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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  March 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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tomorrow for st. patrick's day. we'll have your parade forecast coming up. expanded service, cheaper commutes, more jobs are just some of the promises mayor de blasio made today as he announced plans for the first city wide ferry service in more than a century. service expected to launch in 2017. additional routes are expected to launch in 2018. how much is all this going to cost to create? andrew? >> reporter: well, chuck, 4 investigates has learned that they're already building the new docks. that will cost $55 million. as for operating the expanded ferry service, that will cost taxpayers $30 million a year. the mayor says it is well worth it because it will be vastly improving the commute for thousands of new yorkers.
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rings a bell thet's because mayor de blasio has long said the east river is an answer to mass transit problems. >> we've got the most obvious solution staring us in the face. >> reporter: today the mayor announced a deal with horn blower, the boat company that will soon operate ferries to and from neighborhoods poorly served by trains. >> they need to make that so it could be a better commute for everybody. >> this city is constantly doing construction and shutting down train services. it might be a really good option. >> reporter: one of the new routes won't start until 2018 from the southview section of the bronx to the upper east side. a new terminal from bay ridge brooklyn and then an area where residents have been demanding ferry service out in the rockaways. those millions lower the price
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per ride next year. there will be no free mta transfer to trains and buses. and new york water taxi said they will have to shut down. >> they are creating a monopoly that's going to stifle competition and will put us out of business. >> this is how i survive. >> reporter: the city said that's just sour grapes from a company that lost the bid and yet hovered around today's announcement. >> we are so honored to be selected for this amazing opportunity. >> reporter: and the mayor saluted one of the men who will be ferrying passengers. >> you're right out of central casting. you look like a captain. >> hopefully i am. >> reporter: now, one item that's no laughing matter, the may mayor's office said if the new
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their job, the city will do whatever it can to help get them employment with the new ferry system. it looked like rockland county was under siege. scores of fbi agents and local police raiding locations looking for evidence in an ongoing fraud investigation. are they still going on right now? >> reporter: at our location the raid wrapped up in just the last 40 minutes. i want to take you across the street here and show you where it was going on. this private home right here, fbi agents were here for hours upon hours pulling out boxes with evidence. and the raids were happening all over rockland county. chopper 4 was in the air and captured images from multiple locations. the agents hauling out boxes of evidence. the fbi confirms they have conducted sweeping raids at more than a dozen locations including
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they have removed boxes of paperwork and equipment from both private homes and businesses as well. it is part of an ongoing corruption investigation in predominantly orthodox jewish communities. the fbi won't say what the nature of those investigations are. but it involves the misappropriation of federal money that is supposed to be used to buy technological equipment for educational facilities. it's called the e rate program. the fbi is looking into whether locals have been misappropriate prate ing millions of dollars. >> i seen a whole bunch of like patrol cars and a few people with fbi jackets. it looked like they had a battering ram to open up the door. once i got there, they were already leaving with a few like computer equipment and a few
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>> reporter: again, the raid here wrapped up not long ago. sources say they don't expect any arrests to happen today. eight months after a horrible limousine crash took the lives of four young women touring long island wineries with their friends, a grand jury decided the limo driver should be charged. prosecutors say the driver should not have made a u-turn across a busy road. a truck slammed into that limo. the impact killed four of the women. the other four were seriously injured. the truck driver was drunk and speeding but he's facing only minor charges. >> he failed to take any precaution or any action to make sure he could safely enter the
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he continued to attempt to make his turn without stopping. she has long been a suspect in little timothy's disappearance. opening statements beginning in the trial of the woman charged with killing her five-year-old son in new jersey nearly 25 years ago. brian thompson was in court today to see what happened. >> reporter: as testimony opened this afternoon, a picture of timothy's skull was shown to the jurors. it was the opening statements that set the tone for this trial. michelle entering the courtroom to a dramatic surprise, the blanket found near her son's body 24 years ago. >> dumped. five-year-old timmy as though he was an unwanted piece of trash. >> reporter: video of the
