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tv   Today in New York  NBC  April 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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breaking news overnight. flames sweep through a building in brooklyn. firefighters spending hours trying to get it under control. we are live. also breaking now, a fire in newark over the airport. a terminal evacuated not once, but twice. and dangerous winds topple trees and power lines, knocking out power to thousands. "today in new york" starts now. good morning everybody. it's monday morning, april 4th. i'm darlene rodriguez. i'm michael gargiulo. chris has the morning off. bu wht raphael miranda is here. what happened to spring? >> we've had a rough go. now we're talking about snow. not helping the situation. at least the winds are lighter than yesterday. that's good news. here's the snow streaming in. in orange county, watch out for slippery roadways. newburgh, highland falls into putnam county as well. here in the city, too warm for snow.
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we're expecting rain throughout the day. a high temperature of 52 degrees. have the yanks home opener si day. we'll look at the baseball forecast in a few. emily west is here right now. >> we have a few things going on. overturned tractor-trailer still has the ramp closed in somerset. this is 287 southbound near exit 13. also route 1 and 9, we have detolays from a downed pole and wires. southbound is closed. route 1 and 9 at elizabeth avenue and northbound the left lane it blocked. near the westchester expressway, a crash off to the side. we'll have more weather and traffic on the 4s. >>kt emily, thank you. we have breaking news in brooklyn. a couple of hundred firefighters working hard to control a massive fire burning on parkside avenue in lefferts garden. katherine creag is there. she just spoke with the fire chief.
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>> reporter: firefighters are movingcloser to the scene, darlene. it is so smoky here. at least we're getting wind right now. at one point, the smoke was just settling. this is parkside avenue by rogers avenue. you see all of that activity there with firefighters, hundreds of them are here. we want to show you the video that we have for you. shortly before 11:00 p.m. a fire broke out at a which is. a fire chief tells us it's a restaurant supply store. hundreds of firefighters are trying to bring the fire fully under control. itor's difficult as the fire chief pointed out. it's believed no one was inside. the fire chief b ieves some of the items in the business are fueling the fire.
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it's really burning. >> reporter: and we understand there's only one injury. e injury to a firefighter, a minor injury. he'll be all right we're told. rogers avenue and parkside avenue, there are streets closed off. next to that commercial building, th restaurant supply store, there is a church. apparently, darlene, it was saved. firefighters saved that church. yoitu'll hear the fire chief talk more about that in the next half hour. >> katherine creag, thank you. more breaking news. anl- evacuation in newark libercy airport. this is a live look at the airport. the port authority s.ys it was an electridl fire that broke out in a boiler room overnight. coming out of terminal b. about 200 people had to leave the building just after 1:00 a.m. th ofe terminal reopened an hour and a half later but the second flare-up sent more smoke throughout the building.
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terminal remains evacuated as e smoke is being cleared. limited amtrak service has been restored after a deadly derailment. it hit a backhoe on the track in chester p.a. erle yesterday. investigators are trying to figure out why the construction was on the same track as the train. it derailed the lead engine of that train. two amtrak workers were killed, more than 30 other people hurt. >> t the train was like rumbling and then we got off track,ei guess. 57bd then it was just a bunch much dust. just dust everywhere. >> they recovered the recording devices. regumerly scheduled trains on that busy commuter corridor. there may be delays in the area ne w york and philadelphia. trees knocked down in area. strong winds. th oe storm also damaged power nes, causing an estimated 63,000 utility
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electricity at one point. jersey central power and light, ne ly4,000 people without power. half in somerset co ties. the other major utilities are realporting scattered outages. >> time for weather and traffic on the 4s. raphi, we lost powua in westchester briefly yesterday. it came back. it was a rough day for a lot of people. >> winds gusted over 60 miles per hour yesterday. that was all morning long. windnds not our problem right now, though. it's the cold aed snow. 38 degrees. 36 in the island.eryou need a winter jacket, especially north and west f town. temperatures in the 20s in poughkeepsie, newburgh and danbury. tracking that snow on storm tracker. you can see it's been dry in the city overnight. there are showers off to the west.
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inches on the grassy surfaces. even the roads could be slippery slippery. careful and allow extra time. winter advisory in effect for sullivan, ulster, dutchess county until later t >>s evening. mainly rain showers in the city, it's less windy and milder. a temperature back to the low 50s. dealing with the mix of rain and snow showers north and west of town. no it great weather for the yanks home opener. a detailed look at the baseball fores yocast coming up in a few. ily west is here with a look at the commute. good morning everyone. let's take a look at your transit. we'll find overnight track work that is still going on. definitely you want to allow ex fra time for your overnight transit this morning. looks like you are planning delays on those subway lines. w, commuter checklists, they'll be cross honoring for the amtrak.
