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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  March 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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we'll define this more clearly when we see you in a little while and we'll take you through the details . we've been telling you about problems with lead in the water at new jersey schools. tonight 4 investigates what they're doing to protect students. >> reporter: it's important to realize there is no requirement, no law that says school districts must test for lead in the water. just moments ago news 4 new york did learn that the state department of education is reaching out to school districts across the state to see if such a protocol should be put into
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meanwhile, of course, legislative leaders are saying they will push a bill that would require lead testing in all public schools in new jersey. caution tape on water fountains inside jersey city schools. this is not a new problem in jersey city. three years ago, testing found alarmingly high levels of lead in jersey city schools. fountains turned off, water coolers brought in. mothers want that lead out of the pipes. >> a little more action and you know usually things take a little longer than they should. >> reporter: older schools, this built in 1915, you'd expect to have corroding lead shes. issues.
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that still have lead issues. the city is spending 50,000 a year on coolers. >> that's a lot of money every year to put out. >> reporter: it's not just the schools with lead problems. older homes have that potential. 4 investigates finding 68 children have tested positive for elevated levels of lead. >> people think that if they live in a city they don't really care about pointing fingers. they ultimately just want to see it corrected. >> reporter: 4 investigates reaching out to suez water. no lead in the water distribution systems, not in its main service area of bergen and hudson counties. nonetheless, jersey city says it is retesting the water system here. those are the mains that run
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while the schools say they can only offer a full clean bill of health when they have the money to really redo or renovate an entire school, it's just too costly to tear pipes out and replace them. that's why they have coolers or in some cases filters. >> still a lot of questions. of course we've been talking about the concerns of drinking water that began in nearby newark. voluntary testing is underway there for students who want o get check. preschoolers are being tested first because they're the most vulnerable to lead. all of this after lead was found in 30 schools in the newark district. pat battle will be joining us with a full report coming up at 6:00. and 4 investigates looked into how you can lower the amount of lead in your drinking water.
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can take in your own home. avoid cooking or drinking water that's been sitting in pipes by running the water until it's cold to the touch. install of course only lead free plumbing fixtures when you're replacing or repairing your old faucets and old pipes. if you are still concerned about your water, get it tested. dial 311 or send a sample of your water to a certified lab. a grim discovery of the decomposing body of a 78-year-old man was found in his apartment. what else did the investigators find? >> reporter: investigators coming and going from the apartment collecting evidence, of course. right now an autopsy on christopher coolly is underway to determine exactly how he died. even though they're not calling this a homicide at this point,
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his body found in his 11th floor apartment in this building here on 64th and madison by a superintendent last night around 8:00 p.m. police say both the front and back doors of that apartment were locked. the super found coolly sitting on a chair, a lamp at his feet, broken glass and a pillow over his head. the super went to check on him after getting a concerned call from his sister that the 78-year-old -- she hadn't heard from him in a while. again, police awaiting the autopsy results to determine how coolly died and to see whether or not this will become a had had here on the upper east side neighborhood. we're now learning that attorneys for peter liang are filing a motion to have his manslaughter conviction over turned.
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trial testimony that the rookie cop didn't get proper cpr training at the police academy. he faces up to 15 years in prison. nassau county's major case squad says they've captured a serial burglar who's been turning long island businesses into his personal atm. he is charged with hitting at least three businesses but investigators say there may be many more. you spoke with one store owner who was hit twice by this guy, right? >> reporter: as you can imagine, that store owner tonight, very relieved. police are investigate ing several burglaries, as much as 16. they say the lock, specifically the cylinder lock just like this one was removed. and that's how the suspect or suspects got in. >> you know him? >> yeah, i know him. he come before this.
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leads to a disappointed lucy chen. she says this guy stopped by her nail salon and took a card. the next day somebody broke into her business. >> i look. oh my god, there is a hole there. i said somebody stole this. >> reporter: police say it was francisco laboy. >> he's been involved with some burglaries, some controlled substance arrests. >> reporter: laboy is charged in three burglaries. investigators are looking at similar thefts. >> we have to compare and contrast each case. >> generally if you have some decent locks that would often help and some security measures around the locks. >> reporter: security is key here at b & b's lock technicians in farmingdale. the quality of a lock is important and even buying a device like this. >> it's a spinning collar.
