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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  March 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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but new jersey transit and its union cannot still seem to agree on a new contract. >> workers are threatening to walk off the job sunday morning. without a deal, tens of thousands of peopleu are going to ve to find another way to get around. we're live in newark. >> reporter: good afternoon. i have to admit, we're sighting to see some signs of anxiety and not just from commuters. we were inside that hilton across the street when negotiators from new jersey transit and 11 rail unions went back to the bargaining table around 10:00 this morning. we know that strike deadline is midnight on sunday, but it doesn't look like anyone wants these talks to linger any longer. >> this is the day. this is the day it should happen. >> reporter: that was the mandate from new jersey transit's lead counsel as he walked into the latest round of strike talks. with hours on the clock to prevent more thaff4,000 w
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from heading to the picket signs signs. he says they have what they need to get running. >> those differences have been calibrated with some fair degree of precision. there's not disagreement about that. so it's now time to close those differences, reach an agreement, lift the threat of a strike off of the heads of our customers and move on. >> reporter: the two sticking points that have yet to put talks an ice is the language to be used in a potential agreement between both sides and numbers as the clock ticks closer to sunday's str ike deadline, commuters are running out of patient. >> settle. get it done. >> reporter: david is one of the more than 100,000 commuters now bracing for trains to stop running. he may miss work himself monday if it happens. >> it's tough. everybody got rights. >> reporter: new jersey transit workers including conductors, track foreman and rail office clerks have orked without a contract for the past five
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they're asking for wage increases and changes in health care costs that new jersey transit says they'd have to pass onto commuters. diane hopes the overflow of stranded workers will translate into more rides for her uber service. >> these te them to last until the early morning hours. it still remains unclear what the cutoff for talks today at least would be. live in newark, news4 new york. >> remember stay with us today and throughout the weekend for our continuing coverage of this potential strike. head to or download the news4 app for the latest on the talks. we also have extensive details on what you need to know to get around if a strike is called.
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a small plane just made an emergency landing on a suffolk county beach. th dis is near king's park. rentalgy is in chopper 4. >> reporter: that's right. taking a look at this cessna 152. landed here in kings park right along the beach here. you can see the tracks behind it where it made a landing coming from he water. i understand there were two people in the aircraft. those two people were walking around when the police got to the >> reporter: we just learned the identity of the p allegedly driving that police car. 36-year-old andrew howard
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down this dead end street. he crashed int o quite a few cars here. the tow truck here now about to take it away. some of the cars here were totalled. this gold saturn parked in the path of a pursuit. he was watchingwhhe debate had he heard the crash. >> i heard the noise and another gigantic bang. they hit the car and it knocked it into that red car and that was all the way across the street. >> reporter: the getaway car, a freeport police vehicle driven by andrew howard. cops had pulled him over and handcuffed him. whil poli were talking to the passengers, howard somehow managed to make his way from the backseat to the driver's seat leading police on a chase that ended here, a dead end street where he crashed into a handful of cars. neighbors say police cornered
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>> the one cop pulls his gun out d started yelling at the guy u t get out. >> reporter: the drama played t on this quiet street. pa t is just thankful no one was hurt. >> it is what it is. nobody got hurt. just a car. >> reporter: andrew howard was taken to the hospital. he faces a number of charges. news4, new york. now to brooklyn where the search is on for a killer. a man was shot in the face on lincoln place in crown heights last night. that happened just hours after two teenagers were shot just two blocks away. we're there with new details. >> reporter: more than 12 hours afdar thft deadly shooting that happened here, police are still on the screen. we're zooming into that big oypd truck down the street. this is lincoln place where we are. we've also been talking with relatives of the victim who tell us he was a father to a young little girl toddler age, that he had a lot of friends, but he
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crime scene investigators spent hours at the site where a young man lost his life. a gunman shot a 22-year-old in the head.'sit happened in crown heights on tive of the victim including his uncle seen here lieve he was targeted. people who live on the street where the s oting happened looked out their windows to see a crime scene on their block. >> it's scary to see all these things going on. >> we haven't had something like this happen here for a long time. >> reporter: the fatal shooting happened at 11:30 last night, hours after teenagers ran for their lives nearby on president's street. someone started firing and bullets struck two teenagers in the legs. in last night's deadly shooting, police tell us the victim was walkin. with two others when out of nowhere a shot rang through the air. the victim collapsed. people who live in the area tell us they usually feel safe, but ey realize no neighborhood is
