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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  March 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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it crossed over the southbound lanes and mounted the sidewalk, striking three teenagers. >> reporter: car parts still scattered on the grounds of an apartment building where the car crashed through an iron fence. >> arrested a man driving on a suspended license since 2012. >> anything that he was on, if you're going to do stuff and you're going to drink, take a cab home. you're killing innocent people out there. >> reporter: many believe the motorist who did this had been drinking, law enforcement sources tell us they are investigating a report that patterson had been doing drugs earlier. >> people shouldn't be allowed to drink and drive. look what happened. my friend just died. >> reporter: you can see the ball lon oons going up. as for bail for eric patterson,
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at a million dollars cash. he's facing up to 30 years in prison. coming up at 6:00, 4 investigates looks into what can be done and will be done to try to make these streets safer here in north bergen, union city, bayonne. new at 5:00, a new delay in the etan patz case. pedro hernandez's second trial was supposed to be today. but the lead defense attorney has hurt his back and may need surgery. jury. police say hernandez confessed to strangling etan in 1979. police are searching for a
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leaving work three months ago. why are police just now learning about her disappearance? >> reporter: sibila, she hasn't been seen for three months, but wasn't reported missing until this past friday. investigators spent the weekend out here digging up concrete in the front yard searching for any sign of her after her husband and daughter left the country. the nypd now guarding her home. her front yard a pile of rubble as investigators search for any clues in her mysterious disappearance. >> they've been in and out of the apartment. >> reporter: the 30-year-old nurse was last seen december 8th leaving her job at bellevue hospital. but wasn't reported missing until march 4th by a coworker.
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daughter left the country. her next door neighborhood says he hasn't seen his neighbors in a few months but he's surprised to hear ramon is still missing. >> december 15th. and he told me watch my house because i've got to go to my country. >> reporter: so far a search of the home has turned up nothing. safe. >> scary. hopefully they find her. >> reporter: and we reached out to bellevue hospital, but a spokesperson had no comment. police are asking anyone who may have seen ramon to give them a call. in connecticut, a plea deal in a prom date nightmare. christopher platkin pleaded no contest to fatally stabbing his classmate in the hallway of the
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for the sanchez family no sentence is consolation. >> you lose your daughter like this, there's a hole the size of the grand canyon. there's nothing that's going to fill that hole. to say he's satisfied with anything, not going to happen. >> the plea deal calls for a 25 year sentence. but since he was a minor at the time of the murder, connecticut state law makes him eligible for patrol after 13 years. a police officer accused of illegally firing his gun outside a 7-eleven while off duty will now go to a grand jury. dante gordon got into an argument with another man last month and got into an argument. bullet fragments injured the man and he failed to report it right away. a shocking revelation from
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she says she failed a drug test at the australia open in january. the five time champion made the announcement at a news conference. she tested positive for meldonium, a heart medication. it recently became a banned substance in december. she says she didn't know, but she should have. >> i take great responsibility and professionalism in my job every single day. and i made a huge mistake. >> the wta has not yet announced a penalty. sharapova who's currently sidelined with an injury has not competed. a fair rewell to a former nypd officer killed in texas. hundreds of officers from the nypd and across the country
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patrick's cathedral today after he died last week in the line of duty in the dallas/fort worth area. today he had a huge showing of support. >> we had a big showing of nypd guys down in texas, so we wanted to do the same thing and come back up to new york. it's a brotherhood. >> friends say that hofer left new york to be in a safer city to start a family with his fiance. decision 2016. it looks like ted cruz will be on the primary ballot here in new york after all. a judge dismissed the lawsuit challenging the texas senator's eligibility because a deadline had passed. at the same time after a busy weekend, the candidates are continuing their push with another round of primaries and caucuses set for tomorrow. after a hard hitting debate -- >> he was against the auto bailout. >> bernie sanders accuses
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his word to win michigan tomorrow night. >> the only problem with her assertion is it is categorically untrue. >> clinton leads after splitting wins over the weekend, with michigan and mississippi up next. clinton is hoping her rival will get behind her if she wins the nomination. on the republican side, donald trump has a healthy but not yet insurmountable lead. >> you know, i have more than you, therefore i should get it. go out and earn it. >> that's exactly what trump hopes to do as he heads to a critical week and a half. >> raise your hand, i wear i'm going to vote for donald trump next week. >> fighting off illness, ted cruz battled for votes in mississippi, while marco rubio is in survival mode with no virtual hopes of winning if he