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try to put a tool on it, it's going to turn. therefore, you're getting nowhere. >> reporter: we went to laboy's home and spoke with someone who knows him. she did not want to go on camera but says she is shocked at the allegations. lucy told us knowing an arrest has been made is making all the difference. police tell us all the burglaries took place after the stores were closed for the day. new at 5:00, governor andrew cuomo says he will not be returning any of donald trump's money. >> he supported my campaigns. i was grateful that he supported the campaign. i don't support his presidential campaign. >> the new york observer reports that cuomo got $64,000 in political contributions from the
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the east side was a sea of green for its celebration of course of all things irish today. today's st. patrick's day parade also marked a big shift. for the first time mayor de blasio marched that route along with several gay groups finally allowed to show their pride. >> reporter: voices have been heard and not just the cheering crowds that always line fifth avenue. but mayor de blasio's voice in a chorus demanding everyone be allowed to march after 25 years where gay and lesbian groups were not welcome. >> this is a day of peace and a day of reconciliation. >> reporter: the mayor boycotted the parade his first two years in office. but today marched with the lavender and green alliance, a gay rights group carrying its own banner. >> everyone is celebrating together. today the city is at peace and is unified. >> we are so proud to be here. we are so proud to be welcome.
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felt welcome. steven menendez of harlem said police got too aggressive. >> they pushed me. they grabbed me. there's still a lot of tension in the air. >> reporter: backing the mayor's message of inclusion, the police union. >> no matter where you're from, what you do or who you love, a part of nypd and new york city in the st. patrick's day parade. >> reporter: cardinal dolan also helps persuade organizers to drop their ban. along the route, crowds from all around the world. >> it's a great day. we're loving it. >> i'm proud to be irish and proud to be in new york city. they've done an amazing job. >> we have people from all over the world. >> it's about time they caught up with what's going on in the world. >> reporter: the parade's grand marshal is george mitchell,
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>> very proud and hoping he's up there looking down. >> reporter: and back live now, the fifth avenue parade has ended. but fifth avenue is jam packed right now with sanitation vehicles as they begin the task of cleaning up after this historic six-hour parade. we're live in midtown. andrew siff. coming up, more than a dozen people hurt when a high school pep rally takes a frightening turn. up next, the video of how this unfolded. an american college student arrested in north korea and the local fight to bring him home. new jersey state police are alerlt ting anybody planning a trip to cuba. when a driver is distracted. new at 5:30, the major safety advance set to become a standard
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attention parents: before school this september r all kids entering 7tht and 12th grades t must get ther meningococcal vaccine. it protects against serious and sometimes deadly diseases like meningitis. call your health care provider today. learn more at
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it's tuf to ough to watch, an american college student begging
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sentenced to 15 years hard labor over a stolen banner. >> a university of virginia student is inside a north korea prison tonight after that emotional plea inside a courtroom there. across the world in mill stone, new jersey i spoke to the man who's been pushing to free him by spreading awareness online. after pleading for his freedom -- >> please save my life. >> -- he find out he will not be going home to the u.s., instead staying in a north korea prison sentenced to 15 years hard labor for what happened at a north korea hotel. video in court shows the student stealing a propaganda banner from his hotel. he allegedly stole the banner for a member of his church
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north koreans say he's guilty of subversion. >> think of my family. >> it's hard to watch, because being here in america or anywhere else around the world, we do not know what his conditions are like when we don't see him on tv. >> 7,000 miles away social activist david sugarman worries about his treatment. he started a social media campaign to bring him home. he is still confident he will be freed, comparing this situation to one from nearly two years ago. he launched a social media campaign to help free american kenneth bae. >> sharing that social awareness with the ambassador, who then brings it back to the government
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>> he hopes twitter will spread the word and ultimately set this student free. he plans to meet with the north korean ambassador next week. it's time now for the weather. we're once again looking at those twin tracks. >> we are. we're watching that. before we get there and talk about the storm, we have more rain in the forecast. scatters showers tonight, series of weak fronts continue to move through the area. cooldown as we head through tomorrow. spring on sunday at 12:30 a.m. only on the calendar. it's not going to feel that way at all and it's not going to look that way at all. storm tracker shows scattered showers beginning to work their way through the region, well to the south and well to the north.
