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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  March 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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>> mayor de blasio is set to give an update on the precautions in new york in about 15 minutes. >> we have team coverage of reporters with everything you need to know. we begin with news 4 chief investigative reporter jonathan dienst. >> at least three attackers at the airport. with the other bombing on the train. how many troifts were part of this plot. how many others are still out there. this is the bombs were stuffed with metal shrapnel and nails to try to kill and maim as many as possible. cries for help just after the 8:00 a.m. blast in the main airport terminal. as others ran past the dead, amid the smoke to get away. just as some ran from the first explosion, they soon ran to where the next bomb would go off. the lucky ones able to flee with their lives.
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explosion inside the airport. she said, no, i'm too scared i stay. if they come downstairs, we're the oath ones here, they will kill us. the carnage could have been even worse. >> it happened one more time? >> yes. >> it soon would. with another blast across town. this time in the subway. the train was between stations, bodies were trapped amid the tangled metal. survivors made their way amid the dark smokey tunnel. the capital is now shut down, the airport closed, trains have stopped running, people ordered to stay inside. the islamic state claiming responsibility and belgium authorities released this photo of the suspects. two on the right believed to have blown themselves up. the third man on the right may
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the bombs believed to be loaded with nails to inflict maximum damage. this coming after the arrest of this man in belgium. authorities are scrambling to see if there's a direct connection and how many more might be part of this terror cell and where is the bomb maker. authorities were unable to prevent this. across belgium at this hour, raids ongoing as france and other european nations again, boosting security. there are estimates that since 2012 as many as 6,000 jihadist fighters have returned to europe after traveling to syria and iraq. european security services simply overwhelmed trying to keep track of them all. >> how does that picture compare to the united states. >> 150 people have travelled or
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isis from the u.s. far fewer, but the general threat concern here ongoing. back to you. >> jonathan, thank you. now we turn our attention to those killed and injured in the bombings. this is the reality of a terror attack. on the left side of your screen, that's a big screw or nail in the chest of a patient treated at a military hospital in northern brussels. the survivors who felt the rumble of the blast, smelled the smoke, tasted the smoke, these are live pictures now from brussels where large crowds are gathering for a vigil. the banners are being held up meaning i am brussels in two languages. >> at least three americans injured, a trio of mormon missionaries from utah.
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one of the missionaries, 19 years old just 19, has been plagued by terrorism in his young life, he was at the boston marathon in 2013. he was in paris last november when isis went on a rampage. and today at the brussels airport, a bomb sent shrapnel into his foot and put him in the hospital. >> our first look tonight at three americans injured in the brussels airport attack. mormons dropping off a young french missionary at the airport. all in the hospital after two bombs went off. >> where are the soldiers. >> get over there. get over there. >> i'm not leaving. >> i'm not leaving. get over there. >> immediately after the blast, fear and panic get the best of a man losing his temper as he and a woman decide whether to run or stay put, fearing for their lives.
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moment and all of that horror. the smoke was very thick. we have blurred out a body right in front of the person shooting this video. a baby stroller next to the body. in the background you hear a woman crying. survivors realizing they've just lived through an attack, shuffle along, stepping around bodies and the injured through all of that dust. this man was right there when the bombs went off. >> the explosion was small. >> the lucky ones alive and uninjured described what they saw. >> i walked through a lot of stuff, glass, litter, smoke, water dripping from the ceiling. >> i can't describe what was happening. just help. >> facebook has implemented its
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aftermath of today's attacks, giving users a fast, easy way to let everyone know they're alive. >> thanks so much. the obama administration says flags outside the white house will be flown at half staff through saturday. speaking of cuba today. press obama called the attacks outrageous and said the people behind them will be brought to justice. >> this is yet another reminder that the world must unite, we must be together regardless of nationality or race or faith in fighting against the scurge of terrorism. >> the president also called belgium's prime minister to offer his condolences. france immediately beefed up security. they deployed 1600 extra police officers to provide added security. 400 of them in paris.
