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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  April 5, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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day and a very cold overnight. we do see some moderation later in the week. plenty of sunshine, but we're not feeling it. 34 degrees in central park. 36 in staten island. add in the windchills and it makes it feel significantly cooler. look at this. 24 in white plains. just 13 degrees in monticello. for the ball game, and we're going to hear about that in just a moment. 1:5, the first pitch goes out. everyone is going to be bringing their gloves to the ballpark, but not baseball gloves. it will feel like 29 degrees. good for left-handed batters. it's going to feel cooler. tonight at 8:00, 37 degrees. in the meantime, we wipe away the clouds. at least we've got sunshine. full forecast ahead in just a few minutes. let's talk about the game,
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feel like baseball weather. >> the yak key nkees had to postpone yesterday because of the rain. we're at the stadium where the first pitch is just about an hour away now. >> reporter: opening day for the yankees. the 114th home opener. it's a rematch of last year's playoffs. the 2009 world series mvp will throw out the first pitch. let's play ball. yankees stadium, the home opener. there's nothing like it. just ask the players who get a chance to wear the pinstripes and represent the hallowed franchise. >> every opening day is a blessing. every time you get a chance to put on the pinstripes, it's fun. had a long winter. fans are ready for you to come back to new york. it's just great to get back here and play for them. >> been hearing so much about the excitement in the fans and playing for this organization and just really can't wait to
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>> it's the beginning of trying to accomplish what you set your mind to when you go into spring training and everyone's excited about getting off to a good start. but there's excitement because there's hope. >> reporter: and what about the weather? the game time temperature is expected to be in the 30s. a far cry from the sun and fun of spring training in tampa. >> this is not florida. this is pretty cold. how are you going to deal with it? >> i guess, heat warmers in my pockets. try to stay warm for the game. it's going to be fun. that exciting moment takes over that cold. >> reporter: there are heaters in the dugout and the bat rack is heated, too. the yankees hope it translates to hot bats in the ball game. for more on the weather and the fans, let's go outside the stadium to my colleague, john chandler.
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translates to hot bats. some hot weather would be welcome, but they're just excited to be in the stadium here today. they got to bundle up there. i checked on what exactly they should do to stay warm. they recommend dressing in layers, but not more than three. you don't want to overheat yourself. also, fans need to stay hydrated. but he stresses water, easy on the alcohol and caffeine products. most importantly, just to go out there and have fun. stay moving and stay loose. a lot of cold temperatures and an extra day's wait, that's not going to keep fans away from the stadium today. yankees fans waited for opening day all winter. what's one more day in. >> i freaked out yesterday when i figured out the game was postponed for wednesday or thursday instead. he's like, you're kidding me.
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>> reporter: it's opening day. >> only one of those. >> i dropped too much money on these tickets. >> reporter: they're not cheap. >> no. >> it's a holiday. >> reporter: of course it's a holiday. it's opening day. give me a prediction. >> the yankees are going to win. >> reporter: yep, like a kid at christmas and appropriate given the weather. you're not cold or anything? just a little? who's going to win today? >> houston. >> reporter: don't say that too loud here in the bronx. i'll tell you, i'm surprised how many astros fans i saw out here. they are an emboldened bunch after winning the last game against the yapg keys here at the stadium just months ago. security lines of course here at the stadium. you can preregister this year. they are starting to line up behind me he ga been moving smoothly and effectively throughout the morning. that will continue here this afternoon. we can't wait for first pitch. live in the bronx, john
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>> certainly cannot. john, thank you. we'll have a lot more from opening day tonight at 5:00. you can also get the highlights on several subway trains were stopped during rush hour this morning. this is because police say a man was trying to steal a 13-year-old boy's cell phone at the 56th street station in woodside. the thief took off in the subway tunnel and was hurt by a passing train. took him to the hospital. also new at noon, a black market for student visas. federal agents rounded up 21 people that allegedly helped more than a thousand foreign nationals illegally obtain the visas. they set up a sting with a fixity shous university of northern new jersey. >> this illegal practice is known as pay to stay. because foreign nationals pay money to brokers and recruiters,
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matters, to be enrolled in the school for the sole purpose of obtaining immigration status as a student but with no intention of or interest in going to class. >> well, those foreign nationals involved will likely be deported. officials say the companies that eventually hired some of those individuals will not be implicated because they did not know those students used fake documents to stay in the country. a man is facing murder charges in a deadly carjacking. police say this man stole is truck and then ran down that truck's owner. we're in downtown brooklyn where that man is expected to be a arraigned a little bit later today. >> reporter: joshua colon has a long history of arrests. the 24-year-old did not say anything to reporters as he was led out of the precinct earlier this morning. police tracked him down hiding in a brooklyn apartment last night.
