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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  April 4, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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we investigate how an excon went from model parolee to a suspect in a slew of robberies involving senior citizens. >> we have learned detectives are trying to figure out if he's the man wanted for the virgs cious attacks. >> reporter: law enforcement sources are telling me jones seemed to be on the right path after leaving prison. he seemed to have things together. that is until a vicious attack right here in the bronx. 65-year-old clarence jones is the excon wanted for stalking and attacking seniors. why he's managed to evade law enforcement is a question haunting women in the bronx and queens.
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robbering an elderly woman. jones successfully went to his first six parole office visits following his release. parole officers also had positive contact with him during four random home visit. then something happened. >> it makes you scared. thheis is where i live. >> reporter: in september 2014 police say jones violently attacked and robbed a 7 76-year-old woman. he told the woman, quote, shut up or i'll kill you. we dug some more. 4 investigates found jones failed to report to his brooklyn parole officer in 2014. parole officers immediately went to his home the very next day, but jones was gone after five more attempts to
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warrant for his arrest. he's managed to evade police for more than a year. he is wanted for a string of attacks on elderly men. >> i guess i just got socked. i don't remember very much. >> he pushed me. give me the money. choked me >> reporter: right now police iare working to try and see if jones is responsible for other violent attacks across the five boroughs. all the attacks that he's being linked too so far have the same pattern and they all involve a weapon. crime scene tape stretching a long a brooklyn street where police are investigating a double shooting. a man and woman were shot just after 2:00 p.m. on snider and east 31st streets in east flatbush. unclear the circumstances surrounding the shooting and
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condition of the vick tims. >> y> in stamford, connecticut, police are searching for a shooter. police say this victim was targeted. he is being treated for gubt nshot wounds to his arm and upper leg. worshippers at a brooklyn church trying to over come a tough challenge after an overnight fire did a lot of damage in a warehouse of restaurant supplies. it then spread to the more grace center next door. that church also operates a food pan think y that serves hundreds of ople a week. >> we're trying to find a different venue to house that pantry. we're resilient people. >> smoke damage, walt ter, flood inside. the power is not working.
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firefighters to get that fire under control. a bronze statute is set to go up in plain edge, long island by the end of may to honor an officer killed in the line of duty. 25-year-old ryan moore was shot in the head while trying to stop a suspect in queens last may. the federal government says it will offer more funds now to make railroads safer. $25 million in grants available to help install technology to prevent crashes. positive train control as it's known, ptc, automatically slows training that are going too fast as they approach curves. the railroads have until the end of 2018 to install the system. >> new york city public school students will soon get a chance
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students in those classes will study traditional subjects like math and science, but they'll doeso in languages such as chinese, arabic and polish. >> it's a gift. it's a pleasure. it's something that's going to make you much more employable, but more importantly it's going to make you a citizen of the world, not just of the city. there are about 1200 students expected to enroll. teachers will get additional training and class room resources. big changes tomorrow in the testing for the common core standards in new york. tests will be shorter. students' scores won't count in teacher evaluations and students will get as much time as they need to finish the exams. the changes come ne year a ser one out of five students refused to take the test. a manhattan man says posting
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up with his apartment being in a triple x freak fest. and dave price has your forecast. >> just how much more rain, sleet and snow will we get and what's following it? the not so great news coming up as soon as i straighten this tie out. stick around. lester holt has a look at what he's working on for 6:30. will tomorrow's wisconsin primary rewrite the script in both races? how cruz and sanders are each banking on the power of momentum. we catch up with the miracle survivor of a shooting spree in kalamazoo. fios is not cable.
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in bridgeport officials a i cracking down on folks who dump track in the trash in the streets. your car could be confiscated and you could be sued for the cleanup costs. the nyp would like your help finding a group of people they say attacked, beat and robbed a man in queens. this is surveillance video of that case. police say the two men and two women punched and kicked the 52-year-old victim in the face and head and then went through his pockets, stealing his belongings while he was on the ground.
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to call crime stoppers. tonight shards of glass trigger two big food recalls. one an ingredient you use for dinner. >> the other could end up in your child's lurch nchbox. >> reporter: tens of thousands could soon see property tax
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caerll today, and welcome back. n some breaking news from the upzper east side. a fully loaded resolver seized from ps 169. a 13-year-old boy broug0t that
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one of his friends was carrying extra bullets. in all, threei tudents face weapon charges. the union says the school doesn't have metal detectors. we'll have a lot more information as it becomes available. we've been telling you about the high winds that went through the tri-state over the weekend. they did a real number on parts of new jersey. in cape may county, winds gusting over 70 miles an hour knocked over duke's travel trail trailer. >> for something like this to come through, it's devastating for us. >> they hope to get enough donations to get back on their feet. >> it was rough overnight. a lot of people still cleaning up from that storm.
