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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  March 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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of their own found dead in sayerville. the off-duty officer was discovered early this morning in the parking lot of the old amboid movie theater complex. brian thompson was the first reporter there. he joins us with what we know. >> reporter: one source that said this could have been an ambush says there are indications it could be suicide. the prosecutor is investigating both possibilities. no alert for a gunman. the first call coming in at 7:15, as man down. less than ten minutes later, the first officer pulls up to the scene not knowing he would find a fellow officer shot and dead. >> a man down bleeding here. .
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>> any available units to the amboid cinema. >> reporter: the off-duty officer's body found behind his car. the passenger side door opened, the window shattered by a bullet a brief statement from the prosecutor, an do your drew carry. >> the police responded and we have identified a victim, one male police officer with sayerville police department who has died from gunshot wounds. >> another end case this could be suicide, most of the invest gay fors and police officers who have been here on the scene throughout the morning are now gone. there are only a couple of cars here. that also would be another indication that there was no gunman involved in this at all this is not being treated as one would ux pekt that sort of crime scene.
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more later today. live in sayerville. i'm brian thompson. this morning, we got a snowy start to the first full day of spring. look at that. fresh blooms were weighed down by inches of snow on long island. katherine creag is in long island. hey, kat. >> reporter: mixed messages from mother nature. the sun is out and beaming. melting. the people that enjoyed the weather were those that weren't out in it. it seemed the people that enjoyed it were the ones at home looking at it. by mid-morning, the snow fell trees. as the sun broke through the clouds, the snow began melting
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more than 2.5 fell through suffolk county. i kind of on the air. for those out this morning that thought the snow was pictureesque, it never got in the way for drivers in the thick of it during the overnight hours. >> people were driving slow. it proved to be challenging. for us, driving east near exit 63 at 3:00 a.m., snow covered the far left lanes. at one point, we ended up behind eight plows and salt spreader trucks on the l.i.e. going about 30 miles an hour. several school districts announced delays to the start of school. for this mom, one child went to school on time while her little one had a two-hour delay. >> specially when you do commute into the city. it is a matter of trying to figure out which train you are going to be on because one is delayed.
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snow but out in south hampton, there was more than 3 inches of snow that fell. the same goes for woodbury in nassau county. the spring weather fakeout isn't over just yet. raphael miranda is here. a little snow this morning. we are taking it in stride. a lot of us know that this may, probably will be the last snow weli see this season. it is almost april. let's take a look at the snow that we did accumulate this morning. in nassau county, some did see over 3 inches. woodbury, 3.2. under 3 in levittown and rockville center and 2.5 fell in merrick. across suffolk county, 2 up to 4 inches in some sports. south hampton, 3 inches. the sun is out and the snow is melting rapidly.
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melting power. temperatures have rebounding into the low 40s in fairfield and eye slip islip and fairfield county. a chilly feel outside. that changes big-time over the next few days. a major warmup coming our way. we will take a look at the forecast coming up in a few. >> natalie back to you. >> if you have our news 4 app, you are able to follow that storm system on your phone. it has all the latest weather and traffic alert. you can download tra from the apple app store or google play. today, we are hearing from the man at the center of easter bunny brawl inside a new jersey shopping mall. so many people talking about this. the video was posted on twitter. the man in the costume worked for newport mall taking photos with children. he told authorities that after a little girl slipped from the
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allegedly attacked him. police have arrested a suspect in a machete slashing in tweens. 20-year-old guillermo tourist slashed three men they say out of cibao restaurant. the man is charge with three counts of assault. president barack obama is in a historical and controversial meeting with raul castro. it will chip away at a half century of hostility between the two countries. we have news 4 tracie strahan following all the developments all morning long. >> it is not the first time the two have met but the first state visit by a u.s. president to cuba in 88 years. president obama has been busy on this his first full day in havana. opening up the lines of communications from issues from the trade embargo, human rights and an influx of new hotels that
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>> after decades of silence between the two countries, a hand shake between president barack obama and one of the world's last communist leaders, raul castro is hosting the meeting at havana's palace of the revolution that could see economic and political relations change between the u.s. and cuba despite meeting with the cuba leader. >> they say the focus of the president's talk with castro. some braved a tropical down pour and possible security to see the presidential motorcade pass by. they have historically disagreed with areas of human rights. cuban dissidents were detained hours after air force one touched touched down. american business leaders will meet with the president discussing recent deals like