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visible at airports, train and subway stations. france has been on high alert, the highest possible since november's terror attacks in paris, left 130 dead. >> germany also tightened its security. armed police were seen stopping vehicles. angela merkel pledged full solidarity. >> back here at home, if you've been in the city today you probably noticed more security. particularly at penn station and andrew siff has team coverage. >> we've been riding trains all day long. you're more likely to have noticed this increased security in a station than on a train. those who noticed say it makes a difference. >> aboard a crowded 6 training. commuters told news 4 they've noticed the extra police
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grand central. >> does it make you feel safer? >> yes, in a way. >> why. >> because it shows they care enough about us to provide extra security. >> the routine of bags getting gentleman scrutiny. even bomb sniffing dogs at penn station is a ramp up that some subway customers told me wasn't enough. >> i know what increased police presence looks like, i got on at wall street got off at 59th street and have been up here on the upper east side and have seen nothing. >> taking the train remains an open system. no metal detectors at the turnstiles and not enough manpower to have armed officers at every station or every train. i asked if brussels reveals a fresh vulnerability in new york. how at risk are we?
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incidents, barcelona has been was that. >> commuters are the extra eyes and ears that police need. >> the public should never discount what they're feeling or seeing fp if it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't right. >> one viewer tells us she was on a train at 34th street, smelled something strange. told an mta attendant. it turned out to be a new type of trash bag they're using, but it points out, riders are being vigilant. andrew siff, news 4 new york opinion. that increased security is in effect at our airports. our team coverage continues from newark liberty airport. brian thompson is there with a closer look at the security measures for us. >> passengers are telling me, they have never seen security like this before. from the time some of them boarded planes in europe, until the time they actually left this
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>> we could see the extra security outside, see it inside, and where we couldn't see it, arriving international passengers could see it as they were getting off their planes at newark liberty international. >> 10 security people. >> as you got off the plane, you mean? >> yes. aircraft -- >> with guns? >> this is at the door coming off the plane? >> exactly. >> it was much the same at jfk. governor christie today. >> we have no intelligence to suggest a threat to new jersey or any place in our region at the current time. >> among these passengers there were close calls, one would have been in brussels until he found a cheaper flight through amsterdam. >> it's crazy, i don't know what's happening. >> for those on the same flight, they knew something was wrong
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unheard of, grilling everyone. >> how long were you out of the country, how many bags do you have. who paid for your ticket? >> governor christie warned we will see more of these attacks in the future. although, of course, he could not specify where. coming up at 6:00 i'll talk to some passengers who had no idea when they landed there had been the attacks in brussels, including a muslim woman. live at newark international, brian thompson, news 4 new york. three connecticut college students who witnessed the brussels airport blast are safe tonight. they were traveling while on spring break from their study abroad program when the airport came under attack. their account of those terrifying moments and how they found their way to safety. we're just getting started now. >> up next, our team coverage of the terror in brussels continues. >> security fanned out all over the city. ida siegal with the nypd's
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>> the five remaining presidential candidates are weighing in on today's attacks. one of them destined to lead the
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live pictures right now from times square where mayor de blasio is set to give a news conference. when it begins we'll bring it to you. >> it's not just airports and transit hubs where you'll see stepped up security measures to protect new yorkers at high profile locations around the city and tourist donations. you'll see officers armed with assault rifles in the hopes of easing fears. ida siegal is live to explain. >> sibila 42nd street 7th avenue, this is one of those high profile locations. the nypd behind me here, on patrol for 24 hours a day. at least for the time being.