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polls show trump holding a sizable lead in michigan which provides the first big test of midwest. two sources close to former mayor michael bloomberg says he president. she could not have been more gracious and more charming. the words today from president obama as he reflected on the passing of nancy reagan. in washington, d.c. today flags were lowered to half staff to honor the former first lady who touched so many lives. more on how mrs. reagan is being remembered. >> flags will be lowered to half staff here in the city as well. that order went out a little more than 90 minutes ago. people are remembering her as a woman with style, class and grace. tributes across the country are pouring in for former first lady nancy reagan. president obama ordering flags
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>> i know how much she meant not just to president reagan but to the country as a whole. >> she died peacefully in her sleep sunday after a battle with congestive heart failure. many saying she redefined what it meant to be a first lady. the first with a real platform in the white house. >> when it comes to drugs and alcohol, just say no. >> even more than any of that, people are remembering the great love affair between mrs. reagan and her husband former president ronald reagan. their son ron reagan, saying she was a large part of what made his dad the man he was, his fiercest protector, his most trusted advisor. >> i think that she knew how to love somebody. and you can do a lot worse than that in life. that's what i think of when i think of my mother. i think of her relationship with her husband. >> mrs. reagan will be buried at
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library in simi valley, california, next to her husband. funeral services will be held at 2:00 p.m. eastern on march 11th. >> extraordinary woman. still ahead on news 4 new york at 5:00, fighting the so-called tampon tax. lawmakers in the tri-state are considering ending the extra cost for women's products and why it could be a tough sell. plus, it is time, he says, a two-time super bowl winning quarterback saying good-bye after 18 extraordinary seasons in the nafl. fl. up next, bruce beck with peyton manning's emotional words. and more news about the warmup for the tri-state area and the possibility of record high temperatures this week. i'll have all the details in the storm team 4 seven-day forecast. still ahead, a remarkable crash landing you'll only see right here on 4.
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governor andrew cuomo: there is an unhealthy income inequality gap that is only growing. if you work full-time you shouldn't have to choose between paying the rent and buying food. i say lift up the working families of this state and pay a real decent wage. we fight until this nation fulfills its promise of opportunity for all and that's what this
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on long island state police arrested a man they say drove drunk and left a social media trail for them to follow. the 33-year-old was arrested early sunday morning after troopers received several calls about a man driving erratically on ocean state parkway. a short time later officers learned he was using the live streaming app periscope which helped them learn his location. >> if it wasn't for the assist assistance of the public, this could have been another tragedy. and i thank all who assisted in removing another drunk driver off of our roadways. >> police say he has a prior dui conviction from 2006. a brush fire slowed traffic
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jewel avenue and park drive east. firefighters knocked it down quickly. traffic back to normal for the evening rush. and the weather, oh my gosh, everybody's talking about it. >> it's the thing to talk about. we're talking about temperatures in the 70s for at least a couple of day this is week. even today, we warmed up a few more degrees than expected. right now we're looking at long beach island. the sky is pretty clear. a few clouds dotting the horizon there, not too many though. keep in mind over the next couple of days with that south wind the shore areas are going to stay cooler than the city and inland areas. central park was up to 60 today. 50 in bridgeport. islip at 4 8 degrees. an early start to spring when
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occur for another couple of weeks. we could see record setting temperatures for at least one day this week if not two for some of us. similar to a pattern we might see in the late spring or early summer. and the winds rotating around that high pressure system will bring in warmer air and keep it dry here for several days. so temperatures are -- the average is about the mid to upper upper 40s. tomorrow we're expecting 65, 72 on wednesday and 72 again on thursday. it's 62 in newark. 60 on staten island. 40s though on the east end of long island where you're getting an onshore flow. see the difference in the wind. when it comes across the land, it warms up. but it's cooler when it comes
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the air is mild. so it will be comfortable this evening with just a few clouds. down to 53 attack, 51 at 9:00. it's not going to be a cold night. tomorrow the ocean temperatures will be a little bit cooler near the shore. inland areas will be up into the 60s and low 70s on wednesday. this could be the record-setting day here on wednesday. thursday we're expecting it to be warm. also, 72 would not set a record for central park, but it's going to be close. here's our seven-day. we continue to climb in the temperature department to thursday and then drops a little bit on friday. it stays above average even into this weekend. a reminder, we jump ahead -- we spring ford one ward with the clocks on saturday night. sales tax on feminine hygiene products could soon end.