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police searching the carnival where she says she lost him. the evidence that reopened this cold case, the blanket that three former babysitters identified in recent years. >> no other killer could get. it came from her home. >> reporter: her defense team showed jurors a series of pictures depicting a happy boy and a loving mother. a kindergarten graduation robe bought just a week before he went missing. >> michelle is not the monster they want to paint her as. >> reporter: police arrested her at her florida home nearly two years ago. the state admitting it does not have dna proof to connect her to tim timmy's death. >> character assassination. she was a bad mother. >> reporter: the prostitution seize prosecution seizing on that
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>> a mother's instinct is to protect her child. a killer's instinct is to lie. >> reporter: from the prosecution, all evidence points to michelle. from the defense, all evidence points to speculation. this trial could go on for as long as two months. a brooklyn mother accused of drowning her toddler faced a judge today. 24-year-old lynn lee is charged the murder, manslaughter and child endangerment. police say she put that child in a container full of water, holding her under until she was unresponsive. lee is due back in court on monday. tonight three people recovering after a robbery at a hotel on the upper west side. police say two men walked into the roadway. they say they robbed three
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their wallets and cell phones. >> there's always a fire department here. there's always something going on in this hotel. it's very cheap and you know -- i mean, i'm not saying -- but it just doesn't belong in this neighborhood. >> the employees who were robbed were taken to the hospital with head injuries. coming up, it was built to protect their homes from storms. so why are new jersey shore residents in brick suing over this storm wall? plus, a new study reveals the healthiest and unhealthiest counties in new york and new
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in jackson heights queens getting action after finding a faulty elevator in her building. she says when the door opened, there was no elevator there. she luckily was able to stop her kids before they fell down the elevator shaft. the building management says they called crews to fix the elevator after the complaint was made. a consumer alert. be on the lookout for ticket scams. there was an offer making the rounds on facebook for free six flags tickets if you refer three friends to visit a website. six flags says these offers are a scam. the website you're asked to click on has a virus and the surveys are a way to gather your information. where you live could have an impact on your health. >> tonight we're getting a look at a study that shows the bronx is the unhealthiest county in the state of new york.
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more likely to die early than in any other county. the study blamed tobacco and drug use, poor indict, diet. >> according to the report the healthiest county in sarato saratoga. >> coming up when we return, it was david bowie's studio of choice whenever he was in the
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protesters making a strong statement outside of trump tower in midtown. gun control advocates staged a die-in today. they were protesting trump's statements that he could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody without losing support for voters. democrat lester holt joins us now. we're going to have the big news from washington on the supreme court nomination. also tonight, the high cost of cancer drugs is already a huge challenge for many patients. now there's a pretty shocking study that says 3 billion worth of those expensive drugs are wasted. >> these are life saving, expensive drugs. why are they tossing them? >> in many cases companies package them in doses larger
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consumers are paying a lot of money for drugs they can't use. the ramons, nora jones, lou reed, just a few of the names to lay down classic tracks at the magic shop. now it's being forced to close down. >> it's a little odd that i'm present at my own funeral. >> reporter: steve rosenthal packs up the magic shop, his soho recording studio. it's closing after nearly three decades and four grammys. >> the music industry itself is in such bad shape. that's a component of why i have to close as well. >> reporter: he's just a guy from the bronx, trusted by the
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classics and by david bowie with a secret. bowie cut his last album here at the image ib magic shop. >> this funky brown guitar is going to go to the rock hall. >> reporter: it's not the edgy back alley that once reflected the city's music scene. >> i think if you went to bush wick tonight or astoria, there's probably amazing music going on. i worry about the kids out in bush in bushwick and astoria. >> it's not over. it's just harder. >> reporter: one last look around. >> it's called the magic shop but it really is a magical place.