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just released from jail last week after serving 30 days. he also served six months in state prison for selling drugs before that. he has more than two dozen arrests. now he's accused in a deadly carjacking that took the life of 63-year-old philip dellegrazie. police say colon jumped into off. dellegrazie caught up with him at a light and tried to pull him out, but he fell in the street. colon ran over him killing him. friends call dellegrazie a hard working family man. the suspected carjacker expected to face a judge a little bit later this afternoon. live in downtown brooklyn, news4 new york. >> there is another slashing on a subway to tell you about. two men stole his bag and
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it happened on the two train. we have more on the men police want to find. >> reporter: police tell me after being slashed in the forehead, the face, and the wrist, that victim got off here at the jackson avenue spot and called 911 fleeing from a pair of attackers who are still on the run. commuters packed into the southbound two train this morning hours after a 26-year-old man riding the same route became the city's latest slashing victim. >> you always think it could come closer home. it's crazy. >> reporter: randy and several other commuters wore what the victims attackers were after, a backpack. authorities swarmed the scene around 1:15 this morning after receiving a 911 call. the victim boarded the train at prospect avenue with his assailants following behind him.
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out nearly instantly between the suspects and victim who didn't know each other. then the attackers pull out a sharp object and forcibly took his backpack. of hficers now keep watch for the two suspects who stayed on the train after their victim ran into the wood stock area for help. >> when they started having all the slashing, we never really had one over here. i said, oh, they're not going to come over here. it's everywhere. we can't get away from it. >> reporter: police tell me one of those attackers is described as 5'7" with a slim build. the other, 5'9" and stocky. that victim is recovering at lincoln hospital. a broken man now charged in the robbery and shooting of knicks forward clee anthony early.
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city scrapes gentlemen's club. coming up next at noon, stepping up security. new efforts to keep you safer at the airport. >> plus, the new spot to watch your football games. details about twitter's new deal with the nfl. coming up next on "new york live," from miley belting shah nigh ya to melissa's lip syncing. plus, ben cuts loose with the cast of barbershop and vanessa williams stops by.
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right now, voters casting their ballots in wisconsin's crucial presidential primary. the latest polls favoring ted cruz to win. he's trying to stop donald trump from gaining more delegates. that could lead to a convention fight for the gop nomination. john kasich of course now trailing now in third place. now, among the democrats,
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in wisconsin. yesterday, he did agree to debate hillary clinton right here in new york. it would happen in brooklyn a week from this thursday. just five days before new york's delegate rich primary. hillary clinton holding a nine-point lead over bernie sanders. 51 to 42%. on the gop side, donald trump's frontrunner status may be slipping a little bit, but it does remain commanding. he's down three points now, but leading ted cruz still by 17 points. john kasich trailing with 18% support. the terror attacks at the brussels airport have officials here in the u.s. taking a closer look at security. the senate homeland security committee is holding a hearing about safeguarding americans here and abroad. just a short while ago,he lawmakers. >> we have three proposals here.
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each: dogs, active shooters, perimeters. we want to strengthen all three. >> they're proposing stronger security in the soft target areas at airport and want more active shooter training for law enforcement and boost the presence of bomb-sniffing dogs around check-in and baggage claim areas. facebook is getting a little more accessible for the visually impaired. the social media giant adding a feature to its iphone app that can interpret and describe pictures in somebody's feed. right now, the automated descriptions are limited to a vocabulary of about 100 english words. in today's money report, president obama getting ready to address new rules for u.s. companies who move overseas for a tax break. >> with that story and a check on the markets, let's check in with bill griffith. >> hi there. first, the market is trading
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oil is one of the reasons. typically, if it's up, the stock market's up and vice versa. the dow down 87 points right now. that's off the lows of ascension right now. any moment, president obama will be stepping into the white house press room to explain why they want to change an irs rule. this is prompted in part by pfizer's proposed takeover of irish drug company allergan for $160 billion. what the takeover would allow pfizer to do is move its head quarters to ireland and lower its tax rate. the administration opposes such moves. they would rather that corporations leave their headquarters here in the u.s. so they can pay the higher corporate tax rate. but we'll see what those new rules do. allergan is down 15% on that proposed rule change and the president will be explaining it momentarily in the white house.