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eliminated in pennsylvania and minnesota. some connecticut lawmakers, though, concerned about the loss of revenue. the tax generates $3.6 million each year. and in new jersey as hoboken public library closes for a makeover, bookworms can still get their hands on some good reads at a popup branch at the multiservice center on grand street. the mayor and other officials today held a ribbon cutting for that new place. the new location also has computers and wifi and quiet study areas. >> all kinds of children's programming, programming for teens and adults. they do a fantastic job. we had some additional space open here and wanted to help facilitate keeping it open. >> once renovations are completed at the main branch, it will have an art exhibit space, an outdoor reading garden.
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when i look back at my nfl career, i know without a doubt that i gave everything i had to help my teams walk away with the win. >> he will miss the game and the game will miss him. fresh off his win at super bowl 50, peyton manning hanging up his cleats for good. >> he played the game with flair and he went out with style. and today's end of game speech was both excellent and emotional. peyton manning was prepared and professional as he said good-bye to pro football after a career that was simply off the charts. >> something about 18 years, 1 is a good number. and today i've retired from pro football. >> and with that, number 18 is hanging them up. the most prolific quarterback in nfl history rides into the sunset with a storybook ending,
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after winning his second super bowl title. he retires as the league's all time leader in passing yards and touchdown passes. he made it official at the team's head quarters in denver before a packed house which included current and former coaches and teammates. manning bid a teary farewell to the game he dominated for nearly two decades. >> someone thoroughly exhausts an experience, they can't help but revere it. i revere football. i love the game. so you don't have to wonder if i'll miss it. absolutely. absolutely, i will. there's a scripture reading second timothy 4, 7. i have fought the good fight, i have finished the race, i have kept the faith. well, i have fought a good fight. i finished my football race. and after 18 years it's time. god bless all of you and god bless football.
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life and what a way to go out with a super bowl title. peyton manning's reds may will be impossible to duplicate and his legacy will be sealed when he reaches canton, ohio and the pro football hall of fame. emotional but very elegant and elt constituent eloquent. >> totally class. breaking news right now in new jersey where lanes are blocked on i-287 in franklin lakes after a piece of ventilation equipment fell off a trailer. >> reporter: pretty serious looking accident here. you can see the driver of the week actually on the trailer right there, not injured. that's the good news. but what he was carrying around exit 59 here in franklin lakes was this rooftop ventilation fan. you can see it off to the center, actually blocking both the left and right lanes.
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lakes just near exit 59, just north of it. almost three miles of bumper to bumper traffic approaching and passing exit 57, southbound about two to three miles of delay as well. next on news 4 new york at 5:00, a warning for apple owners. details on what may be the first mal malware targeting apple's system. up next, hear from a woman to receive the first uterus transplant in the united states. tax season here, scams on the rise. how you can be sure you're not taken advantage of. plus, a rising trend among breast cancer patients. more and more women opting for mastectomies but is that really the best decision? new training for nypd
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investigates finds out what these learn officers are learning. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow -
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. we have a consumer alert. a computer security firm has found what's believed to be the first ransom wear attack targeting apple's mac computer passenger. it this targets users of the transmission file sharing software, demanding one bitcoin or about $400 to return the user's files. it's an experimental study that could offer hope for thousands of women who can't have children. today we heard from the nation's first uterus transplant patient. the 26-year-old underwent the surgery last month. doctors at the cleveland clinic say she's recovering well after receiving her new womb from a deceased owner. lindsay learned ten years ago she would never be able to have children.
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allow me the opportunity to experience pregnancy. and here we are today at the beginning of that journey. >> lindsay has to wait a year to make sure her uterus can take a pregnancy. once doctors give the green light, they will perform inveet itro fertilization. walking away from a crash landing, it may sound like a hollywood movie. but for a father and daughter, it's all too real. and now news 4 has the video of this incredible landing coming up. also, will all public bathrooms become unisex now. new york city tackling the details of making gender neutral
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addiction doesn't discriminate. alcohol smoking weed pills crack k2, spice acid cocaine crystal meth heroin this is also the face of hope. addiction is a disease. help is available. visit the new york state office of alcoholism and substance abuse services
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right now on news 4 new york, out of the sky and onto the grass, exclusive new video shows the crash landing a father and daughter were able to walk away from. with jump some bumps and bruises. this all happened on long island saturday. >> getting a better look at the crash itself and the technology that saved their lives. >> reporter: coming in from the east with engine troubles, the pilot deploys the plane's parachute. they're at the mercy of the wind, floating, surrounded by trees and buildings. but he pulls off a lucky landing and it's all caught on tape. it's almost surreal. frame. dropping from the sky,s that an airplane.


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