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from the nypd and fbi all over the city. the heavily armed hercules teams are visible at times square today. they have been dispersed all over the city. a show of force after the brussels attack. >> it makes me feel better to see the police presence and the military presence definitely. >> there is no credible threat here in new york. but when word got out of the brussels attack at 3:30 this morning. plans were made to keep critical response officers on overtime. the lions share at major transportation hubs like the port authority bus terminal. other landmarks are also on alert. bridges and tunnels and the staten island ferry, where we found one of the nypd's special vapor weight dogs. he's trained to stop a suicide bomber by detecting the slightest trace of bomb making material in the air. >> we're going to respond to their efforts to create chaos by showing them order, by showing
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>> terry is from amsterdam, two hours from brussels. he would like to see new york style security back home. >> i think it's very reassuring. it's something we should have a lot more in europe. in the netherlands, we don't have the same level of security. i always thought this could happen there as well. >> we ran into this couple visiting from brussels. they take comfort in the police here. now they wonder, will they be able to fly home. >> i have to come back on friday, and our flight -- >> we don't know if the flight will be cancelled. >> that very airport you flew out of is shut down right now? >> yes, one of the bombs was really close to american airlines, check in, baggage. we were there just a fewdies ago. >> they both told me today, they are both so incredibly grateful to be safe at this point. over at one world trade tonight, the spehr will be lit in black, yellow and red as a show of solidarity.
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side, ida siegal, news 4 new york. thank you very much, we told you a moment ago, the mayor is holding a news conference right now on new york's readiness. let's listen right now. >> a lot of visitors who are really appreciative of the clear strong nypd presence today. i talked to a number of the officers, they told me how many thank yous, they have gotten today. people appreciated knowing they were there, they were vij lann the and protecting us against any and all threats and at this moment it's so good to see people going about their business, people in the city knowing the nypd has their back, and understanding how important it is to never let the terrorists dominate us or influence us, but in fact to stand up for our way of life. so today we saw just a piece of what is an extraordinary
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station, this vast connection point. all the tunnels, all the pieces of this station have half a million riders a day going through here. it's just an extraordinary hub of activity. and seeing how well protected it is, and seeing really the elaborate and sophisticated operation the nypd has in place to protect everyone is very, very encouraging. i want to thank all the good men and women of the new 55 member unit that has been put together to patrol at times square station. this unit as with all our specialized units is chosen and strained specifically for the job, and i guarantee you, i talked to some of the officers just the sheer level of activity every day, it takes special talent to be able to work productively in an intense atmosphere, we found the best men and women for the job. every new yorker should know
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by the finest police force in this country. and a police force that has really developed extraordinary ability to prevent terrorism and keep us safe. i want to emphasize, because i know all new yorkers want to hear the latest, and the latest is, it remains no credible and specific threat against new york city. we're in constant communication with the fbi and homeland security and our state partners and the port authority police, all the key elements of our security apparatus, and it remains, again, no credible and specific threat against new york city. within hours of the incident in belgium this morning, the nypd had fully deployed our key commands that we use in any emergency situation, including
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command which is a 500 plus member anti-terrorism force specially trained, specially armed and holy devoted to anti-terror activity, in addition to our emergency services unit and our strategic response group. all of these units were deployed between the time of the attack in belgium and the beginning of the morning rush hour. a testament to commissioner bratton and the nypd, that these actions were taken so quickly and effectively. it's very important to remember, this city bore the brunt of the war on terror back in 2001 and since then, there have been 20 blocks directed against new york, and every single one of them has been foiled by the nypd, working closely with our federal and state partners. and we know that history has to be built upon in an ever more
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there are new and more difficult terror threats that we face. so in addition to creating the critical response command, we're giving new technology to our officers, all 36,000 officers have technology upgrades that will help them. be a key part of our efforts to prevent terror. by the end of this year, we'll have 2,000 additional officers on patrol in this city. helping us to continue to be the safest big city in america. our hearts are with the people of belgium today, our prayers are with the families that have been so horribly affected by these tragedies. we stand in solidarity with the prime minister, the mayor of brussels and the belgium people in their hour of need. we know what it feels like, and our thoughts and our prayers are with them p.m. and with people in so many other nations who have suffered from terrorism
