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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  March 25, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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both of them for a change. >> they need some rest. coming up next on nbc nightly news, the growing problem of vacation rental scams and how to protect your family. good night. tonight, urgent terror raids and new arrests as authorities scramble to disrupt more deadly plots amid a new warning tonight about the threats to come. also, isis leader killed. the terror group's second in command, its top money man taken out by u.s. special forces. nbc news learning dramatic details on the mission. complete and utter lies. ted cruz slams a tabloid report calling allegations of infidelity garbage, blafrt blasting donald trump for stoking false rumors and what donald trump is saying tonight. trouble in poore dies, warnings about dream vacations families showing up only to show the place
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and shakespeare mystery. did someone steal part of the bard right out of his grave? "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. i'm thomas roberts in for leverett tonight. nbc news has learned new details in a dramatic u.s. special forces operation killing a senior isis leader in syria. the man in charge of the terror organization's finances, this as we're uncovering major new details in the investigation of the brussels terror attacks including new arrests after a series of raids in the last 24 hours. we begin with nbc chief foreign correspondent richard engel. >> reporter: tonight we've learned at least two americans were among those killed in the carnage in brussels, and now the hunt is on across europe to stop the next attack with police raids, at least
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alone, nearly a dozen detained. two more arrests in germany, including a suspect reportedly linked to the brussels attacks. meanwhile in france, president francois hollande had an okayies in warning that even the isis network that carried out in paris and brussels was, quote, being wiped out, there's still a threat looming, he said. and tiny belgium is at the center of it all. police in this country do finally seem to be cracking down. witnesses say one of the police operations took place here at this tram stop. police approached a suspect who was waiting here. the suspect grabbed a woman, took her the police shot him in the leg, and the woman got away. hostage and laid on top of her. girl, said a witness. all of it captured on cell phone video. police with guns drawn as a robot examined the suspect.
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dragged him away. a bomb disposal unit moved in to search the area. this was the brussels that greeted secretary kerry today. he said while the u.s. and others fight isis in syria and iraq, the group is looking to retaliate. >> serious pressure being put on them, and i think, you know, that's going to raise the potential that some of the people who have been sent out of syria over the course of the last five years may try to act out in other places. >> reporter: so the u.s. and others are striking them in their homeland, they are coming back to europe? >> they are back. they are back already. >> reporter: europe is on the trail of a major isis network, but european officials readily admit there are plenty of other networks looking for targets. so now the race is on to root out what's left of the paris/brussels cell before it can adapt, regroup and strike again. thomas? >> richard engel, richard, thank you.
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news of the terror words in europe word of a dramatic mission by u.s. special forces in syria that killed isis' second in demand. the terror group's top money man is dead, and as nbc's bill neely reports, being called a major victory in the fight against isis. >> reporter: haji imam had been a terror leader for than a decade, targeted by the u.s. with a $7 million price tag as a specially designated global terrorist. he was considered second in command of isis until u.s. special forces caught up with him. >> we are systematically eliminating isil's cabinet. indeed, the u.s. military killed several key isil terrorists this week, including, we believe, hajji imam. >> reporter: u.s. counterterrorism sources tell nbc news it was early yesterday in syria when american special forces landed in helicopters and laid in wait for imam's car. they tried to take him
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amid gunfire that killed him and three others. >> his death is the extremely significant. he was the money guy and thus his death will hamper the funding for certain operations in iraq and syria. >> reporter: the isis commander also directed some foreign operations, but it's not clear his killing will stop atrocities like those here in brussels. >> isis though is losing ground as well as men and syrian troops retaking more this week and a u.s. drone strike killing another leader. >> it also suggests that the united states has very good intelligence about what's happening on the ground. >> reporter: isis boasts about its attack in brussels and in new propaganda video, but the u.s. believes momentum is against it in iraq and syria. and this killing is another blow to its morale. however, the u.s. says killing its leaders is necessary but not sufficient to kill off
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the danger now that isis could seek revenge here or in paris or in the u.s. thomas? >> bill neely, bill, thank you. three days after the attacks in brussels, we're learning more about the victims, those who survived and those who did not. an american couple from kentucky remain unaccounted for tonight, and there's grim news for the family of two new yorkers. erica hill has more tonight from brussels. >> reporter: when the blast hit 19-year-old mason wells estimates he was less than 50 feet from the explosion that left him with second and third-degree burns on his face and hands and shrapnel in his leg. >> my body was kind of lifted off the ground during the first blast, very loud, and -- and i started running towards the exit. the second blast went off, and it went off to my right, and i could feel the blast. i feel very lucky. >> reporter: at the airport with him that morning, fellow missionaries richard
