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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  April 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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live from studio 3c in rockefeller center, this is "news 4 new york." >> now at 6:00. out of control. a car jumps the curb and slams right into a store. plus this -- >> i'm nervous. i'm jittery. >> a 103-year-old woman recounts the terrifying moments a thief followed her home, knocked her to the ground and robbed her. that female suspect, a career criminal now under arrest.
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those stories in a moment. let's begin with the weather. we're in for some drastic changes. a big temperature drop you probably already noticed and possible april snow showers. but it's the winds we're worried about the most here. it was about 80 degrees yesterday. erra ica grow is here as the temperatures continue to plummet. >> we're tracking rain and snow showers on the approach. the first approach from the morning is moving out to sea. here comes our next weathermaker. this one is really going to stir up those winds along with bringing those rain and snow showers. 55 degrees in new york. that is pretty typical for this time of the year in early april. compare to yesterday in the 70s, even 80s in a couple of spots, and that feels chilly. 36 in chicago. 34 in detroit. this is the air heading our way and along with that drop in temperature we're going to have some really, really strong winds. this is the first time in years that i have seen a high wind warning for the tri-state.
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per hour are possible as we head into tomorrow. so this is what you can expect. tonight through sunday, as the winds pick up during the overnight hours, we could have gusts to 40 miles per hour. snow squalls and snow showers along with rain showers and into the day on sunday, winds get stronger gusting to over 50 miles per hour. take a look at future tracker for you when we get to our full weather forecast. that's also going to have a look at snow in the northern hudson valley. >> winter does not want to give up. thank you. with those high winds in the forecast, the city is reminding everyone to secure their belongings. all crane operations must cease and cranes must be secured. the city also reminds all property owners to secure their belongings by bringing inside things like lightweight lawn furniture, potted plants, garbage cans and secure retractable awnings and patio umbrellas. track the forecast any time with
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download it from the apple app store or on google play. a frightening scene in the bronx. a car jumped the curb and slams into a seafood market on white plains road in the wakefield section this afternoon. three people were hurt. no word on what caused the driver to lose control. also new, the suspect seen in this video wanted for mugging a 103-year-old woman is now in police custody. she was picked up less than 24 hours after the attack on louise signore. signore is now talking about this. ray is live at jacobi hospital. >> reporter: that suspect is under arrest. she's 53-year-old sharon mcneil. she's accused of robbing a woman almost twice her age. and as you are about to hear,
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but not this elderly victim's sense of safety. >> i can't see faces. i can't see faces. >> reporter: 103-year-old louise signore is legally blond, about 4 feet tall. tonight she has a story of survival. >> they told me it's a woman, not a man. it's a woman. i was kind of surprised. i said this man has bushy hair. she was a woman. >> reporter: police say it was this woman seen on this surveillance video who mugged her. the suspect jumped on to uise's elevator inside her apartment building. police say she followed louise down the hallway and knocked her to the floor. >> she took the cart with everything in if. i had a lot of bags in the cart. things that i use every day. my magnifiers. >> reporter: she ran off with two meals from the community center and her purse.
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53-year-old sharon mcneil. less than 24 hours after the attack, the suspect is in police custody and in the hospital. >> i'm going out anyway. i may not go out for a few days, but i'm going out. what am i going to do? >> reporter: she's got some great life perspective. she's going to carry on with her life as if this never happened. we've done some digging about the suspect who is in the hospital. right now it's unclear why she's in the hospital. she has a criminal record dating back to 1984 with at least 27 prior arrests including prostitution, larceny and assault. tack on now robbery and assault for this elderly victim. we're live outside jacobe. i'm ray villeda. >> thank you. a homeless man is fighting for his life after a fight at a manhattan shelter. 55-year-old edwin hernandez got into an argument with the 69-year-old victim at the third street men's shelter yesterday. it turned physical. the victim was knocked to the ground and hit his head.
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on assault charges. he's being held on $50,000 bail. we spoke with residents at the shelter who are concerned for their safety. >> this shelter, they need more security in here. you never know what happens. tomorrow, you know? >> this fight the latest in a series of violent attacks at homeless shelters in the city. in january a 62-year-old man was fatally stabbed in the neck at a station in east harlem. a mother and her three children were stabbed while living at a ramada inn that posed as a shelt or staten island. a 2-year-old girl was the only survive there. the city has been working to increase security at its shelters. "no weapon was involved and a guard was on the scene and tried to stop that fight but was unfortunately unable to stop the blow that caused the victim to fall and hit his head." tonight a nassau community college student accused of giving birth and suffocating her own baby is behind bars.