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turkey, ivory coast, nigeria, the community of nations has to stand taupe terror in all its forms, one of the best ways we do that is by reiterating our commitment to democracy, to values of free speech and openness, to showing the terrorists they can't intimidate us, they won't change our way of life, they won't make us different. we will stand up to them, we will stand by our values. so it's so important for people to go about their daily routines, knowing the nypd is protecting you, knowing that just going about your daily business is an enunciation of terrorism, and the efforts of terrorists to intimidate us. let's show our strength by refusing to give in by continuing to be a democratic and free and tolerant society. i'm going to turn to commissioner bratton, but before
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yorkers, especially at a moment like this, the phrase, if you see something, say something. it means a lot. you're supposed to take it literally. if you see anything that you think is suspicious or dangerous. you see a package unattended, someone acting in a manner you regard as troubling, inform a police officer right away or call 911. always better to be safe than sorry. that phrase can save lives. remember, it was here until times square that a vendor saw something a few years ago, and alerted a police officer and saved the lives of countless new yorkers. it's so important to speak up. and can you help the nypd in the fight against terror. we will keep you updated throughout the coming days. but rest assured one thing will be constant. the vigilance and ability of the nypd. just a few words in spanish before i turn to commissioner
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[ speaking foreign language ] [ speaking foreign language ] >> with that, the finest police force in this nation and in this world, commissioner bill bratton. >> echoing the mayor's comment
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threat directed against new york city. however, with an abundance of caution, with the resources that we have in abundance in new york city, our police force over the next several days, the public will notice a significant increase in police presence on the transit systems, transit hubs of the city. specifically, cic, sig entities. we will be providing extra coverage to belgium and french interests here in the city once again. the mayor's comments, see something, say something. while traveling the subway system this afternoon, i was pleased to hear the constant messaging about that issue. see something, say something, report it. i had the opportunity to spend some time in the subway system this afternoon. people are in good spirits,
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say hello to those cops. tell them you're thankful, grateful they're there. i know how good it felt for me, to have people feeling comfortable riding the system. john miller will give you a quick look at new york city. >> if you were a terrorist, today you saw a massive show of force on the nypd. >> what you saw if you were a citizen or a commuter today was a large sign of reassurance and protection. starting early this morning. we used every tool in the counter terrorism toolbox, whether that was our special weapons teams from throughout the department.
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or are explosive detection canine, including the highly trained vapor weight dogs who can pick up the scent of a bomb even if it's morninging through a crowd in a crowded area. our radiation detection entities that are throughout the subway as well as the streets or our network of thousands of cameras. all of that was brought to bear quickly this morning. that planned was honed and throughout the day. we've been in constant touch with our overseas partners with our detectives in their foreign posts who have been reporting back to us throughout the day. because there are americans among the casualties that will be an fbi investigation coming out of the new york city joint
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agents and new york city detectives who are task force officers to be gearing up to leave for that investigation. over seas as early as tonight or tomorrow tomorrow. >> any questions? >> you have been listening to mayor de blasio talking about the number of people -- thanking officers for their increased presence out there, and the elaborate sophisticated operation the nypd has in place right now to take care of new yorkers. >> a lot of people are nervous right now. you see this happening yet again after paris and brussels. we're going to go continue on and talk more about brussels here in our next half hour here at 5:30. the attacks in brussels rocked the airport and the subway as thousands of people were going
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them heading to work. >> isis has brought back painful memories of their last major attack in paris a few months ago. this is a live look right here of a memorial honoring those who lost their lives. >> at least 31 people were killed in those coordinated suicide bomb attacks, one near the european union headquarters. three suitcases were used in the airport attacks, two detonated by the terrorists. >> three men were caught on surveillance, considered suspects, two died in the attacks, the third man wearing the hat is still at large. >> flags are flying at half staff around the world. president obama ordered flags at the white house, public buildings and military instillations also fly at half staff. brussels airport was packed when those bombs went off tonight.


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