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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  March 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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two breaking stories.
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people evacuated and a mystery right now surrounding the blast. >> but first, a call to 911. a confrontation and a police officer opens fire. good evening, everyone. i'm sibila vargas. >> i'm chuck scarborough. right now investigators are trying to piece together exactly what led up to that shooting with a wounded man taken to surgery. >> it began at a home in butler, new jersey. we're live with what happened next. >> reporter: well, sibila, chuck, a gunshot is not a sound that people hear often in this butler residential neighborhood but that's exactly what they heard earlier tonight. police and firefighters still on the scene as investigators try to piece together what happened. here's what yes know right now. police were called for a disturbance. shortly after that, a shooting. right now it's unclear exactly who was hit, but an officer did fire according to what we are hearing. sources tell us one man was hit and transported to the hospital. his condition and identity
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now, again, this is still an active scene, so details are just coming in. we've been talking with neighbors who lived down the street. we saw the police response and they told us we're in the dark right now waiting for some answers. because this is a police officer involved shooting the prosecutor's office will lead this investigation. we're told right now they're trying to gather information as well and they'll provide that to us as soon as they get it. >> thank you. more breaking news. a loud explosion severely injured a man and rattled nerves. we're live along kennedy boulevard with the mystery tonight. ida? >> reporter: it's a mystery because at this point police still do not know what caused the egs xplosion. police are still here on scene. the hazmat team and bomb squad gingerly entered this basement apartment on kennedy boulevard tonight checking it out to see if there were any additional
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early in the evening a loud explosion rang out from the apartment shaking the neighborhood. he says he heard a big boom and was stunned. he then saw his friend stumble out. and he had lost a hand. police confirm a man about 50 years old was injured in the blast. >> blew part of his hand off, mostly his fingers. >> reporter: the building never caught fire but police flooded the scene and closed the street immediately. after a thorough search investigators couldn't figure out what the man was doing in there that caused the explosion. >> possibly fireworks. i couldn't say. we really don't know. there's no evidence of anything except debris around. >> reporter: he says he also heard from friends that it might have been fireworks. the building was evacuated while police searched and in the end they determined it was not terrorism. >> any kind of explosion will make you suspicion and that's
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everybody's releasing it and saying whatever he was doing, they're not concerned much about it. >> reporter: police tell me tonight the victim is in stable condition at jersey city medical center and they are waiting to speak with him at this point with the hope of getting some more information. reporting live, news 4, new york. and now to the weather. you could be waking up to rain and a messy commute in the morning. here's janice huff. >> we're starting to see the light showers developing across the area right now. the heavier thunderstorms that will be very spotty tomorrow, not everybody will see one, will come through mainly in the afternoon. so between 1:00 and 5:00 is when you might hear a rumble of thunder and get a downpour. otherwise some scattered showers around. the risk will end around 7:00 tomorrow evening as the front passes through. right now we're seeing those light showers pass through central new jersey and close to the city right now. very light and some of that is not reaching the ground just yet. back to the west we see the
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cold front. this is what's going to move in our direction for tomorrow. it will be here in the afternoon. the heavier showers and storms. and there could be peaks of sun from time to time. temperatures are expected to be in the low to mid and in some cases upper 70s tomorrow afternoon. that might add a bit of fuel to the fire in terms of sparking those thunderstorms, but the threat will end late in the day and then the cold air will pour in for april. we'll talk more about that in the forecast coming up in just a few minutes. back to you. we do have breaking news from albany where state lawmakers have approved a new budget. a potential deal announced by governor cuomo. the plan includes $1 billion in middle class tax relief and raising the minimum wage from 9 to $15 in new york city over three years providing $24.8 billion in school aid, the highest in state history. the nypd is investigating what appears to be another random slashing this time steps
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it happened in broad daylight. john chandler is live with what the suspect allegedly said before attacking a woman. >> reporter: well, that's right. the attack happened right here on the west side of broadway street just before the evening rush. the victim, a beauty school student, she told police that her attacker called her a terrorist. he wore a black ski cap, a black jacket and blue jeans. he was clean shaven and at this hour he remains at large. >> a 20-year-old woman of middle eastern descent slashed as she walked north on broadway near wall street. >> he made a statement to the effect that she was a terrorist, and he continued to flee northbound on broadway. >> reporter: police say she was wearing a scarf on her head and suffered a 2-inch gash to the left side of her face. it's the latest reported slashing at a time when knife attacks are on a 22% rise this year. >> i would have never thought
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with all the cops here. >> reporter: the last place she's expect this to happen. >> so now i really have to be careful, you know? you sit on the train you have to cover your face. you're walking down the street you have to cover your face. someone going to slash you for no reason at all, that's terrible. >> reporter: police have no witnesses despite the busy time of day. >> we're going through those cameras right now. there's buildings along broadway on the west side and also the east side of the street that have cameras and we have detectives k looing at that video right now. >> reporter: and at this hour there are still nypd officers and detectives looking for that video. it becomes so crucial that video with no witnesses yet coming forward to explain and fill in some of the questions surrounding this alleged incident. keep in mind, just recently the nypd rolled out operation cutting edge as they try to combat a 22% rise from last year to this year in this time period in knife attacks and slashings here in the city.