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court appearance where a judge set bond at $1 million. news 4's katherine creag tells us dossens of herrellatives filled the courtroom in scht this woman accused of a horrible crime. >> some hid their faces, others looked down. dozens of the suspect's family members made their way into a courtroom in hemstead. sharon sadat accused of killing her newborn daughter faced a judge. >> the family is very close knit. they've come from queens frod from nassau county to support her. >> reporter: although they are described as close, nassau police tell us sadat hid her pregnancy from her family for the entire term. on thursday morning an ambulance was called to the suspect's house in glenhead because she was bleeding badly. a prosecutor thi morning in court told the judge officers suspected sadat had just given birth and kept asking where the baby was.
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existence of the baby, the prosecutor said. police later found the newborn girl in a plastic garbage bag wrapped in bed sheets in the suspect's town, many remain shocked. >> i live right down the road. it's a little scary that this is happening right here. >> we've seen her around, but as far as like any personal information, i don't know her too well. but it's just a sad thing that happened. anything with a baby involved is, you know, it's pretty sad. >> reporter: we've learned sadat gave statements saying she covered the baby's mouth with her hand. police say the baby's 7 1/2 pounds, 20 inches long, was born healthy but died from suffocation. during her arraignment with all of that family, including her parents in the courtroom supporting her, she never looked their way. katherine creag, news 4 new york. just a reminder. there are safe haven laws in the tri-state area which means
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up to 30 days old at many locations like hospitals, police stations, fire houses and there are no questions asked. new here at 6:00, a scare at one of the city's largest transportation hubs. part of the port authority bus terminal was evacuated because of a suspicious package. officers found a harmless package inside the south wing of the terminal about 2:30. police tell us it was just some books wrapped in brown paper. now an update on the terror attacks in brussels. part of the brussels airport is reopening tomorrow. flights will resume in and out of the airport less than two weeks after suicide bombings in one of the terminals and on the metro. the airport isn't expected to fully reopen until this summer. 35 people were kills. scores others were hurt in the brussels bombings on march 22nd. in the race for the whourks all the remaining candidates are focusing their attention on
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the badger state holds its primaries on tuesday. ted cruz is hoping to get some momentum going in the stop trump movement. the democrats are squabbling about policy and procedure. chris pallone has the latest. >> reporter: speaking with republican party loyalists in north dakota, ted cruz took aim at donald trump for portraying himself as the only republican who can win in november. >> if we nominate donald trump, it hands the general election to hillary clinton with a big silver bow. he loses by double digits. let me tell you. i beat hillary clinton. >> reporter: polls show cruz leading in wisconsin heading into tuesday's primary. state kept up his attack on cruz. presidential. they don't want me to call him okay. >> reporter: trump even took a shot at john kasich who hopes to win the gop nomination during a convention floor fight in august. >> kasich is not going to be able to help you, folks.
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he's middle of the pack. >> reporter: kasich didn't want to speak to reporters about trump but it's clear who he was referring to. >> if you get somebody there that's an ideologue or doesn't understand how to move the system, we'll continue to drift. >> reporter: bernie sanders was also looking ahead to november. >> i know there is a lot of concern in wisconsin and around the country that donald trump might become president of the united states. so let me reassure you, that will not happen. >> reporter: meanwhile, the democrats are having a debate about debates with the sanders n clinton campaigns bickering about dates for a new york debate. it's where bernie sanders was born and hillary clinton's adoptive home. voters go to the polls there april 19th. chris pallone, nbc news. horror on the highway. a small plane crashes right into
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and this crash was deadly. also ahead, another slashing in the city. this attack caught on camera inside a grocery store. what started this fight? details when news 4 at 6:00
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a tragic scene out of southern fo plane
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and then pushed it down interstate 15. one person in that car was killed. three others were hurt. the plane's pilot and a passenger were also hurt. it's not clear what caused the crash but witnesses say it r got into a fight with a man who tried to walk out of a pioneer store with a box of cereal under his coat. the scuffle breaks out. the suspect takes out a knife, slashes that worker and ran out of the store. the employee thankfully is going to be okay. a gruesome discovery in yonkers. a driver found a man's partially clothed body just south of the scarsdale road exit this morning. that driver stopped, called police. investigators are trying to identify the man and figure out how and where he died. there were no obvious signs of trauma. coming up on news 4 new york -- rain, whipping wind, even some snow.