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hospital. karen northshield is a trainer living in belgium also injured in the attack, in condition. about a dozen americans were injured, including one now being treated at the hospital. when people started coming in on tuesday, what did you see? >> most horrible sights i've ever seen. it's even worse than a war zone. >> reporter: every patient riddled with shrapnel. the larger pieces including nails and screws turned over to investigators as evidence. >> all these pieces of sclp net. the biggest pieces of sclp nell have already been removed. >> reporter: as sock victims begin their recovery others begin to grieve. the families of sascha and alexander, siblings who live in new york, both dying in the airport attack. >> the family is thankful to have closure and thankful for the loving
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september ratley the state department confirmed two americans were also killed but has not identified them. in all, 31 lives lost, countless more forever changed. erica hill, nbc news, brussels, belgium. meanwhile, back in this country the talk on the campaign trail took a nasty turn today after a tabloid report of alleged infide ty by ted cruz and cruz came before the cameras to angrily blast allegations as complete and utter lies and took aim at donald trump accusing trump of push pentagon the story and as nbc's hallie jackson reports, trump is now firing back. >> a visibly angry ted cruz lark out at donald trump. >> with this pattern he should not be surprised to see people calling him sleazy donald. >> reporter: standing in a wisconsin factory, the backdrop, a republican race that's become remarkably personal after trump re-tweeted a photo of his wife side by side with cruz's. now cruz accusing
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story in the anyone kwirer about extra marital affairs that cruz denies. >> let me be clear. this "national enquirer" story is garbage. it's complete and utter lies. it is a tabloid smeerks and it is smear, and it's a smear that has come from donald trump and his henchman. >> reporter: two women subject to speculation also strongly denying any truth to the story, one a trump spokesperson and former cruz ally tweeting the story is 100% false. the tabloid provided no evidence to back up its claims. only person quoted, controversial former trump adviser who left the campaign last year, telling nbc he's not the source of the story. trump today saying he himself had absolutely nothing to do with it it. one of his high-profile supporters, radio host michael savage, now calling on the candidate to disavow the story all together. the "enquirer" previously endorsed trump who wrote an op-ed for this
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cruz today campaigning with his wife in wisconsin wisconsin. >> one more time. >> reporter: looking to previous he's looking to unite the stop trump movement behind him taking the toughest tone against the front-runner he hopes to defeat. yes or no, will you vote for him? >> i don't make a habit out of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my family and donald trump is not going to be the republican nominee. >> reporter: and all of this in a race that looks likely to go on another four months until the convention with wisconsin the next battleground state, what happens here in green bay and beyond could be key in determining how thatch convention unfolds. >> four months. hallie jackson, thank you. now to the growing controversy in north carolina tonight, both passing legislation that some say discriminates against gay and lbgt people. hollywood is getting
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the only big business taking a stand. our national correspondent miguel almaguer has the details. >> reporter: tonight in two southern states outrage outrage. in north carolina protests after the passage of a state bill preventing cities from banning discrimination based on sexual or gender identity, and in georgia the governor is deciding that he'll sign a bill that allows businesses to deny services to gay couples based on religious principles. >> it's exactly the same as the civil rights movement. >> reporter: famed movie director rob rirn was among the first in hollywood to propose a boycott in both states. last year in georgia alone. >> action. >> reporter: 248 film and television productions were shot in the peach state generating more than $6 billion. comcast and nbc universal, our parent companies, and the
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now saying they will pull the plug on georgia if proposed legislation becomes law. what happens when hollywood pulls out of a state or states like these? >> there's an enormous amount of business that goes with it. there's local businesses, restaurants, hotels. all kinds of businesses are affected when you have major productions coming to your state >> reporter: nfl, nba, coca-cola and apple among the laundry list of others calling for a veto. bill, threatening to pull business from georgia. pastor mike griffin helped push the ledge sglags what this bill is about is protecting people of faith against discrimination when it comes to their being able to hold on to their deeply held religious views. >> reporter: but tonight much of hollywood is threatening legislators to do what they believe is right. >> and cut. >> reporter: or literal pay the price. miguel almaguer, nbc news, hollywood. a scare late today for passengers aboard a jetblue flight landing in the bahamas.