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they'll cross honor the tickets this morning. with the bus, actew detours on new york city kuses. noft bad. new jersey transit, beeline and decamp and alternate side meter rules in effect. more weather and traffic on the 4s. emily, thank you. new this morning, a long island man is cuesed of driving drunk following a crash that killed a husband and wife. suffolk county police arrested 23-year-old kyle from bohemia. he was driving an audi that smashed into a pickup truck in ronkonkoma. 67-year-old man and his wife ter died from their injuries. the man has been charged with driving while intoxicate d. governor cuomo plans to sign the new state budget and celebrate its passage. the minimum wage will slowly rise locally to $15 an hour. new york's legislature passed that bill friday.
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governor cuomo at the javits center for what's being called a victory rally. today, hillary clinton's campaign rolls through new york, first in manhattan and upstate in albany. she made a surprise visit at a church in east new york. the primary takes two weeks from tomorrow, april 19th. hillary clinton toldumelissa russo in a one-on-one interview, she's focusing a lot of resources right here. >> well, one step at a time. i'm definitely focused on the pr uimary because i don't want to keeanyone anyplace for granted. er bernie sanders, could take a chunk of the new york vote.wibernie sanders' campaign in wisconsin, that state's crucial primary takes place tomorrow. also republican john kasich will be on long island. he'll hold a town hall in hempstead and the paramount concert hall in huntingdon. under attack from rivals this
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his call on the ohio governor to drop out. ted cruz launched tv ads hitting hard against kasich in wisconsin. happening today, new jersey lawmakers are taking a closer look at the aging wtter system. lawmakers are letting lead found in the water. -- infrastructure and if there's a threat of lead contamination from ancient pipes. teterboro airport, despite an outcry from the neighboring towns. for six months. the ona has been testing new gflight paths to one of its runways to ease the noise at hackensack university medical center. so the path will take jets over route 17, city leaders in paramus have wanted that testing delayed. they're worried the jets will be flying over schools as well as the garden state plaza mall. now to a commuter alert. it will be quieter today for more metro-north riders. you may want to check the schedule. more than 2 dozen trains on the
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lines will have schedules adjusted. metro-north is adding more quiet cars to trains in and out of gran central. in new jersey, the pulaski skyway reopens this morning. there's a new traffic pattern. it was closed all weekend to shift way for the newly completed northbound lanes.sthe switch was supposed to happen at the end of last year. more work was needed to be done. the lane shift ended up getting delayed. happening today, the yankees start their season against the houston astros if the weather cooperates. it will be a rematch of last year's ame can league wildcard game. the yankees will have tanaka pitching and the astros will send cy young winner a dallas tie cal to the mound. remember, today begins a new ticket policy for the yankees. ey will no longer accept tickets printed at home. meanwhile, the mets started their season last night in kansas city in a world series
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let me get the words out. in the first inning, the royals mike news tack as hits one to left field. spedes drops it. however, it all came down to the final pitch in the ninth when cespedes strikes out with two men on. the mets lose 4-3. we're wondering why chris isn't here this morning. couldn't bear it. ahead, we're going to stay with sports. because we'll tell you about the nba player who is suing the nypd. plus, exclusive video of a raging fire that kept the fdny busy for hours. may feel more like february than april this morning. your weather and traffic on the 4s is coming up. follow us on facebook, michaelg4ny, darlene4ny. you're watching "today in new
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i. 4:43. four things to know. breaking news in newark airport. terminal b is evacuated because of an electrical fire. it was evacuated twice overnight because oi smoke. "today in new york's" tracie strahan is heading to the airport. we'll check in with her as soon as she arrives. limited amtrak service has been restored after a deadly derailment outside of philadelphia. a train hit a backhoe early yesterday. two amtrak workers were killed. more than 30 other people were hurt. fastrack repairs taking place again on the 1 line. there will be no overnight trains between 96th street and dyckman. ri viders can use a and c trains or shuttle buses. right now, a lot of people cleaning up following the storms
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strong winds knocked down trees and power lines. at one point, there were more an 60,000 people had no power. good morning everyone. we had the winds gusting over 60 miles per hour yesterday. much lighter today. we now have some snow that we're dealing with on this monday morning. can't catch a break in terms of weather. it was milder than yesterday. not quiee as bitter cold. especially because of lack of winds. it's a damp one. yongu need to grab the umbrellas. a hard freeze moves in tonight. temperatures below freezing. even here in the city. we have another storm moving in towards the middle of the week. a very active weather pattern. baseball forecast not the greatest for the astros taking on yanks. showers on and off. noo t a heavy rain. persistent at times. it will be cool and nasty for seball. 51 degrees is the best we can do for the yanks home opener. hopefully it will get out there.