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to be the latest. john, thank you. in new jersey now, authorities tonight hauled off a car involved in a deadly accident with police. the officers were responding to a motorcycle crash when their cruiser slammed into a car killing a 67-year-old driver. this all started when police tried to pull over the biker. authorities say he refused to stop leading police on a wild chase. he managed to lose authorities until he plowed his motorcycle into a vehicle in maywood. >> we have a very good police force here, very good police force and i don't think they would take unnecessary chances in a situation like this in such a residential area. >> he faces a slew of charges. the driver who he crashed into was not hurt. an investigation is underway on long island into the death of a newborn girl. police found the baby's body at glen haed home after officers
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a bleeding woman. that 20-year-old woman was taken to the hospital where doctors determined she had recently given birth. authorities say an autopsy will be performed on the infant to figure out if that child was born alive or was stillborn. and a sad update tonight on this afternoon's shooting at a greyhound bus station. we have learned that a state trooper shot several times by the gunman has died. the victim is 37-year-old chad dur meyer. he was conducting a counter drug training mission at the richmond bus station which involved talking to civilians. police say he approached a man near the entrance of the station. that man suddenly pulled out a handgun and fired several shots hitting the trooper. two other troopers returned fire and killed the suspect. witnesses remember the chaos. >> i had my hand on the door and when i heard two gunshots go off i didn't think they were gunshots, but then there were like five, maybe ten more after
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flash through the tinted door and so i ran out of there. >> police have not released the name of the suspect. two other women were hurt, but not seriously. the father of two children was a native of michigan and a former marine. and we're digging deeper into the lead testing in schools. 324 samples were taken from eight schools this year. 76 of those showed elevated levels of lead. levels that exceed the epa's acceptable standard. all eight buildings tested had some water samples with elevated lead samples. madison elementary was the worst producing 10 drinking samples with too much lead. burnett street school and west side park each had one sample with high lead. the city is waiting for tests at dozens of other school buildings in the district.