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>> you're never safe from na kind of problem from happening. it's still brooklyn, new york. in this area it's a little surprising. >> reporter: even though this street was closed, it did just open u about 30 minutes ago. we also know the name of the victims -- the victim, but police have not yet released his name officially. we have been in contact with family members. the search goes on for the gunman. reporting live, news4 new york. >> another search is on for the person who stapped a man in brooklyn overnight. chopper 4 was over the scene this morning on king's highway and graves end. the victim in serious condition at a nearby hospital. also police in the bronx say this is the man who posed as a pest control worker while attempting a burglary. it happened tuesday morning in a bronx dale section of the bronx. a woman who lives i the building told police she saw him
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the run after a subway pushing in queens is now in custody. they charged him with attempted murder in saturday's incident. he shoved a 17-year-old girl into the pad of a train. the girl survived because she managed to wedge herself between the platform and the wheels of the train. walling in the only man who can beat hillary clinton, ben carson is today endorsing donald trump. he jumped out of the race of course last week. he says he and trump have buried the hasht tchet and that the gop frontrunner is two men, the one who you see on the stage and the man who considers things carefully. >> i think as the american people, who we are focusing on, as they begin to see the real individual there and those who are helping that individual, i
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comforted as a n c fri d who has the respect of everyone. that endorsement follows a gop debate in miami last night that was more about the issues, less about personal attacks. the four candidates focused mostly on foreign policy, trade, and immigration. donald trump defended his comments when he said islam hates the west. and that drew some fire. >> i mean, a lot of them. we have a serious, serious problem of hate. >> we are going to have to work together with muslims. >> you got to understand the nature of the threats we're facing. >>e. the next four days considered critical for marco rubio and john kasich. they're struggling to keep their campaigns alive heading into their home state primaries in florida and ohio. nald trump is also dealing with questions about violence at hit s rallies. one tr mp supporter caught on video sucker punching a
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he is 78-year-old jon mcgraw and he spoke to "inside edition". >> knock the hell out of that big moh. he deserved it. th next time we see him, we ght have to kill him. >> as soon as i turned, he hit me. it was a elbow. he hit me in my eye. >> the trump campaign insists it is not involved in that violence. trump is also defending his b mpaign manager against charges of roughing up a reporter. trump's camp insistsng it never e happened. we remind you, is your home for everything this election season. all right coming up next at noon, a major low to a popular charity. an investigation undercovers what it was really spending your money on. >> and a major recall of some popular dippers. rafael with the weekend forecast. >> we're looking good on this friday so far. lots of sunshine, but much cooler out there. do we warm up as we head into the weekend?
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>> coming up next on "new york live" at 12:30 from white house fashion to oprah's weight loss, the power women making headlines today. plus, how to take an exotic food tour would it leaving the city. and neve campbell on joining
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>> the funeral of nancy reagan set to begin in just a few hours. she's been lying in repose at the reagan presidential brary. she will be buried there next to her husband. her daughter says every detail of the service was planned by nancy ray began herself. you can watch coverage of the fub ral today on it begins at 2:00 this afternoon. president obama is not attending the funeral and that s angered some critics. instead instead, he's on his way to austin, texasit right now to speak at the south by southwest music festival. the justice department talking tough demanding a judge
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terrorist's iphone the fbi argues it can't get important information from syed farook's phone. he of course one of the san rnardino killers. the stice department told the judge yesterday they just want one phone unlock, but apple argues the consequences of that are dangerous. the wounded warrior project has fired it top two executives over a scandal about lavish ending. the nonprofit group raised more than $300 million last year to help injured soldiers, but it has come under fire by its own employees for extravagant spending. the board says it created an office of the ceo to oversee the organization. >> now storm team 4 meteorologist joining us. >> great weather. just no shorts anymore. sorry about that, guys. transition day today.