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after the last couple of days were beautiful. this could really make a mess of
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jose diaz-balart joins us primary. our exclusive interview with the former cia officer who describes a plan to overthrow the leader of syria. and visiting a fascinating new museum where it helps if you know how to scuba dive when we see you in a couple of minutes for "nbc nightly news." >> bet that is cool. jose, thank you so much. central park turned tartan today. thousands laced up their sneakers. some put on kilts for the
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the light rain likely made true highlanders feel at home. they came from around the globe. this is a qualifying run for the new york city marathon. it kicks off scotland week here in the city. the scots. and you know, today was a perfect day for a 10k run. about 60 degrees and cloudy. they love that. >> a little rain to help cool you down. it's a good thing the race is not tomorrow because those winds are going to kick up tonight and stay with us all day tomorrow along with some rain and long. 54 in tomkins cove and terrytown and slopy hollow 53. midtown 55. just a little cooler on the water. 45 in westhampton. and the winds are still okay. i wanted to take you ahead to what we're going to experience from tonight onward. here's a look at future
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at midnight, gusting near 30 miles per hour in central park. winds get stronger into the early morning hours. wind gusts as you're waking up tomorrow in the 30 to 40-mile-an-hour range in the immediate metro area. near the shore we could see winds gusting near 40 miles an hour. as we head into the afternoon, the winds remain very strong. gusting to around 40 miles an hour. they'll start to subside into the evening hours on sunday. but the windchill is going to be a big factor as well. check out these windchills waking up tomorrow in monticello to a real feel temperature of 11. 23 in asbury park and in central park. 23 in northport and hampton bays. as we head into the evening hours, still going to feel awfully cold out there. windchills in the 20s to low 30s. monday morning heading back to work and back to school. windchills still below freezing throughout the entire tri-state. on storm tracker, see this area
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this is what's going to bring the rain and snow showers. and we're not going to see any snow really in the immediate metro area but check it out heading into the overnight hours. some snow starting to approach in the catskills during the overnight. a couple inches possible in poughkeepsie and 38 degrees in midtown. any snow that falls is going to melt right away. it's going to be really, really cold tomorrow when you factor in those winds. after the snow squalls move out, dangerous wind gusts stay with us. high temperature of 44 degrees with the winds gusting 50 to 60 miles per hour at times. we don't have any warmth in the entire seven-day. first full week of april and it's not going to feel like it. only 50 degrees on monday for that yankees home opener. could see some rain and snow
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44 degrees with lots of sunshine on tuesday. and then the threat for rain and thunderstorms on thursday. but that will be the warmest day with a high of 60. we don't have anything like what we just got done with. beautiful day yesterday and now this. >> this is ridiculous. and then back to the 40s. >> 40s, up and down. >> is it april? did we miss a month? >> i'm wondering the same thing. >> thanks so much. >> i'll be sitting in a press box. >> hope you aren't on the field. watch basketball tonight. syracuse trying to pull off the unthinkable. the final four under way. we'll check in on oklahoma and villanova who just tipped off. and the islanders as well. this team has to find momentum in the final week of the nhl season. big mo wasn't on the ice for the isles today, that's for sure.
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from 68 down to the final 4. a pair of twos just tipped off, villanova and oklahoma. nova leads early in the 50 half. later tonight, syracuse trying to pull off the unimaginable, taking out north carolina, the only one seed left. a conventional wisdom says it's impossible but trevor coney isn't a fan of conventional wisdom. >> we can play with these guys. we had them at home. they went on a run towards the end. went into carolina late into the year and played well. once again, we were there at the end and just couldn't get the stops we needed or score enough to get back into the game. it just gives us the confidence to go into this game that we can play with these guys. if we play the way we've been playing defensively, i think we'll be fine. >> they'll slow the game down. carmelo o o anthony guaranteeing a syracuse win. the knicks and nets both off tonight. late last night something
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the warriors lost a home game, down three. steph curry had a look for the tie but it was just off. boston bouncing the defending champs 109-106. look at the celtics in the playoffs. they just snapped the warriors record 54-game home rin streak. and their fans. they look like the world is about to end. but the apocalypse, guys, it's one game. you are still the best team in the nba. you want frustration, try being a knicks fan. just over a week remains in the nhl regular season. the rangers host buffalo. they're looking at a first round match with the penguins. pittsburgh surged past the rangers into second place and steam rolled the islanders today. no score in the first. isles on a power play. uh-oh. mix-up allows oscar sundquist to bury the shorthander. the pas intended for nick ledy. he was headed to the half wall. pittsburgh clinches a playoff
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the isles without habinek for the rest of the season. major league baseball season officially gets under way tomorrow night when the mets visit the royals in a world series rematch in kc. the yankees had a loss in miami. jacoby ellsbury hit a lead-off homer for the l herman and jamie lovemark by one stroke heading in e has made a prediction including these guys.
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sure. north carolina. close. unless you are a nova fan. in the end, jimmy fallon declares north carolina. it's scientific.
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a lot of fun in washington square park in greenwich village. the international pillow fight. many showed up in their pajamas. participants socking people they didn't know. one man showed up in a spider-man contest took quite a beating there. after all that, pillows were donated to shelters for homeless ki "nightny lose" ly news is next. . >> on this saturday night, fighting heart disease the major new study that could affect you. wisconsin battleground, the presidential the front runnerseel feeling the heat. they shed new light to over throw sir yam battle relief. we have an nbc news exclusive. what lies beneath,


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