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the april primary could be a game changer and bernie sanders is doing everything he can to snag delegates away from hillary clinton. more on sanders' world hirlwind trip in new york. >> thank you, south bronx. >> reporter: sanders rally drawing more than 18,000 supporters. >> if there is a large voter turnout, we will win. >> reporter: hillary clinton after a rally of her own today in westchester was feeling a different kind of burn, fuming on the rope line. >> will you act on your word to reject fossil fuel money in your campaign? >> i am so sick of the standers campaign lying about me. >> reporter: earlier clinton's remarks were interrupted by a short protest. >> we're very sorry, you're leaving. >> reporter: clinton told the
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>> he goes around telling young people he's going to give them free college. i wish it were so. >> reporter: sanders trails clinton by 12 points. sitting down for an interview with news 4 today sanders promised clinton a tough, but intelligent brooklyn style battle. >> going to spend a lot of time here. >> reporter: he says you can't take the brooklyn out of bernie. >> i lived here the first 18 years of my life and i think my accent is a bit of a giveaway. >> does it give you a home state advantage, that accent. >> this campaign is listening to our brothers and sisters in the african american community. >> reporter: news 4, new york. coming up on news 4 york, an iteam exclusive. current police officers coming forward claiming they're being
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like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. stunning accusations from on the job officers who claim they're pressures by supervisors to meet quotas for arrests and summons. >> 12 cops are suing the nypd over the issue. ten of them sat down with the iteam for this exclusive interview. >> it is jaw dropping talk from
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flatly contradict the police commissioner's repeated claims there are no quotas. the commissioner declined to be interviewed for this story but a spokesman maintains just like any other organization there are performance standards through which employees are evaluated and they are expected to do their jobs. >> you go hunting, like bounty hunting for an arrest. >> reporter: they are all minority officers working in primarily minority neighborhoods, saying they're pressured. >> there are quotas in the nypd. >> specifically, this project, this park has to be targeted whether you did something wrong or not, they're the target. >> and this is not happening in midtown manhattan. this is happening in east new york in the bronx. >> reporter: these ten are among the group calling the nypd 12 suing their own department
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ban on quotas and singling out black and hispanic cops for more severe punishment if they fail to rack up target numbers. >> they'll transfer you, they will try and give you a bad evaluation, which they do. >> they'll break up your partners, put you on dangerous assignments. >> you want to do your job and you want to help the community, but because you're not harassing people, you're being punished. >> because you've got that pressure going on you constantly. you have to bring in this number and now you're to go out and harass, like felicia said, the community. >> reporter: officials say they are responding to conditions in communities and the only push is to reduce crime. >> police department mayor says crime is down. crime is down in new york. safest big city. >> so why are they pushing for numbers so hard? >> more black and hispanic people as police officers? you're not going to get them, because we're arresting them. we're giving them records.
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for nonsense. riding their bicycle. i'm not going to lie. where i work you bring in a white person, it's like wow, what did he do? >> many in this group believe there should be federal oversight of the department similar to what happened in ferguson, missouri. >> ferguson is a small town. new york is ferguson on steroids. this is megaferguson. >> the officers claim their numbers of descent are growing. >> all of us right here, we have no idea what's going to happen when we go back to work tomorrow, but we're here in hopes that something will change. >> thousands and thousands of cops out there that can't really come forward. they say listen, this is what happens to me, this is what i'm going through and i feel like we just are a voice for them. >> you're a voice for the cops that are afraid to speak out. >> we're not worried. we want it to stop. >> they abuse every power they have in my opinion and who suffers? the community. the city has asked a judge to dismiss portions of the
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haven't begun to prove either a case for quotas or racial discrimination. a decision could come any day. chuck? >> if you have something you need for the i-team to look into, give us a call. a manhole explosion seriously damaged a car today. a manhole cover landed on top of the car and smashed the windshield. crews were working in the neighborhood when the explosion happened. apparently some lines crossed understood ground and caused the blast. thankfully no one was hurt. well, time for the weather now. we have rain and maybe some snow somewhere in the forecast. >> yes, snow in the next seven days. we're not talking about huge accumulating snows but enough to make you go hm, isn't it april? that's coming up this weekend and next week. two chances. we are tracking some rain at this hour. light rain is moving across the tristate area. we can see those rain drops on the lens of the top of the rock camera. the heavy rain will hold off for
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thunderstorms may be coming in around noontime tomorrow. 62 degrees in central park right now. mostly cloudy skies and some sprinkles. the chances for rain will increase as we go through the night. in the morning we're not expecting the thunderstorms. those will come though around midday and into the afternoon as that front approaches and passes through. the biggest changes though will be this weekend when the temperatures drop and the winds kick up even higher than what we saw earlier this week. 60 is our high temperature on saturday. some rain showers may linger along the coast. behind that will be windy, blustery, cold weather like the middle of winter. temperatures in the 40s, but it will feel like the 20s and 30s and we're expecting wind gusts up to 60-mile-per-hour and snow squalls coming in late saturday night into sunday. tomorrow is the chance when we'll see thunderstorms in the area. new jersey to the city to the coastal areas in the afternoon. right now light rain showers. that's what we're seeing on live radar.