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it is no longer going to expand its operations in charlotte, north carolina, arrest the state passed that law that is largely seen as restricting rights for lgbt citizens. pay pal had planned to hire 400 workers, but all of that is now off the table. other companies have also proest theed the new law, but this is the most tangible backlash so far. twitter stock is up 4% today after the nfl said twitter won the online broadcasting rights to thursday night football games next season. now it will be full-fledged broadcast partner for popular thursday night games. they beat out other bidders like facebook and verizon for this. no word on how much they paid. by as i said, the stock is up 4%. so somebody likes this deal, guys. >> yep. the nfl expanding its reach. thank you.
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right now, time to check in with storm team 4's dave price. the wind's kicking up a little bit right now. >> it is going to be a brutal day. a brutal day in april. it's going to be a tough go if you're outside. look at that ice rink. it's there, but nobody else is. look at those winds flying. the flags tell the whole story. it's windchill and cold temperatures today. yeah, the sunny skies are out there. as i mentioned, that's 93 million miles away. it ain't helping us out right now. so brisk. that is an understatement for the opener for the yanks today. mild and stormy on thursday, and then the chill back in store for the weekend. all right. we got a lot to get through. skies look gorgeous up and down the eastern seaboard right now. despite the strong april sun, as we mentioned, it is winter cold out there.
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central park, staten island up by a couple of degrees. look at this, 33 in white plains, valley stream at 36. widen the picture into the 20s in monticello. again, how does it feel? not good at all. 16 degrees in monticello. in the teens in newberg. just 25 in the city. if you're going out to the stadium, bundle up. it is going to feel like 29 degrees at 1:05 will that first pitch is thrown out. and it's not going to feel a lot warmer as the hours progress at the stadium. this afternoon, walk in the sun if you can. a biting cold with winds out of the north 10 to 20 miles per hour complicating things for us. only up to 42 if we're lucky. remember yesterday, we had the freeze warning in effect. it was supposed to expire. well, it's been continued now from 8:00 tonight into 10:00
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keep in mind, these areas are going to be particularly prone to freezing conditions. watch it if you're on the road and anything has melted and refreezes, you could have some spotty ice. 26 is the low tonight. imagine how that's going to feel overnight. tomorrow, it is going to be chilly to start. then we warm up to 50 degrees. but rain rolls on through and we could see thundershowers pop through during the day. that will push through late tomorrow night, and then the cool air comes back for the weekend. friday morning, it's 49 degrees. we finally say good-bye toe the precipitation. breezy and chilly on saturday. 47. finally march-like in april. as we head in. there is your forecast for today. 42 degrees. temperatures are going to make it in combination with the winds feel like it's in the 20s. tonight, really in the 20s. and your seven-day forecast,
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is on the thermometer at 60 degrees. but thundershowers possible storm. friday, maybe a stray shower, then the cool weekend. it's going to be tuesday before we warm up to 68 degrees again. much more ahead. janice will be here at 5:00. we'll see you in just a bit. >> thank you, dave. "new york live" is next at 12:30. >> sara is here to tell us what's coming up. >> coming up, from an emotional night on "dancing with the stars" to reminding anthony antoderson of surprising shared history, you've got ben aaron's fun day in l.a. and how is vanessa williams helping women dress for success. we are talking to the actress herself about fashion and tv and so much more. stay tuned. >> thank you, sara. still ahead, sports fan or not, if you have a pulse, then this is a championship finish
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class is canceled at villanova today to celebrate their ncaa championship win. it was a win that came down to the wire. >> three seconds at mid court. gets it to jenkins for the championship! the national champions. >> this is amazing. if you haven't had a chance to watch it, i suggest you do so. kris jenkins the hero with that quick three-pointer at the buzzer. villanova beating north carolina. it is the school's first championship since 1985. a 10 karat blue diamond sold for a record-breaking amount in hong kong this morning. this 10 karat blue diamond was auctioned for just under $32
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the largest oval fancy vivid blue diamond ever auctioned. it's so rare that just one-tenth of 1% of all diamonds mined in south africa are like it. i don't understand why you didn't bid it. why didn't you at least try in. >> i should have. i need to renegotiate my contract in order to do that.
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tonight on news4 new york
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false alarms waste time, money, and put safety at risk. the new plan to fight them that could end up costing homeowners. >> better get baquero for what you need to know. >> go to or download our mobile app. >> "new york live" is next.
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hey, everyone. welcome to "new york live." thanks for tuning in on this wickedly cold april day. i don't know what we did to deserve this, but it is so cold outside. >> oh, my goodness. >> we've got a great show to help keep your mind off the weird, cold weather. coming up, ben aaron's learning a lot from the stars of


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