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temperatures in the low 40s in jersey. 35 across long island. farming daily, notice the temperatures below freezing in the hudson valley. that's where we're seeing snow and trouble for the commute. temperatures rebound bac to the 40s by 8:00, 9:00 a.m. by lunchtrme, 49 deechgs. butt the showers do continue through the middle of the co ternoon. even as you're heading home tonight. 6:00 p.m., 48 degrees. it's a damp one with the showers on and off. here's a live look at storm tracker. the white means snow. that's from pike county, pennsylvania. me ugh the mid hudson valley, dutchess county, y 're seeing snow. noticing that it's mostly light. we're getting a f pockets of he savier snow when you see the brighter white colors here. that's the steadier snow around paterson into dover and dutchess county there. also orange county, areas like monroe, moderate snow at times. be extot careful on those road throughout the rest of the morning, snow will continue north o new york city. but notice the gre
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city, plain old rain. maybe a few flakes mixing in. erall, temperatures stay above freezing. by 1:00, showers in time for baseball and snow begins to change to rain en in the hudson valley with warmer air. this is your evening commute. 6:00 p.m., another damp commute. you can see the rain continues from new york city and light snow showers linger a little bi alt. t we're drying out nicely by tomorrow morning. all the rain and snow is gone. 52 for a high for today. it's a gray day out there. bring your umbrellas to be on the safe side. overnight, down to 27 for a low. everything should taper off nicely in terms of the snow ending early. seven-day forecast will show once it gets there. the computer is sluggish this monday morning. tomorrow, 42 degrees for a high. lots of sunshine. breezy. so it's chilly there. our next storm moves in weoodnesday into thursday bringing us mainly rain. let's see how the commute is going. emily west has a look at that. >>td it's not even 5:00 in the morning.
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we have a vehicle fire, 287 northbound around exit 22 to route 2 o 02. expect delays with that. e ramp closed from an earlier overturned truck at exit 13 soseuthbound. route 1 and 9 in elizabeth, a downed pole and wires closi: southbound into elizabeth avenue. northbound, you have the left lane taken up. delays at the queensboro bridge. the lower level manhattan bound. an accident here. the h nvy delays there. the bqe around the kosciuszko bridge, eastbound, disabled's in the left lane. westchester county rained on the sprain near 287 northbound, shoulder blocked with an accident. in detective connect, the turnpike will get an accident here. it's right on the ramp. looks like a car spun out. southbound at exit 13. so you can see the flashing lights and again, as traffic builds this morning, going to see delays. alternate side meter rules in effect. more weather and traffic on the 4s. emily, thank you very much.
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when learning about the discovery of another piece of the missing malaysian airlines flight. we've shown you all the parts anre possible panels. the latest discovery could be the first piece that comes from inside that jet. officials will arrange to exine it. it was discovered last week on rodriguez island in the indian ocean. flights are leaving from prbrussels for the first time since the deadly terror bombings. limited service resumed yesterday, 12 days after the attack. passengers are being screened in a temporary facility. if about an hour, a brussels airlines jet is scheduled to tatske off for kennedy airport. officials hope to have the airport fully functional by late june. in queens, we're seeing exclusive video of a fire at a dry cleaners that took firefighters six hours to get under control. couple staying in a hotel on th street in long island city took this chel phone video. nearly 200 firefighters trying to contain this fire. it started at the pro cleaners
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furniture business as well. a security guard who works in that area ran to the fire. >> the smoke was traveling. the wind was heavy. >> fire officials say the fire was hard to fight. it was raging inside the building. two firefighters were slightly hurt. right now veg tors trying to figure out what started this fire. police are searching for four suspects in a brutal mugging in queens. surveillance video shows the two for. investigators say they attacked a 52-year-old man thursday night near putnam and seneca avenues in ridge woodl after they knocked them to the ground, they punched and kicked them in the face and went through his pockets. jured. the nypd just gave us this video of a suspect in a bronx burglary. a peephole security ce era caught him knocking on the victim's door. police say the man you see here
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thursday morning, stole the victim's credit cards and es ped. a suspect in custody for robbing a 103-year-old woman in tht e bronx. 53-year-old sharon mack neal pleaded not guiley to charges of robbery and aggravated assault. she's accused of following that victim into a co-op city building, knocking her down and yoealing her purse and shopping cart full of food. members of the ck-op city police dee partment, they stopped by with some replacement items. a former nba player is suing the nypd for $25 million claiming he was unfairly arrested outside of chelsea nightclub last year. according it the daily news, the lawsuit claims unlawful imprison imprisonment imprisonment, assault, battery and civil rights violations. he was arrested on several charges last april outside a nightclub after normer knick chris copeland was stabbed.