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severe weather for the last two days. tornado watch has now been issued for the atlanta area, but that's pretty much where that should stay, the worst of the weather, but downpours from this line as moving through the great lakes right now and right around midday we'll start to see some of the heavier showers pushing through. temperatures outside right now, 50s to the mid-60s. the winds continue out of the south and we're still seeing some gusts up around 30 miles per hour. gusty winds will continue, but they'll get worse over the weekend. it's mild tomorrow, then the rain moves out, then the temperatures drop and this weekend very cold and blustery. tomorrow morning on today in new york, storm team 4 will have the latest update on those snow flakes that are coming. >> thank you.
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new tonight a high school baseball team had their equipment stolen and their jerseys swiped, but the theft has not dampened the team's spirit. >> they spent the evening practicing with borrowed bats and a few balls they still own. the coach says that somebody broke into his car in the bronx earlier this week and snatched all of the team's gear. >> kids need the -- we need the equipment in order to go ahead and play the games. in order for us to go ahead and play. when we're the home team we have to provide the bases and stuff like that. our catcher's equipment was there also so it hurts. >> the team has a game on randall's island tomorrow. for now they'll play with borrowed equipment, but the coach isn't sure what the team will do for the rest of the
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we've reached out to the department of education for a comment, but have not heard back yet.
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for the rangers the formula was simple. beat the hurricanes in carolina tonight and head to the playoffs for the sixth straight season. stop me if you've heard this before. the rangers blew a third period lead leaving skinner all alone in front of the net. skinner redirects the puck by lundqvist to tie the game at 3. the canes had a man advantage five minutes later and the rangers failed to clear the puck, thanks to a great play by justin faulk and it's victor rask banging home the rebound. the rangers challenge the play claiming the canes were offsides but to no avail. 4-3 the final. pittsburgh won, so not only do the rangers not clinch, they're now in third place. the islanders were playing a playoff berth of their own exploded for three goals in the first period. the second of the night and 29th of the season, made it 3-1 over
11:29 pm
it was tied at 3 early in the third and the isles capitalize on the power play. off the end boards, right to a waiting lee who muscles in the go ahead goal. and the isles survive the closing seconds with a little help from the post. the islanders win it 4-3. they're just two points behind the rangers. the devils lost to florida 3-2. this afternoon in tampa, the yankees put a bow on their stay at steinbrenner field. a rough go of it against the cardinals' regs. in the second, deep to left to put st. louis on the board. and that would be a theme in the fourth. brandon moss, back to back on two pitches to make it 3-0 on just three swings of the bat.
11:30 pm
jeremy hazel baker, a three-run shot, his final line was ugly. six earned runs in five innings, the worst number, four homers allowed. the yankees get drilled # 9-1. miller who suffered a chip fracture in his right wrist yesterday will pitch through the injury since it occurred on his nonthrowing hand. however, he will still visit with a hand specialist. but mitchell will miss three months with a fractured toe. before heading to k.c. the mets made a stop in las vegas to play the cubs. manager joe madden shows why he's in mid season form with the cubs running the safety squeeze to perfection as jason hay ward slides in ahead of the tag. 5-1 the final. this could be a preview of an nlcs rematch. and finally, if you thought the nets were upsetting the
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think again. lebron james made sure of that. the king had 24. as cleveland rolls over brooklyn 107-87. they wonder why they call him the king. >> he's lightning fast, that's for sure. >> that was pretty powerful. >> don't get in his way, sibila. >> all right. >> we'll be right back. it's the little moments that make the biggest waves. kalahari resorts & conventions the world's coolest indoor waterparks. for the spring break adventure
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have a tip for new york's biggest i-team? call or e-mail tips at nbc new >> the tonight show is straight ahead. >> today in new york begins at 4:30. god night and we'll see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the


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