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different kind of rough tomorrow. plain and simply, lousy april weather. it was a real tough go today and it continues to be for many as we head through the evening hours. tomorrow as we take a look at opening day, lots of sunshine, but you're going to need winter coats and gloves. and rain for thursday and more chilly weather behind that. today's highs only getting up to 44 degrees. that warmer air never quite made it into the city. 28 degrees was the high in monticello. right now we have 41 in central park. the wider picture shows 51 as you head down to lakehurst. but that warm air lockedno out of
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immediate metropolitan area. visibility is low enough to slow down traffic in some areas. just take it easy, because you have that combination of low visibility, still precipitation out there and very slick roads outside the city. this is the wide picture. the trajectory has changed now. it is to the north-northeast that things are traveling. it was due east a little earlier today or around the noontime hour. right around fairfield county along 95, stretching through the new havenm?ou have freezing precipitation, snow just to the north of that. watch t around yorktown heights, 684, it's going to be slippery there. then we go down and see there's still more moisture which is going to come in our direction. i think a lot of that is going to be aimed towards nassau and suffolk. long island is dreary and cold, just above the freezing mark. got about three or three and a
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county. a little over two in hyde park. willow, close to 6. this evening the leftover showers kind of get out of the way. feels like it's 33 degrees. tomorrow look at this, at midnight 22 is what it feels like. we wake up to 11 degrees. it is going to be very very cold. a blast of cold air works in our direction. as we head to the midweek we see a mix of sun and clouds and 49. warm air on thursday. thundershowers and the cold stuff as we head through the weekend. we've got a quick commuter alert for you. subway repairs return to the 1 train this week. starting tonight, there will be no trains running between 9th
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if you repatriately bought a can of fire roasted red pepper strips, throw it away or take it back to the stores. there may be glass fragments in the can. you can get details about what to do on snider's is recalling select packages of emerald 100 calorie pack roasted salted cashew pieces they are worried there may have been glass in the raw cashewed used in that 100 calorie mix. using airline reward miles can save you a lot of money if you use them wisely. a new jersey woman wisely said better get baquero. here's lynda baquero to explain. >> we all know how many decisions you have to make when booking a flight. you've got to worry about the day, the time, the airline, stops or no stops.
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pay for the tickets. linda loves to travel so when her mother came from the fill philippines to visit, they decided to have a family trip last june. >> she'd never seen disneyland. >> she had just received a united airlines branded credit card with 30,000 miles as a signup bonus. but she learned the tickets required more than 30,000 miles and the cost to buy additional miles, more than the current coach fare. so she decided not to use any miles at all and just pay for the flights using her united credit card. the california trip went off without a hitch. but when it came time to book another trip, this time to florida, she noticed her milage was gone. >> i called united airlines and they said it was awarded to me
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i said i didn't request for it. >> she says they told her she had used her miles and was charged for extra miles to pay for that trip. >> they were telling me that i purchased another 15,000 miles in the month. the total amount of the regular trip. >> instead of paying around $2,000. >> it was actually 564 times four. >> plus the $35,000 miles? >> yes. >> she called us after all her attempts to rectify the situation fell flat. >> they said nobody can elp me. i said what if i call lynda baquero's office? maybe they could help me. >> we reached out to united airlines. it seems because she used her airline miles credit card to ke the purchase that's why
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problem solved. united decided because of the miscommunication they would refund the miles, all 35,000 of them. she just sent us this video. >> thank you for your staff and tnbc. more power to your show. thank you. >> i like that. we try. we're happy to help. >> what is the lesson here for the rest of us? >> it's good to check any time you book travel. get a record of the amount that was charged, then follow up a few days later to make sure that's what you were charged. if you do have a frequent flyer account,, t's also a good idea to check that too and resol issues before you decide to make another trip. n. straight ahead, some local homeowners could see their property tax skyrocket. the three cities where the tax rate could rise by as muor as
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there are feeling singled out. we're learning more about the married couple killed by an alleged drunk driver. how they're being remembered and what we know about the man charged in their deaths. plus, 50 puppies saved from a nearly freezing van after being abandoned overnight in a parking lot, traced to a business owner already in trouble for mistreating animals. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow -
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. the state says jersey city, elizabeth and dunellen need to reevaluate how much properties in their cities are worth. >> reporter: jersey city's hamilton park neighborhood looks much like it did a century ago, but homeowners are on notice property taxes may soon double. >> that would be bad. you would lose more than half the neighborhood. >> reporter: george pays less than 10,000 a year in property taxes. day the christie
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with elizabeth and dunellen to do a revaluation by next year. >> this administration down in trenton, christie in palticular, has a track record of playing politics with guilty overnment resources. reporter: two dozen other cities and towns in new jersey have not revalued in years but the state did not take action on them today. in elizabeth the mayor tells me everyone's taxes in his town would go up. homeowners are frustrated. would you leave? >> i don't know. i don't think i would want to stick around. >> reporter: homeowners won't be seeing tax hikes right away. jersey city may go to court. elizabeth's mayor tells me the 2017 deadline comes at the same time at the governor's election
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so insistent. live from studio 3c in rockefeller center, this is news 4 new york. new details about the married cup. killed in a crash on long island. plus what we're learning about the alleged drunk driver police say caused it a new jersey pet store owner arrested after 50 puppies were rescued. a man's autistic son is nched by a school aide. >> a husband and wife there medford, long island are being mourned by their family. >> a man is accused of being drunk behind the wheel when he crashed into the couple' pickup truck.
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outside stoney stoneybrook university hospital where detek ctives are waiting to talk to the alleged drunk driver. he underwent surgery after last night's crash, a violent two car collision that he survived but killed a husband and wife. a stead stream of mourners paid their respects at the keir home. they were killed returning from dinner at their daughter's home on sunday night. neighbor laura stepper fought back tears after hearing about the crash. the pickup truck was hit broad side at an intersection. not even the much heavier struck co, uld save the couple from an audi that ran a red light and appeared to be speeding. the audi's driver is now facing


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