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above average. 59 degrees. beautiful shot there. mostly sunny skies around the city. we are rain-free after we had those earlier showers this morning for your morning commute or just before. take a look at the temperature change over the past 24 hours. 15ng on ersey shore. this is in ocean county. also connecticut enjoying that mix of sunshine and clouds. just a great day to be outside. you can see in your weather headlines, we are much cooler. it's a big difference today. it will be a nice start to the weekend, nice and dry. towards the end of the weekend, that's when it gets a little soggy and that will linger into early next week. temperatures down in new jersey
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we should only be in theu ca 48 in monticello. we're in the up ir 50s to low 60s across long island. here's a live look at storm tracker. shows the picture of sunshine and clouds. there goes the cold front sagging off to the south. it's breezy, though. we have winds gusting up to 25 miles per hour in bridgeport. it's a nice breeze as long as you have a light jacket or a sweater, you should be fine. day by day, you want to make plans outside. both days should be mostly dry. we have a little bit of rain late sunday, but especially into monday. tomorrow is just a beauty. 62, less breezy. you do want to get outside and enjoy that beautiful spring feel, and then the clouds build throughout the day on sunday. rain arrives late evening overnight i think most of the day sunday should be dry as
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you can see this is your evening kmiet tonight. heading into saturday, sunshine goes on and on all day long tomorrow. the clouds start to roll in saturday night into sunday. there's a look at the seven-day forecast. don't forget to set your clocks forward saturday night. you lose an hour of sleep. but look rat your sunset time on sunday, 7:01. we have rain and a raw feel on monday, down to 50. that's where we should be this time of year. then we're back to the 60s to near 70 by wednesday. overail, the weekend is looking good. want to get outside. back to you. >> and we will. >> moving onto today's money report, nearly a 1 billion in tax refunds is about to expire. >> let's check in with bill griffith. >> things are heating up on wall reet today. this is the response we might have expected yesterday after the european central bank cut
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staro their economy. ird volatility yesterday, but today big rally. the dow's up a healthy 200 plus points. meantime, the irs says almost $1 billion in unclaimed tax refunds are about to be forfeited all together. these ar refunds due to taxpayer who failed to file a return for 2012 even though they were due a refund. those refunds will be lost forever if returns are not filed by this year's tax deadline next month. the irs says most of the refunds are due to students and low income individuals who failed to fi may swbe thinking that they didn't earn enough money to file a return. they did and they were due a refund. so go to meanwhile, the future is here today. capital one customers can manage their money using amazon's virge assistant alexa.
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account or a credit card, you will be able to use amazon's voice-activated devices like the echo to check balances, transactions, to pay credit card bie lls. amazon promises that more financial institutions will be added to this new service. alexa plays music, reads books, turns house life on and off, orders a pizza for you, whatever you want. no w you can do our banks. i have one. 's pretty cool. >> i hadn't even heard of that. >> you got to get one. it will play all kinds of music for you. >> if my son gets near it, i'll be bankrupt. thank you, bill. have a good weekend. "new york live" is next at something fun for the weekend. want to go around the world tour without leaving the city?
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we've got cool ways to do just that. >> and did she really call the feds on her friend? are talking to kandi burress about one wild season. an neve campbell is here from "house of cards." >> see you guys later. thank you. >> still ahead, i is time, almost anyway, to spring forward. >> there's a little less time for sleep this weekend. we're going to tell you how turning the clocks back could cause health problems later on.
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we have a consumer alert today. nestle recalling nearly 3 million of it frozen meals. the company says the 14 recalled products could contain small pieces of glass.
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for details on the specific items, go to we're all losing an hour of sleep this weekend. experts say it's a good time to remind yourself that you should probably be sleeping more. there's a new survey that found nearly 75% of employees yawn their way through their workday. and that is before they lose an hour when daylight saving time begins on sunday. it leads to an increased risk for certain cancers. good luck with that. >> adults should get between seven and nine histories of sleep each night. ev.3ery time we do that story, it stresses me out even further. >> we'll be right back. many peceople clean their dentures with t tthpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope,
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>> look at this. a memphis tv station didn't let a power outage stop their show. it was just before their 10:00 newscast. so staffers did quick thinking. the crew grabbed their cell phones and a couple flash lyings and thanks to facebook live, the show went on. the meteorologist even drew a picture of the week's weather forecast. now we have to figure out what facebook live is.
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lure sexual predators found on a children's toy. we'll tell you how a mother found out. what are you putting in your coffee? better get baquero for the health differences between the sweetener packets. >> for breaking news and weather updates, go to or just download our mobile app. >> "new york live" is next. have a fantastic day and a wonderful weekend. all across america families are coming back to time warner cable for lewhole new experience. so fast even the kids are impressed. oh she's impressed. we're catching up on movies and shows on demand just as fast as we can watch them. twc's home wifi is so strong we can use all our devices at e same time. come back today. you'll get 100 meg internet,
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for $89.99 a month. and now, get a $300 reward card.
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en hey, everyone. welcome to "new york live" and happy friday. did this feel like a long week to you? >> yes, it did. >> it's about to get shorter too. the clocks. >> we just shouldn't do it. >> leave our ocks >> as is. >> we'll see you late next week.


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