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to plan a vacation you should pay attention to a new warning from law enforcement about a growing fraud online costing us travelers millions, people going online to book vacation rental properties only to show up and be told the place was never for rent. families out thousands of dollars, left stranded with nowhere to stay. nbc's olivia sterns has what you need to know to keep scammers from stealing your vacation. >> reporter: four bedrooms, ocean views, $200 per night? shelly stamos thought she found a vacation steal online. >> it was gorgeous. we looked at all the pictures and it was right on the beach and it was definitely in our price zone, so we booked it. >> reporter: she wired $1,500 to a bank account in florida and packed up her two kids, but when they arrived, everything went wrong. >> i had my paper in my hand, and i said we have reservations for the week, and they took the piece of paper and looked at it and started laughing. >> reporter: that
6:47 pm
never for rent at the residence in clearwater, florida. manager joy gonzales recently turned away five people who fell for too. >> the last one was the hardest. they had two little children with them. they had no place to go. they had no vehicle. the cab dropped them off and here they stood with nothing. it breaks my heart. >> reporter: there were an estimated 15 million scam reservations last year costing americans $1.3 billion. >> it's a tremendous problem here in florida. >> reporter: the attorney general of florida pam bondi is sending a warning. how have often do you catch these people? >> if they are located in our state, we're going to go after them with everything that we've got but, unfortunately, a lot of them are out of the country. >> reporter: how can you avoid being google the address and make sure the listing wasn't just copied from the sales ad. speak to the property manager directly and pay with a credit card so it's easier to track. as for shelly, this year she's looking forward to a
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it is a tale that shakespeare himself might have written, the enduring mystery over whether grave robbers raided the tomb of the greatest writer in the english language. yes, shakespeare's tomb. there is new scientific evidence to be presented tomorrow in a british tv program. kerry sanders tonight with more on this new chapter. >> reporter: all the world's a stage, and now four centuries after william shakespeare's death a mystery worthy of a five-act play. did a grave robber
6:52 pm
>> in the first ever investigation. >> reporter: without disturbing his remains british researchers is exploring age dark old rumors about the play right used underground penetrating radar like a high-tech x-ray to look deep inside his grave in trinity, england. where his skull should be they found >> it looks like a big black hole. >> reporter: but the grafg on his prophetic, blessed be the man who spares these stones and curse asked be here that moves my bones. as you may remember from high school english class, there's a pivotal moment in hamlet with, yes, a skull. >> i knew him, horatio. >> reporter: shakespeare rethinking, here it is 400 years after my death and people are thinking about the same way about me and i think he would have been gratified. >> reporter: at rehearsal today at the chicago shakespeare theater a question. >> why would anyone steal shakespeare's skull? >> reporter: one possibility, researchers once believed that studying the size and shape of
6:53 pm
explain intelligence. parting is such sweet sorrow. kerry sanders, nbc news, atlanta. there is a threat of more severe weather in parts of florida this evening. take a look at this time-lapse video of a massive shelf cloud passing over the beach in clarewater upon florida's west coast and it looked even as the cloud passed over the racetrack there. a short time later the area slammed by heavy rains and high winds. if president obama received a rock star's welcome in havana this week cubans are getting the real thing tonight as the rolling stones take to the stage in an historic concert. their music was once banned as subversive by the communist regime, but tonight hundreds of thousandsch people are expected to attend the free concert at a sports complex in havana. cuban fans of the stones finally getting some satisfaction. next, how people of many faiths on one american street united ever insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company
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without the need for fillers. your concert tee might show your age... your skin never will. olay regenerist, olay. ageless. and try the micro-sculpting cream you love now with lightweight spf 30. finally tonight, this week's terrorist attacks in brussels led to 50 years of backlash against muslims both abroad and here at home and today as christians observed good friday there were calls of unity following the attack.
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that spirit in one neighborhood in chicago. >> reporter: you can travel to the four corners of the world, or you can come to devon avenue in chicago. the iraqi-american grocer calls it the melting pot. >> russian, romanian, jewish, indian, pakistanian, iraqi, all live together in peace. >> reporter: it's good friday devan bustles with people of many states. at the kosher fish shop this man has served his community for 30 years. >>ing everybody has respect for each other. >> reporter: his niece kelly is also behind the counter. >> diversity is very good. grow up with other cultures you grow up open-minded. >> reporter: they mourn this week's senseless killings and stand with hundreds against terror. several tweets under the #mymuslimfind.
6:58 pm
your muslim neighbor and i send home everyone with desserts. i live near arlington cemetery, these heros who gave for their country are my neighbor. i always want to have had a neighbor just like you. 22-year-old sarah jaber also tweeted about her mosque hosting interfaith evenings. >> i'm trying to show that my muslim voice and american voice do not contradict each other, that here in america i can, you know, practice my religion and at the same time contribute and make america greater. >> reporter: world is at a crossroads with terror but on devon avenue. >> we all get along together, and then we love this country. that's why we're here. >> they are one community. kevin tibbles, nbc news, chicago. >> that's going to do it for us on this friday night. i'm thomas roberts. for all of us here at nbc news, thank you
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garry shandling talking about his own funeral in his eerie final interview. >> what i want at my funeral is -- >> from jerry seinfeld to amy schumer, the comedy world reacts today, now on "extra." >> the sudden death of a comedy legend. breaking new details on garry shandling's final hours, his worried trip to the doctor, his emergency call to 911. adam sandler today. an emotional conan o'brien


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