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and marriott hotel chains as well as air b&b. the playing field will be leveled as they face off with kau cuba's national team. derek jeter and the captain traveled for the game. >> the common bond for the two countries is baseball. >> there was a time when cuban athletes that defected to the u.s. were considered to be traders. cuban players from the rays received a pretty warm reception. ultimately, congress hat the power to lift the embargo. there are several lawmakers that are against reestablishing relations. the president will deliver a speech that he hopes will be broadcast on cuban television. police in belgium are investigating a possible terror
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suspect in last year's terror attacks. salah abdeslam confessed to planning to restart something this time in belgium. police arrested the 26-year-old during a raid in brussels. investigators say abdeslam is the only surviving member of a terror cell that killed 130 people in paris last november. police are looking for any aquom accomplices in the new plot. the candidates busy quoting the pro-israel vote in washington. this event marks the first time that frontrunners, hillary clinton, and donald trump, address the same crowd on the same day. clinton wasted no time in washing trump's recent pledge to stay neutral in the israel-palestinian conflict. >> we need steady hands, not a
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on monday, pro-israel on tuesday and who knows what on wednesday because everything is negotiable. the front-runner will get his chance to respond this afternoon along ted cruz an john kasich. still to come here next at noon, same request but new slogan. the mta unveils a motto and a mission. it's one that needs your help. also, why it might have been a bad idea to ask people online to name that $300 million ship. the krin nlg worthy tight that will might wip. amy schumer stops by. ben after fleck reveals all at the superman premier.
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a suspect is sought, he has used a large knife to rob a 7-eleven and three dunkin donuts and possibly similar robberies that date back several months it has happened again. workers are remaining another water main break in hoboken. a 6-inch main broke in front of 121 and garden street. they were there to capture the mess earlier this morning. garden state remains closed to traffic while repairs are being made. the people behind the see something, say something, are choosing something a little bit different now. the mta announced a new slow gam. this comes with a familiar message. news 4's john chandler was there for it all. hey, john. you are in mid-town with more? >> reporter: that's right. see something, say something, a slogan that new yorkers have been familiar with in the days
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new yorkers keep new york safe, that is the new tag line. the mta unveiled it today here at grand central station. they are calling on all of its 8 million plus daily riders to help them police the streets and the rails. >> i saw a few bags left unattended on the platform. i went and found an mta employee and told him what i saw. he went straight to the bags. i felt great for saying something. >> reporter: the spot features more than 50 riders that have seen something and said something and made a call on something suspicious while they were going through their daily commute. as the mta unveiled this new ad campaign, it does so spending $2 million for spots that will run about three years. i asked the director of marketing and communications if
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because of recent spike ns crimes on the subways, he said, it is not related to that. it is more because they felt to battle complacency in their anti-terrorism message because of the recent events in paris and san bernardino, california. that's recent from new york. we want to apologize for the swearing there, the man behind john in his live shot. in today's money report, apple is about to unveil a new iphone and a popular hotel chain sweetens the merger deal. we have bill griffith joining us. happy monday. >> kind of a quiet start to wall street's week after five consecutive weekly gains that has the dow and the s&p 500 at their highs for this year. the dow is up just 11 points t might be a frightened week. it is a shortened week. it will only trade four days
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the bidding war for starwood hotels appears to be over. marriott, which thought it had a deal in place already to acquire the owner of the share continue or the westin hotel chains over the weekend top thad is your advise bid made last week by a chinese company, on bang insurance. starwood accepted the new mayor yut offer. they are shaking hands for a second time. no word from on bang and what they plan to do. starting at the top of the hour, am will pple will be introducing the new iphone, 5-se with a 4.7 inch screen. some consumers wanted screens smaller than the iphone 6 offered and a new ipad with the traditional 9.7 inch screen will be out offering all the bells and whistles currently on the
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attachable keyboard and the very popular apple stylist known as the apple pencil. that will be useable on the new ipad. the problem with apple has been a lot of their products are evolutionary rather than revolutionary. you get new straps for the apple watch. >> i don't have one of those. warmup, rafi? >> it's coming. ike i'm excited too. temperatures back to the '70s. we are not feeling anything warm. it is chilly and breezy outside. had 44 degrees. mostly sunny skies. overall, the storm is pulling away. conditions will be improving over the next few hours for many of us. you can see the snow we did see in fairfield county. i'm showing you all these totals mainly to the east of new york city.