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try to keep the place. sorry. yeah. so you know i did everything i could. >> sad to see it go. >> yeah, sad. in new jersey tonight several homeowners are suing the state. >> they're upset about a steel wall built to protect their property. these photos taken just over the weekend. now several homeowners in brick say they can't even use the beach in front of their homes because of severe erosion. they also argue they were never compensated for the loss of their property. some updates on where those thunderstorms stand. >> they're advancing closer to the city. we've been tracking these storms
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it is stormy in the hudson valley. we have seen some rain off to the south across staten island. it's been dry in manhattan for now. as we head you could see this is our look at orange county. spring like warmth. this is the line that we're tracking. showers, lots of lightning. these storms have a history of producing some small hail and also winds gust up to 0 30 miles per hour. we've been dry in manhattan for now. but you could see these storms advancing into the east. they will be moving into manhattan by 6:30. watch out for airport delays
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if these storms hold together, that will be around 7:28 moving into long island. staten island, you have some storminess off to the south. showers and storms this evening lasting until about 11:00. i think the strongest weather is moving through right now. sprinkles a possibility for the parade. not a heavy rain, though. so that's good news. and then a chilly weekend. still holding onto 60s in emerson and in the hudson valley. it is warm in poughkeepsie. 67 degrees. storms head to the east as we head throughout the rest of the evening. maybe a few more showers continue by tomorrow morning. your thursday morning commute is dry. it's st. patrick's day. and the sun is out in the morning. look what happens by the afternoon. another weak front moves through. so showers are back by around 12:00. and towards 3:00 p.m., here is
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cloudy around 11:00. watching for showers any time after noon and especially around 3:00 p.m. it will be mild. temperatures well into the 60s for your st. patrick's day parade. notice the temperatures taken a dive as we head toward the weekend. below average, chilly, maybe a little bit of wet sthoe now sunday night into monday. watch the st. patrick's day parade live here. coverage starts at 11:00. >> sunday is the first day of spring too. >> such a crazy winter anyway. bruce is straight ahead with sports. dickinson is out. but three more local teams are alive. it starts with iona tomorrow. coming up, the gales are in denver. they're talking about stunning iowa state in the first round of the big dance. just how good can the mets
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i posed that question to keith hernandez.
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march madness is off and running. there's two more games in the ncaa's first four tonight. among the locals, fairly dickinson was knocked off last night in dayton. but three more teams are still in the big dance. seton hall and stoney brook play tomorrow night. the gales are the 13th seed in the midwest region. speaking at a press conference today in the mile high city, the gales sounded primed to pull off an upset.
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but we think we're a really good team. we're just going to go in there and play and hope to come out with a win. it's not whether we're an underdog or the lower seed on people's brackets. we're just going out there to play. >> when you're playing top teams in the country, you have to have that special day to beat them. they may be better than us 364 days a year. we just need to be better than them one day. >> what a great bite. in football news the jets signed jarvis jenkins and steve mcclendon. the mets are off today but their two terrific analysts were on top the empire state building to celebrate the 10th anniversary of sny. i talked to them about the outlook for the mets pitching staff. >> i think its upside is the
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probably better than our '86 bunch. they've still got to do it. the potential is there and the -- >> how good could this rotation be? >> best i've ever seen. and i've pitched with some amazing rotations. this is young. under team control and they're all 95-100. it's the greatest group of arms i've ever seen in a rotation ever. the mets released rubin te had jada. march madness is everywhere. even the tournament at yeshiva university.
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what a victory for rasc hebrew academy from miami. now that is madness. >> oh my gosh. amazing stuff. thank you. nbc nightly news is straight ahead. developing news. tonight supreme court showdown. president obama's supreme court nominee revealed as many republicans refuse to even meet with him. an epic battle brewing. trump versus clinton. after big wins, donald trump warns of riots if he's denied the nomination at a contested convention, and hillary clinton now plotting to take him on. an american student sentenced in north korea, breaking down as he's ordered to serve 15 years of hard labor. what north korea says he did. a shocking escape caught on camera. a helicopter hijacked at gunpoint flying


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