this is my first time learning of that. >> reporter: you can see the parachute that saved them sitting on top of the building. >> we never expected to have a problem like this. >> reporter: incredibly, they are both okay. louis walks away with just a cut on his head. >> reporter: it appears that the parachute feature of this plane is what saved those two individuals' lives. >> when are you going to fly again? >> we'll see. we'll see. it's a scary day. >> there have been other cases where a parachute on a plane has saved lives. in 2013, this plane crashed in connecticut. the plane lost power and the pilot deployed that chute and all three people on boardwalked away without injuries. it's amazing.
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what thousands of transit workers are fighting against one week before they are threatening to walk off the job. and a health scare for director and actress lena lena dunham. what landed her in the hospital. and i'm storm team 4 meteorologist erica grow. can you believe we have 70s in the seven-day forecast.
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well, now the latest on a new jersey transit union ready to go on strike. thousands of workers rally together at a park in woodbridge. they've been working on a contract for five years. the railway wants them to pay more of their insurance premiums but the workers say they would wipe out their pay raise. >> you want to be compared to metro north, long island railroad and mta. we want to have the same side that they are having. >> reporter: the unions and nj union will meet on monday. if there's a strike, 100,000 riders will need another way to get into the city.
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at his new job in texas. thousands of people turned out today to remember the officer at a memorial in texas near dallas and responding to reports of shots fired in a park. the suspected killer was shot and killed by officers. friends say hoffer left new york and went to dallas to be in a safer city and start a family with his fiancee. >> you are one of a kind. you are loved. you are missed beyond meaning. i adore everything about you. i am proud of you. >> the officer's funeral is monday at st. patrick's cathedral in new york city. all right. coming up here, if you're tired of this cold winter, we've got good news. hello spring. erica has details coming up next.
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a health scare tonight for actress lena dunham. an ovarian cyst ruptured. she will have to have surgery. she stars in the hbo series "girls." all right. we're really ready. >> one more cold night and then we'll start to see the cold
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as we head into the work week. a very weak disturbance moves through. this time of year, that's still chilly. much milder weather moves in for the work week. 27 degrees in fairfield. same temperature in reading. still at 35 in midtown. 30 in newburgh but below freezing for the entire area. same for midtown manhattan. light flurries and snow showers. you can see that approaching through the poconos and along 33 in the lehigh valley. here comes the rest of the system. we're going to rebound into the 40s in the afternoon tomorrow so it's still going to be cool but then the surge comes during the
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a big ridge buildings in the up i'per atmosphere and plus we get a south and southwesterly flow. those two elements combining to let an unabated warmth move in. we soar into the 60s. we could see a couple 70s as we head into the middle of the work week. overnight tonight, don't be surprised if you see a few flurries. 32 for the overnight low. south winds at 5 miles per hour. no windchill tonight. tomorrow, break in the clouds from time to time and then a little bit more sunshine with a high of 46. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. upper 50s on monday with plenty of sunshine. on tuesday. a high of 64 degrees and partly cloudy skies. wednesday is the winner. lots and lots of sunshine. a high all the way up to 70 degrees before we start to cool things down. but this is what i want you to notice. no big cool down after the front
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which is still above normal for this time of year. the springlike pattern is making its way known. >> winter is finally losing the war. >> finally losing the war. i can't believe it's already this time of year. an early show of irish pride. the 41st annual rockaway st. patrick's day parade. >> the sound of bag pipes filling the air as the annual event started off there on 129th street. big crowds dressed in green and sporting kilts and shamrocks. if you think irish pride is over, think again. the st. pat's parade takes place tomorrow in sunnyside. >> and watch the big manhattan parade on march 17th starting at 11:00 a.m. >> that will be a lot of fun. john chandler has sports.
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know where to get started. college basketball coming up into also, two reasons why the yankees should feel good about their future. also, you would think the knicks without one player would be a recipe for disaster. that's next on news 4. i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for shady brook farms
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it's been a rough week/season for carmelo anthony. missing the game winning three against boston last night. tonight, melo wasn't going to lose. dropping 16 of the last 19. hitting the three from the left side, knicks go up nine in the fourth and then a jumper from the right. knicks go up 11. carmelo with ten assists. it adds up to a nix win, 102-89. mets in minnesota. these two teams at the bottom of their respective conferences.
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the difference was pretty simple. mets shot 48% from the field. the wolves shot 68%. towns had himself a night. six rebounds for the jersey native and the nets fall from 132-118. march madness is under way. the first team to punch a ticket to the big dance, an hour later, yale wins the ivy league. the bulldogs beat columbia, 71-55, behind 22. you celebrate like this when you haven't been to the ncaa tournament since 1962. a 54-year drought snapped. they shared the championship with harvard but lost to the playoff game. what a scene. earlier today, it finally happened, rutgers won a conference game. opening up against minnesota and never looked back. mike williams led the way with a
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this one felt good. 75-52. the victory over the gophers. this snaps a 32-game conference losing streak. a conference win for st. john's who fell to providence, 90-76 at the garden today. and jaspers lost to sienna. seton hall at the big east next week, the ncaa is looking pretty good in their future. depaul couldn't simply stop him. shot clock winding down. he beats it. goes for a career high. 33 points and capping the regular season with an 86- season
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farleigh fdu advances to pay wagner in the championship on tuesday. let's talk baseball. yankees played against the red sox today. it was the top two prospects that really did the heavy lifting at the plate. boston's backups, up 1-3. off the scoreboard in left center. the 20-year-old speedy and ran right out of his helmet before settling into the home run trot. two on and three coming home off the bat of the 6'7", 275 judge flexing some muscle. he got the three-run homer. yankees beat the red sox, 6-4. mets in kissimmee facing the astros. yesterday and inside the park a
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this ties the game up at one. mets go on to win 3-1. training. that wraps a very busy saturday. >> a lot of stuff going on there. >> you got it. " up next. week. >> maybe 70s this work week. >> geez. >> i'd love that.
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