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into new rochelle and yonkers in a little while you're going to see some rain out at west caldwell too. showers the story for much of the evening. bring the umbrellas. great day for a parade. we got through it without the rain, 63 degrees in the city. same in poughkeepsie. west hampton at 58. montauk at 58 too. watch what happens to the temperatures as we head through the next several days. as we wake up tomorrow morning, temperatures in the 40s, but we don't move much off that number. up by maybe ten degrees or so with scattered showers a possibility once again. then the big cooldown as we head into saturday. look at this. we wake up to temps in the 30s. below that as you head to the north and west. and that elevation. the storm on sunday, what we do and don't know.
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does it stay offshore? that gives us less precip, less snow, but still wet and heavy and soggy and messy. but that's the better alternative. track two brings the storm closer to the east coast. that gives us heavy precipitation, slushy snow and accumulations to deal with into monday. we're watching that. here's your seven-day forecast, everyone. breezy conditions continue today into tonight. we'll see gusty conditions tomorrow with gusts up to 30 miles per hour. saturday and sunday look at those temperatures, specifically the lows. as we head into monday and tuesday, we see that residual snow. we're watching sunday very, very carefully. the terror group isis has taken responsibility for attacks, of course, all around the world. now the united states says that isis is also committing genocide.
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state john kerry revealed those findings today. he says the militants are killing christians and other minority groups across syria and iraq. a high school pep rally went terribly wrong in florida. this video is disturbing. the cell phone video shows a stunt performer catching fire this morning at atlantic community high school in delray beach. the performer was supposed to blow fire and instead became engulfed in flames. cruise liners, cargo ships and ferries in the united states will have an easier time traveling back and forth to cuba. going forward, ships that visit cuba won't have to go through
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reenter u.s. ports. >> as the thawing of relations between the u.s. and cuba continues, new jersey state police are issuing a warning to tourists planning to issue the island nation, warning travelers to watch out for several fugitives wanted by the fbi who are in cuba. new at 5:00, for the second time now in three days police in queens say they've arrested a public school student for carrying a loaded gun. officers called to the york early college academy in jamaica around 9:00 this morning. they say they found a 15-year-old male student carrying a loaded .38 caliber revolver. just tuesday an 11-year-old boy was arrested after school safety officers allegedly found a pistol in his baquero ckpack backpack. a controversial plan to
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streets by sending them packing. why it may not be as heartless as critics claim. and why the idea is not so original. natalie is back with a look at what's coming up. families in one jersey shore town say they are being pushed out by those of a different religion. plus, a fiery crash. a truck plows into a home and burst into flames. also, how did a giant pile of
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portland, oregon is funding a controversial program to deal with the homeless. the program pays for bus tickets so homeless people can go elsewhere. critics fear the city will use that program simply to clear the streets. >> the cops are going to pick somebody up on the streets and say, oh, we've got too many here as it is and you know let's ship
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>> really this is responding to requests that we received from people who are here experiencing homelessness and know that they have a better option in another community. >> the program costs $30,000 a year and is modeled after san francisco's homeward bound project. in orange county some parents may have to find another way to get their kids to school next week if bus drivers walk off the job. contract talks are set tuesday between union leaders and the company that runs this school bus service for the middletown school district. school bus mechanics and drivers say they want raises and a fair contract. a consumer alert tonight. bumblebee foods is recalling canned tuna after the company discovered improper sterilization at a packing facility. the tuna packed at that facility
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that could lead to illness. still ahead, a major shift for sea world. what it just announced it's going to stop doing. also a man accused of selling swipes at a subway station ends up dead.
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right now on news 4 new york, a stabbing outside of a busy subway station, a fight underground spills onto the street and now one man is dead. police say the victim was selling swipes nearby the turnstile when he got into an argument that cost him his life. >> the suspect in this case still has not been caught. >> reporter: that suspect still out there. as you mentioned it all started down by the turnstiles on the subway. but police say things got ugly. a woman got punched in the face. she called her dad and he came back with a knife. police are hoping you've seen this guy before and know where he is. they believe julio velasquez is the person who stabbed a 53-year-old man to death last


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