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a battle in the buffet line. officials say a dispute over crab legs turned violent at the royal buffet in manchester. delivered knight and latoya knight ended up in jail on askesault charges. a woman cla s they attacked a 21-year-old son over crab legs. forcing her o use pepper spray to break up the dispute. super model stephanie seymour set to appear in court on a drunken driving charge today. a connecticut judge is set to decide i f the former victoria secret model can enter a program. police arrested seymour in january after she backed a land rover into the car behind her on a greenwich exit ramp. she's charged with leaoing the scene of an accident earlier that same day. still to come, what could be banned at child care centers in connecticut. plus,iahead at 5:00, it seems like there's a starbucks on every corner.
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now trying to infiltrate your e-mail. this morning, airline complaints on the rise. so here's the question. what are the top things that set pauwssengers off? you're watching "today in new
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4:54. it's monday morning. time to check weather and traffic. hi 'em. >> hi guys. >>e no, no. it's okay. >> a lot going on. >> i scooted in. >> sthe was officially sitting here already. >> doesn't matter. >> very active weather pattern. over the weekend, we had wind and spring snow to dgal with on this april morning. snow treeming in on the hudson valley. sullivan, ulster and dutchess county. it could still slow you down this morning. give yourself extra time. smars how much snow, maybe an
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it's going to be mostly rain in other counties. here in the city, maybe a flake or two. otherwise, it's a rain day. 52 degrees. so it is minder than yesterday. feels a little better. high temperature of 56 in ramsey. showers on and off throughout the day. it will mix with snow sh owers. it gets cold tonight. te inathe city. that's a hard breeze. we have freeze warnings in effect for the counties shaded in purple. if your plants star,ed growing, you need to protect them tonight. we're headed well below freezing around the tristate tonight and tomorrow night as well. i know you're the gardner darlene. >> got to pt out there and figure it out. plastic bags, what have you. >> absolutely. >> emily, what's happening? >> we have the overnight track work on the subways. that will wrap up pretty soon. keep in mind, these subway lines will be affected by that next few moments. a live look at the tappan zee bridge. there is a speed restriction due to the winds.
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moe ving okay. the staten island crossings, speed restriction. keep that in mind. >> emily x thank you so much. environmentalists are going to rally at city hall to urge you to leave your car at home. they want to get the word out about car-free nyc day on earth day. plans to close broadway from flat iron to union square. many of the streets will be turned into pedestrian malls. city council had consider a proclamation to celebrate this event. new this morning, an annual ireport on airline quality shows travelyr complaints have reached their highest level in more than 15 years. the report shows more than 15,000 complaints were filed with the transportation department last year. a 34% increase from the year before. the top complaints were about flight cancellations and delays. spirit airlines had the highest overall complaint rate. alaska airlines had the lowest.
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to fans after her drunk driving arrest. she was pullednuver saturday night after running a red light in portland, oregon. she failed field sobriety tests and a breathalyzer. the 35-year-old issued an apology to fans onmher facebook page. she's a two-time olympic gold medalist. >>th> a firefighter under arrest r allegedly setting a fire to a storage shed behind a churco in fairhaven, new jersey. nicholas joyce set the fire near the united methodist church friday afternoon and responded to the scene with other volunteer firefighters. that fire was contained to the shed which houses supplies for a local boy scout troop. in new jersey, no one was hurt, but there was plenty of damage after a car slammed into a home in neptune. we're told the car rolled down an embankment and plowed into the house on winding ridge court yesterday. building inspectors say the home is not in danger of collapsing. young children in
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goodbye to the sugary drinks in daycare. an education committee is considering a bill to limit the kind of beverages served at child care centers. it would not apply to milk, milk flavored drinks or yogurt drinks. it would prevent centers from providing juice to children under the age of one to prevent childhood obesity. new champions in men's basketball. the villanova wild cast and the north carolina tar heels are the final two teams left in the tournament. they will play each other tonight in houston. tipoff at 9:19 eastern time. good luck. uconn lady huskies have a chance to make dlej basketball history. in the women's final four in indianapolis, uconn beat oregon state 80-51. they will play syracuse tomorrow in the championship game. if they win tomorrow night, the championships.
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history for men or women. the lady huskies have won 74 games in a row. >> making them the favorite. >> i think so. coming up on 5:00 a.m., as you're about to head out the door, take us with you. >> keep watching us. download the app on your mobile device. our next hour starts right now. breaking news this morning. a terminal at newark liberty airport evacuated because of a fire. we're live with the latest. also breaking, a huge response to another fire in brooklyn. firefighters spending hours trying to get that under control. >> this morning, a controversial plan is'in effect. the local airport that's now the focus of a noise dispute. "today in new york" starts now. good morning. 5:00 a.m. on this monday, april 4th. i'm micha gargiulo. i'm darlene rodriguez.ustorm team 4's chris cimino is here with the forecast. hey, chris. >> surprise. it'sgme. >> sorry, rafi. >> magic trd'k. >> raphi, i'm so sorry. it's monday.


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