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at all. fairfield, 3.1. new canaan, under 3 inches. danbury, 2 inches of snow. wilson saw 2 inches. a total of 1 to 2.5 inches. jackson and neptune picked up two inches of snow on this first day of spring. a brisk and chilly afternoon ahead. spring temperatures, we have to wait only until wednesday to get to those. tomorrow feels better and we have some rain likely as we head to the end of the week. central park and t-neck, 45, 41 in white plains. 36 degrees there. a little chillier. 39 in monticello. the winds have been picking up. our storm is still intensifying as it pulse away. high pressure is building in from the west. we are stuck in a little tight squeeze. a pressure gradient. the winds are already picking up, gusting up to 25 miles per hour.
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rest of the afternoon. because of the winds, this is what it feels like outside. it feels like 29 at this hour in westhampton. you still need a jacket throughout the day. it is a below average day. we haven't seen many of these over the past few months. today's average high, 51. we are going to struggle to get to 50, the forecast high temperature, 49 degrees. high pressure, already building in. you can see our storm exiting new england. now, snow tapering off in places like boston and cape cod. high pressure will bring us nice weather over the next few days. that will build in through the middle of the week. evening. mostly clear skies. that's how we stay right into tomorrow morning. tuesday. high temperatures again, just around 50 in ramsey and central park, 46, large month. overnight tonight, we could have some refreezing. if there is any slush left over across eastern long island, look
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below freezing in stamford. 55, nice, feeling much better for tomorrow. winter, a distant memory by wednesday, 70 degrees. 61 on thursday and cooler as we head to the weekend. right now, easter sunday looks to be mostly dry and comfortable, near 60 degrees. back to you sgchlt will. >> >>. >> thanks. here is sarah and jackie with what's ahead. what advice did christian vale give ben aflac about playing batman. she is searching for the next great girl group. the one and only kelly rowland joins us next. that and more at 12:30. still ahead, the contest that took a hilarious turn, how this $300 million ship might end with
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new at noon, the city of newark and the essex county and improvement authority agreed to sell the bears and eagles stadium. they will buy it for $23.5 million. officials say this will bring in more tax money and relieve taxpayers of a $4 million a year expense. >> an online contest to help name a british research vessel has gone a little bit off course. the natural environment research council asked the public to help name its nearly $300 million polar research vessel. the top choice for the name so far is boaty mcboatface. the council says it is hoping for a more historical name.
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well, tonight on news 4 new york at 5:00, the next big thing. we have told you about apple's big announcement coming this afternoon.
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the new products the company will unveil. remember the man infamous for stealing subways and bus ns new york city for decades. the serial transit thief is back in court. the iteam finds out what's next for him. those stories and much more starting tonight at 5:00. for breaking news updates, go to or our mobile app. new york live is next.
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hi, everybody. welcome to "new york live." we hope you had a wonderful weekend and you weren't hit too hard last night. >> i woke up. griffin was very excited, because there was snow on the ground. nobody else was. a few inches, i think we got. we've got a great monday show right here for you including a visit from empire's


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